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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 11, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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the chicago man spreads the wealth he's created to a new generation. >> this is chicago's very own wgn news at 9:00. >> this can't be true. it can't be true. >> a show of support for a man charged with murder. friends and family refuse to believe lynnwood officer killed three people. good evening, i'm micah materre. >> and i'm mark suppelsa. it's our top story seen around the country on wgn america tonight. supporters of officer brian dorian. julie unruh is at that gathering. a lot of people there tonight, julie? >> reporter: a lot, mark. friends and family of the officer have come to this local bar in lynnwood to show their
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support for brian dorian. he was charged friday after allegedly shooting three people, killing one, in what sounds like a quest to kill perfect strangers. tonight, his mom, sister and dozens of others gather in disbelief preparing to gather at his hearing tomorrow. they were wearing "free brian" t shirts and arm bands both sporting logos from the boston red sox, his favorite baseball team. they plan to wear it again, a show of solidarity as they proclaim his innocence over and over. fellow officers are doing their own detective work, they tell wgn. they say nothing in this case adds up, not the composites, timeline, not even the truck descriptions. in all of it, they claim endless tragedy, starting with the three victims who were shot last week. the second tragedy in all of this. >> an innocent man is sitting in jail right now, a man who's a cop, what more of an alien environment can you be put into than to be a police officer and be put into the same place where
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you've put the bad guys, okay. the third tragedy, he's still out there. this guy is still out there. >> they have the wrong guy. that's all i'm going to say, and there's no ifs, ands or buts about it. it's just a matter of how the system works and get this taken care of. >> reporter: you heard it from brian's mom, the school of thought from just about everybody inside is that prosecutors simply have the wrong guy. brian dorian is expected in court tomorrow afternoon. all the people here say they're going to go if they can to show brian that they're behind him 100%. >> julie unruh reporting. thanks, julie. tonight, hopes and prayers for chicago hiker missing in the mountains of colorado. wgn's gaynor hall has the latest from the search from coworkers on the northwest side. >> reporter: hi, mark. coworkers say james nelson was very excited about this solo backpacking trip up the moupt of
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the holy cross. at 14,000 feet, that is one of colorado's most popular peaks but nelson didn't come back when he was supposed to and another day of searching so far has turned up no sign of him. >> james is well known, well liked and many people are praying and hoping for the best for him. >> reporter: it was a third day of searching, four dozen people on the air, a helicopter in the air searching for james nelson. it started out on october 23 which was supposed to be a five-day 25-mile trip. this youtube video shows the view from the top. when nelson's fiance planned to pick him up on friday, he was nowhere to be found. the spokesperson from the englewood county sheriff's office says he is experienced. he had supplies and didn't go alone. he didn't take a cell phone and
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is not familiar with the treacherous terrain. >> this is an area search and rescue crews are called to quite often. people easily get thrown off of the trail and, you know, get lost. you know, people get hurt. you know, wild life could potentially come into play. at this point, we really just don't know. >> reporter: nelson is a member of the chicago backpackers meet-up group, often teaching classes at the rei store in lincoln park. he works at the chicago headquarters of the vvrjical lutheran church of america. tonight, his coworkers say they're hoping and praying he will be back on the job soon sharing the latest on his outdoor adventure. >> we know he was excited and loves doing what he does, and we hope his experience serves him well right now. >> reporter: search and rescue teams spent the weekend going over his prepared rout.
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they focused on areas off the hiking trial and a spokesperson for the eag county sheriff's office says they'll continue to search until they have exhausted all possibilities for where he might be. mark and micah. >> thank you, gaynor hall. an independent investigation is being called into a chicago bus crash that injured 37 people this weekend. they say what happened is a symptom of a bigger problem. the bus ran off lake shore drive into a tree saturday night. some say the driver got help steering the wheel from another passenger and a reveal from the surveillance tape doesn't show that to be the case. they say about a third of cta busses are overdue for at least one maintenance check. >> the hard work and the pressure the drivers are put out there, they deserve the benefit of the doubt until a complete and thorough investigation is
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done. >> cta released a statement saying they have a skilled staff and they deal in facts, and they plan to question the bus driver tomorrow. three weeks before the election, governor pat quinn campaigning around the state to keep his job. first rally held this morning at the plumbers and pipe fitters office on the northwest side. the campaign blitz was called putting illinois back to work. he visited seven cities ending in champagne tonight. he says he's fighting for every vote and sprinting toward the finish line. >> the best way to fight poverty, the best way to fight crime, the best way to keep families together is a j-o-b. i believe that and i think everybody in illinois understands that's what our job is. >> governor accuses his republican challenger bill brady of being anti-labor. brady says he supports union and nonunion labor. he picked up a key endorsement from the chicago tribune. the chicago tribune, owned by
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the tribune company which also owns wgn tv. early voting for the mid term elections kicked off in illinois. some voters ran into trouble. a number of polling locations were closed because of the holiday. it didn't stop senator dick dur ban from encouraging voters to get out there and vote. >> the president said to us, his friends, and the people who supported him to lead this great nation, i need your help and i need you to stand by me again. are we going to stand by the president in this election? [cheering and applause] >> voters should have better luck tomorrow with 50 polling locations opening up in the city. the early voting period runs through october 28. for a list of locations, head to the website, [drums] from politics to parades, chicago holding its annual columbus day parade today. crowds of people of italian decent came out to celebrate.
