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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 28, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> jason: clues in
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>> julie: boy scouts targeted. >> michael: injury for rob gronkowski. what sports director saw in the consource after he left the game. >> julie: time to sit back and shop and best deals on cyber monday. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> jason: good morning, everybody, it is law in for daniel miller. >> julie: journalistic duty to check out amazon. >> jason: all kinds of good stuff. >> waiting until the day was over. >> julie: if you are on amazon let us know deals. >> shiri: it is going to be
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in norwood, still in the mid-30s in nashua and keene, new hampshire, still freezing in worcester at 32? and temperature hit the highs around 3:00 this afternoon, temperature in the middle 40s, then they come crashing down and 30s for the drive home from work and still mostly clear skies and in sky high for tuesday, wednesday, thursday as well and time out heavier showers and back over to you for live drive time traffic. >> reasonable day before we got hit with pike eastbound right at 24, right lane still closed and that's why we're seeing massive backups 128 and into the weston areas. expressway slow going from the
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and look at brighton and 28 minutes approaching the weston tolls. that's not as big of problem as what are we are seeing from the weston tolls to the ted williamstion at 51 minutes and 28 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. >> julie: see when speeding car hits man. jessica reyes live outside the caught on camera. jess? >> jessica: it was a horrific scene early friday morning and crossing stretch of north main street when he was hit and family from honduras they flew in over the weekend and told the enter surprise -- enterprise he was brain dead this morning. stunning moment where car hit 25-year-old brockton man as crossing north main street.
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impact as you have seen the video. >> jessica: leaving before 1:30 when street was busy and dark and right after it happened the bar owner ran outside to help. >> we are a community here and while i know i can't control everything that happens on the street, i'm responsible for my patrons. >> jessica: car towed to station on saturday and they are says this isn't the first time someone has been hit outside the bar and drivers need to slow down and security team will help patrons cross the street. >> in constant communication with them and hope this guy can make it. >> jessica: police have the car they believe was involved and asking anyone with information about this or about the driver to give them a call.
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fox25 news. >> julie: 3 people sent to the hospital after a bus crash. it happened bellingham street and 24-hour shuttle stop. you can see in some of the video the car's engine caught fire and also a small diesel leak from the bus but quickly contained and 3 people went to the hospital and no word on their conditions. the crash is under investigation. happening today swampscott crash killed 2 people at alert shuttle van will be a courtroom. 27-year-old steven birenbaum facing 2 charges of manslaughter. prosecutors say he was going 80 miles per hour at 1 in the morning on august 31st when rear-ended the shuttle and 2 people from texas were killed in the crash and investigators say his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. >> jason: father asked us not
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7-year-old sons were out selling popcorn for the boy scouts and that's when the car pulled up next to 1 of the orlando boys. >> while he was at the end of the driveway car come out to the road, stopped where he was, waved him over and didn't open the car door, didn't open the window but waved him over and showed him ps4 box. >> jason: man drove away and in the 20s and thought to be driving a large bergdy car with 2 red bumper stickers on the back. >> julie: season of giving. catherine parrotta live outside the st. anthony shrine where surveillance video helped track the vilidnitsky -- burglar down. >> catherine: we spoke with the director of the shrine and hoping to get everything back to normal but this is a crime that's left the community in shock. boston police have said that they have arrested the person they believe is responsible for
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people within the community about all of this. >> obviously it is awful. >> catherine: in the season of giving and place known for charity and all are welcome, it is a theft dismayed. >> this is for everyone. not like that. >> discovered things missing and things disheveled. >> catherine: father tom conway at st. anthony shrine and saturday morning discovered had been through the first floor. >> wasn't anything of huge value taken. it was more vandalism. >> among them electronic giving kiosk like this 1 later found abandoned in later part of the shrine and suspect captured clear lie by the shrine's many cameras. >> a lot of people told me they knew him from the homeless community as they looked at the picture. >> catherine: those pictures helped police find the man in stolen item 2 days later on
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eric swanson and breaking and entering at nighttime and father conway doesn't know how it is into the shrine and how long it is there before camera captured him between 4 and 6:00 a.m. and he said he would look forward to forgiving the man. >> people are either desperate because they are hungry, desperate because they are tired or on drugs and a lot of homeless and lots of reasons to be slow to >> catherine: they will likely be arraigned at boston municipal court house. catherine parrotta, fox 25 news. >> julie: suspect behind violent armed robbery is on the run and say he robbed customer friday night and beat the person with the gun. victim had to be taken to the hospital. julie: take look at scene friday evening at the shell gas station on corner of state and reed road in dartmouth.
