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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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let's begin with our sports director about what we know about the surgery. >> he goes under the knife tomorrow in los angeles. dr. watkins will perform the surgery. it's the third time he operated to i don't think gronkowski's back. they're looking for a pair of herniated disks which limits his mobility. rob did not return to action sunday after this play against the jets, in the concourse after the game. you can't forget the big hit he took from earl thomas in the seahawks game on november 13th. it's quite possible the back damage occurred on this play, not just the perforated lung originally reported. likely out for the season, at least two months, which means martellus bennett is among those expected to step up. >> i mean, i make sure i'm ready to play. i can control what's going on with my bead.
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because i talked about this on monday, is what it was like on sunday after the am game. i mean, gronk was basically walking like this. i'm not exaggerating that. this is a monster of a man. >> he is. >> he was limited to walking like an 80, 85-year-old who was injured. at that point they said it wasn't sure. i thought no way. >> looked like he seized up how you described it. >> he couldn't walk. >> will he be back in time, if >> we shall see. probably not. >> thank you. this pretty much says it all. look at all the injuries that gronk has had to deal with over the past few years, and those are just the ones we know about. this big guy really takes a beating. durrs his career he missed 21 games in the regular and postseason. only time will tell how long
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for the next man to step up. the pats signed, of course, martellus bennett in the off-season, and that's proving to be a great move in hindsight. the 6'6" and 275-pound tight end has four touches this year. he was back at practice told after missing yesterday. with tom brady's suspension it's been a tough season for the pats. losing gronk is a devastating blow. ted daniel is it stadium. fans are distraught over the latest injury. >> reporter: we got down here to gillette stadium not long after the news broke, and every single fan we approached knew exactly what we wanted to talk with them about. gronk is right up there with tom brady whether it comes to the love of patriots fans. his jersey is the fifth most popular on right behind brady's.
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the nfl. we interviewed six fans outside the patriots pro shop, and everyone expressed concern for the big guy and wished him well in his recovery, everyone except for this guy. >> i think he should really step up to the plate and man up and play ball. that's what i think. >> it's back surgery. he had two prior. >> i had back surgery. i played 13 years with pains and broken knees and busted fingers. i was always there. >> that's hard core, man. >> yeah, big-time, you know. the patriots had to reinvent the offense before, and if anyone can do it successfully, hopefully it will be bill belichick. reporting live outside gillette stadium, fox 25 news. >> the pats are without their star sunday against the rams. you'll see that on fox 25, but tune in a bit earlier. tom lied done and butch stearns and matt light host an hour-long special called "dawn of the
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there is an in depth look at the sunday game. you hear from robert kraft and several stars on the team. dawn of a dynasty starts at 10:00 a.m. on sunday. let's turn to the forecast now. the wind blowing through the weeds here on signal hill in canton. it's a sign of more to come. we're watching the wind come back for tomorrow. sarah, it will affect the temperatures. >> yeah, we will see a drop in temperatures thankses to the the breeze 50s and 60s and well above the average. the current winds are better than earlier today. 10 to 20 miles per hour with a few stronger gusts out there. we continue to see mainly dry conditions out there, although the clouds have moved on in and we're reporting a shower just west of worcester. we're in the 40s and 50s right now. i don't ever night we fall into the 30s. colder weather for the weekend. i have that forecast ahead. parents at this middle
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a 13-year-old boy that goes here frment he's facing serious charges for something that happened a party. >> parnlts had no idea about this investigation. jason. >> reporter: yeah, and again this boy is only 13 years old. he's a student here at leary middle school in lynn and he was arrested at this school yesterday afternoon. the parents of students at this middle school told us they had no idea any of this happened. >> i didn't even hear this. they didn't call me or anything. >> reporter: christina is the mother of an eighth grader at the middle school, and she had no idea a boy was arrested for rape wednesday afternoon. >> oh, my god. that's terrible. i'm going to call about that, because i never heard about that. my daughter is 14, and she comes here, you know what i mean? something like that i would be very upset. >> reporter: investigators say the case stems from a complaint in north redding. the middlesex district
