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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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about an alleged sexual assault on a school bus has prompted several agencies to launch an investigation into an incident involving a local charter school. good evening, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: and i'm vanessa welch. parents are outraged because they learned of this incident through the facebook post, not from the school. >> mark: investigative reporter kerry kavanaugh is live in hyde park and boston police tell us they were notified about this on november 3rd. november 3rd. >> the reporter: yeah. they were notified november 3rd, but we have confirmed today that boston failed to notify the massachusetts department of secondary and elementary education, that's the state agency that regulates charter schools. they are supposed to do that within two days of the incident being reported. meanwhile, many parents contacted fox 25, very concerned, they had secretary of homeland security questions and not nearly -- they had so many questions and not nearly enough answers. my stomach churned. i was sick to my stomach. how did they let this go on. >> the reporter: this mother of two who didn't want us to show her face as she was first
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the middle of the night. the post said i have a close friend whose son is getting moth molested, on the bus, by a 6-year-old. boston renaissance charter schools, one of the oldest charter schools in the city. for this mom and several others who contacted fox 25, the post was the first they were hearing of any alleged incidents. >> i heard it on facebook, that's how i heard it first, and then i got a phone call fro school. >> the reporter: that call was an automated message that came around 8:00 a.m. monday morning. >> we are aware of the facebook post that has been circulating regarding an alleged incidents on the school bus earlier this month. >> it's been happening since the beginning of november. why no one was informed until it went viral. boston renaissance mosted what was said in their voice message to their web site, and they referred us to it when we called with questions. the statement said in part, the
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immediate action and followed appropriate legal protocols, contacting law enforcement immediately and they say they take the meat terms of accumulation seriously and have taken all appropriate measures to ensure student safety. the parents say they have no idea the scope of the investigation. how many children may be affected. and they wonder if they would ever know anything hat hall were it not for a facebook post. >> they're not telling us anything. >> the reporter: you woke up -- the boston police department says they referred this to the children's advocacy center, because the less than six years old, so therefore, there would not be criminal charges. we checked with dcf, they are aware of the incident and also investigating. live in hyde park, kerry kavanaugh. fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a mother is beaten to death in front of her son in lowell. tonight, police are still looking for the group of people who haye tacked her after a party. -- attacked her after a party. her family shared the pictures of her with us to have had. she was a mother of four and a grandmother. police say she was killed during a fight saturday night and
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and once outside, a group of people started hitting her in front of her special needs son. >> if you ask him what happened, he says, a sick girl, probably a sick girl hit mom and blood all -- blood. so for him to have to go through that is unbelievable. >> vanessa: the medical examiner has not released the exact cause of death. fox 25's stephanie coueignoux spoke with the victim's brother and she will have the response ahead at 6:30 p.m. >> mark: two small children are found living in a house of horrors in manchester, new hampshire. tonight, their father is behind bars. they found some of the worst conditions they've ever seen inside the home. officers found trash and feces everywhere when they went for a well-being check. fox 25's kathryn burcham is live outside that apartment tonight where the children's mother says she tried to protect her children. children. >> the reporter: yeah, while her husband is in jail, samantha
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would sometimes tie down their 4-year-old son and not allow him to use the bathroom, but she said she was powerless to stop it. >> i cared a lot about my kids, that they mean the world to me and i will never do anything to harm my children. >> the reporter: tonight, samantha grenier's estranged husband is facing criminal charges for endangering their two young children after police found deplorable conditions inside grenier's manchester apartment. >> the smells were kind of -- it puts you off, like why did it smell that bad. police say the stench of human and animal waste was over would powering early this morning, when a 911 call brought officers to apartment three. >> it was tough to walk in there, cluttered with garbage. >> the reporter: investigators say there were dog and human feces on the floor and inside one bedroom, they found grenier's 4-year-old son tied to his bed by a makeshift harness with a child proof lock. samantha grenier admitted to fox 25, it had happened before. >> my son was not able to go to
