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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 13, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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17 up and 16 to go and the rescue effort that has captivated the world. one by one, chilean miners are being pulled from the underground mine where they have been trapped for more than two months. good afternoon, i'm robert jordan for steve sanders. >> and i'm allison payne. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america. so far halfway through the rescue operation has gone without a hitch. but still a long way to go.
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omar regatta is the 17th and latest miner to be lifted out of the shaft. he and his 32 fellow miners have been stuck more than 2,000 feet underground since august 5. that's when 140 million tons of rock collapsed around them. they survived 17 days before people even knew they were still alive. rescuers thought they wouldn't be able to get them out until december. but the delicate drilling process went more quickly than expected. the miners are being pulled up in a capsule through a shaft not much wider than a manhole cover. the first miner emerged just after midnight chile time and they have been coming out every 40 minutes. so far they all appear to be in good physical health and no one has required any special medical treatment. no one has survived trapped underground longer than these 33 miners. people in chicago with chilean roots are watching the
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rescue with great anticipation and holding their breath. >> that's right. wgn's nancy loo is live on the north side with more. nancy? >> reporter: hi, allison and bob. you know chicago's chilean community is small but it's feeling a bit bigger with much of the world cheering along today with each dramatic rescue. here on the northwest side the owners and employees of the restaurant have been glued to the news coverage monitoring the rescues and hanging on practically every word sharing in the celebration back in chile. >> my husband and me -- crying. but happy. yeah, happy. happy but emotion. >> and it's been emotional for people even with no ties to chile. but here at chicago's only chilean restaurant, people say
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the joy is so welcomed after february's earthquake in chile, that took over 700 lives. live on the northwest side, nancy loo, wgn news. a police officer from lynnwood is a free man after spending five days as a suspected honey bee gunman. wgn's julian crews is live in joliet with the latest developments on that. >> reporter: good afternoon. will county states attorney james glasgow is apologizing to brian dorian who was cleared by evidence that he was on his home computer at the time that a deranged gunman went on a two state rampage killing one man and seriously wounding two others. >> christmas time but it's a dark christmas because he is still out there. what do you say to all the people -- >> there is mixed emotion for brian dorian, friends and
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family lynnwood police officer was cleared of wrong doing and released from jail. his family is overjoyed at his release. but at the same time angry with will county law enforcement for seemingly rushing to judgment in their opinion. a similar vehicle description and a witness picking him out of a line up led to dorian's arrest. five anxious days in jail later dorian is free and with all the emotion it seems that dorian's family couldn't contain their frustration. >> dad! dad! dad! >> keep going. keep going. >> what was done here was outrageous. there was a rush to judgment. they had in their minds that brian dorian was the suspect and they spent all weekend putting the pieces together as mr. carlson said in a puzzle that wasn't going to fit. >> a relative believed to be dorian's father was arrested by joliet police, accused of hitting an nbc camera man.
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no word if there will be any charges filed against the man. now lawyers for brian dorian say there has been no discussion about a possible lawsuit that they could file against will county. they say they were various pieces of evidence however that should have made police realize that they did not have the right man. at the will county courthouse, julian crews, wgn news. thank you so much. the death of a two-year-old girl from south chicago has been ruled a homicide. angel hill spent sunday night with her mother on the 8400 block of south burly avenue as part of a court approved visit. the cook county medical examiner says that hill died from multiple injuries related to child abuse and blunt force trauma. dcsf is investigating the mother for possible neglect. original took the woman's children away from her after multiple reports of abuse in 2008. transformers 3 won't be
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fined or ticketed for an accident that left a movie extra seriously injured. gabriella was hurt when some wielding broke free from a stunt car during filming. indiana officials say a certified welder made the piece and the filming crew took all necessary safety precautions. filed a lawsuit last week against paramount pictures and the metal distributor. requireson. the suit says she suffered perm nbt brain damage and is pairiloused on her left side. first lady michelle obama will be in chicago today campaigning for a u.s. senate candidate aleksei giannoulias and some house contenders. first lady will appear with giannoulias this afternoon at university club. giannoulias' locked in a tight race against republican mark kirk. after the event, the first lady will head to a joint fundraiser for incumbent representative bill foster and debbie halvorson. and house candidate dan seal. the first lady will talk about
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strengthening the middle class and new health care law and new consume proper tex. the city's recent parking meter kiosk thefts have not led to stolen credit information. at least that's what the company that runs the meter system is saying. in recent weeks about 20 electronic parking meter boxes were stolen from chicago mostly on the northwest side. drivers were concerned that thieves had access to their credit card numbers. the company that runs the meter system says the pay boxes do not store credit card information so there is no risk of identity theft. police think robbers took the machines for the coins inside. if you see a missing machine, you should report it to laz parking. more than 200 city jobs are on the chopping block. coming up, at noon, mayor daley unveils his final budget complete with job cuts. and spending and fiscal reserve. and he became the first nhl
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player to score more than 50 goals in a season. hockey legend bobby hull joins us to talk about his new book, the golden jet. and we will continue to follow the rescue of those trapped mineners chile. we are awaiting the rescue of miner number 18. [ female announcer ] there's a new way to let go of some of the annoying symptoms menopause brings. introducing one a day menopause formula. the only complete multivitamin with soy isoflavones to help address hot flashes and mild mood changes. new one a day menopause formula.
