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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 24, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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police have a man in custody after they caught him in the act of sexually assaulting a woman near the depaul university campus. good afternoon, i'm steve sanders. >> i'm allison payne. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america. wgn's randy belesomo is live outside the 18th police district with details. good afternoon. the man is now being held here in the 18th district lock up after police caught him raping the young woman. sources tell us that he terrorized his victim.
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the incident happened at 11:30 last night at 1100 block of west dicons near depaul. police say the attacker is 19 years old. lives on the south side and sources say he has been known -- is a known sexual predator. victim is a 28-year-old woman. her neighbor called police when he found a purse on the back stairway of their apartment building. when police arrived they noticed an open wingdo and found the woman being raped inside. we spoke with the sister of the young man who called for help when he spotted the victim's handbag. >> what he thought it was maybe someone stolen the purse, came back here to go through and then left and then he saw the window and wasn't sure why that was kind of creepy. >> reporter: the woman was transported to northwestern memorial hospital where she is now listed in good condition. i'm live on the near north side, randy belesomo, wgn news. thank you. new details are emerging from the scene of a burnt out vehicle in suburban elk grove village. muriel clair joining us live on the phone with a very
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latest. what can you tell us? >> well, they are still working the scene here at the boardwalk condominiumsinal elk grove village. what we have been -- they are keeping the media at a distance but what we were able to learn there was a double homicide and a suicide. the crime scene is in two locations in the condo building at 109 boardwalk and on a nearby field where there is a burned out suv or van, i'm not quite sure of the make. anyway, sky cam 9 video was giving us an overview all morning of the area where the suv was found. and as i said it looks like a baseball field and one of the officers at the scene just as an aside said that the person who allegedly committed suicide was found in the van. now that has not been confirmed. this was just one police officer who was standing at the
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scene. he did say that and we are told that the chief will be making a statement later on this afternoon. but that is about all we have been able to find out. we did try to talk with some of the neighbors. no one really wanted to go on camera. we finally got one woman to talk and she simply said that she was quite surprised that it is a quiet area and of course these kinds of things are very unsettling. >> thank you. muriel clair reporting live from elk grove village. story still unfolding at this hour. a metra train hit and killed a woman this morning. train number 620 was on its way to chicago when it hit the woman at barrington stop just after 7:00 a.m. victim was rushed to advocate good shepherd hospital with critical injuries but later died. we do not have any details on the victim. incident brought inbound and outbound service to a halt. things are now back up and running. the indiana toll road near gary is open in both directions following a three vehicle crash
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this morning. semi-truck heading westbound crashed through the median barrier and landed on its side in the eastbound lane's that blocked all lanes of traffic. truck driver claims he thought he saw a dear on the highway. turned hard to avoid it while going through a curve on a construction zone. it turns out that object was actually a bag. the truck dliefer was taken to a hospital with cuts on his face. the drivers of the two other cars suffered minor injuries. woman killed in a three vehicle crash on chicago's northwest side has been identified as 26-year-old jenny from plainfield. police say she was driving west on devon when she crossed the center line and collided head on with a toyota corolla and a taxi yesterday. the taxi caught fire and the driver was taken to the hospital. he is in stable condition. the driver of the other vehicle hit was treated and released for his injuries. the woman was ejected from her car and pronounced dead at the scene. and four people are injured after a man opened fire on them last night in the humboldt park
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neighborhood. three men and a woman were standing on the 3200 block of west division when a man came out of an alley and started shooting. le the woman was shot in the back and is in serious condition. two men are in good condition. the fourth man refused medical attention. police are looking for the shooter. they did not gave motive for the attack. man is charged with murdering an eighth grader in the woodlawn neighborhood. 19-year-old kordell glover due in bond court today. police say he shot three people ten days ago. police say glover shot 14-year- old christopher travis in the head. travis was an eighth grader at emmitt till elementary. 12-year-old boy and a 19-year- old man were also wounded in the shooting. it appears mayor daley found a way to balance chicago's city budget. one last time. the city must close a $650 million gap. the "sun-times" reports the mayor will drain some reserve funds from the sky way sale of the parking meter lease. he will make some spending cuts and he will refinance some of
