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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the treatments he has received narrowed his esophagus, which created a risk of choking. the former democratic speaker was accused of steering state contracts to a software firm in exchange for a $65,000 funnel through his law firm. dimasi is slated to be at this podium we set up in a few minutes. as soon as he's here, we'll bring that to you live. at logan airport, john monahan, fox 25 news. a worcester woman faces charges this afternoon in the beating death of a the victim's family lashed out moments afterward. >> vanessa: the victim died during a fight at a party over the weekend and this was the first time her family saw the suspect. fox 25's stephanie coueignoux live outside lowell district court, where stephanie, it was a very emotional afternoon. >> the reporter: certainly for the victim's family, today was incredibly difficult, first, the suspect in court, not charged with murder, but with a lesser charge of assault and battery, with a dangerous weapon, and
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emotions of anger and pain overflowing as friends and family of glory bella. bella prosecutors outlined the events of saturday night, whether they say ornego and her son were kicked out of a party in the argument turned violent in the parking lose when perez and several other men and women beat and attacked orange. perez hit orange over the head twice with a full bottle of hennessey, while their son looked on. >> they had observed the victim being violently attacked by a group of people, continuing the attack, even after she was on the ground. >> the reporter: but the defense argued with the autopsy results still pending, the state can't prove orengo was killed from the
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that a car ran over her. >> the reporter: the state says the driver and perez drove off after the fight in a stolen s.u.v. the driver has not been arrested or charged. at 6:00 p.m., the very emotional response for one of orengo's son right after that arraignment. stephanie fox 25 news. >> mark: this is sal dimasi being taken off the airplane in a wheelchair in a ball cap and seeing sal dimasi prior to going to prison five years ago, i can tell you he looks much thinger than the speaker of the house that we remember back prior to him going to federal prison. >> vanessa: he was released from federal prison in north carolina today, met by his wife, debbie, around 10:00 a.m. this morning, and then he boarded a jetblue flight to boston. we are expecting him to take the podium and speak and as soon as he gets up there, we are going to take this live for you.
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eight year sentence for public corruption, he served five years of that sentence, and a judge last week, approved a request for a compassionate release due to his health problems, and ock, he has been treated for both throat and prostate cancer, and he's now in remission. >> mark: tongue cancer as well, makes it difficult for him to eat, and prison officials say, you know, at this point, compassionate care is something they should look serious at and he should be released from prison so he can be cared for more properly. >> i'm home in boston, where i'm with my family. i wanted to thanks everybody for making this possible, others who made it possible for me. it's a very emotional day for me. it's been a trying and difficult experience for me, and i'm looking forward to just being reunited with my family, and my
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forward to regaining my health and being taken care of by my own doctors. i just can't tell you how much i love my wife for what she's done for me. she's been terrific. she's been my champion. i'm grateful, to my children, giving me so much support, and for every one that supported me while i was away, and encouraged me to go and cancer that i had, and the illnesses that i still had, but i'm a fighter. and i'm going to fight this all the way. and i'm just overwhelmed by being able to be home with my family. i just love being back in boston. >> what do you miss most?
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>> mark: so sal dimasi saying a few words there, the former speaker of the house in massachusetts and saying among other things, that he is thankful, grateful to be back in the -- throw a little extra on this one, boston, i'm sure he's heard a lot from people in north carolina. excited to be back home, excited to be in the care of his doctors, the ones that he knows, which is something he was fighting the whole time he was down there. >> vanessa: he's home as we know right before thanksgiving, so he will be able to celebrate the holiday with his family. he's who encouraged him to fight the cancer. he said he is a fighter and he will continue to fight all the way. more from john monahan later in our newscast. in the meantime, it is a sign of the season. a lot of excited people laced up their skates today at the frog pond for the beginning of the holiday season. there you go. there you have it right there. and a lot of people are also traveling for of the thanksgiving holiday. the rush starts now, our fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here and kevin, we're talking about icy mixes in some areas on
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that and even snow will fall in massachusetts. this is the storm system we're talking about. it's not looking like one that is going to bring a ton of snow to new england, but it has snow with it, you can clearly see that here on the live fox 25 storm tracker radar, with the snow in blue, heavy snow, western wisconsin, in to minneapolis, raining green, the pink color showing a mix in between the two, sleet or freezing rain mixing in there. we have sunshine in eastern new england. it's been a beautiful day, but members, just not responding to that sun. 39 in boston right now, as the sun has gone down. at 31. nothing to laugh about that, it's just unbelievable. wind gusts in the 20's, so your windchills are cold and with the cold air in place, 20 to 31 for windchills. that cold air doesn't want to go away as the precipitation arrives. a timeline on the icy mix coming up. >> mark: julie is with us tonight as well, tracks traffic on fox 25 morning news and here with us reporting on the drive times. this is a very important travel time of the year. back up right now, here's julie. >> the reporter: any time of day, i've got you covered.
