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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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how a teenager alerted a mom and baby about the fire and got them out safely. coming face to face with another potential natural disaster. the overnight storm that forced evacuees to take cover. >> gene: good morning, everybody -- oh, my goodness, pardon me. 5:00. appreciate you being with us. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: are you okay. >> gene: i don't know. i will check on that. and breaking weather news. at least three people are dead as strong and fierce storms swept across alabama. three children were hurt when the 24-hour day-care center they were in was destroyed. >> gene: the same storm system will be coming our way. won't be as severe. sara underwood is in the weather center -- sarah wroblewski is in the weather
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that will arrive. >> sarah: these are the showers. a tornado watch from louisiana through tennessee and georgia, but we are anticipating severe weather. we may hear a rumble of thunder overnight, but no severe weather. current conditions, it's dry out there, although we have a lot of fog and temperatures ranging from the mid-30s to the middle 50s. a little bit milder than it was this time yesterday. visibility continues to change. we are spweeing a half-mile visibility to the connecticut river valerie from be mile. something we will watch. hour by hour we will take newt upper 40s and 50s. steady rain in the afternoon. a closer look at the timeline ahead. a check of traffic with julie. >> julie: looking good, sara. bright green on my traffic flows which means nothing is slowing you down quite yet. we wait until 6:30 when the volume millions. expressway clear from naponset to columbia road. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound. single digits on the
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connector. back to you. developing this morning, the hunt is on for the person that left a man seriously hurt in the middle of the road. >> that thank man was rushed to the hospital and at this point, police have few clues to go on about the driver responsible. our catherine parrotta live in taunton where this all happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it happened in this area. this residential area pretty quiet yet, fairly dark as well cleared and the investigation continues. this is what we know so far. according to police this happened around 8:30 and the area where it happened at the intersection of state street and lawrence street. a man was dragged a ways. when they arrived they found a man lying in the street with serious injury and the driver was no longer found. again today, police still
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the scene here have been cleared, working to find the driver in this case. we will be working to get more information about this throughout the morning as well. live in taunton, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. fierce flames are forcing 20 people to find a new place to live this morning. many say they are just grateful to be alive thanks to one person that got them out of their homes before the flames became too intense. our jessica reyes live in lawrence. everyone who made it out say this was just incredibly frightening. situation for everyone who lives here. show you the building here. it was a burned-out shell of what it was. if you look toward the right, there is still an engine here for hot spots this morning. cell phone video from the scene show the flames tearing through this triple decker and this morning more than 20 people here all without home. it happened on east lawrence and prospect street in the middle of the day right around 1:00 in the afternoon. a mother and her baby were sleeping inside when this happened.
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when a teenager came banging on their door. they don't know who he is, and this morning they are hoping to find him and thank him. >> that teenager -- >> if you were watching this or watching the news, thank you. because it if wasn't for him, we probably would not be here right now. >> reporter: a woman and a fire fighter we know were taken to the hospital as a precaution. the fire department is working to figure out how this all happened and we will posted on that throughout the morning. jessica reyes, fox 25 news. a go fund me page for a father and her daughter who lost their home in a fire. the 84-year-old is recovering from serious burns at boston hospital. a neighbor helped him after he rushed out of his house with clothes on fire. the daughter was treated for smoke inhalation. we posted a link to the go fund me site at
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murdering two infants want to suppress the evidence found in her squalid home. her attorney said it exceeded the scope of the search warrant. an older child who lived in the home asked a neighbor to help get a baby to stop crying. the neighbor called police and percent later found a 3-year-old and a 5-month-old in the home living among the deplorable conditions of trash and animal waste. police found the bodies of court in december. and the robbery suspect in lynn has been identified. 41-year-old michael mcguiness of malden robbed a gas station early yesterday morning and claimed he had a gun. police found him minutes later but you refused to take his hands out of his pocket and he kept walking closer to them. mcguiness later died at the hospital. mcguiness has a lengthy criminal history. among his many robbery arrests this one we reported back on
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malden. a 75-year-old woman is seen using a price gun to hit mcguiness when he was behind the counter. manchester, new hampshire police are investigating the shooting death of a man found inside of his thornton home. they are not releasing much information about a possible suspect but neighbors say the apartment has been a concern. >> they knew something would happen sooner or later. told the police for at least six, seven months that we have seen all the time. >> sara: the victim's name will be released after the autopsy is complete. the family said they were shocked and asked for privacy. an electrical worker shocked after working on a car. he had been working to restore power that was knocked out by yesterday's storms. the driver did stay at the scene. police have not said if the driver will face any charges. the worker was taken to the hospital in beverly with
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and the cyclist hit and killed on a highway off ramp. the 58-year-old was riding a electric bike on the sidewalk when it went into the road on the off ramp from 49 to 110 when a flat-bed truck hit and killed him. >> gene: the driver didn't realize at first that he had hit a man. this is happening in metheun but did stop and cooperated with the investigation. he told police he did it. hit-and-run crash in brockton is being held on $10,000 bail after turning himself in. prosecutors say that tilton concalves admitted he was driving the street when he hit the man and kept going. he panicked but sur rendered because he had no way to do. >> he said he struck the person and proceeded to panic and drove home.
