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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 30, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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this is an unfortunate situation that couldn't be helped. but if i hadn't tried to protect myself, i might not be standing here now. >> she shot a 12-year-old boy who an entire neighborhood said was terrorizing her, threatening her. tonight she speaks. good evening. i'm micah materre. >> and i'm mark suppelsa. charges not being pursued against the south side senior. wgn's dan ponce just back from talking with her. she's known in the neighborhood as miss margaret. >> reporter: margaret matthews says in the last 48 houring she has barely slept at all. she has been worried about her safety and the boy she shot tuesday. she has done everything in her power to keep her face off television. that changed tonight when she opened up on camera with powerful words. >> i don't know what the
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breaking point is. because i'm still pushing to a point now as to where i'm trying to stay focused on what's going on now. so i was just thinking about my own safety that i was not sure about. >> reporter: with her stepson at her side, 68-year-old margaret matthews described what was going in her mind when she shot a boy. she was only trying to scare him and didn't mean to hit him. >> god knows i didn't. and i'm so glad it wasn't any worse than it is. i'm so glad that he's going to be all right. i hope mentally, physically he's going to be fine, i hope mentally he can be all right. because this is what he's got to do. he's got to put his mind in another area of life. >> reporter: it was late tuesday afternoon. she was inside her home when two boys were shouting ab centis at her own throwing bricks through her window.
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she said one hit her in l the leg and that's when she got the gun out. she opened fire and the 12-year- old was hit. he was treated and released from the hospital the same day. she would welcome the opportunity to talk with the boy she shot. >> i would embrace him freely. i would even work with him, counsel him, show him there is a better way. and it isn't about snatching and grabbing and taking from somebody else. it's about learning how to do for yourself. >> reporter: tonight she also defended her decision to use her gun. >> i think everybody has the right to protect themselves. i really do. i think everybody has that right. this is a miracle this is a free democracy country. i think everybody has a reason to defend themselves under the circumstances that they feel they need to be dependent. >> reporter: she says she still isn't sure if she'll continue to live at this home. >> i'm trying to move on from this. with the help of my strong
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family, i'm trying to move on with this. >> reporter: as for the gun miss margaret used, neighbors say it was registered to her husband who passed away about a year and a half ago. police have confiscated the gun. the attorney's office will not pursue charges against her for owning or using the weapon. >> dan ponce, thank you. amazing words from that woman. we want to hear from you. do you think she did the right thing in shooting the 12-year- old the way she did? text yes or no 97999. >> you can vote on as well. a family who produced a local football star overcome with tragedy. lourdes duarte joining us live with details. >> reporter: yeah. obviously the story tonight are the parents mother murdered. the father accused of her killing. but it's because of the kids that so many people are feeling a connection to this story.
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let me catch you up on what we know so far. anita kustok was shot in the head. her husband shot in the head. they are the parents of erin kustok and her brother zach a quarterback for western university. about 7:00 this morning police received a phone call from the hospital saying a woman was brought in by a relative with a gun shot wound to the head. an hour and a half had gone by from the time of that shooting and the arriving at the hospital. sources say it was her husband questioned by police. and again this afcharged with her murder. that is all police are saying tonight. the kustok's were well known in their block. well liked. one neighbor feeling terrible for their kids since his children grew up with them. >> they just had a great time growing up together. zach, he was over here playing
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catch with his dad even a couple years ago. i'm sure it's just a blow for the family. it's just terrible. >> i didn't see much of her. i saw him more out in the yard. but it's very surprising, very shocking. i'm still trying to let he news settle in. >> reporter: anita jean kustok 58 years old. she was a teacher in central elementary school. she taught math and reading for students between 3rd and 5th grade in a gifted program. she was well liked. she was with the district for about seven years. tomorrow at 10:00, the father is expected to be in court. and at 11:30 in the morning, the police will have a press conference to release some more details about exactly what happened. lourdes duarte, wgn news. >> thank you. tonight our exclusive wgn tv chicago tribune poll on the
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race for governor. it finds voters disproving of pat quinn but growing on brady. >> there's ban lot of talk that this year is supposed to be a changed year when it comes to politics. that incumbents around the country are faces defeat. but not so fast. >> reporter: you've seen the ads from embattled governor quinn taking down brady. the voters are finding out and some don't necessary li like it. only a month ago, the republican held a 37% to 32% advantage over quinn. but that's evaporated. today the race is a toss up. what's changed? quinn is consolidating support among what had been a shaky democratic base in chicago. and his ads attacking brady seem to be working. last month few voters in the chicago area knew the
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republican nominee for governor. and of those who did, more had a favorable view of him. today more know him but they're equally split of what they think of him. still, that doesn't mean quinn's viewed that much better. at the start of september, 53% approved of his. but the number who approve has risen to 30%. met with the tribune's editorial board today seeking an endorsement. it became a spirited debate between quinn and brady. one topic: a deal reached between the governor and the state's largest public employees union that protecting union jobs but seeks other savings. >> i went to a town meeting where anyone who worked for the state could come forward and ask me questions. >> what did you do -- a political endorsement session and almost before the sun sets,
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you cut a back room deal on the backs of the people of illinois. >> i got concessions from theines that [ overlapping speakers ] >> if there was damage done today, it came when scott lee cowen quit. because of small staff. here's cowen's response. >> i said he made it clear. i did not say he toll me. >> basing a decision on rumors doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. >> he literally said he made it clear and you said how and he said rumor. >> he said he never talked to the governor. he said he never had a conversation with the staff. >> so this is assumption on the rumor. >> yes. >> how about his poll numbers? >> there's a lot of talk of whether there's a cowen factor going on here.