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constantly not able to be with anybody else but himself in that bed. >> the reporter: police say grenier's 2-year-old daughter was covered in human waste and naked in her crib. >> not right. i'm a parent myself. i would never do that to my little one. officers searching the apartment say they also found a cracked wooden paddle, 15 inches long. according to court documents, grenier admitted to them, he used it to discipline his kids. now, this morning, grenier pleaded not guilty to charges of child endangerment hand reckless more charges could be coming in the case. samantha grenier hopes she's not going to face legal trouble this, but did tell me, she's hoping to regain custody of her children who are with their grandparents tonight. kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: let it snow. western parts of the state dealing with their first major snow of the season. take a look here at this winter wonderland in berkshire county up to a foot of snow closed
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power in some areas. >> mark: closer to home, a few areas saw a dust of snow, but the bigger weather story is the wick winds blowing all day long. winds brought down a tree on to a tractor-trailer. the driver was not hurt, we're told, but he was trapped for a while, because there was a live wire in play here as well. tonight, fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is it keeping an i've on a wind advisory for part of hour area. >> kevin: indeed i am. up to 20 mince of snow fell in the berkshires. you showed great video there, but 37 inches in the great lakes amazing amounts of snow. coming off the lakes. that's how it looks out there tonight over the southeast how it looked as the sun was going down this evening. thanks a lot high lien for tweeting that picture out. the snow continues to fly in berkshires, just a few spots left around sheffield, north adams to windsor, not much left. actually snow in southern rhode island and connecticut as well. temperatures, wow, in the 20's and 30's already this evening and falling, current wind gusts
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30's, so of the wind advisory continues in southeastern massachusetts until 10:00 p.m., but as expected, it's been dropped for interior areas, still going to be brisk overnight. we'll talk about how cold it's going to be when you wake up and the storm threat for thanksgiving. >> vanessa: a weekend filled with violence against lips. in a matter of 24 hours, four officers were shot in four separate cities. one of those officers was killed. a san antonio officer was ambushed this weekend, shot has he sat in his patrol car a traffic ticket. breaking in the last 20 minutes, sources tell local news station, there's been an arrest in this case. the officer was 50 years old and spent almost half his life on the force. the chief in san antonio believes his officer was targeted because of his uniform and that has officers all over the country on high alert. fox 25's chris flanagan spoke with several local police departments who were worried about the uptick in random, unprovoked shootings and joins us live from norwood where the chief there has a strong message
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>> the reporter: that message, be on your toes. there's good reason for it. ambush style killings of police officers is up more than 150% over last year. that according to a national law enforcement agency, making this the deadliest year for such attacks. a san antonio detective shot dead while writing a traffic ticket, he likely never saw it. coming. officers shot in st. louis and florida, two week ago, two iowa police officers gunned down separately in a patrol cars. in july, officers killed by a sniper who targeted them, as they worked a peaceful protest against fatal police shootings of black men in minnesota and louisiana. >> there does seem to be undercurrent of violence against the police. unprovoked violence against the police. >> the reporter: william brooks is norwood's police chief, also the president of the massachusetts chiefs of police a, so, this morning, he emailed his officers, reminding them to be extra vigil in the wake of this weekend's random,
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remind police officers about the practices and procedures they use. >> the reporter: according to the national law enforcement officers memorial fund, an organization that tracks police deaths, 2016 is the deadliest year ever for ambush style attacks on police officers. 20 officers have been killed so far. that's two and a half times as many as in 2015. and eclipses 2014, when 16 officers were killed in ambush-style attacks and that does not sit well with the boston police patrolman's boston police officers. the organization sent out this tweet, where's the national outrage? where is the national media coverage? four officers shot in seven hours last night. two in missouri, one in florida, and one in texas. unreal. >> it can happen anywhere, it can happen at any time. we just ask officers to stay on their toes, be vigilant have your head on a swivel, be aware of your surroundings. >> the reporter: yeah. chief brooks is encouraging his
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i did reach out to boston police, they are urging their officers to remain vigilant and alert. it should be notherred, state troopers will not be doubling up in the cruisers because of the vast geographic area they cover. chris flanagan, fox 25 news. >> mark: meantime, we have some wonderful news tonight involving one of the boston police officers shot in the line of duty in east boston. officer mat thank you for morris is heading home for the holidays. fox 25's blair miller is live in the control room with more on a recovery. >> the reporter: officer matt morris is back home with his family. boston police say he was released from spalding rehab over of the weekend. right before leaving, officer morris posed for these pictures with some of the doctors, nurses and therapists, who treated him over the last six weeks. in one picture, he's wearing a shirt thattization, i love my occupational therapist, and physical therapist. and in a statement, the 12-year veteran of the boston police department said he wanted to say thank you to everybody who made