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court again on december 29. another scare for the people from gatlinburg, tennessee. a brief tornado warning in pigeoning for where evacuees from the largest wildfire in a century is taking shelter. as of right now no word from any injury from the weather. as for the fire, three people have died and several more are missing. gutted buildings and smoking piles of debris is all that is work in areas of gatlinburg. dry dry conditions and hurricane-force winds have spread the fire from the great smokey mountain national park. more than 150 businesses and homes were burned in the town in the resort town including the mayor's. >> personally i think i have lost my house, but, you know, things with be rebuilt. our downtown is in intact which is really great for our economy and for the future of gatlinburg. >> sara: authorities have still investigating the cause of the fire. the national park service says
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now 5:08. the fbi is now lock through the cell phone and student who attacked 11 people at ohio state university. no indication that abdul razak artan was communicating with a terror group and believe this was a lone wolf attack. the 18-year-old student was not on their radar but he left hints on line. posted a rant on facebook that said if you want us muslims to attacks, then make peace. on monarchs rtan drove his car on to a sidewalk of people and. he was shot and killed by a police officer. will not be sending a delegation to fidel castro's funeral. the u.s. will send a pair of white house aides. america's relations with cuba are still complicated. cuba is still in mourning
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sunday. happening today, governor charlie baker will be in washington d.c. to discuss transportation and military issues. he is meeting with the army's chief of staff at the pentagon to talk about the progress of the massachusetts military task force. he will also meet with the president of amtrak to discuss their partnership of the commonwealth. latered to, governor baker will be honored by a governor magazine and a public official of the year award. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. go right now 93 south, an easy 20-minute ride from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. sara? >> sarah: the dense fog advisory expanded into southern new hampshire as well as vermont. visibility down to quarter of a mile and take it easy. as we go throughout the day, not our forecast with 90 degrees. i wish. mild temperatures and heavy rain. i will have that timeline ahead. now at 5 :10 this morning, one man did not need a complex plan to pull off a big heist.
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back here at 5:13. president-elect donald trump makes good on one of his campaign promises. he struck a deal with the new england based company to keep jobs in the united states. daniel miller joins us with a deal that was announced late last night. >> daniel: connecticut carrier said they will keep 1,000 jobs in indiana. the air conditioning manufacturer was planning to move their facilities to mexico and trump campaigned that he will keep those jobs here in the united states or punish the company if they refuse. the company's decision has been the first major victory since donald trump was elected president of the united states. the news isn't all good for carrier employees. the company has its west side plan which means there still
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in the coming weeks and months. president-elect trump and his vice president will be in indiana tomorrow for the official announcement. meantime, trump met again with former massachusetts governor mitt romney in new york. romney here is being considered for secretary of state. the pair were spotted eating dinner at a restaurant in trump tower. afterwards, romney said they talked about the awares throughout the world, and that he was impressed so far with the president-elect. >> and i have to tell you i have been impressed what i have seen in the transition efforts. members of his cabinet are solid, effective, capable people. >> daniel: the secretary of state post is not necessarily a done deal for romney. mr. trump also met with senator bob corker. former new york mayor rudy giuliani expressed have in the post. the president-elect has not laid out a timeline when he will pick a crate. now he is planning to make, a quote victory tour to swing
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ohio. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. trump is continuing to fill positions in his cabinet. sources say he will nominate former goldman sachs banker steve nuchin as treasury secretary. he served as trump's campaign finance chair and no political experience and ties to wall street is concern that he may rein in the industry. elaine chao as transportation she served as secretary of labor and married to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. as we reported yesterday, trump has officially selected georgia congressman tom price trump has officially selected georgia congressman tom price for human health secretary before the vote, another massachusetts representative has come out against nancy pelosi.
