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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 9, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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probably followed by a sleepless nervous night. the wgn news starts right now. >> w3this is chicago's very own wgn news at ç9:00. [ inaudible ] out of control cpa bus careens off lake shore drive and into a tree sending dozens to the hospital. good i]çevening, everyone. i'm jackie barga. and i'm robert jordan. jay miller is live there at the scene with the latest. jay? >> çreporter: hey, there. officials çare still working t remove the bus from the scene here. there were ó[6hpeople aboard th] bus when it crashed çónear 29th and south lakeshore drive. 37 çpeople were transported to area hospitals. passengers tell me the driver appeared to be struggling with the steering-wheel just before the crash. the accident happened just before 6:00 çthis evening.
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the number 6 express bus was travelling southbound on lake shore drive near 29th street when passengers say the bus began to veer to the right. passengers say the driver appeared to be having a hard time turning çóthe wheel. so much so that w3other passengers actually tried to help the driver. they say the steering-wheel, though, felt as ççóthough it wç locked. passengers say the bus was packed at the time people standing and whatnot. but they say had it not been so crowded people would have gjx flying when the bus slammed into a çtree. >> we didn't know xdup front someone ççwas holding on to t rail to help çher. people were toppling çover eac other and we buffered each other. the drop lines for protection and started doing assessment on the patients. realized they would need a lot of resources so from a plan one
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to a çplan three right away. >> until we have a time to pull the bus into the garage and check the mechanical system and complete xdthe drug and alcohol testing on our operator and look at the video on the bus and interview the passengers to çwh was that may have happened. >> so again 37 people were transport today area hospitals tonight. the fire department are saying none appeared to be life threatening. this accident obviously could have been much, much worse. they are working out tonight to figure out exactly what went wrong. at 29th jade miller, wgn news. back to you. >> thank you, jade. a fire at a chemical plant in princeton in bureau county is still smoldering at this hour. authorities warn residents to stay indoors with their windows closed. fire broke out at the çeuclid chemical plant 200 miles east. some heard an explosion. they make a variety of
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materials including a form of epoxy used in concrete products. no one was reported seriously hurt. although nine firefighters were treated after inhaling some of the smoke. still çnot known what caused t fire which is being allowed to d burn itself out. bond has been i]denied afte a father charged with killing his 14-month-old son this week. donald johnson of the 2200 block of south princeton was represented by a public defender in court this morning. he is accused of t(strangling x son dantrell johnson whose body was found by a boater on east 56th street on thursday. while he was alone at home with his son he became upset that the boy was crying the prosecutors said. he called the ex girlfriend the mother to come over and help but she refused to okmeet with him. >> four çpeople have been stabbed in separate incidents ç earlier this morning. of the victims were
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stabbed at a home near 16th street and 61st at 4:30 a.m. a few minutes later police were called to another stabbing two miles away in the 1200 block of 50th court. there officers found one victim. police are still looking into whether or not the xdi]victims related. >> after a loss in their season opener against the colorado avalanche last night the defending stanley cup champions chicago blackhawks are playing ç their homeowner tonight. wgn's amy joins us with a live report on what is what awk's home ice. >> reporter: been an çemotiona night here at the center while te)flag was hoisted and the ç fans got pumped up about the season ahead. it was a sentiment al changing of the guard. the hawks held the title and delivered the championship flag to the new generation of winners tonight. it is a moment in history fans gathered early today to see.
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camped out and decked out in their çhawks gear to get a glimpse of the returning favorite and new faces. [ applause ] >> reporter: ças they took a stroll down a hollywood type red carpet. they signed autographs and shook hands shocked by the ç emotion of the day. >> this is another great chapter in the sports history for chicago. what a great town we have here. >> sort of surreal. just an unbelievable event. and again the players did it. i çam so proud of them. >> reporter: and so çare the fans, many of whom have hopeful predictions for the season. >> i still expect us to be top four in çthe west and take a shot at the western title conference. >> it will be a great year. we won't w3miss ça step. turco coming in goal will be good. >> reporter: the fans expect the new players will keep the team strong. >> the hockey players play ç hockey and the coaches play hockey and they are the ones that count not the critics.