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officer morris and officer richard cintolo were shot on october 12th, responding to a call amongst roommates in east boston. both were shot as soon as they arrived on the scene. officers ragged morris and cintolo to cover while bullets were still flying. one even used a tourniquet to stop morris from leading out. officer cintolo was released from mass general a week after the shooting. the gunman who shot them was killed by police during the shootout. reporting live in the >> vanessa: the patriots defense taking a big hit today. alan branch suspended 4 four games. >> mark: he tested positive for marijuana and as sports director tom leyden reports this, isn't the first time branch has been in trouble in the past few years. >> the reporter: not welcome news for a defensive unit that
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in the last few weeks. alan branch has been one of the key cogs and according to a report by espn and nfl network, he has tested positive for marijuana, which means he will be suspended for four games for violating the league's substance abuse policy. the patriots have not confirmed this report. they say it's a league issue, but branch was, if you remember, previously suspended during of the preseason. it will be a tough couple of games. they play the new york jets on the road this sunday and return home to face the patriots right back here at gillette stadium. but again, yet confirmed t but it has been reported by espn and the nfl network, that alan branch, the defensive tackle has tested positive for marijuana and suspended for the next four games. that is the story from outside gillette stadium. i'm tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> kevin: tracking what's left the snow here in southern new england. still, pounding snow off to the wells. and the potential for some more in the forecast for thanksgiving. >> mark: first of its kind surgery happening right here in
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, of first of its kind experimental amputation performed in boston and it could be life changing. if successful, doctors at brigham & women's will be able to give the patient the ability to use his brain to control his reboughtic prosthesis. >> mark: as heather hegedus reports, doctors say it's so ground breaking, they're calling it the greatest development in
6:16 pm
world war ii. >> it was actually not that difficult of a decision, because of the amount of pain that i was in. >> the reporter: that decision to amputate his left leg wasn't the only siegely impossible decision jim ewing had to make. he landlords agreed to be the first patient to undergo an experimental surgery, he tried to improve the quality of his life with a prosthetic. >> there's a certain amount of pride that i'm going to be the first to have this procedure, but that also has a certain amount of it. >> the reporter: almost two years, the 52-year-old from falmouth, marina, shattered his ankle and foot in a climbing accident in the cayman islands. he's an experienced climber and he was with his wife and daughter, when he fell roughly 50 feet to the ground. in july, he underwent the surgery. the surgery focused on ewing's nerves, which are key in the brain's ability to control
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simply focusing on muscle movement. >> lift your foot off the ground and if you move your ankle up and down, can you have a sense in your brain about where that limb is in space. >> the reporter: jim's doctors are naming the procedure after him. if successful, it will enable him to actually feel sensation, by allowing his brain to interact with the robotic prosthetic. >> it will do what i tell it to do. >> the reporter: they should know if it works when jim gets his prosthetic limb in six months getting back to rock climbing and planning expeditions with fellow amputee climber friends. >> life isn't over after amputation. >> the reporter: in jamaica plain, heather hegedus, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: that is fascinating. >> mark: just incredible to see that. good luck to him. >> vanessa: to see him climbing again, that's great. documentary on the boston marathon bombings premieres tonight. >> mark: the hbo production takes a look at the long road to recovery from three families affected by the attack. >> they have decided in the name
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and that's what makes them monsters. >> mark: producers welcomed survivors to the shoe berth theater for a v.i.p. screening. >> kevin: light snow tweeted in from millbury, massachusetts, on the deck. fellas night and into the morning and check out this picture right here, coming in from lucy, our intern, she's sending this from oswego, new york, one much that to her, what a mess in new york, over three feet in some areas and still pounding snow. until the lakes freeze, that water can be picked up in to the atmosphere and dumped as snow in the cold air and the streamers can make their way all the way in to western massachusetts. when they hit the berkshires, you get a little extra lift, you can really dump snow here too, over a foot in shop spots, pulled the string re, massachusetts, 20 -- peru,
6:19 pm