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pelosi said she is confident that she has enough votes to maintain the minority leader position. she has led the democrats in the house for the past 14 years. good morning, everyone. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. things are nice and quite yet out there. another hour and 15 minutes before things start to slow down. expressway looking good from the braintree split to columbia road. north of the pike is clear. 93 no issues to report yet on route 1 northbound or southbound. live look at the zakim where traffic is moving with ease. live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1. 23 minutes from 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound as you approach mass ave. as you head out the door, i try to get out -- i don't know, 15 minutes early if you can, sarah, because you were watching fog and lower visibility take it slow on the roads. >> reporter: absolutely, low beams instead of high beams.
5:18 am
rain where we picked up a good amount, half an inch to two inches in spots. some of our spotter reports over the last 24 hours. rain has cleared, but we have fog out there. take a look at this. more rain headed our way. we have to point out we are watching for severe weather down across the south. we do have a tornado watch from louisiana all the way to tennessee as well as georgia, but we are talking about dense fog in our area. that is the advisory we have in place currently right now. and it was just expanded into southern vermont and southern new hampshire and the manchester airport does have a weather warning until 8 a.m. for the visibility down to a quarter of a mile. something we will monitor throughout the morning. temperatures ranging from the 30s to the west to the 50s across parts of the cape. 40 in lawrence right now and we are looking at worcester at 49. visibility okay right there, but look what happened, temperatures today upper 40s to near 50 degrees.
5:19 am
have break in the cloud cover before they thicken back up by your midday and by the afternoon, showers arriving heavy at time. at times upper 40s to lower 50s. winds out of the east. over the next 24 hours, rain heavy at times tonight. may hear a rumble of thunder as temperatures come on the mild side. early morning rain clears and leads to sunshine as temperatures stay above average. cloudy and fog the morning taking you through futurecast. by midday, clouds thick may see a sprinkle or two and showers arrive into the afternoon and in the evening you may see those steadier downpours and they will continue overnight tonight. we will watch low pressure push on flew early thursday morning. an early morning commuter be aware that the roadways will be wet as we will be dealing with heavy rain, but by 8:00, we are looking at improvement and improvement continues into the afternoon as temperatures once i said are going to be on the milder side. half an inch to an inch and a
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will be good for the current drought that we are in. it looks as though we will be driving out. temperatures cooling down into friday and into the weekend. coat drop-off day in natick at jordan's furniture, looking good. another system on monday for a wintry mix. over to you. a child with special needs is found alone wandering a busy street. coming up, why the child's mother said she was never told what happened. a 4-year-old is dead after a head-on csh next, why police say the boy's father is to blame. and thousand in tonight for a special report from our fox25 investigates team. we will feature some of our inve [ bell clangs ]
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. we are back at 5:23. a high-speed chase in connecticut ended with the death of a 4-year-old boy. javus was in the front passenger seat of a stolen car with his father brandon little at the time of the crash. court documents say the pair was with the three other children and the driver
5:24 am
miles per hour before crashing head on to another car. >> i just want to know why. why can't tyler stop, why! that's a baby, yo. that's baby. >> gene: police had called off the chase just before the crash calling the pursuit too dangerous. new york police are looking for a man they say stole a pot of gold. check out this surveillance footage. the man in the black vest seems to notice the unattended he takes a five-gallon bucket out of the back and runs down the street. police say that bucket was filled with 86 pounds of gold flakes worth $176 million. and looks like scene straight from an action movie, a south carolina man was being chased by police when he crashed his pickup truck. when another driver got out of the car to help the victims, he was hijack. he took off in a stolen car
5:25 am
man and faces charge of dui and leaving the scene of a crash. took a while for the bruins to get going. the game goes into a lengthy shootout. tuukka rask wasn't really challenged last night. bruins down 2-0. and the bs strike twice in a 90-second stand. david krejci's one-timer cuts the lead in half. and tori krug will fire one from the point. brad marchand at the side of the point. gobbles up the rebound. ties a shootout. and a long one, tuukka rask up to the task initially, but in the 9th round, the flyers player, the flip shot and goes in. the winner. the flyers take it 3-2 in a shootout over the bruins. more post season hardware for rick porcello, named the american league comeback player of the year that goes along with a cy young. the selection a bit odd as the