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the parade started at 12:30 this afternoon lining up columbus drive. from holidays to birthdays, yesterday was a special one. meet the one born at 10:10 on 10/10/10. and i'll take 10 minutes to get to the surface. it will take take minutes to the surface i should say. that's nothing for the miners who spent two months under ground, just a few hours to freedom. and tom skilling bringing more fall-like temperatures. >> you're watching chicago's very own wgn tv news, with mark suppelsa, micah materre, tom skilling and dan roan, this is chicago's very own wgn news at 9:00. chicago's very own wgn news at 9:00.
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st the >> tens across the board for a baby boy born yesterday. tom negovan tells us about the perfect 10 delivery. >> hey you doing. >> reporter: baby nade arrived right on schedule, 10/10/10 was his due date, a very special day, but add to that, the time. 10:10 p.m.. >> it wasn't expected. they didn't induce me for that or anything. it just happened.
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>> reporter: it's a date some parents might shoot for but not autumn. this first-time mom is just happy with her healthy baby boy, and it turns out numbers run in the family. >> she was born on the 10th too and on a sunday, same with him, and then my mom was born at like 11:11, and i'm like 7:11 so it's kind of all numbers all together. >> reporter: this time around, it's a memorable birth on what some call the luckiest day of the year, but autumn and nathannial's dad feel lucky enough already and want the same thing for their birthday boy any new parents would. >> it's just like the perfect end. >> reporter: and of course autumn says little nate would be special no matter what, his unique date and time of birth, just make him that much more so and, of course, there's the added bonus of birthdays, now impossible to forget. at edward hospital in naperville, tom negovan wgn
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news. northwestern university professor is a winner of this year's nobel prize in economics. he's more associated with the university of chicago. he won for his work on a theory that helps explain why many people are unemployed even when there are plenty of job vacancies. he was in denmark working as a visiting professor when he got the news. he'll be back later this week it celebrate with his wife. >> he's sort of humble and sort of embarrassed about it. you know, he called me and said, guess what, i won. [laughter] >> professor mortonson will share the prize with two other professors who also worked on their theory. the former dormitory matron at oprah winfrey's south-african leadership of girls accused of
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sexually abusing the girls has been found not guilty. she says she's disappointed given her own history of childhood abuse. you know when those chilean miners get it, it will be the biggest party ever. >> 33 men, two months under ground. >> we'll explain what's going to happen to them in just a few hours, the journey to the surface of the earth. and it's too much, paying too much money for your cell phone plan, and not just a few dollars either. many are wasting hundreds. >> orlando, welcome. welcome. what one chicago man has done to spread his wealth and a powerful message to young chicagoans. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
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>> tomorrow at midnight, rescue crews in chile will begin pulling out the 33 trapped miners. in today's successful test run, a line with steel was lowered 2,000 feet into the ground, just 40 feet away from where the miners were trapped. any lower, the rescuers were worried somebody might jump in prematurely. but first, two paramedics will be lowered first. the order is weakest meantally and physically will be first.