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juvenile male was arraigned in juvenile court and charged with one count of aggravated forcible rape of a child. they declined to say more because of privacy laws. we tried several times to get more information from the school. leary principal referred us to the superintendent and said this. >> we're just a school. nothing occurred here. we're the school. >> reporter: lynn superintendent is dr. katherine latham. several times today to find out not only why parents weren't given any information about the arrest and this investigation, but also if it was possible any other kids at this middle school could be involved in the investigation as well. again, we didn't get any comment from her office today. in lynn, i'm jason law. shots fired near a motel, and the search for a suspect stretched into a nearby neighborhood. katherine is live with the evidence police found in the woods. >> after the shots rang out,
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suspect vehicle they spotted where a suspect was seen trying to bury a gun that may have been used outside the motel. now, that motel, the econolodge sits on the line. today it was the focus of a very active police investigation by both departments as they swarmed the area with their guns drawn after several 911 calls. hotel guests told fox 25 there may have been a fight and shots rang out in the parking lot. responding police had reports of from the motel and someone in the truck was later seen stopped in walpole, attempts to bury a gun which they recovered. motel guests say the sudden chaos was during the search was frightening. >> hopped in the shower, and next thing you know there's an ar-15 pointed in my face and pistols and all kinds of junk. i'm naked get out of the shower. crazy. i had no clue. >> reporter: that motel sits
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lockdown during the incident but no one was hurt. tonight police ask any potential witnesses to contact them. a laconia area woman is charged in a murder for hite plot. she hired a hitman to kill her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend. earl was staying at a homeless shelter and this is not a drug-related case. the city of boston hiking up freeing up more spaces in the day. ft back bay to $3.75 per hour. it begins on january 3rd. in the seaport it's more complicated. the meters start at $1.50 per hour and sensors keep track of the occupancy. every two months the price is adjusted by 50 cents with a minimum price of a dollar an hour and a maximum of $4 an hour. if you think the drive
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starting next month the speed limit has been dropped from 5 miles per hour from 30 down to 25. robert is live in the south end where residents are split. robert. >> mark, right now here in boston whether you're behind the wheel and there's no posted speed limit, you can go up to 30 miles per hour and next month starting on january 9th that will be way too fast. >> i don't think it's going to work because if you want to speed, you speed no matter what the speed limit is. >> we talk to people driving walking boston's busy streets. >> what do you think about lowering the speed limit by 5 miles per hour? >> i think it's a great idea. yeah. perfect and it's a busy neighborhood. >> the city finalized the plan to lower the speed limit from 30 to 25 miles per hour beginning january 9 and each city street.
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>> they wonder if it will change anything? >> i think if you break the law, you break the law. >> it will make a big difference. i think the fact we're lowering the speed limit to 25 will bring people's speeds down. i think right now it's at 30, and people go faster than that. >> reporter: this new rule will not apply to state roads within the city. we're live in boston's south end. a shocking attack. police say a mother was killed by her son. >> it has neighborhood. still to come tonight at 6:00. >> a brockton high school graduate is accused of brutally stabbing to death his own mother inside the home. how a confrontation over an airline ticket may have sparked this deadly attack. say good-bye to the 60s from today. we have cooler weather on the way. i'm tracking how temperatures drop into the weekend.
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what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. some boston police officers are on the mend tonight. a drive they were trying to question drove off dragging several officers. tonight we've obtained new video showing the moment it happened. >> blair, you can see things change in an instant. >> those boston police officer were struck last week in dorchester trying to question a man suspected of having a gun, but the man refused to get out of the car.
