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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 29, 2010 12:00am-12:30am CDT

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>> len: swing and a miss on a slider. cubs win 5-2 the final. couldn't go an inning without a strikeout. >> bob: all's well that ends well for marmol. throwing that hard slider. took a bit off on that last one. got hundley out front to end the game. >> len: so the cubs have been the vain on the padres' existence this week. they have already clinched. one more win tomorrow and they'll take the series. final tonight 5-2 cubs.
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next only wgn news, an ugly incident at the end of last night's bears game leads player to apologize. and a young woman and a young boy resulting in a young shooting. and emotional testimony for a woman attacked with acid. and left with severe ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ engines roar ] ♪ i thought it was the best dollar i ever spent.
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okay, we take a train 40 miles to a dude ranch where we pick up a couple of horses that we ride to a nearby river. then we canoe upstream to a helicopter that takes us to the conference. or we could book with and stay closer. see, with welcomerewards, no matter where you accumulate 10 nights, you get a free one. huh. smarter. [ male announcer ] accumulate 10 nights and get a night free. welcomerewards from smart. so smart. the budweiser play of the game. you don't normally think about home runs this often in this ballpark. you saw three of them tonight. two from soriano. >> bob: good to see from him. finishing the season strong. >> len: budweiser with full flavor and a crisp finish. it's what we do. our next wgn broadcast of cubs baseball will be our final one
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saturday evening from minute maid park in houston. 6:00 central time. the cubs and the astros. carlos zambrano will make his final start of the season. we hope you join us. the final tonight the cubs 5, the padres 2. the giants held over. so san diego back in the west. from bob and our crew, len. stay tuned. wgn news is next. ♪ take matters in your own hands. keep that car running better... longer. do everything you can to make sure a small job... doesn't turn into a costly one. and autozone is the one place with the expertise... and tools you need to do the job right... the first time. ♪ because "do it yourself" doesn't mean you have to do it alone. get in the zone. autozone.
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this is chicago's very own wgn news at 9:00. he is just a bad little boy. that's all i can say. he is a bad little boy. >> a citizen says she has had enough from a 12-year-old boy who neighbors say wags terrorizing her. >> wgn america tonight t boy is being questioned about his injuries. the woman is being questioned. it's on the pullman neighborhood. high dana. >> reporter: the woman is 68 years old and she is being questioned by police about this shooting that left a 12-year- old injured. neighbors tell us for months
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that boy had been terrorizing the neighborhood. this all started at 5:30 at 76th and coles in south shore. the elderly woman returned home from shopping to see several windows broken and two kids running a wave after throwing rocks. she went to call police and the two came back. they started hurling bricks at her. she grabbed a gun and opened fire hitting the 12-year-old boy in the arm. some neighbors we talk to say they sympathize with the woman who is a widow and lives alone but others say she should not have picked up a gun. they say the one that got shot is the leader of a group of disrespectful neighborhood kids. >> how can you take your frustration out on a child, a 1- year-old? that's just crazy. >> she talked to me friday, she said "i had enough," they are going to set bark cans on fire
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in her front yard, her barbecue pit, this isn't the first time. this is crazy. >> i know it's the same boy. because i have talked to him. other friends of mine tried to talk to him and he just laughed and he curses like an adult. >> reporter: the 1-year-old boy was in good condition at comber children's hospital. it's unclear whether any charges will be filed against the elderly woman or the boy. micah? >> thank you gainer. the chicago woman scarred in an attack two years ago, an acid attack two years ago, took the stand inside a cook county courtroom wearing a dress that allowed the jury to see her many scars. she said she first thought the teenagers threw coffee on her and her slow and opinion full recognition of what they did. on trial, oh feel ya garcia and
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maria oliver a garcia. they hired teens to attack medinah out of gel osi. the boyfriend, gustavo alvarez, wearing the red t-shirt said he took her home before calling for help putting her in a shower to ease her pain. the trial continues tomorrow morning. a crackdown across evanston. cook county police teamed up to nail teens dealing narcotics. they forced them to buy drugs falsely rolling up charges on welfare card but buying crack cocaine. >> we did some damage. but when you're talking about significant arrest, not just street corner people, you're talking about over 30 people in the edmonston area, 70 people out in the western suburbs, that makes a big difference. >> in addition to the arrest, the investigations also netted
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drugs, cash and guns as well as intelligence on homocide investigations. homeowners won't get their property tax bills until thanksgiving. last year they were delivered a month early. accusations fly tonight as to why they won't be delivered until after the election. hoolihan blames bear i don't, the one who is running against him. he is saying he slowed it intentionally. bair i don't says julio dropped the ball by not completing assessments on time. shaumburg has a radical idea. they gave approval to lowering the property tax rate. the northwest suburb didn't even have a property tax until next year, now the village board wants to slash the levee by more than 4%. they have tightened their pelt with 120 layoffs. sales tax and hotel revenues are higher than expected so taxpayers catch a break. garbage fees and vehicle stickers could also go away.