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a liquid diet will help prevent nausea. they'll be given oxygen masks, heart monitoring equipment and a video to watch them take the trip up the tunnel, which will take about 20 minutes. [music] >> wall street slightly up, closing bell for the dow up above 11,000 again, but don't expect a dramatic economic improvement in the horizon. experts say from the national association of business economics, they're lowering their expectations based on weaker data. the survey is reducing the growth forecast to 2.6% in 2010 and 2011, 2000 from what was predicted in may. illinois cell phone users paying way too much for needless
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services, that from cub, the citizens utility board which analyzed cell phone bills and reported that most are paying $359 a year more than they should. programs that give you more minutes than you need. billing errors like being charged for free night and weekend calling. they all jack up your monthly cell phone bill. >> the report found hours of wasted calling time on bills because the plans the industry pedals don't come anywhere meeting the needs of the typical caller. >> by the way, you can go to our website, and we've got a link to cub where you can get specific suggestions on how to lower your cell phone bill. in tomorrow's chicago tribune, there's a test being done in a chicago area classroom, can you use your cell phone to research local candidates taking office, well, rather than struggle to keep the technology out of the classrooms, teachers are finding ways to incorporate mobile
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lessons. the illinois tollway says drivers who skipped paying tolls, didn't get notices for two years because of a computer glitch. meanwhile the fines went sky-high. find out how to cellet settle the debt. a televised debate over the weekend did him in, so here you go. >> did you happen to catch congressman mark kirk, and giannoulias on tuesday. it should have been like the lincoln douglas debate quickly devolved into one candidate calling the other a liar. >> we shouldn't be surprised they're calling them a liar again. >> that's not the point. this election which began with flem hurling has just gotten worse. listen, i'm not naive, no one expects any campaign to be free of mud slinging, but we need
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leaders to, well lead, to inform, to inspire, for the first time in maybe ever, people feel they're handing off the next generation of america that's worse than the one they've got. long on fear and short on hope. the last thing we need is a long, drawn out campaign of neener-neener-neener. that's what we're getting. from brady and quinn and countless others in illinois. why? because it works. we fall for it. by tearing down the other guy, they don't have to build a case for themselves. with three weeks to the election, there's still time for one of these guys to stand above and deliver an idea of where they want to lead us. so are we going to let these politicians lower the bar for us? because if we do, then they've already won. that's my stantus for tonight. >> dropping out of the chicago skyline. so long to the dream that was the chicago spire.
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plus, a sky diver misses the mark and gets stuck. video games may improve reaction time, but it's what's happening in the brain in one study that has scientists worried.
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ñ úp;ñ
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>> all's well that ends well for a newbie sky diver. he was hanging in a tree 60 feet off the ground northwest of boston. the unidentified man was trying to land and came down in a wooded area. he was rescued after two hours. he appeared to be fine but was taken to a local hospital to be sure. dreams of a soaring chicago sky scraper seem to be sunk for good. chicago spire is supposed to be the tallest building in the western hemisphere. a bank has filed a suit against the developer and the bank could soon seize control of that 2-acre lake-front site. crews dug a giant hole in the ground and that's as far as it got. architect mark cayman saw it coming. >> it's no surprise at all. there's no construction activity at the site two years. and i reported last month that an alternative plan was already being considered for two smaller
9:26 pm
towers at the site, and this is simply the final nail in the coffin. >> cayman tells us the bank must find another developer and a fresh project that might not include the riverwalk improvement. back to normal, the 80s this past weekend appear to be ready to go bye-bye. >> tom skilling's forecast is up next, cooler and plenty of chances for rain. you've never seen fast. you've never held it in your hand, then unleashed it with a fingertip. never watched pixels whip by at 1 ghz
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>> look at that. isn't that amazing, you can see why folks thought there were buildings burning downtown this afternoon. it was fog. >> it wasn't the great chicago fire. >> no, it was fog coming through. we had a 16 degree drop from our third consecutive 80-degree temperature. longest 80-degree streak this late in the season, three consecutive days, in 21 years. >> it's great. >> i know, this is like something from fairy land, you know. [laughter] >> like a fairy tale, and here's yet another shot. look at this one looking east at the localized nature of that fog. this started up the lake as we'll show you for some weatherbug cameras in the milwaukee area in wisconsin and then it worked southward. it is gone tonight but watch it coming into the area, looking north here, the winds shift
9:30 pm
northwest. keep your eye too on what happens as it hits the buildings there. those buildings act like mini-mountain ranges and causes a little bit of a lift. the area was shrouded in stradness no time at all and we took the readings down to the dew point. the dew point and temperature in which the humidity is 100% and the condensation occurs. i think you see the lake front reappear and you would have gone on a few more second and is it wouldn't last long. we've now cooled off across the area and we have one last mild day tomorrow but it won't be par with what we've seen. it was 87 lake geneva, 86 geneva. here's a look at the high temperatures across the area. these 80s came right up to the lake front before the cool front hit. tonight, we're down on the upper
