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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 16, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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we are hearing his wound is not life-threatening. police are setting up a tactical operation to deal with the shooter. parts of the hospital have been evacuated and no word yet on if
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there is a connection between the doctor and the shooter or what the motive was. we will have the latest details as they become available. many chicagoans consider it a vital crime fighting tool. the caps program could be headed for a major shake up with police officers being pulled out of the program. wgn's julian crews is live in the west loop with details in what's going on with caps. >> reporter: good afternoon. for nearly two decades now the community policing program or caps for short has been a corner stone of crime fighting efforts in the city of chicago. understandably talk of reorganizing caps has sparked a great deal of concern. but others are saying it could be a good thing. >> give them a chance to do what they have to do. >> cease-fire director says despite all of the concerns he is keeping an open mind. the former caps volunteer and long time community organizer says he wants to see the plan first before he draws any
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conclusions. >> you have a lot of seasoned officers working with the caps program and now they are in the community like patrolling the beats. right now in chicago there is a need of more officers on the street. it might help the city more so than hurt the city. others fear the reorganization of caps could hurt community policing. 27th ward alderman walter burnett says the key to success is trust, trust between the officers who build relationships in the community. >> trust is a big deal. and it gives people confidence that what they say and what they do in records to trying to fight crime in their community it will be confidential. >> reporter: those familiar with the outlines of the reorganization plans say it will rely more heavily put more responsibility on traind volunteers which is a controversial issue in and of itself. police directors of the caps program are promising to have something to say about this later today. a lot of people concerned about
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this and a lot of emotion surrounding the caps program which has been around in chicago for so long. on the near west side, julian crews, wgn news. the chicago political scene is heating up as everyone looks ahead to the race for mayor. two possible contenders. congressman jesse jackson, jr., and white house chief of staff rahm emanuel had a sit down last night. nancy loo is live at city hall now with more on the story. that meeting didn't make it clearer whether either man plans to indeed make a run for the top office here at city hall. but today there is confirmation rahm emanuel and jesse jackson, jr., met privately last night in washington. it's no secret the white house chief of staff is interested in succeeding mayor daley. but he is telling those around him to focus on federal business and avoid speculation. jackson, jr., has been quite open with his hopes to run chicago, too.
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in a statement this morning, jackson said both he and emanuel agreed that, quote, every possible contender should conduct their effort on the moral high ground. that means both are still seriously considering a run and one political analyst says that's no surprise. >> it is so wide open. i just think that if emanuel and jackson meet, fine. but everyone is meeting. everyone is trying to feel out the other person how serious they are. >> reporter: now green believes that with race and geography, likely factors in this mayoral election, he believes that all contenders should not daly on a decision. quite a few people have expressed interest in running but only two people at this point are definitely in. that state senator ricky henden as well as city clerk miguel del valle. live at city hall, nancy loo,
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wgn news. classes have resumed at nichols middle school in killed himself with explosives in a nearby park. the decapitated body of colin delboro was found a few hours after residents herd an explosion tuesday morning. police say he was killed by a pipe bomb. a second pipe bomb was found near the body but police say they believe he acted alone. delboro's family said in a statement that he suffered from depression and committed suicide. the company responsible for an oil leak in romeoville could re-open its pipeline this weekend now that repairs are done. a two inch hole in the pipe leaked more than 250,000 gallons last week. federal inspectors are investigating the cause but enbridge energy says a leaking water line half foot below the pipeline may be responsible. the epa says there is no sign that oil reached ground water. enbridge says it plans to pay the nearby valleyview school district at least $15,000 for
