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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 29, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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a big time ball. pee wee coaches fight. nothing has changed. there are no inconsistentcies. >> he says he never wavered from the truth. alexi giannoulias says he did work at the failed broadway bank in 2006. the same year it gave millions to tony rezko. i'm mark suppelsa. >> i'm micah materre. our top story scene around the country, alexi giannoulias explains. julie unruh speaking with him. >> reporter: he says there's no record to set straight tonight. democratic candidate for senate says his republican opponent is simply fishing for dirt and a way to tie him to tony rezko. he is reacting to an article in today's chicago tribune saying he worked at his family's bank when millions were loaned to a
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now-imprisoned man. now it is giannoulias again trying to distance himself from rezko's reputation. >> let's be clear of what i've said from day one. '05 left daily operations '06 i left the bank. there are no inconsistentcies. >> reporter: but others seem to think so. this morning in new york. >> did you take a tax break you didn't deserve? >> no. i got a refund because of the loss of a family business. and i said that with that money i would give it back to charity. >> we don't -- we haven't dug down deep in the issue. it seems to me the bottom line the tribune is asking is did you work at the bank in 2006 or not. >> and the answer -- i've been consistent from the very beginning is yes. >> reporter: the talk started that he did work at his family bank in 2006.
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contradiction to some. >> there was a controversial loan in 2006. and said i didn't know anything about. we don't say he does know about it but he was still working there. and the $2.7 million tax deduction allows him to prove that. >> reporter: he refutes that point. he says he disclosed the dates years ago. while giannoulias was still associated with his family's bank, broadway made a $22 million loan to tony rezko, a man later embroiled in federal investigations. he's in jail now and awaiting sentencing. giannoulias says his name isn't attached to loan documents and neither should his reputation be. >> are you telling me you had no influence on the tony rezko loan somewhat whatsoever? >> yes. >> even though he's a
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multimillionaire, he wants his tax breaks so he doesn't have to pay federal tax. >> reporter: the hopeful says he never received addiction break because of his dealings at the bank. but noted in today's business paper refers to a business loss to broadway. not a tax break or refund for him. >> everyone who looks at the loan documents, i had nothing to do with the loan. but it's politics so people try to drum things up where there's no question whatsoever. >> reporter: he goes on to say that his opponent is down today by four points in the cnn poll. talk about bad loans and his family's bank is an effort to distract from issues he cares about. >> thank you. an acid attack. two juries and two verdicts. dan ponce has the latest tonight. >> reporter: a very emotional scene here at the criminal courts building just a short while ago. guilty verdicts across the board and a huge victory for the woman who was badly
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disfigured by that acid attack. when the second guilty verdict was read aloud, they embraced each other. these were two defendants in two separate trials. o maria olvera garcia and ofelia garcia were found guilty. that will mean serious jail time for both women. east side plan sa medina all smiles when she left the court. it only took the first jury about an hour to reach a guilty verdict. in the second, only about an hour and a half. they were accused of plotting an acid attack that permanently disfigured her. esperanza spoke to reporters saying she felt sorry for the
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families of the two women. >> i'm relaxed and happy. and i can go on with my life. i want to thank you guys very being here. my family, my mom, my kids. and states attorneys, great job they did. >> reporter: and after making those comments she added she no longer cares what people think when they see her face. she knows she's beautiful on the inside. she hopes to go back to her work as a social worker. as for the women found guilty, they are facing a minimum of six years in prison and a maximum of 45 years in prison. sentencing scheduled for november 1st and november 3rd. >> thanks a lot. guilty and headed to prison after providing a gun used to murder a depaul student. gave the gun to a fellow gang membership who was kicked out of a halloween party last year only to return and kill
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velancia. he didn't know the gun would be used in murder. the valencia family happy to see him go. margaret matthews being comforted today. she is the one who shot a 12- year-old neighbor after they threw bricks at her house then at her. the incident happened yesterday afternoon. the boys have been terrorizing matthews for nearly a year. her stepson says he was defending herself. >> she shot a gun not intentionally to hurt anybody or take anyone's life. it was just out of fear of her trying to protect herself from this ongoing harassment. >> no charges being filed against ms. matthews. neighbors are helping repair her broken windows. chicago plans on holding