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but didn't find anyone and customer who was assaulted is expected to be okay. >> jason: tom brady main offensive player walked off the field and michael henrich is live outside the stadium with what we know about gronk's injury. >> michael: gronk uncertai missed last week's game with possible punctured lung and so he did end up starting even though he was listed questionable going into the game against jets yesterday. he didn't last long. gronk came out of the game toward the end of the first
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injury and tom leyden described gronk as walking around rather gingerly and said gronk had wooded sweatshirt up over his face and multiple teammates came over to check on how he was doing and gronk did not seem very chatty at the time and all that said later came out with report citing anonymous source says that gronk's back injury not believed to we are looking to find official update from gronk and the team and as soon as we get it we will bring to you. michael henrich, fox25 news. >> jason: 10:00 in the morning tune in for special pregame show dawn of dynasty. tom leyden and butch stearns will be live at gillette looking back at fifteenth anniversary of the pats first super bowl win and have interviews with some of the players from that team and
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match-up with the los angeles rams. then at 11:00 fox nfl sunday pregame show picks up coverage and watch the game right here starting at 1:00 on fox25. >> julie: earlier incident cleared and gained 10, 15 minutes on pike eastbound and down 39 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted tunnel. shiri? >> shiri: lower 40sy 11:00 this morning. show you which towns and cities get close to 50 today and where to plan on the worst of the showers tomorrow. >> julie: college student remains hospitalized after head-on crash and 1 detail she is focusing on as she begins the
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>> jason: donald trump claiming he would have won the popular vote if it weren't for million of illegal voters and claiming fraud in 3 states, including new hampshire and not providing evidence to backup any of the claim. jacqueline fell in washington d.c. with more. >> reporter: good morning. president-elect donald trump fired off series of angry tweets about a recount effort and claims of voter fraud.
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wisconsin. she is also pushing for recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. hillary clinton is joining in on recount request. trump called effort a scam and lost popular votes by almost 2 million. without offering any evidence he claims millions voted for hillary clinton illegally. another tweet says serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. there have been no evidence of any kind of trump incoming chief of staff called recount effort total waste of time during interview on fox news. >> it is ridiculous. it is' fundraising notoriety driven fraud by person that won 33,000 votes in wisconsin to president-elect donald trump that won 1.4 million. >> reporter: i have reached
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>> jason: for his has remained silent on selection process. over the weekend he tweeted this picture saying no greater joy than making discoveries together with grandchildren. >> julie: today cuba begins the 9 day mourning period following the death of fidel castro. his ashes are on display at plaza of revolution. take you live look at the capital city and thousands of cubans waiting for long lines to pay the respects.
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country for other ceremonies throughout the week and here are live pictures. funeral will happen on sunday. castro died friday at the age of 90. >> feud between rosie o'donnell and donald trump continues. it started a week ago when video shows clips of 10-year-old baron trump as supposed evidence that he has autism. donald's post message says if it is true it would be amazing opportunity to bring right away o'donnell was accused of bringing child into ongoing feud with the president-elect but over the weekend she defended herself saying she has been researching autism ever since 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed a few months ago and it has nothing to do with the thoughts about barron trump's father. >> julie: improving on the pike and earlier crash at exit 24 has cleared.
