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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> gene: details that come to light as teen comes to court.
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>> julie: tap into the rainy day fund in order to bridge the gap. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: thank you for joining us on thursday, december 1st. yes, it is december >> julie: kevin lemanowicz not to be confused. >> very similar storm out of here and sun making come back and shiri spear joins us with details. hey, shiri. >> looking good, all the rain pushing offshore and show all the big holes in the clouds right now and that means for you it is going to be sun filled day, we have a couple scattered clouds that will end up bulk up
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we got near 60? in hyannis this morning and we have had some 60s on the south shore and the southcoast. i think we are going to work our way close to many of you take down hot, cool spots coming up in 10 minutes. julie, back to you for live drive time traffic. >> things looking a lot better, shiri, route 1 really opened up, sluggish on 93 south, and we have a closure on kneeland street westbound, still closed between harrison avenue and stewart street and braintree to
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42 minutes pike eastbound and 40 minutes on the expressway, 53 minutes on 93 south from andover down to the leverett connector. >> gene: 18-year-old brockton man charged with murdering own mother. >> witnessed whole thing and almost became a victim herself. michael henrich is live outside the courthouse in brockton where the teen will face a judge soon. michael? >> michael: good morning, court opening up at the hour and arraignment could happen any time this morning. district attorney's office says that 18-year-old. teen's grandmother came screaming out of the house
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grandmother out of there and said no, you're not going in. >> michael: d.a. says officers recovered the knife involved in the stabbing inside the house and arrested polynice on scene and homicide and assault and battery with dangerous weapon. fox25 will be in the courtroom here once arraignment takes place. michael henrich, fox25 news. >> new this morning, brockton police are searching a wooded car crash involving a police cruiser. this was the scene around 1:30 in the morning. can still see several officers in the video and police dogs on pleasant street near area of sumner street. police haven't said. >> gene: 24 hours later boston's chinatown still cleaning up from massive water main break that flooded streets and businesses. this is live look from kneeland street where electric crews are still making repairs even at
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fox25 jessica reyes has been following the story since it broke yesterday morning and, jess, good news the water started to recede. >> jessica: it sure has, gene. started reseeding yesterday after crews turned water off once they isolated burst yesterday morning and what we are seeing right now, crews getting into the manholes because of what happened yesterday was the water was so intense it leaked into some of the manholes and started electrical fires in them and we are seeing crews across the way. that is why the westbound side of kneeland street, can'tee the way, westbound side of kneeland street, still closed this morning and things looking a lot better now than 24 hours ago. 1 day after massive water main broke at washington and kneeland street things looking better in boston.
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fires. >> fire gassing a lot of co and a lot of businesses. >> prompted evacuations and 125 people in all. most from the boston hostile. >> second floor. >> boston pizza kitchen feet from where the manholes smolder for much of the morning yesterday and able to open for a short time. >> couple of hours and so that lunch rush. >> until another manhole exploded sending thick, toxic smoke right why behind the original problem and pipe 125 years old, originally installed in 1891. >> pipes have been in the ground for decades. maybe some of you in the century. >> jessica: crews gotten quite a bit of work done and still great deal of water ahead of them and washington behind me here but kneeland street
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live in boston, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: shot shot and killed 38-year-old man and rescued 2 children that were in the house with him. take look at video hospital in tacoka overnight when officers carried the flag draped officer. fellow officers got him out of the house. >> new court documents ahead of aaron hernandez double-murder trial which is set to start in february and drive by in 2012 and not leaving anything to chance and any shred of evidence and names and credentials
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evidence. >> general fishing expedition and general fish being expedition and a lot of areas perfectly appropriate and fair game to be looking into. >> won't be allowed to know that hernandez was already convicted in the murder of odin lloyd. >> gene: events with osha and 6-year-old daughter were killed and ignored weather warnings and build circus tent that collapsed during a storm last summer in lancaster.
