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tv   FOX 25 News at 1130PM  FOX  November 21, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: something's going on with kanye west. we broke the story. he canceled his show. kim's getting on private jets. something's up. >> goes on stage, rants about the trump thing and then walked off stage after 30 minutes. harvey: is he having a breakdown? >> something is wrong with kanye. >> maybe here's narcissistic. has anybody thought of that? >> future had a huge birthday party. larsa pippen. >> he had an in-n-out track pizza and spent $100,000 on strippers. harvey: strippers? that's a lucrative profession these days. >> all of the bills are paid. christmas looking good for them. >> rae shur murder at l.a.x. mannequin challenge. i say can we please do one here, one right now at delta check-in? >> everybody's got to do it!
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employees. everyone better freeze. earn in the line better freeze right now. harvey: that's a bad thing to say at the airport. >> gigi hadid getting tons of hate for what people are calling her racist impression of melania trump at the a.m.a.'s. >> i love my husband! [laughter] president barack obama. harvey: that's kardashian actually, that's kind of funny. >> chrissy teigen's outfit was the most insane thing. i have no idea how she didn't show her whole lady bits. harvey: wait a minute. are there you cannot walk out like that? >> you shouldn't have to tell people there's a rule to cover your vagina. [laughter] announcer: kanye west, surprising political statements, attacks on bey and j. kim k leaving town under the cover of darkness and now canceling his tour? it's a "tmz" special report -- what is the yeezy with yeezy?
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until january 1. harvey: why? >> he said he's exhausted and said he's been working around the clock on the fashion line and balancing that with the thing that just happened with his wife. announcer: a.k.a. tub gate. >> and the rigor with the to youing without his family is screwing with him. announcer: yep, it seems like all of the pressure is getting to k ands it's adios pablo. but he isn't the only one acting strangely. >> she went here in her hometown 25 minutes away. she's probably not traveling. harvey: she just got on a announcer: yes, 5:00 a.m. flight to travel to an event to an event to honor her father. but interesting -- >> by herself. no kanye. announcer: so trouble in paradise? >> i asked specifically about kim. they are perfectly happy will love. nothing to do with it. announcer: something is off. >> i have seen kanye go off before. but it's disturbingly erratic now. announcer: yes, saying he's
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>> i heard you said you wouldn't perform unless you want video of him over me? announcer: what's the deasy with yeezy? >> kanye has a mental thing. he's tripping right now. announcer: yo, doc, break it to us in layman's terms. >> he's [bleep]. announcer: get some rest, easy. >> are you all right? >> jason derulo, he jumped into the middle of a outside of bootsy bellows. hot nightclub in west hollywood. you see jason derulo kind of come out of nowhere and then jump into the middle of the fray. >> if you're in hollywood, though, and you get in a fight outside a club, you know the police officers are going to
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because you know it's going to get broken up soon. >> still though, to me, he takes a risk by jumping in a fight like that. harvey: i would love to get him by him. >> whoa! harvey: i would love to look at him and say, i can't feel my face. [laughter] >> that's the wrong guy, harvey! oh, my god! [laughter] >> what the hell was that, man? announcer: and now did you see chrissy teigen's v a.m.a.'s? and other astute observations from the show. >> it's the american music awards! announcer: last night was the 44th american music awards, and anyone who was anyone showed up. justin biebering, drake, chrissy teigen's vagina, green day, selena gomez and co-host gigi hadid who wowed the crowd with her melania trump impersonation. >> i love my husband. [laughter] president barack obama. announcer: hysterical and
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it were latino or african-american -- harvey: they would have been murdered. >> but it's not making fun of race. it's just making fun of someone's accent. harvey: was wa she, by the way, as a host? >> awkward. >> really pretty. announcer: you're adorable. but the show was off the hook. selena gomez talked about her depression. green day made everybody feel incredibly old. prince's sister accepted an award as if they were b.f.f., which they weren't. >> on behalf of prince, our wonderful friend, teacher and award. announcer: girl, please! lady gaga sang in a field for some reason and zayn malik won best new artist even though he was in one of the biggest bands of the last decade. >> this one just has my name on it, right? announcer: what a brat. now inch closer to the screen, boys, because it's time to pull back the curtains and reveal the true start of the show -- chrissy teigen's va -gine. hey, there, we see you!
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that? >> you shouldn't have to tell people it's a rule to cover your vagina. pthat's rule standards, cover your gibia. announcer: if only it was that simple. happy a.m.a.'s, everyone. >> ray sremmurd at l.a.x. black beatles. started the hole mannequin challenge. harvey: they're huge now. >> we see them. i say, we're at tmsz tmz. can we make a challenge now? >> everybody's got to do it. >> they're shouting at the delta employees. people in line, they better freeze. harvey: that's a bad thing to say at the airport. >> you're right. >> he jumps up onto the counter. >> i need everybody to freeze! three, two, one -- >> and everyone, including people in line, delta employees, everyone freezes. harvey: no! >> seriously? >> that's so cool.