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as you could see moving along eastbound through brighton and live drive times, an hour -- just gained 2 minutes. about a little over an hour to be splitting hairs on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 24 minutes on the expressway and 45 minutes on 93 south from 495 to leverett connector. >> jason: this is rough travel to work and 4 days off and now it is over. >> at and 1 day to adjust. >> jason: as soon as you said november rain ears perked up. >> shiri: calm and sunny conditions today but there's a lot going on tomorrow, including potential for a little bit of an icy mix just at onset here. early tomorrow morning out in western new england or maybe southwestern new hampshire. these are spots that are going
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tough of ice, marginal there and plain rain in the forecast central forecast wednesday and thursday and right now it is cool out there and hot day and temperature still freezing and worcester, 36 in portsmouth, new hampshire, 38 in norwood with all the sun that will allow all day long and norwood in norwood and 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 there and 5:00 p.m. it is like knocking on the door 30s again. so going to be cold get you home from work later on today and temperatures hitting highs in the upper 40s in norwood and new bedford and framingham and fitchburg, about 43 in worcester and portsmouth, new hampshire and 46, plymouth and 45 in hyannis and take the sunshine because tonight in come the clouds and temperatures back into the 30s overnight and then high temperatures tomorrow
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future cast. i want to start things off at about 8:00 in the morning where you can see shower just getting into spots like southwest new hampshire, western massachusetts, i know future cast doesn't have whole lot before this but i think starting at 7:00 a.m. we can start seeing couple sprinkles out there and that's why we got to keep close eye on temperatures out in the berkshires, out in monadnock and temperatures cool enough to get icy during the tail end at boston to the north and west and covers
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we got and dealing with rain and result 1 to 2 inches much needed and showers most of the day and wet and 50? and 54 here on wednesday with afternoon and evening rain going into thursday morning and friday keeping it dry, 50? and hopefully able to join us on saturday at the coats for kids dropoff at jordan furniture in natick and temperature upper 30s, lower 40s during the dropoff times and we got partly sunny skies sunday shaping up pretty nice the second half of the weekend. back to you guys. >> jason: new charges of
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charges the mother is accused of committing. >> julie: look at giant orange
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>> jason: protesters plan to 2 members of health board to resign at meeting after a widespread animal abuse case this year. animals were found in squalor in july. state officials already invoked the duty for 2 workers because they didn't properly inspect the farm 2 months discovered. >> jason: largest and most advanced hiv vaccine clinical trial to take place in the country. now south africa more than 1,000 people are infected with hiv just in everyday. every single day. researchers studying 300 sexually active men and women over the next year.
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amazon rolling out 75,000 all week long and electronics are big sellers and save big on next vacation. vacation, what is that? haven't taken 1 of those in awhile. slow summer travel sales should result in big air fare and hotel deals today. some of those sales could last all week. trips to the caribbean and europe are expected to be pretty cheap. julie: now looking at how much spent annual shopping spree raked in $3 billion. billion dollars came from shopping to mobile devices and data also shows sales physical stores dipped 5% over the past 2 days. >> jason: some of the black friday money spent in seattle at nike factory store. look at this mess. customers having to walk through the sea of orange boxes in final hours of black friday. the guy that shot the video told buzz feed thought he was looking at aftermath of earthquake, that's how bad it was in the
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employee store saw 20,000 customers in a little over 24,000 hours and started thanksgiving night and told julie during a break it is a little bit their fault because don't have sea through boxes. see through boxes next year and see what they are buying. >> shiri: i think people need to learn manners. have you worked retail? i have. it is matter of couple days we could make up that 2 inches of rainfall shortage that we have in the city. i'm going to time out was she
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good morning, everyone. looking at common, back bay, not a cloud in sight but chilly out there this morning. >> shiri: a little bit of cool factor out there this morning, that's about it. >> this is how yesterday started. we know how great it was yesterday. beautiful day. >> more comfortable and lose the wind today and have temperatures starting out in 30s, 35 in plymouth, 37 in marion, we got nice clear skies, going to see tons of blue out there start to
9:31 am
