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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  December 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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thomas in the seattle seahawks team, it is possible the damage was done on that play. no matter what it happened he's out for two months, at least, and likely the rest of the season even if the patriots were to advance to the super bowl. which more means more opportunity for guys like bennett. >> one thing i can control is make sure what's going on with my body. cut my grass before i cut somebody else's. to play without him before, we all know that. they're a different team with and without rob gronkowski, this is a big blow for the offense. they have to figure out another way to get it done. tom leydon, fox 25 news. >> the team has found ways to win without the pro bowl tight end because he's been hurt quite a bit since he was drafted in 2010. gronk has had issues with pretty much every part of his body, every area where he had a
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he broke his forearm and had several surgeries, he tore his acl and mcl and ending his play in 2013. hurt his knee back in 2015 and this year, the fan favorite plagued with injuries, a chest injury, hamstring and now this back injury. during his career it forced him to miss 21 games in the regular and post season. the latest back surgery could put the tight end on the sidelines for the rest of the season. >> so the pat their star sunday against the rams. you can watch that game right here on fox 25. you need to tune in earlier, we'll be hosting an hour long special called dine dawn of a dynasty. dawn of a dynasty starts at 10:00 a.m. >> an 18-year-old graduate of brockton high school in court
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stabbing his own mother. we've been covering the story since wednesday afternoon. bob is in brockton district court and bob, he has been ordered held without bail. >> reporter: people in brockton are all shocked overthis. this all untolded unfolded wednesday afternoon. now his mother, a 44-year-old woman stabbed up to 15 times, her 18-year-old son now charged this is a picture of him in court today. he is now charged with the murder of his 44-year-old mother, in their house wednesday afternoon. first responders found him sitting on the front steps of his own home. blood all over his hands, when he tried to talk to him, he simply said, she's inside. once inside, they found his mother face down, blood all over the kitchen area of the house after his arraignment, the da
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don't know about this. >> we're dealing with a terrible, tragic situation for an 18-year-old person murdered his 44-year-old mother. and you know, how do you get your arms around that. that's what we want to find out. i am interested in finding out what happened and what the motive is. and as we proceed in the investigation, we'll go down that road. polynice is ordered held without bail. due back in court at the end of the month. coming up at 5:00, you'll hear from a neighbor who is shocked by what happened. she says she knows the suspect very well. cannot believe this. for now, reporting live in brockton, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> a man hunt for shooting suspect forces three local schools into safety mode. police say they received reports of shots fire add at the cottage lodge on route 1. they combed the area but didn't find the people involved.
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when heavily armed officers asked to search his room. >> the next thing you know, there's an air 15 pointed at my face, pistols all kind of stuff. i'm naked, just getting out of the shower. crazy. >> that is crazy. quite the surprise. students at three nearby schools were kept inside during the search. extra officers on patrol and the students were dismissed. >> it has been just a nice, sunny, mild. you just can't tell that it's december 1st, right? it's awesome. rain, so we'll really take this. meteorologist sarah wroblewski is in for kevin, with what she's forecasting for the weekend. sarsa ra. >> cooler weather, that's for sure. look at the temperatures today. upper 50s, 60s for some parts. it definitely doesn't feel like december. it will soon enough. we had rain that pushed on through this morning. now we've got clouds starting to fill back in. but it's dry. it's breezy out there. and temperatures still pretty mild. upper 40s to low to middle 50s. currently feels a little cooler
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in many spots right now. and those winds out of the west are going to draw in much colder air. so we will see temperatures dropping as we go through the overnight hours, a little cooler than last night but near normal. so we'll go back into the lower 40s even upper 30s in boston but elsewhere i do expect temperatures to fall back into the mid and even lower 30s with scattered clouds and going to stay dry. so a cold start to your friday. still relatively mild. i'll show weather will arrive and when it gets back to freezing as we head into the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. sarah, we'll see you then. the scene of a mask water break in boston. part of china town remains closed as they fix a 20 inch pipe that burst yesterday morning. a section of nielan street sill the shut down. several buildings had up to 4 feet of water in their basements. damage to several underground
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years old. >> two hostages helps in a standoff in a florida credit union. this is video of the hostages being led out of the building by police officers in jacksonville. 11 people inside when a robber burst in this morning. several hours later, a s.w.a.t. team went in into the bank and capture the suspect. two people had been hiding from that robber and their actions actually helped get the s.w.a.t. team inside. >> to his two people took an opportunity to attempt to flee the bank. distracted the hostage taker and at that point, the s.w.a.t. team took that opportunity to make entry into the bank. >> the members of the s.w.a.t. team ran in front of the hostages that's when the suspect decided to surrender. >> donald trump spent most of the three weeks since the win out of the public eye. today he took a break from transition is planning in new york and hit the road with vice-president mike pence. they already claimed victory on a campaign promise.
