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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 22, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> daniel: man charged in crash that killed at least 5 students in tennessee. what mayor of chattanooga saying about the tragedy as kids head back to school. >> jessica: demanding to find out answers after sexual assault on charter school bus. jabs with 1 of the biggest newspapers in the incompetent and he says they aren't being nice and the paper's quick response. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: it is 9:00 a.m. i'm daniel miller. >> julie: i'm julie grauert. look at when you could ditch the
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>> shiri: temperatures middle 30s, warm-up and lawrence 36 and 30 in worcester and worcester going to end up running about 5? below everybody else this afternoon. we got the higher elevations a little cooler, also taking on wind. sustained winds right now in the teens and 20s, we got stronger gusts, you know that means i'm going to be talking about wishes coming up but here is forecast hour-by-hour in lowell, once we get into the lower 40s this
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couple hours. >> julie: school reported on november 3rd but wasn't until sunday that parents learned about it on facebook post. on monday morning school sent out automated message to parents saying they took appropriate action. now, parents that have been out here they have been curiosity about this and want to know why school didn't tell them about this also now calling for bus monitors on all the buses. also wondering if the school would have said anything about this if not for the facebook post. >> if it can happen on school bus it can happen anywhere. school is great but i don't know what to think. >> spoke with the woman yesterday and have been talking with parents here outside the
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monitors but more complicated to bring them on to every school bus. school not public but boston public school they handle precipitation for all charter schools in the city including this 1 and spokesperson for the district told herald there was no bus monitor on board the bus during the time of the incident and said only 37% of the more than 3,000 bus routes in the city of boston have bus monitors and includes 8 of the renaissance charter bus routes and went on every single bus would cost more than $7.6 million. parents asking parents to ban together and go to city hall to demand bus monitors on every single bus and talk in about 30 minutes. live in hyde park i'm jessica
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>> julie: horrific scene and death of 5 children and man behind bars. it flipped the bus into these tree and see right there in chattanooga. ntsb launching team to investigate the crash. this morning 24-year-old john walker charged with 5 counts of vehicle homicide, reckless endanger and reckless driving. they were bringing children home yesterday afternoon when the bus crashed and now graders and 1 first grade and her 1 was kindergartner. 12 other students are still in the hospital this morning. >> most unnatural thing in the world is parents to mourn loss of child and no words to bring comfort to mother or father and today city is praying for these families. >> police have issued a get data
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they also say more charges are pending against and open today and staff, students and parents. >> lowell mother she died after a fight at party. the family of gloribel orengo tells fox25 they want justice and do not understand why police have not found her attackers. police say orengo was with son at party and asked to leave and during the ensuing argument the group of people beat her to death and older brother told nephew witnessed the entire attack. >> told me that he was -- held his mother and called him mommy,
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>> julie: arnold hernandez crash captured on surveillance video and in the video you can see minivan running into a woman and driving off. the woman that was hit is okay. >> daniel: man hit police say you can highlighted here responsible. surveillance video captured the suspect leaving the scene. police are looking to talk to this man here. they say he was in the area at the time of the crash on june 4th. >> julie: months after jogger found murdered in princeton still working to hunt down the killer. now police say they are releasing information about dark-colored suv spotted near the crime scene led to steady
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police reminding people to call the anonymous tip line with any new information. >> daniel: breaking news from the trump campaign and manager kelly anne conway announcing that donald trump will not pursue charges against hillary clinton for her use of private e-mail server or work with clinton foundation. during the election trump had promised to appoint a special prosecutor to look into clinton if he was daniel: president-elect trump detailing what he wants to do months in office and live in washington with what it is not on the list. good morning, jacqueline. >> 2 and a half minutes youtube video and signature campaign promises are not on the list. >> my agenda will be based on simple core principle putting
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of authorities including proposals on trade, immigration and defense. he says he will cancel what he describes as job killing energy regulations and investigate cases of visa abuse. there's no mention of border wall that he void to build between the u.s. and mexico and details on proposed affordable care act or muslim registry and isn't clear if or about and trump yet to hold traditional news conference like previous after the election and will continue to have videos like this 1. reporting well, of in washington, jacqueline fell, fox25 news. >> daniel: donald trump up tweeting and said i canceled meeting with the new york times when the term and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment.
