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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 30, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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rod blagojevich's defense team may have a new look at his retrial next year. the former governor's lead attorneys want out of his case. good afternoon i'm steve sanders. >> and i'm pain pane. we welcome our viewers watching us around the country on wgn. america. and julian cruze join us with the latest. >> reporter: the two most colorful members of rod blagojevich's legal steam out. sam adam junior and senior are expected to be in federal court tomorrow and formally ask the
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federal judge to be dropped from the high profile case. the motion details some of the reasons behind the decision. he's out of money and he's entitled to a pair of court appointed attorneys and a parallel. and the ex-governor had a team of 14 lawyers and seven parallels and staff for the first trial. to given the limitations this time around, the adams duo asking to be dropped from the case. and in today's motion they say that they reached their decision in concert with rod blagojevich and other members of his legal team. two other defense attorneys are expected to remain on board. they'll defend the ex-governor against a beefy of corruption charges. rod blagojevich was convicted on one counts of lying to federal investigators, 23 other nay harrisburgtowned flrnt reports that the adam as team would likely step aside,
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something that sam adam as senior vigorous denied at the time. he said no decision had been bust. now it is confirmed, nail court -- filed in court now confirmed. rahm emanuel may be ready to drop what he's donning and run for chicago mayor. friends are saying that he'll step down from his white house job tomorrow. he's expected to return to chicago next week to begin exploring a run for mayor with a listening tour. city law requires candidates to have lived in the city for the
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past 12 months. rahm emanuel owns a home on the north side but a aren'ter lives there. >> he has a home here. yes it's rented out. but they look at other factor it's. what is his intention. did he vote here? is he registered to vote here? all of those things are checked. he'll survive the challenge. >> rahm emanuel's announcement may take place in the white house rose garden with president obama. chicago tribune has found that nearly 10% of governor quinn's point tees have ties to campaign donations and zero of them came within two months of the appointment. quinn has received political contributions connected to at least 77 people 55 pointed. the farther of one donated $50,000 to quinn after he appointed his daughter the commissioner of the metropolitan water district. they are not illegal in
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illinois. governor quinn tells the tribune he does not give any consideration to campaign donations when he makes appointments. a new poll suggest that's republican state senator bill brady has widened his lead over governor wynn. -- governor quinn. en like be many other poles, the poll includes so-called lienors, voters that have not exactly made up their minds but leaning toward a particular candidate. a 17-year-old chicago seen in bond court today accused of shooting an 11-year-old boy in a south side home. we're live at the courthouse with the latest. >> reporter: steve, the 17-year- old suspect is scheduled to be in bond court at this hour. finas morgan is charged with
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unlawfully use of a weapon, unlawful possession and reckless conduct a according to the police, he was handling the gun with 11-year-old nicolas davis late monday night and the weapon went off. davis was shot twice and remains hospitalized in critical condition. the older boy was staying the night at the home in england gel wood. and i spoke with his mother and she said that he's undergoing another surgery today. she's been too busy to learn more about the to rest in the case -- the arrest in the case. she has been shuttling between hospitals because her old are son was also shot due to gun violence more than a week ago. a woman said that she was scared for her life when she shot a 12-year-old boy in front of her house. 68 margaret matthews is being
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called a neighborhood and others say she went too far. she fired her gun at two boys that were throwing bricks on her porch. and the same boys ar accused of breaking her windows. she said that she fired the begun after a brick hit her in the chest. >> she was not trying to take anyone else life. >> boy that was shot is out of the hospital. he and his friend charged with aggravated assault. police arrested three people for shooting a gas station employee in the south suburbs. it happened at this marathon gas station in chicago heights last night. a cashier was shot in the chest but he was stale able to call the police. he's in the hospital in serious condition. the suspects wavelet bin witnesses and caught on security cameras.