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headlines and the expected traffic volume tuesday right now, we are in the thick of the worst of it. thursday morning, if you leave around 6:00 a.m., i think you'll be ok and then tomorrow, it's going to be a repeat of what we are seeing out there right now. take you out to the map, waiting for this accident to clear on route 1 northbound, near revere beach parkway. however, a ton of red, especially on the pike, westbound, i'm used to say eastbound in the morning, but at night, it's westbound especially over the thanksgiving holiday. averag hour and this is what you will be enduring westbound on the pike through brighton. here are the live drive times and take a look at this one in particular from the alston brighton tolls to 84. we've jumped up to 112 minutes, so we're inching toward that two hour mark. i'll have an update in a few. >> mark: the roads and airports are bracing for the blitz of holiday travelers. fox 25's robert goulston is at the state's highway operation center and robert, the airport and the highways, they are both packed right now.
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the room that you want to be in. they have 900 cameras that they monitor 24/7. you see up there, you have the expressway, heading southbound towards braintree, the backup that typically happens around this time every night monday through friday. then to the left there, we have the tip o'neill tunnel going south and the tip o'neill tunnel coming northbound. they watch these cameras making sure that they communicate any issues with state police, but state officials say today is really about the regular rush people trying to get a jump start on traveling for the holiday. some of that traveling is by air, which has logan dealing with large numbers of people as well. logan says it's ready for the nearly one million passengers to come through the airport this weekend. t.s.a. telling us, they are scheduled to be at full staff during peak travel times on tuesday, wednesday, and then again on sunday. >> i am kind of concerned, i'm not sure how this is going to go.
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dallas to boston, but now has to rent a car to finish her trip to connecticut. >> you're getting a double whammy, you're on a plane, now you have to get in a car and sit in traffic. >> yes, for sure. >> the reporter: massdot says the roads on tuesday will not be pretty. they are urging drivers to use live drivetime traffic cameras available on the web, so they can make decisions before they can get into their car. >> today is going to be very heavy rush hour. tomorrow will be very heavy as well. try to travel in the morning if you can, but if you wait out tomorrow and travel afr that rush hour ends early. >> the reporter: and the mass pike as we all know is in the middle of a major overhaul has they take out the toll plazas. at 6:00 p.m., we're going to have a little bit more about what state police plan to do as people maneuver these traffic zones, these construction sites through the holiday weekend especially since a lot of people will be unfamiliar with the areas, especially as they come in from out-of-state. we are live in south boston,
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>> mark: in other local news, a 70-year-old man died today at nashoba valley key area in a barn way in the woods on the ski area. the man is from townsend and the death is not considered suspicious. osha confirms to fox 25, it has opened an investigation. >> vanessa: tonight, the investigation continues into allegations of sex assault involving children at a boston charter school. the shocking incident i sparking a renewed call for bus monitors on all boston public school buses. fox 25's crystal haynes has reported on this issue before, and crystal, all new at 5:00 p.m. tonight, parents are telling me, they are more upset than ever. >> the reporter: that is absolutely right, vanessa. i can tell you that i did reach out to the renaissance school, and those close to this victim, and we just haven't connected yet, but parents, i spoke to, say that they are now very
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bulls. -- bus. >> our children are not safe on any school bus that does not have a monitor. >> the reporter: a renewed call for bus monitors after allegations of sex assault between two renaissance charter school students on a boston public school bus. the incident surfaced this weekend, via facebook. the graphic post read in part, i have a close friend whose son has been molested about ten times, mainly by 6-year-old. mainly on the bus. >> i would like to know, how many incidents have occurred on buses, whether they're sexual or fights. i'd also like to know, how many incidents have occurred in our schools. >> the reporter: due to budget cuts, just 37% of all boston public school bus trips have monitors, and that's for students with special needs. a spokesman tells us, there were no bus monitors on the school bus at the time of the alleged
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eight routes from renaissance charter school have monitors on them, out of 21 total bus routes. i asked mayor walsh if it's time to revisit the bus monitor issue. do you think it's time to reexamine that. >> we'll certainly look at it t. the issue at the renaissance goes a lot deeper than bus monitors. there's other issues, a very sad situation what's going on in the school. >> as parents, we just want to get to the bottom of it and make sure the proper steps are taken to ensure the safety of all the >> the reporter: now, fox 25 had reported that the renaissance school tomb live nailed to notify the department of education about this, as they are required to do. coming up at 6:00 p.m., what mayor walsh and governor baker feel about being left in the dark as well. reporting in hyde park tonight, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: those close to convicted killer, gary lee
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court. sampson admitted he killed three people during a crime spree in 2001. jurors will decide if he should be sentenced to death. sampson's older brother took the stand today and showed jurors family photos of the killer. they also heard about sampson's struggles in school as a child. the trial will resume monday after the thanksgiving holiday. >> vanessa: helping drug addicts recover. a new program is doing just that. >> mark: at 5:30 p.m., the staggering number of people who just walked into local fire houses and gotten help.
