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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 16, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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bird. the chicago man that sparked a global fight. cta buses come and go at this garage around the clock. last thursday, one bus left here with a stranger behind the wheel. i'm mark suppelsa. >> i'm micah materre. our top story scene around the country on wgn america tonight, who took a bus for a joyride? tom negovan is looking into it. what is this guy doing? did he pick up passengers? >> reporter: yeah, he did. only after logging in, punching in a route, doing things essentially only a real driver should know to do. but this was not a real cta bus driver. here's a photograph of the man they are looking for. he appears to have been wearing
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a real cta uniform shirt at the time. possibly stolen from a friend who is actually a cta employee. the would be bus driver drove around for a few hours thursday night, picked up and dropped off a few passengers. then brought the bus back to the place where he got it. back to the 103rd street garage on the south side. when he did, he bumped into another bus, was spotted visually and on surveillance and fled on foot. >> he was familiar with how to do this how to log into the vehicle and move the vehicle. and taking it down the route. now, again, we just want to understand why they would have done something like this. it's still unacceptable and we have to know how to prevent this in the future. >> reporter: obviously the cta interested in speaking to this individual. cta saying to us that its security proceduring are getting tighter now. after the release of that
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photograph, they hope the public will step up and help them catch um with whoever it was that took their bus for a joyride. >> thank you very much. now the chicago tribune has found you, the taxpayer, footing the bill for millions in dollars in pension padding across the suburbs. to fatten retirement checks add up to you paying more. for example, the trib shows taxpayers paying half a million dollars more on the outgoing city manager alone. they're going on to an outgoing parks director. all of this and more adding up to some $13 million in the last two years alone for top level retirees and as much as $145 million over the last decade. more on the trib's investigation online and in friday's edition. mayor daley leaves tomorrow
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for china and south korea looking for people to put their money into infrastructure in chicago. >> we need money in america. and i don't care where it goes as long as we can get it. so i'm going there for the purpose of -- think the chinese do have money -- in the working relationship with the chinese government and leaders to invest in the city of chicago. i make no bones about that. i will take money around the world if we can reinvest it in the city of chicago and rebuild our city. that's what we're doing. >> the trip sponsored by the chamber of commerce and world business chicago will last through next friday. jesse jackson jr. isn't offering many deals with his meeting with rahm emanuel. they agreed whoever runs for mayor should conduct their campaign on a high moral
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ground. both are considering a run in what could be a crowded field. >> both talked about the need for civility in the race. they also talked about the fact the city's poor economic climate is something that really could send the contest back into a battle of racial epitaphs and that's something nobody wants to see. >> you might remember last week, jackson slammed emanuel and the president on cnn saying their stimulus has failed inner cities. the illinois commerce chairman getting closer to entering the race. manuel flores. candidates have to file nominating petitions with the valid signatures from more than 12,000 voters by november 22. chicago's community policing program.
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caps was set to go after the reassign. that was until late this afternoon. dan ponce joins us with the changes now. >> reporter: as you know, chicago police were facing man power shortages. right now as many as 300 police officers are assigned to caps. mayor daley says that's too many. now caps director is trying to figure out the need of chicago police and keep the program strong. >> caps is extremely relevant. >> reporter: the program may lose as many as 200 chicago police officers. caps director ron holt insists it will remain valuable to people. he says if anything, caps will only become stronger. >> nothing will be diluted. no strategy will change. in fact, i think with this strategy moving forward, that
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the efforts will be more involved. >> reporter: for more than two decades, caps has been an important program for the city. volunteers work closely with police officers to keep an eye on the neighborhood and help monitor gang activity. but now it's possible a majority of those officers will be reassigned away from caps and back on the streets. the controversial move has many caps volunteers concerned about the paramese -- program's future. >> reporter: antibullying programs, and saturday sports camps for the children in the community. why would you reduce resources for a program that everyone agrees is working? >> reporter: vicki has been a caps volunteer for ten years and is hopeful the police department will reconsider the proposed shuffle. daley said today he would support the move. >> over the years the caps started as a program of community people and citizens.
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it got deeply involved in the police department. i think over 200 police officers or more were assigned to caps. over years, lieutenants and sergeants and patrolmen, all of a sudden it became a civilian thing and went to a police department. that was not the concept. >> reporter: so here's what's happening next. ron holt will be meeting with jody weis to figure out how many officers will be reassigned. there will be a small contingent of police to help operate the program. and to be clear, so far no changes have been made to caps. holt says nothing will happen for a few weeks. investigation into an atm scam zeroing in on a business in wheeling. the number of victims has expanded now to 200. they live in wheeling and buffalo grove. the withdrawals happened in california. whoever took out that money
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most likely used phony cards imprinted with stolen numbers. they're now targeting a specific one in wheeling which has multiple locations in the northwest suburbs. coming up: this sports reporters work clothes are drawing more attention than the games she's covering. the bears jump into the controversy. white house moving heaven and earth to convince people that their first lady never called her job hell. and tom will tell us who might get the most rain by the weekend's end.
