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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  November 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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going out there. snowing in the berkshires and into connecticut. had over a foot of snow in parts of the berkshires. over two feet in towns in vermont and upstate new york and snow falling in the berkshires and barrington had a foot of snow and still coming down out that way. even flurries blowing into central massachusetts, petersham to worcester. and flurries but they are out there. the winds off the water from nantucket producing a cup of flurries as well. it is cold out. not huge for our area but an inch and a half in barre into worcester county but the heavy totals berkshires and vermont like we talked about last week and all weekend long. look at those temperatures -- temperatures, not wind chills, 30 in worcester and 35 in boston right now. the wind advisory is still in play. you saw that tree down in weston. the wind advisory goes until 6:00 for much of the area until 10:00 for southeastern massachusetts and you know we got to talk about wind chills when it is like that.
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so we are tracking the next storm system already and looks to bring at least some rain, potentially some snow as well for thanksgiving. timeline on that what we are looking at just ahead. >> blair: we will see you shortly. a live look at traffic on the zakim bridge. traffic is expected to be very heavy tomorrow at this time. looks pretty heavy now. traffic reporter julie grauert will be tracking issues all morning tomorrow and back with us tomorrow night at 4, 5 and 6:00 monitoring the traffic the busiest airports will not be affecting thanksgiving travel after all. hundreds of workers at chicago o'hare international airport announced they will strike next tuesday after the holiday rush. part of the nationwide day of protest by the movement fight for 15. that group wants the federal minimum wage of $15 an hour. >> for poor workers like me that work hard provide for our family shouldn't have to live
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>> the fight for 15 have announced protests a 20 different airports and mcdonald's restaurants at 300 cities. and just as a reminder as we prepare for the thanksgiving travel, download the fox25 news app for up to the minute weather and traffic conditions that help this busy travel week. breaking late this afternoon, the patriots may be shorthanded defensively for the next month. espn is reporting that allen branch has tested marijuana and will be suspended four games for violating the league's substance abuse policy. he had three tackles in the win yesterday. he was suspended by the team for an undisclosed reason during the preseason this year. he is expected to appeal today's suspension. this mother allegedly beaten to death by a group of people while her special needs son watched. it is a story we have been following since this weekend and today detectives were back at the apartment complex in lowell where all of this
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fox25's stephanie coueignoux is live in lowell, and sshtion steph, still no arrests out there, right? >> reporter: the middlesex attorney's office said so far they haven't arrested anyone in this investigation and some -- something that the victim's family says is extremely frustrating. police say that gloribel orengo was at a party with her special needs son on saturday on west pawtucket boulevard. she was asked to leave that party for what they described as a bad at some point that fight became violent and orengo's family told fox25 a group of people started hitting her right inside of -- in front of her son. orengo was taken to the hospital where she died from her injuries. the medical examiner did issue a formal cause of death. one of her neighbors said she was heart broken for the family. >> i was sad for what had happened to her but also very
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shouldn't have happened. >> orengo does leave behind four children and three grandchildren. the family told me they spent the day making funeral arrangements. coming up at 5:00, who they say they believe is responsible for her death. in lowell, i am stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> heather: stephanie, thank you. a countdown to inauguration day. new england may be very well represented in the donald trump administrati. made his case to be included in the cabinet. fox25 anchor mark ockerbloom has reaction from scott brown's meeting with the president elect. >> reporter: invited to trump tower in new york city and he said, quote, aide great meeting with the future president. he is trying to be chairman of veteran aware. he penitentiary 35 years in the army national guard. he retired as a colonel. brown wants to be in charge of fixing the va which has come
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and poor treatment of vets looking for medical care. >> i think to lead the va, while it has so many angels working there, so many great problems as well. >> reporter: brown said the va will need to outsource some services including mental health service to private vendors and the agency needs to work with the defense department to transition military members out of duty to get the va programs they need. brown doesn't expect a decision until after thanksgiving. also thisee governor mitt romney according to vice president-elect mike pence, romney is under serious considering for the role of secretary of state. in the newsroom, mark ockerbloom, fox25 news. >> heather: thank you for that. stay with fox25 and as donald trump continues to put his transition team together. we will update you as soon as cabinet members are named. and the driver involved in a hit-and-run crash is being held on $200,000 bail. arnold hernandez was arrested
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toward leaving the scene of an accident and leaving the scene of an accident without a license. was captured on surveillance video. you see a minivan running into a 72-year-old woman and driving off. the woman who was hit is said to be okay. hernandez is due back in court december 22. a new hampshire father is in jail tonight and they found his two children covered in human waste inside an apartment in deplorable conditions. catherine parrotta is live outside of tha with the children's mother. >> reporter: the mother of those children says she loves them and tried to protect them, but she says she and her husband are living apart right now, and she didn't know the full extent of what was allegedly happening inside that apartment. police arrested her husband grimes grenier. his wife called police to check on his welfare, but once they were inside the apartment, the
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children they were most worried about. human and dog feces on the floor throughout the apartment and garbage and rotting food. inside one bedroom they found a 2-year-old little girl naked in her crib, covered with feces and shivering from cold. a 4-year-old boy tied down in the top of a bunk bed and also covered in human waste. samantha grenier said it was common practice for h h >> i did try do things to protect them what they were -- happening to them. whatever i tried he overpowered me. i would listen to him and try to do what he asked me to do. because of that, my children -- my children are the ones that got hurt. >> reporter: samantha grenier said she is trying to get custody of her children back. they are currently with their grandparents. at 5:00, what her husband told police of the deplorable conditions inside.