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our polling shows cowen has 4%. he had 10% last time. >> okay. >> thank you. hours away from the big announcement at the white house, news coming rahm emanuel leaving his chief of staff position to run for chicago mayor. during a white house address tomorrow the announcement coming. he will return to chicago over the weekend. launch for campaign for mayor on monday. pete rouse will likely replace rahm emanuel for the time being. still ahead: the dream team falling apart? why some members of the rod blagojevich team want out. plus the people have spoken. big changes to construction plans after customer complaints. what a way to ease into fall. possibly 50s by the weekend. your forecast is coming up. - so, what do you think? - eh, 30 days -- max.
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officially saying farewell to the blagojevich case. the team committed to masters millions of pages of documents and hundreds of hours of recordings is now down to two attorneys. a big loss for blagojevich who escaped a conviction for all but one charge this summer. he's now depending on money that isn't stretching as far as he might like. you probably know their names, their faces, and their style. >> the government has done some strange things in this case already. >> reporter: now after some are out of the spotlight, sam adam and her son are out. erin goldstein is in. the entire team collected checks but the mega trial in round two have left the exgovernor strapped for cash. and only left with public defender fees. so they're walking away. the defense team once 14
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lawyers and two paralegals are now down to 2 lawyers. financial realities make it babble for the adams to continue as lead attorneys. because they believe in the governor's innocence, they both remain members of the legal team in advisory roles. >> keeps them from having those extra minds to be able to react on something. and even though they say they're going to volunteer to help in advising, that's not going to help in the courtroom. >> reporter: adams spearheaded the case. no one knows yet just how much the case itself could change come january. will witnesses like congressman jesse jackson jr. or white house chief of staff rahm emanuel be taking the stand? could tony rezko testify? and two courtroom daredevils
9:15 pm
who weren't afraid of the judge. >> you're talking about having to react to either something the government does or the judge asks. and you can't wait until nighttime to go and ask for advice on this. you have to react then and what's done is done. what a jury has heard, a jury has heard. you can't erase that. >> reporter: now, there was much talk about blagojevich raising funds independently to help pay for his defense. we're being told that money has not materialized. as for lawyers wishing to help out out of the goodness of their hearts, no one has signed on yet. jan crocouski did at the request of one of the borrowers. a contributor to her fund. crane says the borrowers complained that central bank was heavy handed in trying to foreclose on them. the move is considered highly unusual but she says she intervened for the largely
9:16 pm
indian american businessmen because she didn't want to see the area be decimated. customer complaints lead to delays for metra. 22 bridges were to be started. but that led to complaints from riders and local officials about long waits at rail stations. the $185 million project is now delayed until next spring. up northline trains will resume normal times sunday. jay mariotti pled no contest today to one count of misdemeanor domestic violence in l.a. he must complete a year-long domestic violence course and stay away from the victim. coming up: how do you begin to start collecting 11
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close to me highchairs because small hooks can cause injury. for the full list of these items, visit facebook and skype about to become friends. the web giants are teaming up meshing services. all 500 million facebook users could sign into skype through facebook. they could text message, video chat with facebook friends. an announcement expected in a few weeks. the economy putting a big strain on medicaid. a record 6 million people signed up for medicaid since the start of the recession in late 2007. the biggest influx of dependence since it came into play in the 60s. there are now more than 38 million people on medicaid. and it's expected to get worse next year with states forecasting a 6% increase in applications for medicaid next year. the proposed 2-cent hike on stamps shut down today by the
9:21 pm
postal service. they voted no to the u.s. postal services request to increase stamp prices to 46 cents. the u.s. postal service lost $4.6 billion last year. the request was designed to help with the financial crisis. some organizations say the post office should reduce their operating costs before raising prices again. those tv commercials you say are too loud compared to the programming appear to come to an end. they have passed legislation to keep the commercials at the same volume as the programs. viewers have been complaining since the 50s that the commercials are pumped up too loud. now new guidelines are available on how to process, measure, transmit the audio in a uniform way. it may not come out of your tv speakers for a couple of years. so patience. coming up: they call it is betrayal of trust.