new england, most of it is winding down. north adams to windsor, light snow and southern berkshires, sheffield. it's all wind dependent and we're seeing some light snow here. not likely connected to the great lakes, but seeing some snow blow into south kingston in southern rhode island, south county right now. 28 worcester. 34 boston. this is a cold night. those should be your normal low temperatures. wind gusts over 20 miles per hour in most spots. plymouth to 30. provincetown, 31. notice how thear bedford, that's where your wind advisory is going to continue tonight. wind gusts, 15 to 25 miles per hour. as high as 45 potentially with new bedford going to 41. you can see, that threat is real. had just a scattering of wind reports for damage coming in today and that's certainly good news. we'll have to watch for any reports coming from here. if you have some tree limbs that are vulnerable out there, just take heed of those. i wouldn't be surprised if you have blips in the electrical
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maybe the wind doing that. and certainly cold, windchills 15. bottom line, teens and 20's, how it feels outside tonight and your temperature is going that way anyway. the snow is going away tonight too in the berkshires hand everybody will be into sunshine tomorrow morning, all the way up into central new hampshire and vermont. northernmost in the mountains, mount washington getting some snow on top of the rock pile. temperatures, 40's in southeasternments. falmouth, 403. worcester county and certainly western mass, where you have all the fresh snow cover, it will stay in the 30's there as well. seven-day forecast shows a couple of things. first of all, we're staying chilly, right this to the thanksgiving holiday. you search of the precipitation falling there on thursday. that's our next storm threat coming our wave. wave -- way. it dontell look like a powerful storm, it's energy through the rocky mountains, pushing some clouds our way and eventually precipitation, this takes you in to thursday morning early, going
6:21 pm
you see the snow in the berkshires and spreading eastward. it wouldn't be a lot but with temperatures at or below freezing, it could cause big problems. new information coming in this evening. >> mark: nobody is tougher than this little guy in new hampshire. max is battling leukemia, and he's using his bike to help other kids just like him. >> we just want to may it forward. we want to be able to give back where we can. >> mark: how mighty max and his family are working to make sure hundreds of kids have a very >> vanessa: first what, can brown do for you?
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?? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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>> mark: former massachusetts senator scott brown says he had a great meeting with president-elect donald trump. brown walked this to trump tower in new york city this morning. the 57-year-old is trying to become the new secretary of the department of veterans affirms. brown spent 35 years in the army national guard, colonel. brown says the v.a. has great problems that need to be fixed. >> especially, i would try to work on the suicide issues. i try to get folks with mental health issues covered immediately. the v.a. can't do it all. >> mark: recent study found that 20 vets take their hone lives every day in the u.s. brown says, the secretary of the v.a. is the toughest job in the cabinet because of the number of problems the department faces. coming together in hopes of palsy. hundreds of people showed up on the steps of the state house
6:25 pm
crimes that they believe are being reported as a result of the recent election. several local lawmakers led the rally and said the issue is much bigger than the election. fox 25's blair miller was there. >> mark: and has more on what happened. >> the reporter: all people are born free and equal. >> it's more than just a rally for people like jenny. it's a deep-rooted concern. >> i think really the acceptance of that behavior, really, i >> the reporter: so much so, she brought her son with her today, holding signs and pushing for anti-hate. for people like anthony, they're here has a direct result of the presidential election. >> i respect the office of the presidency, i don't respect president who hates people. and who is going to implement policies that take away the rights of those people that i love. >> the reporter: boston mayor marty walsh and attorney general maura healey, both democrats, and both addressed this crowd,
6:26 pm
democratic process. but healey worries about what she calls resents alarming reports with people being targeted for their race or background. in the week since she set up a hate crime hot line, she says they've received 400 calls statewide. >> but here is what is nonnegotiable. every one in this country deserves dignity, everyone in this country deserves respect. >> the reporter: a message people here hope is heard loud and clear, and far from these signs, these messages along the >> we have neighbors who are black and lgbt and gay and everything and i just hope that they can have a safe life here. >> the reporter: this rally involved several groups, boston police had the group surrounded and reports no problems out there today. i'm blair miller, fox 25 news. >> mark: the local city with the big warning as the holiday shopping season ramps up. >> also ahead, why dzhokhar tsarnaev's name was brought up
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the bomber's life in federal lockup. >> the reporter: the
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?? ever new england. eversource. >> mark: if you are just joining us at 6:30 p.m., heartbreaking news in chattanooga, tennessee. dozens of school children are hurt and some were killed today