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off. fox 25 obtained this video from a surveillance camera on stone street near where the officer were dragged. suddenly a car flies back and they duck out of the way. seconds later it's fum of police lights, and a fie minutes after the police flood the scene looking for clues. the suspect's car did strike four officers, on and bruises. the driver was captured several hours later. he's been charged with four counts of assault with a dangerous weapon. he has a long history of drug and assault arrests. he's due back in court december 19th. hard to believe no one was hurt in this collision with a commuter rail train this morning that left a car upside-down in needham. check it out. firefighters say the car was
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it caused delays for the commuters who were diverted to needham center. steven lynch is reacting tonight after his choice for party minority leader failed in his bid to unseat nancy pelly. he backed tim ryan, but pelosi was re-elected. on the morning news, he said he's not worried about repurr cushions because he works for who elected him. >> mrs. pelosi will need my vote on a number of issues. with all work for mrs. pelosi. i work to 727,514 massachusetts residents in the 8th district. they are my bosses. anytime that their best interests is in conflict with the policy of the democratic party, i side with my constituents. >> lynch says he hopes a renewed focus on working families will help to win back some of the loyalty to the democratic party. congress mane seth molt ton of
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for ryan. they say situation is dire. in the last hour police suspended the search for the 59-year-old woman. she went into the arcadia woods with her two dogs and monday and hasn't been seen since. more than 150 volunteers have been searching for her. boston city's plaza is being transformed into a winter wonderland tonight. look at it right here from sky fox that flew over where boston winter will debut tomorrow. there will be a giant skinny loop and wine and a spot to see santa. because of today's weather the sti rink has to way until saturday. they hope it's annen you'll tradition. now your local forecast from the fox 25 stormtracker weather team. >> kevin is going to be emceeing that grand opening. it's going to be pretty
6:17 pm
feel more like winter than we had today where temperatures were in the upper 50s and 60s. it started off with rain, too. i want to point that out, because over the last month from november 1st to the 28th we picked up over an inch of rain in boston. since tuesday and wednesday, including this morning, we picked up more rain than the entire month. so pretty impressive rainfall over the last several days. it did not really allow for our current drought monitor to change much. when they go out and take a loo conditions, they check it early on tuesday, and then report to us on thursday morning. so this actually was from before the rain even came still. ten inches below average for boston for rainfall, so we're still in a very deficit across the area. we continue to see fairly dry conditions as we head into the weekend after we had a soggy few days. today highs after the rain 57 i
6:18 pm
it was a beautiful day out there. a little bit cooler tomorrow, back into the 40s, and the 40s is where we get stuck into the weekend with sunday cooler. some spots may get stuck in the upper 30s. much cooler weather behind that storm system that brought all the wet weather. winds out of the west allowing for lake-effect rain and snowshowers. some of that moisture is heading towards the berkshires right now. a few snowflakes have been reported, and we've actually had parts of wocester with temperatures above freezing. we go with clouds through the evening. temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now. we continue to see the up wind busy out of west, may gust at times upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour through the overnight hours. come tomorrow it will be active, and we could see the gusts between 20 to 25 miles per hour. that's just going to continue to bring in that cooler air from the west. over the next 24 hours, breezy tonight, and temperatures fall
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cloudy skies. more clouds in the interior. come tomorrow, we see temperatures cooler than today into the 40s, near 50 degrees. again, we watch for clouds to bubble up. best chances through the interior north and west. there may be a few rain and snowshowers across the higher elevations. some of those sprinkles or flurries can make their way eastward, too. by the lunch hour we're in the upper 40s and we stay in the 40s for the evening drive with partly cloudy conditions. conditions cool on friday night and in the weekend you notice the big difference in temperatures. for your saturday we look at the upper 30s to low 40s and then for your sunday, cooler but brighter, more clouds likely for the coast. also, hey, the pats game is looking pretty good right now. of course, you can watch it right here on fox 25. 40 degrees for that kickoff, cool and dry with mostly sunny skies. that seven-day forecast does feature the risk of a few rain/snowshowers perhaps late on
6:20 pm
watch for a system for the middle part of the next week. back to you. >> the main that tried to bring down an airplane with a bomb hidden in his shoe is asking a favor of the federal government. why he claims he shouldn't have to pay back more than a quarter million dollars. bell biv devoe is back in boston ahead of a movie about their story in january.