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the the city's debt. daley has expressed a desire to privatize taste of chicago. curb side recycling and animal care to raise more money. president obama top adviser is leaving the white house next year. the white house says david ackled are -- axelrod is returning to chicago to work on the president's re-election campaign. axelrod works next to the oval office and is responsible for the president's political strategy. his wife still lives in chicago and he never bought a home in washington. axelrod has not said exactly when he is leaving washington but the white house says it will be well into next year. another sign white house chief of staff rahm emanuel will return to chicago to run for mayor. in the "sun-times" today, michael said she heard through the rumor mill that emanuel tapped terry peterson to manage his campaign. there is no official word from emanuel about his plans to leave the white house. and emanuel has met with other possible candidates presumably
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to line up allies should those candidates drop out. we have reported emanuel plans to leave his d.c. post next month. chicago's first mayoral campaign commercial has hit the air waves. >> i'm city clerk miguel del valle and i'm running for mayor. >> an ad for miguel del valle started airing yesterday. spokeswoman says because so many names are being floated as possible candidates, it is important for del valle to steb that he is a declared candidate. now fresh off the farm, comedian steven khobar gets a less than receptive welcome on capitol hill. why he was even asked to leave by one lawmaker. 3 million in less than three hours. shoppers quickly snap up all of the available appliance rebate. dea agents want you to go through your medicine cabinets. details on the national prescription drug turn-in program. ♪
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we do not know if there is anyone in danger. wgn news crew is on the scene. we will update you as soon as possible. authorities in wisconsin are searching for a twin-engine airplane from aurora that went missing last night. the piper 44 plane left from west suburban aurora and was supposed to arrive in wisconsin by 8:30 p.m. the plane still had not shown up. faa officials say the flight disappeared from radar near -- wisconsin. no word who that plane is registered to. two fbi raids, the fbi raids two homes in chicago as
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part of a terrorism investigation. authorities carried out the sweeps about 7:00 this morning. no word on where these homes are located. we also know authorities searched six homes in minneapolis. one of those homes belongs to a antiwar activist and says he believes the fbi is harassing organizers who are opposed to u.s. involvement in the middle east and latin america. the fbi says it does not expect to make any immediate arrests and says there is no imminent threat to communities. president obama barack obama says it was hateful and inexcusable but iran's president is defending his comes that most americans believe the u.s. government was behind the september 11th attacks. the u.s. delegation got up and left after mahmoud ahmadinejad made the remark during a speech at united nations yesterday. he challenged the u.s. to set up a commission to study the attacks. mahmoud ahmadinejad told the meeting today that he did not pass judgment but the time is
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time for a fact finding committee. major decision could come today on military's policy on gay troops. in san diego, a federal judge could issue an order today that stops the ban on openly gay people serving. that judge has already ruled don't ask, don't tell policy unconstitutional. federal government lawyers argued against the judge's position. they say the ban should come from congress and not judiciary. they failed to pass the defense bill which would have reversed the ban. the senate will not vote on any tax cuts until after the elections. the so-called bush tax cuts expire at end of year. republicans want to renew them. democrats want to raise taxes on the wealth people congress business to adjourn so members can campaign to keep their jobs. the senate plans to revisit the tax issue later in november. steven khobar is on capitol hill today. he testified before a house subcommittee hearing on immigration. he was invited after spending a day working as a laborer on a
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form in upstate new york. it was organized by united farm workers who were arguing that immigrant workers are not taking jobs from u.s. citizens and khobar's presence at today's hearings caused a bit of tension in the room. i'm asking you to leave the committee room completely and submit your statement instead. >> i'm here at invitation of chair woman. if she would like me to remove myself from the hearing room, i'm happy to do so. i'm only here at her invitation. >> that is correct. >> thank you very much. that's fair enough. >> with a straight face, steven khobar testified before lawmakers about his time spent working on the farm. >> i'll admit, i started my workday with preconceived notions of migrant labor. but after working with these men and women, picking beans, packing corn four hours on end side by side in the unforgiving sun, i have to say and i do mean this sincerely, please
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don't make me do this again. it is really, really hard. >> khobar said he hoped he was using his celebrity for some good. >> and i missed episode last night where he hits the fields to do the work. he did do it. >> very hard work. >> cashing in on the green for green appliances. illinois shoppers take advantage of today's rebate program in a hurry. >> plus it is back to jail for lindsay lohan. judge orders the troubled actress to be held without bail. and she is the first female american iron chef. cat cora is here. what are you making? >> some good burgers but i will be at the hamburger hop tonight at millennium park. i will be there with great chefs and great burgers.