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discover customersl are getting five percent cashback bonus at restaurants. it pays to switch, it pays to discover. four nato service members have been killed in a bomb attack. nato hasn't given details about the attack, but it's considered rare for that many service members to die in one incident. two other nato deaths are reported in afghanistan today
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bringing the total to 34 so far this month alone. 2010 has been the deadliest year for international troops since the u.s. led invasion in afghanistan started nine years ago. a marine from chicago was killed during his first combat deployment in afghanistan. lance corporal john sparks was killed by small arms fire while fighting enemy forces in southern afghanistan on friday. sparks enlisted in 2008 and served as a machine gunner for the first marine division out of camp pendleton in calings. he was awarded the purple heart and the combat action ribbon. the search in colorado for a lost hiker from chicago has been called off. 31-year-old james nelson was reported missioning by his fiancee' on friday. ravened with resident planned a five day hike up the mount of holy cross near vail. he was last seen by two hikers ten days ago. rescuers say they have looked at all of the areas that can be
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safely reached on foot. local sheriff's says nelson did not have a cell phone and never hiked in that area before. there is a gruesome development in the investigation into a tourist murder on the mexican border. the lead investigator in the case has been murdered. his head was severed, packed in a suitcase and delivered to mexican military officials. texas police believe drug cartels may be to blame. the man had been assigned fatal shooting of daiched hartley last month. hartley's wife says he was shot and killed by pirates but his body has not been found. the defense secretary is against a judge's decision to end the military don't ask, don't tell program. yesterday a judge issued an injunction stopping enforcement of the policy saying it's unconstitutional because it intrudes on a soldier's personal life and freedom of expression. but secretary gates says that congress should decide the issue through law not by court order. he also says that the decision will have enormous consequences
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on u.s. service members. attorneys general in every state launch a coordinated investigation in the growing national foreclosure mess. >> also, is lunch lady messing with your kid's minds? the new psychological strategies being used to get kids to make healthy choices in the lunch line. and speaking of healthy, chef ryan is back with us today. what are you making there? >> i'm working on a recipe that's half the fat of the fast food alternative. we were working on crispy chicken nuggets and apple sweet sauce. stay tuned.