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burcham, fox25 news. >> heather: catherine, thank you. trying to find vanessa marcotte's killer, they received new tips after details became public. police were looking to a dark-colored suv by the crime scene. tips have been steady since that information has been put out and investigators are focusing on the quality of the tips at this point. the suspect's description is still pretty limited. may have been scratched in the is most likely familiar with the geography around the princeton area. investigators are reminding people to call the anonymous tipline if you have any new information in this case. lawyers for convicted killer gary lee sampson began making dice spare his life in federal court. sampson admitted he killed phillip mccloskey and jonathan during a crime spree in 2001. a jury will decide if he should be sentenced to death.
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was a manhunt in texas for a cop killer and here is new video of the suspect that police in san antonio say murdered that officer during a traffic stop on sunday. they also released a picture of the car that suspect there was driving. here is a car. detectives benjamin marconi was a 20-year veteran of the police force there. and san antonio's police chief say won't stop until the suspect is in custody. >> yesterday afternoon and did not stop and until this point, will not stop until this person is in custody. >> heather: a violent week for law enforcement. four officers in three different states were shot on sunday across the country. this crowd of people protested their concerns of people being targeted for hate crimes. that was at that rally today called an anti-hate rally and supported by a number lawmakers. some told me it was directly linked to the election, but others said it is so much bigger than that.
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equal. >> reporter: it's more than just a rally for people like jenny feinstein, it is a deep-rooted concern. >> the acceptance of that behavior -- not really want to stand up against it. >> reporter: so much so she brought her son with her today to join the hundreds here holding signs and pushing for anti-hate. for people like anthony kasinski, they are here as a direct result of the presidential election. >> i respect the office of the presidency. i don't respect a president who hates policies to take away the rights of those people that i love. >> reporter: boston mayor marty walsh and maura healy both democrats and both addressed the crowd saying they should respect the democratic process. healy worries of people who are targeted because of their race or background. in the week she set up a hotline, they received 400 calls statewide.
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country deserves dignity. everyone in this country deserves respect. >> a message people here overheard loud and clear and far from these signs, these messages along the statehouse steps. >> we have neighbors who are black, and lbgt and gay and that is something that i hope they can -- have a safe life here. >> blair: that rally involved several groups and boston police had the groups surrounded and no problems. we have that number to the state hotline that i mentioned on the web site, >> in other news, a groundbreaking surgery happening right here in boston a man who lost a leg on vacation. still ahead though, we will tell you how he is doing now and what that procedure could mean for amputees everywhere. snow is still flying in southern new england and other parts of new england too. the storm that could bring another step just inside of thanksgiving. and a suv
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developing right now. federal agents in new york city say a brooklyn man planned to drive a large truck through times square. ma man was arrested today. the new york daily news said the man traveled to turkey and yemen to join forces with isis just in the last year and he reportedly hoped to copy the bastille day attack.