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students at rutgers university react to an incident of death. what a governor told a reporter that's raising a lot of eyebrows today.
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it is campaign season. there's plenty of campaign cash floating around out there. >> candidates are to remain transparent about it and keep tabs. we're told one is being called into question tonight. >> reporter: mary stowell is an
9:25 pm
attorney who kept her out of politics. >> i was always interested but not in. >> reporter: now she's catching up for lost time. >> i thought it was my duty to file this complaint. >> reporter: she noticed in the report to the fcc. >> about under $2. and i couldn't imagine why an expenditure of this size wasn't listed. >> reporter: sizable expenditure is the one for this dold ad. in pill april the cost was disclosed as 15 grand. now it wasn't there. she wrote the fcc and got a letter back. threatening audit or enforcement action if he didn't provide more. dold's numbers don't add up. and dold's corrections, about 22 grand in debts that had gone
9:26 pm
unreported. as well as 24,000 in expenditures. his cash on hand is 22,000 more than it was the first time. but he did add the debt for that bus. it cost 17 grand. >> it looks a little funny. >> reporter: berth oldleson has dold's corrections. they can take 120 days to decide if they're adequate. could face fines up to twice. it becomes a criminal matter if they determine willful omission. >> if they feel it's not adequate and they'll file a complaint. then the complaint gets little gated. it couldn't be referred to the attorney general. >> reporter: dold's opponent is dan steele. who says he should know better.
9:27 pm
>> this is not the sort of managerial qualities or leadership we want right now. >> i don't think there was much of anything wrong with the fec filings. it's open and transparent. >> reporter: he says the bus is easy to explain. >> because we hadn't gotten the bill. at the end of the quarter, we didn't have the bill. you will see it in this filing. >> it doesn't explain why he included it in his changes. that is an admission that should have been there originally. he says it's a way for mary stowell to keep tabs on. >> whether he's truthful and honest on his future times. >> reporter: the fec is not commenting on this matter. dold went on to say any voter who went to complain to the fec must not have run a business before. we do know of two voters who
9:28 pm
have sent voters to the fec regarding potentially illegal construction contributions to the campaign. >> thanks. up next: very fall forecast. bad news is the weekend we're looking forward to is starting with rain. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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east coast continues to be hit hard with heavy rain. 20 inches reported in some areas of wilmington today. while the carolina beaches spilled over into the downtown areas. three pumps are in place to blast the water out. two more on the way. flood watches and warnings in effect through tomorrow. our jim ramsey is here to tell us how our area will be. >> we have a cold front coming through tomorrow afternoon around 6:00. there's not a lot of moisture for it to work with. everybody's going to feel the cold. let me tell you, it's going to be about 20 degrees colder than it was today. time lapse cameras, lot of blue sky up there. don't they wish they saw that in the mid-atlantic states today where all the heavy rain is falling? we'll look at their radar in a moment. we did finally see a few clouds as you can see here whizzing by
9:32 pm
on the time lapse. but these clouds were unimportant, frankly. now temperatures. look at this. high temperature today up to 74 degrees. only one degree cooler than yesterday. they continue to bake out west. forecasters insist out there that record high temperatures are possible through tomorrow. temperatures across the area tonight is in the 50s out there. the winds have been diminishing so it's not a bad evening if you want to take a walk out there. look at the dew point temperatures. in the upper 40s along the lake shore. that means the air is slowly becoming a little more moist. so as the cold front comes in tomorrow afternoon, that could fuel maybe a passing shower. the winds at the moment is actually tending to come off lake michigan. it's not a strong wind. they will tilt more to the northwest with time. the winds will be practically calm before too much longer. there's the heart of the cold air. now animating our computer
9:33 pm
models are showing that cold air drifts into the chicago area. it's going to take two or three days to lift out of the region. but then notice the milder air over the midwest. that shows good things for the weekend. perhaps temperatures in the mid- 70s in the area. there's evidence it could stay around this time. now, there's the tropical moisture streaming up through the mid-atlantic and parts of the northeast. this is finally beginning to show signs of improving. but there are flooding conditions. as far north as central new york state. lewis county in new york, 5.2 inches of rainfall today. and it's still raining in that area. but the hardest hit areas from eastern virginia down into north carolina, they don't like what's falling at the moment. more rain. but it does show some signs of gradually improving. this up through vermont and new hampshire, that flowing to the
