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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 27, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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two years after an acid attack left a chicago woman disfigured, trial is beginning today for two women accused of orchestrating that brutal attack. >> good afternoon, i'm robert jordan in for steve sanders. >> i'm allison payne. we welcome our views -- viewers who are waving us around the country on wgn america. muriel clair is live with our top story. >> 60-year-old ofelia garcia and 37-year-old maria garcia
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in this case both whom are in custody walked into the courtroom this morning calmly looking out at the crowd of spectators to connect with family and friends who may be among them. and garcia immediately connected with someone and began smiling and waiving and blowing kisses before she finally took her seat at the defense table. garcia and her co-defendant, 37- year-old maria garcia overra are charged with planning an acid attack on espiranza medina and hiring three teenagers to carry it out. it happened in july of 2008. victim espiranza medina, a social worker was on her way to work at 6:00 a.m. when the three teenagers confronted her and threw battery acid in her face. craig enderson, the assistant states attorney said during closing arguments he asked how did three teenagers in cicero end up in logan square at 6:30 a.m. just in time to attack the
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victim? the planners planned it that way. those three teenagers will be on the witness stand before the day is over. reporting live from the criminal courts building. muriel clair, wgn news. thank you so much. a second suspect in the sexual assault of a lincoln park woman appears in court today for a bond hearing. police say that 17-year-old david mcaffe helped break into a home in the 1100 block of west dickens last friday. he is charged with home invasion and aggravated criminal sexual assault. his co-defendant, 19-year-old darrell moore was ordered held on $600,000 bail when he appeared in court on saturday. police say that moore climbed through an open window of the woman's home and then sexually assaulted her. the neighbor who found items belonging to the woman behind the apartment building called the police. the officers found more in the apartment and then arrested him. the white house plans to
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ask for more power to wire tap internet communications. investigators can heaves drop on phone calls. now the "new york times" reports the obama administration will offer a new bill next year that will require all internet service providers to let the government tap into facebook, skype and encrypted e-mail communications. terrorists have turned to using the web for most of their contacts. antiwar activists here in chicago are gearing up for a protest at fbi headquarters this afternoon. they are angry about a series of raids by federal agents here and in minnesota. wgn's judy wang is live on the west side with that story. judy. >> good afternoon, allison. antiwar protestors plan to demonstrate here at 4:30 this afternoon. they call the raids an attack on the entire antiwar movement. they say they won't be intimidated or silenced and they have done nothing wrong. the fbi raided two chicago homes and six homes in
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minneapolis friday. it made no arrests. the warrant indicated looking for possible ties to terrorist organizations in the middle east and colombia. one of the chicago homes raided was that of joe listbacker and his wife stephanie wieper in logan square. agented-- listbacker on staff at -- say those items includes their children's old artwork and photos of martin luther king, jr., and malcolm x. took a laptop from the executive director of the arab american action network. >> we believe that this was just a big fishing expedition. that they don't have any possible reason to believe that these individuals are involved with any criminal wrong doing. nothing criminal about organizing and to change u.s. foreign policy to change the u.s. policy that has deadly consequences for peoples in the
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middle east and in south america. >> reporter: moore and -- maureen murphy says they planned demonstrations to protest these raids in 20 cities nationwide. that is today and tomorrow. once again the chicago demonstration scheduled to begin here outside of chicago fbi headquarters at 4:30 this afternoon. on the west side, judy wang, wgn news. nato forces have launched a rare air strike into pakistan this morning killing more than 50 insurgence. nato says that their troops came under fire near the pakistan border with afghanistan so helicopters were called in to fire on the militants. the attacks come after international forces launched operation dragon strike. a joint push with afghan troops to rid the kandahar area of insurgence. troops are destroying taliban hiding spots. setting off heavy fighting in the area. funeral services will be held later today for an illinois soldier killed in
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afghanistan last week. 25-year-old staff sergeant joshua powell of pleasant plains was one of five soldiers killed in the helicopter crash tuesday. he was a member of the 101 airborne division. visitation for powell will be held this evening. powell will be buried tomorrow with full military honors at camp butler national cemetery. federal investigators still trying to figure out what caused a small plane to crash in wisconsin killing two men from the western suburbs. 68-year-old pierce mccabe of hinsdale and his 26-year-old nephew kevin mccabe of la grange were both killed in the crash. officials say kevin was piloting the plane when it took off from aurora. the plane was heading to an airport in northern wisconsin when it disappeared from radar and crashed into a river. pierce myrtle beach caib was a former -- mccabe was a fornler brookfield president in the 19le 0s and long time school principal in cicero. >> been a mentor to me and was always there to offer advice and quietly behind the scenes and i appreciated that.