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bus service and other operations that were disrupted during the spill and clean up. illinois' department of human services has approved more than $21 million in benefits to victims of this summer's flooding. for days thousands of people waited in long lines to apply for assistance. more than 43,000 households in search flood stricken counties received benefits. payouts averaged about $480 per household. a riedz in complaints over taxi fares in suburban tinley park may lead to tougher regulations. taxi drivers have to be licensed but don't have set fares or even meters and that's leading to price gouging. town says one person was charged $100 for just a two mile ride. town leaders are considering establishing fare limits requiring drivers to display their rates and providing a village phone number to give complaints and require background checks on drivers. officials with the rta predict it will cost you more
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to use public transportation next year. the rta says there will nobody major expansion of chicago's transit system for many years. and fare increases will be necessary to keep existing system running. the red line expansion and metro line improvements are on hold. the state owes the rta $300 million this year. so in an agreement to free spare is to years is void unless funding comes through. mayor daley must submit a new city budget plan next month. tonight he will host the last of three public hearings on that budget. the city faces a deficit of more than $600 million. the mayor plans to take suggestions and questions tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the north grand high school gymnasium that's at 4338 west avenue. the bear's say there is one pro-- the mayor's wife say there is one program that will
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remain. maggie daley celebrating 20 years of her program after school matters. it helps chicago children by teaching them job skills and introducing them to the arts. as for her husband's decision to retire from city hall, maggie daley says she agrees it was time. >> to me, i think it's another door opening. a new adventure in our life. and we were looking forward to it. >> maggie daley says she will continue with after school matters when her husband is no longer mayor. she is continuing her fight with breast cancer. she does have to walk with a cane or in this case crutches because of some surgeries. but she hopes in the near future she won't need those crutches or the cane. we wish her the best. coming up next at midday, the shocking new findings about the poverty rate in the u.s. >> and pope benedict beginning a controversial visit to britain with acknowledgement of church failures in dealing with abuse cases. the concern over the diet
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30e7 benedict xvi is in scotland today. the pontiff wore a tartan scarf while riding through edenboro. 65,000 people are expected to attend an open air mass in glasgow. traveling to britain from rome pope acknowledged the roman catholic church has failed to act decisively or quickly enough to deal with priests who molest children. 43 million americans live in poverty. according to a new report today from the u.s. census bureau.
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that number is up 13% since 2008. more than 15 million americans have no health insurance. primarily due to the loss of employer provided health coverage during the recession. and the median household income was nearly $50,000. experts say the number of working age poor reached highest level since 1965. a new report today shows august was the highest month for home foreclosures since the housing crisis began three years ago. the number of foreclosures in illinois actually went down by more than 14% last month. we are still ninth in the country for repossessed homes. company that keeps track of housing activity realty track says lenders are only put being one-third of homes back on the market. they don't want to overwhelm a soft buyer's market with too much inventory. former ebay executive meg whitman is the highest bidder when it comes to campaign spending. she has spent more money on her political campaign than any
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other office seeker in u.s. history. whitman is the republican candidate for governor in california and so far she has spent $119 million to get elected. that's 10 million more than the old record set by new york mayor michael bloomberg for his re-election bid last year. whitman says because it's all her own money she won't owe anything to special interests if elected. within the past hour the u.s. senate has approved a bill to help small businesses. the $30 billion legislation cuts taxes and makes it easier to get loans and provides incentives to boost hiring. vote was 61-38 and seen as a victory for president obama and the democrats. republicans say the bill will encourage risky lending by banks and returns to the u.s. house which is like three approve the legislation for president obama's signature. coming up, a weather phenomenon that may be tom skilling can explain further. we have amazing video from a
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hailstorm and tornado. >> he can explain everything. and later boeing enters the world of space tourism. the spaceship it's codeveloping that could some day take civilians to the moon. it's a dessert that tastes great with many varieties of apples. apple titan. tatan.