9:34 pm
north and east. this is the animation showing possible rain that drops through the area tomorrow. then by saturday there may be enough of an northeast component to the wind to produce lake effect showers. mostly clear tonight, moderately cool. temperature 44-49 degrees. friday pretty nice day ahead of that front. but the front will come through 6:00 in the evening. high pressure around 70. then tomorrow night cold air pushes in. 43-48 degrees. then saturday high temperature 49-54 degrees. there is that possibility of lake effect rains developing. there will be clouds around and rain. >> i will keep that in minds. thank you. astronomers say they discovered the most earth-like planet around.
9:35 pm
it's called gliese. it's called the goldy locks zone. where temperatures are neither too hot or too cold for liquid water. it appears to have a atmosphere and gravity. it would take 20 years to reach it. got allergies? get a doggy. why having a pooch could help kids avoid allergies. and remembering a movie legend. remembering the career of tony curtis. i'm okay tonight. keep a distance from it. >> we may see tommy harris wearing one of those out in new york. >> that will be news. >> also the blackhawks weigh in on the new rings. and first the white sox game tonight, a power surplus and then a power outage. we'll show you that in sports about 9:55 tonight. hey nick. how's it going with the website?
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students are protesting outside a university in new jersey tonight after a fellow college freshman took his life after being cyber bullied by his roommate. darwin taped his roommate having sex with another man. he broadcast the video on the internet and invited people to watch. days later clemente he posted a goodbye and jumped off the bridge. the governor of new jersey spoke to the students today about the severity of this
9:44 pm
incident. >> and those people who helped to lead him to that bridge are going to have to bear that responsibility for the rest of their lives. >> charged with invasion of privacy. both could face up to five years in prison. president jimmy cather feeling better and out of the hospital today. here's his motorcade leaving the hospital this afternoon. he became ill on a flight from georgia to ohio a couple days ago. he's been in the hospital since then. he suffered from a viral infection. he turned 86 tomorrow. politician is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore in the new york race for governor. >> i'll take you out buddy. >> in case you missed it, the republican cold the editor of the new york post you send another goon to my daughter's
9:45 pm
house and i'll take you out buddy. they tried to contact his daughter who he fathered years ago. he is accused of giving a pass on his personal life for his opponent. will the marriage of united and continental airlines bring peace to the skies? the new ceo is going on a good will trip next month. that is in tomorrow's though tribune. also important news with kids with asthma. the state has a new law that allows them to carry an inhaler to school without a note. another hollywood legend is gone. actor tony curtis passed away yesterday from cart -- cardiac
9:46 pm
arrest. he spoke with dean richards about starring with marilyn monroe in some like it hot. >> moments i remember was the love scene with maher -- marilyn. in the script i says i can't make love to a girl. she says can i try? >> she was cute. you say am i getting to you again? you know? >> was she? >> yes, she was. are you kidding? >> defiance and resilience marked his career from dressing in drag. he died in his home. we've got a big change coming this weekend. a cold front will come sweeping through the leading edge of some substantially cooler air. nothing on the satellite at the
9:47 pm
moment. but those clouds up in canada will be accompanying that cold front in here. and that those clouds may produce a shower tomorrow afternoon and some lake effect showers possible on saturday. temperatures in the 50s. overnight low temperatures the big story. upper 30s saturday night into sunday. and mid-30s sunday into monday. there may be patchy scattered frost over parts of the area before it moves out of the region. look at the temperatures recover. we shoot back into the 60s monday. then into the 70s perhaps mid to upper 70s by next thursday. not a great deal of rain in the forecast. sunday a little lake effect rain shower or two possible. and maybe late saturday. but that's about it. >> that high school fall football feels good in the temps. thanks. tonight's photos of the day segment captures a loose manhole causing problems. and a heated debate from
9:48 pm
the race for governor. take a look at the photos of the day. there was a manhole cover. it was kind of tipped up. my back tire hit it. >> hit the car and all the oil and smoke started coming out. the guts are out, man. that's all i can say. it's bad. horrible. i think you do -- a disservice to the people of illinois by not disclosed your tax return. [ overlapping speakers ] >> set the record straight, you know i paid every dollar of taxes that i owed. commitment that we have to make here in america. >> we got a library! [ cheering ] >> the kids rushed in there like they were getting the biggest prize in the world. this showed how thirsty they were with a library. i was overwhelmed with emotion.