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they arrested all three suspects near their homes. a woman was arrested for leaving they are children alone outside the cook county jail. she was arrested after officers found they are two children crossing the street 27th and california by themselves. they're ages three and five. they were not hurt. she was several weeks away at the time posting bond for her husband. she said that she left the kids in the car with her cousin bust. police never found the car or the cousin. the children were released into her custody. but the department of family services is still investigating. after complaints about crowded trains and long waits, metra is postponing a riding projects. it is beginning a project to
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replace 44 bridges alongs the union spay if i can rail line. the has been put off till next spring. the union pacific north line trains will resume the regular schedules starting sunday. and metro is exploring options for keeping two tracks in operation when work on the bridge projects resume. a major toy recall today. fisher-price recalls millions of toys, tricycles and tie chairs. 50million tricycles are being recalled because of ten reports injuries. they have a small being ignition key and that little device can cause injuries. and they're recalling 7 million
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highchairs and 3 million baby toys being recalled. if you want to take a list the recalled items, go to coming up, on the midday news, denied. postal regulators reject an increase in the price of stamps. >> from the son of a tailor, hollywood remembers tony curtis. the tour de france champ is blaming tainted beef for positive drug results. [ male announcer ] give yourself an edge. new one a day men's pro edge. a complete multivitamin with more magnesium to help support healthy muscle function. more b vitamins to help convert food to fuel. more confidence in a healthy you. new one a day men's pro edge.
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you should get some custom fit orthotics. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. it recommends the custom fit orthotic that's best for your feet. and footcare scientists are behind it. you'll get immediate comfort... ... and, you could save a couple hundred bucks. for locations see he was a hollywood icon that reinvented himself as a
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writer and painter. actor tony curtis has passed away. he died of cardiac arrest last night at his home in nevada a among his many movies, he earned and oscar nomination for the 1958 film the defiant ones. he teamed in jack lennon and marilyn monroe of some like it hot. later on curtis pursued another career as an artist. some of his paintings tell for as much as $20,000. the price will go up now. he was 85 years old. former president jimmy carter is about to be released from the cleveland hospital where he spent the last two days recovering from a viral infection. he was rushed to the hospital on tuesday when he complained of stomach pains on a flight from atlanta to cleveland. carter is on a book tour promoting his new book white
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house diaries. senators and congressman are filing out of washington and heading to their districts to focus on the fall election. but they leave with plenty of unfinished business. lawmakers passed a temporary spending bill to keep the government running for two months. but they failed to complete the gadget for a -- budget for a year and they did not vote on the bush rear tax cuts. a nonprofit group ran grins o'donnell may lose its tax exempt tax status for failing to file its tax forms. it's an outreach organization aimed at young christians. they're at risk of losing the nonprofit status for failing to file tax returns for three consecutive years. a college student in new
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jersey killed himself after his roommate secretly taped him having sex. he was a person that and his roommate and another student taped him having sex with another man and they broadcast it over the internet last week. the next day, he jumped off the george washington bridge. the two students are charged with invasion of privacy and they could face five years in prison. pakistan has blocked a supply route fortunate toe troops in -- route for the nato groups in pakistan. a strike killed three pakistani soliders. investigators are tracking eight germans and two british
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brothers suspected in a terror plot. the suspects have backing from al qaeda and other groups. western officials said that the plot to carry out mumm by terrorism is still in the early stages. the eiffel tower in paris was briefly evacuated for the second anytime two weeks because much a threat. a three time tour de france winner is blaming positive drug results because of meat. he blames the meat contaminate with an illegal growth agents. the meat was brought over from rome to france. he is considered the tour's biggest star since armstrong. astrometers said they've
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discovered another planet and three times the size of earth. it is is what they call the goldie lock place for life. researchers find a genetic link to adhd. one of the world's largest banks halts some foreclosures. and
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south side is down to within building. they closed the other building this week. there are own 34reu9 families living in that high-rise that once had 134 families at hits peak capacity. it was built in the 1940s and wblesdz home to people just zero years ago. the cha recollect res tree develop the property. the liz can return to once it's. one of the largest bank is freezing folkses after --
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freezing foreclosures. the price of a stamp will stay the same. they called on the post office to reduce operating costs before raising prices again. >> reporter: we're live at the