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its first police entrance exam in four years because of the shortage. the experience requirements should be eliminated, one says. call telling the chicago sun times he wants to do away with having to have two years of education. the requirement has been in effect since 1997. some 2300 officers short of strength. tell us what you think. should new police officers be required to have a college degree? text yes or no to 97999. also go to the illinois epa cracking down on illegal dumping and they want your help. the environmental protection agency met with police in marcum today at what is believed to be the biggest dumping ground in the state. secluded 12 acres near dixie
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highway. sparked a fire that went in april. they say they can't afford to keep cleaning up sites like this. they want people to report people and stop the problem. how much you pay for property taxes in cook county. wgn news investigation. plus a garden in the sky. we're checking out a cool retreat at a new children's hospital. get ready for changes in the temperatures. jim ramsey has details. coming up. [ female announcer ] does your volume last the afternoon
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with its super amoled screen. get a free samsung intensity, a free blackberry bold or any other phone in our lineup. don't miss out. offer ends september 30th. buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free. only at verizon. news today that you won't see your cook county property tax bills has people pointing fingers. it's to spare you from sticker shock before the election. what's more troubling is how the election might effect what you pay in property taxes. we look how it can drive up your taxes. >> reporter: nestled in between a day spa and a gourmet restaurants is one of chicago's
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top real estate law firms. it's early in the morning, 7:30 and before the doors are open for business, they start to arrive. one by one by invitation only. come to raise money for the man in the red suspenders, joseph barrios. >> do you like fund raising? >> i hate it. it's the worst thing in the world. that fund raidser i had was not a lot of money. >> reporter: what makes it so interesting is barrios has another job right now. he's one of three men who sit on the board in judgment of your property tax appeals. cindy canary's group has been leading for reform. >> there's no firewall between campaign contributors and the work of reviewing property taxes. >> reporter: more than $163
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million reduction for their clients. that's right. $163million in just one year. it's all perfectly legal, but it's the appearance that is raising questions. >> how does it look when a law firm like that can go in, give you money -- perfectly legal, i understand. but they can turn around the next day and walk in front of the board and ask you for a reduction? >> they're not asking me for a reduction on their behalf. they're asking me to look at a particular piece of -- >> joe. >> let me finish. they don't. they provide documents. half these attorneys never appear at the board to begin with. >> reporter: but back to the early morning fund raiser he is. the cash contributors left the party just hours before the cook county board passed ethics reform aimed right at joe barrios. now if he takes more than $1600 from any firm that comes to him for a tax break, he faces heavy
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possibilities. he says he was careful to take no more than a thousand from each at his fund raiser. >> joe barrios not going to do anything to hurt the barrios name. >> reporter: too late. cook county board member claypool. >> he is a practitioner of play to pay politics. he's exhibit a in the insider culture that has raised our taxes, polluted our politics, and diminished confidence in government. >> reporter: it's that lack of confidence highlighted during this medication by the tribune's chicago magazine. detailing his powress. and here is mr. cruise that morning at the barrios fund raiser. >> it's just attack, attack
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attack. they don't really tell the story about who joe barrios really is. >> reporter: he is angry about the timing over the investigation. that's what led him to talk with us. >> what's unfair about that investigation? >> i didn't say there was anything unfair about the investigation. what i said was the way they manipulated the system to have it come on now and to have board members and people contribute to the bga who support claypool, they crossed a line. >> i think joe wants to change the subject so he's shooting the messenger. >> reporter: to prove his point, commissioner claypool gathered his own data. the numbers are staggering. last year the board granted more than $6 billion in property tax reduction. and get this. according to claypool 90% of that within $5 billion went to
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the lawyers and companies that contributed to borrios over the years. she thinks that's just wrong. >> if you want to do business with this office, if you want to bring in your appeals, then you have to remove yourself from the contribution process. i think the public deserves that kind of distance there. >> the law firm that hosted the barrios fund raiser says it follows the law for contributions and isn't concerned about how it looks to outsiders. it doesn't appear they did anything illegal. running for a tax appeals board who has to deal with a small group of attorneys whose life blood is getting property tax reduction. the timing of the chicago magazine article, they said they started investigating a year ago. still ahead: squareoff. the candidates go after it over the future of the state.