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the dow closed at a record high up 68 points. goldman sachs stock helped it reach the new high. their stock was up 2%, the highest in nine years. it's also up 24% since the election. elizabeth warren made a surprising endorsement of a possible cabinet pick. she said she would support scott brown for secretary of veterans affair. senator warren doubt brown would put his heart and soul into helping veterans and praised mitt romney under consideration for secretary of state. at the height of their popularity in the 1980s, the pub stage was only part of what was going on behind the scenes for local boy band new edition. >> now they're ready to tell the whole story. elizabeth hopkins sat down with bell biv devoe who say they're ready to share their struggles
6:24 pm
career. >> for many it's the soundtrack of their youth. >> poison, poison. >> to boston it's the anthem of the ones who made it big. >> we'll be the first ones to come from humble beginnings, the projects of oyster park. >> bell biv devoe one half of new edition, a boy band that launched an enduing >> it's good for our side in roxbury, because we have never seen anybody do it from the city. >> they're climb to the top is about to be told in a three-part b.e.t. mini serious, kaish mini series, the new edition story. >> we start out with how we came together and everything we went through. >> it's a surreal situation, you
6:25 pm
watching people that are playing you. >> all six members of new edition signed on to green light the project. 33 years in the making. while that storied career took them all over the world, they have left their mark on boston. >> i like when the plane is landing, and i can just see the skyline and, you know, the city and, you know, downtown. >> he calls the boston fans loyal, but people that followed their careers close know the whole story. >> it's a perfect time for us to open up and tell our stories. >> the mini series airs on b. oechlt t. on january 24th and the latest album is released on january 27th. elizabeth hopkins. >> so many catchy tunes that stick in your heads. we've been singing them around here. >> we'll spare you that. good to see them back. all right. a disabled veteran now has a new way to get around. someone stole all four tires off
6:26 pm
police are telling us about this crime, and how this veteran's neighbors are answering the call to help. a plan to stop a pipeline today. what if anything can be done from here? first, a brockton teen is in jail a ?? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center and blue cross blue shield has me. i own hub parkour training center someone once asked, do we ever think about anything other than steak? yes...
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disturbing news tonight of a body found in the merrimack river. we're told at the scene that a person was decapitated. >> the discovery was made before 3:00 this afternoon. christine is getting updates from investigators at the scene. >> reporter: well, right now we're live on water street and lawrence. right off water street behind me is a small street called mccabe court. on that street are a number of local police officers as well as state police. firefighters are out on the river, and we have d.a. this is a very large investigative effort at this time. a couple of hours since that body was found. if you look at the aerial video, you can see firefighters in a boat searching after that bed bode was located. we have heard from police just a couple of minutes ago that the medical examiner is on their way. they will, of course, take that body and doing an autopsy. now, family members and friends of a local teen who has been
6:30 pm
they're very emotional because they hope, of course, this is not body of that local boy who, again, has been missing for weeks. we spoke with a friend of that family, and she tells us she came down. she's very concerned. she's also a mother and she's friends with the mother of that teen. she says at this time police have told her that this body is, in fact, a decapitated body. we don't know the exact age of that body right now. we're still trying to learn a lot of right now we're remaining on the season and hoping to hear from police in the next 30 minutes or so. we'll bring you an update as soon as we hear it. to the other top stories tonight at 6:30. a 13-year-old middle school in lynn is charged with raping another child. the boy was arrested yesterday and he appeared in juvenile court.
6:31 pm
the case because it involves minors. patriots star rob gronkowski is out. gronk expected to have back surgery tomorrow putting him on the shelf for at least the next two months. he was knocked out of the jets game in pass weekend, but many believe it started with a hit against the seattle seahawks three weeks ago right here. in brockton a desperate search for answers as a recent brockton high grad is charged with stabbing his mother to debt in their home. little a shocking case we've been covering since the news >> as bob ward tells us, as authorities look for a motive they may look at a plane ticket the mother bought her son just before she was killed. >> he's 18 years old, but france polynice is charged with stabs his mother, 44-year-old man ya meneide. they found polynice sitting on the steps with his hands
6:32 pm
front door staped up to 15 times in the head, neck and torso. a neighbor is stunned. >> i would never think that he would kill his mother. he's a good boy. he wasn't violent at all. >> she said her daughter was concerned her son was depressed in recent weeks and not eating or drinking. according to kout documents he brought him a ticket back to his native haiti because of his strange behavior. at logan airport the day before the get out of the morning. the next morning the teen grabbed a knife after his mother begged him to eat or drink. leave me alone with your food she remembers him saying not long before he stabbed his mother. >> we're dealing with a terrible, tragic situation for an 18-year-old person murdered his 44-year-old mother. you know, how do you get your arms around that? that's going to be what we want to find out. >> reporter: frantz polynice is
6:33 pm
death of his mother. he's ordered held without bail and due in court later in the month. in brockton, bob ward, fox 25 news. new at 6:30, police search for two armed men that robbed a lowell liquor store. one man wear a scream mask and it happened last night around 9:30 on concord street. one man had a handgun and the other a shotgun. no one was injured. natural gas pipeline that faced years of protest is up and running. people living in west roxbury fear their safety despite federal regulators signing off on this. we spoke with boston's mayor to find out how the city plans to keep people safe. it's a new day in west roxbury, a day many never thought would come. some here have spent two years protesting the five-mile pipeline project, part of a bigger project to increase the natural gas supply in new england. despite the scheduled activation to the line, they're not giving up. >> it's really mind-boggling
6:34 pm
just increases our determination to fight this more and more and more. >> with residents here still very much concerned and upset, what, if anything, can be done from here? is this something local officials will take to the federal court? i took that question to mayor walsh today, who told me the city filed a federal brief related to the larger project. is there anything you can do? >> there's not a lot we can do because it's governed by the >> congressman lynch said it's not over. >> we're going to keep fighting, but we're running out of options here. >> reporter: spectra, the houston company this owns the pipeline said it meets or exceeds federal standards and regulations. it's not enough for those workers moving forward and fearing their safety is at risk. >> the struggle is not over. if the gas can get turned on, it can get turned off.
