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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, a breaking investigation under way in roxbury, a police cruiser hit by another car causing a big mess in a local college. the latest on two different crime scenes in the city. a gruesome discovery in lawrence. banks of the river. the growing concern the victim could be a missing teen. bad news for the patriots, rob gronkowski could be sidelined for the season. the surgery he is having today that has the team preparing for the worse. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. good morning. we have made it to friday, december 2. i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning,
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clear skies are back to get your friday started off right, and i am a little sad about the gronk news. >> daniel: we are all sad about that. >> julie: back to the clear skies. shiri spear is joining us to tell us when that will take over. shir. >> shiri: good weather news. nice and clear, boston at 40 degrees. 40s over the cape. everybody in the 30s from upper 30s in beverly to plymouth and 32 in nashua, new hampshire. there is a chill in the air. a warm-up in melrose. 36 at 6 a.m. and nice, thick clouds. scattered skies. by 10 a.m. in the middle 40s. upper 40s by lunchtime today. highs close to 50 degrees, but we do have gusty conditions even now. so come up in ten minutes, i will break down the wind chills where they stand now and just how cool it will feel for the afternoon.
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drive-time traffic. >> julie: things are looking good. volume is late and that is the way it is today. expressway moving along fine from the braintree split to south boston. 24 minutes on pike eastbound. 7 minutes on the expressway. 20 minutes on 93 south as you approach the leverett connector. 4:02 right now. breaking this morning a police investigation is under that by roxbury after a police cruiser is hit by a car that happened in the area of parker and ruggles street right near the wentworth the crew on the scene said the officer in the car was taken away in an ambulance with what and to be minor injuries. a couple of blocks from that scene, there were several cars with their windows shot out. we are working to get more information from police of how these two incidents are connected and if there have been any arrests. developing this morning an autopsy will be performed on a body found along the banks of the merrimack river in
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decape stated. people on the scene tell our christine mccarthy that the victim could be a missing teen. >> something about to happen. >> reporter: the family of the missing 16-year-old desperate for answers but hoping it is not the news they feared. the lawrence high school student has been missing since mid-november. his family to prepared missing flyers told us last week he haven't used his cell phone, social media or credit cards. >> i just want to make sure th want to have closure with this. he has been gone and no word of him. and i am really worried and concerned. >> reporter: the essex county da's office says a woman walking her dog along the merrimack river discovered a male body on the river bank. carmen checo, friend of paulino's family said that police say the body was
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water by boat. local and state police investigated at the scene for five hours. the medical examiner working on an identity and cause of death. meanwhile, checo, a mother herself, can't help but feel the pain. >> i feel bad because somebody's son. >> reporter: whether it is your friend's or not. >> regardlessle, i feel bad. i have a 14-year-old and you wouldn't want to be in this situation. >> reporter: in lre >> daniel: the public not at risk. the district attorney's office is not releasing the victim's name until an autopsy a complete. a man will are hip surgery after police search for man that broke into his home, tying him up and robbing him. the victim spoke exclusively to fox25 about his hours-long or deal. >> and they tackled me got me and broke my hip right here. where is the gold, where is
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we are going to shoot you if you don't tell me where the gold is. >> julie: the victim had no idea what gold the men were looking for. he spent five hours before cofree himself. a 13-year-old boy is facing charges accused of raping another child. the alleged crime happened in north reading, our jason law reports, that the accused boy was arrested at his cool in lynn. >> i didn't hear nothing about this. >> reporter: the mother of a school. she had no idea a boy was arrested for rape wednesday afternoon. >> oh, my god. that is terrible. i never heard about that. my daughter is 14 and something like that -- i would be very upset. >> reporter: investigators with lynn police department the case stems from a complaint in north reading. the middlesex district attorney's office confirmed in a short tame a 13-year-old juvenile male was arraigned in
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charged with one count of aggravated forcible rape of a child. refused to say more because of privacy laws in criminal investigations. we tried several times to get more information from a school. they referred us to the superintendent and they said that. >> we are just a school. nothing occurs here. we are a school. >> reporter: the lynn superintendent is catherine latham. we reached out to her office to see why nothing was september home to parents. why parents weren't and also if it was be into other kids in the middle school couldn't be involved in the case. again we got no comment from her office. in lynn, i am jason law. 4:06. an 18-year-old from brockton is being held without bail in the stabbing death of his own mother, franz polynice faced cameras during hayes rainment. they found him covered in blood and shake can uncontrollably.