9:31 pm
50s, at some lake-side areas and in fact have reached that level by late afternoon and we may get patchy fog to form inland later tonight. 64 in cankakee and manucka and 59 with the light northeast wind. we'll keep temperatures lower than they've been of late. 62. this is wti milwaukee's camera, and look at the way the fog this morning in milwaukee was pea-soup like and it thinned out. that's the same patch of fog that came in here. kind of neat to watch that. here's the view from the lantham school in lincoln park, with the fog coming into the area. very localized. the folks in the suburbs didn't see anything like that and there are the temperatures around here. we've been in a warm dome of air and there's another one out west taking shape this weekend and
9:32 pm
intervening in between it will be the cooling air mass and the gusty north winds coming in from canada and this could send a shock of cool air next week. it's 41 in mark emp tonight. it's a back door type front so the cool air is emanating from this pool of chilly air and has not come in bodily yet but the cold air coming in from montana is the one doing us in in terms of the warm spell and that hits wednesday and thursday. winds northeast at 8:00. humidity 83% so fog patches may form again away from the lake and low values of mold spores. here's the reason for the fog. you can see how the visibility is back 10 miles or more unless you're south toward lansing or gary or benton harbor where there's 8/10 of a mile of visibility. look at the change in the jet
9:33 pm
stream winds that will bring the chilly canadian air into here wednesday night and thursday morning and also a chance for a shower or two. had a lot of comments about how dry it is. it's the driest october in 82 years of record keeping. we've had 1/4 inch of rain. we could use some rain around here. partly cloudy, these patches are inland and low temperatures down to 57, the northeast winds are light. partly sunny, mild tomorrow, but not as mild as it has been. 75 inland, upper 60s at the lake shore. northeast winds blow during the day but rather gently. tomorrow night, increasing cloudiness, winds will blow with greater authority as jim ramsey likes to say late tonight, 57 and a windy day, cooler and a real touch of autumn in the air.
9:34 pm
sprinkles and showers in the morning, partly cloudy and only 64 for a high. that's actually where we ought to be this time of year. you know a year ago it was 44 on this day. we had 82 today. 38 degrees cooler. this month is running nearly 12 degrees warmer than october a year ago, so pretty nice. >> let's hope november, december, january and february are the same. >> okay, micah. that's your request. very good, we'll put that in. >> when you speak, listen. >> i do, the problem is nobody else may, but we'll try. >> thank you, tom. coming up, a car dealer makes good on giving back sharing success with a group of lucky students. the problem with television marathons, one study showing the effect on kids, not good.
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what the olay professional pro-x protocol does, is help the skin to perform more like it did when it was younger by increasing the skin's surface turnover and repairing the moisture barrier. it actually said, "will diminish fine lines and wrinkles." and they're diminished. you know, it speaks for itself. [ female announcer ] to learn more about olay professional pro-x and get a $5 coupon, go online now. >> a group of girls from one of chicago's poorest neighborhoods, all part of a support group, a chicago organization teaching them how to overcome the odds. on the day of the support group leadership lunch, there happened to be an open seat at their table and a key note speaker, a multimillionaire sat down and
9:38 pm
gave them an offer they couldn't refuse. what happened after that was amazing. >> reporter: five 15-year-olds from chicago's englewood neighborhood scared and anxious. >> you have an assigned seat so sit there today. >> reporter: boarding the plane, some for the first time on a three-day adventure to orlando, florida. it's a journey that will change all of their lives forever. >> they taking good care of you? >> very good. >> reporter: the entire trip, all expenses paid, courtesy of dorian boyland. boyland owns mercedes benz of south orlando. he's only one of five african-americans who own mercedes dealerships in the country and this is one of the best performing in the nation. >> all of this in everybody's eyes is successful, but you can be successful gaining 100 yards in a high school football game. >> reporter: on top of that, he's ceo of boyland auto group, the fourth largest black-owned dealership with 11 stores in six states. growing up near 68th and merrill
9:39 pm
in chicago's south shore, he was a success story. raised by a single mother, went to o'keefe elementary, south shore high and went on to a college scholarship. >> o'keefe was a great school. south shore was a fantastic high school that prepared, you know, the years i went there for college. >> reporter: he was drafted right out of college to play for the pittsburgh pirates where he was part of the world series team in 1979. when he retired, one of the pirates' owners asked him to sell cars at his dealership. he worked his way up and eventually bought the man out. >> tell me about your house, it's gorgeous. >> reporter: every inch of every wall of this 19,000 square-foot mansion is covered with framed priceless sports paraphernelia. >> this is shaquille o'neal's
9:40 pm
shoe. >> reporter: shaq gave him that shoe. he's his neighbor in this community. you can look out his back yard and see his house, ken griffie jr.'s house and the home of tiger woods. he says all of his success he owes to his late mother. >> i think it all started when my mom became the person i wanted to impress the most and not any athletes or not any movie stars. >> y'all ready? >> yeah. >> reporter: for dorian boyland, success means giving back. so last may when he met these girls at a leadership luncheon in chicago where he was the keynote speaker for the support group, he did something out of the blue, something he hadn't planned to do. >> he said he was going to give us a call, and we all looked shock, like wow, and we was like, are you sure? he was like, yeah. >> i promised the young ladies at the table that when they graduated from college, and i say when, i'll give them a car. >> . >> he was like as a matter of fact i'll take you to florida.