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stoiz time has run out if you wanted to take advantage ever rebates. wgn's judy wang is live with details. people got up and decided to go shopping today. >> that's right. even before dawn there was a crowd lined up outside the doors before the store was even ready to hope. store managers had predicted money in this program would run out fast but even they didn't think it would run out this fast. two and a half hours after the program began, illinois' commerce department had to bring it to a halt. employees broke the news to shoppers at 10:30 leaving people who were not able to get their transactions completed in time disappointed. most retailers opened their doors early so shoppers could look and make their picks then at 8:00 cash registers started ringing as the rebate program officially got underway. this was the deal. replace an older refrigerator, freezer, dish washer or washing machine and you got a 15%
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rebate on an energy efficient appliance. program was supposed to run until 9:00 this evening or until the money ran out. spokesman for the state commerce department says it went through more than 2 million of the 3 million stimulus dollars available in the first hour. >> fortunately last minute decision. took a day off work and i decided to come down and replace the washer and drier. and didn't quite make it. >> little bit disappointed. not able to get any money what can we do. i will buy it anyway. >> i was finished. and i got a $100 gift card. looking at more freezers. >> she was very lucky. the last rebate program took place in april. and at that time $6 million was available for the program and that program was supposed to last about a week and that money ran out in 11 hours.
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on the north side, judy wang, wgn news. concerns are easing a little bit about the economy today. orders for capital equipment increasing in august much more than economist forecast. up 4.1%. companies are buying computers, communication gear and machinery and this is showing a rebound in business spending and showing that manufacturing still a bright spot. manufacturing has been a major driver of growth in this recovery. let's talk about buying stuff. k-mart kicking off the holiday shopping season today with its second annual fab 15 toy list. and on the list barbie video girl, dance star mickey and explore with dora just to name a few. they can head to k-mart's fab 15 websites starting tomorrow. check it all out. and in other investor news, schaumburg based motorola planning a reverse stock split to help bump up the shares
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price. investors will get one share for every three to seven that they own and want to do this ahead of the scheduled spin-off 6 the mobile phone and set top box you in thes. the break up will leave the company with network, two-way radio and bar code scanner units. and finally coming to a computer near you, netflix announcing it will expand its deal with nbc universal to provide more content to instant streaming on your computer. deal means members can instantly watch a selection of nbc shows including episodes of "saturday night live" starting from the very beginning. quick check on wall street before we go. right now big rally on stocks. on the back of that better than expected report on capitol hill goods orders. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, courtney donohoe, back to you. have a great weekend. same to you. actress lindsay lohan is back in jail. judge order her to return to jail for failing a drug test recently. upon hearing the judge's decision, lohan's father said oh, god. this will be the third time lohan has reported to jail as a
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result of a drug and drunk driving case in 2007. she will be back in court october 22. eddie fisher won of the most popular singers of the 1950s has passed away. fisher died wednesday at his 40e78 in california after complications from hip surgery. he was 82 years old. fisher may be best remembered for his celebrity marriages. he married debbie reynolds in 1955. then left her three years later for elizabeth taylor. he was married to connie stevens and two other women. fisher has four children including actress and author carrie fisher. still ahead, details about the new lottery game. the prize free college twig. plastic surgery that uses your own body fat to beautify other parts. they achieved major radio play with the 1990s hits cloud and molly. performing this weekend.
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on the medical watch, good fat. we talk about losing fat. how about using it? to make you more beautiful? >> amazing what you can do cawith fat. >> fat, flowing like the fountain of youth. in the office a chance for fat to add youth not weight. >> just look natural with no wrinkles. flawless.
