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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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this is the fox25 morning news. >> stephanie: now at 5:00, clouds and drizzle on the map. we will time out when to expect clearing. [coughing] breaking news overnight, the woman known as america's tv mom florence passed away. we will look at her 60 years in show business and outpouring of support for mrs. brady. thanksgiving is over and now only 29 days until christmas. the rush overnight and this morning to snap up those deals from the busiest of the year. good morning to you. it is friday, november 25. i am daniel miller. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta. if you were heading out to brave the clouds, meteorologist shiri spear says you will want to pack an umbrella. she is in the storm tracker weather center. will that fog and drizzle stick around? >> shiri: i think she is done coughing as well. so that is bigger news. a lot drizzle on the map to the worcester hills, up to the north shore, southern new hampshire. those are just the spots where
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more widespread drizzle than that, but the mist kind of tends to sneak right under radar. we both have got a lot of fog that we are watching in particular north and west of boston. thickest will be right there over worcester today. anyone headed to the north shore mall, keep in mind the steadiest drizzle will set up as we head into the afternoon hours but this morning will be misty. kind of dank out there. we will check with stephanie coueignoux and we will check on if there is any impact on these roads. >> stephanie: thanks, shiri. early and black friday and things are running smoothly. taking a look at the maps, 93 southbound at the pikes. everything is running smoothly. there is an accident. nothing really impacting traffic on the expressway; however, we are starting to see just a few delays as you are headed in to boston. so just keep an eye on that. a live look now at the mass pike. everything is running up to speed. pretty quiet yet at this hour. if you were headed out 24
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mass avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the mass pike and 25 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. back to you. coming up on 5:02 this friday morning. the race is on to find the best bargains on all the holiday gifts. >> catherine: the tlivlt hunt, daniel. black friday is on the way for malls across the state and three-day shopping spree could bring billions of dollars into cash registers across the country. our jessica reyes is live at shoppers have been at it for days, jess. >> reporter: they are, catherine. they were packed at the gills at midnight. and people had a hard night of shopping pause taking a nap here. and they do expect to pick back up at 6 and 7:00 this morning with a peak around 2:00 this afternoon. right now it seems to be nap time at the mall. despite the crazy hours, some people say it is worth getting
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doors at 12:01. old navy at 12:30. target opened at 1:00. and other high-end stores like nordstrom and lord and taylor will open at 8. blue laws prevent stores in massachusetts to open on thanking, so this is the biggest -- thanksgiving. so this is the biggest day of the year. >> kids are getting tired and we will go home. peak again at 2:00. similar numbers. and there will be mosh adults because the kids will probably be all in bed. >> reporter: the gm of the mall you just heard from is expecting big numbers here later this afternoon. and according to one study. people do expect to spend more of their budget online rather than in store. but more people will be in stores today smore thanline. black friday a big draw at stores and malls like this one. over the next cup of hours.
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another live report with you guys at 5:30. live in braintree, south shore plaza. in new hampshire, they have been shopping for hours looking for the best post-thanksgiving deals. bargain hunters started hitting the stores as early as 3. massachusetts blue laws prevent stores from opening on thanksgiving. travel north to find discounts on everything from clothing to electronics. >> i cook. have everybody rushed out the door i got to go shopping. >> we put together care packages and hightailed it to the mall. >> eat your turkey and go. >> catherine: the retail federation say $650 billion will be spent during the holiday season. breaking overnight actress and quintessential tv mom florence has passed away. the woman who played carol brady in "the brady bunch" was
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she was 82 years old, and the entertainment world is remembering her career that spanned six decades. ? here is a story ? ? of a lovely lady ?. >> reporter: that lovely lady is florence who played the biggest mom on the hit "the brady bunch." her real story isn't that ideal, born in 1934, henderson grew up father and mother who left when she was just 12 years old. henderson used her singing talent to entertain the family and help make ends meet. >> i never remember not singing. i would sing and pass the hat. i would sing for groceries. ? >>reporter: her big break came in 191 when -- >> daniel: her big break came in 1951 when she landed a starring role in rogers and hammerstein's "oklahoma." the singer turned actor took
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in 1959, she was nbc's "today" girl and first woman to guest host "the tonight show" in 1962. in 1969, henderson became carol brady. >> i created the kind of mother that i wish i had had, and i think that everyone longed for. i get so much fan mail from all over the world, and everybody wants a hug from me. and i hug everybody. i get so much affection. continued to act and sing on tv for decades. even cha-chaed into our living rooms on "dancing with the stars." she had four children with her first husband ira be rstein and met her second husband a hypnotherapist undergoing. >> i'm used to.