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>> the reporter: good evening everyone, we are tracking your live drive times as people head out of the area for thanksgiving. we're hovering around the one hour mark from the ted tunnel to the weston tolls. >> vanessa: we have breaking news right now in the stock mart. 19,000 for the first time as a post-election rally continues to push the markets to record highs. discount store chains led the way after strong earnings. some industry experts are warning, investors should be cautious as the spike may not crash. >> mark: the driver under the wheel of this deadly bus crash is under arrest. five children were killed and more than a dozen others hurt in yesterday's crash this tennessee. >> vanessa: as scott maclean reports, federal investigators are now getting involved.
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elementary school, surrounded by media. they're in the national spotlight, after a deadly school bus crash monday afternoon, that left the community grieving. >> yesterday was the worst day that we have had for woodmore and hamilton county schools that i can recall in my life. as an educator and as a parent and as a member of this community. >> the reporter: the bus driver, 29-year-old jonathan walker has been arrested and faces multiple charges. his mother spoke to cnn apologizing to victims and saying walker is father of a never been in trouble. the accident left the bus split nearly in two. parents and loved ones rushed to the scene to find their children. officials say four girls and a boy were killed. three fourth graders, one first grader and one child, only in kindergarten. the most undoctoral thing in the world is for a parent to mourn the loss of a child. there are no words that can bring comfort to a mother or a father.
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for these families. >> the reporter: people lined up to donate blood late monday, one woman said she waited three hours in line and that the staff stayed late to accommodate everyone. the national transportation safety board team has been dispatched and expects to be on the scene investigating for at least a week. in chattanooga, tennessee, scott maclean. >> mark: tennessee authorities say the bus was traveling well above the posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour, when it crashed. walker's first appearance in court will be next tuesday, november 29th. privilege to help out at a special event for a local veterans today. i was happy to volunteer at the veterans ncaa championship family harvest event in worcester, providing thanksgiving meals, including turkeys and trimmings to families of veterans who are in need across the region and more than 600 veterans in need received all the ingredients today to make a complete thanksgiving meal. such a privilege to be out there. >> mark: hats off tough. he must be a little tired handing out all the turkeys. >> vanessa: some were heavy, but we had a good time, honoring the
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>> mark: fantastic. amazing how many people need those. you have no shortage of folks out there today. >> vanessa: need is huge and kevin for thanksgiving, you're talking about ice there possibly, right. >> kevin: yes. you just told us about people wanting turkey and needing turkey and now i'm going to tell you how hard it is to get t.t. carey turkey. this earth 9 in boston. 31 in worcester. it's cold, no doubt about it. the average high temperature for the day is 49, didn't get there. winds were gusting to 30 in worcester last hour as of 5:00 p.m. and i 5:00 p.m., they update the observations at these airports every hour to do that. worcester is gusting to 28, provincetown to 28. it gives awe windchill, feels like 20 in worcester and 301 in boston, just about every westbound feeling below freezing, except for the outer cape and out on nantucket. with the cold air in place and cold air being very stubborn, not going anywhere, wants to hang around here for thanksgiving, can't blame it, this storm is going to run right into the cold air and it already