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his 44-year-old mother. they did not find signs of trouble before this happened. >> he was a good boy. he didn't at all. >> daniel: polynice is due back in court later this month. we are learning more of the teen's recent relationship with his mom. coming up in 30 minutes already her concerns of his well being and the trip he refused to take a day before the killing. a hingham police sergeant is in fal se insurance claim. chris phillips lied about getting hit by a car on patrol. the investigation said it never happened. he allegedly filed claim through the police department getting money for a injury he never suffered. sentenced to two years behind bars and must play nearly 2 million in restitution. bad news for the patriots.
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the rest of the season. the team and his family said rob's best long-term have is to undergo surgery for his lower back injury. it is not expected that he will finish out the season and we will wait for the results of today's surgery before making a final decision. a major blow to the pats' offense and a major hurdle. tom brady spoke about losing such an influential teammate. >> you know we understand the it becomes more challenging when you lose such a great player in gronk, but i don't think that any of us will give up on what we are trying to accomplish. our thoughts are with him, and we are all wishing him the very best, and we hope he gets better snob. >> julie: with gronk sidelined more will be expected from marks artelis bennett. he played five pro bowls, 42
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reception, 542 yards receiving and four touchdowns. all eyes on bennett as the pats take on rams sunday. you will see that game on fox25 and check in earlier, tom leyden, butch stearns and former patriot math lyght will be hosting a special "dawn of the dynasty." it will be looking at the super bowl team. it starts right of a our morning news at 10 a.m. trump is adding another name to his team. nominated james mattis to lead the defense department. the announcement came yesterday as trump and vice president-elect mike pence visit who had who. our mark ockerbloom reports this morning, it was the first rally since before election day. >> reporter: donald trump took off from new york thursday morning en truth his first major public appearance since election night. with the exception of a thanksgiving break in florida, the president-elect has mostly been hunkered down inside
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administration that will take over in just seven weeks. he made visits to the white house and capitol hill and on tuesday night, cameras caught his dinner with mitt romney. but a rally in cincinnati, ohio marked trump's first time before a large crowd since the frantic last day of the campaign. >> now that you put me in this position, even if you don't help me win, i am going to get it de. >> reporter: a state that no republican has won the white house without described as the transition team as part of a thank you tour. >> the president-elect and the vice president-elect a bit more what is ahead in the -- in the days in front of us and the positive change that we are going to bring to the country. >> reporter: but first a stop in indiana, touting a different victory, on a campaign promise to convince air conditioning manufacturer
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1,000 jobs in the u.s. we track traffic and weather together he ten minutes. here a look at the drive time on the prey. easy nine minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri. >> shiri: wind chills in the lower 30s. feels like it is freezing and a wind chill of 33. feels like 25 in worcester. keep in mind we will stick with those 20s and lower 30s with wind chills through o'clock and warmest i have at 2 lower 40s. i will show you what temperature readings are looking like and cooling trend into the weekend next. >> julie: all right, shiri. growing concern of a missing hiker. she left for a walk on monday and haven't been seen since. the reason search crews are growing desperate to find her.