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that's why there's charmin ultra strong. its enhanced diamondweave texture is soft and more durable. more durable so you're left with a more dependable clean. ♪ fewer pieces left behind, plus all that charmin softness. looks good son. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong. enjoy the go. also, try charmin freshmates for a cleaner clean. rime bloomberg's angie lau live at the cme group in chicago. we were seeing signs that the lane market is getting back on track. weekly jobless claims fell once again last week. on the flip side, fed ex says it is cutting jobs. fedex says it is close being 100 facilities as it combines operations. that will eliminate 1700 jobs. fedex also forecasting earnings that fell short of analysts estimates and that is putting pressure on stocks today
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because fed ex considered an economic bellwether as it -- bell weather to financial documents. chrysler revving up plans to go public. chrysler ceo told share holdners italy today that the auto maker plans for an initial public offering as demand picks up in the u.s. likely the second half of 2011. see it does own 20% steak in chrysler. and schaumburg based motorola making a big purchase today that will make your mobile phone much smarter next time you go shopping. it is buying privately held company called alloca for software that can id your location and allow advertisers and retailers to send info about nearby evans and bargains to your phone. lastly, pay less, not just a shoe source any more. the retailer wants to add beauty products to store
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shelves. most priced under $10. expect to see more of the make up items next month. right now on wall street, stocks weighted down today and retreating as fed ex earnings forecast trails estimates. live at the cme group in chicago, angie lau, bloomberg news. back to you guys. it's become a hot button issue for federal regulators. safety of a popular diet drug and whether it should remain on the market. "chicago tribune" health reporter bruce japson joins us now with more on the controversy surrounding meridia. yesterday's toss up decision by an fda panel. were splil 8-8. what do we deduct from that? >> it's interesting. in this country it's been difficult to get a diet drug approved since the drug combination fen-phen was withdrawn in 1997 after being linked to some heart valve damage and potentially some deaths. so there is only two drugs approved. one is gleenical which there is
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some side effects with castro intestinal issues, diarrhea and merd why sold by abbott laboratories. meridia raises high blood pressure and panel 8 of the 16 said it should be withdrawn and the other members none said it should remain on the market as is but face new warnings. the problem is that some doctors say listen, there are so many obese in this country, one in three americans that if even as little effective as this drug is, if you can get these folks to lose five or ten pounds, that might be good. but these drugs have to be monitored closely. it will be interesting to see if the fda buys that argument and keeps the drug on the market. it doesn't have a lot of sales. >> and you mentioned the argument for taking it off the market and you mentioned it's really lack of effectiveness. did i read that the average weight loss on this drug is only five pounds? >> yeah, basically and some people might lose a little more so it does have a modest weight loss anyway.
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i think that then again there is a doctor at northwestern that said even if these drugs and there is another one that's going before the fda today do not cause a lot of weight gain for morbidly obese people who cannot seem to lose weight any other way, they are saying if for this subset of people of which given the problem in this country may be tens of thousands that they might need these drugs. now these drugs have not had a good track record. and so the fda of course which is being accused of putting unsafe drugs on the market over the last ten years will be really interesting to see how they rule on this other drug today. and then meridia down the road. it's not looking good for meridia. >> the europeans just banned it. >> they did. >> is there a safe diet drug? there really isn't? >> xenical was on the market and was approved to go over the counter a couple years ago. called alli.
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it does have some sort of these uncomfortable side effects which we won't go into too much. i already said that. it is a drug that people use and it works for some people. but taking these things long- term i think doctors would like to get people on something for a little while and then get them in a wellness or health program. and the other thing people who are obese have a lot of other health problems. hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and so oftentimes the drug companies say, hey, it might not be the diet drug that's causing their problems but they have a lot of health issues. it's a big problem. i see you are taking your health beat in a different direction with answering readers question. >> health care is so complicated and only get into so much when i write for the paper and do these things for you guys so people can now e- mail me and we can answer their questions in a new feature we are tarting that runs every thursday. looking forward to it.
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>> thank you. read more of bruce's health columns in the "chicago tribune" or online at a veterans health center could come to joliet. plus it's almost time to get flu shots. why you may want to consider getting your pet protected as well. he has been playing guitar since the age of 12 and had his music recorded by blake shelton and tim mcgraw. country music singer troy olsen is with us today. (announcer) living with ulcerative colitis? i'm going six times a day. i had three flares last year. so many pills. i missed my interview. my son's graduation. the stomach pain. i can't stand the steroids. isn't there anything else we can do? (announcer) if you're on medications and still flaring, your uc may not be under control.
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take the uc control quiz at and talk to your gastroenterologist about the results and current treatments.