5:26 am
which usually the case for the person who wins the comeback player of the year. a group of 20 co-workers are celebrating after finding out that they won the $420 million powerball jackpot. the winners work at a factory in tennessee and decided to pull their -- pool their money to buy tickets. the group told to take a lump sum of $257. about $12.5 million each. not bad. they say they plan to use the in their families and communities as they possibly can. >> gene: tell me they are all quitting. are they? >> sara: gene, would you never. >> sarah: i would never either. no. we didn't hit the lottery either for the weather today. we will be talking clouds. rain moving in for the evening commute as temperatures stay mild. i will have that timeline just ahead. salem is making a move to protect everyone who lives there and go against the
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5:30. one person rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car. the driver takes off. the search this morning for person behind the wheel. abusing the public trust. what sort of items investigators say he bought with his clothing allowance. adding drones to the police fleet. the local department that wants to use the unmanned flying vehicles to help fight crime. good morning, everybody. 5:30 on wednesday morning, november 30. the last day of november. can you believe it? >> i cannot believe it. >> one month left in 2016. >> sara: and christmas around
5:31 am
umbrellas away just yet. sarah wroblewski in the storm tracker weather center for shiri tracking when the next batch will move in. >> reporter: we are dealing with another round of heavy rain but this morning it is all about the fog and low clouds out there. temperatures ranging from the 30s to the north and west down to the 50s to parts of the cape and islands. and down across the cape and islands. we have plymouth and ptown, chatham too, all with visibilities under a mile and we are seeing that stretch in place like norwood take it easy on the roadways this morning as we are watching for changing visibility through the morning. going through the day, clouds to start. temperatures in the mid- to upper 40s, then you will see a few breaks before the steady rain moves in this afternoon and evening. i am going to have that timeline in just a few minutes. a check with julie grauert now because she is now watching for a new accident. >> julie: yes, sarah, a new accident, right off of 24 in the randolph area.
5:32 am
times. hopefully we will get that clear before we see the 6:30 rush. 61 miles per hour on the pike. no issue there is. north of the pike looking good on route 1 and 93 south. 12 minutes on route 1. 22 minutes on 93 south and on 128 south from peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. this morning taunton police are searching for a driver they say hit someone on state street, that is, and didn't stop to help. when police arrived at the scene around 8:30 road and his leg was seriously hurt. doctors treated him at a rhode island hospital. we are working to get more information from police on the car involved. happening this morning, a meeting is planned to talk about the future of this local police chief. the 20-year veteran under fire for allegedly using town money to buy women's clothing. our michael henrich live in dighton. and the chief went to great lengths to cover this up. >> reporter: well, the dighton
5:33 am
women's clothing but also accused of, yes, trying to cover it all up. >> reporter: dighton fire chief for the past 11 years, anton roderick is now accused of violating the public's trust by purchasing women's clothes with taxpayer money. the chair of the dighton board of selectmen say a recent private audit of the fire department raised red flags. according to south coast roderick submitted multiple invoices for women's clothing in september. on one invoice about a new coat, they claim he used white out on the word "women's" and hand wrote the word "men." the paper reports that roderick told investigators he bought the women's clothes because they fit him better after his significant weight loss. roderick was arraigned yesterday on charges of presenting a fraudulent claim to an employer, larceny and
5:34 am
police. the town board of selectmen's chair say a public meeting is scheduled for 11:00 this morning here at the town hall to discuss the issue, and he does hope that roderick's employment fate is decided before it is dark. live in dighton, michael henrich, fox25 news. a new hampshire day care has been shut down after a 3-year-old boy was found wandering alone on a busy street. the toddler walked away from this -- his angels learning academy in lee last month. a after seeing a child walking on a busy highway on ramp. the boy's mom who did not want to go on camera says her son has down syndrome and cannot communicate easily. the day care voluntarily closed and she was never told what happened. locals say that stretch of road is treacherous. >> especially on 155, 40 miles per hour and on both sides, they exceed 60. >> reporter: right now it is
5:35 am