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times responded and we were unaware that meeting was canceled until we saw the president-elect's tweet this morning and did not change the ground rules at all and made no attempt to. they tried to yesterday asking for only private meeting and no on the record segment which we refused to agree to. in the end we concluded with them that we could go back to the original plan of a small off the record session and larger on the record session with reporters and columnist. >> julie: protecting donald million dollars a day. that's according to new report from cnn and costs won't necessarily drop significantly once moves to the white house because white and 10-year-old son stayed in trump tower in manhattan and add is trump's adult children and grandchildren who are also receiving secret service protection. >> daniel: sal dimasi will be
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to apartment in melrose. after that he will have to report directly to the local probation office. last week a judge granted dimasi a compassionate release as battled 2 forms of cancer. the 71-year-old has served 6 years of 8-year sentence on corruption. >> julie: we have good news for officer severely hurt in east boston. boston police released new pictures of matthew morris. he was just released from spaulding rehab just in time for an doctors, nurses and therapists that treated him over the last 6 weeks. the 12 year veteran and another officer were shot several times when they responded to call about an argument in home in east boston in mid-october. another officer shot and killed the suspect. we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. right now on the expressway things pretty typical about half hour from the braintree split to the exit for the pike.
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we go forward through the day, here is warmest i can find wind chill of 34 in boston and at or below freezing wind chills for many of you and how long the cold lingers as head toward thanksgiving next. >> daniel: a lot more coming your way and local doctors close to amputees and using the mind to help the body. >> michael: as we deal with
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>> julie: boston extra volume starts today. fox25 michael henrich is live outside with where the weston tolls used to reside. michael, hoping the lack of toll booths will actually pick up the pace and get out of town >> michael: really anybody's guess at this point and 1 hand it might speed things along not having the toll booths in weston and throughout the mass pike any more. the other side of that coin though is that fewer lanes are passable as a result because the rest of the construction is still underway and these construction sites remain. so 950,000 drivers in massachusetts according to aaa will be part of guinea pigs to find out whether this will help
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next few days. google maps has some news you can use for us. best days to leave and come back on vacation this week. unfortunately the best day to leave was this past sunday according to google. the next best day to leave for thanksgiving plans is on thanksgiving itself. today and tomorrow are going to be heavily, heavily traveled. that's why we are out here this morning. google maps says the worst day to leave tomorrow is 3:00 p.m. and best day to return then is 6:00 a.m. and worst day to return is saturday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. all in all you're going to need to pack your patients because the roads are going to be busy, of course, as it is every year around thanksgiving holiday drive time, so definitely be aware of that and keep an eye on fox25 news as we get you through this. live in weston, michael henrich,
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5 and 6 to cover roads for you. last month 2 out of every 5 trains on worcester line were running late. the boston herald is reporting that less than half of the train were on time so far this month. the general manager of keolis says overhaul of the entire worcester line expected to transform better this winter than last year. >> daniel: holding up promise to create local jobs. casino ag work force around the towns and 63% of employees live nearby. auditors claim the state is to blame for not holding the casino industry accountable. casino officials say there was no set date for when they have to hit that 90% mark. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. things moving along right now 128 north and southbound. expressway still a little sluggish as you head through neponset. 93 south hasn't quite opened up yet, just a little slow going as
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somerville. here live drive times 19 minutes route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 52 minutes on 93 south, 24 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: coming up on 9:18 tuesday morning. meteorologist shiri spear joins us. shiri, the sun is out but it is still cold. >> shiri: this week as look at this week temperatures running below average and should be much closer to 50, not 40 this time of the year. >> daniel: that's a difference. >> >> shiri: breezy and brighter day than yesterday, but man, oh, man feel cold out there and chance of seeing the aurora tonight, how cold would that be and actually the opportunity to see that here in southern new england and mostly clear skies overnight, i think you got a shot. so don't forget to share your pictures on twitter with me and can't wait to see them if you get a glimpse. otherwise the next weather maker we are looking at is into thanksgiving morning. that can make some slippery
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you're headed down the road during the early hours during the holiday. 35 right now in boston, 30 in worcester, 34 in plymouth, let's go up to portsmouth, new hampshire, sustained winds at 17 miles per hour and it feels like it is 25 and i think and oftentimes wind chills will feel about 10? cooler than actual forecasted highs. fox25 weather app right there tells you the temperature feels like temperature right below it for where you live. at 11:00 a.m. 38? in portsmouth, new hampshire, lower highs, that is the story up and down the coastline today, so we are at 42 in portsmouth, lawrence, ipswich to boston and down to plymouth about 43 for the new bedford up to norwood and only 35? today in worcester higher elevations seriously struggling with warm-up today but at least we have the sun. sun and wind here across the northeast, northern most new england getting just a little more snow, rest of the area enjoying that sunshine as we zoom out and fast forward into