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cold air, it did become an icy glaze and that's where the problems become for you, traveling on thanksgiving day. but not tonight. not tomorrow either. we have clear skies now. it will be clear through the morning. it's going to be clear into the afternoon as well. this will stop during the morning commute where it's sunny, or travel, whatever you're going to be doing tomorrow. perfect around new england. no weather problems at all. it's going to be cold, assuming the heat works in your car, you'll be all right, right through the afternoon and evening. tonight in gardner, northern worcester count it's going to be another cold start to the day tomorrow. high temperatures, won't fair much better than you saw today, somerville,47. what you're not seeing is anything hitting 49, the average high, staying below average in the merrimack valley and out to the coast of the north shore again tomorrow. and there's thursday morning. remember, the cold air is already in place, thursday morning, it will be in the 20's and thursday again. then the clouds roll in and here comes snow. this is snow here, the pink is mixed precipitation, the green
5:21 pm
do. don't look at this and assume it's placed perfectly. when you're looking at computer model data, you have to analyze it as to where the best chances are for things to happen. what i'm telling you from all of the compute are charts and looking at this one, just for instance, is during the morning, after 7:00 a.m. and before 10:00 a.m., there will be some snow breaking out inland. it's not going to be heavy, but it just takes a little bit with cold temperatures to make things slippery. now, closer to the coastline, with temperatures warming just a little bit, youca mixing going on. rain or potentially pockets of freezing rain, that's that icy glaze and that's where the problem persists and this is going to persist through the morning and into the afternoon and potentially at night as temperatures drop, seeing more of that icy glaze happening. we would get a break on black friday. not much happening as far as the weather is concerned there, but by saturday into sunday, rain and snow in the forecast one more time. we'll look at that more closely as the evening goes on. >> mark: a flag found burned at
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longer allow, that some students say is offensive. ?? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving,
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can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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>> mark: thanksgiving dinner, it's something many people look forward to all year. turkey, stuffing, the mashed potatoes. >> vanessa: but for some, the holiday season and all of its food can be the most difficult time of the year. fox 25's jim morelli spoke to a local doctor who is helping food
5:25 pm
>> the reporter: it is a holiday built around food and that's why thanksgiving is major source of anxiety for self-proclaimed food addicts. >> oh my god, it was all about the food. >> the reporter: debra spokes anonymously with fox 25 about her lifelong struggle with food. at one time, she weighed more than 350 pounds and in several ways had hit rock bottom. >> i knew i was a did you do addict, an alcoholic, but i didn't know i was a food addict. >> the reporter: doctors refer to food addiction by another name -- binge eating disorder. food and feel loss of control in their ability to stop, once eating the large quantities. >> the reporter: it's not always easy to spot a binge eater or food addict. for one thing, most of them conduct their binging in private and for another, not hall of them are overweight. >> i would white knuckle the holidays and try so hard to be good. >> the reporter: we caught up with marie outside her workplace, west of boston. she also spoke with us anonymously. a binge eater, marie employed a
5:26 pm
she purged. >> if i had a little bit of dessert or something off of my plan, it would turn into a binge and then i would be purging. >> the reporter: some medications can help, but marie and debra turned to a program similar to alcoholics anonymous, with much success. >> i've been maintaining over a 200-pound weight loss for 28 years. >> the reporter: jim morelli, fo25 struggle with it and we appreciate them sharing their stories so others can get help. local police face a challenge of how to keep people from smoking pot and driving. we don't have a lot of mechanisms and tools on our belt to deal with it. >> mark: still ahead at 5:00 p.m., we see the way officers are already tackling the problem and why another possible solution could be thousands of miles across the country. >> vanessa: then, congress is sounding the alarm when it comes to president-elect donald trump. a potential conflicts of interest with his businesses.
5:27 pm
local representative is pushing for when trump takes over the white house. >> people struggling with drug addiction have a new safe haven my gravy had an accident.
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. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving.