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she has tried botox and fillners her face to achieve a younger appearance. nothing lasts. she wants a fix that won't fade. >> i have two kids and i have a house to run. and not have to think about all the time how you look. >> she came for a double bonus. a fat transfer. >> i'm having liposuction on my stomach. and fat injected into my face. >> when you try to revolumize something with fat, you are really banking on the fact that those fat cells will stay alive and get a permanent result. >> the key is how the fat is handled. >> suction it and to inject it as well that are meant to baby the fat. so that really as much of the fat cells stay alive. that's the name of the game. keeping the tissue alive and injecting live cells that are going to actually survive there and rejuvenate the face. the face aging face deflates and you can really revolumize
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it with fat. you can revolumize the hand. women with breast cancer had lumpectomies and defects in the breast can be improved with fat. >> and it's all done in the office while the patient is awake. >> you are feeling pressure. >> first, removal. >> beautiful fat. >> then the replacement. within weeks, the reveal. >> recovery takes a bit longer than fillers. process requires more injections. but they last. cost is about three times what you pay for fillers. doctors say 70 to 80% of fat cells survive and stay. in the future they hope to mix the fat with stem cells to ensure survival even better. on the medical watch, dina bair, wgn news. drug enforcement administration is launching a take back program for unused prescription drugs. >> dea will set up thousands of sites tomorrow. most at police stations where you can turn in the expired pills from your medicine cabinet. experts say last year 7 million
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when making medicare plan decisions. so, if you have questions about medicare or are new to medicare or simply want to know the difference between medicare parts a, b, c and d... make sure you have the answers you need. unitedhealthcare medicare solutions. have questions about medicare? new to medicare? call or visit us online at and united healthcare medicare solutions will send this free guide. forecasters are putting people in minnesota and wisconsin on alert for more flooding. this is video from the western wisconsin town of arcadia. state emergency is in effect there because of the flooding.
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several hundred homes were evacuated because of the three foot high water. not only that, authorities say the river is rising and may not crest until sunday. >> heavy rains have caused flash flooding in southeastern minnesota. these cornfields in homestead county you can see them under water and city of pine island is dealing with severe flooding. governor tim pawlenty plans to visit that city. kind of wet overnight in the chicago area as well. >> those storms pushed on through quickly and are now -- >> and the heat with it. >> sure did. and brought in a lot of cold air. next flooding problems will be in nicaragua, honduras, where tropical storm matthew is headed with about 50-mile-per- hour maximum sustainedded wind. we may get a chance to give you more on that later. look at these pictures from this morning. a lot of clouds up there after the rains pushed through, the clouds hung around and we are
12:31 pm
thinking mostly cloudy skies should be the story throughout the afternoon. that's going to block some sunshine. not like it's cold enough already. look at these temperatures. 60degrees in chicago at the moment. out to our north and west, see those readings in the 50s? that's where the air is coming from tomorrow and sunday. it looks like we are in for a chilly weekend. in about ten days as i will show you in a moment it may be colder around the chicago area. warm air, huddling around the gulf coast up through the mid- mississippi valley. not going to get back in here for a long time probably. temperatures across the region at this hour, everybody is in the upper 50s to low 60s. the air is drying out a little. that cooler air mass is drier. dew point temperatures down in the 40s and low 50s and they will continue to drop tonight probably. we are looking at our winds. fairly strong out of the west. 15 to 30 miles per hour and check out these wind gusts. we may see gusts approaching 40 in some areas. officially we are looking for
12:32 pm
30, 35-mile-per-hour gusts continuing until about 7:00 tonight. by the way, there is a gale warning in effect for lake michigan. could see some waves out there. as much as say 11 feet. this is our temperature forecast. there is the cold air settling over the mid west this weekend. notice we try to warm up a little going tuesday into wednesday. but check this out. going out about ten days. watch this canadian air settle over the mid west pushing down into parts of the ohio valley. that is really cold air. what about 2e7b days or so we may be looking at day time high temperatures upper 40s or low 50s. we will keep an eye on that for you. around the country radar returns suggests little action down in texas. oklahoma, arkansas. not a particularly impressive system. this is the southern end of that storm that came through chicago early this morning. all that's left of that storm by the way that's few little passing light showers pushing into northwestern ohio. our computer forecast keeps the clouds in the neighborhood but tends to keep the rain out
12:33 pm
until late tomorrow night. see that little cluster of stuff? that's going to probably come close to the chicago area. give us at least a slight chance of maybe seeing a passing shower or a brief period of light rain. here is tropical storm matthew as we mentioned. 50-mile-per-hour sustained winds. it's about 80 miles off the coast of nicaragua and honderras. the big fear is flooding rains and flooding and it is expected to make landfall in nicaragua and honduras. first of all for the afternoon across the area mostly cloudy. strong gusty winds and a high between 157 and 64. of course, official high occurred overnight. temperatures will stay cool through the afternoon. for tonight, passing clouds. the winds will finally die down. low temperature upper 40s, low 50s. saturday a cloud/sun mix. quite cool. lake winds. evening showers. look at that. a high temperature between 64 and 68 degrees. and for sunday, another chilly