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ine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. this morning, police are on the hunt for the two masked men in footage. the surveillance video show them enter a liquor store and hold up the clerk. at one point the barrel of a gun is inches from the clerk's head. our ted daniel talked to the clerk even with the weapon so close he wasn't afraid. >> reporter: what you are viewing in slow-motion, the clerk at belvedere liquor saw in real time and real life. his first name in manny and he
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view when the two masked robbers burst in. >> demanded the money out of the register. put his and up up. manny expected to show his face and not when we interviewed him. a scream mask and a ski mask, a handgun and shotgun. >> i wasn't scared. they didn't intimidate me and i don't think they liked that and that made them kind nervous. >> the hold-up lasted just minutes. the robbers took all the money in the cash reg bottle henne see. the video is just a small portion. two minutes before the robbery an outdoor camera showed both guys hiding behind a car across the street casing the store. many believed the robbers waited until the store was empty of customer before making their move. >> reporter: did they seem like they were pros at this. >> no, it seemed like they were pretty nervous, yeah,
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counter both at once which that was a giveaway right there. it has never happened before. we are finding ways to prevent that, my boss is. and hopefully it won't happen again. >> reporter: the liquor store may not have been the robber's original target. about an hour before this was hit, a gas station clerk in the centerville section of lowell called police after he saw two masked men hiding outside the gas station. police showed up, searched and happened. the robbers got away here with $300 bucks. reporting in lowell, ted daniel, fox25 news. convicted shoe bomber richard reid is asking a federal judge to declare him bankrupt. reid is facing a life sentence for trying to set off a bomb in his boot. the flight was diverted to boston and reid was arrested. he was fined more than $256,000. in a letter to the court, reid
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will never be able to pay this fine that a declaration of bankruptcy be made in my favor. prosecutors have two weeks to respond to his request. two people are dead and others are hurt after a tornado go through alabama. a pile of destruction. it knocked down power lines and mangled homes. one of those tornadoes packed 125-mile-per-hour winds. wildfires ripping through gatlinburg, tennessee has claimed ten lives. authorities say 80 have been treated for injuries. the wildfires spread from the great smokey mountains national park in gatlinburg this week. the fire scorched thousands of acres in the resort area forcing 14,000 people to eslack wait. 4:17. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. right now a lot of green on my map. things moving along nicely on the expressway. north of the pike route 1, 93 south are clear. 12 minutes on route 1. 20 minutes on 93 south.
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from route 1 in peabody to the besston tolls. 4:17. meteorologist shiri spear joins us with the forecast. a nice stretch of weather headed into the weekend. >> reporter: yeah, we have sunshine that we will be able to soak up. no major rain or snow out there. we do have a little bit wind and wind chills there. it that is our only issue, >> no soaking rain like yesterday morning. >> daniel: you gave us the sun. >> shiri: you are welcome. winds 20 to 25 miles p miles per hour. wind ornament to the forecast. and slight temperature in tonight for inland towns and cities. no major rain and for that matter no major snow until we get into your forecast next week. 40 degrees in boston. one our hot spots. worcester at only 35 degrees. look what happens when you add a little wind. see that feels-like temperature 25 degrees. almost have to subtract 10 when you take into account
4:19 am
cooler this morning. 6 a.m. temperatures not moving at 8 a.m., still in the middle 30s. at 10 a.m., we climb to 40 degrees in worcester. highs here will end up being in the lower 40s. and it is a little bit cooler in -- in the hills and the worcester area and higher elevations. 41 degrees in new bedford right now. i want to point out. lock at those high temperatures this afternoon getting close to 50 degrees. a difference between spots like worcester at 43 degrees. keene new hampshire at 45. same in ipswich and portsmouth, new hampshire, boston down to plymouth and new bedford about 50 degrees. i think it will be a pleasant day today. if you have any friday night plans this evening, temperatures 35 to 40 degrees. still kind of windy to thought and remember it will feel 10 degrees cooler than that and overnight tonight, it will be lower 30s for overnight lows. keeping things breezy today. a mixture of sunshine and scattered clouds once we get in the afternoon. the foes cuss of a lot of
4:20 am