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ferretti represents small parts of downtown. the attorney has often clashed with daley an budget issues. so far miguel viya are the only declared candidates. governor pat quinn and state senator bill brady battling it out today in front of a union league club members. quinn saying brady's budget plans are nonsense. saying policies are strangling the state's economy. the two debated for about an hour. pounding each other mainly on who's best suited to bring jobs to illinois. >> senator brady would be an economic disaster for our state. what does he want to do? he wants to give tax breaks to the wealthy. and then layoff teachers. this is not a good way to go. >> the people of illinois understand we need dramatic change in the state.
9:21 pm
we need leadership that won't dig deep into the pockets of families by increasing tax rates. >> today's debate the first exchange between the two. which whitney protested his exexclusion from that. maryland state police say the bus crashed outside the nation's capitol. fell 45 feet on the washington beltway landing along interstate 270. they are the heros of 9/11. the ones that first respond when the tragedy happened. passing a $7.4 billion health care bill. at least the first step. it's called the 9/11 health
9:22 pm
act. it would provide free health care for the people first on the scene. it passed by a vote of 268 160. coming up the woman in washington state accused of faking an acid attack gets her day in court. and a garden stories up in the air. how the children's hospital could be used to help patients heal.
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on the medical watch: there's a new movement growing within wellness communities. and in the new children's hospital, it will blossom 11 stories in the air. it will make them feel better. the building design is progressive, soon to be the tallest children's hospital in the country. it will be packed full of medical necessities. >> you can just see how bright it is here; right? >> reporter: then the healing space. >> i felt no matter what we do, it'll be interesting for kids who come here annually for their checkup. but really it's for the kids and their families who live here. and to give them a kind of moment of peace and calm. >> reporter: designed by world renowned artist and landscape
9:26 pm
architect young kim. made possible through a donation from the crown family and filled with ideas from children's children. >> i am truly a children's kid. >> you can do more adventurous things. they do things with their bodies that adults don't do. adults don't crawl on the floor. it allows for more opportunities. >> reporter: the crown sky garden is in its infancy now. but the budding artists see the future. >> i said okay then we need to have some place where it feels like you're outside. normal temperature and plants and a space where you can feel nature and the environment. >> you can tell just by even how the glass is and what you can see from what part of the area, it's going to be pretty amazing. >> reporter: a longtime patient, ellen is hoping to be a nurse. she hopes she'll get to see it.
9:27 pm
>> i'm hopefully going to be working here every day. i can see myself going around being like, they put that in because of me. they made the coral orange. >> reporter: it will marry safety and solitude. >> we were limited on what kind of plant material we could use here and how much water to use. we had to abstract what nature is. light and water is what nature relies on. >> reporter: the water will calm and create music. >> there are these two fountains. my background in music shaped how this garden is designed. and whole choreography is of different sounds of different kinds of water, both real and recorded. >> we have exclusive access to the children's hospital. we'll take you behind the walls and through the building to see the mammoth project to lure people to chicago for care.
