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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a campaign promise. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning 4:30 on this friday, november 25, black friday, i am daniel miller. >> stephanie: a good time to grab that coffee because a lot of the us are bleary eyed. stephanie coueignoux in for jewel. a lot of us meteorologist shiri spear is tracking those temperatures. shiri, we are tracking rain and potential for some ice. >> shiri: light ice. and looking at inland towns and cities for that. pelham, new hampshire over to lawrence and portsmouth, new hampshire. we to have drizzle out there. a little more widespread than radar is showing because of really fine mist sneaks on to the radar. hopkinton at 36. right now auburn at 35. so is worcester with a little
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jaffrey, new hampshire. 1 degree away from the potential of a little bit of ice on the roads there, nothing widespread and something to keep in mind in northern worcester hills and southwestern new hampshire. we have mid and upper 40s. definitely out of the freezing zone in southeastern mass and showers in the hour-by-hour forecast. 6 a.m. temps at 41. 47 at noon. pockets of drizzle any time of the day. i am here to time it out with live drive-time traffic. >> stephanie: thank you, shiri. it is early but a lot of folks will be heading out for shopping south of the pike. no delays on the expressway. the pike itself is running smoothly. if you were taking the pike, i want to let you know you have 30 more minutes to get free coffee at all of those service plazas. north of the pike looking good. 93 southbound is moving smoothly. if you were taking the expressway, ten minutes from
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mass pike. 93 south from the leverett connector. 19 minutes and sailing on 128. just 11 minutes from university ave to the weston tolls. coming up on 4:32 this morning. sad breaking news from overnight. the brady bunch actress florence has died. henderson began her acting career on broadway and best known for iconic role as carol brady mother on "the brady bunch." henderson was taken to the hospital wednesday and her manager said she died thursday henderson was surrounded by family and friends. she was 82. maureen mccormick that played her tv daughter marcia brady said florence henderson was a dear friend for many years and in my heart i will miss you dearly. larry king said rest in peace florence, a dear lady with a great sense of humor and terrific laugh. america's mom has died. new this morning, one person is hurt after a suv
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cruiser on the southeast expressway overnight. it happened on the southbound side near granite avenue on the boston milton line. it appears that the suv rear-ended the cruiser. boston ems tells fox25 that one person they believe was a state trooper was taken to the hospital from this scene. it is not clear on that person's injuries. we reached out to state police to try to find out that information and if there are any charges possible from this crash. happening now, the hottest deals of the year are out there waiting for shoppers to suit theup south shore plaza in braintree, and, jess, we are seeing crowds behind you taking advantage of those discounts already. >> reporter: we are, ste ph. this is my first black friday overnight ever even working in tv all those years. i am in awe what we are seeing. the line outside of gamestop. they haven't opened up just yet. people. that ing in their cars walking
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one question i always had and others, whether or not the deals are truly worth it, but people over the past several minutes say it is absolutely worth getting up in the military. night to come here. stores open at south shore plaza at 12:01 and packed ever since. blue laws prevent places from opening for black friday on thanksgiving, to this is really the biggest shopping day of the year here. one stat we learned over the past plan to spend more money online than stores this black friday, but a lot of people will be out shopping for black friday. black friday does have a very big draw to bring people out to malls and things like that. it is going to be a marathon day at south shore. opens just after midnight and will be open until 10:00 tonight. a 22-hour day for the people who work here. still sort of gearing up for a
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sort of a lull. we got here around 3:30, but people who work here, they do say that more people will start getting here around 6, 7:00, and of course over the next cup of hours will be talking to people who work here and shoppers. and another live report in half an hour. live in braintree. jessica reyes, fox 25 news. happening today a dorchester man accused of trying to run down four officers with his car are due in court. 34-year-old v facing charges after he dragged two officers down the street and hit two more with his car. it happened wednesday morning at stoughton street when the officers pulled him over as part of the investigation of a person with a gun. those officers were hospitalized and released. this morning we are learning more of the deadly wrong-way crash in plainville. this is the scene around 4 2 a.m. yesterday. since this story broke a norton man was driving north
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car. he died at the scene. state police tell us the driver of the other car a 21-year-old barnstable woman was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. we are working to get the latest on her condition. two people escaped a house fire in salem, new hampshire. one of the people in the house said an outlet started burning causing a clothing rack to catch on fire. the man tried to put it out using a small fire extinguisher but the flames spread too quickly. >> you know it is the holidays it is always -- always a little bit more tragic. >> daniel: one person went to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a saugus man is life thanks to his neighbor's quick thinking. larry applegate noticed flames coming from his home. he knew the man would be in his 80s and would need help getting out. that is when he decided to kick in the door.