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let the critics get çóon the ic and see if they can play úbkey. i just can't believe this team but the talent we have here will be amazing. >> reporter: and as many said today, that season is now history. >> we have to get serious because everyone is going to be begunking for the blackhawks. and let's hope they can do the same thing that they did last spring. >> why did we choose to wear this today? >> this is the last day of the last year as far as i'm concerned. hang the banner qand move on. >> çreporter: and moving on th are. tonight they are taking on detroit. fans say it's time to look forward to the 80 plus games left in the season. live at the united center amy rutledge, wgn news. >> the highlights of the hawks' homeowner later on in the newscast. >> well, çhitting the streets less than 12 hours, next how many of them spent their day preparing. a bizarre ride on the west
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side where police say a man stoled an ambulance with a ç patient and paramedics inside. ak#reasons to celebrate in chi where developments today mean that a group of trapped miners could be rescued this week after months underground. jim, beautiful day today. çit was. but, bob, we haven't been this warm this late in the season for almost 35 years. is it going to be warm tomorrow? oh, yes. we will have the details and the forecast still ahead. >> you are watching chicago's very own wgn news çwith çt(bo jordan, jackie and jim am ramsey and rich king. this is the çt(
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you're watching chicago's ç very own wgn çnews at 9:00. the 33rd chicago w3çmarathon. runners packed mccormick for their marathon çpacket. and to enjoy the sale everything from çjackets and e buds to çwater bottles. the medical director says it's supposed to be a warm but beautiful day. >> the runners are going to be
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excited. i would çsuggest they ç take the tips w3all year çlong specifically be çprepared for the run and çfor the heat. >> while it çwill be warm tomorrow it is not supposed to repeat what happened çin 2007 when 88-degree çtemperatures aç high humidity forced xdthe chicago marathon çto close. this year there çare 21 medica aid stations çset up w3çand mç than 1,000 medical volunteers will çbe on hand. jackie you may not çknow b 45,000 runners from around the world will be here for the race. many of them spent the day today doing some last-minute training. wgn has çmore on that. >> reporter: different people from different places with different reasons for why they 3 run. but together they ave all plodded through the same tried ç and çw3true pre-race çprepara >> i've been training probably for parts =qñçthe çfull xdyea and about 4-5 times a week
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running. one long run mn@the weekend fo two çor three hours. >> reporter: and it all comes down çto tomorrow's marathon. a stretch for many, a challenge for all. but each runner çhas çemerfud from training with their own tale of çvictory çbefore the starting i]siren even çsounds. >> i started running four yearsç ago. i had really high blood pressure and on çprescription. i i$qwalked into the doctor's office last çweek and my blood pressure dropped 20-30 points. it ççis pretty healthy. lost 30 xdpounds doing çit. >> my story is a çcome back story. when i was 24-year-old broke myk çon crutches for ççth.miñ months. two surgeries later i çxdwas a to recover. about 2 t(years ago i met ça lç of people running. the]úgot me back çin marathon age wlá xdi did as a young man. >> t(reporter: because they çhç also t(tested themselves, ç won't allow tomorrow's high ç temperaturato hinder their completion of a goal months ç the making. >> all çthey need to do is jusç adjust jm"ore çthe race starts would okrun.
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and if çthey çómake that caution ççto w3the çw3qwind say hey, i'm in the shape çto break three çhours, you know, d they may çstruggle in okthose few miles. >> reporter: there is just one night xdof jitters now that stands in thd0way of them and w3 the t(joy through to the çfinish. >> getting çto sleep. çlay everything çout the çni before. get it all çpinned up so çrol otd of bed çand roll ççinto clothes for a good run. ç the culmination of w3mondays -- months of hard work for yourself tomorrow çat 7:30. the city çis çççurging you public transportation. their çown two i]çfeet. >> jackie, you can roll çrightç out of bed çand çdo çit, too a very special gbo.p çrunning 3 too, check out the ledge çat ç willis tower. that's a çlot okçof çfun. the çachilles w3çwounded vete took a picture çat the top of
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the çsky scraper. natives, one chicago and the ççççw3other from joliet most çof the people çon the t are ça.m. ç pew w3tees and çokç care at the in washington, w3ç úgo]d luck tomorrow. an effort to okçrescue the chilean miners, çthe tunnel is complete and could see çdaylig later xdthis week. >> and korea takes ççanother towards an expected of power from kill jong çil to çç of his songs. >> and later a qi]week çof campaigning and i]the wide openç race for çthe mayor of chicagoç it's the columbus day weekend event.