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>> the national transportation safety board is assisting the faa in the investigation. hundreds of people have been cut off from their homes in central wisconsin after a levee along the wisconsin river failed. flood waters from the river spimmed -- spilled into an access road yesterday and now some people in portage are stranded. officials had warned them about the levee after a week of heavy rainfall. people who did leave, may be out of their homes for a week. waters are expected to drop below flood stage by wednesday. all -- grocery stores are stepping up security after some customers had their debit card information stolen. about 200 people in wheeling and buffalo grove recently had money stolen from their bank account. after using their debit cards at an aldy's store. aldy's says all affected terminals were removed from stores and new security measures have been implemented. aldy recommends that customer
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review their account and report any unauthorized activity to the bank. wgn radio's oren samuelson marking a milestone this week. his 50th anniversary broadcasting agriculture anding ary business news for our sister station. governor pat quinn is one of the many fans. hedroped by the wgn radio studios this morning to join the celebration. >> the first 50 years are the toughest. and oren has shown that he has a golden voice and a servant's heart. have i been a fan for 50 years and 50 more? >> starting my second 50 today. >> at least 50 more. >> governor quinn has proclaimed today as oren samuelson day throughout illinois. coming up on wgn news at noon, extending the cta red line. we will tell you about plans to add several stops to chicago's south side route. >> plus, when illinois senator calls for creating as many as
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an investigation begins today into how well the white house responded to the bp oil spill disaster. a presidential commission will examine the use of chemicals. moratorium on deep water drilling and the president obama's plans to make the gulf environment better than it was before the oil spill. the commission will also look at who was in charge of making critical decisions, bp or the federal government. the explosion killed 11 workers
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and sent more than 200 million gallons of crude oil into the gulf of mex. a popular baptist minister in georgia is promising to fight the accusations of four men who say he lured them into having sex with him. bishop eddie long heads a mega church in suburban atlanta. pews were packed yesterday as he spoke publicly for the first time about the allegations. the men say long seduced them with cars, money, clothes, jewelry and vacations in exchange for sex. parishioners gave long their support and even a standing ovation. i feel like david against goliath. but i got five rocks. and i haven't thrown one yet. >> lawyers for long's accusers noted he did not explicitly deny the allegations yesterday. the trapped miners in chile have reason to celebrate as key pieces to their rescue arrive at the mine site over the
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weekend. two metal capsuled designs to pull the 33 men one at a time from the collapsed mine arrive saturday. each capsule is 21 inches across and just over six feet high. the metal tubes that will carry each capsule more than a half mile underground also arrived at the mine site. rescue crews say it could be early november before the rescue hole is drilled deep enough. the miners have been stuck since the mine collapsed back on august 5. nearly 140,000 hyundai sonatas are being recalled in the u.s. the recall affects sedans manufactured since last december. national highway traffic safety administration says that there is a possible issue with the steering column that could pose a threat to driver's ability to maneuver the car. hyundai hasn't commented on the manufacturing defects. dealers are promising to inspect the vehicles and update the power steering software for free. well, more than 40 years ago the cta red line was
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extended south along the middle of the dan ryan expressway. >> currently the last stop is 95 street but the original goal was to extend the red line passed that point. something that never happened. now the cta has plans to build four additional stops all the way to 130th street. the chicago tri been's john -- tribune joins us now with more on this big story. john, why is it taking so long for this to happen? like people in the far south suburbs are just out there trapped if they don't have a car. >> they sure have felt that way. as well as south siders of chicago. there is no reason that red line should not go all the way to the city limits on the far south side and finally the cta made it a top priority the next federal transportation funding bill this will be their big play to try to get that thing built by 2015 or 2016. >> john, how far are they looking at extending that line and would there be additional
