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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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happened my son didn't go anywhere near him but something happened he decided to go down the road and we called the cops from there. >> reporter: the kids provided a description to police. the suspect in his 20s driving a large four door burgundy vehicle with two red bumper stickers on the back. >> everybody doing their best keeping an eye out. >> reporter: meanwhile the older boy is now nervous in his own neighborhood. >> my older one he had the biggest interaction between the two of them so he's a
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especially up and down the street right now. >> reporter: police put out a broadcast to other local agencies asking them to keep an eye out for the suspect and the vehicle. worcester police -- leicester police ask if you have any information to come forward and call them. christine. police say they found a car that may have been involved in a hit-and-run in brockton. a surveillance camera captured a group of people leaving the baron north main street. the car hit the man we cause the video here because it's but that threw the man several feet into the air. police say the driver never stopped. the district attorney's office says the victim a 25-year-old man is still in critical condition at a boston hospital. police haven't released his name. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. five people are now without a home after this four alarm fire in dorchester. this home on harlem street went up in flames around noon time. two families were living inside but no one was hurt. the cause of the fire remains under investigation tonight. the clinton campaign has jumped on board with the
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pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan. >> tonight president-elect donald trump did not hold back calling out the effort on twitter. brian yennis has the latest. >> reporter: hillary clinton officially joining the fight to revisit voting totals in wisconsin. saying her team is participating because they have an obligation to the voters. the recount effort is being led by green party candidate jill stein but clinton's camp now saying it's also on board if fein stein follows through with recounts in two other states pivotal to trump's victory on element night. however the staunchest democrats concede this will likely not change the results of the election. >> of course they join we'll see what happens it's a legal right it's not a big deal. i don't think anybody, secretary clinton or anybody else thinks there will be profound changes. >> but prior to the election because of what donald trump said a majority of hits voters believed the elections were a rigged a minority believed they were rigged. >> reporter: president-elect
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calling the process a "scam." mr. trump unleashing a string of angry votes hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. nothing would change. >> why in the world can't the democrats "accept the election results." president obama and president-elect speak regularly they're trying to move on and form a government. it's high time that hillary same. >> reporter: the clinton camp says they will have representatives monitoring the count as well as lawyers to represent them in court should commit to that. deadlines to petition for a recount in michigan and pennsylvania are later this week. in new york, brian yennis, fox news. the president-elect himself is claiming voter fraud tonight. here's what he wrote on twitter. in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide i won the popular vote if you deduct the minneapolis of people who voted illegally -- millions
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illegally. new tonight mayor marty walsh of boston has vowed to defend the rights of undocumented irish and other illegal immigrants if president-elect donald trump moves to deport them when he takes office. mayor walsh told the irish times boston is a city of inclusion welcoming diversity. we're global city we are going to stay that way. we are not going to stop being that city that respects immigrants both documented and undocumented. the mayor is the son of irish immigrants. he if trump follows through on his campaign promise to deport 11 million illegal immigrants, including thousands of irish. one person was killed nine others injured in a shooting in new orleans. it happened on bourbon street in the popular french quarter overnight. the area was crowded because of the thanksgiving holiday and a big college football game at the superdome. police say they've made two arrests. both suspects were carrying firearms. the death of former cuban dictator fidel castro is sending shock waves around the world.
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are sharply different. in miami, celebrations continue as many see this as the end of a very dark time. but elsewhere people are mourning the loss of the leader who ruled cuba with an iron first for nearly half a century. >> it's a terrible shame. great because we are losing a world leader who is capeable of facing an empire. >> it means a lot because i think is the beginning of the end. >> today was the second day of the nine das national mourning. a pitcher who defected to the united states and pursue his dream of playing baseball. he had a memorable eight year stretch with the sox in the 70s. he sat down with espn to speak about thism fact castro had on the sport. he said in part castro hampered the development of baseball. cuban was the country with the most latin american players in majors until the regime took over and set everything back. it's incredible all those
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so many good ones. new tonight, this person is lucky to be alive. a fitchburg wait there's is recovering after this awful accident on 495 that happened thanksgiving morning. a wrong way driver hit her was killed but she somehow escaped with her life. tonight the young victim is talking to us from her hospital bed. >> fox 25's erica richie reports she was awake through the entire ordeal. >> reporter: taylor mcbarron was headed home to barnstable here from college for thanksgiving break when head-on collision. even though she never made it home to barnstable because she was de toured to the hospital she pegs this as her best thanksgiving ever. >> i'm just so happy that, you know, i didn't -- >> reporter: it's hard to even put words to how this crash on route 495 early thanksgiving morning could have ended. so taylor speaks to me by phone from her hospital bed she focuses on how it did end. she was in this white s.u.v.