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tomorrow. but it's iffy. there will be a cold front coming through tonight. even with the drop of temperatures expected this weekend, we're better off. we'll talk about the places in just a moment. time lapse cameras caught little today because there have nothing to catch. not a single clouds over lake michigan. this looking north from the john hancock building. shows a picture perfect day for chicago. we had temperatures throughout the 70s. humidity wasn't a problem. winds 5-10 miles per hour most of the afternoon. just a delightful time to spend time outdoors. we got to a high in chicago 75 degrees. notice the heat continuing out here in the western states. forecasters in california are saying that record heat may continue as long as friday. so that could lop over into october. and we've seen more and more record high temperatures set
9:32 pm
today in california. these are temperatures across the chicago area tonight. we're at 63 degrees at o'hare airport. but there's a cold front coming. just ahead of it, the winds from the southwest will keep temperatures up mid to upper 50s. these are dew point temperatures suggesting that gradually the air is becoming a little more moist. still not moist enough to sustain much in the way of cloudiness. and certainly we don't expect any rainfall. now winds, this is the picture. notice calm winds at many locations. just a whisper of a breeze in other spots. south westerly winds continues. notice this big blue area of cold air dropping over the midwest for saturday, sunday, and maybe even monday. some of that could produce daytime high temperatures in the low 50s and perhaps overnight lows in the 30s. that raises the specter of
9:33 pm
patchy frost. we mentioned problems in the other parts of the countries. look at this, a very complicated atmospheric setup here. there's an upper air low and a remnants of tropical storm nicole. it dissipated this afternoon but it is creating incredible rains. 18 inches. the governor has declared a state of emergency and there are reports of flash flooding all over the coastal sections of the carolinas. now, farther to the south, some flooding problems for the florida keys today. you can see that moisture streaming up from the south. most of that is tropical moisture. and that, again, from that remnant of the tropical storm. a little closer look, you can see embedded thunderstorms. and that will be continuing overnight tonight. probably more for the carolinas than for south florida. now our forecast. for this evening, look at this. mostly clear, just a light wind out there expected.
9:34 pm
low temperature from 52-57 degrees. winds will be shifting around to the northwest with that frontal passage. thursday mostly sunny about 10 degrees cooler. temperatures in the upper 60s, maybe a 70 in a few spots. tomorrow night some clouds around. 41-46. then on friday partly cloudy, some gusty breezes. temperatures again taking a little bit of a hit. probably low 60s in some places. but the real lion's share of the cold air will be here saturday and sunday. that's when it looks like we'll feel a little more like october with temperatures in the 50s. and those lows overnight in the 30s. but there will be brief punctuated warm-ups for probably another few weeks. then we'll get the shovel. >> oh. already? can't we ease into it a bit? thanks, jim. up next there's always an
9:35 pm
experiment in progress. what else this science teacher is doing right. on the other side, adults behaving badly at a pee wee football game. back in the sports office. answering questions about why certain players didn't play. >> lovie smith says he has nothing against tommy. we'll hear what he thinks about being inactive on sunday. also we'll preview the big games this weekend and the look at the new blackhawks championship rings. [ female announcer ] secret flawless renewal is formulated
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so when you turn up the heat, secret turns up the protection. odor-fighting microcapsules are triggered by your body heat to release a fresh scent. for 24 hour odor protection. ♪ just three years into his teaching career in park ridge, this month's honoree is off to an explosive start. inside his classroom, it's an experiment in progress. science teacher ryan kett is mixing theories. share the enthusiasm. >> what else? yeah? >> he really connects with the students and with the way we think. >> what makes a great teacher is you need to be able to
9:39 pm
connect with the students. >> reporter: that's no problem for brian kett. he's practically a kid himself. >> it's strange for me to teach something and have it received so well when i may not be cognizant of that at the time. >> what are we talking about tomorrow? does anybody remember? thoughts? >> it's contagious in the fact that the more i yell about rocks or stars, that's going to catch on. whether they want it to or not >> reporter: he's catching on to. even connecting to the trip to iowa over the summer. >> he gave up a week of his summer to be with us. it was a great experience. we got to know his personality but also how he is as a teacher. and he was a great leader. >> we traveled for a week and beat ourselves up over it. it was a blast. >> reporter: senior megan