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president obama was talking about tuition tax credit and why it should be permanent. the $2,500 tax credit is dow expire at end of the year. it's part of the 2009 economic
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stimulus bill and the president wants to become permanent. the so far congress has not acted on his request. the treasury department says more than 12 million people use the tuition tax credit to pay for college last year. mayor daley outlined his final city budget plan for chicago aldermen this morning. daley wants to keep the 2011 budget balanced without raising taxes or fees. wgn's jay miller is at city hall live with that story. >> reporter: hi, allison. in what was his last budget proposal in his 21 year career as mayor, mayor daley said his plan to but -- balance the budget won't satisfy everyone, but said his job is to protect taxpayers and that is what he has done, he said. s. >> for the next search months i will continue to work as hard as i have for the past 21 years
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for the betterment of chicago. >> reporter: mayor daley delivering his final budget proposal of his career before the city council this morning. the gallery was packed. people clapped and shouted four more years as mayor concluded his speech. in that speech, the mayor promised not to propose any increase in taxes, fines or fees next year including property taxes. instead, he said the city will continue efforts to consolidate departments to reduce costs. he also proposed the use of $180 million in surplus funds to help balance the budget. that will infuse 38 million into balancing the 2011 budget. he proposed borrowing an additional 120 million from the parking meter fund, something he knows will be controversial. reaction from aldermen today was mixed. >> i think we need to have an independent budget office much like new york city has. has an independent set of eyes
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to look at the budget and come up with possible solutions. we don't have that. and as a result all the information that's funneled through the mayor's office and we are at handicapped in trying to come up with real solutions. >> i think what he has done this time around i think he has put it in perspective and the city will be able to function for another year without a whole lot of problems. >> i think my ward may have three or four of them to have surpluses that they may be looking at. we are concerned about that. >> $61,500 shortfall and figure out how to balance the budget and we will look at it and see what happens. >> and the mayor said he will also invest in two more police classes that will add up to 200 more police officers to street duty. the city council votes on that budget next month. at city hall, jay miller, wgn news. i'm bloomberg angie lau live at the cme group in
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chicago. attorneys general from every state launching a multistate investigation that spans the entire country. every state teaming up to conduct a coordinated inquiry into whether banks loan servicers used false doments -- documents and signatures to justify hundreds of thousands of foreclosures. allied gmac, jp morgan chase and pnc financial and banc of america have already frozen foreclosures in 23 states including illinois, ohio, wisconsin and indiana. banks are preparing for lawsuits stemming from the foreclosure mess. jp morgan chase putting aside money today and it expects to pay out related to investigations into alleged faulty foreclosures. meanwhile the price of a bushel of corn rise together highest level in chicago trading today. since august of 2008. the reason, we could see more corn based ethanol in our gasoline. tell bloomberg news the obama administration will grant a
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request from ethanol producers to permit higher concentrations of the corn based fuel additive in gasoline it made in 2007 and later. butted a voa -- advocacy groups fearing it might boost food prices. and jamba juice, jamba juice announcing its largest new franchise transaction to date signing the purchase agreement for 41 stores in the mid west. mostly in chicago and minneapolis. and lastly, looks like cupertino apple hit 300 mark today. $300per share. we already know that ammaking a new iphone to expand its smartphone over at verizon. all right, right now on wall street, we were seeing stocks gaining this hour thanks in part to china's record currency reserve. that's boosting optimism in the economic recovery. those are your business headlines. live at the cme group in chicago, angie lau, bloomberg news. bears quarterback jay cutler gets all clear to play
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on sunday. we will hear from him coming up. first, this slap-shot made him one of the most feared players on ice in his day. the golden jet himself, bobby hull will join us.
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he joined chicago blackhawks in the 1957 and 58 season and went on to become one of the greatest players in the history of the nhl and blackhawks helping to lead the team to their 1961 stanley cup victory. >> that's right. >> and bobby hull currently served as an ambassador for the blackhawk organization. >> start with the ring. >> and she is trying to get the ring off his finger. >> this is the one from 1961. look.