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cme group chicago. aig agreed to wind done the $108 billion bailout by converting the stake the treasury department owns to common shares to be sold. aig shares are trading higher right now. investors buying and that is a step towards independence for the insurer whose near collapse two years ago threatened the global economy. and wal-mart is expanding its global reach. they plan to increase the work force to million over the next five years. new employees will be hired mostly outside the u.s. according to the bloomberg data, overseas sales for wal- mart have are grown 91% in the last five years, almost triple the pace here in the u.s. the labor department saying that jobless claims fell last week, a sign that companies are cutting back on firing even as the economic growth slows. but that was not the case in
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illinois. job claims increased as more companies here cut workers in construction and manufacturing. and lastly, millions of kids getting their fischer price tricycles taken away today. invest ors are not too happy about this mattel recall either. shares trading lower right now after fish are price said the recall will trim the per share earnings by 1 cent for 2011. stocks are down across the board. those are your business headlines. back to you. coming up next, we'll introduce to you september's teacher of the month. he played for the bears is
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dr. scholl's back pain relief orthotics
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with shockguard technology give you immediate relief that lasts all day long. dr. scholl's. visit our facebook page to save $3. just three into his teaching career in park ridge this week's honor is off to and explosive start. science teacher ryan kid is mixing two here recognize, keep is of it simple and share the enthusiasm. you don't need a microscope so seat results. >> he connects with the students and with the way we think. >> what makes a great teacher you need to connect with the
12:26 pm
students. >> reporter: that is no problem for brian kid. he's practically a kid himself. >> it's a trip, to be honest with you. it's strange for me to teach something and have two received so well when i may not be could go be aware of that tomorrow. he had indication is contagious. it will catch on whether they want to or not. >> reporter: he's catching on too, and connecting to students to a service trip to iowa over the summer. >> he gave up a week over the summer to be with us. it was a great experience. we got to learn his personality. and he was a great leader. >> we worked in a house for a week. it was a blast. i won the change a thing about it. >> reporter: senior megan said that he changed her life and
12:27 pm
helped her rediscover her love of learning after her mother passed away. >> after my mom passed away, i gave up for a while. all my grades dropped. but it went till i had him that i felt encouraged and in his class made me heard. >> i had teachers that were positive role models. >> this is a living thing. >> reporter: and what else do you need to know about him? >> he's a really good ping-pong player. >> reporter: he won a match against the talented teacher. >> that will never be mentioned again. that was a product now. has their gap. >> reporter: he may not have won the ping-pong game.
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but he won the add more racing of his -- admiration of his. best teacher [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older
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. you know we talked about how beautiful today was and today is almost as beautiful. disbelieve two fronts that we're watching. it's the next cold front that will take everybody's breath away. it's representing somely chilly air that will be here saturday, sunday and monday. it may take a while for that
12:32 pm
whether pattern to change. this is time lapse pictures looking north from the john hancock building and this is a definition time lapse i'm told. temperatures are nice. 72 at o'hare and heat problems in the western states. but look at ther air in the north plains. that will get in here this weekend and could push our overnight low into the 30s saturday night and sunday evening. temperatures across the area reflecting the impact that have bright sun out there. it feels wonderful. there is a little more breeze than there was yesterday. winds about ten to 15 miles an hour in most areas. look at the moisture. these are dew point temperatures. the air still relatively dry. and the cold front has made little difference to anybody. other than that changing the that winds were come, really is probably not noticeable by
12:33 pm
most. wind speeds ton 15 -- ten to 15 miles an hour. and meal is wind -- these are the wind gusts. a little too chill through walk around in shirt sleeves. and this is the hot air. some of the forecasters in california say that record high temperatures will persist perhaps through tomorrow. temperatures in upper 90s and three digit temperatures being reported. this is probably biggest whether story in the country. an upper level low and remnant tropical storm in this case cole -- nicole. some parts of north carolina could be measuring rain in
12:34 pm
feet. in wilmington they picked up a little shy of 2 feet of rainfall. this is pushing along the coast lines of income and have. -- lines of virginia. there's that north portion of that surge of rainfall. and they'll get hit heavily as well. no problems here. a lot of clear skies. this could be the last day of this stretch with the temperatures botch 70 degrees. temperatures from 07 to 74. tonight clear skies and we'll see our low temperature drop to the mid-40s, northwest winds five to ten miles an hour. friday, partly cloudy and mild temperatures, becoming a little
12:35 pm
breezy late in the afternoon. 72 to 76 degrees. and saturday, this is clearly wrong. 61 to 66. that is optimistic. we're looking at temperatures at 51 to 56. we will have partly cloudy skies. but be prepared for quite a change in temperatures. >> we're ready. >> keep us on our toes. we got a good trivia question today where can the most bones be found in the human body. the face, feet or c your hands? still ahead the hey, pete. yeah, it's me, big brother. put the remote down and listen.