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jd . you're watching w3chicago'sç very own wgn okçnews at 9:00. [ çmusi+ a] they will soon çsee the ç drill operators çhave reached the ççççç33 miners trapped underground today. 65 days after çthe mine çç collapsed, the miners are expected to be çpulled out starting çxdçwednesday. barbara çhall has more. [ çapplause ] >> çreporter: w3finally the relatives çof 33 miners xdtrap more than 2300 feet unúerground et a chance to celebrate. saturap a drill çpierced the roof of the mine that has t( become the men's home since august 5th çwhen ççthe çç
9:18 pm
collapsed. excitement. >> this shows ççóçthat çqwhe chileans çunite for çw3great causes, çregardless çhow çgr ambitious they may seem, we are goa >> reporter: raul leon çi]çis geotech the ççokççcompany ( çoperated the rescue drill and is communicating ççwith the t( miners. they çççççare çxdçin goo theyare ççóhopeful obviously. and, well, çcan't wait to see today, but hard t(i]work t(liesç ahead. çthe safest way to carry that operation ççout using a capsuç phoenix. w. but t(today at çççleast ça [eflect a çów3job well done, 3 including for some americaoc who participated çin the operation. >> i]it çis hard to çóexplain ç
9:19 pm
are çjust çç[çeverything isd news. the celebrations are underway çin north çççççó çanniversary of çóthe çw3çqdv workez'r çparty. ho.yer the w3event çis also go to serve t(as çthe public debuç that ççt(country'r0future lea he çis çkim jong qççç un tó the current çxdçleader 68-yea kim çóçjong çççóil. not much çis known about the he is çsaid to bu ççóin his 20 the appe çtoday's extravanganza comes0ç3 day before tomorrow's çmassive parade north korea's militirx çstrength will be çç radio and ç internet çaddressed to, ç radio and ç 4ú+isk to america's future is vk ççócongress. he warns çrepublicans will ç jspending and ç
9:20 pm
threatening çw3the ç3óççç economic future. nothing would be 5]re içw÷ education. place in çqthaúqeconomy. korea and ççjapan and china a nmt@playing for they are playi and so should relevant united ç states çof america. >> preqient çobama çw3i]says republicans had their way they ç would t(cut education çfundingk 20 percent, reducing financial aid for 8 million çxdçóstudent çthe republicans çin çth address are attacking the çbam administration çwith what they president's çbroken çpromises jobs, the çççeconomy ççç healthcare. wyoming senator çw3koçw3çbarç criticized democratic çleaders the ççt(november cong@essionaç elections without çót(i]voting ç series of ççpresident ççbus tax cuts çxdççthat are çqen
9:21 pm
>> interviewed recently çabout why ççhe wouldn't extend ççç the tax çcuts, president obasb declared i]that ççhe had "a w and okthe çrepublicans want to extend all of çt(the ççbush cuts. president obama wants ççto keç the tax cut&for and ç individuals ççmaking w3less  $25,000 oka çóççyear. and impose w3higher tax okrafes everyone w3else, including the wealth çyes, sir çamericans. >> çça w3t(çççday of celebç rain pope çpush collation. and t(up çnext çthe çreverend jackson ççqmv"r:hpçi]w3xdmile >> çand çwhy so çmany chicag apple orchards are already çç of fruit. jjú çów3and later who is t(mk@ng a ç himself at one of t(i]çoq çci best w3qrestaurants at çóthe ç age of 30. [ music ]
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. chicago çfire departmaá ambulance like this one is stolen but the ride is short and the driver çççidentified
9:25 pm
jimmy çmccoy is w3çbehind bar paramedics çówere treating a ambulance at wilcox in the garfield ççpark i]neighborhoo around ç11 a.m. someone jumped into the driver's seat okand took off. the paramedics radioed into their w3situation from the back and çthe police re[pnnded alonq withúóthe çfire truck which blocked the ambulance at madison street and çcough neve police çw3arrested the driver q the person qwas transferred to another ambulance and taken to the ççhospital. a nasty surprise for shoppers at walgreens at 30th when a car plunged into the store from the parking t(lot outside. damage çwas extensive but fortunately no one çwas hurt iç that mishap. the çósedan was towed away but ç the store apparently çgot the worst of the çdamage. no word yet on the amount çof breakage but it appeared significant. júif w3a citation was issued. a couple qof democrats trying to get on the ballot for
9:26 pm