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stops as well? >> yes. it's about a five and a half mile extension that with new stations at 103 and 111 and 116 and 130 street. so that wo take it all the way out to the city limits there. and really provide transportation for not only the far south siders but south suburban residents who would drive to the park and ride facility that would be built at 130 and be able to ride the redlan to work -- red line to work. there is some metra service on the electric line but for most of the day it's one train an hour so it's pretty spotty. >> how would this -- if this happens and it sounds like it's stale big if, if this happens, how would this affect the surrounding economies? >> well, locally leaders are optimistic that they can take some of these areas and rejuvenated them and create small businesses like exist all over the rest of the city. small shops, bakeries, fruit
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and vegetable stores. things that the far south side neighborhood like roseland, riverdale don't exist to any great extent. it's seen as an economic boost not only for the residents but for those people that would come in from the south suburbs, park their car and spend money at those businesses on their way to the train. >> and how much are we looking at to fund this thing and wouldn't it be terribly expensive? >> about $1.4 billion and that would include relocating the rail yard at 95 street to another location, probably at 120 and cottage grove. the good news is that the congress is like three look very optimistically on this project because of the transportation needs because it serves such a low income and minority community and it's likely that the federal government could pick up as much as 80% of the tab. okay. >> great news for the south side. >> when is the shovel going into the ground. >> that's the question. doing the environmental studies
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and the engineering if that gets fast tracks a many hope, we could see construction within five years. it shouldn't take more than a year or year and a half to build. >> thank you so much. >> as always, you read more in today's tribune or online at around with john. and coming up on wgn, a fresh round of corporate deal making affects the airline industry. find out how it's affecting the market. all of that coming up next in our money report. and ahead in our lunch break, we will see how to make a spicy version of eggs benedict.
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live at the cme group in chicago. air tran shares soaring more
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than 62% -- 60% right now after southwest airlines announced today it's acquiring air tran airways for approximately 1.4ble. that helps southwest airlines add atlanta, largest u.s. market it doesn't already serve and allows southwest to expand its presence at many u.s. airports including new york's laguardia and boston's logan airport. in the consumer product sector u.n. leaver has aglowed to buy illinois consumer products company for more than $3.5 billion. in cash. the purchase if approved will make uni leaver the biggest maker of hair conditioning products in the world and the second large. >> cham pooh. at wal-mart, well, it's making its biggest deem in more than a decade. wal-mart-- $4.6billion. the purchase of south africa's second largest retailer would give wal-mart access to
12:21 pm
africa's biggest economy on the continent. lastly am consulting here in chicago that if companies want to recruit employee and move staff head over to toronto in canada. deemed best in the world when it comes to the lowest risk for employers. consulting people risk index considered demographics, government, education, talent and development toronto ranking top as city with the lowest risk along with new york, singapore, london and montreal. all right, right now on wall street we were seeing stocks weighed down on other mergers and acquisition related news. new york bases mnt bank corps talks with bank host -- broke down. monitoring that as well. live at the cme group in chicago, angie lau, bloomberg news. now back to you. thank you. the rate -- verdict is in for judge judy's day time show. the judge judy show finished ahead of oprah in last season's
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day time raidings. show averaged 6.3 million viewers a day. this is the first time in a decade oprah show did not finish in the top spot. oprah's rate prgz down last season after she aired more reruns than usual. still ahead, a preview of tonight's bears packers matchup for monday night football. >> also coming up, you won't find hamburgers on their restaurant menus but some of chicago's top chefs competed to make the best burgers in the city inside the competition. when we return.