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at the height of her career, she started to lose her hearing. >> you can't imagine for someone who makes their living through music and when you all of a sudden don't hear that piano or violin, light instruments, the most terrifying feelings in the world. >> reporter: doctors discovered she had an ear disease but after multiple surgeries, she had hearing. >> i have teflon in my ears. i can cook nothing sticks in them. >> reporter: henderson looks at the bright side. >> if you are not having fun, you can't be there. >> say good night, florence. >> good night, everyone. >> daniel: her tv daughter said she was a friend for many years and in my heart forever. i will miss her dearly. talk show host that you just saw in that piece, larry king,
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, . new this morning one person is hurt when a suv crashes into a state police cruiser on the southeast expressway overnight. it happened on the southbound said near granite avenue on the boston milton line. it appears the suv crashed into the cruiser. boston ems says one person who they believe was a state trooper was taken to the hospital from that scene. unclear how that person was hurt. reached out to state charges to be pro this crash. happening today, a dorchester man accused of trying to run down four officers with his car is due in court. 34-year-old vincent weeks is facing charges after investigators say he dragged two officers down the street and then hit two more with his car. it happened early wednesday morning on stoughton street when the officers pulled him over as part of an investigation into a person with a gun. those officers were hospitalized and released. this morning, we are
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the scene 495 at 2 a.m. yesterday. since the story broke, we learned a norton man was driving north on the southbound side when he crashed into an oncoming car. he died at the scene. state police tell us the driver of the other car, a 21-year-old barnstable woman was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. two people escaped a house fire in salem, new hampshire. it happened on haverhill road. one of the people in the house said an outlet started burning causing a clothing rack put on fire. the man tried to put it out using a small fire extinguisher but the flames spread too quickly. >> never a food time have fire but around the holidays a little more tragic. >> one person went to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire is still under investigation this morning. president-elect donald trump is inning he spent part of his thanksgiving trying to keep an american company in the u.s. the president-elect tweeted
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dress of trying to keep carrier, a company known for making air conditioners from close down its plant in indiana and moving the jobs to mexico in 2019. the connecticut-based ac maker acknowledged the talks but wouldn't say how they were going. trump campaigned on keeping american jobs in america and we raise taxes on companies that went over the border. raising traffic and weather every ten minutes. the pike, so far so 24u minutes. shiri? >> shiri: the drizzle off and on. and that risk of rain especially across eastern mass. i will time out those showers for you next. they are small notes making a big impact. coming up, post it notes left on all of the lockers at a local high school. the simple gesture pulled off thanks to the dedication of a few students. first a mother missing three weeks is found alive on the side of a road.
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a missing california mother is home this morning. 34-year-old shiri papini vanished while jagging in northern california. she was able to gragg down a driverft >> reporter: the words that an entire community has been waiting three long weeks to report. >> we are excited to report that sherri rapini has been relocated and reunited with her family this day. >> reporter: found by a passing driver on the highway 130 miles from her hometown where she was believed to be captured. sheriff said she was found with a few minor injuries left by two of her captors, both hispanic women were warmed at
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were likely more. >> she was bound with restraints, but she was able to summon help from a passing motor hoist then notified law enforcement. >> reporter: before yesterday, papini was last seen november 2. neighbors reported seeing her on a morning jog near her mountain day home. her husband, keith, came home to find his two kids never picked up from day care and his wife never to be found. the find my phone app led her phone on ground near the couple's home and no sign of his wife. he called 911. >> i am coming, honey, i am trying. i am doing everything i can. >> reporter: this is her husband days after she was missing. >> i am sorry i am not there. >> reporter: now she is reunited with they are family and i amid social media answers. questions still remain. trying to locate her and where exactly her captors took her. the sheriff said they don't
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they want the community to stay vigilant. >> until we identify the suspect or suspects, the public should remain cautious. >> catherine: detectives are tight lipped. sayinger that this in a critical part of this investigation. papini is beinger. >> viewed by detectives. she was treated at a hospital for her injuries and have already been released. one person is dead in reno, nevada in a dispute over a parking spot. shooting near a wal-mart. there was no evidence connecting the shooting to early black friday shopping. wal-mart remained open for shoppers during the investigation. police are still looking for a suspect. 5:16 right now. a flag football tournament in kentucky turned tragic after gunshots for through the proud. two people killed and four others injured at the thanksgiving juice bowl. they heard multiple gunshots and saw the victims on ground.