but owner could lose her license permanently. a controversial plan to bring commuter rail service to gillette stadium has new life. the state unveiled a proposal yesterday to add up to four round-trip commuter line trains to gillette under a pilot program. the expansion will run along a line of track currently used for freight trains, but like previous plans could run in opposition of those who live close to that line. >> no matter how many train stations if reliable that people can count on they are not going to rely on because they have to get work and help. >> the state also presents its plans to walpole residents next week many of woman who live on that line. robert kraft's company has pledged $200 million toward operating the train. the parking lot will be next to guilt lelt stadium and patriot place shopping plaza. mbta officials won't go through with the plan unless it is approved by the town of foxborough. middlesex county is trying out a new program to help
5:36 am
charges. the county's da tells the "boston herald" referring low-level drug offenders to treatment. they will have to pay a fee and complete a 16-week program. upon successfully finishing the program, their charges will be dropped. a local city councilor wants to fly drones over his town to keep an eye on crime. brian gomez of new bedford put forth the proposal. he told the taunton gazette that the drones will be another tool that the polic crime. the department will already has a pair of drones it uses for search and rescue operations. the aclu said that using the technology to spy on people would be a violation of privacy. well, there are broken windows throughout the building, mold growing in the ceiling, and numerous plumbing issues, but this isn't an abandoned building, it is a local police station. coming up, why the officer say the building is proof that people just don't appreciate the work they do.
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5:40 am
or we have a stall. we can double check on that. because this isn't typical for this early in the morning. looking a live drive time. 15 minutes from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri think morning. you are also watching leer visibility sawrz sarah we are dealing with fog this morning and it will slow you down especially through the connecticut river valley and parts of southern vermont and new hampshire where we have that dense fog advisory until 9 a.m. this morning. take it easy. temperatures ranging from the 30s to the 50s. may find a few breaks in the cloud cover as things thicken up. by the evening commute, get ready for those windshield wipers. steady rain headed our way as temperatures stay mild. the latest timeline on when it arrives coming up in a few minutes. the city of salem said it will not be conducting any witch hunts when it comes to undocumented workers. a city councillor has proposed a -- city councilor has imposed a peace ordinance to
5:41 am
immigration laws. a vote on the measure next weeks and if approved salem will join other sanctuary cities like somerville, chelsea and boston. two massachusetts schools are reaffirming their support for protecting undocumented immigrants on their campuses. the president said harvard university and smith college say they will not voluntarily release information about students' immigration and citizenship status. right now undocumented students are currently protected from deportation an executive order signed by president obama, but that could change under a trump administration. well, a blow back against the web site breibart. cereal sponsor kellogg will no longer be advertising. people are been publicly naming all of breibart's advertisers saying they are racist and antisemitic. donald trump trading in his popular slogan.
5:42 am
trucker hat -- cap with the slogan "make america great again." he swapped it out with another trucker hat that as usa with the number 45. trump will be the 45th president of the united states when he is sworn in january. now 5:41. three people are dead after a thanksgiving meal. coming up at 6:00, the free meal that sent more than a dozen people to the hospital. new details in the case of
5:43 am
5:44 am
and we are back at 5:44 this morning. a live look over the back bay. the city of boston.
5:45 am
and 45 degrees right now in norwood you are waking up to clouds. a lot of fog out there this morning if you were headed out, so keep that in mind. more rain is on the way too. sarah wroblewski has a timeline when to expect the showers coming up in less than five minutes. happening now, police in taunton are searching for a driver they say hit someone and took off. the victim was found lying in the middle the state street 8:30 last night with a serious leg injury. we have a crew in taunton trying to get an update from police about any leads they have in their search. fire fighters try in a triple decker that left 30 people homeless. neighbor say a team banged on the door to let people inside know there was a fire. that was happening in lawrence. and donald trump is claiming victory after air conditioning manufacturer carrier said they will keep 1,000 jobs in indiana after all. president-elect campaigned that he would do everything he could to keep jobs in the u.s. and punish companies that leave the country. trump will be in indiana tomorrow for the official announcement.