6:30 pm
confirm the number of people who died, only say there are multiple fatalities. we don't know how far old the children are, burr we do know at least 23 people were taken to hospitals. we'll be updating this tragedy all night. >> vanessa: and there is more breaking news. a massive earthquake rocks japan. a 7.3 magnitude quack struck off the coast of fukushima. the northeast coast of that country was bracing for a tsunami. moments ago, the pacific tsunami warning has largely passed. that's good news. you are looking at live video coming into our newsroom in 2011. it's the same area where a 7.9 magnitude earthquake shook the area and triggered an explosion at a local nuclear plant nearby. >> mark: our other top stories at 6:30 p.m., a father in manchester, new hampshire, is in jail tonight after his two small children were found living in filth. police received a 911 call for a
6:31 pm
inside his apartment, they found his 4-year-old son tied to his bed and his 2-year-old daughter covered in human waste in her crib. >> vanessa: four police officers in three states shot in the line of duty, all within 24 hours. norwood's police chief told fox 25, he emailed his officers today to remind them to be extra vigilant in the wake of this weekend's random unprovoked attacks. state and boston police say their message is the same. >> mark: a heartbroken family desperate for answers, after a mother of four was killed during a fight at a weekend par. arrests. >> vanessa: fox 25's stephanie coueignoux spoke with their holder brother who said they are trying to be strong, buffer can't understand why anyone would do this. >> the reporter: luis was incredibly emotional as he spoke with me this afternoon and he told me that he and his family spent the day making funeral arrangements for his sister. >> i just don't understand why they did this to my sister.
6:32 pm
family shared these photos with us today, showing the mother of four and grandmother of three smiling and happy. it was on saturday night, that lowell police say the mother was with her 28-year-old son who has special needs, they went to a party at the westminster apartments on pawtucket boulevard when the woman was asked to leave. the argument became violent outside and that's when the family says a group of people started beating her. her brother says her son was hurt himself trying to protect her. >> mother and would call him mommy, mommy, and he always said her name, glory, and it was just somebody heard him and they called 911. >> the reporter: his nephew doesn't understand what happened, and blames himself. he says he's trying to shield his nephew from what's going on. he also told us, he doesn't know much about the group of attackers, saying police haven't told him who they're looking for.
6:33 pm
or a group of women in their 20's along with possibly some men. >> nothing is going to bring her back, but i want justice. i have want my sister's murderers to be found and put away, that's what i have want. >> the reporter: and again, the middlesex county district attorney's office still not releasing any information about any possible suspects. we're going to continue to follow this story and pass along any updates on air and on line at fox 25 news. >> vanessa: investigators trying to find vanessa marcotte's killer say they have received new tips since a new detail about the case was made public. last week we reported police were looking for a dark colored s.u.v. that was spotted near the crime scene. we're told tips have been fairly steady since that new information was put out. investigators are now focusing on the quality of the tips. the suspect is most likely familiar with the geography around princeton, according to investigators an they are reminding people to call this
6:34 pm
information. >> mark: lawyers for convicted killer gary lee sampson began making their case to try to spare his life in federal court today. the government finished calling its witnesses to the stand last week. sampson has admitted he killed phillip mccloskey and jonathan rizzo during a crime spree in 2001. jurors are decide if he should be sentenced to death. a third man was killed in new hampshire, but that was not a death penalty eligible crime. reports tonight that testimony in today's sampson case turned to marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. the first defense testified in dzhokhar tsarnaev defense. he talked about difficult conditions on data row for sampson and dzhokhar tsarnaev in federal prison. >> vanessa: this week marks ten years of a blast equivalent to a 2,000-pound bomb shook the area. many residences were destroyed. much has been rebuilt and a
6:35 pm
neighbors plan to get together tomorrow to mark the anniversary. >> mark: when it comes to winter, well, they've got the real thing up in syracuse right now. wow. right out of a post card. lots of crashes are being reported because of the slick roads as well. some parts of central new york have received more than 18 inches of lake-effect snow. if we have don't have enough for the real stuff, it's the perfect weather to make snow in princeton tonight. sky fox was at you what chew set mountain about 30 minutes ago. the guns right near. kevin, you said, they are hoping to open this weekend. >> kevin: they would love to get themselves going this weekend and i just checked with them, no matter what, they're going to be open at least in the lodge, not so sure they get the slopes open. they would love to do it. if they get cold air like we have, they'll keep making it. look at the snow, it's still pounding in upstate new york. up around watertown, three feet of snow, 18 inches barely anything compared to that. just half of that.