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other serious stomach conditions may still exist. ask your doctor if nexium can help relieve your heartburn symptoms. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. some the best restaurants in chicago have a delicious weekend at millennium park. gourmet chicago was a two day sold out celebration of food,
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celebrity chef department straigs and of course other goodies. >> and before the official event got underway, some of the best chefs in the city showcased their skills in burger making. >> marcus lashaw was at this high stakes burger competition. what does art smith look for in a hamburger? chef smith was in the right place. 15 of chicagoland's finest chefs helped kick off millennium park chicago gourmet with the hamburger hop, a cookoff competition all about the beef. for a city that's known for -- they know how to do it well and i'm sure the burger will be outside. probably very hard to judge the best one first ever female iron chef, i will look for someone really innovative it has to taste good. whoever will bring that will take it tonight. to make matters more interesting. the contenders didn't come from your typical burger joints.
12:26 pm
you won't find a burger on the italian menu but he was up to the challage. >> i was getting ready to make the best burgers in the city. >> nervous? >> not really. just buns burning. >> the burgers are judged by a panel of six including thomas keller. the executive chef of the french laundry in napa valley, california, considered to be the finest chef in america no pressure. >> is it possible to cook a hamburger in a french style? >> sure, put red wine sauce on it. the burger and the juiciness and classic burger has crisp lettuce on it sp succulent tomato. i'm interested to see what these guys do with extra. >> you have a restaurant in new york and one in beverly hills, napa valley and brought some the napa valley weather here. why not open a restaurant. there are millions of places to open one right around here. >> i thought the weather was
12:27 pm
enough. now you want a restaurant? i'll think about it. i thought about it. i won't. there are more than enough burgers to help me get over my crushing disappointment starting with a fun entry from top chef winner stephanie. >> i can feed you one? >> it's a goat burger. 40% goat and we also have beef and pork in there as well. three amigos in the burger. and cheddar beer sauce, grilled scallion vinaigrette and the onions. hey, good reaction. >> but there could only be two winners for the night. first the people's choice which lends this interesting place a surf and turf burger from the four seasons. as for the judge's choice. >> -- i folded the bacon and gives it the smoky flavor smoked tomato aioli. water cres. thomas came up and talked to me and i was at a loss for words
12:28 pm
then than i am now. it was an honor to meet him and i look up to him like everyone else. >> have i good news for you. if you want a taste of the burger, look at this. absolutely irresistible. the chef will put it on the member of the honor of his winning. i will give you a link to where you can find him. in millennium, marco, wgn news. excuse me. what kind of burker? >> and you know that wasn't a bad burger in the house. >> we know where to go for lunch this week. jim ramsey is up next with the full forecast. [ male announcer ] do you have questions about medicare? are you new to medicare? unitedhealthcare medicare solutions can help give you the answers you're looking for. with over 25 years of experience working with medicare, unitedhealthcare can help with the confusion. call or go to now.