9:40 pm
estrada says he helped her rediscover her passion for learning after her mother passed away. >> after she passed away, i gave up for a while. just all my grades dropped. english, everything. it wasn't until i had mr. kett that doing good in his class made me try harder. and i was starting to plan for college and my whole future. so it changed everything for me. >> reporter: teachers changed everything for mr. kett too. >> i had an awesome high school experience. most teachers i kept in touch with are positive role models. >> reporter: now he's watching the fruits of his labor grow. >> what else do we know about plants? >> reporter: and what else do you need to know about mr. kett? >> he's a really good ping-pong player. >> reporter: he should know. he won against the teacher. >> that's never mentioned again. that was a fluke. everyone has their off game. let's leave it at that. >> reporter: me may not have
9:41 pm
won the ping-pong game, but he won the admiration of his students. >> he's the best teacher i've ever had so i think he deserves this award. i'm happy for him. >> i'd like to congratulate you on being wgn's teacher of the month and present your school a check for $1000. >> look at that. thank you so much. [ cheering ] >> reporter: in honor of his achievements, they presented east with a gift certificate for school supplies and mr. kett received a thousand dollars for nlu. we'd like to hear from you. if you'd like to nominate an educator in your community, log on to coming up photos of the day by the chicago tribune's -- photographers. but first a bench-clearing
9:42 pm
brawl in pee wee football. who started it. and later in big people sports. lovie smith talks about the decision to sit tommy harris monday night. boss: our breakout session is gonna be great. got the gecko t-shirt... "4 million drivers switched!" gecko water bottle... notebook... chamois... gecko: sir, i feel a little bit uncomfortable with all... you know... with all this. i mean, it's not about me. should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in the nation. things like that. boss: oh, of course! we're not gonna get carried away. gecko: uh...yeah... all right as long as we don't overdo it. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ÷ñpp ♪ [ sniffs ] bye! bye! ♪ hi. hey! hey! [ laughter ] ♪ [ female announcer ] walk into a burst of fresh fragrance
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fathers of the year. some pee wee football coaches turning what should be a fun game for all the kids into an all out brawl. the video just surfacing now. all the coaches caught up in the melee have been disciplined. now they're answering to their sons since the league has barred both teams from any post season play. two of the men who are accusing eddie long of coercing them into inappropriate sexual relationships years ago are speaking out. they say they i think gauged in sex acts at long's home at new birth missionary baptist church. similar claims made in a lawsuit last week. >> i cannot get the sound of his voice out of his head or forget the smell of his cologne. and i cannot forget the way he made me cry many nights not able to take enough showers to
9:46 pm
wipe the smell of him off my body. >> the other man suing bishop long and publicly speaking in spencer legrande. he says he's praying for long. long turned to biblical terms to portray himself as an underdog but didn't outright the allegations. the woman accused of faking her own acid attack was in court today. the 28-year-old received an outpouring of support including $28,000 of donations from perfect strangers after telling people a stranger threw acid on her face. she now admitted he -- she did it to herself. all the money will be returned. here are the stories you'll find in tomorrow's chicago tribune. companies are keeping tabs on
9:47 pm
foreclosures but not very well. only a small percentage of the distressed real estate that may work its way back into the market. a chicago a city of hipsters? a person talks about his new blog about hipsters. is that jim ramsey in there if >> i have seen jim ramsey either singing or dancing on that morning show. but tonight he's eloquent with our late forecast. >> well, thank you very much. but no, the dancing has to wait. we'll get into that later. but we've got right now, we've got some clouds approaching, but they won't make it in here. satellite composite, take a look across the great lakes area. just around lake superior as we speak. that's an area of showers associated with an approaching cold front. that will push through the area in the next few hours.