natick and temperatures behind here in worcester hills and temperature teetering around freezing and lower 30s and grab the jacket, grab the sunglasses and need them both and sunshine in boston, 42? at noon and temperatures back in the 37:00 this evening. today quiet 1 talking a lot of rain and potential for couple out with you in 10. live drive time traffic. >> moving along just fine right now, 93 south still sluggish medford into somerville. peek seeing heavier volume eastbound as you approach brighton area where this volume still kind of lingering from earlier accident. here are live drive times, they are improving on the pike, down to about 50 minutes as head from 495 to mass ave. half hour on expressway, 51
9:32 am
>> jason: local college student spent holiday in hospital after crash and she is lucky to be alive telling her story. 21-year-old headed home to the cape when she was struck head on. >> so happy that i didn't -- >> jason: hard to put into words how the crash early thanksgiving morning could have ended. as taylor mcbarren spoke from her hospital bed she positive. >> i made it. >> jason: headed from fitchburg to barnstable 2:00 in the morning thursday after waitressing shift when 22-year-old james keating of norton was driving the wrong way and hit taylor head on. he died at the scene. taylor never lost consciousness. >> i was in the fast lane and that's where i ended up and cars by me and not stopping and i
9:33 am
known so i called 911. >> at hospital taylor learned she suffered a severely broken ankle and cuts and bruises and friends were learning she was the 1 involved in the crash they had seen on the news. >> definitely very shocking. >> for taylor's best friend emma mcmahon. >> 2 separate people. >> also very upsetting and felt helpless and wanted to be there for her friend. she set up account because she won't be able to work for several months. >> can't make you feel better physically but hopefully this can help her feel better mentally and emotionally. >> it has made everything a little bit easier. >> jason: it has allowed her to focus solely on recovery. most the rehab will take place on the cape and because of that she not be able to go back to school to fitchburg state to finish out the rest of the
9:34 am
killed, he is the sixth bridgewater state student to die and investigation continues this morning into why exactly he was driving on the wrong side of the road. >> julie: investigators say 50-year-old daniel lee of chatham plunged off the expressway and hit suv on morrissey boulevard. 2 people in the car were hurt but are expected to be okay. the cause of the crash remains under >> jason: 3 young children taken from mattapan after mother found dead inside. police responded to the bismark apartment. door had been forced open. >> few relatives hadn't heard from her and they forced the door. wasn't home invasion. looked like they forced but they went and found the young lady.
9:35 am
in the woman's death. they are still waiting for results of autopsy. >> jason: new hampshire woman remains in jail. samantha grenier accused of criminal restraint and 2 counts of endangering welfare of the child. her arrest came 2 days after her estranged husband james granneer was also arrested and her children were week covered in filth and her 3-year-old was tied to a bed and she told fox25 she knew her son was being restrained but couldn't do anything about it. samantha grenier is held on $20,000 bail and due back in court week from today. children are now with the grandparents. >> julie: short-circuit in power strip gutted fire in dorchester. the fire happened just before noon yesterday and burned
9:36 am
5 people now out of the home but fortunately no 1 was hurt. things back to normal on pike this morning after crews shut down 2 lanes to fight a fiery crash. this was westbound lanes in grafton around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. look at that. state police tell us no 1 was hurt and only 1 car was involved. no word yet on what caused the crash. >> jason: sure wasn't pretty and come back win over the jets last night and tom brady made history on the field. fox25 michael henrich is live and number 12 is now tied with peyton manning for the most wins all time. michael, good morning. >> michael: game here on fox25 and brady just spoke for weekly interview and he reflected a little bit on his accomplishment saying he could never have imagined how things have played
9:37 am
of credit to being in the right place at the right time, having the same offense for 17 years. 1 head coach. all in all he says it has been a great ride. less than 2 minutes to go sunday tom brady let patriots to victory for two hundredth time and tying for the all time lead th >> quarterback's job is to win and glad he is the quarterback. >> michael: belichick called number 12 the greatest situational football player he has been around. in classic form brady deflected credit for the accomplishment. >> it is a team sport. you know, individual awards and things like that, it means i have been a part of really great teams with great coaches and great teammates and i have had a lot of great support over the
9:38 am
joked after the win. >> i wasn't thinking about that. never won 9 game in season before. i'm like 9-2. yeah, let's go. 200 wins. not won 200 games in my whole life. >> michael: brady spoke about injuries he has been dealing with. of course, leg injury and he said he didn't really think at any point he wouldn't be able to play and like h health concerned throughout the week in practice and that's why he went out there. he did not have any updates on gronk's condition, rob gronkowski left the game toward the end of the first quarter with an apparent back injury. some reports say it is not that serious. we will get an official update for you and send it out to you as soon as we can. live in foxborough, i'm michael henrich, fox25 news. >> michael: this is fun for us. the patriots are on fire. got you covered leading up to the game too.