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on the medical watch today. a new study offers new evidence that adhd maybe a genetic condition. british researchers connected the genetic records of 1300 cherchlt they found those with dhd were have missing or extra chromosomes some say that the study results are too early to affect treatment. and it is only done on european an caucasian descent. a consumer products safety commission and the fda say you that this product poses a suffocation risk. infants died when they suffocated in a position or became perhapses between the positioner and the side of the
12:39 pm
crib. a new study shows a strong correlation between air pollution and die beats difference. in diabetes. -- in diabetes. and when the pollution levels are below the limits, there's still a risk. they recommend that the epa review the limits to adequately protect public health. a new study of 1 million swedish women clon clouds that screening women in their 40s for breast cancer can cut their risk of dying by more than one forth. addadvocates of early screening approved the study. and they say that the swedish studyings did not look at overstress and over treatment. a woman said that she left
12:40 pm
a hamburger and fries sitting on a shelf for 18 weeks. this is a picture of it on day one. and this is a picture of it and day 145. there's almost no change. >> those fresh still look fresh. scientists say that the high fast content say it completely false. >> we'll try it ourselves. >> in your office. >> the illinois drawing is next. @ ó
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mike -- may have the endorsement for the players' hut. last night alfonso robbed of a home reason by center fielder in the second inning. he showed off his defense again in the third. and this time robbing ramirez of a home run. the padres' offense generated just you have. on the south side, another highlight defense plays, carlos quentin made this unbelievable diving grab. game tied in the seventh and omar singles in a run. and the rallies continues when ram members singles in another run. that's all the sox needed. they win 5-2.
12:45 pm
merle hod took on his greatest challenge beginning with a diagnosis of cancer. his new book find a way, details his battle on and off the gridiron. thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> welcome back. so in 2003, you got a horrific diagnosis. you found out that you had a tumor the size of a small football in your back. >> yes. the phone raining. i naw my doctor was going to call next and he said up a 3- pound tumor in your back. shave your head. six months of chemotherapy. and you'll be sick and tired. he said i can't guarantee it will work. >> my goodness. >> the first thing, to find a way, was about living a dream and living. and it's about parenting for me and my kids. i wanted my kids to know. i wanted them to know at 17 days i'll be bald and sick. i wanted them to get a heads
12:46 pm
up. and i went to talk to my daughter who was nine and my son seven, my daughter came cross the room and jumped in my lap. you better find a way. and i whacked down to talk to him was think about chemotherapy and dying. >> that was your motto. >> it changed my energies. and that started when i was 12 years old. it changed my energies towards things i want to happen in life versus things i fear in life. it helped me accomplish so many thing anden during and overcoming so many things. >> you talked about using that slowing began as a child in your bedroom. >>i wanted to play in the nfl and i asked my dad of cork. and i started thinking about everything. and everybody tells met odds are, it's too hard. and i'm lime i'm going to fiend
12:47 pm
a way to you do it. my energies changed when i focused on what i wanted to happen and what would happen. one of my greatest inspirations came from chicago, walter payton. he was the guy that gave me some extra foundation to help me fiend my way. >> you knew he wasn't the most talented guy in the world. he worked the hard. >> he played a tape about his charity work and how he trained. and i had to have that tape. i was hoping for a golden nugget and i fond it. and he asked what makes you better than everybody else? he said that is easy. i want it more than they do, every day of the week, not just sunday. and i said that is it. >> you defeated cancer. that was not the only adversity that you faced. your nfl career ended here in chicago with a series of concussions. you knew early on that's not something that you play around with. >> and leading up to it i infer thought in a million years that
12:48 pm
my career would end from head trauma. it ended my career because of the closeness of the two impacts. that was at real problem. i had serious amnesia prior to my second within tan lasted almost two years after that. it was a battle to get back. so i'm advocate of kits eight to 18 -- of kids eight to 18. your gate keeper are you, me, the parents. >> are other athletes getting the message? >> we're donning a better job in the nfl league from the gate keepers and the medical people and the players. he had indicate and understanding what this is. it is your most vital organ. treat it like that. you go to play after you've been cleared and evaluated by someone trained to clear you. >> how are you feel something.