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>> vanessa: we have want to update you on the breaking news you just saw on fox 25. former massachusetts house speaker, sal dimasi, is back home in boston after being released from prison. dimasi, who has cancer, was in
5:30 pm
he is noticeably thinner since he was sentenced five years ago on corruption charges. he was released from a federal prison in north carolina under a compassionate release this morning and put on a flight to logan airport. dimasi says he's looking forward to being with his family and regaining his health. >> i'm a fighter. i'm going to fight this all the way, and i'm just overwhelmed by being able to be home with family. >> vanessa: dimasi was serving an eight year prison sentence. he must spend the next six months under house arrest at his home in melrose. fox 25's john monahan was at the airport for this emotional homecoming. lenski have a live report for you ahead at 6:00 p.m. >> mark: at 5:30 p.m., another cool and windy day across the city of boston. many of you may be heading out soon to your thanksgiving destination. thursday looks like it may be a little messy. >> vanessa: fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz with us now, an kevin, you are tracking a
5:31 pm
>> kevin: yeah. it's not going to be a huge storm, the way it looks right now, but it doesn't take much, just a little bit of ice or snow can make the roads horrible and people traveling to their dinners or to football games thursday morning, that becomes a problem. 39 boston, 31 worcester. it's been chilly for a couple of days. the winds gusting over 20 miles per hour, giving you have windchills like this. it's been chilly for a few days. ist going to continue to be below average, right through the rest of this week. i just don't see us getting up to the average of 49 degrees in bo forecast. perhaps testify very end, early next week, after the thanksgiving weekend. so here's our issue. the cold air sitting here in place, and a storm on the way. now, this storm is pretty big out here, it has rain, it has ice and it has snow with it, and as it runs into our cold air, we're going to see just about every bit of that wintery precipitation, forecasting it to be light for thanksgiving, bruski it just takes a little bit and mark, you were mentioning how people getting out on the roadways, about our
5:32 pm
said probably not a great time to go right now. >> the reporter: of hall times, right now and then this time tomorrow are the worst times to leave. this is a travel outlook. between 4:00 p.m. and 6, 6:30 p.m., is when you will be in gridlock in many of the busy spots. 8 p.m., 9:00 p.m. tonight, a better chance at not getting totally stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow is good and then 3:00 p.m. tomorrow is when we start all over again. look at all of this red on my mr. pash. expressway north and southbound around morrissey boulevard. pike, st slow going, approaching the weston tolls. 128 south flow as you head towards the pike, average speeds, 9 miles per hour westbound on the pike. zakim, you have people coming in on 93 south and out-of-town on 93 north. 51 minutes right now on 93, as you head from the leverett connector to 495. >> mark: download the free fox 25 app to monitor the weather and traffic leading up to thanksgiving. kevin is back with his full
5:33 pm
department has become a safe station to help drug addicts get sober. >> mark: started when the firefighter's relative needed help back in april and since then, hundreds of people have turned to the department for help. fox 25's kathryn burcham is live in manchester, and you've learned this program has helped more people than narcan. >> the reporter: yeah. officials here at the manchester fire department headquarters say, by the numbers, their calls for service to overdoses are down across the city. they safe, they are now sending this program than they are reviving with narcan. that's why they believe, they can be the link to bridge the gap to recovery. in moments of crisis, they are the heroes in the emergency. an emergency now threatening the entire community. >> this is where they come in. >> the reporter: it's called safe stations, and this door and doors at any fire station across the city, act as an access point for those suffering from
5:34 pm
>> all i had to say was i have a problem and i need help. and they took me. >> the reporter: mike got hooked on oxycodone during a hospitalization for kidney stones. by the time he came here seeking help at safe stations, he was broke, nearly homeless and fully addicted to heroin. >> when i was in active addiction, i didn't know there was so much support behind this disease. >> people are in a crisis moment, and we're here to assist them, no matter what. >> the reporter: stephanie over one of the city's addiction programs that has partnered with safe stations to provide beds in a 28-day recovery program, and also daily outpatient services. since may, safe stations has put 790 people in programs like see reasonnity place. >> it far outpaces or responses for overdoses. >> the reporter: a remedy, more powerful than any dose of narcan, just ask those who have seen the other side, and are fighting for a new life.