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fitchburg to home in barnstable when 22-year-old james keating of norton was driving the wrong way and hit taylor head-. on he died at the scene taylor never lost consciousness. >> i was still in the fast lane after the crash because that's where just where i ended up. then cars were still going by me like not stopping. i didn't know if anyone else had known so i so i called 911. >> reporter: at the hospital, taylor learned she suffered a severely fractured pelvis in addition to cuts and bruises. meantime her friends were learning that she was the one involved in the crash they had seen in the news. >> it was definitely very shocking. >> reporter: for taylor's best friend emma maccan i think we're as close as you can possibly be for two separate people. >> reporter: she felt helpless but wanted to there be for her friend so she set up a go fund me account to help cover taylor's bills since she won't be able to work for at least several months. >> i can't put your bones
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physically, but hopefully this can help her feel better mentally and emotionally. >> reporter: it's made everything a little bit easier and. >> has allowed her to focus solely on her recovery. >> after i can walk again i don't need anything after that. >> most of that recover arey and rehab will be done here on the cape because of that taylor won't be able to return to fitchburg state for her last semester of college. that also means she won't be able to return to work. so if you would like to help through that go fund website we're go ahead and link you there. in barnstable, erica richie, fox 25 news. two lanes on the pike were blocked this afternoon as crews battled a car fire. this was the westbound lanes this afternoon. state police tell us no one was hurt and only one car was involved. new tonight, boston police have made an arrest in the break-in caught on camera at st. anthony's shrine. the man you see here eric swannson allegedly broke
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street friday morning. the 33-year-old has been charged with vandalism and breaking and entering. a man is in custody after providence police say he led them on a short chase that left a traffic mess. the pursuit started after a call for shots fired. a fire truck was also sideswiped another car rather on its way to the scene. police say no one in either crash was seriously hurt. officers eventually caught up to the suspect and arrested him. the hunt is on now outside of a springfield strip club. the shooting happened outside the mardi gras club saturday night. one of the men shot in the leg and the other in the stomach. >> i'm going to continue to bring that boom out we're going to be making clean sweeps to sweep this type of garbage out of the city of springfield. >> we've learned both victims are expected to survive. a cool start to the week
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a disputed decision from hampshire college in amherst making national headlines tonight. the school removed the american flag from its campus after heated election
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voice their outrage over that decision. >> veterans and citizens alike are asking the college's president to raise that flag once again. >> blood, sweat and tears. red, white and blue, that's what it is that's what this flag represents. >> reporter: our american flag it stands for many things. >> raise your flags everybody. [cheering and applause] raise them high in that air. >> reporter: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. >> they stand for all the veterans around the whole for this flag. it's more than just a symbol. >> reporter: and it also stands for freedom of expression. administrators at hampshire college say that's what they're doing by removing the flag. fox 25 spoke to the school's president jonathan lash earlier this week. >> the symbol was raising the temperature of the controversy that disagreement and getting us away from the underlying values that we wanted to discuss. >> reporter: it all started after a contentious campaign
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hampshire college campus was lowered to half-staff later someone burned the flag. the college then announced they would removele on glory from campus altogether. >> stand up for something you but you don't need to take the flag down to do it. >> the flag of our united states of america. >> reporter: an up-roar spiralled a group organized a demonstrate at hampshire college today that turned into a sea of flags waving in protest. >> i would die for this flag. i fought r i live for it. >> reporter: veterans shared their stories of fighting for the american dream no matter the cost. christopher dupont fought along his brother. >> this is the flag my mom got at his grave site the day that he was laid to rest. >> reporter: he says this flag represents his family's patriotism and sacrifice. it's exactly why he is speaking out today. >> how much blood has been shed for our country for our
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? god bless america ? ? my home sweet home ? >> the university's president is standing by his decision tonight. he says the discussion about what the flag represents will continue. the commuter rail is forming an action committee to study issues out of poor performance. the worcester line is performance of just 61%. that's based on the last 30 days. keolis said in its report that leave created slippery track conditions which caused some of the delays during the fall. but the action group will be examining the schedule and resources dedicated to that line. this new machine could help the t get the most out of its trains. this modern wheel born machine went into service last week at the mbta facility in everett.