9:49 pm
>> and you can check out more photos on coming up: the white sox captain could be playing his final few games as a member of the white sox. paul konerko. the cubs try and spoil the layoff chances of the padres. dan roan next. tom, check this out. good gravy, bill. our insurance company doesn't have anything like it. magnificent, isn't it? with progressive, it's easy to cover all of your favorite rides. progressive has truck insurance? number one in truck and motorcycle. is that a golf cart? yep. we0also cover rvs, boats, atvs. anything0else i can help you with? can i take a ride? you need a ticket -- i'm first! and that's by the water slide. okay. no(running. oh, dear. save on all your rides. now, that's progressive.
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deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access tommy harris can't stay off the front pages. >> i've had about enough. >> uh-huh. get out there and play. >> see how he does in new york. if he gets in. we don't know what will happen there. lovie smith made the decision before the game sunday. today tommy weighed in on his inactivity against the packers. it's not a health issue or an attitude issue. it's a performance issue. back at practice today with a short stat sheet, one tackle in the game. today he was out there looking for another chance. >> it was very disturbing when i found out the news, but what
9:53 pm
can you do? you have great guys talk to me and told me to be ready when it's my time again. that's what i did. >> did you see it comeing? >> me sitting out? >> yes. >> no, i didn't see it coming. but what do you do? it's a business. you roll with the punches. >> our guys know the routine. we'll let them know. for them everybody on our team should be practicing like they're going to play and like they're going to start. before the white sox game today paul konerko talked about his free agent period. the five-year deal he did after the world series is over. he says he'll always consider himself a white sox but there's a chance he won't be back. >> you might have to be willing of playing have you never thought of playing. over the last year, year and a half i've conditioned myself and conditioned my family that that could be the case. so prepare. and i think i am.
9:54 pm
i'm prepared for anything. >> of course we all want him. that's no doubt in anybody's mind. that decision will be made by the boss and how much money they're going to spend and what direction we go. i haven't talked to them at all about the situation -- about the team next year. >> so tonight the last game of the red sox series, there are a will the of reasons to keep paul konerko around. that is the most reason. he's killing it. a grand slam and a 6-2 white sox lead. and a couple innings later, what happened? some of the lights went out. they just started playing again. the white sox leading 8-2 in the 7th. and the cubs absolutely trashing the padres' playoff chances. scoreless in the 99, pounds off the dirt at home plate and finds the hole between third and short. darwin motors in.
9:55 pm
and the cubs take 3-4 from the padres. they are three behind the giants and playing three this weekend. the ryder cup starts in hours in wales. tiger woods is out in the first play paired with steve stricker. and finally, the blackhawks may be slow at practice today but there's a good reason for that. those brand new championship rings could weigh a guy down a bit. they got them at the private team dinner last night. a lasting reward for winning the stanley cup and the guys loved them. >> speaks for itself really. it's pretty amazing. it's a championship ring. >> where do you wear them? >> around the house maybe? scared to wear it outside. maybe special occasions. a lot of people will want to see it. have an armed guard around you just to make sure. >> it's special. it's amazing. it's spectacular.
9:56 pm
it's very big. >> you know, you can tell it's preseason. they had ring thing last night, then practice this morning then a game tonight which they lost 4-1. as the bears tell you, the preseason means nothing. >> how many times have i heard that already? that's the news this thursday night. i'm micah materre. >> i'm mark suppelsa. for all of us here, have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye bye.
9:57 pm
hey, pete. yeah, it's me, big brother.
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