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with sand along the route of the macy's day parade. the trucks will serve as a barrier against any truck attacks. the parade will be an excellent target like pun why nice. in france they stopped plans for a terrorist attack. arrested seven people in the cities of straussberg and versailles in the eastern part of france. six of the suspects were not on any intelligence france's interior minister said the arrests mentioned a terrorist attack for a long time. police didn't say what the specific target there was. police are still searching for two suspects that crashed a stolen suv into this home in northborough over the weekend. that impact left a gaping hole next to the front door. fox25's jessica reyes spoke with members who were inside when the car hit. >> reporter: as the kohn family
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crashed through their front door. >> it was scary. >> reporter: this happened just before 1:00 sunday morning. they were pursuing the suv they say was stolen down 290. they stopped their pursue pursuit. and it was wedged inside the kohn's home. her son heard the two men arguing before they ran off. >> one of them said they should stay. it was an accident and they should stay and deal with it. the other said no, we tute go and they ran searched the area and eventually called it off. susan said behind her home is a river and swampy area. as for her family, days before thanksgiving, all seven of them including their elderly inlaws are now without a home. the impact of the crash was so hard that the structure is now unsafe. >> it's the holiday season, and we are just trying to figure out where everybody can go. kids have school. we have work. this disrupts the whole family. >> reporter: the search for the people in the suv conditions and state police have taken
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in northborough, jessica reyes, fox 25 news. executives from the new england compound center are demanding prosecutors produce evidence why they should stand trial for killing 25 people. necc is the framingham company at the center of the meningitis outbreak. the owners are set to go on trial next year. they are charged with racketeering and 25 counts of murder. defense attorneys says there no evidence that proves the intentional -- they intentio intentionally contaminated medicine that was shipped nationwide. dozens of people died and hundreds were sick as a result. the attorney general of massachusetts are trying to avoid a trip to texas to answer questions of a lawsuit against exxon mobil. a judge ordered maura healy to go to dallas next month. new york city and new york state. the texas court has no jurisdiction in the case healy says. she is surprised that the judge
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exxon mobil did not request it. your forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the fox25 stormtracker weather team. >> kevin: a cold day and snow this weekend. we talked about it last week and all week long we have been tracking it. flurries in central massachusetts. even had an inch in barre near the quabbin reservoir and the berkshires hit the hardest. over a foot of snow in many places, over two feet in portions of vermont and upstate vermon still slowing in the berkshires. the great lakes and the lake effect snow and they had a ton of it from the great lakes is blowing all the way to new england hitting the hills and mountains and berkshires, rising up and snowing right on the berkshires. notice how this dries out on the way down. jason and i were looking at this saying maybe the radar could be overshooting some of this. if you are watching us in the connecticut river valley and getting flurries, let me know.
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we are seeing some flurries and i just talked to one of our spotters holden who said they don't see any flurries where they are. it breaks up around hold. number some spots nothing at all. strong winds and wind damage around. right here dorchester had some siding blown off of a multistory building at 7:00 this morning. this report is from cumberland, rhode island where you had some branches on a car. 12-inch diameter on the c weston earlier today. temperatures are cold, no doubt about it for this time of year, 35 in boston. that's cold. sure, you will be praying for that in january, for now it is cold. 34, bedford. 30 in worcester and with those gusty winds. wind gusts up over 30 miles per hour still this afternoon in boston, province town, plymouth, worcester at 30 miles per hour. as of 4:00. report every hour unless something huge happens and reported in between hours. so a snapshot at 4:00 show how
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for areas potential gusts up to 50. winds are generally 15 to 30 consistently with the higher gusts. two different wind advisories are actually going on here. one to the northwest of plymouth county ends at 6:00. reupped by the national weather service, but for now it is set to expire at 6:00. plymouth, cape cod and the islands. set to expire at 10:00. a windy night either way. windy tomorrow too and makes it feel that much colder. feels like 17 in beverly. and rejoicing. this -- rejoicing good snow-making weather. temperatures in the 20s all night long and blowing around quite a bit. futurecast show that snow will relent as the winds relent because won't be blowing off of the great lakes anymore. we will see clearing overnight and sunshine for you during the day tomorrow. nice-looking day high temperatures on the chilly said. 40s in northeastern massachusetts.
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over the summer and he and his family received so much support that they are giving back. all new at 5:00 doing to benefit the jimmy
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s or sweeteners. just good. new at 4:00, a suicide bomber strikes a moss in afghanistan killing dozens of people. the un says 32 people died and more than 50 officials say the attacker walked into a crowded mosque and detonated a bomb vest. about 400 people were wrapping up a prayer service at the time. the islamic state has claimed responsibility this attack. pope francis will now allow all priests to forgive what he calls the grave sin of abortion. bishops and special have been allowed forgiveness during the holy near of mercy which ended yesterday. in a statement this morning, the pope said no wrong that
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truly sorry and wants to make right with god. the pope did emphasize that abortion was a sin. the cold-weathered tourists are flocking to florida. despite major issues this year, 85 million tourists visit interested in during the first nine months of this year, and that is actually the most ever. consider this, in the past year, florida struggled with an outbreak of the zika weather and the deadly rampage at the pulse night club. according to travel sin city is at the top of the list when it comes to thanksgiving travel destinations believe it or not. some of the most popular travel destinations. number one vegas followed by san francisco, san diego and orlando. and new york city, that one you might have guessed. home of macy's parade rounds out the top five.