9:41 pm
>> so far he's been true to his word. first up, a limo ride to universal studios. >> to me, this trip is more about fun and not reading about disney and universal studios or palm trees or swimming. >> i feel like it's all a fairy tale. >> reporter: five girls who can't believe their eyes when they walk into boyland's huge house. >> it's crazy for someone to have a big house like this. i can't imagine having a house like this. ooh, i'm speechless. this is my dream house. >> reporter: although this trip is primarily about fun, there's some education too, like when miss america 2004 stops by. >> when you see a beautiful home like this in a neighborhood like this and you see all these people and you get a chance to do all the things that you're doing, know that those things are attainable for you. >> reporter: it didn't stop there, a group of female business leaders also shared
9:42 pm
their secrets to success. just when they thought they'd seen it all. >> we have got you all your own personal laptop. [cheers] >> this made me really think about going to college. i want to be a nurse. he was raised by a single parent, i'm raised by a single parent, and he still worked to achieve his goals and i think i can do the same. >> i can't go back to chicago and make a difference in a million people's lives. i can't, but i can make a difference in, you know, five girls at a time. >> reporter: at that same luncheon in may, dorian also offered to pay the college application fees for all the students in the room that day. next on his agenda, to establish a college scholarship fund in his mother's name at his alma mater, south shore high school, where he will pay the tuition for several students. this is not the first time he's mentored students and paid their way. he's got an open heart and very
9:43 pm
giving. >> unbelievable. the generosity of a person like that with a vision to keep giving and giving and set a goal for the girls like that. >> and hopefully he'll keep inspiring and check in with them so they can graduate and get that car. >> good for him. >> definitely. we'll be right back. boss: our breakout session is gonna be great. got the gecko t-shirt... "4 million drivers switched!" gecko water bottle... notebook... chamois... gecko: sir, i feel a little bit uncomfortable with all... you know... with all this. i mean, it's not about me. should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in the nation. things like that. boss: oh, of course! we're not gonna get carried away. gecko: uh...yeah... all right as long as we don't overdo it. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> medical watch. kids who clock too much screen time will likely have psychological problems even if they are physically active. researchers in england studied more than 1,000 children, the kids who spent more than two hours a day or using a computer were 60% more likely to report hyperactivity, poor conduct, and the risk grew higher for children who were inactive. let's check in with mr. skilling for the seven-day. >> micah, i loved your story. we've got a beautiful day on the way tomorrow. fairly mild and a big drop in temperatures. but you know what, it's going to warm up again this weekend. out in san francisco of all places, they've got excessive heat warnings up the next two days and that's part of the warm air mass producing record highs
9:47 pm
of 88 today. you'll see the cool air entering by way of montana and that's the chilly air coming this way. here's why we turn cooler. upper winds and got a blast in from canada, and see how the trough was moving along. we warm back up again for the weekend and probably not as intensely as we did in this current warm spell with three consecutive 80s, but we may get a couple of showers out of the bargain, later tomorrow night and early in the day wednesday, before winds turn northwest and we dry out. showers down state, those are not the ones we're looking at. it's the ones out in montana coming this way, and we've gt a tropical storm. if you're heading toward the yucatan peninsula, cancun, this is one to watch, and there are tropical storm advisories up there as paula has formed with 60 miles per hour winds.