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target the blood? target the blood? yeah, it drew it right in. the test starts fast. you need just a third the blood of onetouch®. that is different. so freestyle lite test strips make testing... [ man ] easy? easy. [ man ] great. call or click -- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. free is good. [ man ] freestyle lite test strips. call or click today. as the national football league investigates the talker of the week, a couple bears jump in to talk about it today. the unusually clad mexican tv sports reporter versus the jets. jill -- julie unruh has the latest. >> reporter: the story goes a coach was tossing footballs at her saturday. later in the lockerroom, players were making cat calls. who's in the wrong? does something need to change? for now, the talk continues.
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this is ine s sainz. wearing a sea through top and tight open jeans, she caught everybody' eyes that day. this weekend she got cat calls in the lockerroom. now the nfl's involved. today a couple bears players talk about women in their work place. >> i'm not saying what happened was okay. but maybe she didn't belong in there. >> bottom line, we haven't had a problem with it; right? >> reporter: on a radio show this week more comments. >> you give -- somebody's got
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to say -- >> reporter: ask a few women who've been there. the naked and the well known, what it's like being a woman just trying to get the story. melanie hoffman, a writer for jet magazine. she's seen it all. >> sometimes you're trying to keep your eye either on face level. and a lot of times you want to look down or check your tape recorder, you look down you may see something else. >> reporter: and cheryl stout says she remembers when women weren't allowed in lockerrooms at all. in the 80s, jim harbaugh helped her get on the inside she says. she fears today that some on the inside are not taking the job seriously enough. >> if you're going in there for any other reason, you've broken that trust between the players and yourself. once you do that, then all of a sudden they start looking around the room at all the other women. that's what bothers me.
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>> reporter: what's the solution? keeping everyone without of the lockerroom could mean the option. but women don't think that's the route to go. they want to see female reporters dress like professionals. >> thank you. whether a reporter is a woman or man, but quick locker romaic says important to meet deadlines. but maybe the lockerroom isn't the best for the interview. >> so we want to know what you think. should locker rooms be off limits to reporters? text yes or no to 97999 or go to she gained sympathy for a horrific attack. tonight the woman who claims someone attacked her with acid now telling a different story. plus unbelievable video, a mother teaching her child how to smoke marijuana. she recorded this video. and the pope makes his first trip to the uk. it's what he said before that
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enough to remove priests to molested children. it's the first trip of a pope to the uk. it was significant because of the historic divide between the the -- how stood up against nazi tyranny that wished to eradicate god from society. going to be the next archbishop in seattle washington. he was in seattle today where the current archbishop who faces mandatory retirement at age 75. he was notified to appoint him as the next archbishop of seattle. openness and honesty are corner stones of his ministry he said especially when involving priests and sexual abuse cases.
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controversial immigration act being backed by president obama. the president is telling lawmakers that he'll help pass the dream act. that would allow illegal immigrants who join the military or go to college to become citizens. and could be heard by next week. support is mixed but some leaders think it's a good idea to make it easier to recruit people for the military 37 could democratic massachusetts' senator john kerry be in line to replace secretary of state hillary clinton? word on capitol hill is kerry's in the mix as clinton has been hinting of stepping down from that position before the end of obama's first term in the white house. the white house is saying michelle obama never said being first lady is hell. but a new book claims she did. comments made during a private conversation with sarkozy, the
9:20 pm
first lady of france. the book is called carla and the ambitious. both first ladies deny the comment was ever made. the white house issued a formal denial. the book is due out tomorrow. in tomorrow's tribune red eye, what's ben affleck up to now? ever since winning the oscar 12 years ago, his career has been all over the map. now a new project for him in his hometown. and the red eye will have it for you tomorrow. a company causing fashion minded folks to check out outlet shops. that sparked a marketing war. find out in tomorrow's chicago tribune. a case of cancer. filed a lawsuit against her
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landlord. he claimed because she has cancer she was not allowed to renew her contract except one month at a time and rent would increase $170. read more in tomorrow's trib. badly burned woman comes forward claiming she was attacked with acid. that's a hoax. police say that bethany threw acid in her own face, then blamed it on a fictional black woman. after detectives grilled everyone involved, the admitted he lied about the entire thing. >> during the interview, she admitted that her injuries were self-inflicted. the attack itself did not occur as she had previously recorded. >> police say they don't know why she made up the story. she had made several media appearances and a spot on the oprah show was canceled. coming up: too much for tv? maybe a little edgy but enough
9:22 pm
to beat cancer? a chicago man builds an online army against the disease. plus, no, this is not medical marijuana. it's actually a pot smoking mom and her very, very young daughter.