5:46 am
mold and falling windows just some of the concerns that a local police department and the officers who work there are fed up. our daniel miller joins us with more. and daniel, police officers are now saying enough is enough. >> daniel: they have said enough is enough, sara. only fox25 went inside the medford police department to see the issues first hand. female officers telling us they don't have a place to shower. medford police chief said his building is moldy and missing ceiling tiles. run used as storage and windows propped open with bug spray cans and paper towels. we spoke with a medford mayor who only held the job for 11 months. she shares the officers' concerns and has ear marked $20 million in the draft capital improvement budget. here is reaction from an officer. >> was not impressed with the facility when i first started here simply because it is very small. it's not really kept up very well.
5:47 am
>> daniel: the chief told fox25 that things cannot be covered with paint and polish. he said they heard the promises before and always had the hope before that something would happen. we will continue to keep you posted on the department's push to get things fixed. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. what could be lights out for a historic holiday celebration because of a safety issue. the past 100 years, volunteers in exeter, new hampshire has decorated downtown with lights and evergreen branches, but this says that the power poles downtown couldn't support holiday light strands because the wiring needed emergency repairs. now crews are scrambling to fix the problem so the decorations can go up for tomorrow night's light show. >> probably a minor miracle, but still one that this town really needs. it needs to celebrate to bring us back together again. >> town officials athey may delay the ceremony a day or two if the work can be completed. well, the numbers are now in, and this year's cyber
5:48 am
u.s. history. monday's sales topped out around $3.5 billion. that is up 12% from last year and slightly more than the amount of money that consumers spend on line on black friday. among the top-selling items this year were legos, shopkins and nerf toys. the upcoming star wars film is breaking records and it haven't even hit theatres yet. "rogue one: a star wars thousands of tickets within minutes of their release. so far the film has the most ticket presales on fan dane go and -- fandango and italy is -- eataly is now open for business in boston and mayor marty walsh helped open. instead of a ribbon cut a fresh piece of pasta.
5:49 am
eager to step inside. restaurants, eateries, cafes and a bar and a store. spreads across three floors of the prudential center. >> gene: yummy stuff there. 5 :-- 5:48. if you were driving in, a lot of fog. >> sara: you want to be careful. >> sarah: one spot is low and then okay and then goes back to being pretty low. it will be lifting and with that being said, we will be tracking more rain coming in. after the rai dent of our rainfall deficit that we have been dealing with. and two inches below normal for the month as just over half an inch in boston and under an inch in worcester. fog this morning. rain this afternoon and evening and overnight may even hear a few rumbles of thunder. thunderstorms could produce locally heavy downpour, but this is the potential we could see by tomorrow.
5:50 am
you can see this ribbon of rain stretching right now from the ohio valley down to the gulf coastal states. we will be watching for severe weather to break out ahead of this and for us, no severe weather. the low clouds and the fog out there and we will notice the clouds continuing to advance. and we may find a few breaks in the cloud cover before it thickens up this afternoon. visibility looking much better in lawrence, bedford. but still pretty low, less river valley where we have that dense fog advisory. currently in boston 42 degrees and a milder start than we had yesterday and over the next 12 hours, we will stay in the mid- to upper 40s if not touch into the low 50s. a lot of clouds through the morning. again, a few breaks possible, but through the afternoon steady showers turn to steady rain by the evening commute. highs today above average. typically we are right around the upper 40s. so we will go with near 50 degrees if not into the lower 50s with the wind off of the
5:51 am
what to expect. 8:00 in the morning looking okay. upper 30s to low 40s. by your lunch hour the clouds thicken up. may find a spot shower but the real steady showers begin to arrive during the evening commute and coming down at a good clip in some areas. jason brewer will be lear tracking the steady, heavier downpours flew this evening and noticing by 11:00, we are dealing with heavy rain down across parts of the coast. waking up tomorrow morning heading out the door, a wet morning commute for the start, are looking at the rain coming to an end. and tomorrow, look at this, we see that sunshine return and temperatures still on the mild side in the mid- to upper 50s. drop into the upper 40s for your friday as we will see breaks in the cloud cover, and then, of course, we will be seeing cooler weather into the weekend with a mix of sun and clouds. there is a look at your forecast. julie, over to you. >> julie: live pictures of the expressway. we checked them out ten minutes ago and i said, hey, there is something up. that is because there is a
5:52 am