mayor of chicago spent qthe day talking and w3listening to ç voters. >> hello, how are you, nice to meet you. i'm running çfor çmayor of ok chicago. i ççran for the school board. we have work to do. >> he made the rounds in ççç city's0çchat ham çxdneighborho] introducing çhimself çand getç signatures. and spiking okçxdfkrmer white house chief of çstaff he also çxdçmade ççthe rounds t >> how are çyou? >> i'm glad good. >> çwhat's going on? >> nothing much. >> how are you doing? >> ççi saw you, you were çpl that eye game with me, çman. >> emanual hit several locations at part ççof his "t it like it çis tour." spent time at the lincoln çç hurant near lincoln and irving park. told one person who is running that he is running for mayor that he asked the person if he
9:27 pm
is çórunning for mayor. he told that ççperson çhe is trying. 12,500 signatures are qneeded b november 22nd to secure a spot ç on the ballot. a joyful noise is heard that çrainbow push coalition headquarters as the reverend jesse jackson celebrates his ç 69th birthday. singing and dancing and speaking all in honor of jesse lewis çjackson who actually turned 69 çyesterday. the civil rights activist çand baptist minister was born in greenville, south carolina and adopted by his step-father. jackson continues to lead and inspire chicago's african çç american community. and çóhe in q1948 and 1988. the weather department. what is happening tomorrow? >> happy çabout that. jim ramsey says our high [ joey ] we need to talk to you
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[ music ] >> jim ramsey joins us for weather. but before we get to that, let me make a correction on a story that i read earlier. i said $25,000 when çactually president obama wants to keep tax cuts for families and individuals making çless than $250,000 a çyear. and impose higher çtax rates o] everyone else including the welt yes, sir americans. that is definitely a decimal point in the çwrong place.
9:31 pm
i apologize for that. >> what a gorgeous lax. another one coming on the way. >> the record date for the record high was set originally in 1949 çfor this day today. today we tied it making it up to ç86 degrees. that's 21 degrees above normal. a very good chance we will see q the record tomorrow. rockford broke their record today. hype and rockford was 90. ç it just shattered the previous record of 84 degrees. time lapse pictures a beautiful day out there. a lot of blue sky. that helped to w3warm the air rather dramatically çtomorrow afternoon. the winds out of the southwest didn't hurt very much either. look at these temperatures very hat across fully a third or maybe a half of çthe country. wetty chilly up çin the northeast. bring that up. that's one of the few spots interior new york that's actually under ça freeze warni tonight. they could see their temperatures drop into ççthe ó upper 20s. but plenty of chilly air up in canada. get a taste of that this coming
9:32 pm
week. probably about the middle of the week. the day-time high temperatures back in the 60s. the normal high temperature for this date is 65. which ironically is also our t( current temperature. at ohear airport. dew point temperatures mostly in çthe 50s. upper 40s, low 50s across the area. we are thinking perhaps we will drop into the mid-50s for an overnight time. downtown 61 or 62 and that's all. the lake did help to chill çth air downtown just a bit. the high temperature at lakefront çwas 68. at midway it was 87. calm in most places. a bit of a northerly çbreeze  the airport. you can see the warm air retreating as cooler air çbuilds over the chicago area. this wednesday, thursday and friday. in fact, by friday we will see the high temperature right on the button normal or there abouts. then warm up a little bit next
9:33 pm
weekend but still watching that cold air north of the canadian border so it looks ibe any warmup will çprobably be a sho3 duration affair. rain there çis a low pressure system sitting out in the central plains bringing some rain and pken some thunderstorms to parts çof the dakotas. that will try to bring some rain into the chicago area monday evening. behind it it is another system. show you çwhat that's doing in just a okmoment. a closeup there. this is a cold front coming in through çthe pacific northwest is due in about tuesday. that will really pull down some of that cold canadian air. looking as we say for at least three days with the temperatures in the 60s. our computer model shows that low out to the west. and then it begins to bring the cool air down from the north. you will see in just a moment as we get çinto monday, there is, a little bit of i]rain is passing just to our north dissipating and maybe an isolated shower qor çtwo poppi up in the chicago area. not a big event. but a little damp perhaps. here is our forecast for tonight.