12:34 pm
day. look for temperatures 62 to 67 degrees. we will have a few clouds up there but probably off and on during the weekend we 345eu get a few peeks of sunshine. it's cold aloft and that tends to make the air unstable so expect some of what we tend to term instability clouds over the weekend. then beyond that temperatures do begin to warm a little. we may see an 80 before too much longer. but that may be pushing it. next weekend beyond this one coming up is also going to be cold. talk about that later in the seven-day forecast. >> that time of the year. here is our trivia question for you today. on this day in 1985. completed the first around the world trip by a woman by which 340ed of transportation? a bicycle? boat? or an airplane. the answer still ahead on the wgn midday news. zthtjthththtjtjtjt@tjtjtjtjtétjt
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oldest rivalry in football kicks off again monday night and it is already the most important game of the season. unfortunately some of the bears will be hobbling on to soldier field. rookie safety major wright will miss a month and a half with a strained hamstring. chris williams also a strained hamstring and unclear when he will return. the bears and packers are two of the eight unbeaten teams left and in first place in the nfc north is on the line. big game. every game is a big game. but it's green bay. it's a monday night game. we will get a good plan going and they are a good team. had a good year last year and continuing this year. good game for us. >> we as players actually don't think it's a big deal as it was back then. you know, like in the 80s, maybe early 90s. i don't think it's that big of a rival with the players. i don't think the players are
12:38 pm
hating each other like the 80s bears or 70, 60 bears or things like that. >> we got you covered for the bear's/packers monday game. wgn sports will handle free pre and post game coverage. ciu, the pregame show starts at 7:00. lopsided game at wrigley last night. much coming from the bat of former white sox juan uribe, hits two homers. the second one a grand slam giving him six rbis in the inning. buster posey makes matters worse with a solo homer in the third. 11 runs in the first three innings with plenty cushion. they beat the cubs 13-0. the final three home games start today against the cardinals. the blackhawks are only one game in the pre-season and someone has been suspended. nhl has suspended nick boynton one game for making a throat slashing gesture after a fight. that right there. he will sit out the season opener against colorado. hawks play the redwingses
12:39 pm
tomorrow night right here on the ol' number nine. that's sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is coming up next.
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trustees at university of illinois have unanimously denied an ameritous faculty position to controversial professor william ayers. trusty chris kennedy said he could not confer the honorary title on what he called, quote, a man whose body of work includes a book dedicated in part to the man who murdered my
12:44 pm
father. end quote. his father of course was senator robert kennedy. ayers founded the weather underground, the anti-vietnam war group responsible for bombing the pentagon and the u.s. capitol in the 1990s. ayers retired from the u of i last month with the title distinguished professor of education. bonuses are coming from some chicago public school teachers. cps announced it's expanding the merit pay system next fall thanks to a nearly $36 million federal grant. 25 elementary and middle schools will be part of a program. no word yet on which schools will be picked. this grant requires that half of the students at these schools be low income. teachers who improve student achievement will be eligible to receive those bonuses. illinois lottery introduced a game. free college tuition and surprise of a new cash for college scratch-off ticket. five winners will receive full tuition along with mandatory fees. winners get to coos if a number
12:45 pm
of schools across the country. those who don't benefit get a $20,000 cash option. each ticket costs $2. the weather may be cooling down. but that's not going to stop true chicagoans from grilling outside. chef cat cora is showing us some great burger recipes. >> and lot more live music from detroit lockers -- rockers sponge. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to.
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is it time for our lunch break and a third annual chicago gourmet festival takes place this weekend. celebrity chef and cookbook author cat cora is here in the wgn back yard. so southern. from mississippi. i have to point that out. >> i love it. >> i was born in the south and my coanchor is from alabama. he loves all things southern. >> i love that. i love that. i'm here for chicago gourmet with bon appetit magazine. i'm their executive chef. i'm here for bon appetit magazine. we are doing tonight will be fantastic because we will have the hamburger hop going on at millennium park. >> that's the only event you can get tickets for. >> you can still get tickets at chicago and that is only one. rest is sold out. and i'm down there tonight with art smith. >> table 52.
12:49 pm
>> and we will do judging. a lot of chefs. great local chefs from all over chicago and also some other celebrities, keller will be a judge. robert fairchild. a blast tonight. >> it is going to be. the last time we were out here cooking lunch break it was art smith on the grill. >> okay. what i'm going to do is the hamburger hop and i will start -- since i'm hosting and not actually cooking i will show them how it's done. my greek burger. from the south but i'm greek american what i'm doing is a great greek burger. i got some lamb here. you can do turkey, chicken, beef, whichever you want and a little olives and bread crumb. >> olive is greek influence and also feta cheese. onion goes in. i grew up being in the south my mom always put everything in the burger, too. and cooked it in the burger. little scallion and little garlic and salt and pepper. and then we mixed that up and goes right in there. looking good.