expressway. that is why we are seeing all of these bright read tail lights backing up to freeport street. take you to the map and zoom in a little closer, backups stretching past morrissey boulevard, past freeport street starting to inch back to furnacebrook parkway. there will be a long, slow commute on the expressway. new accident on 128 northbound at route 30, but something more important is a water main break we have downtown. washington street now is partially blocked because it main break between essex street and knee -- neelen street. 27 minutes on the expressway. that is if you head from the braintree split to columbia road. 25 minutes on 93 south. 11 minutes on 128 northbound from westwood to the weston tolls. back to you. well, tonight, thousands of people are expected to come together to remember the dozens of lives lost in a plain crash in columbia. 71 people died on the plane. most of them members of a
5:53 am
six people managed to survive. there will be a special ceremony at the team's home stadium in brazil. as far as the investigation, crews have recovered the black box and are trying to find out what caused a reported electrical problem. the husband of a california woman found on the side of the road after she was missing for three weeks is releasing new details of how she was found. he told the news that his wife in bruises, burns and lashes. his wife's hair had been chopped off and she had been thrown from a car. she was chained up and had a bag over her head and now police say that information was meant to be kept confidential. >> there are some unique information in there that -- that was put in his press release today that we are hoping to kind of keep, again, a tight rein on as far as what is -- what we were going to
5:54 am
>> sara: police say they have interviewed sherri pul papini and still searching for suspects. burning the american flag is a hotly debated topic and getting attention from president-elect donald trump. trump tweeted there should be punishment for burning the flag. jail time and loss of citizenship for offenders, but some agree there should be consequences but right now the right to burn the flag is protected by the first amendment. >> i do not approve of the i believe there should be some punishment, but right now the supreme court decision is people are free to express themselves >> the most recent attempt to ban flag burning was in 2006. the proposal failed to pass the senate by one vote. a local marine veteran says a contractor destroyed her home, then walked off the job leaving her unable to pay the repairs. this a story we first brought you earlier this month. and this morning complete strangers from our community
5:55 am
>> it's really awesome. >> sara: a good way to describe a situation like this one at newburyport city hall tuesday night when a group of people who don't know each other or the person in need come together to help. >> i can do pretty much anything. roofing, plumbing, sheetrock, painting, insulation. >> i think i can help with fund raising, help with just getting the word out in the community. >> reporter: this is the woman they are helping. , a served two tours of duty in iraq. the contractor she hired to expand the upstairs of her newly purchased home. >> this was going to be the sitting room, art room. >> walked off the job after being accused of not following permit plans. in our story, wilkerson said that left her home subject to water damage during a rain storm last month. after our story aired, newburyport veteran and fellow veteran don jarvis was moved
5:56 am
newburyport commons facebook page. >> it took over. >> sara: don couldn't imagine it alone and enlisted chris ayotte. >> i have the upmost respect for all the veterans out there. >> together they organized this public meeting. >> let people know where we are, how far we have come, where we need to go. >> get a sense of who is willing to help, what their skill sets are and utilize this to make the project successful. >> i am a hands-on kind of guy. >> reporter: you want to have >> yes, i want to help. >> this is the service community of greater newburyport responding to one of their own in need, and it is not leaving somebody behind. it's important. >> gene: bravo. >> sara: bravo. the time of year when so many people are so busy and take the time to go out and help. >> gene: no questions asked and go out to help. very nice. 5:56. coming up next, breaking news into the newsroom right now. our photographer is on the
5:57 am
he says roads are flooded. the crew head today the scene right now. an update in a couple of
5:58 am
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6:00 am
also another hit-and-run, this time in taunton. we have the latest for the search for the driver that left a man bleeding the streets. several people without a home this morning after this building goes up in flames in lawrence. how a teenager alerted a mom and baby about the fire and got them out safely. and donald trump and mitt romney continue to discuss a potential role in trump's new cabinet. why the former massachusetts governor says he has been impressed by trump's work so far. good morning, everybody, 6:00 6:00 on this wednesday morning. it is november 30. we appreciate you being with us this morning, i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. start with breaking weather news. at least three people are dead as strong and severe storms swept across alabama overnight. at least four children are critically hurt after a 24-hour day-care center they were at was destroyed. >> gene: that same storm system is it come this way, although won't be nowhere near as severe.


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