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teching while driving. not just a problem for teens. state officials say all kinds of drivers are to blame and they are hoping new psa's will rails awareness. [ inaudible speaking ] >> in that spot a mom lies in a body bag still texting to her child's daycare she will be late. the county attorney is releasing thee. they help to drive home the dangers of texting behind the wheel. >> people have are come accustomed to texting at their homes, at their desks, bull also at work. it can be a deadly and has proven to be a deadly distraction. >> texting while driving is banned in illinois. violators face a moving violation and a fine. the bears win over the pack services a cause for celebration here, the nfl taking a look at last night's tape for what happened off the
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field. the scrimmage between a packer player and a bears fan. >> reporter: packers safety nick collins, seen here throwing his mouthpiece at a bears fan. fans continued to shout obscenities, went on back an forth for about a half minute. collins alleges the fan had spit on him and called him the n word. bears fans we spoke with agreed the ugly incident should have been avoided. >> bears fans are pretty crazy but you got to be upped control in that kind of situation. >> the word about racism, i thought it was pretty sad, no fan should ever say anything like that even on the opposing team. >> nick collins had a rough game. he picked off a jay cutler pass but it was nullified by penalties and earlier in the quarter he was called for a late hit on mat forte. the night was kept up by the heated exchange with the bears fan. by the end of the game it was pretty ridiculous. >> i got to say i think it was
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pretty funny. i like when packers get in it's hilarious. think nick collins is going to be in trouble with the nfl. he is going to face a fine there. not a big fine. he will be in more trouble with his own coaches. >> he says the packers had no business chucking up 18 penalties and he had no excuse to lose his cool. >> you can see why he was frustrated. he is a pro. in the pro bowl, he knows better that happen to get into it with a fan. still ahead, a possible snag in rom emmanuel's bid to be chicago's mayor. a mud slide causing massive destruction. and a slight warm up, "slight." >> you're watching chicago's very own wgn news with michael matter, mark
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niaspan. you're watching chicago's very own wgn news at 9:00. who is in, who is out, who may be in for some trouble. today more developments in the race for the next mayor of chicago. >> reporter: he has beanie elected into office before but
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will rob emmanuel make his way home for the race. one potential hitch. residency. it has been more than a year since he slept in his north side house and the current renter isn't moving. at chicago's election board the rules they say are clear. >> the residency requirement is 1 year before the election so that would be february 22nd, 2010. >> reporter: he doesn't have to live there, just maintain registration while on assignment at the white house. but one election attorney says emmanuel is in in for a fight. residency laws date back to 1871. >> it is pretty clear. the law is clear. you cannot just say "i did live there" or"i have renters there," you to have live there. >> reporter: live there he maintains the year preceding the election. the sheriff is not all in because he is busy being, well,
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the sheriff. >> i wish people would stop talking politics and do their job. you care about it it and work it. >> reporter: if he manu el is looking for a place to call home while he runs for office. >> my wife and i have five children and we are full. >> reporter: meanwhile, former senate president jones is holding back. he said he will run only if things are right. and jerry chico declared his candidacy. he said he has got the experience and will have the cash. he hopes to give emmanuel a run for his money when it comes to raising the dough. >> it will take millions of dollars, i don't know how much, but if you are not raising 4 or $5 million you are fooling yourself. >> well if you want to vote you have to be registered. time is running out for first time voters or people who moved to a new address. you have one week left until the october 5th deadline to
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register for the october 2nd between election. vote at your county clerk's office or any driver's license facility. some people may not think of rod blagojevich first when it comes to is subject of trust. the imapproached illinois governor has been invited to speak at a trust forum in new york city next week. they say he will provide a unique perspective in federal jury convicted him of lying to the f.b.i. but deadlocked on 23 other counts, he is set to be retried in january. governor pat quinn has a preelection gift for many workers on the temporary pay roll. he says he will keep the keep illinois working for another two months. >> i've gotten so many letters and messages from people, personal visits as well, saying that this job has changed my life. >> as you see there, governor quinn joined other politicians in the 28th board on the west side today. he said the state will pay $75
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million to keep some 26,000 people employed. the program was set to expire friday. congress could extend funding for the program but lawmakers haven't approved that bill. workers are paid $10 an hour at jobs in both public and private industry. big name in the illinois republican party, former governor endorses brady. edgar did so even though he hasn't seen eye to eye. in a statement today edgar says he is giving brady his endorsement because he is the most qualified to change the "reckless fiscal attitudes in springfield." >> former president jimmy carter in the hospital, he is expected to be okay. he went in for stomach pains, he was rushed to a cleveland hospital shortly after landing from atlanta today. he promoted his new book white house diary. he should be back on the book tour later this week. a warmup on the way, don't
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buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free. only at verizon. a devastating mud slide captured as it happened in northwest columbia.