5:35 pm
i'm so thankful that they were there. >> the reporter: now, this pilot program is so successful, it's gaining national attention. coming up at 6:00 p.m., the other cities that it's spreading to and why officials believe this program is helping people stay sober longer. for now, live in manchester, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: hampshire college in amherst will no longer fly american flags on campus after a flag burning incident. school leaders say half-staff after the election. the flag was later found burned on veterans day. the school initially replaced the flag but has decided not to fly any flags on campus at all. some say it is offensive. >> vanessa: hampshire's college president says the school will consult with students about how to move forward. >> mark: "wall street journal" reports tonight, president-elect donald trump is it leaning
5:36 pm
governor mitt romney to be secretary of state. meantime, trump's team says the president-elect wants to hit the reset button with the press. he met with editors and reporters at the "new york times" today, one day after he spoke with broadcast executives. and there are new questions surrounding the president-elect's complicated personal finances. trump has business interests across the country, and in at least 18 foreign nations. justin gray reports from washington, that the president-el prevent more potential conflicts of interest when he takes office in january. >> trump towers, the home base for trump towers and his various businesses. it's what happens with the businesses that worries ethics groups, like common cause. >> trump tweeted late monday, prior to the election, it was well known that i have interests in properties all over the world. only the crooked media makes this a big deal. but u.s. senator tom carper sent
5:37 pm
government ethics, asking for details about how potential conflicts of interests with trump's businesses would be addressed. trump told the "new york times," the law is totally on my side. the president can't have a conflict of interest. and common cause says, he's right. >> what he's doing is technically ok legally. >> the reporter: the president and vice-president aren't bound by the conflict of interest rules that cover other federal employees. massachusetts congresswoman, katherine clark, introduced a bill this week that would change that. president-elect donald trump says the control of businesses, including the trump international hotel, here in washington, d.c., will be transferred to his adult children. ethics groups want trump instead to set up a blind trust. he has no contact with. >> we want the president focused on the public's business, not his personal business. >> the reporter: but this president's name, his brand, and his businesses are still all closely intertwined. reporting in washington, justin gray, fox 25 news. >> >> new details tonight about an accident involving a fire truck,
5:38 pm
>> vanessa: at 6:00 p.m., the concerns over whether ridesharing drivers carry enough insurance to cover the costs of big accidents like this one. >> mark: before you buy that toy this holiday season, you may want to check if it's been recalled. many still for sale on store shelves. ahead at 5:00 p.m., the changes one group is calling for, so
5:39 pm
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>> vanessa: yale has settled a lawsuit with a family of a student who was murdered on campus. annie lay was strangled and stuffed inside the wall of a research lab in 2009. she was found on the day she was supposed to get married. raymond clark is currently serving a 44 year sentence for killing her. the lay family claims the university failed to protect women on campus. the terms of the settlement are being kept private. >> mark: fallen hero is being honored at a thanksgiving day high school football players from marlboro and hudson will honor massachusetts trooper thomas clardy. clardy was killed in a crash on the pike in march. the ceremony will consist of honor guards from the state police and marines, followed by a flyover from the state police air wing. clardy's family lives in hudson and will take part in the pregame coin toss. today marks the 53rd anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy.
5:42 pm
oswald shot the president while he was in dallas, texas. a month before his death, jfq put into motion what would later become his presidential library and museum at umass washington. hard to believe, 53 years ago and yet it's something people are fascinated with, talk all the time. not just here in new england. people all across the country want to know more and for about john kennedy, when you're struck down in the prime of your life like that and all the vision he had for the country and people questioning, what would have happenedyo spectacular. so many fantastic exhibits, really a tribute to him. >> mark: it's fantastic. one of the places everyone goes to when they come to boston. paying a visit to the city, want to know where is the j.f.k. library. quite a legacy. >> vanessa: kevin. >> kevin: windy and cold out there. that's the start. now the storm comes, when an icy mix arrives. >> vanessa: now that voters have
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5:45 pm
>> vanessa: julie here, watching your live drive times. many of our traffic cameras, take a look at this. those white lights are drivers who are heading northbound on the expressway into the o'neill tunnel. the red brake lights, people who are heading out of boston and you can see, nobody is moving quickly anywhere. over to a live look at the zakim, where i see a slight improvement for people heading in to the just is steady and heavy for thanksgiving travelers who are making their way to their holiday destination. >> mark: fox 25 investigates recently learned that the number of drugged driving cases in massachusetts skyrocketed from 2% since 2011. >> vanessa: now that marijuana is about to be legal, local police are concerned, they may not have the tools to crack down on people who were driving while high. >> the reporter: in colorado, where marijuana has been legal since 2014, more people are
5:46 pm