6:36 pm
and it's shifted to the south now as the storm continues to wheel around and as the winds shift more to the west, it's connecticut getting most of the snow. in the berkshires, not much left. northern berkshires, seeing more, adams, pittsfield and plainfield, but also snow in connecticut, that that band has shifted to. meanwhile, we're still dealing with the cold and the wind. what the windchill is like this evening as you step out for dinner and we'll track that storm coming forward thanksgiving day. >> vanessa: with black friday around the corner, so many of us are getting ready on-line shopping. >> mark: tonight a local police department has a warning for shoppers -- plan accordingly, if you expect to get packages delivered to your home. fox 25's malini basu is live in cambridge with the details. malini? >> the reporter: mark and vanessa here we are on chauncey street. thieves love this area. i want to show you this map, police released to us a short time ago. this right here are some of the other hot spots in the cambridge
6:37 pm
chauncey, wendall and peabody street. those are the hot spots for thieves. since september, police responded to close to 30 calls for larceny. these packages are left at your front doorstep and thieves are driving by or walking by and they're just feeling them. police tell fox 25, some of these suspects are watching amazon, u.p.s., fedex and u.s. postal service trucks. >> homes that are clustered together, close to the roads, those be the targets. it's easy prey for these suspects. they're able to quickly get in and out of homes, quickly in and out of doorways, porches, etc., and to be able to walk off with a number of packages at one time. >> the reporter: and police also tell fox 25, that most of these steps are happening between the hours of 1:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., wednesday, thursday and friday, it's most of the
6:38 pm
coming up at 10:00 p.m., police will tell you how to prevent yourself from being a target. live in cambridge, ma'am bass, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a local school superintendent who quit her post half a drunk driving arrest is still being paid through june. wilmington superintendent mary delie quit her job last month after it was revealed she never told the school board she was arrested for oui in august. she makes $6,500 every two health care benefits. the driver accused in the hit-and-run crash in chelsea sunday see is being held on $2,000 bail. arnold hernandez was arrested saturday and pleaded not guilty to charges of leaving the scene of an accident and driving without a license whether he was in court today. the crash was caught on surveillance video you see here a mini van running into a 72-year-old woman, then driving off. that woman who was hit is ok. hernandez is due back in court december 22nd. two men have been arrested for a weekend shooting in linoleum.
6:39 pm
this video from the scene on saturday. a 23-year-old man was killed. two men have been charged with assault to murder. >> mark: family of seven is now looking for a new place to spend the holidays after a car slammed in to their home. it happened early yesterday morning on hudon street in northboro. state police have been chasing a black s.u.v. they say was stolen before calling off their pursuit. the homeowner says their son actually overheard the two men inside the s.u.v. arguing before they have ran off. >> he just said that one of them said tha stave and deal with it and the other one said no we have to go, they ran. >> mark: tonight, the family including elderly in-laws looking for a place to spend thanksgiving after the home was declared structurally unsound. >> vanessa: no tow trouble so far with a switch to all electronic tolling on the mass pike. if the first three weeks, nearly 28 million transactions were processed. more than 80% of drivers used an e-z pass and the rest will be
6:40 pm
booths is running ahead of schedule. construction will stop at 5:00 p.m. on wednesday to make way for thanksgiving traffic. >> mark: city of boston is moving ahead with plans to study driverless cars. by the end of the year, the cambridge new startup autonomy will start testing a self-driving car in the raymond seaport. it requires a driver to be behind the wheel taught in case of an emergency. if the city leader says if the tests are be allowed to operate in other parts of the hub. amtrak's down east terms of accumulation will stop in freeport and brunswick, they were added after a new layover facility opened up in brunswick. the downeaster makes stops in three our stations including manchester hand new hampshire. >> vanessa: the red sox are all in on towering homeruns, but out begins a tower full of condos
6:41 pm