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you may find this next video disturbing. a 2-year-old girl smoking pot. prosecutors say the girl's mother 21-year-old angela ingram handed her pot and told her to smoke it. she recorded this video on her cell phone and sent it out to everyone else. someone then forwarded it to family services and authorities got involved. ingram initially tried to delete the video but was caught and charged with three felonies. the child is in the care of her relatives. tool students in florida happening over textbooks for electronic devices. replacing with e readers. >> we googled to see if anyone
9:25 pm
else had gotten the kindles for their whole school. and we're the first. >> 2700 students got them today. they will allow them to access the internet anywhere, plus down load free books with clicks. for now they're used for english and math. teachers have been training on the devices for the last year. they hope they get get kids excited for learning. up next tom skilling's forecast starting off with rain for the weekend. >> could be worse. new york has killer winds tonight. are you suffering from frequent heartburn?
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[ child giggles ] one person dead after a tornado ripped through new york city tonight. fast-moving storm. moved through with gusts up to 100 miles per hour. topping over trees and tearing down powerlines. pictures are incredible. >> that's not an everyday occurrence in new york. it's interesting, that's the same line that went through here yesterday and last night. we had some thunderstorms in parts of the area. and it's riding the same jet stream. it's roaring across the northern end of the country and keeping the weather moving fast. it's taking the storm that produced these clouds today and modest rains with this system. although there were spots in the northern suburbs that saw a
9:29 pm
half an inch and more of rain this morning. and blowing it out of here. yet, tonight we're bringing winds down from the north- northeast. bringing lake moisture in. we have a nice day on the way tomorrow. tomorrow will be riding up into the mid-70s. then the weekend gets interesting. a front goes through. and it could rain later saturday and saturday night and we could have the coolest in months on sunday and then be back to summer by tuesday next week. these are rains across the metro area. waukegan not for from .6-inch for but the big story tonight is the cool air riding northeast winds into the area. it's 60 at o'hare and midway. you see the highs and lows today, we had 70s many areas.
9:30 pm
even though it was officially 69 degrees at o'hare. here's the view from buffalo grove showing you the stratus cumulus clouds. they sprinkled on us today. that same line was hammering lorain, ohio today. and look at the rains in new york state that had come down with this storm. and the gusty winds that occurred. we got off lightly with this thing. you can see the wrapped up weather system right there. the next weather system is embedded within this front. and there's moisture flooding up from the gulf. not to rain all day saturday but as the day goes on, sun cloud mix could fill in with clouds and we could find ourselves with more rain later in the day. there's the rain that came down today and that tentacle that came through the northern suburbs. one of our viewers reported up to an inch of rain fell in a
9:31 pm
half hour's time. there is our big system. you can see there's a fair amount of cloud cover lingering to the west and the winds are coming down the lake. so that's why we're going to get ourselves perhaps some lake effect sprinkles. see this on the model. by 11:00 tonight this little tentacle of cloud cover coming down parallelling the winds, they continue until the northeast wind flow breaks down by morning. ought to be fairly calm. then the winds turn around to the south. but the day looks nice across the area. another view of temperatures aaround the region. even as warmth floods back through rapid city and denver, that's the air that we'll get into tomorrow and will last into the morning hours on saturday. to be overpowered by this colder air mass that comes southward and drapes itself across the northern tier of the u.s. pushes the warm air out of here
9:32 pm
as saturday goes on. we'll probably have the highs saturday morning and cool back to the 60s after that. 46 tonight in duluth. look how much of the country is cooler than 24 hours ago. so we're getting these air masses with a little more muscle to come into the region. they settle south, they take all the humidity such as that and push it away from us. but a part of that comes back up later saturday-saturday night. depending on the model you look at, you get from 1/3 of an inch to an inch late saturday night. the higher numbers may be overdone but an average of .7- inch of rain. the readings are coming down. 72% humidity. mold spores were high but the pollen moderate today. here are the new york city thunderstorms. and here are the new thundershowers gathering up to
9:33 pm
the north. they'll stay safely to the north of us tomorrow. but they'll be joining by this push of moisture and consolidate into a shower cluster and a severe weather outbreak in kansas and oklahoma. once again the next couple days, that's an area bombarded by hail and a dozen tornado reports yesterday. that will all take place in the next few days. it'll be the northern fringe of that system that will bring rain over the weekend. here's the forecast. tonight partly cloudy and cooler. winds will be easing and we'll go down to 55 inland. winds 6 miles per hour. tomorrow sunshine and mixed clouds, high temperature 70 tomorrow. tomorrow night partly cloudy, mild. a little cool front approaches towards morning and that might bring a brief shower into the picture. probably of that is not high.