12:24 pm
look how far we've come. >> just a little ways. >> it's so beautiful. >> isn't that nice? >> welcome. nice to have you with us. >> i am proud to be here as part of the chicago blackhawks as an ambassador and to be able to wear one of these rings. >> talk about deserving it. >> i don't know about that. >> -- the kids deserved it. but i am so proud to be a part of the blackhawks in tell us about this new book. i hear it -- i hear it has all of the pictures never before seen. >> my book has pictures in it that we have been trying to find let's say for the last 20 some years. it starts with my father's championship junior team in 1929-30. and then ten years later i came
12:25 pm
along, 1939, and then after that ten years later i'm playing minor hockey in the belleville area and then from there it's junior hockey and to the blackhawks in 1957-58. >> and now of course you were telling us we will talk about brett in a minute. but his son is now thinking about playing hockey as a goalie? >> he is a goal tender. i chuckled when brett was introducing the family in st. louis when they retired his jersey in st. louis and said, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, my dad and my dad and i stand here before you with over 1300nhl goals. he had scored 740 some and i had 600. and he said and my son jude
12:26 pm
wants to be a goal tender? >> couldn't quite understand that. >> and what's nice is that this book not only has a great pictures but you must be happy that the great bob verde worked on this project. >> bob verde is likely the greatest writer, sports writer in the history of chicago putting things together the way they should be. >> you want the right words. >> and the right feeling towards it. >> great book. and we were showing some video from the old days and you have inside this book a dvd. >> look at you with old mayor daley. >> there is the dvd. there is the mayor daley who was a great, great guy. >> and arthur -- >> yeah, rocky's dad. >> got to get -- >> grandfather. >> correct. >> arthur was rocky's
12:27 pm
grandfather. bill was rocky's dad. >> how many seasons did you play in detroit? >> i wished i played in detroit? >> no, i don't. i played in chicago from 1957 to 1972. then i went to winter-peg. in the wha. you are thinking of gordon howell who played for the retd wings for so many years. >> i don't know much about hockey. it's just a mistake in the script. >> howell? what's the difference? >> i'm enjoying it much more since the blackhawks won. >> well sure. >> bob, i'm already plotting to get tickets to see them when they do play the red wings. >> all you need to do is know a guy by the name of peter hasan and peter will look after you just like that. >> john mcdonough -- >> and john mcdonough. >> did a wonderful job of moving the team and i mean the stadium is filled every time now. >> i don't know how many
12:28 pm
sellouts they had in the last three years. whatever it is, it's tabtsment -- at&t 34789. fabulous-- tantamount. fabulous. >> and a book signing so we need to get tain. borders on state street from tomorrow at noon pp and then barnes and noble at schaumburg on saturday from noon until 1:30. you still have a great grip. >> that helps to have this weight on. >> i guess so. >> bobby hull joining us today. tom-- tom skilling is here next. ( woman ) even with an overactive bladder, i don't always let the worry my pipes might leak compromise what i like to do. i take care with vesicare, because i have better places to visit than just the bathroom. ( announcer ) once-daily vesicare can help control your bladder muscle, and is proven to treat overactive bladder with symptoms of frequent urges and leaks, day and night. if you have certain stomach or glaucoma problems,
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you are looking at a live picture from the mine in chile where the 18th of the 33 miners has been pulled to the surface. this has been going on as you know all night long, all
12:31 pm
morning long about two miners per hour -- i'm sorry, two miners every two hours. about every 40 minutes they are bringing a miner up to the surface and so far they are arriving in good health and we are looking at that underground video there where they have installed a camera and so you can have an opportunity to see the miners as they are strapped into that capsule which is not much wider than a manhole cover. and then they make that less than 20 minute ascent to the surface. they had originally thought as this was pulled, they -- it would spin but so far it hasn't been spinning. it has been going up flawlessly. >> they -- it's been going up and down like anally have ther. >> we had a shot earlier this morning from inside the capsule. >> you are kidding. >> you could see straight up as it was being pulled up. what an amazing sight to see. >> and the glasses they have to wear because their eyes are too sensitive for light right now. >> and there are concerns about
12:32 pm
heart palpitations or maybe some problems but i don't think that's -- >> they are also concerned about the differences in pressure having been underground for 69 days and the difference in pressure there and then coming to the surface quickly in 20 minutes would there be a problem with the benz or anything like that. >> i wonder if adrenaline takes over and the sheer happiness and release of being out. >> we can't imagine what it must -- isn't that the truth. i know it could be locked underground for two months and then to have your family waiting on top. >> exciting to see bobby hull sitting here -- >> i was going to say i think in all of my broadcast career i never sat in a seat that's been warmed by bobby hull. >> he had a mean slap-shot. >> i have an idea. go see a blackhawks game. sounds good to me. yeah, yeah. guys, i will tell you it's a thundery morning. we have cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. 42,000 top thunderstorms in the area. and we captured it all in our time lapse camera.