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washington. >> reporter: donald trump took over from new york thursday morning on route to his first public appearance since election night. with the exception of thanksgiving break in florida, the president-elect has been mostly hunkered down inside trump tower in new york piecing together an administration that will take over in just 7 weeks. he has made visits to the white house and capitol hill and on tuesday night, cameras caught his dinner with mitt romney. >> president-elect, looking at the next secretary of state right here? >> well, we're going to see what happ cincinnati ohio will mark trump's return in front of a large crowd since the final day of the campaign. the state no president has won the white house without described the transition team as part of the thank you tour. >> we also look at the president-elect and vice-president elect to talk more about what is ahead in the dates in front of us and the positive change we're going to be bridging to the country. >> reporter: but first a stop in indiana, outing a different
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campaign promise to convince air-conditioning manufacturer carrier to drop plans to move production to mexico and keep 1,000 jobs in the u.s. in his role as indiana governor, vice-president elect mike pence was offered to offer the company tax incentives to stay in the state. in washington, i'm karin caifa. >> new at 4:00, the terrorist who tried to blow up a plane that was diverted to boston now says he's broke. shoe bomber richard reeve is asking the judge to declare him bomb in his boot on a flight from boston to paris in 2001. he was also fined more than $260,000. in a letter to the court, i here by request i will not now nor will i ever be able to pay this fine, that a declaration of bankruptcy be entered in my favor. they have two weeks to respond to that request. charged with accepting text messages encouraging a teenager
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the tragedy on an antidepressant. the attorney told the judge in taunton that carter and her boyfriend roy were taking celexa at the time of his death in 2013. she is charged involuntary manslaughter. it has been linked to suicidal behavior in other teens. >> this is a look at some of the damage caused by the wild fires in tennessee. and as of now, they have killed seven people. and there's brand new drone video of the d it gives us a closer i am view 6 what's left behind there in gatlinburg tennessee. as laura ingalls reports, 70,000 acres of land so far have been scorched. >> reporter: the deadly wild fires raging in tennessee continue to pose a threat to residents and businesses in the great smokey mountains despite rain fall dampening the region. >> do not let the rain from yesterday give us a false sense of security. it has taken us time to get to this point.
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>> reporter: more than 17,000 acres have burned since the fire began. and more than 7,000 properties damaged. at least 300 of those properties are in the resort town of gatlinburg. local officials reensuring officials today as they assess the damage offering condolences to the families of those lost in the fire. >> gatlinburg is the people. that's what gatlinburg is. it's not the buildings. it's not the stuff in the building it is. it's not anything. but it's the and we're the strongest community i've ever seen. all of us that are working here extend our prayer, our prayers and our thoughts to the families of those victims. it is certainly a destressing time for all of us. >> mandatory evacuation orders remain in affect for 14,000 people in and around gatlinburg. great smokey mountains superintendent says the first
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human cause but additional ignitions caused by downed power lines as the damage spread. officials allow residents to return to their homes in most of the areas affected by the fires by this weekend. in new york, laura ingalls fox 25 news. >> and more details now, the dollywood theme park barely escaped serious damage in those wild fires and now dolly parton is helping the fire victims. >> to recover, we want to make sure that the dollywood month to all of the families who lost their homes in the fires until they get back up on their feet. >> beyond impressive, isn't it? >> i know. >> partner asking all of the dom ly companies to contribute to the dolly people fund on the kreb website. >> love her. ahead, how close a woman came to a face-to-face encounter. >> mild start to the month. but a cool down to the weekend.