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looking quiet, still looking clear out around the great lakes northward i have some snow, southward i got rain, that actually continues right down the mississippi valley into louisiana and middle of the country shaping up nice and clear and mountain snow out west and followed by some rain for the pacific northwest for anyone headed to seattle or portland, but the weather maker over the mississippi track toward us on thursday morning. this is thanksgiving morning what i want to point out, the fact it is so light on the map out there. we are not going to necessarily need to talk about totals because it looks very minimal, but any little bit of freezing rain or ice on the roadways or even a little bit of snow is really going to make slippery travel here first thing in the morning. wednesday night travel, i see no problems, see in rain moving in, snow, ice mix moving in here around 8:00 in the morning on thursday. i got actually new information coming in as we speak and going
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8:00 a.m., light precip moving in through noon time we have the potential of some frozen spots out there and slippery travel but for the afternoon with temperature warping into the 40s, it transitions over to light and patchy drizzle. so your 7-day forecast for the weekend always in view. we get into friday, going to have to watch for black ice, risk of shower most friday morning will be mostly cloud and he highs mid to upper 40s, 49 with rain on saturday and keep in mind it is going to be another back to you. >> daniel: soon residents in massachusetts will be able to grow marijuana in their own home. coming up the business that is already booming over the chance in law.
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behold our greatest opus! >> julie: if successful allow a amputee to control it wealth their brain and critical test being conducted. >> actually not that difficult of a decision just because of the amount of pain that i was in. >> that decision to amputate the left leg wasn't the only seemingly impossible decision jim ewing had to make. he also agreed to be the first
9:25 am
experimental surgery to try to improve the quality of life with prosthetic. >> certain amount of pride that i'm going to be the first to have the procedure but that also has a certain amount of terrifying factor to it. >> heather: almost 2 years ago 52-year-old from family mouth, maine shattered foot and fell roughly 50 feet to and in july underwent the surgery. the surgery focused on ewing's nerves which are key in the brain's ability to control prosthetic and more precise than focusing on muscle movements. jim's doctor, dr. matthew carte. >> lift foot off the ground. if you move your ankle up and down you can have sense in your
9:26 am
in space. >> heather: will allow him to feel sensation to allow to be controlled from the brain. >> it will do what i tell it to do. >> heather: jim getting back to rock climbing and expedition with climbing friends. >> life isn't over after amputation. >> heather: in jamaica plain, heather hegedus, fox recovery and optimistic and marathon survivor and family's new foundation and they have a center of trauma innovation which is set to open at brigham this january. >> daniel: at brigham & women's hospital they are looking for people to participate in alzheimer study and plan to administer experimental drug who are at risk for the disease and hope it will lower level protein in the brain that scientists believe
9:27 am
development. researchers will look at ability to make memory. >> shiri: of course, watching the skies, weather across the northeast is going to be fairly quiet, problem is wind and that's what's slowing down and into new york and latest on windy forecast coming up. >> catherine: convenient for you but police say it is paving >> catherine: convenient for you but police say it is paving way to crime of opportunity anyone with type 2 diabetes >> catherine: convenient for you but police say it is paving way to crime of opportunity knows how it feels despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could... love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana?. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. a pill taken just once in the morning, invokana? is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar
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>> julie: 9:30 it is cold and windy morning in boston and not a lot of relief in sight, shiri, as far as the >> daniel: i will go with her and say probably not. >> shiri: going to stay windy and cold and wind on top of that and creating the wind chill and that's what those guys are so uncomfortable out there today, 29 miles per hour wind in worcester, 26 miles per hour in ands winds are starting to fire up, 24 wind chill right now in
9:31 am
bedford, feels like 18 in worcester, 26 in nashua, new hampshire and your wind chill in mid-20s in plymouth and 28? in hyannis. so everybody is feeling chill. lower 40s and towns and cities that gets stuck in the 30s today and tracking wintery thanksgiving. those details in about 10 minutes. julie, back to you. >> julie: north of the pike 93 south stop and go and live drive times, half hour on expressway, 52 minutes 93 south, 13 minutes 128 northbound from westwood to
9:32 am
23-year-old of worcester was taken into custody this morning. and accused of beating gloribel orengo to death outside the lowell apartments saturday night. we hope to learn more at arraignment later today. police say this investigation is still ongoing. it has happening again. police warning neighbors in cambridge thieves are on the prowl to steal your holiday purchases. >> julie: something we see every time around the holidays. catherine parrotta live in catherine, police say there's about 3-hour window and most vulnerable. >> >> catherine: talk about grinch that stole christmas, they are stealing while people at work and roughly 30 thefts or so and police don't want anybody to be next and warning buyer beware.