12:49 pm
>>i feel terrific, mental lirks spiritually. >> you're dong a great job at espn. >> thank you. >> he's going to sign books at borders on 16th street, fiend a way. they are great for time and cash strapped families, slow cookers. (vet) i love working with animals,
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but my allergies put me in a fog. so now, i'm claritin clear! claritin works great on all my allergies like dust, mold, pollen, or pets without making me drowsy, cause i want to be alert around this big guy. live claritin clear. indoors and out.
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time for our lunch break and diane warner is back today. before we start cooking, temp us about the slow cooker recipe contest you got going on. >> i'm excited to be here. this is a slow cooker contest that we decided to do with wgn. and though is the kickoff and they he go to your website and they kick to ours and they're supposed to sunday upstairs their favorite slow cooker recipes. a slow cook certify so comical. it cooks all day. it's a time saver because you come home from work and it's all ready for you. but we have three different slow cookers over here. one is sunday chicken stew. it uses a fryer that is caught up. there are peas carrots and rose
12:53 pm
mary and this reader made some little dump-- dumplings. you're not supposed to take the laid off. ever time you take the laid off, you lose 20, 30 minutes of your slow cooker. sometimes i put a little duct tape on there. and then we have this corn tamale pie that is a great dish. it's ground beef and a great dish. cumin and chilly powder. and then they actually took a little mix-cornbread and eggs and milk in it and spread that on top and let it cook on top of the chilly. it's all ready to go and sprerchg a little cheese and a
12:54 pm
little sour cream. yum. they're easy to do. we test them in our test kitchen. and last but not least. and of a little sample for you should you want to taste it. but this is a caribbean pot roast. you seer that off in your pan. it has some sweet tomatoes that i'm going load in the slow cooker first and care rotses and -- carrots and celery. and put your vegetables on the bottom of the slow cooker. he thinks a little longer that cook than your meat. and basically you can seer off your meet quick in a little -- meat -- meat quick in a little oil. i'm going place my browned meat -- you have to bond your meet but it does seal the flavor in and it makes it look nice
12:55 pm
later. and with a little bit of juices you have left, i sauteed some garlic and on i don't knows. i'm going to -- onions. i'm going ask you to pour that in here that is a can of tomato sauce. it's the seasoning of the herbs. a little bit of brown sugar, flour, cumin, and chili powder. i bet somebody could get away with all of these different spices. >> wait till you taste it and you tell me. someone said do you have to buy all of those. most of them you'll have. you have cumin and brown sugar and flour. >> you do? >> this was a healthy cooking recipe from our sister magazine
12:56 pm
healthy cooking. as soon as you treat up and get it going, then you pick up the skillet and and pour it and let it cook six to eight hours. i've had a lot of questions about i have a slow cooker go. to your website because you're going to have three great recipe. >> we've got a recipe contest going with taste of home. send us your favorite slow cooker recipe and somebody is going to win a prize, right? >> we'll get you offer to the test kitchen and have a great day. >> you can submit your recipes to the web there that you see on the page. and there's more information on today's recipes.
12:57 pm
check out our 3q what's up ? ugh. my feet are killin' me. you should get some custom fit orthotics. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. it recommends the custom fit orthotic that's best for your feet. and footcare scientists are behind it. you'll get immediate comfort... ... and, you could save a couple hundred bucks. for locations see
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okay let's go to the trivia question. where can the most bones be found in the body? steve said the feet. steve, the answer is c, the hands. there are 27 bones. >> hands has more of them bones. >> that's right. >> and there's the pollen and mold count. you can see mold in the high category. seven-day forecast, look at though temperatures dive as we go into the weekend with overnight low temperatures probably in the mid to upper 30s. by the end of the seven-day period, back to the mid-70s and the good news is we don't have any rain forecast for the next seven days. it will be a little chilly. but it will be dry. thanks for joining us today. remember. we're back at


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