9:48 pm
and this storm may just spin around there making it a real devil of a forecast, but it's something to watch, and expect it to become worst, a minimum hurricane the way it looks like. 75 tomorrow, 60s at the lake shore, 64 all areas with gusty, northerly winds. 62 on thursday, beautiful and sunny. 62 on friday, a day with lots of clouds, reinforcing a shot of cool air, 71 saturday and 71 sunday and 70 on monday, not bad. >> not bad. >> unbelievable. >> it really is, mark and micah. tell you about it tomorrow. today's photo captured the blanket of fog. >> the perfect 10 baby and the columbus day parade. check out the photos of the day.
9:49 pm
>> tribune photos of the day. check them out at
9:50 pm
back in the sports office with dan roan, and it's been a busy night. >> it has. we'd like to clear up the bears' quarterback decision but we can't. maybe in a couple of days, and the blackhawks 0-2 to start their season, and actually got a tie in the first game. looking for their first win tonight in buffalo. the home-town boy comes through. we'll have the highlights coming up. can a smartphone be its own guardian angel ? can it keep an eye out for itself, literally show and tell you where it is when you don't even know yourself ? droid can with lookout mobile security, one of thousands of free apps for the droid x and droid 2 by motorola. available on the ever-expanding android market. when there's no limit to what droid gets, there's no limit to what droid does.
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>> now that's more like it. >> i would say so, we've been waiting a few days for this. you know the drill, got the rings and the stanley cup banner raised, and still no vict victories, and the blackhawks were out. this began horribly for the hawks. 14 seconds in, on cory crawford and it was 2-0 less than 3 minutes in. the come-back begins here. leaving it for cane and he buries it on brian miller 2-1. later in the first, nicholas jomerson zeros in on jason thomasville who may never have seen him coming. game misconduct and he was taken out on the stretcher and given a
9:54 pm
thumbs-up. scoring to give the hawks their first lead of the night. early in the third, stole the puck near center ice on miller, that's the game winner. crawford gets the victory. they killed off 13 minutes of power play time and the hawks get on the board 4-3. life is good if you're a chicago bear, leading the nfc north, tied for the best record in the league, and coming home to play a team they should be able to beat, the seattle seahawks. the question is will jay cutler be ready to play this weekend? we'll know more on wednesday. tom collins is plan b at quarterback. collins was terrible yesterday, threw six completions and four interceptions, leading to a qb rating over 6 but he's still the guy, at least for now. >> we haven't changed anything right now, same way to go into the game, everyone is lifted
9:55 pm
right now. you go back monday, do a lot of video work today. >> is he going to be the one to start? [laughter] >> let's go back to what i said a little while ago, all right. we haven't made any of those kind of decisions. the starting list you had yesterday, go with it, how's that? can't go, maybe julius peppers could be the quarterback. he did everything else yesterday, including a deflection and a pick on the same play. he didn't get a sack but he wreaked all kinds of havoc out there, which surprised none of his teammates. >> he's just a play maker. he might not have any sacks but he'll get three holding calls, putting pressure on the quarterback putting them out the pocket, which is big, so julius was a huge, huge addition to this defense, a tremendous upgrade, you know, he comes to work every single sunday, and what more can you say about
9:56 pm
that. >> the bulls working out today and his broken hand will keep him out a few months. they might not be buying his story that he tripped over a bag at his home. he's saying it's not accurate. >> from what i understand, there's nothing to it. i spoke to him yesterday, the team's not looking into anything. he tripped over a bag and he got hurt. >> yeah, it's hurting. you always hear him on the sidelines talking, walking around the gym like he a coach now, but he's a good teammate, and we're missing him a little bit but we still got to go out and play these games. >> yes, they do. larry rothschild returning next year as the pitching coach, that's a contract.
9:57 pm
just over in atlanta, game 4, braves and giants, 2-2 in the 7th. giants attacking again, ross, base hits through the hole, buster posy scores the go ahead run and pat borrow is 3-2, two on for the braves and a ground ball of third, across to first, and this series is over. giants move on to face the phillies in the nlcs, the managerial career of the great bobby cox comes to an end in atlanta tonight. >> thank you. that's the news for this first is the first 4g phone.
9:58 pm
first is live video chat on the go. so you can be face-to-face even when you can't be. whether you're on 4g, 3g... and of course wi-fi. first lets you stream live video to the web. in 3...2... 1. what will you do first with evo, the first 4g phone? only from sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access
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