fenway. new documents show the red sox filed a letter opposed to a 240-foot tower two blocks away from the park saying it would loom too closely and significantly transform the iconic views of the city's skyline that fans enjoy. developers working on the project are working to address some of the issues raised by opponents. >> kevin: looking at snow that's been rolling through the area, you receive the flurries in the forecast of worcester county, but look at this, this snow has been ridiculous in western new york and there may be some more we'll have that timeline for you. >> mark: first, meet the little boy whose big heart is making all the difference. you see max is battling leukemia, now he wants to help
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>> mark: now at 6:00 p.m., i want to introduce you to max, a little boy with a very big heart. max is fighting leukemia, he's gone through what no little kid should ever have to go through, but that's not stopping him from helping out other people who really need a reason to smile. >> vanessa: mighty max and his family want to make sure every boy and girl who is hospitalized during the holidays has a reason to celebrate. >> mark: fox 25's crystal haynes shows us the special wave this very special family is paying it forward. >> he had been sick for a number of weeks and that s diagnosis that i was expecting at all. >> the reporter: max menendez spent his seventh birthday in the hospital, getting cancer treatment. last july, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and started cancer treatment right away at the dana farber cancer institute. >> if he had a bad day with the test or just wasn't feeling well, they would come in with a package and he would instantly be happy. >> the reporter: now amy hand mack, also known has mighty max,
6:46 pm
hospital, want to give back. >> ton of stuff and then i have a friend whose car is full. >> the reporter: they started a toy drive to restock the resource room. >> we just want to pay it forward. we want to be able to give back where we can. >> the reporter: the menendez family have sponsored and volunteered at blood drives, walks and a fund raiser for childhood cancer charity, alex's lemonade stand, all in the last few months. >> that just fills my heart. that shows my children that you don't need a lot of money to be able to make a difference. >> the ror thing for max. amy tells me that the response has been shower chances huge, she's actually extending the toy drive for another week, into december. for more information, go on our web site at reporting in boston, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: giving it back, paying it forward, go max. >> mark: absolutely. all he's going through when he thinks of the other kids as well. nice job. kevin, going through a lot of weather the last few days.
6:47 pm
>> vanessa: windy. >> kevin: usually this time of year, you start transitioning from one season to the next, it can be a little can tankerrous. a couple of places where i'm watching flakes flying, but really need to see the giacomini in me talking of course. the snow coming in like this and as the storm pulls away, the snow bands start to shift. it's all wind dependent. the direction of the wind dictates where the bands will go and we're seeing some snowflakes out in the berkshires. pits kneeled to hinsdale, but now it's adams to plainfield with the morstead diana band and some here in connecticut too. you weren't getting those when we first started talking this evening at 4:00 p.m. now it's a pretty steady band, litch kneeled county right southward to new haven county, in to madison along the coastline, seeing some snowflakes. 28 in worcester. 34 in boston. some cold stuff out there. wind gusts over 20 miles per hour, in some places over 30, new bedford even over 40 miles per hour, just had a picture
6:48 pm
they have the gusts from near 50, a scene house got demolished. thanks for sending the picture. amaze to see. it proves there's been damage out there. wind advisory not showing up out there. we had a wind advisory for southeastern massachusetts for gusts of 45. not sure if it's live on the air when you have getting extinguished or just not showing up on my computer graphics. it's still a windy night. windchills out there, 15 in worcester, 22 in boston. and that's going to be the case throughout tonight. so you step out for dinner this evening or whatever your plans are around town, you'll be dealing with that, but you won't be dealing with the snowflakes. those stay far to the wells. wouldn't be shocked to see a snowflake make it in to worcester county. just a couple novelty snowflakes. sunshine for you when you wake up. windy, stays that way through the day and another chilly november day. sandwich to chatham, 43 degrees.