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but only stop in states that voted for him. trump will be be at carrier facility in indiana and 1,000 of the 2400 jobs to move to mexico and indiana and right now carrier's parent company received $5.6 billion a year in federal money. trump had campaign to try to work out deal to keep jobs like these in the u.s. or punish companies that move them out of the country. julie: meanwhile there will speculation who will fill cabinet positions. former palin has emerged as cabinet for 60 of veterans affairs. she reshared video showing work for veterans and put her up against former massachusetts senator scott brown. brown has met with trump about the position and said he felt like he was about the man for the job. >> daniel:
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mnunchin. elizabeth warren said he can't be trusted when profit from the housing collapse when others were losing their homes. >> donald trump handing keys to treasury over to wall street banker that helped cause the crash. >> gene: she said selection should >> julie: county official how they want to carry out the recount. the judge said the lawsuit failed to show enough evidence to ban the use of ballot machines in the recount. stein also filed recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. >> state lawmakers dipping into the rainy day fund in order to regulate the marijuana industry and regulatory board create all the rules and regulations needed before pot shops can begin
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state did the same thing to pay when gambling legalized in the commonwealth. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. look at drive time on the expressway, typical 33 minute ride from the braintree pilot to the exit for the pike. shiri? >> shiri: early rain over and partly sunny examine breezy conditions and 52 to 60? and falls in the lower end of the range, who gets to 60, details next. >> gene: deal could end up costing taxpayers more than
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>> julie: 71 people were killed in crash carrying soccer team on way to tournament. 5 people including 3 players survived. >> gene: rain helping firefighters in massive wildfires in tennessee and fires have destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses stand monday and death toll stands at 7 and firefighters believe it could go up because many people remain missing. investigators believe the fire was manmade but they don't know
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accidental. julie: this morning dolly parton and twit and her facebook saying the foundation will donate $1,000 a month to every family who's lost a home in wildfires. parton was grown and grew up in the area and 1 that has been the hardest >> car smashes into trees and hear the officers screamed to get the driver out and driver was stuck. >> driver door was closed and crumbles in like this from hitting the tree. >> police had to break open the tailgate to get the driver out of the car and seconds driver was freed and car went up in flames. >> gene: terrorist influence may have inspired monday's attacks. abdul razak ali artan refugee
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and slashed people with a butcher knife and may have been inspired by isis and american born cleric and top leader in al-qaeda before he was killed. >> julie: rhode island mosque was sent threatening letter. letter was addressed to the children of satan and called muslims vile and filthy people. official of the islamic center say threats made in the letter families and communities. >> president-elect and what hitler did. and this is really alarming. >> mosque turned the letter over to the fbi. same letter was reportedly sent to ices lambic centers over the country. >> gene: buzz aldrin was picked up by medical plane
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antarctica with tour group. the group says he was in stable condition when the flight took off. no word at this point and as far as what's making him ill and best known for being 1 of the first to ever walk on the moon. >> julie: taking look at the roads right now. still a little sluggish on expressway as you head from braintree split past freeport street and slow spot on 128 southbound through the area. 93 south sluggish from medford into somerville and we still have portion of kneeland street westbound closed between harrison ave and stewart street because of that water main break yesterday. backed on leverett connector and 20 minutes route 1 south and 42 minutes on 93 and 44 minutes 128
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weston tolls. >> julie: temperatures warm. >> shiri: afternoon to mosey. >> julie: bring the word back. >> gene: afternoon delight. >> shiri: i like where we are going with this. totals since midnight and i know it has been a drench the last couple of days and since midnight we got about quarter inch of rain from boston south and east and up to the north and west and get an up to nearly inch of rain and portsmouth, new hampshire. so we needed it. rains good thing and next half hour check on new drought monitor, not to be a spoiler but there's a reason that you don't see this week's rainfall really reflected in that and i will explain more on that and 50? and 47 in lawrence and worcester, 53 in plymouth but i want to go down to plymouth because i think temperatures here and spots and
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sticking with mostly sunny skies and wouldn't be surprised to see couple 58, 59 and even 1 or 260s on the map and as soon as the sun goes down, real quick drop in temperatures so future cast today really looking very bright and more clouds blending in during the afternoon hours this afternoon we got boston back up to 55 lawrence and 49? and southeastern massachusetts and fall back into the 30s, 32 to 38?, the breeze that develops this afternoon is going to stick around tonight, going to hang out for the day tomorrow as well. after waking up to 30s, high 46 to 50? here tomorrow and again, the warm spots will tend to be to the south and east of boston and not seeing a huge range in temperatures.