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at least six different law enforcement eagz came together today to announce federal drug trafficking charges involving a chicago street gang. wgn's muriel clair is live at
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the dirksen federal building with that story for us today. >> reporter: well, good afternoon. state and federal enforcement law enforcement agencies are chicago's street gangs. u.s. attorney patrick fitzgerald promised to keep the heat on. >> what we need to do and have been doing and will continue to do is make sure that the law enforcement partners that are here today federal and state, whether it's federal and state prosecutors or federal eagz working with the chicago police department and other local police departments need to keep going after a lot of different groups that are working with gangs on drug issues and possessing guns and keep up those efforts as part of a steady stream to make sure we keep the communities safer. as outlined in this criminal complaint, two dozen alleged members and associated of the gangster 2-6 nation street gang as part of their daily routine bought and sold
12:26 pm
massive amounts of cocaine and grew high grade marijuana plant for distribution. 22 defendants were arrested yesterday and two more still are being sought. >> this case reached from the highest level of the two-six street gang down to the low level and impacts what happens on the street every day and what the public violence. an example of that, during this investigation there was wire intercept overheard of people discussing transferring weapons and getting them on to the street and into the hands of street level gang members. during that investigation -- during that phone calls in the subsequent follow-up to that phone call, the chicago police department and da were able to intercept weapons that were about to be delivered into the hands of gang members on the street. >> reporter: during the investigation, officers and agents seized four rifles, eight hand guns, cocaine, marijuana and more than $21,000
12:27 pm
in cash. at the dirksen federal building, muriel clair, wgn news. will county veterans will fine services much closer at hand now that a joliet hospital is being converted into a va clinic. silver cross hospital is relocating to new lennox and current joliet facility will become a multipurpose veteran center and clinic in the year 2012. this new mega clinic will include expanded mental health facilities, womens services, rehabilitation and an ploim center. about 45,000 veterans little in -- live in will county and many have to travel to maywood for services. all we can for our veterans. tom skilling is next and will tell us if we are free from rain at least for a little while. hey, pete. yeah, it's me, big brother. put the remote down and listen. this intervention brought to you by niaspan. so you cut back on the cheeseburgers and stopped using your exercise bike as a coat rack. that's it?
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well, storms producing baseball sized hail and tornadoes ripped through kansas. storm track -- chasers tracked this weather. left with a broken windshield after being hit by the heavy hail. these storms produced damage to trees and power lines. the good news is no one was injured. along with that damage, six inches of rain was recorded in a span of 12 hours. that's amazing. >> that's nothing new for you. >> you know, we have been through and roughly that same area. that's where we saw that multiple vortec tornado. area famous or infamous for big storms. >> coming this way? >> that's the system that went through here and that's how lucky we have been. we have not seen anything like that. four and a half inch diameter hailstorms and almost a dozen twisters. and hail stones have gotten large enough to kill people.
12:31 pm
literally have happened and punched holes in roofs at times or dented the ground. little shell holes if you will or hail stone has hit the ground with such force. fascinating time lapse today. boy, my director promised a doozy and this is a beauty. look at this. thank you bob and master control. we are watching backwash clouds swing through the area. these things supposedly produced an inch and a half of rain and half an hour's time up toward zion this morning. and you will see the totals. wadsworth .67 of an inch. these are weather bug sensors. half inch at palatine and third of an inch in beecher and wilmette. rain totals across the metro area and look at the wind gust and the wake of this weather system on its back side. 38-mile-per-hour gusts at buffalo grove and chesterton and lansing. it's 63 with a 17-mile-per-hour sustainedded wind at o'hare from the northwest. and gusts to 32.