6:49 pm
staying in the 30's for highs. gardner at 36 for a high temperature tomorrow. that is cold and it stays that way for another day too, although it's good travel weather. put the heat on in the car and you'll be fine. 30's back to the west. same thing for wednesday, good travel weather, lots of traffic. thursday becomes tricky, because we have a storm system that will be forming out in the rockies, and it's going to be make its way eastward and as it comes and this takes you from wednesday morning in to wednesday night, then thursday morning, the clouds take over and i'm morning 8:00 a.m. see the stripe of snow making its way in. what futurecast is showing us here, when the storm approaches, there can be precipitation, light has it can be, while temperatures are at or below freezing. it doesn't take much, just a little bit to ice up and cause lots of travel problems early on thumbs. makes its way eastward through worcester county by 10:00 a.m. and starts to dry up as rainshowers in the boston area. again, i have want to caution you, even though it doesn't look like much, a little bit can be a
6:50 pm
continue into the weekend, something we'll explore more tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> mark: kanye west cancelled the rest of his concert tour, including a show in boston, set for december 28th. the tour has been plagued lately with problems. last week, kanye west delivered several political rants on the stage and abruptly ended the show four songs into the performance. ticket holders will be issued refunds. >> vanessa: country music superstar kenny chesney announced a surprise concert date next summer. foxborough next august. next year's show will be at the end of august, featuring thomas rhett and old dominion. it will be his only stadium show of the year. >> the reporter: that's exactly where i am right now, gillette stadium, a packed putnam club.
6:51 pm
?? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
6:52 pm
energy costs go up and down. at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price of the energy we buy for you is changing. but we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve. and as the number-one provider of energy-efficiency programs in the nation, we're committed to helping you manage the energy you use.
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>> of the silent auction will be closing lately. >> the reporter: tom leyden with you from the putnam club, celebrating nine years of the
6:54 pm
there will be almost 800 people here. we have news we'll be following throughout the afternoon. we've been sharing with you today, fox 25 at 4:00 p.m., a short this afternoon that patriots defensive tackle, alan branch, facing a four game suspension for violating the nfl's substance abuse policy. the nfl network and espn citing sources in the league office that branch tested positive for marijuana. that brings with it a four game suspension. branch reportedly appealing the suspension. the news not yet confirmed by the patriots, who have called the patriots returned late last night from the win against the 49ers, another absolutely standout performance for tom brady and his homecoming to the bay area. four touchdown passes, as the patriots improve to 8-2 an maintain the two game lead in the afc east. >> it is tough conditions. i wouldn't, you know, i prefer 72 and sunny, that's what up expect when you come to the bay area, we haven't had rain in a long time. hung in there, fought it out,
6:55 pm
>> the reporter: celtics tonight in minnesota, they got a little boost the other night. al horford and jay crowder returned to the lineup. they were key in their win against detroit. hopefully they can get another win in minnesota. big soccer news. head coach of the u.s. men's national team has been fired, he had the job since july of 2011. a new direction as the club has struggled republic isn'tly in world cup qualifiers. now, let's spend some time on what this event is all about. live auction would start as we came on the air, but that's live tv. we have to do our best. this event celebrates nine years of joe andruzi and his foundation giving back. this hits home passover went through his battle in cancer back in 2007. nine years later, the foundation still supports people with the basics during their fights. rent, mortgage payments, utilities, and so much more. >> to turn around and you know,
6:56 pm
2007, to get back on my feet, and be able to pay it forward in so many ways, but with the foundation, my wife jen and i are really enjoying being a part of it and part of this community, to walk into a hospital and get a hug from a stranger is truly rewarding, and it spreads smiles hand it shows the absolutely support that we get. >> the reporter: they really are touched by the support of the community. off and his wife jen have -- joe and his wife jen have done almost 800 people will be inside the room. they're going to raise a ton of money. glad we could be here. tom leyden, fox 25 sports. >> kevin: halls out in front of things. >> mark: absolutely. stayed around after his playing days and helping out the cause. it's nice to see. >> kevin: quick look at the seven-day forecast. we'll have a lot to talk about tonight, because these things can change as far as timing.
6:57 pm
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tonight, kate gosselin on the record after being accused of child abuse. >> i've been investigated many times. >> what her ex-husband, jon, old told "e.t." >> i had to stop. >> after a reported rehab stay, selena gomez's emotional >> i was absolutely broken. >> we count down the biggest show-stopping moments from the american music awards. >> plus -- >> you're not going to believe it. >> james corden breaks karaoke news. >> and only we are with oprah. >> it's going to be spectacular. >> and one question on everybody's mind. >> everybody can take a deep breath now.


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