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jim ramsey joins us now. looks chilly out there. little late summer surge? >> maybe, i feel a little cheated this morning. we had temperatures this weekend that were unusually cool. it looks like today we are starting off the same way. at 58 degrees right now. the problem is lake effect cloud cover which in fact produced a few showers over some of the south suburbs today. time lapse camera caught those clouds. low clouds over the area. that overcast will hang around until the wind shifts and it appears to be doing that. some of these clouds were moving farther down to the south of lake michigan. but in the short run it's blocking enough sunshine to keep our temperatures a little too chilly. right now our temperature is 58 degrees at o'hare. the really warm stuff is sitting out in the central plains in parts of the rocky mountain area. we may get into that but it may take nine or ten day. mean time look for temperatures to be close to normal or a little below and you can see it across the area. it's universally chilly around chicago and not much moisture
12:32 pm
in the air. dew point temperatures in the low 40s. or at least most of the locations. as far as the winds, the wind we were thinking that light variable winds will be a good call for the afternoon. is affecting chicago but notice as we animate our computer model you can see it dissipate a little surge on tuesday. warming up and then by the end of the week some very cold air begins to drift over the mid west. so we are looking at probably ending the next seven days with once again a dip in temperatures and it could be an interesting dip. maybe the low 50s at times. this is our satellite picture showing the lake effect clouds. notice they are shifting with time. more to the southern end of lake michigan. that should allow some sunshine over parts of the area. if you live on the southern end of lake michigan that's not exactly great news. rainfall, frontal boundary off the southeast coast is dutching very heavy rain from the carolinas into parts of eastern
12:33 pm
georgia. in fact, there are reports of 12 cars stranded in the town of little washington, north carolina. and highway 17 outside of georgetown. that's in south carolina was reportedly closed by standing water. they had rain all weekend. it will continue today. our forecast now for the afternoon it looks like it will be well, let's hope for partly cloudy skies across the area. winds north, northeast at about 4 to 12. a cool day as you see with high temperatures 64 to 68. by tonight just a few passing clouds. winds die down a little. 43 to 48 degree temperatures. not a bad night at all. then for tomorrow a cloud/sun mix that will help warm the air a little. 60 to 64. winds are strong and out of the north at about 10 to 18. on wednesday, partly cloudy. light winds. temperatures this will be the warmest day of the week. 72 to 77 degrees. and probably by thursday will hold in the 70s as well before a big drop in temperatures comes to chill us all down a
12:34 pm
little more by the weekend. we will talk about that a little later on in the seven- day forecast. mean time, cross your fingers this cloudiness breaks and we get sun in here and warm things up a little. at best may be only mid-60s, mid- to upper 60s. >> all right. thank you. here is our trivia question for today. which way does a lobster enter its borough? head first? sideways? or tail first? it always goes in this way. the answer is still ahead on the wgn midday news. host: could switching to geico really
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save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really
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host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea. battle of the unbeatens tonight as expwearpz packers rivalry takes a national stage. wgn's dan roan previews
12:37 pm
tonight's game. >> different week for the whole city. one of the things they said when i first got here is a lot of fans said if you have a losing season, don't win many games, beat the packers. >> players on both sides have a keen understanding of the historical significance of this game. even those who haven't been a part of it. >> best rivalry in foonl. that's all i heard. i watched it on tv for a long time now. fun to be a part of it. >> reporter: having the bears and packers with perfect records makes it more fun. bear's quarterback jay cutler has embraced mike martz offense and it's hugged him right back. through two games, the highest rated passer in the nfl. but the packers have the league's number three pass defense. the winner of this battle should win the game. >> procktive. jay cutler the first two weeks he looks like he is off to a great start. it's a quarterback friendly system. >> physical, fast, really good linebackers. good secondary and try to put pressure on some fashion.