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the mountainside construct away crushing modest homes in its path. as many as 30 people buried in that landslide. some had just gotten off a bus on a round around the mountain. rescue crews are digging for any life in that rubble. hurricane karl and tropical storm matthew blamed for tropical flooding in latin america. what a mess. poor people. >> also a tropical depression in the caribbean, watching closely, it's affecting parts of extreme western cuba right now. but could be affecting florida. we'll look at a satellite picture in a moment. >> okay. we've got some afternoon sun today and believe it or not we actually heated up to a temperature above 70 degrees. look at those pictures. what a great day today. we'll be a little bit warmer tomorrow, modest warm-up, say two or three degrees warmer than we had today. winds-swirl and that will tend to accelerate the warming. we're also expecting a little more sunshine. there will be some clouds up
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there but we'll fit some sun. 71 degrees our high today. out west they are looking at perhaps record heat for another couple of days. right now across the area midnight temperatures, you can see 57 the temperature at o'hare airport, and with the dewpoint presently about 52 degrees it's not going to get too much cooler at o'hare. a little fog being reported up around wakegan. we don't know at the moment how thick it is but there may be some other fog patches across parts of the area this evening. the wind are calm at most areas winds are occurring. speeds are about 2 to 3 miles per hour. you can barely feel them. been over the chicago area for the past couple days. it lift briefly but look at this. a very impressive area of cold air coming in over the weekend could drop our temperatures to say highs in the low 50s for saturday and sunday and that could spell overnight low temperatures perhaps in the mid- to upper 30s, we'll keep you
12:26 am
updated. meanwhile, this is the tropical depression which, right now, is about 90 miles from havana, cuba. it is tracking in that general direction and some forecast information suggests that storm will probably just brush parts of southern florida, moving up the east coast. it is expected to strengthen to a tropical storm. right now the maximum sustained winds on that system, about 35 miles per hour. now this is the way the radar looks from miami and notice you can already see some rain bands moving through cuba. talking about florida, well, it's range but it's a different system that's producing the precip. actually, this is a frontal boundary in this area which has encountered the warm tropical air that has been producing rain and thunderstorms. in fact, some areas have had as much as 6 1/2" of rain. let's check the chicago area forecast now. for the remaining hours of
12:27 am
tonight, partly cloudy, light winds, low temperature, 45 to 53, wednesday some scattered clouds around, the winds will whup around to the southwest. beautiful day looks like, 70 to 74-degree temperatures. then for tomorrow night mostly clear, a night very much like tonight. 53 to 57 trees. a west wind at about 5 to 12. then for thursday, cloud patches, temperatures a little chillier, around 60 degrees, give or take a couple. winds out of the northwest at about 10 to 18 miles per hour and over the next seven days you can see that sharp drop-off in temperatures going in the weekend. friday, saturday, sunday, you'll need a jacket no doubt, and in fact by morning you may need a heavy jacket. look at those temperatures. could be we get some cloudiness that protection us from getting too cold there but for the moment we're looking at maybe mid-to upper 30s for lows, buddy enough cloudiness, and that prevents the cooling, as efficiently as we might stay above 40, but at the moment
12:28 am
that's a close call. we'll keep you posted. >> all right. thank you sir. >> okay. it hasn't always looked pretty put the bears have found a way to remain the only undefeated team in the a.f.c. a very important piece of hardware made its way back to a chicago home this mortgage. dan roan next with sports. p
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