9:48 pm
behind it we'll see our temperatures fall. that's going to make the air feel a little cooler as we head toward the weekend. but we don't think we're going to see any rainfall with that front. now seven-day forecast. look at those cold temperatures by the weekend. overnight low temperatures mid to upper 30s for a couple of days. but then we warm back up tuesday into wednesday. temperatures expected in the 70s. looks like a good way to finish the seven day. but temperatures pretty chilly across the area. so mark and micah, not a great weekend expected. but hope for warmer temperatures ahead. today's photos of the day segment captures a guilty verdict in an acid attack. >> and a heated debate between quinn and brady. take a look at today's photos of the day. ♪[ music ]
9:49 pm
we should not be tolerant to this type of crime. these are the scars people get hurts and is for life. senator brady would be an economic disaster for our state. he wants to give tax breaks to the wealthy. >> the people of illinois understand we need dramatic change in this state. we need leadership that won't dig deep into the pockets of families and businesses by increasing tax rates. [ chanting ] >> you can check out more photos of the day on coming up the bears
9:50 pm
offensive line continues to hang on for cutler and the offense. dan roan is next with sports. [ bubbles ] ooh... [ male announcer ] the future of toilet bowl cleaning has never been brighter. ahh... [ male announcer ] thanks to scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gel. just stamp it in your bowl. its formula is flush-activated to prevent build up of lime scale and hard water that cause toilet rings. and it keeps working for up to six weeks. scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gel. the freshest way -- [ bubbles ] ooh... [ male announcer ] -- to keep a toilet clean. ahh... [ female announcer ] sc johnson. a family company. when you buy the hot new samsung fascinate
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the glow of the bears win is still all around us. >> they're all messed up. they love to be in that routine but these night games are keeping them up. we do know this. chris williams probably won't play sunday. but tommy harris surprising inactive for the packer game is ready and able if lovie smith calls his number. lovie just might. >> reporter: they did okay without tommy harris on monday. but he might be back on sunday. >> tommy's always motivated. no complaints about how tommy harris has done anything this offseason. what he's done of the practice field. we just thought based on
9:54 pm
performance and where we were at the time that someone else deserved an opportunity. >> reporter: on the other side of the ball, the offensive line gave up three sacks early but settled down. switching from a right tackle to left tackle in the past two day games. >> you can do it but it isn't pretty. but i'm just glad that i do have some experience on the left side and that's what helped me out so far. >> especially at left tackle we're not complaining. webb coming in. no one mentioned that moving from right guard to left guard. that was a big switch for him. excited to play with these guys. >> reporter: bears offensive line once again will have their hands full sunday night. make the bears the four point underdog. rich king, wgn news. and the road to the big ten championship starts this weekend. good luck.
9:55 pm
they host ohio state. and for northwestern, a road game against the desperate minnesota team. won't be easy for either. >> everybody's 0-0 and it's the second season app and there's 40 days left of the year. those 40 days dictate the area of the your season. it's a great challenge. i thought really took it too us. >> we're excited about it. looking forward to getting in the big ten these next eight weeks. and this is a big game. but the next game's a big game. the next game's a big game. they're all big. and this just happens to be the first one that happens to be against one of the best in the country. >> just happens to be. add ryan dempster to the list of people that want to see
9:56 pm
quade be the permanent coach. trailing in the third inning 1- 0 at petco tonight. at the white sox-red sox night, papi trying to bunt tonight. pretty good playing going on out there. 1st inning, first batter. scutaro robbed by quentin. omar vistal. red sox came unglued after that white sox win 5-2. by the way the total bill for the new spring training site in arizona coming out to $99 million. still on the ballot out there. some question if they will spend that money. finally how about the look at the blackhawk's spoils of victory player's name and team
9:57 pm
on the side there. and the indian head logo. lot of diamonds on there. the other is the image of the stanley cup. as you can see, the parting gift was pretty special. >> very pretty. >> do d you get a new suit or hair cut? >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> you look a little different than normal. >> what? >> as geeky as he always looks to me. >> that was our news tonight. thanks for watching. >> i'm micah materre. >> this is what happens when you lose a bet. you might lose your job too. >> good night everybody. bonnie, turn up the volume. your baby sister has something to say. this intervention brought to you by niaspan. so now your doctor's talking about plaque building up in your arteries - she called it coronary artery disease. you think that's something you can just stick in an
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