9:39 am
show dawn of destiny. tom leyden and butch stearns will be live looking back at fifteenth anniversary of the pats first super bowl win. they will have interviews of some of the player from the team and get you ready for the match-up with the ram. at 11:00 watch the game right here starting at 1:00. >> julie: happening today federal regulators pilgrim nuclear plant in plymouth and 20 people will conduct 3-week reviewf pilgrim was downgraded last year and look at safety protocols and performance and findings to determine what steps the owner must take before closing the plant in 2019. julie: ashland first community to try to delay the opening of recreational marijuana in the state and temporary moratorium and shops won't open until they have more time to study and plan for the recreational laws.
9:40 am
massachusetts towns following passing of medical marijuana in 2012. julie: we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. taking look right now at drive time on the expressway. things slightly improving, hovering around half hour mark from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. shiri? >> shiri: sunshine coming your way 44 to 48? and 24 hours away from steadier heavier rain and walk you through it hour-by-hour with future cast in minutes. >> julie: holiday season is here but not everyone will begin
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>> julie: california woman reunited with family 3 weeks after she vanished while jogging. we reported last week the young mother turned up early thanksgiving morning. she was discovered alive on the side of the road hundreds of >> she has been found. >> julie: sherri papini was badly bruised but able to get partially out of restraints to flag down passing car. the day after she was found her sister thanked everyone on behalf of sister's behalf. >> overwhelmed with joy how supportive everyone has been to bring us together as family again. >> papini told police she was
9:44 am
investigators said more people were involved in the abduction. family says was not saying if ransom was not paid for freedom. >> jason: red white and blue patriotic display set up in recent decision. amherst campus move made national headlines and american flag after the heated election season. fox25 sara underwood reports this morning that yesterday hundreds of people including veterans arrived at school with flags >> blood, sweat, tears, red, white, blue, that's what the flag represents. >> sara: american flag stands for many things. >> raise your flags, everybody. raise them in air. >> life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. >> veterans around the whole nation. everybody that fought for this flag. it is more than just a symbol. >> also stand for freedom of expression.
9:45 am
college say that's what they are doing by removing the flag. fox25 spoke to jonathan lash last week. >> symbol was raising the temperature of controversy that disagreement in getting usway from the underlying values we wanted to discuss. >> all started after contentious campaign season. the flag flying on new hampshire college campus was lowered to half-staff. later someone burned the flag. college then announced they would remove old glory f campus all together. >> stand up for something but don't need to take flag down. >> uproar spiraled, group from the vfw from college turned into sea of flags in protest. >> i would die for this flag, i live for it. you all live for it. >> sara: veterans share stories of fighting for the american dream no matter the
9:46 am
christopher dupont was alongside his brother. >> got at gravesite the moment he was laid to rest. >> sara: flag represents the family's patriotism and sacrifice and exactly why he is speaking out now. >> much blood has been shed for the country, for the ? ? >> jason: school's president standing by the decision to remove the flag but promising talks about what the flag represents will continue. >> jason: >> julie: keolis operates commuter rail says worcester line averaging 61% based on last
9:47 am
over the fall created by leaves on the tracks and now action group will be examining the schedule and resources dedicated to that line. meanwhile, "t" hoping to improve service with this machine. the modern wheel boring device in everett, used to build axil sets for trains on all lines. gets going and stay out of the way. side of human hair and can operate up to 5 times faster than the old machine. helping employees safe hours off of work time. efficient too. we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. thing moving along 128 northbound fine, expressway slow through neponset and pike looking much better as head eastbound through brighton. here are live drive time, 12 minutes route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 37 minutes on 93 south and 22
9:48 am
meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and by looks of it outside and clear and by looks of it and what you're telling me and rainfall on horizon. >> not today but we need the rain. and no improvements drought monitor last week, by the way and over 40% of the state under an extreme drought right now and we got 2 inch rainfall deficit in both boston and worcester for just this month. an all of that in matter of days. we could get that much rain tuesday, wednesday and clear and dry and a little shield of high pressure keeping everything at bay and day of sunshine and we get into the warmer and wetter weather for the day tomorrow. the warm -- you know what, temperature a little bit above average but a little tough to enjoy it when it is raining out there, 37? right now in boston and tiny bit of wind chill but with wind 5 to 10 miles per hour.