6:35 pm
this point. the mayor hopes it will. congressman lynch tried to bring up bills in congress to address it, but no one else has gotten behind it. in the control room, blair miller, fox 25 news. shoebomber richard reid is asking a federal judge to declare his bankrupt because he can't pay a fine. i hereby request as i'll never be able to pay this fine that a declaration of bankruptcy be entered in reid is servin a life sentence. that flight was diverted to boston where he was arrested. turning to the forecast now, temps cool off tonight from the mid and upper 50s today. for the next 12 to 24 hours or so the big issue is the wind. we're tracking how the winds affect how cold it feels tomorrow, sarah. >> that's it. we see the winds just transform into cooler weather.
6:36 pm
the winds died down a bit and still gusts over 20s. p-town recent wind gusts of 21 miles per hour. they developed after the rain this morning has lifted to the north and east, but look what we have. we have some showers out to the west, and some of that activity actually making it into parts of central mass right now. where we have partly cloudy skies, temperatures 40, 50, but we notice a few isolated showers near and jut south o near south bridge towards berry. there may be an isolated sprinkle over the next couple of hours. overnight temperatures fall from the 40s into the 30s in many spots with partly cloudy conditions waking up to some sunshine in spots. with the 30s, it's going to feel much colder at the bus stop with the westerly breeze feeling like the 20s out there. how cold it will get this weekend in a few minutes. it's beginning to look more
6:37 pm
commons. a look at the trees lit tonight at 8:00. there are over 80 trees in the public garden. there will also be a fireworks splis after the lighting. a new bill is on governor bakery rer's desk after a deadly accident in april. the legislation would require the duck boats to have safety equipment including blind spot cameras. it would ban duck boa narrators. boston duck tours has already said it would add extra staff members to its tours. lawyers for the driver accused in the deadly crash at the restaurant went back to court for a very brief hearing today. brad is accused of driving into the newton restaurant killing two in march. his attorney set a new court date for december 19th. he faces a wrongful death lawsuit from family members of one of the victims ifrjt a new
6:38 pm
rochelle bond. she's the mother of the murdered toddler known as baby doe. her attorneys anticipated in a status hearing this haefrn. she'll be in court herself january 17th in preparation for the trial set to start february 22nd. prosecutors believe she conspired to dump the body of 2-year-old bella bond. they believe her boyfriend michael mccarthy killed the child punching her in the chest and stomach. the totten woman with manslaughter after texting her boyfriend and encouraging him to kill himself has been dealt a setback. she asked for funds to hire an expert to explain antifres ants at trial. she said therm both take anning antidepressant giving them suicidal thoughts. roy was found debt in 2014. work continues at the scene of a massive water main break in boston. part of chinatown is closed as
6:39 pm
a section of the street is shut down. several buildings had up to 4 feet of water in the basements. damage to underground wires caused several manhole explosions. the pipe is 125 years old that broke. police arrested several fugitives in new hampshire cred. they arrested timothy minhoff last night. u.s. marshals arrested a fugitive wanted for attpt they say holmes shot someone in pennsylvania last september and has been on the run. he tried to escape from the home last night, but they were able to arrest him. a maine man is charged with drinking and driving after a late night crash on 95 in seabrook. new hampshire state police say nicholas blanjardi drove off the interstate and hit a large tree head-on. he's charged with dwi and will
6:40 pm