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times faster than the old machine. helping employees shave hours off work time. new tonight researchers warn a once in a century storm could wreak havoc on rhode island. take a look at the graphic here. on the left is where the coast of war quick -- warwick looks like now. on the right what it could look like if a storm were to strike again. anything in red would pretty much be destroyed. it also took into account a seven foot rise in sea level which scientists predict to ha century. a navy veteran will soon be laid to rest at the bottom of the ocean more than 200 miles off the new england coast. a naval submarine will fulfill the wish of captain paul rogers. captain rogers was supposed to be on the u.s.s. thrasher in 1963 but was taken off the boat last minute. the ship sank two days later killing everyone on board. since then rogers wife says he felt survivors remorse up until his death last year. his ashes will be placed
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a flight from israel to boston has been cancelled after pilots refuse to show up. israel's national carrier el al airlines is in the middle of an ongoing labor dispute. the flight was scheduled for takeoff last night. the airline has already had to cancel flights to the u.s. over the very same issue. boston area workers will join others around the nation this week calling for a minimum wage of $15 per hour. rallies are planned for the state house, logan airport and central square in cambridge on tuesday. massachusetts minimum wage country and it's scheduled to rise from $10 to $11 an hour on january 1st. l.l. bean is kicking it up a notch as demand for its iconic boot continues to grow. according to u.s. today the maine-based retailer has leased a larger to building double the size of its operation and will also hire 100 more workers next year to make the boo the and a third monthlying machine. annual sales have grown from
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this year. hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend now we are watching clearing skies departing low pressure. it's going to set us up for a nice start to the week ahead. right now i have clear skies right over most of southern new england. a couple of scattered clouds outer cape and back into southern new england but you see here temperatures are already down to the upper 20s and lower 30s in a lot of spots. of the city. it's 37 at logan but 31? walpole, 29? lexington right now i have 30s all the way down to the south shore. even the vineyard now 38?. nantucket the only 40 on the map. starting to wayne on us. with we have calm winds, too, now in a lot of locations that's leading to those temperatures really sinking down. that cold air is dense it and drains into the lowest lying areas that's the deal tomorrow morning. if you live in one of those
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be colder than the higher elevations. so lower 30s in boston, mid and upper 20s in the suburbs to begin your monday. then high temperatures tomorrow look a lot like they did today but the difference is we'll have even more sunshine some of us got caught under a few clouds today. and then less wind tomorrow as well. so really not a bad deal with the seasonably warm cool either way you want slice it day coming up on monday. now tuesday, into wednesday we have rain on the way. but look at to move back in despite clouds and rain because we have a warm front coming in tuesday, and that's going to bring in our first batch of rain. high pressure is in control tomorrow so we have the clear skies the relatively quiet winds. then late in the day some high clouds are on the way but no rain really most of tuesday morning looks to remain dry. but we'll be watching the steadier rain arriving from the west to the east during the midday and afternoon hours. there's your evening commute
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wetter and wetter here with that drive time over the past couple of days. good news is that batch of rain moves away. so wednesday morning we start things out dry. but look at the rain we get here on tuesday. this is just tuesday's rain anywhere from half an inch to three-quarters of an inch is going to be likely some of us could pick up a little bit more than that we need every drop because look we're still highlighting this red area of extreme drought. right across the pike up to parts of southern new hamp drought and that darker orange color there in the severe drought. so 11 inches below normal in boston we need some help here. we're going to get some over the next few days. monday is great, tuesday is the showers arriving during the day, and then on wednesday afternoon and evening on into thursday morning, another low pressure area coming through with a good dose of rain possibly another inch out of that event. then the weekend always in view never truly -- take a look at that.
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10:00 to 2:00 come see us bring your coats along we need them.
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? .
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the nation. marching bands and christmas-themed floats made their way through the streets of the city for the 64th annual parade. the parade wrapped up a weekend of festivities that kicked off the annual tree lighting on friday night. finally tonight more than 200,000 americans are serving in the military overseas most of them will not be able to make it home for the holidays. >> but thanks to some real generous people in brighton the troops have a little bit of home sent to them. >> reporter: a care package drive was held in brighton today to give u.s. members serving thousands of miles away a little holiday cheer. >> we just want to say thank you to them and that we haven't forgotten them and that everybody really cares. >> one of the organizers of the event she says she was inspired after her son joined the marines. it was her way of giving a little something to those who give so much. >> it's just fantastic. with we knew it was starting to be a huge turnout but it's a lot bigger than we actually expect. it just goes to show there's
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want to help and give back to our troops. >> people donated all sorts of items ranging from toiletries to snacks and books. they also sold raffle tickets to help pay for the overseas shipping. >> i was overwhelmed. i'm so grateful. absolutely. i'm >> indeed. now they're putting the packages together tomorrow night so the troops will get them as soon as possible. nicely done today. we've got the bruins here and there. you love that. >> all right tomorrow you are going to love the weather it's going to be nice and sunny it's not going to be too windy so in the middle 40s after a chilly start then the rain arrives tuesday needed rain and it's going to be again i think wednesday afternoon through early thursday. and then we'll clear things out next weekend.
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update timing and showers in the morning. >> sounds good. enjoy tomorrow at least to get outside. >> as usual thanks for making fox 25 your choice for news. here's butch stearns with a look ahead. thanks chris and kerry. it's sunday night that means sunday night "sports wrap" here on fox 25. tom leyden on the road with the patriots today. he reports from new jersey. tom and i will also break down the game and give you an update on bronx's condition. i will go patriots hall of famer mcginnis. and we have a high school super bowl preview and a lot more coming up for you. it starts in just minutes so we'll see you then on sunday
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hello everybody i'm butch stearns. welcome to sunday night "sports wrap". thanks for being here with us. we have got you covered tonight. bruins, patriots a great conversation with willie mcginnis. high school super bowls much more. let's start with the patriots. it's the last day of november and this is when we start to separate the men from the cowboys in the nfl. the men play hurt they play hard and they make the plays that matter and when they matter the most. and that's what we saw from tom brady and the brets today. starting along with gronk who is also battling injuries. but on this deep ball gronk cannot catch up with it. gronk leaves the game with a


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