edibles and getting behind the wheel. >> i've been driving down the road and the guy right next to me is lighting a pipe. >> the reporter: supporters of legalization, say these are just fears, not facts, but according to the colorado department of transportation, 12.4% of deadly crashes in colorado involved a driver who tested positive for cannabis in 2015 alone. and now there are concerns we will see the same happen in massachusetts when marijuana becomes legal next month. >> we're allowing more people to dry impaired on our streets and it's going to have an effect and people are goi of it. >> the reporter: i sat down with walpole police chief, john karr michael, after voters passed question number four. like many local law enforcement, he opposed it. driving while high is illegal. but officers don't have a roadside test for drugs, like they do for alcohol. plus, chief carmichael says, there is no standard legal limit for impairment. >> do you think most of the people will just get away with it. >> they are. yeah. unfortunately. >> the reporter: in colorado, the law states drivers are
5:47 pm
systems. that's five billiontha of a gram. the colorado state patrol is running a pilot program with marijuana dui devices that test saliva. >> some of the instruments are fairly large and i think that would preclude them being used in a patrol car. >> the reporter: coming up tonight at 10:00 p.m., we'll take a closer look at the devices and see if they can be used here in massachusetts. we'll also reveal some of the tools officers are using now road, tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> mark: new at 5:30 p.m., kia recalling 72,000 s.u.v.'s in the united states because of possible engine fires, including 2008 and 2009 sportage models. water containing road salt request can get in to a brake and control computer. that can cause wiring connectors to rust, and the circuit board to short, possibly sparking a fire. dealers are able to fix the problem with new parts. dramatic displays remind people of turkey fryer dangers this
5:48 pm
several things wrong with this picture. like that. a pot with too much hot oil, kevin, will spill into the burner, and that ignites flames when you drop in the turkey, plus, the partially frozen bird will cause the oil to splatter. also, keep the fryer off your porch and away from the house. don't keep it near any type of wood structures. the consumer product safety commission estimates there will be around 1400 cooking fires just like the one you see right here, one more time, wow. fun thursday. so be aware and be prepared. >> kevin: hope that forecast is wrong. wow. >> people going to grandma's house, maybe a little tricky. >> kevin: grandma's, uncle, auntie, wherever you're going, it might be tricky. >> mark: through the woods. >> kevin: are you going to sing for us mark? temperatures in the 30's right now, below freezing out there in worcester county. boston, 39 degrees. cold night again. it's been cold all week long.
5:49 pm
the wind gusts, temperatures already cold, you get windchills in the 20's out there. some 30's in the coastline in southeastern mass. bottom line is, another cold night for you no matter what your plans are. but at least it's clear, no more snow falling here. flurries in northern berkshires, vermont and new york state, seems to not want to end up there, but that's not our storm system. this is. out in the middle of the country. you remember last night we were talking about this, it was in rocky mountains. now it's progressed easyward this to the midwest and upper plains and it's sleet, ice, snow, you name it, it's got it. it's all pushing eastward toward us. so the question becomes, well, will this all go north when we get into the rainy part of this and the answer to that is, no. you see, it's cold here. we've been over that, and cold air doesn't like to move. so it will sit in place. tomorrow, really tonight into tomorrow, will be cold. through the day tomorrow, even with that sunshine has you hit the roadways, to whichever relative we were talking about, going to be cold there as well,
5:50 pm
anyway. temperatures tonight out there in northern worcester county will be coldest and into southern new hampshire and southern vermont as well, dropping down through the 20's this evening under clear skies, so the cold air, taking a firm hold, even these high temperatures tomorrow, not getting up to average ice for this time of year, and with sunshine only in the 40's, even some upper 30's potentially back here, near 40, keene, new hampshire, for instance, that sets the stage for temperatures to drop again tomorrow evening. so it will be below freezing stuff starts to push on in. it's precipitation coming lightly ahead of that next storm system. now, the winds won't be able to shift around to south with the cold hair in place, so with light winds and no big push of mild air at the ground level, it stays cold. that means you get some snow in here, with the cold air in place, and potentially some freezing precipitation. that's that icy glaze that can form on things. now, the atmosphere seems to be configured better for a snow situation, particularly inland. at least during the daytime
5:51 pm
drizzle around, as temperatures drop once again, we can get some icing to occur. now, this is really starting to stretch the forecast out to thursday night in to friday morning. still, you get the point, it's going to be messy at times on thanksgiving. we are not talking about a blizzard, a big snowstorm coming our way. what we're talking about is travel trouble. just nuisance weather. it's going to move in at a time when people want to get to their thanksgiving festivities, football games, whatever it is you may be going to, it may be slippery out there. friday, rain starts to move on in hand that's going to persist in to the weekend. there will be rain at times saturday with a change over to more likely snow by sunday. lots to follow, and updates throughout the evening. >> vanessa: some incredible video from japan shows large waves triggered by yesterday's 6.9 magnitude earthquake. enormous waves devastated the same stretch five years ago, causing a meltdown at a nuclear power plant. people who lived there braced for the worst after tsunami
5:52 pm