9:34 pm
saturday, clouding over with scattered showers increasing in the afternoon. then a period of heavier rain at night. high temperature of 71 but falling back to the 60s because the winds go northeast in the afternoon. but a lot of folks write and say we've got outdoor plans, should i cancel them? the answer at this point is no. but do look if you have an afternoon or evening plan outside for the better chance of rain then. we'll come back and tell you about the weekend and the hurricanes in a bit. >> thank you. take a look at this. the 8-foot wall at the museum of. to show the astronauts birthday. they use a projector. the outdoor spectacle is going on now through september 26. >> quite the big screen. >> yes.
9:35 pm
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how does the twitter generation respond to cancer? >> when a chicago man got sick, his friends took to the internet. marcus leshock shows us what they created. we warn you some of the images may be offensive yet endearing. >> reporter: chris courtney designs mobile apps for the tribune company. his previous work as a designer for red eye got the eye of his colleagues. >> it's fun to watch chris work. you kind of see him -- he's like, little master. he'll clasp his hands, close his eyes and start think of things and start drawing things. exactly what he's thinking is on the board. >> reporter: happily married with a healthy 2-year-old daughter, things couldn't have been better. until one day, something didn't feel right. >> the first sign was i sneezed and i had a bit of a pain in my chest. then i started getting itchy
9:39 pm
skin. >> reporter: random fevers would follow along with sudden weight loss. he blacked out at a party. he didn't receive good news. he has stage three hodgkin's lymphoma. >> right now i feel like i've got kryptonite inside of me. people my age aren't supposed to get sick, that's the common misknown. but we do. but that doesn't mean we have to lie down and take it and be quiet about it. >> reporter: chris did what many in his generation would do. he took to the internet. instead of feeling story for himself, he declared war, shaved his head into a mohawk and proclaimed his battle cry. >> i've invited people to be frustrated and mad at cancer. you don't go making a battle cry at cancer and not invite
9:40 pm
people in to be mad at cancer with you. >> reporter: chris' friends and colleagues were glued to his writing. among them was feature reporter kevin pang. >> he really wasn't fighting this with an i'm scared, i'm going to cower, i'm sure i sense a bit of fear. but the way he was approaching this fight was really heads on, almost like a lineman. >> reporter: kevin teamed up with amy guth and others to create a viral get well card. >> it only felt right to approach this website the way that chris would which is to say, hey cancer [bleep] you. you know? i mean, there's no other ways of saying it. >> reporter: hey cancer, [bleep] you became a regular web page. each of his friends submitting a one finger salute to the disease and encouraging others to do the same.
9:41 pm
>> it was very serious but it was also very funny. i didn't flinch for a minute to flip the bird to cancer because it's across the board. everyone hates cancer, so i thought you know what? there's no way to get in trouble for doing this. >> if i ever run for office, that could be taken wrong. >> reporter: it spread quickly through twitter and facebook. >> yeah i am surprised by the people who have responded to this. not just people that chris know, but other people whose families are also fighting this disease as well. >> now it's more about you tried to go after my mom, you tried to go after my brother. you're not going to take chris too. >> i look at the world and before cancer it was as
9:42 pm
cloudless as you see it. then when i was holding it in, it was just a dark cloud over me. it's coming to understand that the world is not the sun shiny place you thought it was. and it's not just your dark cloud >> that realization is heavy. >> reporter: what's been the best thing that's come out of this whole ordeal so far? has there been something that's been great? >> yeah. i'd say the stronger bond with family, becoming closer to god. i can't say that my friends venting and swearing online and showing the finger to something that we all generally see as a despised evil disease is going to make them very mad.
9:43 pm
i think he's going to applaud the effort. >> reporter: chris will be undergoing five months of chemotherapy. he's writing about it on his blog at the website may have images that are offensive to people. that day we interviewed him was his first day of chemochairperson. it really shows you just how strong this guy is. very inspirational. >> thank you. an interesting way to rack up the frequent flier miles, you to go out of this world. and the white sox camp that demonstrates what leadership is all about. the white sox trying to avoid being swept by the twins.