9:33 am
of your home. thieves walk or drive through the streets stealing packages from porches and watch the delivery trucks and seems nothing is off limits. >> someone stole food and nices in building and packages stolen and delivering them to work address. >> typically we are seeing them ocannure -- >> catherine: cambridge and peabody streets are hot spots and some areas are particularly vulnerable. >> homes clustered together, close to roads, those are homes tend to be the targets. it is easy prey for these suspects. they are able to quickly get in and out of homes. >> catherine: 30 larceny calls are $1,200 and residents don't
9:34 am
>> wednesday after cyber monday is package theft wednesday. >> tips for avoiding that and have neighbor bring package in or arrange for delivery where you can sign for it, also say you might want to sign up for delivery notification for carrier. catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: here at home community leaders calling out for monitors on school buses for different reason. state investigating 6-year-old boy who assaulted another 6-year-old multiple time and parents are outraged because they say they only found out about the incident from a facebook post. fox25 jessica reyes live in boston at renaissance charter public school, jess, where some parents told us they won't let parents ride the bus again. >> jessica: speaking with a lot of parents and spoken with
9:35 am
are emotional about this and all of them want answers from the school and they want to know kids getting to and from school safely and showed up on sunday and referred to kids at boston renaissance charter schools and it said in part i have close friend whose son has been getting molested 10 times recently by another 6-year-old male student, mainly on the bus. the school reported the incident to police weeks ago on november 3rd but facebook post is first that many parents have heard of this. message yesterday after that post had already been shared thousands of times. in that message from the school they said took appropriate action but parents are not only furious but what else is happening while their kids on the school bus. group of parents out here this morning and calling for parents to ban together to demand bus monitors on every single bus. >> parents can go to city hall
9:36 am
make sure there are monitors on these school buses. >> jessica: handled transportation for this 1 and not a public school. the spokesperson with the district told herald there wasn't a bus monitor on board the bus when this happened but did say that only about 37% of all bus routes in the boston public school system have bus monitors on here at renaissance charter school. also said putting monitor on every single bus in the city of boston would cost more than $7 million. so again, parents, they are calling together and going to city hall to try and speak with city leaders about this, trying to get some piece of mind to know the kids are safe as they go to and from school. as for that child, police say this is not a criminal investigation because only 6 years old.
9:37 am
>> julie: father in manchester, new hampshire in jail after 2 small children found living in filth. there was a well-being check for james grenier and inside the apartment they found the 2-year-old daughter covered in human waste in her crib and 4-year-old son tied to his bed. when we asked the children's mother. >> son not able to go to the bathroom, play, constantly in his bed and be with anybody else bu >> julie: he pled guilty and children now with the grandparents. >> daniel: lawyers for convicted killer gary lee sampson making case in federal court to try to spare his life. the government finished calling witnesses to the stand last week. yesterday the defense began.