12:33 pm
you will see at end of this loop here how the skies are brightening up. the sun is to break out of the clouds. we are going into more seasonal weather. this is cooler than it has been. but nothing barbaric by any means. we have been in meteorological nirvana in the last week with search consecutive days of 70 or higher. many of those 80-degree days. longest 80-degree streak between saturday, sunday and monday and 21 years at o'hare field. the end of all this came with gusty thunderstorms. note the wind gusts at gary in east chicago at rockford and beecher and how temperatures have dropped to the 50s in parts of the metro area. and the rainfall has been about two-thirds of an inch at gilman corporation community school here in town. about half an inch western springs with la grange little over an inch and same here at wgn. our time lapse camera look from the station here showing you the brightening skies to the west. we will get blue in there and bring the sun out and pump the temperatures 77 to --
12:34 pm
temperatures up to the mid-60s. not 76 yesterday or the 82 the day before but not bad. 06 at o'hare right now. it's 58 at midway airport. 55 chesterton. here is the view from the frazier magnet school in town and these are temperatures across the metro area. notice the sun comes out. temperatures make it up to the mid-60s while we are in the upper 50s under the heavier overcast. we ought to peek in the mid-60s today and tomorrow. there is a lobe of very cold air and a mass of it developing up to the north and it looks like a punch of that will get in here next week. we ought to warm up between this cool off the next couple of days and saturday when we will shoot up to the low 70s again. temperatures 60 here in chicago. 57 alexander in minnesota. 63 in the twin cities. so this is only seasonal air mass. though a lot cooler. 11 degrees below where we were 24 hours ago. across the area. and the air is drier so tonight expect the real chill in the air. suburban areas can expect some
12:35 pm
30s tonight while we will stay in the mid-40s up against the lake in the city and see how the back edge of the clouds is coming closer to the area. you can almost see the brighter white clouds cumulonimbus clouds that were poking up to over 40,000 feet and producing the rains this morning. they are welcome but certainly won't break the dry spell all this again the advertised shift in upper level winds and notice how this ridge is moving along. this is called a progressive pattern in meteorological -- sure it will cool off but it's moving along in this cool air mass and we add to be warming up again for a period of saturday and sunday away from the lake then turn cooler by tuesday, wednesday next week. wind gusts coming in. our models are showing by noon the showers and thunderstorms predominantly east of us and that's looking good. they continue to shift out of the area so that by tonight we are mainly clear. we have some scattered clouds
12:36 pm
and a little patch of cloud cover. if you look leer-- here, there is our sprawling high pressure with the northwesterly wind. see this buckle? this is another re-enforcing front and this thing will sag southward and bring another lobe of cool air in on friday which will actually be cooler than what we have this afternoon and tomorrow. and then it quickly pulls out and we warm up. where are the thunderstorms? they are impressive and lined up from illinois to northwest indiana and lower michigan the tower over 48,000 feet and if we look at lightning, we lay that in on top and you will see these are still producing pretty good lightning to the areas east and south of us. all that is over in the city itself and areas northwest and here is the rain that has come down with that front. heaviest right through the heart of the city right here. frank reports .3 nmpleg especially at nrchg especially at of an inch especially at midway airport. this is the most since the third of the month.
12:37 pm
this afternoon partly cloudy. blustery and cooler. temperatures about ten degrees off yesterday's levels at 67 and northwest winds 11 to 23 and gusty as the afternoon wears on. tonight, scattered clouds and chilly. 44 at o'hare but 30s upper 30s inland. northwest winds stay up at 8 to 18 miles per hour. tomorrow partly sunny. cool. west, southwest winds blow. highs 66. and that second front passes tomorrow night without a lot of weather but there will be a fair amount of cloud cover in its wake on friday. more clouds than sun and high of 60 with north winds at 10 to 22. then jump back to the low 70s for the weekend. >> that is wonderful. >> it really is. not shabby at all. we had 149 days at 70 or above this year, 133 is normal. >> keep those numbers in your head. >> get things rolling around up there. >> thank you.
12:38 pm
and we will be right back. ♪ ♪ come on, people, now ♪ smile on your brother ♪ everybody get together ♪ try to love one another right now ♪ [ female announcer ] the time has come to get a diaper that really works, without the really high prices. the time has come for luvs. say yes to ultra leak protection, no to pricey diapers. it's time for luvs with the luvs money back guarantee.
