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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 14, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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so don't delay. call securehorizons today about aarpmedicarecomplete. be covered. not confused. ♪ businessman and civic volunteer found shot to death. now friend rkz family and police are trying to figure out who killed him. and why. good afternoon, i'm sean sean in for steve sanders. >> i'm allison payne. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america. julian crews has been following the story since it first broke. julian joins us live from the -- with the latest. >> reporter: more questions than answers in this early
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morning attack. riverdale police have yet to comment or release details on exactly what happened here. it's not clear if the murdered man was deliberately targeted or simply the random victim of and ent crime friends family converge on the crime scene near 144 street and clark and south suburban riverdale. the place where melvin burnside lived for decades in this quiet and well tended residential neighborhood. >> he was nice to everybody. he gave everybody anything they asked for. i don't know who would want to hurt my dad. >> neighbors heard a single gunshot close to 2:30 this morning. initial reports were the intruder forced his way through burnside's front door. relatives say the 54-year-old was also robbed. >> you know, you can't be safe in your own home in your own neighborhood. we lived here 23, 24 years and,
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you know, we know all the neighbors. >> melvin burnside was highly respected here in riverdale and chicago as well. he said to have owned the south side chicago tavern for decades. at 87 and ashland. and he was known for his volunteer work helping young people. now riverdale police have been extraordinarily tight-lipped about this attack. initial reports are that it was a home invasion. now forensic investigators with illinois state police as well as the south suburban major crimes task force are assisting in this investigation once again police yet to release any details. in south suburban riverdale, julian crews, wgn news. chile's 33 rescued miners have met with the country's president in the hospital ward where they are being checked out by doctors [cheers and applause] those doctors say most are doing well and several are expected to be released sometime today. just a day after their historic
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mine rescue. they will be reunited with their families and then re- adjust to their new lives as international heros and celebrities. the president says his government will do all it can to help those miners get back on their feet. the government is making sure that they get paid their salaries and indom anyizations and we are going to continue taking care of them so they can get new work. >> the president is promising to make fundamental changes in how businesses treat their workers. he says chile will never again allow people to work in such inhumane conditions as that mine. we could find out later today whether congressman luis gutierrez is entering the race for mayor for the city of chicago. attorney general lisa madigan
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has already made it clear she is not in the job. doesn't mind changing her look a little bit. randy belesomo is live at the chicago cultural center with a look at the latest campaign developments. randy. >> reporter: good afternoon. congressman gutierrez is hay nouns whether will be running -- announce whether he will be running for mayor later today. we will have to wait until 3:00 for that. one rumored candidate is telling us now that she is not in this race. >> for the $10,000 time for all of you, it's not my intention to run for mayor. if it was i would share that with you. i enjoy very much serving as your attorney general. it is what i have been pursuing for well over a year at this point. attorney general lisa madigan says she wants to put an end the to rumor and that's what she did at the chicago cultural center before an event of equal pay for equal work. chicago "sun-times" fuels speculation today that madigan
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would enter the mayoral race after our -- her own race for re-election is over. she has been asked to consider a number of opportunities one we know of was to be a candidate for u.s. senate but the daughter of the state democratic party head has turned them all down because she says she enjoys her work in the ags office protecting women, children, consumers and home owners it looks like she enjoyed cover shoot for this month's issue for today's chicago woman where she unveiled inner glamour often hidden by her attorney general attire. >> how did you get your hair that big? >> the most important question. it was a lot of hair spray and a fan and a lot of people who know something about hair that i just don't. >> madigan did not want to know the results of this morning's text poll asking viewers if they like her new do. those who responded were just about split on this issue. i'm live in the loop, randy belesomo, wgn news. thank you very much. the u.s. justice department is checking to make sure that
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illinois election officials met the deadline for mailing absentee ballots to military personnel and americans living overseas. ballots were suppose to be mailed out by september 18. completed ballots must be post marked by november 1 and election officials have until november 15 to count them. chicago and cook county election officials say they mailed ballots on time. state elections official calls the matter simply routine. there has been a mistake on some ballots involving one of the candidates for mayor. the last name of green party candidate of the green party candidate is misspelled on the electronic voting machines. rich whitney is misspelled whiteey. the mistake appears on the review screen and not where you vote for candidates. the chicago board of elections says there is not enough time to fix it by november 2. whitney's name is spelled correctly on paper ballots.