a berry man hit and killed by an accused drunk driver has been identified. william sherrik was walking across the highway when he was hit. the driver did stop. they found beer in brown's car. he's charged with oui, but police say he's likely to face more charges. new at 6:30 the house of representatives passed a bill to put $1 billion in state grants in the fight against senator kelly ayotte calls it one of the most presing public emergencies right now. she's urging her colleagues to support the bill. a couple was found passed out in their car in lawrence with two kids in the back seat. they have been charged with reckless child endanger am. police believe they overdosed on drugs. the children, a 1-year-old and 9-month-old, have been taken into state custody. the owners of a stolen
6:41 pm
they posted pictures of the camera when they recovered it. testifies stolen in august. someone called in saying they recognized the camera and knew the owner. they have been in contact with them and will return the camera in the next few days. neighbors outraged and taking action. >> up next at 6:45. >> not one but all four tires stolen, and that's not even the worst part of the story. he's also a veteran and disabled. after the lower 60s in spots today,
6:42 pm
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a disabled marine veteran is the victim of a frustrating crime. someone stole all four tires from in his vehicle. tonight it has one boston community in an youp roar. >> we talked to the veteran trying to figure out how to get
6:45 pm
>> just no respect. >> tom sullivan showed the damage but didn't want to go on camera. this is what he saw outside his window. his neighbors are just as disgusted as he is. >> it's outrageous that some nutcase could do something like that. >> all four tires were stolen. tom's car left teetering on concrete blocks, and what's more frustrating? tom is a disabled veteran. he served in the u.s. marines for nine years and then worked as a nurse close to 40 years in boston. he told us i usually ride, my wife and i go to lunch or go shopping, and now it's hard being deprived of your car. how do you get this down with no tires? it's on blocked. the car is a toyota venza and boston police say it made it a target because they have standard 20-inch tires and they're very pricey. the neighborhood is working to figure out what to do to help, even trying to pitch in to pay his insurance deductible. >> nothing surprises me anymore. >> reporter: boston police
6:46 pm
a suspicious white van in the area recently. tonight everyone is staying extra alert. >> if they're going to do that kind of crime, do you think that they really have any sensitivity to anyone? >> in dorchester, robert ghoul stone. a local mother receives a great surprise at work. >> take a look here. >> oh! oh, my god! >> that is marine lan a.j.burgo surprising his mom paula hart working tuesday night. he enlisted in the marines a year ago and hasn't seen his mom since. he's been stationed in pensacola, florida the last eight months. his mother's best friend planned the big surprise. to see more go to our web page. >> that is great. we appreciate his service. >> we sure do. they're reunited for the holidays.
6:47 pm
for world aids day. this is what city hall looks like right now. the color red is used z a symbol for the solidarity for people living with hiv and aids. mayor walsh tweeted about the lighting of the city hall earlier today. he said for those affected by hiv/aids in boston and elsewhere, you are not alone. we stand with you. now your local forecast from meteorologist sarah robleski and the fox 25 stormtracker weather typically the third snowiest month in boston. we average about nine inches of snow for the month. as we get into january and february, those are snowiest, and we see about 43 inches for our snowfall for the year. november we pick up about an inch, but this november we picked up just a trace. really what we've been talking about is not snow but rain. we had very heavy rain over the last 48 hours.