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50? here for friday. and partly cloudy on saturday with highs mid-40s and hyannis in boston and concord and temperatures drop here sunday and not each in the 40s in concord and worcester, we are stuck in the 30s there. so definitely going to be a little chilly out there but nothing that i can say is unusual for this time of the year. pats taking on rams here at gillette at 1:00 in the afternoon on sunday and temperatures about 40?, cool and dry, mostly optimistic and wouldn't be shocked if we actually got stuck in the 30s but without strong winds we really wind chills, not going to be uncomfortable, december game out there. so 59? today, sticking with partly sunny conditions, 49 tomorrow, slight risk far inland will see a quick little sprinkle or flurry but most of you stay dry tomorrow and on saturday,
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brighter and lower 40s ruling on monday and tuesday and next big weather maker i see is actually wednesday in the form of rain. back to you guys. >> gene: 7-year-old went to school nurse for ritalin and ended up taking ritalin.
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>> gene: higher than previous estimates. >> reporter: price tag more than doubled u.s. department of education predicted these federal loan repayment programs far more than what anyone thought and obama pushed to enroll based on salary and keep payments lower for someone entering the workforce. price tag for programs government accountability is at least double what the education department previously estimated.
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are enrolled in income driven repayment plans. the study is very critical of the u.s. department of education saying that it drastically underestimated the cost and taxpayers of the cost and republican lawmakers jacqueline fell, fox25 >> julie: boston wants to propose new ordinance 5-cent fee for customers that don't bring in own bags and 20 tons of plastic bags every month and say ban could reduce that waste. some store owners and shoppers say the ban doesn't seem fair. >> don't feel like i should pay for a bag if i'm a patron of your store. i think it would come from purchase already making. >> keep money make off of bag
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that do not charge the fees. >> speed limb out streets of boston go 30 to 25 miles per hour starting jan ninth mayor says big step forward of meet goal of no deadly crashes in the hub by 2030. >> julie: >> gene: state representative josh cutler send trick or october and propose the change make the holiday safer and most lawmakers are torn on idea saying having the holiday on weekend could lead to increase
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: now at 9:30, good morning and welcome back. live look at back bay and things are improving drastically from earlier this morning when we headed into work. >> when we all headed into work it was pouring rain and welcome
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>> julie: need a song and dance. >> shiri: don't look like drowned rats because it has dried out, great news as well and might be throwing up the hair a little bit later, might turn into pony tail kind of afternoon because we have the winds, not super strong gusts right now and this is all i can scrounge up for the winds sustained 10, 15 miles per hour but growing stronger here in the afternoon and that's when we will start seeing some gusts 20, 30 miles per hour. so last to dry out, cape and islands, rain is over, we got upper 50s there, 50 in boston, upper 40s in malden and waltham and natick and noon time 55?, breezy, bright, combo of sun and scattered clouds here into the afternoon and upper 50s at 3:00 p.m. for kiddos coming home from school, going to be nice and mild to tell you the truth, though, similar
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7:00 p.m. 47? and how long winds last us coming up approximate -p julie, back to you for live drive time traffic. >> north of the pike a little sluggish on 93 south from medford into somerville. over to the live drive times, half hour on the expressway, 40 minutes on 93 south, 20 minutes on 128 northbound from westwood to >> sara: happening today 18-year-old with answer to murder charges accused of brutely killing mom. >> julie: grandmother home at the time and ran to mother for help. michael henrich live at the scene. >> michael: move to brockton courthouse any minute at this point deadly stabbing at prosecutors called tragic.
9:32 am
the crime. right in the middle of terrifying situation. i knew it was something bad. only because whaling and screaming. >> michael: grandmother is that of frantz polynice. he stabbed his mom mania meneide. >> grand the hand and started pulling me toward the house. >> that's when saw polynice for himself. >> came lunging through the kitchen at the door where we were standing and i just pulled the grandmother out of there and i said no, you're not going in. >> michael: police and
9:33 am
>> terrible, tragic need to find out what happened. >> michael: polynice faces charges and assault with dangerous weapon and will be in the courtroom here when the arraignment takes place today and let you know what happens. michael henrich, live in brockton, fox25 news. >> daniel: been subject of protest for years. >> julie: pipeline that goes through rest roxbury officially goes online. neighbors say this is very much a major safety concern. catherine? >> catherine: they have been opposed for 2 years and protests, of course, which we have seen play out and today is again the pipeline scheduled to be activated and even at this time there's still signs on lawns, neighbors coming out holding signs saying they will protest this. >> mind-boggling they will do this and increases out determination to fight this more
9:34 am
>> catherine: pipeline scheduled to be activated but opposition is still home. billion dollar project and health risk caused by the gas as well as the possibility that explosion could occur, especially with quarry nearby that they say blasts at least once a week. >> they don't tic high pressure pipeline into a neighborhood. only reason doing it here and now is driven by property. >> catherine: residents aren't alone in concerns, mayor marty walsh sent letters to federal regulators and company that owned the pipeline failed to share important safety information with boston police and fire departments. congressman stephen lynch also shared his congresses about location of pipeline.