12:32 pm
64 at midway. the winds sustained at 20 there and 69 at hebron and joliet at 70 degrees at this hour. we will spend the afternoon under the clouds. these are called backwash clouds because they swing around the back side of the storm and that's this little curl right here. 9 low pressure center starts out here on this 24 hour loop in south dakota and tracks something like that. the main rains have exited the area, though sprinkles are a possibility and here is the area bombarded by the hail stones we just saw up to six inches of rain flooded roads and parts of kansas and into western missouri and then there was a huge swath of heavy rain from eastern south dakota all the way into michigan and through wisconsin. look at the rains since 7:00 this morning as tracked by the doppler radar and see our northern suburbs were favored for the heaviest rain and southern suburbs missed out on the heaviest of the rain. it's clear there is a circulation here. you can see it carved on the clouds and see that sunshine
12:33 pm
will be at a premium this afternoon. not totally absent but not very frequent. that's for sure, with temperatures coming down under the cloud deck. we may recover about 70 but look at the winds that are blowing with this adding to the autumn chill and these winds essentially extend back into our area and then led up by late tonight winds are calm around here. so there is a change and this little northward bulge is a warm spell that will come in tomorrow. after a cool start we will rebound in the upper 70s during the day. little lobe of cool air right here with 54 at the twin cities and a huge pool of cool air is that diving southward out of the arctic region. look at temperatures in the 30s and 40s in northern canada. that air mass swings into the upper mid west and sets up a big temperature contrast zone through this area this weekend. we will get a northeasterly wind to lock in as saturday goes on. that continues on sunday. it will be cool and we may run a couple of rain generating impulses along it. it will not be an all weekend
12:34 pm
rain. 54 twin cities. 54 at duluth. bemidji, minnesota. look at the temperature drops in the last 24 hours. huge chunk of the country. much cooler than it was. and we are pushing this humid air that fueled today's showers off to the south as evidenced by the lower dew points which stand at 55 in chicago but we will see 40s in the next couple of day pmps humidity 75%. winds northwest as we say and 69 as our water temperature along the shoreline. moderate values of mold, ragweed and weed reported today from loyola gottlieb hospital. we will see this pocket of winds here. that's that cool air mass coming southward. about the time crosses the u.s. canadian border these winds will sheer the coldest air off to the east but put us in the southern flank of the cool air mass and that's where we can get a couple of showers and have a pretty autumn feeling weekend ahead. look at the showers that have passed us by. they tower to 40,000 feet and
12:35 pm
flashing lightning in michigan. those significant rain producers have passed on to the east of us. still, a very active pattern the next two weeks. two week rainfall estimates from models range from an inch and a half to four inches. that's way above normal. and suggests that we will get into an active autumn pat personup autumns that start dry turn wet in statistical work we have done in the office. that may be what's starting to happen. extense of cloudiness, windy, cool today and rains on the order of sprinkles or brief showers even though it looks ominous at times. high today 72. northwest winds 12 to 24. tonight then the clouds will scatter and diminish and so will 9 winds which start gusty but start to calm late tonight. low down to 55. even 50 in the suburbs and then warm up as south winds take hold and the sun returns tomorrow to 78 degrees. and by saturday, cloudy spells develop. several scattered showers are possible. we will be studying the charts on those so to see how extensive they are.
12:36 pm
they won't be all day rains. a lot of folks have weekend activities and say what do i do if i have an outdoor birthday party. i wouldn't cancel it yet. i would be aware of the fact there are a couple of showers and high of 77. falling as wind goes northeast in the afternoon off the lake. that's the forecast. looks pretty typical september weather around here. >> put on your science cap for our trivia question. the question is, what is a volume of air and ap -- in apples? is it ten? 15? 25? the answer is still ahead on the wgn midday news. >> what is a unit? >> what's a unit? >> i don't know.