9:38 am
2001 and jury should decide if sentenced to death and killing third man in new hampshire and also hearing reports testimony in sampson's case turned to the boston marathon yesterday. first defense witness also testified in dzhokhar tsamaev's defense. he talked about difficult conditions on death row for both men in federal prison. >> julie: salem police officer accused of sexual assaulting a man on halloween has resigned and not receive the pension. brian butler a long time patrolman for the because he resigned he will not receive the and only entitled to unused vacation days and accused of taking man into closet at city hall and accusing sex acts against him. he is married to the police chief. she took a leave but now back on the job. >> daniel: grandmother hit at crosswalk now saying thank you. raised money they were asking
9:39 am
words and prayers and support and means so much to me. thank you so much. >> daniel: kim longmore has ruptured sleep, broken femur and broken bone and knee fracture and daughters wanted to raise $10,000 so far and they are $300 shy of the goal and police looking for whomever hit her friday morning in brookline. >> daniel: fund has been started for family of construction worker killed over working on construction site in duxbury when the saw he was using malfunctioned and hit him in the neck. authorities are still investigating the incident. so far donors raised $7,000 for sanders wife and 3 children. arrangements being made for the body of nashua man to be sent back to new hampshire after he was hit and killed by truck in jamaica. christopher late died last monday on birthday while attending a destination wedding.
9:40 am
station autopsy has since been completed and authorities have been in touch with the family. community has also donated nearly $30,000 to the family gofundme page to help bring and bring christopher's body back home and extra money will go to his kids. >> julie: police in brockton searching for would-be robber in convenience store but failed miserably and gets out of the minivan and throws rock at window but doesn't break and boce the owner of the store, steven davis who testified in the whitey bulger trial, about the murder of his sister debra davis. it is named after sister and daughter and davis says after watching the video he couldn't stop laughing. >> actually first time i have seen the video i was laughing so hard and said this has to be the stupidest son of b. >> julie: davis says it has
9:41 am
shared thousands of time and able to get license plate from the driver. >> daniel: while it be more than year than first pot shot open to the public, you can start growing your own weed right away. law allows people 21 and older grow up to 6 pot plants any 1 time and grower gets to keep marijuana of plants produced. fox25 visited new england hydroponics and more people coming in with questions home grows. >> make it as complex as you want it to be, as you want to grow more, get bigger yields from things, get better end result. >> daniel: it is important to know the new law doesn't take effect until december 15th and anyone growing marijuana for recreational use before then can be charged. >> julie: 9:31. new hampshire boy battling cancer but not stopping him getting into the spirit.
9:42 am
drive to collect items for the dana-farber cancer clinic in boston and that's where max goes for his treatments and mom says he knows what a gift can make. >> had bad day with test or wasn't feeling well, they would come in with a package and he would instantly be happy. >> pair plans to keep collecting donations there you december and given to patients and put in special play room at the hospital. we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. taking look at drive time on 9 44 minutes from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> shiri: starting out pretty chilly out there but highs in the upper 30s to the lower 40s. sunshine and scattered clouds but it does remain very gusty out there and take look at windy forecast coming up and when we have a wintery mix heading into the holiday. >> daniel: about to lose out on $30 million in potential ticket sales. kanye west hospitalized this morning after canceling the remainder of his tour. the reason he is giving up for
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and many network anchors and 24-hour cable stations, source said i don't like your network and accused of lying on cnn. zucker and trump around strangers. they worked together. it is said he leashed trump responding to another controversy. this is concerning the right movement and video supporters giving the nazi salute and event in washington. >> hail trump and victory row. >> trump responded with a statement saying president-elect trump has continued to denounce racism of any kind and he was elected because he will be a leader for every american. to think otherwise is complete
9:47 am
americans from all backgrounds. >> julie: hillary clinton seems to be taking time to relax after losing the presidential election and she was spotted for shopping for books in rhode island and snapped selfie with the bookstore's owner after reading material bought for family. she won by 15 points in rhode island. julie: joe biden expected to return to islands for year for 4 decades and family traveled to europe following the death of son beau. biden expected to touchdown air force 2 sometime this week. >> things moving along route 1 nicely, still heavy steady volume on 93 south from woburn into medford and then somerville. expressway slow right around
9:48 am
the tobin. 42 minutes on 93 south about half hour on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and you're saying that temperatures feeling now a little bit below average this time of year. >> shiri: chilly and run from the car, right into work or home. so here is what we are facing out there now. at least look pretty. a lot of blue sky out there, 35 is temperature in hour sustained and again, we are going to deal with stronger gusts. not gusts up around 50 miles per hour like the potential was yesterday. winds are going to gust around 30 miles per hour which is still going to be uncomfortable, guys. still going to create the wind chill throughout the day. dry and windy sums it up southern new england, northern new england and cup full of snowflakes there, not whole lot of accumulation there today and here at home running i want to say with sun and scattered