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the stock market just
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goldman sachs stock helped the dow reach this high. the highest for them in nine years. >> a local mother says her 7-year-old daughter was the victim of a med sin mix up at her school. she says the nurses accidentally gave her ritalin instead of her correct medicine. kathryn burcham gets answers from the school. >> reporter: to look at this active bright eyed 7-year-old, you didn't know she was crying moments earlier inside the >> reporter: her daughter asked the nurse for motrin after an accident in the lunchroom. >> i fell backwards because there's a pole where you hang your jacket and i fell right there, near the window. >> once inside the nurse's accident, a crucial mistake, according to madison. >> she said, ava, i said my name, isn't ava. she proceeded to give me the
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nurse called her in a panic. >> this is serious. i mean, a lot worse could've happened. so i feel like people should be aware of it. >> reporter: in a statement, the superintendent told fox 25, i met with all parties today to discuss our protocols and procedures and reviewed them so that this mistake never happens again. the health and safety of every student is what we must guarantee to the best of our ability each and every day. but russell says she never met with the superintendent and wants to know why the nurse identity before dispensing medication. >> which is what i want to make happen. i want to make sure this doesn't happen to another child. that's my biggest concern here. >> that was kathryn burcham reporting. kelly russell says she doesn't want the nurse to face any discipline. she just wants parents to be aware of the problem. >> new at 4:00, a woman from the laconia charged in alleged for fire plot.
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early staying at a homeless shelter at the time. the police say it is not a drug case. >> the airline that crashed with the brazil soccer team is now no longer allowed to fly. they were flying for the tournament when it crashed. investigators believe the fuel may have run out of fuel. 71 people on board and 6 nine days of mourning for former leader fidel castro. right now his ashes on a 500 mile journey across the island nation. going from havana to the city of santiago where his revolution started in 1959. castro died on friday, at the age of 90. his funeral will take place on sunday. >> much of the southeast is cleaning up right now after severe storms left a path of massive damage. at least five people dead after deadly tornados touched down in
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and georgia. strong winds knocked down trees and power lines and turned some buildings into ruins. people who survived described a terrifying situation. >> really dark up there. >> yeah, really dark. >> the wind just like -- everything was just flying up there. >> and the whole door just shook. >> a rough situation. as we mentioned dolly parton is pitching in to help some of the people affected at least in tennessee. >> now your local forecast, from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the >> filling in for the chief this evening. and down there where they have those severe storms they also got a good amount of rain as well. well over 2 inches. guess what we saw an impressive 3 day rain fall totals. a look back, november 21st through the 28th. boston picked up over an inch of rain but on tuesday and wednesday we picked up nearly the same amount. in three days we picked up more rain than we did the entire
4:19 pm
with our drought. take a look at the current rain fall deficit. still over 10 inches in boston. when they did economic the monitor, it was on tuesday, before all of the rain, so you're not seeing much of an improvement right now. we have to see what happens next week. but we still need rain desperately. we do have dryer conditions today. once the rain moved on out. hey, it was a pretty nice day. right. sunshine out, temperatures climbed into the upper 50s in boston. 57 was our high. average time this time of in the middle 40s. look at what's happening, heading downhill toward the weekend and into early next week. hopefully you got to get outside and enjoy it. we've got another day with near average or above average temperatures. but then as you'll see, dry and breezy conditions in place this evening. we will see that wind that's out of the west bring in some cooler air. current conditions, we've got clouds from the interior out to the west. but mostly sunny along the coast. temperatures still in the lower
4:20 pm
really nice out there. showing a better picture of the clouds right now. as we take a live look at the city of boston. again, that wind is really active, out of the west about 21 miles per hour. and gusting as we go on through the evening. that wind will stay with us. so if you're planning on having any outdoor activities or headed out this evening, just be aware, you will experience some gusty conditions helping to bring this that cooler air and making it feel a bit cooler. waking up this morning, to 25 miles per hour. that will continue as we head into the friday afternoon hours as well. over the next 24 hours, this is what you can expect, breezy as we'll have partly to maim clear skies. you'll notice temperatures falling back into the upper 30s near 40 along the coast. low to middle 30s as you head through the interior. and as we go on through the day tomorrow, while the winds will remain active, we'll see some
4:21 pm
happening in lawrence where sky fox is just arriving there. apparently a body was found in
4:22 pm
several emergency crews on the scene. a little dark out there. so hard to make out. but a number of them in the water. reaching out to the agencies out there, learning more about the investigate. in the merrimack river in lawrence near the mccabe court. and we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it tonight. the obama administration wanted to help students with college loan debt. coming up, the criticizing the program for its big cost on tax payers. now here's mark ockerbloom with what's next >> covering a disturbing crime. a car left vandalized, the wheels stolen, the victim a disabled veteran. the support from his neighbors as police search for the thieves. not a normal night at the natick mall, how long it had