9:34 pm
clear. there it is. mild temperatures with warmer temperatures çin the downtown area. 55 to 61-degree low temperatures. then for tomorrow, mostly sunny and near r temperatures. or even breaking the record. 83 to 87-degree numbers are expected with the west southwest wind at 5-12. tomorrow night mostly clear and a little bit of a breeze. 58 to ok6hfor the low temperature. and then çby the time we get into columbus day the clouds will pick up a bit. again isolated showers possible. also have a little bit of a lake breeze. and i'm thinking that lake breeze and the cloudiness may contribute to keeping our temperatures around the mid çt upper 70s across the area. still about 10 or 12 degrees above normal. but about 212 degrees cooler than we've seen today and probably will see tomorrow. t( >> that's right. we have got to get çoutsid çtomorrow. this may be one of our last really great days. >> you done tend to get too many ççof these. in fact, we looked back through
9:35 pm
the records. you would have to go back 35 years, 1975 to find temperatures this warm or warmer this la(e ç?bg the seas so it's pretty unusual to see these numbers. >> çgreat, jim, thanks. >> the best fine dining spots in chicago has a new chef running the show. next our restaurant critic returns to truth. also the çlawsuit surrounding this unusual tattoo. and we've heard from the fans but what about the game? hqzúhlights of çthe blackhawks homeowner coming up later in sports.
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rule the air. verizon [ w3music ] for years chicagoans çhave counted on true to be one of the city's fine dining restaurants. >> and now there is a new chef and a new menu at true. how does çit çmeasure up? restaurant critic phil batel says it does that and some. >> reporter: true in the river's north area is as elegant as they come. the clean lined room filled with art. that's a real warhol in the corner. i çthink that one is from ikea even the door to the kitchen is really cool. the kind of place you don't expect to find a chef who is only 30. but anthony martin seems to think his youth gives him a certain creative freedom. >> one of the things about being 30 with taking over a
9:39 pm
restaurant i don't have ça repertoire of 100 dishes although inning a lot of chefs do. not necessarily picking things that i have done in the past which is really exciting because there is no limit of what we can do. >> reporter: think of t(martin' food as okrefined w3luxury. this appetizer is white gnocchi in a mushroom glaze that looks like lace. a lot of flavour inside here. get more assertive with bay scallops, some he át8]t:hbare and some he tops with caviar in a çfoamy lemon grass sauce tha reminds you of the sea. martin is bolder still with his entrees, such as this colourful dish of çred lobster meat, gre broccoli çand saffron yellow pasta all based in a broth. it is wrapped çin paper thin crust and çpackets of herb
9:40 pm
crusted lamb loin çand fava beans and edible flowers. it is an art nouveau garden of culinary delight. you will start with a shot glass of thickened rue bash strawberry juice çlike a smoothie from heaven and honey cake topped with ice cream ç spiked with al monday cinnamon ç twill. and okmenthol ice cream, mint  chocolate pearls. with minty marshmallows and truffles and more. and my advice is to try them all. finally the exploding truffles, chocolate cubes filled with liquid. i çthink these are cherry but the flavours change all the time. this w3is w3an exemplary servic and four çstar wine list. i don't give out four stars often but have no trouble giving them to true 676 north
9:41 pm
st. clair street. dinner is 20th anniversary expensive but one of a kind dining experiences generally are. for wgn news and the chicago tribune this is phil patel. >> çcount on one hand when we have t(seen four stars. >> phil doesn't have many of them in him. just about run out i think. >> it deserve it is i'm sure. >> i've been there it is really good. not under the new chef though but new guy. >> a birthday present for me. >> okay. >> for more on this week's restaurant check our website. and if you have plans çfor apple picking this fall you may have to do some travelling. next why so many area orchards are already out of fruit. >> and the always entertaining sights at the comic convention in new york city.