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together they battled through the heavy smoke to save a life. >> i certainly didn't have time to think about it. but it was overwhelming, but it worked out great. everybody pitched in and did what good neighbors are supposed to do, right. >> stephanie: absolutely. applegate said the man was alive when they took him on the front lawn. he has been taken to the hospital. an american soldier has been killed in northern syria in the country. u.s. forces are helping to organize an offensive against isis. the u.s. military has not released the identity of the soldier. president obama giving thanks to our troops. made nine phone calls to servicemembers deployed. the president gave an address on what would be his final thanksgiving as commander in chief. in a video message called for americans to be united following the divisive
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often what set us apart. we face off in a contest of "us versus them." we focus on the candidate we support instead of some of the ideas that we share, but a few short weeks later, thanksgiving reminds us that no matter the differenceings we are still one people part 6 something bigger than ourselves. donald trump said he spent part of hi thanksgiving trying the u.s. the president tweeted he is making progress trying to keep i can't rememberier, a company that makes air conditioners from closing down their plant in indiana and moving it to mexico in 2018. the ac maker acknowledged the talks but wouldn't say how they are going. trump said he wants to keep manufacturing jobs and would raise companies that went over the border. no official announcement of any additions to the trump
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president-elect's top advisors did raise alarm bell about the secretary of state jobs with a series of tweet. kellyanne conway wrote she is getting a level luge of communications about former massachusetts mayor mitt romney. some trump loyalists do not want him nominated for the job. some behind the scenes fighting for rudy giuliani. the latest tweet is from his wife showing the former his son and two grandsons celebrating thanksgiving. the attention of many new new englandering will be in foxborough to see if tom brady will be back to practice. he wasn't on field yesterday leaving it two days on a row he was absent. no inland dhaition he was hurt in last week's game but did get hit in the leg two weeks ago against seattle. today will be the final die
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to new jersey to play the jets. look at this. he was in the kipen. posted this picture on facebook wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving. we can only assume those are health cookies that he is baking for his son. we know he was a health aficionado. time is 4:39. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. again smooth sailing so far. 93 southbound to 49. 19 minutes right now. and shiri, i know that you are the roads. >> yeah, and not just right now but through your black friday. 45 to 50 for a range of highs. pockets of drizzle all saw long. i will plan around the steadiest stuffed to and hardest-hit air grass from the coastal storm next. giving the family something else to talk about at christmas dinner. coming up, the modern take on the traditional nativity scene. but first, an emotional moment before a thanksgiving day football game.
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. 4:43 right now. a family escaped their home after a fire in swampscott. you can see the charred and blackened wood on the back deck. fire fighters believe the flames started underneath that deck where the recyclables were stored. the salem avenue say they will
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live. only minor water damage on the inside. no word what started the fire. an emotional moment before one of the thanksgiving football games. fox25's robert goulston has the tribute marlborough and for fallen massachusetts state trooper thomas clardy and his family. >> the massachusetts state police marched on to the field before the marlborough, hudson. thomas clardy wife's send six children stood together. you know, it is still something struggling. >> reporter: tribute to the fallen trooper, but also to a man who impacted so many. >> it tells you something about someone when you have somebody that -- that somehow -- they come out to the barracks. >> reporter: trooper clady was kid on the mass pike during a traffic stop. thanksgiving was clardy's favorite holiday.