12:50 pm
here. the people on the grill and mix it up well and make patties out of them. throw them on the grill. and you know what? i want to say we had a couple sponsors. wie got allen brother meats and will do one of our responders and blue moon, the beer, really good beer, will be down there as a sponsor and it will be fantastic. we will be doing all weekend. it will be a blast. >> so excited. >> we are. it's a big thing. you chefs from all over the country and tonight will be with the hamburger hop is the local chefs which makes it different for bon appetit we do a lot of different events all over country but this is different. really show casing a lot of local chicago chefs. there is talent in this city. >> yes, we do. >> definitely. the next thing i do is once i got my patties made and on the grill there and they are grilling away. this one right here is mine. >> yeah. >> we will put your name on that one. and what i like to do is to make it super greek i put a
12:51 pm
little -- on there. super greek burger. little-- olive oil and i put avocado in mine in this particular one because i think it makes nice and yummy and then some cucumber is classic which is a classic greek yogurt sauce is cucumber and you lot of greeks here. you have greektown here. i think there is one sitting this there right now. >> a little bit of oregano and lemon juice and this is what makes it so yum eesm this is the sauce of the burger. >> you can use the sauce in a number of ways. >> throw that on everything. >> everything. we put it on everything. put it on chicken and skewers and kabobs. fish is nice. we will come over here and i will flip your burger here. you say that is yours. that has your name on it. >> look at that. looking good. >> smells good. >> i like to put them on a nice toasted onion bun here which i have for you. i will heat that up and this is
12:52 pm
your lunch. little there. >> best meal -- to eat all day. i told steve on the way out here we are eating lunch break today. that woman is only woman who has won this award. yes. this iron chef is still on and we are still doing it every season and it's going strong. definitely your viewers need to come out to the chicago gourmet tonight. again get your tickets at chicago still tickets for tonight. >> you have a new hamburger? >> i do. classwalk a twist is out. it came out in june, i have a new book. burgers in there and all kinds of great food. real classic global cookbook. >> have you done cat cora southern cooking yet? do you leave that to paula >> paula is a big buddy of mine. i leave that to paula. >> you know paula dean? >> very well. i know paula. she is my buddy. >> i love to meet paula dean. >> i will give hear shout out to tell her to come down.
12:53 pm
>> cook with me one day. >> put a little on there for you. my gosh, look at that. that is a nice burger. >> cat cora is the coolest name. >> little bit of tomato goes on. you will have onion? or little bit of everything? red onion on there? >> no leation. >> good -- no lettuce. >> make it your way here. >> and again third annual chicago gourmet festival takes place this weekend. and art smith is going to hang out with cat at the hamburger hop tonight. tickets are still available. sold out for all of the events on saturday and sunday. tonight come out and see cat cora and art smith. more information on cat's recipe today, check out our web page, cat, so good. >> and
12:54 pm
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she felt lost... until the combination of three good probiotics in phillips' colon health defended against the bad gas, diarrhea and constipation. ...and? it helped balance her colon. oh, now that's the best part. i love your work. [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. wow, cat cora. celebrity chefs are so friendly and warm. >> i love the celebrity food. >> trivia question answer
12:56 pm
today. on this day in 1985, annie londonberry completed the first to round the world trip by a woman by which mode of transportation? on a bicycle or a boat or was it by plane? the answer, a bicycle. >> how around the world on a bicycle? >> i don't know. >> i do not know. jim, why don't you taik it home today. >> okay, let's begin with a mold count. high. >> five years. >> just in. >> 81,000 is the reading. and if you have a sensitivity to mold or allergy it's a good idea to limit the a time you spend outdoors today. seven day forecast may be a shower, could hear a clap of thunder tomorrow evening. very slight chance. but a chilly weekend in store. then we warm up dramatically before the next major cool down and we will talk about that more tonight at 5:00 and again at 9:00. >> thank you. thank you. and thank you for joining us today. have a great weekend. we will leave you with more
12:57 pm
music live from sponge. see them live tomorrow at mahoney's in chicago. ♪[ music ]
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