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lower your blood sugar with invokana?. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana?. ask your doctor about it by name. the law enforcement community is mourning the death of a veteran police officer who was shot and killed on duty in washington state. domestic violence call wednesday when a suspect opened fire. police in tacoma say the suspect used two children as shields during an 11 hour standoff. >> we went in and took one of the kids when we had a chance and he grabbed another kid, one of our officers felt he had a shot. he took it. >> police shot and killed the suspect early this morning. they say they found several weapons inside that suspect's home. >> the obama administration's main strategy for helping
4:26 pm
proving far more costly than previously thought. jacqueline felt is in washington with how much it will cost tax payers in the coming years. >> reporter: it's going to cost tax payers $108 billion to help struggling student loan borrowers. that is far more than the u.s. department of education thought. the obama administration pushed student borrowers to enroll in repayment programs that factor in their income. that can help keep payments low just entering the work force. the administration urged enrollment after increase in number of borrowers defaulting on federal loans. the price tag the for the various programs is at least double what the aide occasion department previously estimated. more than 5 billion borrowers are enrolled in income driven repayment plans.
4:27 pm
lawmakers looking to target expensive student aid programs to help ring in costs. in washington, jacqueline felt, fox 25 news. >> a local town worker accused of stealing expensive prime rib and replacing it with buffalo wings. the food was supposed to go to needy, one of his guests supposedly said about him after he heard of the allegations. >> we're now ending the day on a breezy note.
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right now we continue to follow the breaking news involving the new england patriots. star tight end rob gronkowski may be done for the season. he is having back surgery tomorrow that will leave him sidelined for the next 8 weeks, which would mean his season is in foxboro gathering reaction to the tough news and more information on gronk's injury. information at top of the hour. >> also breaking at this hour, the death tolls in the wild fires in tennessee has now increased to 10. the state official just gave the new update in just the last few minutes. he says they found three more bodies this afternoon. though, he didn't provide any more details. more than 14,000 people have been evacuated from the city of gatlinburg because of the flames there. 2 dow closing at a record high,
4:31 pm
goldman sachs stock closed at a record high. that's the highest in nine years. >> it has been the subject of protest for years and today a natural gas pipeline that runs through west roxbury officials goes online. >> catherine parrotta reports to say this is a major safety concern. >> it's mind boggling they can do this and increases our determination to fight this more and more and more. >> reporter: it's a project surrounded by controver f today, the pipeline running through west roxbury is scheduled to be activated but the opposition to it is still strong. >> goes by hundreds of homes and small businesses. and schools. >> reporter: the pipeline is part of a billion dollar project to increase the natural gas supply to new england. but residents fear the health risks caused by the gas, as well as the possibility that an explosion could occur, especially with a quarry nearby that they say blasts at least once a week.
4:32 pm
the blasting, all of the homes around do, so what's going to happen to the pipeline under the ground. >> residents aren't alone in their concerns. this week, mayor marty walsh and other local officials sent letter to federal regulators saying the company that owned the pipeline failed to share important safety information with the boston police and fire departments. congressman steven lynch also shared his concerns about the location of the pipeline. >> other pipelines that have exploded elsewhere in the united states causing serious damage and some injuries. >> reporter: spectra the pipeline meets or exceed all safety standards, but for residents it does little to ease their concerns. >> this strug gel is not over. if the gas can get turned on, it can get turned off. >> reporter: and mayor marty walsh filed a federal lawsuit earlier this year citing approval of this argument oral arguments not scheduled in that case. in west roxbury catherine parrotta fox 25 news. >> today i spent time with the mayor the talk about this issue and what he plans to do about
4:33 pm
new at 5:00. >> we have been under this cloud, essentially, for two days. it's been straight rain. >> but finally. >> yeah, we needed it. >> some sun. but let's remind everybody, it's december 1st. >> it didn't feel like it. >> i know, i went outside, i didn't even have shoes on at one point. this is not december 1st. >> but it was. because we were in the 50s to near 60 degrees in some spots. and still currently 50 in boston right now, despite the clouds and sunset. those winds, though, are moving out of the west right now. and that westerly wind will bring in cooler air. it all follows the rain showers that shiri was tracking earlier this morning. it dried out quickly. currently partly to mostly cloudy skies out there. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. a few spots over the higher elevations. mostly dry night. some scattered clouds and clearing at times as temperatures are going to fall back into the 40s this evening. 30s and 40s for the overnight
4:34 pm
morning, 30s for a few clouds for the interior. but sunshine at the coast. at the bus stop, be prepared. that wind will still be gusty out of the west. so despite temperatures in the 30s, this is what it's going to feel like when you head to work and school around 7:00 in the morning. feeling like the mid 20s to the mid 30s. we'll take a closer look at the weekend forecast coming up. >> thanks sarah. new at 4:30, u.s. marshals arrest a fugitive wanted for a murder in keene, new hampshire. jere boston. shot someone back in september and has been on the run ever since. he tried to escape from a second floor window at a home in winchester court in keene last night. but they were able to arrest him. >> the united nations is stressing the need to stop the stigma of those living with aids worldwide in honor of world aids day. it's estimated 37 million people are infected with hiv right now. a new vaccine trial is kicked off this week in west africa.