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today was no exception is i thought of my husband. it was knowing. i thought maybe that was a sign he was looking down wishing obviously he was here to see the support from everybody. >> reporter: clardy's 4-year-old son, noah, was in charge of the coin toss. >> all right, noah. >> it's tails. >> reporter: jim murphy came up with the idea to do the tribute. >> we are one family and go by that we will take care of each other during all times. a tragic 'vent like, they need us. >> reporter: the clardy family say the tribute is a great reminder that the community has not forget about them. in marlborough. helping opioid addicts get on a safe road to recovery. a story we told you earlier in the week. the 800th person has passed through their safe station. these stations are designed as
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looking for help and treatment. time right now is 4:45. if you are up early to travel or take care of black friday, not bad at all a little bit of an accident near boston, but nothing that is impacting. south of the pike, a hair of a delay on the expressway near 3 a. it will take you 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. 19 minutes on 93 southbound for 495o and 25 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. a sight no one would bat an eye at here in new england, thanksgiving snow, but in japan, people were stopping and looking up at the sky because this is the first november snowfall tokyo has seen in 54 years. local media described it as only a small accumulation, but it was still enough to disrupt traffic and cause a few power outages.
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snow when you don't have snow for -- >> daniel: wow. >> shiri: not that in new england. we saw so little. couple of morning flurries. sleet on and off throughout the day but nothing that caused hang-ups or slippery spots. now i am watching that drizzle. you can see how unsettled it is. two systems. kind of wedged in the middle. a lot of clouds. a lot of drizzle we will beton following throughout your black friday. 40 degrees in boston and skies and on and off mist. fine drizzle in boston this morning. and that's what want to be prepared for. over the next 12 hours, temperatures in the upper 40s in boston and that's it. morning hours. there will be occasional drizzle and the steadiest light rain forms once we hit the afternoon into the evening hours. this is the plan with future cast. you can see a lot of the morning showers are focused out across central massachusetts in areas north
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southeastern massachusetts as a whole, although we can't rule out a little bit of drizzle does look like the drier spot for the morning hours. doesn't stay like that though. we all get in on the steadier drizzle into the afternoon and evening. after 7 p.m., drizzle starts to lighten up and things begin to dry out overnight. highs in the upper 40s from boston to beverly up to portsmouth, new hampshire. 50s in southeastern massachusetts and chilly starts from fit and 45 in new bedford. inland towns and cities are cooler. friday night, plans lower 40s, 50s with the drizzle. and late, late tonight, we have temperatures dropping through the 40s and things dry out a little bit here. as we are working our way into saturday though, keep in mind we have this ocean storm tracking a little bit closer than it was late last night which means eastern, southeastern mass, still has the risk for rain.