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families gathered to watch a youth football game. >> most people were here having a good time like they do most of the time. and this tragic situation happened. we are thankful that more people did not get hurt in this situation. >> daniel: the city's mayor was on the scene during the shooting. police are look for the shooter. all games scheduled for the park have been cancelled. volunteers to boxed packages for the children involved in the deadly school bus crash in bus hit a tree and split in half. they know the gifts won't take away the pain of losing a loved one, but a reminder of the families that they are not alone. the bus driver was arrested and facing five counts of vehicular homicide. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. it is still early on this black friday morning. you can see the moderate delays on the expressway. the pike running smoothly. north of the pike, there is an
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28. so far not impeeing traffic. everything is running smoothly on the pike again. a live look with our traffic camera. if we are taking the pike from 495 to mass avenue, will take you 25 minutes. nine minutes actually from the braintree split to the mass pike. and 22 minutes on 128 from route 1 to the weston tolls. i know, shiri, you are tracking some rain. thankfully though light rain. >> shiri: we have lightlight rain and drizzle. of course we will be checking back any time rain and drizzle potential wet roads and slowdowns. looking for the potential of .10 of an inch of rain. that is how light it will be. that is what we had in worcester yesterday. in boston, 34 degrees. 35 in worcester and take you out there real quick because we have that drizzle in place right now and fog. visibility around one mile. we will see fog perhaps get a little worse from time to time this morning. and honestly in the worcester
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thicker fog start to mix out to a certain degree. we have temperatures stuck in the 30s for the next self-hours. 40 degrees at 11 -- several hours. 40 degrees at 11. thankfully warmer in boston at 48. 49 in ipswich. upper 40s to portsmouth, new hampshire. warmest spot will be southeastern mass, and through the morning hours probably one of my drier spots as well. you still have drizzle in the forecast especially this afternoon but cooler to the north and west. framingham, lawrence, 46. manchester, new hampshire, only 42 degrees today. a colder rain up your way. watching a weekend storm and this is the breakdown on your showers focused to the north and west of boston through most of the morning hour. afternoon a blast of showers coming through. i think by 7 or 8:00, a lot of our drizzle will start winding down. a little bit of a break for our late friday night plans. keep in mind we have this
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little closer. rain into southeastern massachusetts for the day tomorrow. most likely the case, but south shore, south coast, boston, even up to the north shore, we are going to be watching the potential even as we fly saturday night. inland towns and cities, i expect to you stay dry tomorrow as we get into your sunday. i have cooler air coming into place and do expect temperatures to be a little bit cooler for the second half of your weekend. highs in the 40s both days. worcester at 38 degrees on sunday. a little bit brighter inland versus the cot stuck with the clouds. risking for saturday showers. seven-day forecast falls view. monday is your best day of the week. brighter as thick clouds roll back in. showers later in the day with a high of 50. we have a period of heavy rain that we will be watching closely. back to you, guys. a local man couldn't give up on his neighbor when he saw flames shooting out of his house. >> i thought about -- i don't know if i can get him, but i
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for the natalie it worked on that dry. >> daniel: the help he got to save his neighbor when the ?? why do banks treat you and your money like this? they nickel and dime you with fees and minimum balances. capital one won't do that. they've reimagined banking, and built a checking account
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ys your money.
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it is 5:23 right now. they are small messages making a very billing difference this morning. post it notes left on every single locker at somerville high school. an act of kindless that a history teacher shared on youtube. >> catherine: many have shared it since we posted it on facebook. and jason law introduces us to one of the people that inspired those kind acts. >> reporter: a dozen students here at somerville high sch inspirational before the thanksgiving holiday so left a mark on every locker inside the school and all started with a post it. >> reporter: blue, red, yellow. >> i never seen a whole school-wide event putting post its up all over the school. >> reporter: uplifting quotes like "smile when you want to smile" and "love wins." ella and a handful of her classmates spent five hours writing and sticking notes on
5:25 am
many students have been feeling a mix of emotions, sadness, anger, frustration, happiness, all across the board. so since our school is a diverse one, we wanted to show as a whole we are united and together to show the community together that we are united and will show up as ewe night friends forever. >> reporter: the small group of sophomores, juniors and seniors came up with the idea themselves. many of the students reposted the notes inside their locker. >> they each had a ha hand-written note, a heart or a friendly phrase saying don't change. things like that. >> reporter: hopes this post-it note campaign an annual tradition. >> we involve sophomores and juniors and hopefully to carry on the legacy. >> reporter: jason law, fox25 news. >> catherine: a thoughtful thing to do.