9:49 am
big issue today. we have all day clear skies. by early this afternoon it is middle 40s. that's where we hover through 3:00 today in boston and then temperatures starts to go down for the evening commute and not worry and middle 40s going all the way from the cape up to boston, up to the sea coast of new hampshire, lawrence 45, couple hot spots norwood and new bedford at 48? and fitchburg at 47. sorry worcester you're only going to this afternoon. so let's talk about tomorrow and got the slight risk for ice out in the monadnocks, berkshires and overall looking at fog and rain developing here during the day. first thing in the rain looks like it is going to start off mostly dry and i think after 7:00 a.m. we will have to watch for some drizzle and then with temperature here only 35 in nashua, new hampshire and keene, new hampshire, temperature just so close to freezing up there that i think in parts of southern and southwestern
9:50 am
out there now the shading on your screen is green. means it is light rain that we are watching here develop during the morning hours, noon time north and west of boston in particular still looking at rain out there and heaviest stuff come into play 3:00 p.m. this is, of course, bus stop time for a lot of kids out there and yellows, oranges and real soaking rains in here from boston points south and east got a lot of mid to upper 50s to the north and west we got temperatures barely getting up to 50 in nashua, new hampshire and optimistic with that all day rain in those clouds it is going to be tough to get the spots that are rainy early in the morning like spots north and west of boston and get about 50?, maybe some of you stuck in the 40s here tomorrow. tomorrow pretty rainy day. i think wednesday morning you wake up to some dry conditions
9:51 am
rain that goes overnight into the thursday morning and temperatures in the middle 50s. we got about 50? here on friday with partly sunny skies and then we are hoping to see you out to jordan's furniture in natick here on saturday because it is coat dropoff day and entire fox25 stormtracker weather center out there collecting coats for kids and 36 to 42 and might initially get a little bit chilly and temperatu upper 40s and then middle 40s here on sunday under mostly sunny skies. so we got to get through a little tuesday, wednesday thursday rain but rest of the week shaping up pretty dry. back to you guys. >> 9:51 now and coming off big
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too! everything for the holidays. that's my stop & shop. >> jason: thousands of american troops unfortunately will be spending holidays overseas and generous in brighton still get a little holiday cheer. care package drive over the weekend to collect everything from toilet trees to books for deployed troops. organizers of the event say it is a simple way to give back to
9:55 am
>> haven't forgotten and everybody cares. >> ll bean kicking it up a notch. according to usa today the main based retailer released retail and her hire 100 more workers manufacture the rubber soles will be in store this summer and they have grown less than $100,000 to decade ago to more than $600,000 this year. >> julie: they are being called footwear of the future. don't think you will get black friday deal on them though and inspired by the film back to the future which is older film but still lingering with us. the sneaker automatically tighten when you put them on and
9:56 am
with price. pair of the sneakers set you back $720. >> too much money. >> animated adventure sailed into 1st place. it made estimated $81.1 million almost beating frozen as biggest thanksgiving debut of all time. fantastic beasts and where to find them came in $45.1 million at the box office. not too bad. >> julie: tickets for the latest star wars movie goes on sale today. rogue 1 star wars story both spinoff of the original star wars trilogy and prequel. >> you know all about it now. >> well caught up. around group of webels to steal
9:57 am
>> jason: going to be a massive movie. >> shiri: until then we have rain coming in. temperature in the 40s, sunshine but we have developing rain tomorrow and then we got another batch of rain wednesday night into thursday morning. so we just got wet couple of days and talking downpours in there but need it.
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. it's november 28th. time for great viral videos right this minute. rescuers try to reach a wounded elephant who is in a pit. >> with her 3-month-old calf. >> see the amazing effort to get baby and mamma out. a high speed survival story after a cop is thrown from the car. man down. >> he's the terminator. >> imagine leaving your home to live in safari tents designed by a world famous pet designer. now meet the couple who realized this is right up their alley. >> my gosh. so stinking cool. >> we are breaking down the best on the web including how a couple's motorcycle trip lead to inspiration. >> you know what i'm going to


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