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one lady who runz it though. one lady takes that opportunity to scratch an itch on her face, ruining my mannequin challenge. [laughter] i was really pissed off and it ruined my afternoon. announcer: and now return fire, starring -- >> oh, lord! announcer: sort of. it's the guy who plays him in "hamilton" brandon dixon. >> the president-elect is demanding an apoly? >> i heard. announcer: i don't think he's apologizing. quick recap -- >> and peasants toe shoate and brandon said something he thought we should know -- >> we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious and know the new administration will not protect us. announcer: the president-elect freaked and tweeted -- >> that's just petty.
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>> that's like a desperate saying how dare you, insulin. harvey: i think it's outrageous he asked for an apology. it's stupid what he did. they're actors. announcer: it also was a very uncomfortable evening at the theater. anyway, brandon goes on cbs this morning and no apology. >> there's nothing to apologize for. >> i don't understand how anybody can look at what this man did on stage and say good on you. harvey: i think as a businessman, what they want to do is put butts in the seats. if they have people from the midwest we're not going to see that play because we don't like it, the way they did with the dixie chicks, they're not going to fill those seats in three, four years. . maybe "hamilton" gets closed, maybe "hamilton" doesn't run. who cares? announcer: the producers and cast of "hamilton?" good day. thanks for coming. >> what up, amber? >> we got amber rose coming from d'lila. we asked her --
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>> my dad. >> is he italian and irish? >> he's italian and irish. >> gosh. >> is it the most unattractive quality in a man to have lady hips? to me, it's the worst quality, number one turnoff right away. harvey: do you think it will ever change, the way it changed for women -- >> no. it's never been in style. harvey: when i was growing up, there was this model named twiggy, and that was the thing. and it's like, nobody would ever think that a woman with opposite. >> when are small penises going to be in? are they going to have their day in the sun? >> derrick just vanished when that question was asked. [laughter] we look around and derrick is like -- >> you have a great night. take care. announcer: coming up -- >> anthony bourdain took down a protester at his show in san francisco. a proteser came up accusing him of eating dog. for about two minutes this woman is just lecturing him.
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>> oh, that's good. >> future had a huge birthday party. future is there and chris brown and larsa pippen. >> amidst rumors the relationship between scottie and larson was broken up because of future, they then get together after that all happens. >> it's like woody and soon-yi, you don't know when it started. >> coming up --
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kylie jenner posted a very risque instagram post. >> if we ignore this, they will go further. >> these two are ripe to give us
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? announcer: that's anthony bore taken, talking to an animal rights protester saying he closed doors. but little did she know, she was about to evoke the rath of peta, meaning people for the ethical treatment of anthony! ok, somebody explain. >> anthony bourdain took down a protester at his show in san francisco accusing him of eating dog. he's lecturing him. he goes -- announcer: hilarious, though it didn't stop the protester. >> for about two minutes this
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because the audience is booing her. announcer: of course they were! how dare she accuse anthony bourdain of slaughtering dogs. >> why not? some animals are ok but dogs are bad? >> if you're in a place they eat dogs, bon appetit. announcer: more like bon appetit, right? dogs like bones. hello? anyway, after a bit more ranting, anthony finally handled things in the most manner. [bleep]. announcer: which would be cruel but even cruller if he then ate it, which he'd never do. anyway, no matter where you fall on dog devouring, we can all agree you should never, ever, eat people! >> wasn't once a person has died, it's perfectly fine to eat the person. announcer: just f.y.i., we can't make it to your thanksgiving dinner this year. and thanks, anthony bourdain!