later, they were dropped. there have been several aftershocks. new at 5:30 p.m., one month after wind boys conjoined at the head were separated, we're getting a progress report on their condition. and the news so far is good. doctors in new york say jayden and anias mcdonald have battled infections, fever and seizures in the past months but are on or ahead of schedule in their recovery and that has their mother hopeful. i think about their future all the time. all the time. i think about the first time they go to a about you know, them getting married some day. i think about -- i've thought through their whole future 100 times already. >> vanessa: the twin boys are literally one in 2.5 million. >> mark: how about that, looking across-to the other bed. it's a busy night of news. we continue to follow breaking news. former house speaker, sal dimasi released from prison early and just arrived back in boston in the past hour. what he's saying
5:53 pm
most, with his new-found freedom. >> the reporter: a lyft driver heavily damaged several parked cars. the concern over whether there's enough insurance money to pay for hall that damage. >> mark: plus, a frightening accident in merrimack, new hampshire. a man shocked, putting up his christmas lights. the simpl ?? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier
5:54 pm
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okay, google, show me korean restaurants in boulder. (google assistant) i found a few places. (vo) the new pixel, phone by google. exclusively at verizon. the only next gen network that lets you get the most out of it. how is this possible? (vo) because verizon lte advanced delivers 50% faster peak speeds in 450 cities, coast to coast. buy a pixel
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with no surprise overages, and 4 lines for only $40 each. why settle when you can have it all on verizon? >> mark: new at 5:30 p.m., recalled toys still available for purchase on line. >> vanessa: the warning safety advocates are giving to parents, before buying this holiday season. >> the reporter: dangerous toys are still being sold on line and in some retail stores. >> you should be able to trust that all the toys that we purchased are safe. >> the reporter: consumer advocates at the u.s. public interest research group or u.s. perg were able to buy over a dozen of the 44 toys recalled
5:57 pm
including the bean bag. >> at least two children unzip the bag, crawled inside, and either suffocated or choked on the small beads inside and died. >> the reporter: this small sky rover toy drone. >> because of the potential for the u.s. speed charger cord, to overheat. >> the reporter: and this glockenspiel. >> it's a hazard, because it exceeds the limits for lead. >> the reporter: these are some of the things you need to be aware of before exchanging holiday gifts. >> you don't afraid but they should be empowered to make sure they have don't already have toys at home that might have been recalled. >> the reporter: choking hazards are the leading reasons for recall. the toy industry association is confident their products are safe, but says to double check any deal that seems too good to be true. >> all toys in the united states, need to comply with strict u.s. product safety requirements and need to pass over 100 tests and standards before sold on u.s. store shelves. >> the reporter: if you come across any recalled stores on
5:58 pm
the manufacturer and the consumer product safety commission. george colven, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: apple is choosing a black friday sale for the first time in years. apple has not revealed which items will be on sale but the apple watch is displayed on the tech giant's web page. apple didn't offer any black friday specials last year and in previous years, it only bundled itunes gift cards with purchases made on the shopping holiday. >> mark: now at 6:00 p.m., finally, a free man, and back home in the bay difficult experience for me. >> the reporter: what the former speaker of house is saying about his early release from prison. >> also, anger and outrage in court. the explosive outburst when a woman faces a judge accused of beating a lowell mother to death at a party. >> the reporter: another storm heading our wave. this one look likes it's going to bring an icy mess on thanksgiving. >> all eyes are on the road this holiday weekend. what massdot is sharing to
5:59 pm
>> mark: can spinach really sniff out bombs. how m.i.t. previous searchers are growing the newest tool to fight terror in our backyard. >> vanessa: first at 6:00 p.m., a free man and back home in boston for the first time in five years. former house speaker, sal dimasi, landing at logan airport, just about an hour ago, after being released from prison two years early. good evening, i'm vanessa welch. >> m powerful men in our state, but tonight, dimasi looked very frail as he headed home. fox 25's john monahan was there as dimasi arrived with his family by his side. john? >> the reporter: that's right, there was a huge group hug with his family as he came through the terminal at logan airport. his flight arriving and landing just before 5:00 p.m. tonight. now, he came out in a wheelchair and approached reporters who were waiting here to speak with him. dimasi tried to get up from the wheelchair, but quickly sat
6:00 pm
in boston with his wife debbie and his family. debbie fought hard for this day, a judge granting her request, just last week, for a compassionate release for dimasi, who mars health problems, following treatment for throat and prostate cancer. he is in remission, but his health problems persisted. dimasi is happy to be home. >> it's been a trying and difficult experience for me, and i'm looking forward to just being reunited with my and my community, my friends, looking forward to regaining my health, and being taken care of by my own doctors. >> the reporter: you can hear how frail dimasi was. his voice, very soft spoken, as he addressed the reporters here today. now, dimasi is 71 years old, he'll be under house arrest for the next six months and before he left, he did say that he will very much look forward to spending this thanksgiving with his family in melrose.


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