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actually stay dry out there. of all the tools i use, this is the wettest solution that i have. you can see saturday night eastern new england dealing some showers, but then into sunday, we do tend to dry out and see the clouds break apart a little bit. cool and i suspect runs mostly cloudy. solutions are drier than ha that and best chance of all of seeing the rain, cape and islands. slight risk into plymouth, the kind of forecast where you will want to check back with us. i will be following this in updates that come out until 10 a.m. notice the forecast, we are always in view chilly temperatures. 48 today and tomorrow. 44 tomorrow keeping things mostly dry. finally a partly sunny day and will take that long to release that amount of sunshine. but tuesday, clouds come back in. a high of 50. developing rain. middle 50s here wednesday and
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pretty wet period and wednesday we are probably facing some heavier showers as well. back to you, guys. boston fire fighters were treated to a very special thanksgiving deal. the top of the hub restaurant served the boston fire department engine 33 and ladder 15 crews. this is the 21st year the restaurant has a provided meals to dispatchers and fire fighters. >> it is such an honor to do it fire department. it really makes the day special. >> reporter: the chefs as they prepare the meals on the spot for fire fighters just in case they were called out. well, there is a selfie at the scene around the internet, and now there is a new one joining them. coming up, the lesson in kindness that started with a grandmother's text to the wrong number. and first, an incredible
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it is 4:53 right now. it is being called a basketball shot for the ages. take a look. a trio of australian youtube personalities called how ridiculous set the guinness world record for greatest height from where a basketball was shot. it was taken from 594 feet last weekend in the swiss alps. we timed it out, it took more
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he left his hands to the time it went through the hoop. the trio peevely held a record on three separate but lost it to a social media car dude perfect who made a shot from 530 feet. incredible. >> stephanie: that amazing. unbelievable how you can see that basketball hoop. donald trump is getting into the christmas spirit with this. make america great again ornament. the little red cap is imprinted with the trump elec the brass ornament is, of course, finished in 24-karat gold and for 125, that could be yours. many comments on amazon are poking fun at the ornament and its price tag. if you were interested you can find it for sale on trump's web site. this hipster nativity set is giving a run for its money on the most awkward topic. complete with wise men on segways bearing gifts are
4:55 am
bun sporting joseph taking a selfie with baby jesus. it is a big hit. orders are throughout roof according to the story. the set's modern nativity said it is selling 500 a day after it launched a week ago. >> stephanie: wow. a lost dog in maine stuck under ground for four days is reunited with their owners. they report the entire co this happy ending a reality. >> yes! >> she is a little feisty. we call her the devil dog of the house. >> reporter: meet moxie, a 6-year-old miniature schnauzer the center of an all-out dog hunt when she and her brother snuck out the gate. >> she is a dog that my mom works with. >> reporter: when moxie returned out her sister in tow, her owner begin a to
4:56 am
out in the woods interviewing anybody that they could find walking around, mailman, neighbors. nobody had seen her at all. >> after days of searching a search and rescue dog went to a wooded area near the home. they heard moxie below the ground, daughters jumped into action. >> stacey found out and said, no, no, we are not waiting until sunday. starting right here right now and that was 11:00 saturday night. >> reporter: in the middle of the night while it rained, her began to dig through an intricate web of underground tunnels to find their friends. >> we realized it was over our head with a shovel and couple of girls in the rain. my mom called in the fire department. >> reporter: they set up lights, picked up shovels and got to work. >> we know she is here, and we can't find her and that was -- was really upsetting. i started panicking and i was
4:57 am
with a shovel. am they are all raising their hands. they wanted to. >> oh, there she is. oh, moxie. >> reporter: after hours of digging in early morning hours, moxie was retrieved unharmed and unphased by the entire or deal. bentler is so helpful for the thanks of friends, family and the community to have her best friend back in her arms and she won't be letting go any time soon. 4:57. the best deals coming up, live at the south shore plaza where shoppers are hunting for the pigest discounts. and mourning one of the
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right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon! learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. complete new england news coverage starts right now.
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this is the fox25 morning news. >> stephanie: now at 5:00, clouds and drizzle on the map. we will time out when to expect clearing. [coughing] breaking news overnight, the woman known as america's tv mom florence passed away. we will look at her 60 years in show business and outpouring of support for mrs. brady. thanksgiving is over and now only 29 days until christmas. the rush overnight and this morning to snap up those deals from the busiest of the year. good morning to you. it is friday, november 25. i am daniel miller. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta. if you were heading out to brave the clouds, meteorologist shiri spear says you will want to pack an umbrella. she is in the storm tracker weather center. will that fog and drizzle stick around? >> shiri: i think she is done coughing as well. so that is bigger news. a lot drizzle on the map to the worcester hills, up to the north shore, southern new hampshire. those are just the spots where


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