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and kylie jenner posted a very risque instagram post wishing him a happy birthday. >> let me tell you why he with should ignore this. i think these two are ripe to give us a sex tape. if we ignore this, they say this is risque. this is not nearly as risque as the trib they're going to take to cabo when they give us this sex tape that's eventually coming. if they -- if we ignore this, they will go further. harvey: here's my question. will tyga somehow figure out how to get more than 50% from kylie? >> get 92%? >> that's exactly right. harvey: i think he would do that. >> the negotiation would not go well for tyga. tyga would end up owing money. [laughter] announcer: hey, look, it's chris brown and strippers and future's name in lights, which means -- it's future's 33rd birthday bash! ? happy birthday to you
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it looks like larsa pippen and here is the clue ? that is larsa, right? >> future had a huge birthday party in beverly hills last night. in one of the videos we have, you see a woman standing in front of future wearing this white dress with this gold chain. and larsa pippen is wearing the exact same thing at dinner earlier in the night. announcer: uh-huh! she was also wearing the same face! so, busted! >> this is all the evidence that and larsa were actually banging each other. harvey: we kind of knew that, right? >> we kind of knew but there was still a little -- >> we knew but future, though, if you go ask anything about that situation, he goes ballistic. a source close to him says that absolutely no. announcer: well, that could be the whole she was married thingamajiger. but this seems like they are maybe probably definitely banging. speaking of banging --
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>> he had an in-n-out track pizza and he spent $100-k on strippers. harvey: 100-k on strippers? >> 100-k. harvey: that's a lucrative profession, strippers. >> all their bills are paid. christmas is looking good for them. [laughter] announcer: hey, not all strippers celebrate christmas. and good luck, you two, you can't hide forever. >> we got shawnee o'neil off the airport. we asked him, you're raising the how do you feel? >> of course, i was having this conversation earlier, like people are more comfortable with being racist now, which -- >> right. >> -- this is a different time, and i think that, as i say, i'm not raising no punks. >> sure, sure. >> i have my son. he's going to college and everything. harvey: god, she has kids in college? >> her son, her son. >> whoa, they're not in college yet. teresa is 16. >> is she a big-time prospect?
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harvey: how tall is he? >> 6'8". >> she said he's better than his dad. that might be premature. >> he's not a better basketball player than shaquille o'neal. but skill for basketball skill? >> she started with, he's not a better basketball player than his dad but he has a better skill set. harvey: but if you have the better be skill set -- >> that's not the way you measure a basketball player. harvey: i measure him by looking up and saying there. [laughter] >> thank you. announcer: carey. he's saying he does not want to be part of her reality show. harvey: did they get a signature? >> they didn't the get a signature. >> blur the space and get -- face and get on with it. >> do the whole show with a
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>> khloe kardashian launched her jean you line. >> there's padded bras. there should be a padded jeans. who has more experience at
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>> announcer:p "tmz," "tmz," onlinn your phone 24/7. want to have fun in hollywood? hop on a "tmz" celebrity tour. you'll have a lovely view of celebrities like rihanna, kim, nick, kevin, and even -- >> hey, justin! >> and every seat has a charger so you'll have enough juice to snap pics of people like lady gaga, ellen, dave, samuel l., channing, the rock, and also --
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book your tickets for the "tmz" celebrity tour! ? all right, it's mariah carey and her then-fiance james packer partying while reality show cameras roll. but it's also -- exhibit u, as in you know you wanted it, packer! >> so he's saying that he does not want to be part of her reality show. and there's no papers that said he was ever going to be a part of it. announcer: yes, it's a heated dispute over -- mariah's world! >> i have a rule which states i will not be seen in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses. announcer: who wouldn't want to be a part of that? >> and besides -- >> we have a clip that only we have that clearly he is aware he's being filmed. he's laughing it up, having a good time. this does not lube like somebody who does not want to be on camera. announcer: you know you wanted
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argument! so did he sign a release giving the show permissin to use his likeness? >> they didn't get a signature. harvey: why didn't they get a signature? >> maybe it was because her fiance and they didn't think they would need it harvey: that's kind of dumb. >> why don't they just blur his face and get on with it? >> go through the whole show with a blurry face? genius. announcer: oh, like those shows where they blur the criminals. brilliant. but it might need murdery vibe. >> please pass the wine! announcer: anyway, good luck with the show, mariah! and as for james, he was asking for it! coming up -- >> v live in detroit is now casting strippers. harvey: are there more strippers that come out during the holidays so they can buy gifts? >> you think strippers don't christmas shop? yeah, the kid is getting power
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? >> v live in detroit is now casting strippers. they're doing casting call. and there's a ton of girls who need the jobs. harvey: i bet she shake it like crazy. >> oh, yeah, they're shaking like crazy. >> oh, ok! harvey: are there more strippers that come out during the holidays so they can buy gifts? >> you think strippers don't christmas shop? yeah, the kid is getting power wheels. >> i thought you mean they hire seasonal workers at the strip club, like extra help because
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time off work, you're more likely to spend at the strip club. >> i have 100% been to the strip club on christmas day. >> you a dancer? >> no, i'm not going to eat christmas dinner in the strip club! [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jay knows how to keep his wheels spinning. nice shorts dad... they don't make 'em in adult sizes? this is what the pros wear. look at the lines... uhhh... look at the other line... mm...mhh... that's why he starts his day with those two scoops... in deliciously heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. ready to eat my dust?
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