4:27 pm
or more from home this week, but las vegas, that's surprising. kanye west was supposed to be back in boston in december but not anymore. the big decision made by the star today. tracking with some snow that is falling in new england and when some more can be moving in time for the holiday. and we continue to follow developing news for you right now.
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right now, we are getting in breaking news happening off the coast of japan where a 7.3 magnitude earthquake has truck near the northeast offork ukishima. a suchlz warning and residents are told to leave the coast. >> heather: in 2009, there was a registered 9 triggering a leak leak from a nuclear power plant. we will give you more updates as they come in to us. a big travel week is upon us. many of us woke up to a dusting of snow today and also very windy despite what we are looking at a gorgeous view. >> and when the sky is that beautiful, it is very cold out. it has been freezing today. >> blair: walked the kids to school and said bundle up, kids. >> heather: the gloves and hats for them. now everyone is looking forward
4:31 pm
forecast. >> kevin: jason brewer was talking about the snow drift up against the fence of his law. snow but not a big drift. the tsunami happening off of japan not a threat, of course, to the united states at this point, but three meters from -- not consistent with the metric system, almost 10 feet -- about 10 feet of a tsunami along the coastline and could be destructive and has to be watched. and the snow out in the berkshires, adams, pittsfield, up through rowe and a foot. a couple of flurries picked up by storm tracker radar and holding northwest of worcester perhaps into leister. and from the rockies. a whole lot of that. a piece comes our way. tracking into the holiday weekend just ahead. kevin, thank you. a live look at traffic moving along the expressway.
4:32 pm
rush is expected to start tomorrow afternoon. and we are going to be all over it for you here. look for special coverage with fox25 traffic reporter julie grauert. she will be live tomorrow night at 4, 5 and 6. and download the free fox25 app to monitor the weather and traffic leading up to thanksgiving and kevin will be back in a few minutes with his full forecast. a terrible accident at a local construction site left one man dead. it happened over the weekend and the man's family just devastated by this. spoke to his wife. >> just want to see him again, you know. >> reporter: jen sanderson wants the world to know who her husband was, a beloved father of her three children, a true family man. >> he was just an amazing father. >> reporter: it was saturday afternoon off tremont street in duxbury. he was cutting pipe in this trench to build a water line for you in homes when his circular chop saw became bound
4:33 pm
co-worker sam romanelli tells fox25 saturday that he tried desperately save jason. >> we tried to apply pressure. we tried to keep him upright and do everything we could until the ambulance arrived. >> he couldn't breathe. it severed his carotid artery. they tried to control the bleeding, but his heart just stopped. >> reporter: duxbury police and so he shah have been investigating. jen still has questions. >> why did this happen. i mean -- why? >> reporter: while grieving, she is also trying to figure out how to care for 9-year-old dylan and 18-month-old twins colin and lilly as a single mom. >> this one has a lot going on. he has a disorder. >> reporter: meanwhile, jen says she is grateful for those who did everything they could
4:34 pm
tried to save him and revive him. all the doctors and nurses. >> reporter: christine mccarthy, fox25 news. a wood stove is being blamed for starting a house fire in salem, new hampshire. fire fighters were called to a home on zion road. the man inside woke up to the sound of fire in his walls. he got out on his own. wasn't hurt. only one hydrant a quarter of a mile away so tanker trucks full of water had to be brought in. of policing. four officers were shot in four separate cities all within 24 hours. as scott mcclain reports in san antonio texas, an officer was killed and the suspect there was still on the loose. >> reporter: san antonio police detective benjamin marconi was inside his vehicle writing a routine traffic ticket when someone approached his window shooting him twice and sparked a manhunt.
4:35 pm
until this point. it will not stop until the person will be in custody. >> marconi was 50 years old and spent half his life on the force. the suspect was briefly inside police headquarters before the shooting barely long now ask the clerk a question and walk out. it is not clear what he wanted, but the local police chief says it is clear who the target was. >> i think the uniform was the target and the first person who would happen along is the person louisian officer was shot twice in the face by a suspect wanted for a string of other crime. he was killed by police. >> this officer was not involved in a traffic stop. this officer was not trying to pull a car over. the driver was driving down the road and was ambushed. >> reporter: in sanibel, florida, a person was -- a police officer was shot and killed.