9:42 pm
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. you're watching chicago's very own wgn news at 8:00. oh, there is something nice about heading out into the country in october to an apple orchard where you can pick your own bushels right off the tree. but mother nature apparently got the jump on the apple pickers this year. the orchards around chicago are already picked nearly bare. they are blaming spring frost and hotter i]than usual summer season. and that all adds up to an early harvest. so how about a bushel of pumpkins? >> instead. well, get this, a woman from elmwood park is suing a store in chicago for tattooing a white sox logo on her backwards. she got this tattoo in june and it's at mystic tattoo art and body piercing. and now undergoing laser treatment to have it removed.
9:46 pm
she filed a $50,000 lawsuit this week seeking damages. she wants the shop to pay for the laser treatments and a different larger tattoo to cover what's left of the first one. the tattoo shop has not responded. >> obviously the s is backwards. >> oops. >> look in the mirror. >> look at it in the mirror and it will look okay. >> or in your rear-view mirror mirror. >> never minute. >> enjoy it while it lasts. this may be the last 80s week of 2010. >> jim ramsey is in the weather center and he says temperatures will start to fall after tomorrow. >> and it will. but it could be that we will see another 80 next weekend. we are looking at a nice warm- up. not quite that warm we don't think. but we will have to watch that closely. let's take a look at the radar. the next rain event to affect is out in the central plains. in nebraska and extreme eastern wyoming that will be tracking toward the chicago area. light to moderate rain for those areas.
9:47 pm
a few claps of thunder up in parts of the dakotas but no severe weather. rain may affect us on monday. an 85 going for a high temperature tomorrow. but that's probably conservative. after an 86 today we should at least make it to 86 tomorrow. maybe even above that. of course as we mentioned earlier, should we do so, we will tie or break the record high for that date. monday we cool a little bit with a chance of isolated showers. a lake breeze. increased cloudiness. and tuesday evening a little front comes through that will really usher in a change. that front may produce some overnight showers. but look at those temperatures. 65 for a high temperature possibly friday. and up to the mid-70s next saturday. >> man, can't beat that forecast, jim. >> been great the last couple of weeks. >> it has. nice going, jim. [ laughter ] >> oh, my pleasure. [ laughter ] >> well, balloon enthusiasts by the thousands are in their glory in new mexico. hundreds of hot air balloon pie
9:48 pm
loots own about 800,000 spectators have attended the mass assess, part of the annual balloon fiesta. balloons were launched in what organizers say is the most spectacular display of sound and color in all of aviation. from balloons galore in new mexico, we go to geeks galore in new york. tens of thousands of self proclaimed geeks descend on got ham to attend the comic con. a celebration of comic and t.v. and movies. it is the second largest pop culture organization in the country after the one in san diego. the event attracted some 77,000 people last year. people, aliens, everything. the hot seat got a lot cooler for one college football coach this afternoon.
9:49 pm
>> fighting a line something they have never done in their program history. >> and northwestern tries to stay undefeated as they take on >> and northwestern tries to stay undefeated as they take on big ten first is fast. first is 4g, but plays nice with 3g as well. first has an 8-megapixel hd camera and can stream live video to the web. first has an hdmi out. ♪ first shares wi-fi with 8 devices at once. first is not stephen furst, who played flounder in animal house. first has a kickstand for watching video. what will you do first with evo, the first 4g phone? only from sprint, the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access host: could switching to geico did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell!