9:35 am
injuries. >> catherine: meets or exceeds and does little to ease concerns. >> not over. if it can get turned on, it can get turned off. >> federal lawsuit earlier this year challenging federal approval of this project and oral arguments have not yet been scheduled in this case. live in west roxbury, catherine parrotta, >> sara: medicine mix-up at school and accidently gave her ritalin instead of motrin. to look at active bright eyed 7-year-old you had never know she was crying inside the nurse's office. >> it was a nightmare. >> sara: daughter madison asked nurse for motrin. >> fell backwards because
9:36 am
near the window. >> sara: once inside nurse's office crucial mistake according to madison. >> she said hi, ava. i said my name isn't ava and still proceeded to give me the medicine. >> sara: the medicine, not motrin, but instead a dose of ritalin, stimulant used to treat attention-deficit disorder intended for another female student. russell says the nurse called her in a panic. >> pretty couldn't get there fast enough. >> sara: tell the nurse to call poison control and thankfully madison was okay. >> this is serious. i think people should be aware of it. >> sara: met with all parties today to discuss protocols and procedures and reviewed them so the mistake never happens again. the health and safety of every student what we must guarantee to the very best of our ability
9:37 am
never met with the superintendent and why didn't identify the identity before dispensing the medication. >> which is what i want to happen. i want to make sure this doesn't happen to another child. it is my biggest concern here. >> sara: kelly russell doesn't want the nurse to face any discipline. she just wants parents to be aware of the problem. >> sara: >> julie: lowell city councilors security. police responded to the westminster apartment complex more than 600 times this year. counselors say crime has become a major issue and they want the building's manager to hire security guards and put up cameras. >> it is like the wild west here. 431 units of house here and there's been reckless behavior for quite sometime. >> coming up with plan to make
9:38 am
more about the history of complaints against abandoned home that burned down in roxbury last month killing 1 person. globe reporting city received complaint about the property on george street for months before it burned down. city inspectors boarded up several times and even found squatters in it days before the fatal fire. at that time the city boarded up the home again and condemned it. the fire killed michelle and badly burnt her boyfriend maldonado. >> julie: david lavoie was cook and manager for council on aging and tipped off when ordered prime rib for the center but instead served buffalo wings and surveillance video allegedly shows lavoie using his key after hours and caught his girlfriend and her daughter leaving with trays of food. >> trays of steel because not that kind of person.
9:39 am
usually buffalo chicken wings, not something that would be served to elderly population. >> police say canned food donation to the meals on wheels program were also stolen. lavoie was put on administrative
9:40 am
2020. >> shiri: hour-by-hour look at today's forecast and weekend coming up. >> sara: coming up city hall
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>> julie: home surveillance video cappedtures bear -- captures bear and bobcat and taking precautions making sure wild animals stay in the woods and daniel miller has closer
9:44 am
video red handed moesy over to huge meal too enticing to resist. bird seed. it was about 4:45 a.m. and joy had already been out in the driveway just feet away to pick up the newspaper. joy talked with fox25 jackie heinrich. >> you missed him 15 minutes then. you could have been out here and been >> yeah, may be. >> joy not the only 1 dealing with the new neighbor. ken and he lawyer and rico made acquaintance weeks ago. >> ate all the food, been a week or 2 and he was back again last night. >> not the most considerate house guest and bird feeder used to be nailed to the porch.