4:36 pm
with police. another police officer was shot after a man took up a. he pulled a gun when they tried to arrest him. an officer was shot and injured. the suspect was killed. in washington, i am scott mcclain. hundreds of people of all races and religions came together to stand up against hate. they gathered named of a the late beastie boy member. the band mate for 30 years adam horowitz organized the after swastikas and go trump was painted. another key figure using celebrity to speak out against hate. >> this happening at the park about peace and nonviolence and just a really horrible thing, and we need to stand up and say this is not okay in america now. >> those skats at this cas and a memorial of flowers and
4:37 pm
all. prices the pump dropped $.04 this week. the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded it $2.08, a penny more than last year's price. the famous sound of the season is back on local streets now. today the salvation army kicked off their annual red kettle campaign. bell ringers are out and about back out braving the cold and organization held a special ceremony at the star market at huntington ave. bell ringers hope than 3 million statewide. that is their goal. they want to remind thought fox25 team is also getting into the red kettle holiday spirit. we will be out for our own day of bell ringing at the salvation army's downtown crossing red kettle on december 15. we will be there from 11 until 2. the perfect time to stop by during the lunch break and say hi to us. iphone issues. what is happening with one model of the phone to have customers bring their phones
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. a popular brand of hummus is approximating recalled over listeria concerns sp sabra dipping company say the recalled hummus was found in a plant -- made in plant in listeria was found.
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january 3 on the lid. if you have an affected pro dust toss it out. listeria can be dangerous and even deadly to young children, the elderly and people with weak immune systems. symptoms may include fever, muscle aches, stiffness and stomach problems. a major retailer pulling a popular toy off the shelves just before the start of the holiday shopping season. toys 'r' us are stopping sales of this tonka truck after one of them caught on fire. it happened to a couple in were driving home after buying the toy. the 12-volt mighty wheels dump truck burst into flames right in the bed of their pickup truck. >> sparks and smoke from inside of the box, like fire. it was hot. we got to pull over and get out of this truck. we pulled over and flames started shooting. >> so lucky that they happen to have that in the bed of the pickup truck. and the couple was not hurt. toys 'r' us have pulled the
4:42 pm
most samsung customers are standing by the company despite reports of exploding cell phones. 90% of customers will get another samsung phone when it is time to replace their model. that loyalty is similar to what apple sees with their cell phone. they expect the percentage to drop after the worldwide recall of galaxy note 7 which is caused by the overheating batteries. apple report that some of the phones may have a battery issue that shuts the device down the problem is not a safety issue and involves only a small number of iphone s devices. apple is urging anyone with this problem to take their phone to an apple store if it matches the phones impacted by this. they will replace the phone free of large. donald trump has asked the cast of broadway musical "hamilton" to apologize, and now the actor that addressed mike pence is talking about what happened.
4:43 pm
still tracking some snow out there in new england and a storm that could bring a little bit more just time for your thanksgiving travel. i am sure they hit her
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
>> breaking news happening off the coast of japan. 7.3-magnitude earthquake near the northern sieve fukishima, a tsunami warning and residents are asked to free the coast there. you may recall in 2011 a magnitude 9 earthquake shook the area triggering a radioactive leak from a nuclear power plant. right now japanese officials are telling people in that area to evacuate to higher ground.
4:46 pm
following this story throughout the evening and will bring you new details as soon as we receive them. a weymouth woman is likely to stay in the hospital for months. she was hit by a car on her way to work and left there in the street. her daughters tell fox25 ted daniel, the woman spent an hour in that road before anyone found her. >> i was terrified. i thought that the one person in my world was gone. >> reporter: emily ponce reveals the thoughts that filled her mind when she got the call friday morning. israel hospital in boston, the victim of a hit-and-run. she was walking the crosswalk which is well lit, they hit her and they continued to drive and she was left there about an hour. >> reporter: it happened at the intersection of cory road and washington street in brighton near the brookline line. two good samaritans found her un-- and seriously injured near
4:47 pm
her injuries include a ruptured spleen, broken femur and ribs and a fracture to her recently replaced left knee. >> he was hooked up to every single machine could you think about. they had to give blood to her because she lost so much blood because of the spleen. i thought she was close to being dead. >> reporter: longmore works as a head secretary at driscol elementary in brookline and on sunday, puts a 12-miles per hour day in the hometown of weymth special needs. for her daughters, the how and why made a difficult situation much worse. >> i am sure they know they hit her because of how much force and how much damage is done to her family. >> reporter: boston police are investigating the hit-and-run. in the meantime, the family has started a fund raising effort to cover all the medical expenses. if you would like more information, you can log on to our web site, reporting in weymouth, ted daniel, fox25 news.