4:35 pm
patients need care, and protection. >> talking about the trple threat young women face not knowing their hv status, life saving treatment and notings about in power to protect herself. >> britain's prince harry pushed for hiv awareness by getting tested for the disease along with rihanna on a visit to barbados today their tests quickly came back negative. >> plus mayor marty walsh, tweeted the world aids day, for those affected by hiv alone. we stand with you. city hall will be red for world aids day. >> a local chef and town employee accused of stealing food from the people he was supposedly serving. police say his girlfriend and daughter were also in on it, as melanie bossy reports. >> reporter: for several years, he was the site worker on council on aging. tracy archer and her daughter, kimberly, were stealing from those in need.
4:36 pm
steal. because he is not that kind of a person. >> reporter: carver told fox 25 they were tipped off about this during the late summer months after food went missing be one day prime rib on the memory board, instead they were served a buffalo chicken wing which had never been ordered on the council on aging before. >> i was surprised to eprime rib on the menu. was surprised it was there. >> he had ordered a large prime rib that went missing. and other to get suspicious. >> the pallets of the people who eat the food were of a bland nature and not usually buffalo chicken wings not something usually would be served to an elderly population. >> police say lavoie would go into the pantry after hours. surveillance video shows two suspects walking out with trays. the council on aging also does the meals on wheels program. investigators say cans of food donated for them were also
4:37 pm
surprising. >> reporter: we stopped by lavoie and his girlfriend's home in plymouth. a woman came to the porch and didn't want to make a comment. >> i was just tell him how much we all miss him and wish him the very best. >> reporter: fox 25 news. >> with the legalization of recreational marijuana use coming to massachusetts later this month. many employees taking a closer look a were under state law they would still be allowed to test for marijuana use and be allowed zero tolerance policies in place. several laws exist in other states which have already legalized recreational marijuana. >> are you ready for this, blair? >> boston's very own bell biv-deveau has a new documentary. my interview still ahead about
4:38 pm
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ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long... upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter,
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and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. ever new england. eversource. far right news website bri-bart is pushing readers to boycott kellogg's after it issued to pull advertising. kellogg's does not want to advertise with sites that does not align with its values. bribe bart right wing, controversial leaning. steve bannon is now set to become donald trump's wheef
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using hashtags dump kellogg's. >> pull off a daring rescue and save a man's life. the officers running up to this burning car. there you see it even better. they try to put out the flames but quickly realize the driver was inside. he was trapped by trees and had to pull him out of the back of the car. they credited the rescue to good luck and good timing. >> a new york woman recovering from minor injuries after a from her house. it happened on tuesday afternoon right before her three children arrived home from school. the force of the blast sent her flying outside on to her deck. her neighbors rushed in to help her when they heard that blast. >> she didn't hear us, but she just started screaming. and she had a big bump on her head. i mean, baseball size bump on her head. >> the cause of the explosion is still under investigation.