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is [ music ] >> rich king is up next in sports. >> a balmy october night and memories ball other of a similar warm night in june when the blackhawks came back with the stanley cup to chicago. tonight they were raiding the banner and a home opener against detroit. the captain jonathan toewes brings back the stanley cup hopefully to return next june. the championship banner is raised. it is time to move on against the wings. down 1-0. marion hossa and to chris osgood to gets the puck back and he scores with two seconds left in the first. wow. in the second wings are up 2-1. greg goes up and finds brian biffle and gets the wrist shot home. that's how it stands right now in the third period it is a 2-2 the hawks and the winning.
9:53 pm
madden a texas race in the 9th. carl crawford tags one to right center. makes it 4-2. tampa hangs on to win 6-3. the phillies series are 2-1. >> the other game tonight the yankees trying to put an end to the twins in the yankees stadium. yankees lead 5-0 in the 7th. the twins will go down in three games. college football now and a milestone they wednesday at penn state for the first time ç in seven tries and beat joe patermo in homecoming in not so happy valley 52. husband he will next the hustle next week. and jenkins is determined to get in. and he finally will make it. illinois led 7-2 in the second quarter. the defense has more. robert boldin is set and he scores. and it is 14-3. they wrap it up with some razzle dazzle later
9:54 pm
on. jason ford puts it in the air for evan wilson who gets it and goes in. illinois win it 33-14. and 3-2 for the season. >> i told these guys, i mean, we get into the big ten schedule there are eight çgame every one of them has to be ready to go. we've improved you know from the first game. and i thought we played well last week. i thought we played better this week. next week will be another great test. >> all right. northwestern and perdue under the lights at ryan field. caps trying to stay unbeaten. it was 10-10. the third period five çyards a they led 17-13. less than four minutes left when dan goes in on the fourth and one call. perdue leads 27-10. they hang on to shock them. the final now 27-13. the first loss of the year for pat fitzgerald. ohio state could be number
9:55 pm
one in the t(poles. wisconsin a big one çover minnesota 21-43. >> and notre dame beat their former coach in south bend. brian kelly saw the junior quarterback from california run for the td. here is the throw. he finds michael floyd in the end-zone. a good job scuffling the defendsers. irish led 7-3. later in the second period chris on i]the move. you buy some time and he fakes it on his own. he passes for 242 yards. and also gets the td right there. irish win 23-14 improving their record to 3-3. chad span and the huskies had temple coming in. and span was the man. he would take it in for six yards out here. he rushed for an even 100 yards. huskies win 31-17 and now 4-2. columbia, south carolina the scene of today's big upset. top ranked alabama on the ropes against the gamecocks. stephen garcia gets jeffrey to
9:56 pm
make it 21-3 south carolina. go on to win 35-21. as we said earlier ohio state could be number one tomorrow. soccer on the lake front today international friendly game between u.s. and poland. the biggest polish operation outside of warsaw. he scores and the games ends in a çnice friendly 2-2 tie. the bears took off for charlotte today. i will be çgoing out there tomorrow. complete coverage on the bears and panthers that play on wgn t.v. recall carl lewis singing the national anthem. he forgot the words and actor david hasselhoff. but here is his version brace ç yourself. >> please remain seated and welcome david hasselhoff. [ applause ] ♪ for the land
9:57 pm
of the free ♪ ♪ and the w3 home of the brave ç♪ i] [ applause ] >> oh, my goodness just a little bit. doing fine with that song until the end. trying to çtop it up at the en and got off key a little bit. but nothing as bad as carl lewis. >> we have heard worse. ç>> çyes, we have. >> quite a few in my 40-year career. >> yes. >> have fun in north carolina there. >> yes, go bears. >> and that's it for saturday night. i'm jackie bange. >> and çi'm robert jordan. we will see all of you here back tomorrow night at 9:00. [ music ]
9:58 pm
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