5:26 am
high schools and middle schools doing it well. temperatures in the mid 20u7er 40s. even a cup of 50s on my map today. pockets of drizzle i am timing out throughout the day. i am back with you in about five. this is not your
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black friday shopping is well under way. where shoppers are finding the best deals. breaking news overnight. known for so many oz the mom of the the brady bunch. florence henderson passes away. the outpouring of love for the tv actress. pulling back pot shops.
5:30 am
selling recreational marijuana. friday, november 25. most of us dealing with cool and damp weather again this morning. meteorologist shiri spear has a real close eye on these temperatures. >> catherine: she joins us from the fox25 storm tracker weather center with the towns at risk of icing over, shiri. >> shiri: not too wide spread a split tampa one of the temperatures -- towns with temps delow freezing. be very careful. boston at 40 degrees. lawrence at 36 with the light rain and drizzle. wellesley at 36. worcester above freezing the middle 30s. tracking drizzle northern mass and southern new hampshire through the morning so far. i warn you it will be a little bit misty although the radar is not showing that much. 44 degrees it-to-get you out the door. i have your day planner and your black friday day planner with 7 a.m. temperatures in the boston area and drizzle at 41 degrees. we have upper 40s for lunchtime. not going to let up on the drizzle.
5:31 am
widespread as we reach the afternoon, the early evening as well. i will give out timeline on when it comes to an end for good and what the weekend is looking like. i will be back in 10. send you over to stephanie coueignoux. and stephanie, you are starting off on the expressway. >> stephanie: we are seeing pockets of delays headed into boston from quincy. something to keep in mind headed from the airport. north of the bike. the pike itself is running smoothly. an accident on 98. the expressways as you can see, everything is running up to speed right now. we are starting to see just a few delays on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge that will take you 14 minutes. 19 minutes on the -- on 93 southbound from 495 to the leverett connector. and still smooth sailing on 128, 2 minutes from route 1 to the weston tolls. back to you. happening now, the race is on to find the best bargains on all the holiday gifts. >> black friday shopping is
5:32 am
three-day shopping spree can bring billions of dollars into cash registers across the country. our jessica reyes is live at south shore plaza where some shoppers have already been at it, jess. >> reporter: they have, catherine. the malls opened their stores at 12:01. not everything is open, but a lot of them are. the apple store is closed and the macy's is open and a little bit of a lull, but for 5:30 in the morning, there is still a pretty good crowd. we saw the and he said they were packed to the gills at midnight. they expect to peak guns when at 1 or 2 this afternoon. despite the early hours it is worth getting up for these sales. the mall opened at 12:01 with stores staggering their opening. macy's they opened at is it :30. and target opens at 1:00. nordstrom and lord and taylor are waiting a little bit will be open at 8:00. blue laws prevent places in
5:33 am
black friday on thanksgiving and this is the biggest shopping day of the year in this state. people plan to spend more of their budget online instead of in store. more people will be in stores today than online. black friday still has a very big draw here. shoppers we have spoken over the past hour or so, they are planning a lot of long lines and also a lot of very good sales. we will hear from some of them coming up in 30 minutes. live in braintree this m morning, i am jessica reyes, fox25 news. online sales for thanksgiving day are on track to reach record highs. shoppers dropped $1.5 billion by 5:00 yesterday afternoon. a 13% increase from last thanksgiving. that number was forecasted to hit $2 billion by midnight about 16% more sales than last year. 137 million people are expected to shop online or in stores this weekend. breaking news from overnight. "the brady bunch" actress
5:34 am
florences a died. according to her publicist. henderson was taken to the hospital and he died thursday night of heart failure. henderson was surrounded by family and friends. hollywood reacting to henderson's death. car reiner tweeted sad to hear of the passing of florence henderson one the most lovable and beloved people in our business. henderson was 82 years old. take a look, flames ravaged a home trapping an elderly man inside. that man is alive this morning thanks to his neighbors who ran into that burning home several times rescue him. michael henrich caught up with one of the heroes. >> reporter: on thanksgiving morning, plywood covered the windows and doors. not far beneath the charred roof in saugus. >> i looked and saw flames coming out of the house.