9:45 am
everything is gone and enrico and same back deck that's right off the kitchen window where laura makes coffee around the same time the bear usually comes. >> very brazen. i mean he is on the deck right outside the window and doesn't seen to both morning, stop feeding him so the bird is going to go without for hopefully until flies and go into hibernation and won't have to deal with it. >> julie: if you do see bear, make as large as possible and make a lot of noise. if you have to walk to end of
9:46 am
julie: shoppers looking to -- check out pictures showing a beaver ransacking a christmas aisle inside a store at mall in mailin. the beaver knocked over cups, trying to get to the artificial trees. almost looks like -- beaver looks like decoration and local animal shelter rescued beaver from the shore and took to animal facility. >> looks like he knew what it was going after. >> sara: more than 1 million android phones have been affected those are apps apnot downloaded through the google play store. it tracks people's activity. also installs other legitimate apps and gives them high ratings falsely inflating the reputation. to see the fullest of apapps hint the issue and how to check if your phone is infected visit
9:47 am
green bay says they will find out if accepted through snapchat and let students have an answer even faster. >> that's how kids communicate. >> julie: then it is gone unless screen grab. volume on 93 somerville but moving along and 128 as you approach the pike and then over on the expressway things moving along fine and live drive times, 17 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 34 minutes on 93 south, 28 minutes on the pike eastbound
9:48 am
>> shiri: go back to monday, monthly, november-monthly rainfall with about 1.4 inches and then you add to that what we had tuesday, wednesday, look at that, basically doubled it, we got what we have all month long in matter of 2 days and then so kind and third of inch of rain there and monitor and same 1 you saw last week and same 1 you saw week before despite the fact that we have heavy rain because they stop collecting data on tuesday, all that heavy rain tuesday, wednesday, we are going to get credit for that as we get into the next week and hopefully
9:49 am
that you have to make up for, breezy, dry conditions take over as the system out to sea and 50 in boston and boston and then drive home from workul be dropping through the 50s and s 25 to 30 miles per hour and not going to do any damage and going to be a little bit of pest for the next couple of days as stays blustery and start the weekend and highs close to 60 again this afternoon and falmouth, vineyard, sandwich, new bedford, 57 in marshfield, boston today going to make it into the middle 50s, same goes for lowell and lawrence, up to portsmouth and
9:50 am
completely different this morning and feel like it is winter again, some of you close to freezing and highs close to 50?, it is going to be a nice looking friday but keep in mind, temperatures could end up being a good 10? cooler than what we get this afternoon. tomorrow afternoon and cooldown continues right into the weekend, so 7-day forecast with weekend always in today, 49 tomorrow and 46 here on saturday. i'm going to keep us partly sunny, we have our coat dropoff day at jordan's furniture in natick, whole fox25 weather team out there, we are hoping to collect 300 coats and we hope that you can help us. 42? on sunday which means it is going to be cooler, but probably a little bit brighter. now, not everybody gets into the lower 40s. lower 40s this sunday room along the coastline but look at worcester, look at nashua,
9:51 am
it is december after all that is not so crazy. monday looking at slight risk for flurries or sprinkles. i see this as inland thing and something on radar watching next significant stormy see is actually coming into town late on wednesday as rain. back to you guys.
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>> julie: salvation army donated in the past 2 years. >> merry christmas to all and to all good night. >> traditional holiday season with help from mayor marty
9:55 am
read 'twas the night before christmas and in addition to appearance of course by santa claus this year holiday pops also features 2 new christmas medleys. the boston pops will be performing their holiday show through christmas eve. julie: boston city hall plaza undergoing makeover to transform into something a little more festive and red bricks will be replaced by boston winter. crews working right now to prepare for the event ice-skating, gift shopping and chocolate tasting at plaza. it opens tomorrow and stay open through february. >> daniel: >> sara: jacksonville workers noticed yesterday while paving a street and free the animal and last night the manatee arrived at sea world for a check-up.
9:56 am
long want to move normally on her own, swim, she looks like normal manatee. >> sara: animal seems to be in good health. sara: check this guy out for $230. king louie the lobster weighs in at 23 pounds and ex asked fisherman to return him to sea so yesterday he took louie out on boat and said good-bye. says this is the first time he has never been paid to release a lobster. >> huge lobster.
9:57 am
warm things and clouder because temperatures will be going down over the next couple days. today we are still near 60 in some spots and really going to be south of boston, boston mid-to the north and west and cooler and keeping it dry and a little bit of light mix on monday, doesn't look like a big deal. >> sara: thank you, shiri. great day to go out to lunch.
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it is december 1, time for great viral videos. >> a story of a dog living under a shopping cart that has a wonderful ending. why the twist has five new tails. afraid of >> it is way worse on the roads. >> just wait until you see some of the stranger dangers. oh my gosh. >> a guy makes his way over a deep crevasse. >> he is afraid of heights. >> we have our crew breaking down the best of the web.


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