9:49 am
be crystal clear all day but looking pretty fine with future cast at 11:00, noon time, temperatures that will crack the lower 40s and that's our high for today because by the time you hit the roads to head home we have temperature back in the middle 30s and going to be pretty chilly out there again. lower 40s in nashua and portsmouth, over to bedford, down to boston, up to beverly, plymouth at 41, new bedford 43, only 35 in worcester, some of the higher elevations, that's where you can find chillier temperatures today. tonight with clear skies tomorrow, 40 to 46? here and keeping it mostly sunny, keeping conditions really easy going here for any of your travel plans on your wednesday across new england. best day of the whole week, i think. as we slide into thanksgiving morning, though, watching for some drizzle down across the cape, southcoast and the islands, i'm watching as new information comes in right now and it looks like the onset is probably going to be around 8:00 a.m. if you're traveling any earlier
9:50 am
for some slippery conditions in and around the boston area and even a little touch of snow off to the north and west. i don't think we are looking at whole lot of accumulation and mostly looking at some slippery roadways, so at 10:00 a.m. for games, we are going to be tracking -- i will be here tracking a little bits of mix at 1:00 for lunchtime, temperature scooting into the lower 40s which means we will see changeover for patchy drizzle for most and exception may be northern mass, southern new hampshire, going to have to watch for couple snowflakes mixing in dinner time thanksgiving 39? with that drizzle. so 7-day forecast with weekend always in view, 43 wind and he bright today, 44 here tomorrow with sunshine and then we got the light mix over to a little light rain on your thursday, biggest concerns will end up being slippery roadways this morning and black ice potential for early black friday shoppers and mostly dry and into the weekend on saturday. weekend turns very windy but
9:51 am
to be rain because of those temperatures. if we find things cooling down you're going to see more snow mixing in and that's another part of the forecast that we are watching very closely. back to you. >> julie: number of drugged driving is skyrocketing and they are worried about more since legalizing marijuana. >> more people on streets impaired and people will die because of it. >> julie: do not have a roadside test for drugs like they have for alcohol and some answers may be in colorado where it has been legal since 2014. law enforcement they are testing to crack down on people driving
9:52 am
new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set price and delivers it to you. but the pool is shrinking, causing energy costs to go up and down. so we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region. because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve. ??
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>> daniel: it has been awe rough week for kanye west. he was rushed to hospital yesterday and treated for exhaustion and follows week of controversy and west made head liens thursday after announcing he would have voted for president-elect trump if the election -- in the election had
9:55 am
canceled the remaining dates and current tour including december 28th show in boston. refunds are available for wherever the tickets were purchased. daniel: former nba star dennis rodman facing charge. another car was forced to swerve into center divider to avoid being hit by rodman who was driving the wrong way in the middle of the night. also accused of leaving the scene and lying to police. rodman. if convicted he is facing up to 2 years in prison and rodman will be arraigned in january. new study has found taking a selfie may be more dangerous than you might think. 127 people have died in selfie related incidents word wide since 2014. the top causes of death for selfie takers include falling from high places like buildings or mountains, drowning and being hit by trains. the study found those most
9:56 am
the countries with the most selfie deaths include india with 76, pakistan with 9 and the us with 8. >> julie: instagram users will introduce live video streaming over the next few weeks. the parent company, facebook, has found success with similar live feature and may be see us throughout the day and snapchat and instagram also adding disappearing photos for private messaging. julie: 4 friend set up in texas and want to beat the crowd. they have been doing this for the last 3 black black fridays. julie: pad gownia feel the
9:57 am
everything they can support and donate around $2 million. >> daniel: way to go. >> shiri: windy and bright and temperatures around 40?, watching wintery mix here early on thursday and remember although light we saw what it did yesterday when we had a little bit of ice on the roads. be careful traveling.
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it's november 22nd, time for great viral videos "right this minute." the terrifying moment the tiger strikes. a youtuber knows it's hard for his buddy to go on a trip. >> i know how much you enjoy traveling adventure. >> a sweet story how they managed to travel together. a woman races to her husband's side when suddenly -- >> it's a miracle, ladies and gentlemen. >> the moment she finds out he was only love sick. plus the buzzword for your shot to within a new ipad mini as we break down the best from the west including an 8-year-old with big news. but see why the real shocker


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