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a governor pat quinn and state senator bill brady will hold their own way -- debate tonight. they will be joined by the green party's gubernatorial candidate. again, rich whitney at southern illinois university in carbondale. the other candidate scott lee cohen and lex green were not invited because neither has a score of 5% in a major poll? the latest poll taken by sui shows brady leading quinn by more than 8 percentage points. and because scott lee cohen is not preparing for tonight's debate, he is holding another one of his job fairs. today muriel clair live downtown with more on that. good afternoon. thils the sixth job fair sponsored by scott lee cohen. and it may not be his last. >> hi the independent gubernatorial candidate says he is demple to the find work for those in if need. that's a claim driving his campaign. >> it's not about being
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elected. it's about helping people, real people get real jobs. >> today's job fair held at cohen's campaign headquarters opened at 10:00 this morning. job seekers started lining up 30 minutes earlier with resume's in hand and a healthy dose of optimism. >> optimism. look forward to it. >> 37 vendors awaited those looking for jobs. most of the vendors offering commission based sales jobs. some job seekers complained their hopes were dashed. they were looking for a wider range of jobs. still, they say the candidate gets an a-for effort. >> i would like -- he has my vote. not only that to come out here and to present jobs and people that are looking that's an extreme benefit. >> reporter: about not being asked to join his opponents in tonight's downstate debate, candidate cohen didn't seem too bothered by that. he said at the time the invitation was issued he was polling and the 5%, says he is
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now in the 20% range. muriel clair, wgn news. new documents reveal how state treasure aleksei giannoulias dealt with illinois' college savings plan during the market meltdown. giannoulias blames risky moves by the opener had fund investment firm for the $150 million loss in the bright star program. documents obtained by the "chicago tribune" shows giannoulias knew the program was losing money back in may of 2008. but the firm and outside consultant advised against bailing out and moving in a more conservative direction. analysts say other states working with oppenheimer had similar problems. first lady michelle obama is urging people to vote early. that's what she did today, this morning mrs. obama visited a community center on the city's south side where she cast her ballot for the november 2 election. final stop of her two day campaign visit to her home town. yesterday the first lady helped
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raise money for illinois democrats including aleksei giannoulias. she said her children are foremost in her mind when she is out campaigning. >> my hopes for their future are at the heart of every single thing i do. trust me. every single thing i do. and that's really why i wanted to be here tonight. >> obama also appeared at a fundraiser for u.s. representative bill foster and debbie halvorson and congressional candidate dan seals. coming up next, prosecutors say it puts the american mafia to shame. international gangsters arrested in multimillion dollar medicare scam. also ahead, metra wants to hear from you about noise levels on its train. metra's plans to introduce quiet car coming up. later if you have a dvr why you may not be able to fast forward passed commercials some day. zthtjthththtjtjtjt@tjtjtjtjtétjt
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seven nato troops were killed today in bombings and insurgent attacks in afghanistan. they died in four separate attacks in different areas of country. at least 41 nato troops have been killed in afghanistan so far this month. nato reports that forces killed two senior taliban leaders in a raid in eastern afghanistan today. the u.s. state department says it travel advisory for europe remains in effect because there are still concerns over a terrorist plot that could threaten americans living or traveling in europe. earlier this month the state department advisedded americans to take some extra precautions after reports that terrorists may be plotting attacks in europe. today the europe counterterrorism coordinator says situation pretty much the same and the advisory remains in effect.
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hearing continues today for the army psychiatrist accused in last year's massive massacre in fort hood. it will determine if there is enough evidence to put major nadal hasan on trial. he is accused of killing 13 people and wounding 32 others inside a soldier processing center on the base. survivors have been telling the military court how they watched hasan shoot them and others while shouting, god is great. hasan has shown no emotion during the hearing. more than 70 people are charged in what is called the largest medical fraud ever by one criminal ents price. federal prosecutors say a network of armenian gangsters and associates are accused of cheating medicare out of $163 million. they allegedly stole the identities of doctors and patients and then set up phantom clinics and then used the names to submit fake bills for care that was never given.