9:44 pm
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to the international space station. open seats would be sold to tourists. there are no cheap seats though. it would cost millions of dollars. it will be ready for flight by 2015. get your reservation, tom. perfect for you. >> you know, i sit there and look at my satellite photos in the weather office and pretend i'm out in space already. >> you are out of this world, my man. >> that's what people say. sometimes when the forecast doesn't work out. but i'll tell you something. we've got sunshine coming tomorrow. and that ought to be nice. and the southerly winds should boost those temperatures about 6 degrees warmer than what we saw today. the showers in the dakotas and merge. happening here. you'll see this white area embedded in that red area. that's a jet stream forecast. that's where the strongest winds are.
9:48 pm
they're taking cool air coming into the country and blowing it off to the east. but we'll be on the southern edge of that. watch what happens with that. that light blue area, that's the axis of the heaviest rain. watch how this comes together. through tomorrow, we start with partly sunny skies in the morning. and stay that way much of the day with southerly winds. then clouds begin to fill in tomorrow night. and those showers will develop and come into the area later saturday. the air masses of two different seasons, summer in the south, cool air to the north. you can see how we straddle that line. that's an area where you can get showers to develop. 75 tomorrow, a southerly wind that will become quite strong tomorrow night. gusts over 25 miles an hour tomorrow night from the south. that should hold the nighttime temperature to the low 60s tomorrow night. saturday winds will turn
9:49 pm
northeast and temperatures will fall back to the 60s. clouds will increase and we could get showers to begin increasing in the afternoon. a period of steady rain saturday night. we're hoping that will come back to us monday. give us a cool day. but it's partly sunny. >> thank you, tom. from a coyote running loose in the city to a coach trying to run obesity out of its school. >> it's what you'll find in tonight's chicago tribune photos of the day. ♪[ music ] chicago has received 168 million in neighborhood stablization funding. that's why they're taking buildings and turning them into
9:50 pm
affordable housing. understands the police drama. there's trades involved in putting together a series. ♪[ music ] >> you can check out more photos on our website coming up: bears defense gets ready for one of the elusive quarterbacks. sports is next. are you suffering from frequent heartburn?
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you should get some custom fit orthotics. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. it recommends the custom fit orthotic that's best for your feet. and footcare scientists are behind it. you'll get immediate comfort... ... and, you could save a couple hundred bucks. for locations see bears and big d. >> should be a big game. looking forward to seeing the stadium. >> and hopefully a bears win. >> would be nice. last time the bears and cowboys met was 2007. the bears committing tour turnovers. that game was at soldier field. sunday they'll collide in the new cowboys stadium in dallas.
9:54 pm
cutler will be the quarterback this time around. today an eight point underdog. tony romo has a great arm. sacked one time against washington last sunday. quarterback possibility a nightmare for the defenders. >> their biggest weapon is romo. romo does a great job of creating more time. getting away from would be tacklers. and getting the ball out to his receivers. >> he makes a lot of plays with his feet and his arm. gets outside the pocket. he can make you miss. and he still is looking down field to buy some time for his wide receivers to make a big play. hockey now. joe got a three year extension from the blackhawks. joel led the hawks to their first stanley cup title since
9:55 pm
1961. they will hold a media day tomorrow. practice begins the day after. and the coach can't wait. >> you look at it being a player or a coach, there's probably nice places to play in the league. nothing compared to chicago. we should feel great being here. the whole organization has been nothing but first class to us. we're excited about the kids here for high school years. so we're looking forward to the years to come. i'd rather talk about hockey and the team and i can't wait to get started. baseball next. white sox officials was to avoid a three game sweep at the hands of those misery makers the minnesota twins. pavano got the hits going. hits konerko in the face. there's a blast to deep left field and it's gone. that's a home run by i believe
9:56 pm
joe mauer. i think we have the wrong highlights here. but there's another shot -- well, i guess we got the other day's highlights. 6-5 the white sox trailing and the ball game in the 8th inning, but they're trailing now. the power's behind the chicago sports franchise talk about the business of sports. boyer, phillips, and rick ets all taking part. what kind of manager is he looking for. >> we have to have a manager that's still engaged in being a coach. we're going to have a younger team going forward. i think that's important. we have to have a manager who understands what it is to be the cubs manager and the scrutiny you get and be able to handle those periods in june where you lose three games in a row and people start talking about year 10 # 3 of a curse.
9:57 pm
posada is the new coach of the chicago fire. eagles say michael vick will start sunday against the lions. but rod wilson will replace hillenmyer. and a practice for lance briggs. someone tossed the ball in the area of the coach but he missed it and hit lance in the midsection. everybody' laughing. why do grown men laugh at this, but they find it funny. >> i don't know. >> lance isn't laughing now. ring ring. progresso.
9:58 pm
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