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jay cutler was cleared by doctors to participate in full practice today. barring any setbacks he should be the starter on sunday. this is great news for lovey smith. mike martz and the entire offense. passing attack was nonexistent on sunday against the panthers. todd collins threw four interceptions at cutler's replacement leading the to promotion of haynie as a back up. caughtler spoke with the media about his return and the seriousness of his injury. >> how does it feel to be back? >> feels good. tough to watch the game. i'm back this week. i have been banged up before and stuff. your head and your brain is totally different. once you get into that element, you have to take a step back.
12:41 pm
>> and your live illinois lottery drawing is coming up next.
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the morning pain reliever. new report shows that midway airport is worse than o'hare when it comes to flight delays. in fact, midway was ranked worse in the nation for on time performance in may, june and july. only 71% of all out going flights at mid-took -- midway took off on time. since then the record has improved a little bit during
12:45 pm
the same period 76% of the departing flights at o'hare took off on time. on the medical watch today, a surprising number of medicare patients with late stage cancer are undergoing unnecessary medical tests. a new study finds that advance cancer patients are being screened for new cancers even though they have limited life expectancies and little hope of being cured. medical experts say too much testing isn't cost effective. it also raises patient's anxiety and leads to unneeded follow-ups and treatment. the federal government is taking another step in trying to get school kids to eat right. it awarded a $2 million grant to scientists to find ways to use psychology to improve eating habits. these are some tricks judged as a success by researchers at cornell university. one, keep ice cream in freezers
12:46 pm
without glass display tops so the treats are out of sight. out of sight, out of mind. move the salad bar next to the checkout register where kids linker to pay. and set up quick line for students can make their own subs. october is adopt a dog month. owning a dog or a cat is a lot of fun and doctors say it can also be a prescription for good health. studies have shown that people who have pets have lower blood pressure, they have a decrease in stress hormone called cortisol and higher level of feel good hormones in their bloodstream. >> i will put on a prescription pad, one cat, one dog, indefinite refills. >> she had a bad day and doesn't know. he is happy to see you no matter what. >> doctors say companionship is good for everyone and there is nothing like the unconditional love you experience with a pet. well, if your dog likes to destroy the couch while you are away, research says the dog
12:47 pm
could be a pessimist. new study say -- some dogs prone to doom and gloom and others have more optimistic dispositions. research is in the uk found that dogs with severe separation anxiety were more prone to act out or slower to respond to praise versus dogs without the emotional attachment issues. they suggest that pet owners address their animal's emotional issues and possibly seek treatment. well, lunch break is next. >> can you imagine taking my dog to the dying psyche? chef ryan mocker is back with an easy week night dinner recipe and it's not fish today. my doctor said most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal.
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you are looking at a great shot. a live picture from the mine in chile where the 18th miner has just been pulled to the surface. that is the wife of esteban rojas. and he is coming out right now. we had a shot just a moment ago of the capsule. there she is applauding and rescuers are having to unstrap him and get the helmet off and are wearing the special glasses to protect them. he like so many of the others have knelt down and said a prayer upon reaching the surface. more wonderful stories of the rescued miners. let's go to allison. all right, bob. that's just such a great visual. seeing him. say his thanks for making it out of there. chef ryan, our good friend is
12:51 pm
back. and don't go to mcdonald's for chicken mcnuggets. do it at home and do it right. >> not specifically going to say that but we will give an alternative. >> that is chicken? >> this is chicken. chicken tenders. this comes off the chicken breast. really nice lean white piece of meat. we will make it crispy chicken tender. and-- >> what's that in there? >> this is a japanese bread crumb. nice and fluffy. i poured a little olive oil inside here and a pinch of cayenne. little bit of salt. so this is our bread crumb mixture. and what we are doing is we will take some dition musttered -- dijon mustard and paint our chicken tenders here. i will do a couple of those. and then -- i will put you to work. what i got is we will take and go inside the bread crumb mixture, i will have you turn them -- swirl these up inside here. >> make sure they are all covered. got it. so the oil will crips ease --
12:52 pm
crisp these up and put these on this sheet pan here and bake these. we will bake those for 12 to 15 minutes at 375 degrees. make sure they are cooked. see that so you have a nice crispy light techture. one of the things about health food is that a misperception is that it is bland and there is no texture. crispiness is the first thing that goes out the window. >> because you can't fry anything. >> i'm all about reinventing health food. make sure it's delicious. we have the texture, swret flavor. now with a we will do to this. this will go into the oven. we will make a sweet and sour sauce. >> you got -- you have chef sarah. >> chef sarah is the dietitian that holds it together in the kitchen. she formulates the recipe. i will have you help me out with some apple -- and tarragon? >> it is.