5:35 am
not only noticed the fire, but he knew the man in his 80s inside. >> if he was in there, he would need help getting out. >> reporter: applegate did not think about the risk. he kicked in the door. >> the smoke was really bad. >> reporter: he started multiple times to grab the neighbor and thought he may not be able to. a second neighbor ran down the hill and together they saved the man's life. >> i thought about, i don't know if i can get him. but and fortunately it worked in that trial. >> reporter: applegate said after carrying the neighbor out of his home, the pair ended up putting him down on the front lawn where he started to come to. his neighbor was alert and talking when paramedics brought him to the hospital. >> i didn't have time to think about it, you know. it was a little overwhelming, but it worked out great. like you said, everybody mitched in and did what a good neighbor is supposed to do, right.
5:36 am
news. milestone for fire fighters in new hampshire helping opioid addicts get on a safe path of recovery. a story we told you about earlier in the week. on thanksgiving, the manchester fire department said the 800th person has passed their safe stations. they have been designed as safe environments for people looking for help and treatment. attention of many new new englanders on foxborough to see if tom brady is back in practice. the patriots not on the field. no indication that brady was hurt in last week's game in san francisco but hit in the leg against seattle. the final day for brady to practice before the team takes off to take on the jets sunday and wasn't on the field yesterday, but brady was in the kitchen and posted this picture on facebook wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving. we can only assume those are healthy cookies he is baking
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ohhhh i love bath and bodyworks. i have this in my bathroom. and what was the one they preferred? ohhhh. this is suave. really? that's quite a bit of smelling good. suave three fragrances preferred over bath and body works. checking traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> catherine: stephanie, looking a little foggy on the pike. >> stephanie: yes, still early on. if you were taking the pike in either direction, you will not see any issues, but we are
5:40 am
this gives you a great visual of that. we are talking about pockets of fog, possibly pockets of rain, and shiri, i know that is exactly what you are tracking this morning. >> shiri: i feel like it is a [raspberry] -- kind of forecast. fog is not terrible in boston. beverly, norwood up to portsmouth, you are seeing numbers going down and visibility getting a little worst. in worcester, two-mile visibility there. as i look at some of my forecasting tools, it will take until late morning and possibly even that fog thin out especially toward the worcester area. i think this kind of -- this will be a dank day between the. i am timing thought drizzle. i will get more substantial rain for some of you this weekend. those details in less than ten, daniel. >> daniel: shiri, thank you. manchester boston regional airport have been named the best mid-sized airport in the country. the airport won its ranking for convenience and flight options. it recently opened security
5:41 am
manchester boston was also named the 27th best airport in the country just behind logan. a group of baby terms in the caribbean are getting a royal sendoff. prince harry rescued these little hatchings on tour of the island of nevis. worked with local volunteers. the group free these hatchlings helped them find their way out to sea. taylor swift getting in on the new new england flare. she posted this video to her instagram. her thanksgiving gift posing on the shore of her rhode island beach house. the singer invited her family and friends to dinner including broadway star todrick hall. her friends broke into dance after striking their poses. a day with emotions as fallen troops are remembered by family and his brothers in blue.
5:42 am
it is struggling. >> daniel: the sign from above that the trooper's widow says she was confronted by.
5:43 am
5:44 am
welcome back. 5:44. it meteorologist shiri spear here. what we see on radar lots of green. a lot of light and steady rain to woburn, andover, haverhill and parts of southern new hampshire. north of manchester watching for the potential of icy spots. tracking this drizzle kind of in and out of the boston area. i am back with your forecast in five you. happening now, the meal is done and now time to shop.