4:48 pm
you. trump administration war of words with the cast of "hamilton" continues. the actor who delivered a speech directed at vice president-elect mike pence is standing by what he said. over the weekend, president-elect donald trump demanded an apology, but dixon said, quote, there is nothing to apologize for. he said trump and pence are welcome to come back stage and meet with the cast at any time. powerball fever is heating up once again. wednesday's jackpot rt the cash option, $220 million. the jackpot is the highest since july when one lucky winner from new hampshire won $487 million. now your local forecast with chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the fox25 stormtracker weather team. >> man, it's cold out there and the winds make it that much worse. it also blows some snow flurries into central and even southeastern new england. i just had a report from
4:49 pm
happening there. you will see from time to time the steady snow. the stuff that is sticking is in western massachusetts to connecticut. from the mountains of vermont well. we have seen some of these towns have some snow, adams, pittsfield to great barrington. look at that stretch of the massachusetts turnpike just bathed in snow right now. some temperature in activity here around spencer, hardwick, holden and worcester and talked about that around weymouth as well. temperatures are in the 30s. worcester at 30 degrees. holding on to 30. down and chill out. starts to chill up. top of the hour down into the 20s there. 35 in boston. plymouth at 36. and even cape cod in the 30s and winds continue to gust over 30 miles per hour. 30 at the worcester airport. 37 at logan. 38 at provincetown and nantucket. to 33. anything over 37 miles per hour. now talking tropical storm strength. it is really blowing hard out there. now you are getting into wind
4:50 pm
minor damage in a cup of locations. winds west 15 to 30 expect to continue this evening. i expect those to continue as well. gusts to 50 though. that is the wind advisory and in southeastern massachusetts, that goes until 10:00 tonight. still goes until just 6:00 and now i am questioning whether or not it will be reupped because still gusty out there and perhaps low enough not wind advisory criteria. that is for us to worry about, for you to worry about a windy cold night and those wind chills make it feel that much colder 25 in portsmouth. those windy conditions continue all night long. temperatures in the 30. even in boston with clouds in and out of the area but trending toward clear by morning. this evening, mostly clear skies. eastern an central new england. the clouds and the snow continue in the berkshires as the winds start to turn a bit instead of coming off the lakes, coming from a northerly or west to southwest direction around this area of low pressure off to the north. and we are not going to see as
4:51 pm
moisture stream ends. by morning, we are sunny most places. but clouds still lingering. the sun continues through the day. pretty nice-looking day if you don't mind a bit of a chill. high temperatures only in the 40s sandwich to provincetown up to the northwest in the 40s. upper 30s like gardner and oxford. 36 and 38 degrees. the seven-day forecast show that chill -- goes away a little bit on wednesday gets a little warmer into thanksgiving, below normal in the 40s and the next storm ap the potential for light snow and mixed precipitation early on that will be rainshower activity. doesn't look like a sunny day at all for thanksgiving. then on friday, rain shower activity around. breaks of sun and this weekend trying iron out the details on a storm that could affect us saturday into sunday and coastal areas often sunday and new england. much to talk about later tonight. heather hegedus we will keep on
4:52 pm
singer kanye west are cancelling the rest of his concert tour including a show that was supposed to be in boston december 28. they have not given a reason for the cancellation but last week delivered several political rants on stage and abruptly ended one show four songs into his performance. we are told that refunds will be issued for customers with tickets for those cancelled shows. disappointing for kanye fans. the political fallout from the election is givi indigestion. >> many are posted that they have been uninvited to dinner because of their political beliefs. trump and clinton supporters say it got them kicked off the advice list. for a peaceful meal, this is what you should do, agree to avoid hot button political topics all together. sounds nice in theory. >> might be a good idea for thanksgiving. put the differences aside and focus on the turkey for tryptophane.
4:53 pm
that truly is remarkable and groundbreaking. up next, i will introduce you to the man that had this surgery on his leg what it could mean to him and future amputees. and now mark ockerbloom what we are working on at 5:00. mark. >> reporter: millions of people are about to head out for their thanksgiving destination. the most traveled in years. the two main factors that are helping families get away for
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