12:53 pm
making a sweet sour sauce out of diced granny smith amounts. leaks there to throw -- leeks there to throw in. we have brown sugar. instead of a regular sweet/sour sauce with the high fructose, we will make our own. brown sugar. all sps -- alspice. little dark rum. add that extra flavor, that kick. we got a little bit of cidar vinegar, apple sauce. and what's going to happen is -- we will throw these currents in here. another dried berry. kind of like a raisin. >> that's going to be really good. we will let this simmer for 25 minutes. so it will be nice and saucy. i will let that simmer and mix that up for a second. >> i would like to -- listen, bob, don't go to mcdonald's for lunch today. >> we got half the calories. twice the protein. half the fat with this recipe. >> you got serving of fruit in there. serving of fruit in. there sweet and savory going on to it and one of the things you
12:54 pm
can look at here is the finished dish. if you want to prepare this ahead of time, you actually freeze these -- >> like this -- is that? >> that's that. what happens is it's going to oxidize. >> my dad does that with pears. >> good stuff. we can either freeze this or it will last for about a week in the fridge. and question actually take the chicken strips before we bake them and throw them in the freezer and when you get home from work, long day, instead of going through the drive thru you can pull this out. 15 minutes later. >> adorable. look at this. >> clean and simple and sexy. >> and apple. there is a dessert? >> dessert is all up to you. it's up to you. chef ryan thank you so much. you are wonderful. center chef food studios is located on west chicago avenue. you can find a link to their website at my goodness, he is part of the family for more information on ryan's recipe today, check out
12:55 pm
our web page, discover customersl are getting five percent cashback bonus at restaurants. it pays to switch, it pays to discover.
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12:57 pm
we were back with tom skilling. we will give us some weather tips for the rest of the day. >> absolutely. we have the sun about ready to come out and cooler air coming into the area. it's 68 de kalb now. joliet at 64. munster 59. there is the rainfall in the right hand column. you can see the fair a rain. look at clearing going on to the northwest of us. this is a beautiful canadian high pressure coming in for the next couple of days of brings us back to more seasonal territory. rain has pushed off to the east. noisy thunderstorms that went through here earlier today. here is a ten day forecast. you will see how the current lobe of cool air re-enforced right there by more chilly air on saturday. make that friday. then saturday we warm back up and kind of straddle the line between warm and cool air and that brings in growing rain prospects early next week. watch how this cool air settleles in next week. very chilly air expected to
12:58 pm
drop southward into the chicago area. so, boy, we suddenly find ourselves in real autumn like weather after this meteorological nirvana. pollen has been flirting with the yucatan -- paula is flirting with the yucatan peninsula. paula is a mall hurricane there with 100 miles per hour winds heading toward cuba. it looks like it's close to florida. the fact is there are strong sheering winds aloft so that storm will never survive a trip to florida but may soak the island of cuba with some big rains and hurricane force winds. and warnings out to that effect there. 67 today. 66 on thursday. then 60 friday. before we jump back up to 72 on saturday and 70 sunday, cooler at the lake for the bears' game. showers and thunderstorms possible. and real chill starts late in the seven-day forecast and beyond that the middle and end of next week. it will get a little bit cool there. boy, hasn't it been great. gorgeous weather. >> yes, indeed.
12:59 pm
>> great as you are. thank you and thank you for joining us. that's right and we hope you a great afternoon. we were back again at 5:00 and 9:00. mean time, v a wonderful afternoon. everyone.


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