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carlos zambrano talks about retirement after his current
12:39 pm
contract is up. this guy has pitched some of his best baseball of his career lately. zambrano was solid again last night in st. louis throwing six innings allowing one run. the cubs were ahead for good. 20th of the season. cubs continue to finish strong. they win 7-3. completing a sweep of the cardinals. and the sox continue to leap toward the end of their season. joe mauer continue to hurt the sox offensively with a three run homenart fifth. breaking the scoreless tie. starting pitcher gavin floyd has not solved the twin's offense. six runs and 5 1/3 innings pitched. they pour it on against the bullpen. twins win 9-3 and push their division lead to eight games. blackhawks coach joel quenneville will receive a contract extension today. he will be entering his third season with the team compiling a record of 97 wins and 44 losses. in just his second season he guided hawks and their first
12:40 pm
stanley cup title in 49 years. news conference announcing extension will be held this afternoon and that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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on the medical watch, flu season is upon us. is your pet protected? canine flu is contagious. not the h1n1 that infects peep. this is h3n8 it will make your pup feel as bad as you when you
12:44 pm
get the flu. the threat for dogs is like their loyalty. it's their every day of every year. >> you think like flu season is a certain time of the year for dogs, too. it can happen at any time. >> and perhaps the worst outbreak in recent years we visited the doctor's office in 2008. more than 50 cases of doggy flu. then appointed question to veterinarians. why isn't there a flu vaccine for dogs. >> it came out after the fact, truthfully. >> in chicago dog flu cases have calmed down. in the east, new york, new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts, pennsylvania, north carolina and florida have seen pet outbreaks. washington, d.c., ohio, oregon, washington state and california are also canine flu hot spots. so how do you know if your dog is sick? >> keeping our eye very closely on a lot of the cases that come in that look like the flu. kennel cough, coughing, sneezing, lack of appetite. just not feeling good. >> reporter: you may be able to
12:45 pm
see it in their eyes or feel it as their cold noses get hot. and if they nose around the park they may spread the illness, flu virus flies through droplets when dogs sneeze or interact at dog parks or kennels. since there is no big outbreak here now, the flu shot is not required. but if you traveledded with your pet, you can take a precaution. >> they do recommend initially two sets of shots. two to four weeks apart and then recommend boosterring annually. >> reporter: canine flu shot costs 25 to $35. don't worry, you can't catch the flu from your dog and the dog can't spread it to cats or other pets. you just may want to keep them protected. chicago based boeing is teaming up with a private space flight marketing firm to fly tourists to space. boeing is currently working on a spaceship to transport astronauts to the international space station. after the shuttle program ends next year.
12:46 pm
it's expected to be ready to go by the year 2015. under a deal with virginia based space adventures, open passenger seats on boeing spaceship will be sold to space tourists like steve sanders. it won't be cheap. space adventures says a trip could cost tens of millions of dollars taking up one whole year's salary. not even if i win a lottery will you see me on that. lunch break is next. >> it's a classic fall fruit. we are cooking with amounts. >> and more live musethic midday from singer song writer troy olsen. (announcer) living with ulcerative colitis?
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i'm going six times a day. i had three flares last year. so many pills. i missed my interview. my son's graduation. the stomach pain. i can't stand the steroids. isn't there anything else we can do? (announcer) if you're on medications and still flaring, your uc may not be under control. take the uc control quiz at
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and talk to your gastroenterologist about the results and current treatments. it is time for a lunch break. if you love apple, chicago's lincoln square is the place to be next saturday. chef brad phillips is here to tell us about the applefest and he is going to show us how to make an apple tart. chef, what i'm impressed with is you are showing off the bounty of the state of michigan. >> absolutely. not just michigan but wisconsin, illinois, this time of year is where what makes this area shine comes to -- >> i wanted to focus on michigan. it's my home state. what are you doing a in here? >> what we are doing here is making an apple tartten. a french apple tart that's baked upside down. >> that's what that is. it's going to be good. >> ellen restaurant in lincoln
12:50 pm