12:38 pm
you know, matthews has had a heck of a year so far. the first two games. charles woodson is back. back at it again. it's a good defense. they will be flying around. packers linebacker clay matthews has six sacks already. bears would like to get him moving side to side instead of straight ahead. when green bay has the ball. aaron rogers is in control. the best all around quarterback in the nfc north. loaded with talent on the outside, but respectful of the rivalry and the bear's defense. pressure with your front four and play down hill and place your coverage and get a lot of pressure with those front four. you have julius peppers you can line up and he is a perennial pro bowl player and that's something you have to account for. you watch them on film and i say they are legit. i respect every man until, you know, he gets in my face. monday night i respect them all the way up until monday night. there is going to be plenty of that at soldier field and there would be even if neither
12:39 pm
team had won a game all season. but undefeat with the division lead at stake, a special night coming on the lakefront. >> green bay packers is a big game for us. we were excited. they are a good football team and picked by a lot of people to be the best in the nfc. big challenge for us. >> our team is pretty excited about where they are right now. >> that's the thing. you do a lot of talking. once the season is here, you don't have to do any good how good you are or whatever, you play the game. >> dan roan, wgn news. thank you. and you can catch the game tonight on channel 26wciu, wgn sports gets you started with a pregame show at 7:00. and then post game coverage right after the game. >> cubs closing out wrigley for the season against the cardinals. st.louis jumps ahead with a four run first including are a three run bomb by albert
12:40 pm
pujols. the cardinals would score another four runs in the fifth. cubs try to come back but they came up short. they lost 8-7. the cubs will finish their season this week on the road. white sox in anaheim yesterday. angels up 3-0 early but the sox rallied in the seventh when juan pierre hit one deep. and over the left fielder's head. that's a game tying triple. then the next batter, omar vizquel brings him home with a single to center. and that's your game winner. sox win 4-3 and sweep the angels. they finish their final search games of the season at u.s. cellular field. and your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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man who turned call letter wgn into the most respected and beloved call letters in broadcast history has died. ward qal started as an announcer on wgn radio on december 7, 1941. pearl harbor day. after a short stint in ohio, he returned to wgn as its vice- president and general manager and created a dynasty. it was ward qal who brought legends like wally phillips and the original bozo bob bell to chicago. he was responsible for the hires of ray rayner, orion samuelson, leonard and many others including myself.
12:45 pm
who propelled wgn into unprecedented ratings in chicago. qal is credited with leading wgn radio to national prominence and developing wgn tv into the model for modern independent television. mr.qal died at a north suburban nursing home over the weekend. he is survived by his wife, children and many grandchildren. he was 91 years old. a chicago mayoral candidate is calling for two river boat casinos here in chicago and even more casinos throughout the state. wgn's julian crews has details. >> reporter: good afternoon. rahm emanuel and congressman luis gutierrez are grabbing the lion share ever the headlines when it comes to chicago's mayor's race but give state senator ricky henden credit. the first candidate to come forward with a concrete proposal to deal with the city's deficit. >> i'm putting in and preparing legislation to create two river
12:46 pm
boat casinos for the city of chicago. >> reporter: state senator ricky henden says a river boat at or near migs field will generate huge amounts of refer new. he says a second chicago river boat could go wherever the gaming commission sees fit. henden says between the two, he calculates the city can generate close to a billion dollars in new tax revenue. more than enough to make up the projected $600 million deficit that chicago will face for 2011. the plan can certainly run into trouble from anti-gaming critics who say gambling causes more damage than it's worth. nevertheless, henden says he will try to jump start the legislation in springfield and to improve the odds of passage he is proposing an expansion in statewide gambling adding three more casinos across illinois in addition to the two new casinos in chicago and there is more. >> i am proposing a reduction in the current gaming tax on
12:47 pm
the existing boat. this will also help get the boats i need in the legislature. during these tough economic times drastic measures are necessary. he argues that right now gamblers are crossing state lines to go to indiana. he sayize not keep those tax revenues here notice city of chicago? at city hall, julian crews, wgn news. a tu study shows that brain function lost after a stroke may not be permanently gone. doctors found that functioning parts of the brain around the damaged area can actually take over the function of the damaged cells. the evidence challenges the long time theory that stroke damage is permanent and irreversible. doctors studied stroke victims who suffered from a speech disorder caused by damage to the left side of the brain. one-third of the patients who underwent 30 hours of speech therapy had significantly higher brain activity in the
12:48 pm
functioning part. there are some big mistakes we sometimes make at the doctor's office especially when it comes to our older parents or grandparents. earlier this morning we were joined by dr. martin. one of the nation's top gerryologist. the more thorough you are the better the care will be. >> bring medications even though we have computers and electronic medical records, patients and their families assume that everybody is communicating and often communication unfortunately is quite poor. bring every medication bottle and as many medical records as you can. the doctor says some comprehensive have i sits for older patients can last up to two hours. allow yourself plenty of time. some chicago cabs will look a lot differently this week. starting on friday, some chicago taxi companies will paint their cabs pink. it's part of an effort to support october's breast cancer awareness month. female cab drivers who have friends or family with breast
12:49 pm
cancer will be driving the cab. taxi companies will donate a dollar to the lynn stage cancer research foundation for every trip a pink cab makes. a good cause. >> it sure is. pull out your pink. lunch break is next. a brunch dish that transports you to barcelona. it is baseball night on wgn. so there are two different ways to catch our news cast at 9:00. it will air for 30 minutes on- line at and also on cltv. that's because we have a cubs game at 9:00 on wgn television after the game we have a second news cast here on wgn. my doctor said most calcium supplements...