5:45 am
will be open for 22 straight hours until 10:00 tonight all as shoppers try to grab the black friday deals. our jessica reyes is checking in with shoppers throughout the morning opinion her next live report from south shore plaza is coming up at the top of the hour. breaking news overnight. "the brady bunch" actor florence henderson has died. best known for iconic role as carol brady. she was just on the "dancing with the stars" finale a few days ago her publicist said she was taken to the hospital and died last night from heart failure at cedar sinai hospital in los angeles. she was 82 years old. catherine. >> a soldier has been killed in syria marking the first u.s. combat death. 300 forces are in the region organizing an offensive against isis. the u.s. military has not released the identity of that soldier. president obama giving
5:46 am
servicemembers who are deployed. the president gave an address on what would be his final thanksgiving as commander-in-chief. in a video message mr. obama called for americans to be united following a divisive campaign season. >> after all elections are often where we emphasize what sets us apart. we face off in a contest of us versus them. we focus on the candidate we support instead of some of the ideas that we share. but in a few short weeks later, thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our differences, we are still one people. or something bigger than ourselves. >> reporter: the president also used the words of abraham lincoln in his address talking about the inalienable rights that each of us have. marijuana shops may be opening a little later than planned here in massachusetts. lawmakers are in talks to push back the opening states from january 2018 to mid 2018 in will give them more time to
5:47 am
are prepared to regulate marijuana sales. pot will become legal to use and possess starting december 15. protesters fighting against the dakota access pipeline showed up in body armor to face off with police in north dakota. officers addressed the crowd saying they don't understand why the group would wear armor if they were having a peaceful protest. the move comes after a recent william college grad nearly lost her arm in a demonstration earlier this week. protesters said the police thre the woman. police have denied using that. and an emotional day before a thanksgiving day football game. the tribute that marlborough and hudson did for fallen trooper thomas clardy and his family. >> reporter: the massachusetts state police marched on to the field before the hudson thanksgiving game. thomas clardy's wife and six children all stood together. >> it's still rough.
5:48 am
struggling. >> reporter: tribute to fallen trooper but also to a man that impacted so many. >> tells you something about someone when you have somebody that -- and they come out to the barracks. >> reporter: trooper clardy was killed last march when he was hit and killed on the mass pike during a traffic stop. thanksgiving was clardy's favorite holiday. his family said he always found time to take a day off to be with them. to it was snowing. i thought maybe it was a sign that he was looking down -- obviously hoping to see support from everybody. >> reporter: clardy's 4-year-old son, noah, was in charge of the coin toss. lieutenant jim murphy came up with the idea to do the tribute. >> we are one family, and we go by -- that we will take care of each other during all times. in a tragic event like this,
5:49 am
>> reporter: the clardy family said the tribute is a great reminder that the community has not forgotten about them. in marlborough, robert goulston, fox25 news. a sight no one would bat an eye at here in new england, thanksgiving snow. but in japan, people there were stopping and looking up at the sky because this is the first november snowfall tokyo has seen in 24 years. local media called it only a small accumulation but still enough to disrupt traffic and cause a few >> catherine: too soon -- we know it is not too soon. >> can you imagine if new england.people took out their.umbrellas for snow. it would be nonnew england. it will be very strange. i don't have any snow in the forecast unless central or northern new england. drizzle. caught between two systems. cloudy and unsettled for the upcoming day ahead. 40 in boston. rainfall totals not measurable
5:50 am
this morning where you are seeing some cloudy icons, you will get occasional mist and drizzle. steadiest stuff comes in this afternoon and temperatures working their way into the upper 40s in the boston area. i want to time out some of these showers because this morning, the focus of a lot of it is going to be north and west of boston. i tend to think southeastern mass will be our driest spot today, but we will see occasional rain up across the mass new hampshire border. and even parts of metro west here into the afternoon. getting showers and does look a little steadier and more widespread than what futurecast has painted on the screen. by 7:00 a lull for your late friday night plans. 48 in boston. 49 in beverly. 48 in lawrence. cooler spots include worcester at 43. nashua, new hampshire at 42. but how about those 50s over south shore. south coast. the cape and islands.
5:51 am
because like i said, all of us have afternoon threat for showers and this evening, i will keep drizzle around with temperatures 38 to 44. overnight lows will be the low to mid-30s with just clouds, and we will see a little bit of a dry out here. here is our ocean storm. the very latest is it looks like the cape is the most likely area to see some showers tomorrow, but we do get the slight chance up toward the south shore, even into the boston area during the late morning and the afternoon. there you can see how close the call it is. so i think if you are in eastern massachusetts or eastern new hampshire, eastern maine over your saturday, do you have to be ready for a period of showers especially down to the cape. that's where it is basically a guarantee. inland towns and city will stay dry and clouds into your sunday. we all dry out and a few more breaks in the clouds. seven-day workout always had n view. lower and mid-40s on sunday.