square where i'm the chef we do contemporary french food and this is one of our featured items. we are using apples and other fruit from -- from st. joe, michigan. still have a booth there at the applefest which is saturday -- september 25. from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. we will sell the apple tarts which as you can see is simple. cooking a little sugar here to carmel. being very careful not to splatter it. >> is that all that's in there? >> sugar and one vanilla bean for aroma. and cooking apples until they are nice and carmellized. they will soak up the carmel and then what we do -- >> how long has this process been going on. >> carmel takes about three to five minutes over medium high heat to carmellize. then cook your apple for another three or four minutes because they will cook in the oven. then we have taken -- take something this small, nice cast iron skillet or a larger one if you have it at home and lined bottom of the pan with those
12:51 pm
apples. and then with a we do is at the restaurant we make our own pastry. puff pastry. you can buy it at grocery store frozen. cut it out and do a circle or a favorite pie crust you can do that. you can put it on top of the tart and put it in the oven. >> why don't we do that? we have time. let's fill one of those. >> absolutely. can we do that? >> certainly. >> we will fill one of these wp apples. >> get a little carmel in the bottom. there is no wrong way of doing it. when it's all done, it will taste -- >> it will bake in there together. >> this is one of the few things you will see at apple fest which is 4700 block of north lincoln between leland and lawrence. on saturday 25. and close off the streets for pedestrians. about three dozen vendors are there. there is the chopping block. cooking school will do cooking demo to make these beautiful apple pies. make-- mick will have a stand there selling honey crisp
12:52 pm
amounts, bartlett pears and concord grapes and activity for the kids. timeless toys. a child toys and activities set up. and book sellers will do a story time and also do a story time. >> plenty to do for the whole family. that's enough apples? >> drink a little when you bake. >> put a little more of this in here? >> carmel is hard to work with. >> i know. >> you are in the background laughing. you try this. >> once you get that ready, throw that in the oven for 0 to 12 minutes. when it comes out. >> we have to put the -- >> yes. >> throw that on there. i want to do the whole thing. there we go. >> thank you then put that on top. >> tuck the edges in a little bit they don't stick. and the carmel will start to bubble up the side when it turns golden brown it's ready
12:53 pm
to go. >> look how pretty that is. i will take that one with me. >> we have a finished tart and at the restaurant we garnish it with a little whipped cream. sweet and decadent by itself. it doesn't need ice cream. was the first thing i was thinking. where is the ice cream. apple fest started saturday 25 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. bring the family out there. plenty of activities. free to the public to walk around if you don't want to buy anything. plenty of things to do. >> thank you so much. there is all the information for applefest on the screen. you want more information on chef's recipe today go to our web page, i got to check out your restaurant. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'!
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with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever.
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we have an update on tastandoff at johns hopkins hop. baltimore police say the gunman who wounded a doctor has been shot and the situation is over. the doctor is in surgery right now. he was hit in the stomach. good news is the wound is not
12:56 pm
life-threatening. we will have more on this story coming up on the wgn evening news at 5:00 p.m. let's give you the answer to our trivia question today. what's the volume of air in apples? 10% air 15% air or 25% air? the answer is 25% apples flow. because 25% of their volume is air. all right. >> about to toss one over here. >> this studio smells heavenly. it's fantastic. steve and allison, you know i was looking outside and we have patches of blue right now. we have 30-mile-per-hour winds and updated some. the gusts from the weather bug network here in the city south elgin, geneva, gary, pretty windy out there and cool. you see the cool air that's settled over the northern part of the united states. but the rains are over for the most part except for an errant sprinkle. that's a frost and freeze
12:57 pm
advisory and the dakotas seen more of those and the severe weather out break in kansas and missouri we talked about earlier. our rpm model and see how the clouds break up tonight and tomorrow ought to be a gorgeous day and sunny gives us a chance of high pressure that's coming in with a south winds on its back side and warm up and then we will turn cooler over the weekend. big high pressure drapes over the northern tier of the united states and little disturbances run along it. tonight at 5:00 and 9:00 we will update rain pros-points for part of the weekend. we look for 72 today. 78 tomorrow. 77 saturday and then cooling back to the 60s along the lake as northeast winds lock in on a cool day sunday and that's an 82 on tuesday and we need it. it looks like it will warm up dramatically for a day there and then cool back off after that again. >> summer is not -- >> up and down part of the year. >> right, right. >> thank you. >> one of those apple tarts there? they are french. >> do a little investigative reporting shortly. >> thank you for joining us.
12:58 pm
have a great afternoon. we are back at 5:00 and 9:00. leave you with live music from troy olsen. you can catch him tonight at joe's. ÷
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