little disturbance that hits us overnight. enough to stir up a cup of flurries in new hampshire and northern worcester hills. i don't see those flurries getting into the boston area nor are they widespread, for the day tomorrow, again it is going to be breezy. we will keep things partly sunny here. i think this disturbance is close enough to trigger a little bit of cloud cover, but a pleasant weekend and as it stays away here into your sunday, it is going to be cooler. it is going to be brighter. i in absolutely golden. 45 in boston. 44 in hyannis. 42 in concord, new hampshire. followed by 30s all weekend in the worcester area. notice temperatures do take a little bit of a hit on sunday. so even boston is only going to see a high of 41 degrees on sunday. we have the pats taking on the rams here sunday at 1 p.m. at gillette. and i have got a temperature of only 39 degrees. it will be cool and dry. this is not unusual for december. mostly sunny skies to soak up
4:21 am
much of the weekend. seven-day forecast for the weekend falls view shapes up like this 3507 degrees today. 45 tomorrow. our coat drop-off day at the jordan's furniture in natick at 10 to 2. the entire storm tracker weather team is out there. we try collect 300 coats. i hope to see you there. our donations help. we can't do it without you. sunday mostly sunny and 41. lower 40s monday and tuesday. monday i have included the slight risk of a sprinkle or temperature in. i don't see it as being a big weather into thursday, we are looking at more significant rain. back to you. >> daniel: shiri, thank you. 4:21. a big and pricey change is coming to parts of parking in boston. the reason the city is planning to more than double the cost to park for an hour
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4:25 am
the other side. >> the next thing you know there is an ar 15 pointed in my face, pistols anded all kind of junk and i am naked, now getting out of the shower. and crazy. >> julie: yeah, that is crazy. students at three nearby schools were kept inside and extra officers were on scene. walpole police later found a gun that may have been involved in the incident. police in framingham state are telling everyone to be alert after a stranger tried it happened in the athletic field parking lot. a middle-aged man kept trying to get the student into the car. the student refused to to go with the stranger who eventually left. the search for a missing hiker continued in rhode island. woman's situation is becoming dire. her chances of survival are getting slim because of cold weather. the 59-year-old woman went into the arcadia woods with two small dogs on sunday and none of them have been seen
4:26 am
been looking for her. astronaut buzz aldrin is being treated in new zealand after being air-lifted from the south pole. the 6-year-old was picked up by a medical plane and he had fluid in his lungs. he is said to be responding well to antibiotics and is in stable condition. aldrin was best known for being one of the first men to walk on the moon. this is the type of story we love to share. a marine surprising his mom just in take a look at the moment a year in the making. [screaming] >> oh, my god! >> julie: that is marine lance corporal who surprised his mother working at nordstrom in the natick mall. he enlisted a year ago an despite being stationed in florida for eight months, haven't seen his mom. his mother's best friend planned that special moment. >> you can't get over seeing
4:27 am
because the scream was so loud -- oh, my god, is everybody okay -- but a really happy moment. >> great surprise and happy that he is able to be home with his mom. still ahead, the neighborhood outrage after this crime. take a look at that. a disabled veteran's car on cinderblocks. the tires gone. the reason police say the car was likely targeted.
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breaking this hour, a police investigation in roxbury after a police cruiser is hit by a car the other crime scene nearby that was being checked by officers. plus a gruesome find in lawrence. a body found decapitated in the merrimack river. who the victim might be. a teenager in custody
4:30 am
the behavior leading up in the days attack to have the boy's mom concerned enough to try to send him away. complete news coverage starts right now. this is the stay fox25. just coming up on 4:30 on this friday, december 2, i am daniel miller. >> julie: and i am julie grauert. the chill is back in the air this morning. meteorologist shiri spear from the fox25 storm tracker weather center with a look at the breezy and cool conditions we are dealing with, shiri. >> shiri: of course when you put end up with wind chills this morning. we have nice clear conditions right now. just the wind that i am tracking and the winds running 10 to 15 miles per hour from plymouth to boston over to worcester this morning. nice calm conditions in nashua, new hampshire. you will not find a wind chill there. but it does feel like 33 in boston. a little deceiving because the actual temperature is 40. so it is going to feel cooler. feels like 31 in lawrence, bedford. worcester feeling like only 25 degrees right now. fitchburg, 34. and feels like the lower 30s


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