4:42 pm
>> astronaut buzz al doctrine has been safely air lifted from the south pole after falling ill. the 86-year-old was picked up by a medical plane early this morning and now being treated in new zealand. he had been in amount arctic cawith a tour group. he apparently had fluid in his lungs but responding well to antibiotics and in stable condition. he is well known for being one of the first men to walk on the moon. >> road rage at its best, one swinging it at another. >> currently 50 in boston but cooler weather to the west. i'll be tracking when the cool
4:43 pm
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visit a place where siblings become friends, parents become kids, grandfathers become wizards, family time becomes playtime, little ones become big stars, and neighbors become family. ? indoor water park resort. everybody in. visit to get the best deals on your family getaway. this home surveillance video captured a bear and a
4:45 pm
roaming through the same backyard. sightings like this aren't necessarily rare in westford. as our jackie heinrich discovered, this close encounter came a close encounter for one homeowner. >> reporter: caught the moseying over to a meal too enticing to resist, it was 4:44 p.m., she had been out in the driveway feet away to get the newspaper. >> you missed him minutes. >> for me, yeah. >> reporter: you could've been out here bed and breakfast. >> ha, ha, ha. yeah. maybe. >> reporter: and just a few weeks ago, joy's cameras captured this bobcat too. but joy call la is not the only one dealing with the new neighbor. kenny and laura rico made the first acquaintance a few weeks ago. >> it was on the back deck, pulled a quarter inch round steal post off, ate all of the food.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: and he's not the most considerate house guest. this bird feeder used to be straight, nailed to the porch. >> he didn't just bend everything this time, he just took everything. >> away, gone, the pole everything is gone. >> reporter: and she said, he left plenty of claw marks on the back deck, same back where laura makes coffee usually around the same time the bear comes. >> he's very brazen, he's on the deck right outside of that if anybody is around or not. >> now this uninvited desk may have to find a new breakfast spot since the families are doing away with the bird seed. >> when she sent me the text, i said, okay, well, stop feeding them. so the birds will go without, until the snow fly and he'll go into hiebber nation and won't have to deal with him. >> reporter: jackie heinrich.
4:47 pm
easy, don't run, make yourself as large looking as possible and make a lot of noise. >> merry christmas to all and to all a good night. >> boston pops kicked off the traditional holiday season last night with help from mayor marty walsh. he joined them on stage to read it was the night before christmas. our own vaness december 18th. a little girl who just lost her mother had a special christmas wish granted this week. the two-year-old's mom died in a car crash. her entire texas neighborhood worked to create her dream holiday display. dozens of people bought decorations and help set up that display. >> i have no problem at all with it. it means a lot. i have a two-year-old daughter and i can only imagine. >> isn't it amazing to come together like that.
4:48 pm
her mother will be laid to rest tomorrow. >> now your local forecast from meteorologist sarah wroblewski and the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> what a cute tee right there. and of course, maybe all of your decorating has been put on halt the past couple of days because we've been dealing with a lot of rain out there. some of our rain fall reports over the last 48 hours. in sterling, this goes back to tuesday, over 3 inches of rain. stowe picking up 2.5. arlington just over 2 inches. ipswich towards tuesday where we picked up over 1.3. so much needed rain came on in. it moved out quickly this morning and boy that sunshine got to work. temperatures climbed into the 50s. 60s for parts of the southeast. but 57 was our high today. normal we're right around 46. wasn't a record, though, set back in 2001, that's when we hit 71 degrees. it was still really nice and a lot of people got to get outside
4:49 pm
is 50 in boston right now. but cooler weather back to the west and that cooler air will move on in as the gusty winds over the next couple of days. these winds trail the system that brought us that rain early this morning. now lift to go the north and east. still a few lingering showers across northern maine. and the winds over the great lakes have led to a few scattered rain and snow showers. lake affect snow showers out there. but not really making its way too much further east besides we're starting to see a little bit of radar across the higher elevations. closer to the city, we've got partly cloudy skies to most cloudy conditions and temperatures currently in the 40s and 50s. a mild evening right now. going through time, we will experience partly cloudy skies conditions overnight. and waking up to some sunshine tomorrow. a few more clouds in the interior. a mix of sun and clouds. by the afternoon, there may be a stray flurry or sprinkle. i can't rule it out. but most of us generally stay
4:50 pm