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aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal.
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time now for lunch break. and michael is the executive that restaurant. to try all kinds of different electable dishes that you have there. and it's wonderful. you have all of these ingredients out here. all of this going into what? >> i have a couple different things to show you but one of my favorite things is the eggs benedict. and it has -- >> some beautiful chers areo and brioche.
12:53 pm
>> and this is cherizo. you said a spanish which as opposed to mexican. >> is that sausage that's aged and dried and just sliced nicely and griddled up in the hand. >> it tends to pulverize and this is solid like salami. >> great sausage and used for slicing and -- and really wonderful flavor. and let's see if we can get it all in. >> already grilled off and put that right here like this. and right on top of the brioche. time for a second. i will show you how to make a holondous. really, really easy. or some egg yokes. it's nothing more than a hot mays in and the mays in is -- mayonnaise is made with egg
12:54 pm
yoaks and -- get this separated. someone showed allison how to separate yolk and she couldn't get over that. >> i will put a little acid in, there some lemon and make sure not to get any seed to make it chngier than you would like. some acid goes in and take a little bit of hot water and i have a couple eggs poaching over here. take a little hot watter that goes right in. top on the blender and i will start this on low with that going i will add some salt and then i will add some beautiful sliced black truffle. >> black truffles in oil. >> black truffles. then add some hot clarified butter. just really slowly to start off
12:55 pm
and that's going to create the emulsion in the sauce. you can hear it getting thicker. looks beautiful. turn this off. give it a looksy. >> you can hear the motor of it slow down as that is getting thick. >> i will thin it out with just a bit more water and we are good to go. give taquick mix. -- it a quick mix. >> we are running out of time already. so there is the sauce. >> got that here with the cherizo and a couple poached eggs right here. show how quickly that can be done. look at that. that's wonderful. >> pop that right on there. >> now, tell me about the ingredients we can through g through this quickly.
12:56 pm
i know you saffron. >> some beans and cooked spinach, ta-y which is a sesame paste. sliced tomato and shallots. >> all of this will go into what? >> different ingredients and spanish-style omelet with potatoes and spinach and then a saffron aioli. >> all of the ingredients are fresh and add so much flavor to the dishes that you have. >> absolutely. >> well, just to let you know that you can find the restaurant at the chicago blackstone hotel. and they have a weekend brunch too on saturdays and sundays and quite a treat. there is plating that holondous -- the sauce over the dish. it looks great. for more information, check out wgn slash midday. is that beautiful. look at that. i'm sure it tastes just as delectable as it looks. >> thank you. >> thank you.
12:57 pm
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enter its borough, head first, side ways or the tail. bob jordan was right, c, tail first. and it's back into the forecast. >> we have a large ridge of high pressure that's going to be building over the mid west and already has and that should help reduce the cloud cover but we have some little fronts as you can see on this map that chase toward the chicago area. and that may at least keep skies partly cloudy for a few days. no report on the grass pollen but not many problems out there with the mold count at this hour. seven-day forecast, there it is. temperatures moving up by wednesday. but look at next weekend. no rain in the seven day forecast with some very cold air. by the time we get to friday, saturday and sunday. >> sounds good. thank you and thank you for joining us. hope you have a great afternoon. remember, we were back at 5:00 and then again at 9:00. have a great afternoon, everyone.


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