5:52 am
dry. more rain tuesday through thursday and that rain doesn't look like a soaker. over to stephanie coueignoux with the latest on live drive time traffic. >> stephanie: all right, shiri. the drizzle doesn't look like it is impacting traffic too much. in the last 30 minutes, volume building on expressway. the pike looks good so far. so it will take 24u minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the mass pike. 22 minutes on 128 from something i want to bring your attention if you are using the subway or commuter rail, the green line is the only one on a saturday schedule. everything else is on a friday schedule or the weekday schedule. back to you. a lost dog in maine was found after he was stuck below ground for days. moxie, the 6-year-old schnauzer ran past the gate.
5:53 am
moxie's owners heard her from below ground. they started going through nearby underground tunnels to find her. >> we know she is here, but we can't find her. and that was -- that with as really upsetting. so i started panicking. >> earlier in the morning after hours of digging, fire fighters got moxie out unharmed. called the basketball shot for the ages. take a look at this. the trio of australian youtube personality called how ridiculous set the guinness unbelievable. i don't know how they did that taken from 594 feet in the swiss alps. we timed it out ten seconds from the time it left his hands and it wasn't throughout hoop. they lost it on three other occasions but lost it to session media stars dude perfect who made a shot from 533 feet. regardless, i don't know how they pulled that off. unbelievable. donald trump is getting
5:54 am
ornament. the limb red cap is printed with the phrase. it is finished in 24-karat gold and for 149 bucks it could be yours. many comments are poking fun of the ornament and its price tag. you can find it for sale on his web site. the most awkward topic at christmas this year. the set is a modern take of the modern anytivity scene with these wise men bearing gifts from amazon prime, including a latte drinking mary and taking a selfie with baby jesus. it has been a big. they are selling more than 500 a day a te after it launched. a family in arizona shared their thanksgiving meal with a stranger thanks to a thanksgiving mix-up. she texted her thanksgiving invite to the wrong person and when they figured out the
5:55 am
person to come over for dinner. >> oh, yeah. perfect. >> reporter: a bird in the oven. >> i was like -- how does look. >> reporter: guests afriving out of town. the family social event of the year. but this year thanks to social media at wanda's house, the table is set for a thanksgiving unlike any other. >> hi, jamal. how are you. >> reporter: a big family growing more thanks to a text message mix-up and an i extend to jamal. >> this so you are home. >> reporter: a simple gesture that gave everyone the feels and one over the internet. >> i actually had to look up what does mean hashtag. >> reporter: hashtag can i get a plate. hashtag everybody's grandma. but no one is more thankful than these two, thankful for a lesson in kindness. >> she welcomed me into her house, and it shows me how great of a person she is.
5:56 am
>> come from god above that he is just using us as tools and vessels to bring a message to others. >> reporter: two strangers that made the world smile with their selfie now standing together, smiling over a friendship that is sure to last a lifetime. >> daniel: such a great story. we have so much to be thankful for. >> catherine: what a step to invite him anyway. >> i am sure a long tradition of being back together again. the sun is up will be on the move for hours. trying snap up the black friday deals, of course. coming up, our jessica reyes
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. now at 6:00, plan around the towns and cities seeing more drizzle and where we will see ice on the road. breaking news overnight, the woman known as america's tv mom florence henderson passes away. a look at her 60-plus years in show business and the outpouring of support for mrs. brady. thanksgiving is over and now countdown to christmas, 29 days. the rush overnight and this morning to snap up deals on the busiest shopping day of the year. it is 6:00 on this friday, november 25, i am daniel miller. >> catherine: i am catherine
6:00 am
meteorologist shiri spear say you will definitely want to pack an umbrella. she is xwroyn in the storm tracker center, how long will the fog and drizzle stick around. >> shiri: a look at stormtracker radar. drizzle in and around the boston area, northeastern mast and the wettest spots and i would say out toward worcester down toward plymouth. let's plan on misty conditions. temperatures starting in the 30s and 40s, but i really don't have any freezing temperatures if you were traveling north of manchester, new hampshire, i think that is where we could encounter slippery roadways. fog has been an issue. thicky in worcester and in and around the boston area. most of mass will end up with low clouds, fog and showers this morning. we have drizzle in here. anyone shopping at the north shore mall in peabody today, 41 degrees at 8 a.m. 10 a.m., 46 degrees. upper 40s and the steadiest rain that will hang on until


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