continue to filter on in through the evening hours. best chance of seeing precipitation across northern new england as we head over the next couple of days. for southern new england, as we get toward the weekend, dry things out and brighten things up and the winds should start to relax too. because the winds will remain active. overnight tonight, out of the west, about 10 to 20 miles per hour. so temperatures will quickly drop back into the 30s in most spots. 40s for parts of the outer cape. with that wind, it will feel like the 20s when you wake up tomorrow morning. the city of boston. take a look at this, we've got some sunshine, again, wouldn't be surprised to see a few scattered clouds out there. highs tomorrow above average in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. but, again, that wind making it feel a little cooler. feeling like the upper 30s to low 40s. but this is what it looks like for highs tomorrow. so if you have to get outside and decorate. tomorrow is not a bad day to do it. again, those winds will be dying down as we head through the evening hours. but because i want to point out,
4:51 pm
weekend, much cooler weather does arrive. upper 30s to low 40s for your saturday and then again on sunday. then we will see more sunshine. i'm expecting to see a few more clouds for the cape as the winds turn out of the west may lead to a few ocean effect snow showers or flurries i should say. saturday night doesn't look to amount to too much. you know what we've got going on this weekend. we'll be at natick for our coat drop off day, love for you to join us, temperatures in the 40s again. sunday looking pretty fantastic for the pats game too. and t system head our way perhaps late monday into tuesday and then again on wednesday. there's the latest look at forecast. >> sarah, thank you. british police looking for a suspect after a wild road rage incident was captured on surveillance cameras and really incredible. >> it really is manchester police released this video after what was a fender bender. heated words between the drivers. quickly turned into this wrestling match. then one driver backs up into the other's vehicle. >> unbelievable.
4:52 pm
truck then smashed the other's windshield with a shovel. there he goes. before eventually driving off. a manatee got a clean bill of health after being rescued from a storm drain. >> workers in jacksonville, florida freed that animal while digging through a pipe ma manatee arrived at sea world for a checkup. >> after being trapped so long. we want to make sure she can move on her own and can swim and looks like a normal manatee. >> they check heart and ran blood tests. they say the animal seems to be in good health. >> shoppers had to deal with a usual and unexpected death. a beaver ransacking the christmas aisles inside of a store in maryland. beaver knocked over cups and even tried to get at the artificial trees. workers at the animal shelters rescued the beaver from the store and took it to a rehab facility. >> it's a well known fact that
4:53 pm
decorators. there doesn't surprise me. bell biv devoe from right here in boston and today i got to sit down with them and they're still going strong. talking about their hum agree -- humble beginnings in boston. and here's vanessa welch. >> patriots star rob gronkowski will likely miss the rest of the season. we've learned undergoing a surgery tomorrow for herniated disk in his back. coming up at 5:00, the one person who could help their team and why fans
4:54 pm
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ricky bell says it's always good to be home. >> i like when the plane is skyline and the city and downtown. you just get the smell all over again. i start thinking about the food. >> bell calls the group's boston fans loyal, but they say even people that followed their careers closely don't know the whole story. >> this movie is the twin of the person you thought you knew. >> it's a perfect time for us, you know, to open up and tell our stories. >> they were really great.
4:59 pm
edition story airs and the latest album is the 27th. the next big project is tonight, because bell bif da voe, they're lighting the boston commons christmas tree. >> you said earlier today how great they were. >> they were wonderful and warm. they hadn't been to boston commons since they shot the candy girl video, so they were reminiscing about that. it was great. happening right now, a huge setback for the patriots. >> gronk could be done for the season. now at 5:00, patriots star rob gronkowski is set to have back surgery tomorrow. a brockton teenager in court accused of brutally stabbing to death his own mother. what he told first responders when they first got on the scene. the rain is gone, but the mild air stays with us today. i'm tracking a drop in temperatures towards the
5:00 pm
temperatures return. residents vow to keep on fighting a controversial pipeline they say is putting them in danger. >> i know some people say it's too late and the pipeline is on and the gas is turned on, but it's never too late. >> the mayor's response when we ask him how the city plans to keep everyone safe. now, with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 5:00. complete new england news coverage. first at 5:00, down and out. patriots star tight end rob gronkowski is expected to have surger that will leave him sidelines for eight weeks. he'll done for the regular season and won't be back until the super bowl at the earliest is the patriots get there. >> tough news tonight. our sports director is here now. you saw gronk knocked out of the game and he was struggling. >> that's one of the reasons i was surprised by the initial report it wasn't a big deal. if you saw him walk, you knew it was a big deal. if the patriots make a run at


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