6:48 pm
picked up over three inches of rain. heart wick has 2.25, two inches in arlington and dorchester since tuesday over an inch and a third. we were talking about some heavy rain, much-needed rain. in boston we picked up about a third this morning. we saw the rain move on out, but sunshine came out. and those temperatures, they were nice. 57 degrees, typically we're around 46. we take the above-average temperatures to start december again. are you thinking about the snow? i'm t record high is 71 in boston set in 2001 and didn't come close even though it felt nice out there. it's still mild and 30 in boston and new york city and we have clouds along the region and the temperatures dropped too much. back toot west, 30s and 40s and cooler weather is transported in on some breezy westerly winds over the next several days, and these winds follow that system that brought us that rain this morning. those winds over the lakes right now. great lakes region bringing a
6:49 pm
parts of new york. right now we've clouds and clear skies and temperatures in the 40s and 50s, but out fl in worcester county into connecticut, we have a few reports of lie rain over the next several hours. for the most part overnight it's mostly dry in most locations. we fall into the 30s, so a chilly night compared to last niem. about 5 to 10 degrees cooler but typical for this time of year. factor in the wind, about 10 to 20 miles per hour, and it will feel like the 20s when you wake spear in the morning with the current windchill values. this is how it looks tomorrow. we see sunshine and a few more clouds during the afternoon, but highs getting to where they should be, if not a couple degrees milder. again, with that wind still busy out of the west it feels like the low 40s out there. this is what you can expect for highs. noticing partly cloudy skies and pour clouds to the west. as you head further north, some of the clouds squeeze out a
6:50 pm
shower. but as we go on through the day, best chances are to the north and west. we go with partly to even at times mostly cloudy as we head towards the evening, noticing friday evening mainly across northern and central new england is where we see the snowshowers. as we head into the weekend, it turns drier, and it will turn brighter into the sunday. so those high temperatures, although we see some sunshine, they're cooler. we're talking 40s for saturday and upper 30s to low 40s for your you head towards parts of the outer cape. we have our coats for kids drive on saturday. hope you can join us at jordan's furniture there. we will collect gently used coats. temperatures in the 40s, and the patriots are on fox 25. 40 and cool and dry and mostly sun skies. this weekend looks fantastic. as for next week, it turns more unsettled. we track a few systems to bring us the potential of rain and snow on monday and in the middle
6:51 pm
rob gronkowski injury. what it means for the patriots. plus, ?? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle.
6:52 pm
ing soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
6:53 pm
it's what everybody is talking about, gronk. >> they have to figure it out. the team is good at doing that, but it doesn't help to lose one of wrur best players.
6:54 pm
he will undergo surgery tomorrow in los angeles, the third time dr. robert watkins with operate on his back. this is a major blow to the patriots offense and a major hurdle to clear on the road to super bowl li. gronk is a menace on the field when he can play. every reason to believe this will end his season. i can't imagine him rushing back to play after back surgery, even if it was the super bowl. terrible, tricky recovery for anyone, let alone someone who puts his body on the line every time he suits up to bennett was back on the field practicing. tom brady and edelman were out there. the 4-7 rams come to town this weekend. the patriots try to go 10-2. that type of record is commonplace in 2016 and it's bha we expect from the pats. in 2001 those expectations were a little different.
6:55 pm
robert kraft for sunday's pregame show. he reflected on the power of winning that first super bowl championship. >> red, white and blue shortly after 9/11, so in a we represented the country in many ways. >> that's where this phrase came from. we're looking at it. >> we're all patriots, and tonight the patriots are world champions. yep. >> who would have known that you would have coined a phrase to hang >> yeah. i hope we get to do it again. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> much more with robert kraft, drew bledsoe, brown, and wiggins. the list goes on and on. we have it covered on sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. we get you ready for sunday's game and look back. "dawn of a dynasty" before a busy day of football. major league baseball and the players association came to
6:56 pm
the all-star game will not decide home field advantage in the world series anymore. if you have a regular better season records, you host the games 1, 2, 6 and 7. finally some reason. tiger woods played in an organized tournament for the first time since 2016. 33 to the front nine, but then he posted a 40 on the back and a double bogey on 18. world challenge in the bahamas. afterwards he hit every shot and felt good. we'll see how it progresses with tiger woods back in the field. >> i hope he plays well. >> he's had a rough go. >> it felt like golfing weather today, but it's a different story this weekend. we have some cooler weather on the way. you notice it tomorrow, but i'll
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
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?? ?? tonight new kanye breakdown details. what the 911 call revealed. >> request if we can have police backup. >> after his hospital release, what's next for the struggling star? >> don't get any weapons or anything like that. >> bradley cooper's girlfriend pregnant on the victoria's shocker as "e.t." takes you backstage for all of the model drama. >> i'm freaking out. >> our paris exclusive with lady gaga, bruno mars and all the angels. >> here we go. >> but who left the runway in tears? >> and tiffani thiessen's dinner date with mark paul gosselar sharing stories that they might want to keep to themselves. >> do you remember we had seven glasses of wine? >> how old were you?


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