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arrests were made yesterday in new york, los angeles, georgia, ohio and new mexico. took eight years, $240 million to build but the new hoover dam bypass bridge is almost open. the engineering wonder perched 890 feet above the colorado river. largest single span concrete arc bridge in the western hemisphere and one of the tall. >> north america. bridge is expected to drastically cut the travel time between los angeles and phoenix as motorists will no longer have to cross the dam and security checkpoints. cars will no longer be able to cross the hoover dam but it will remain open to tours ches bypass bridge was dedicated this morning and will open to traffic next week. the singer known as the queen of gospel is being remembered today. people are paying their respects to alberttena walker who is lying instate at west point missionary baptist church. at 35 and cottage grove. she will lie instate until 6:00
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tonight. and then at 7:00 p.m. there will be a musical tribute for her at church of god at 63 and dorchester. walker had been battling emphysema. she was 81 years old and known and celebrated all over chicago's black community. >> downloaded her music on itunes. >> that's why we love you. a leading consumer magazine says this is the credit card that you don't want in your wallet. we will tell you which one it is. >> and it's not a record to brag about. the number of foreclosed homes hits a new high in september with the numbers meant for illinois coming up. and she is called a culinary guru by the "new york times." ahead in lunch break, cookbook author dory green shares a recipe from her book, around my french table. (vet) i love working with animals,
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bloomberg's courtney donohoe at our headquarters here in new york. here are your business headlines. department report on the radar today the data remind that is right job market is still trying to get back on its feet. americans filing first time application for unemployment benefits unexpectedly increasing last week. 14,000 claims were filed in illinois. that's according to the most current data available. i should mention that's 4 1/2 decline from the same period a year ago. layoffs and firings we were seeing shows it will take longer for employers to add enough workers to reduce unemployment rate close to 26 year high. that's at. .6%. elsewhere home futures hitting a record in september. realty track says more than 100,000 homes received by -- seized by lenders. 6700 homes in default in illinois. that total number made decline in the coming months and that's
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a marriage bank slow repossession and review their foreclosure practices. yahoo! sign up the re-enforces. working to goldman sachs to fight its takeover approaches. no official bids on the table but sources say aol may be among the companies pursuing an offer. yahoo! rejected unsolicited $50 billion offer from microsoft back in 2008. yahoo! has dropped 50% since that time. more problems for toyota. the auto maker says testing of its part's and suppliers were not as rigorous as it expected. toyota says more rigorous testing might have prevented problems to led to that massive recall in the past year. on wall street, we are seeing stocks dropped. issue surrounding foreclosure pulling financial stocks lower. delay in foreclosure process could continue to hurt the housing market and cost financial companies more money. live in bloomberg headquarters in new york. i'm court courtney donohoe, enjoy your day. now if you are looking for a new credit card, "consumer reports" magazine has found the
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one you should avoid. according to the magazine, the worst credit card on the market is the first premier bank master card. the card's processing fee can cost up to $95. just owning the card will cost $75 a year. and the highest apr offer is about -- sean can't handle it. 60% to sign you up one today. the consumer report says even with $300 credit limit, you will pay nearly $200 in fees alone in your first year. >> max it out before you use it. tv networks want you to stop using your dvr to skip commercials. networks rely on those ads to pay their bills so they are now looking to present a video on demand service that will disable that fast forward option on dvrs. industry experts say that the only obstacle now in the video on demand plan is getting cable companies to actually promote
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it for their dvr services. commuters who ride metra may soon get the option of riding in a quiet car. metra is considering whether to designate a few cars on some of its trains to be off limits from loud talking, cell phone calls and electronic devices. they say they may add the quiet cars to trains beginning in february just as a test. metra is asking riders to give feedback they want to know what you think so they can figure out what kind of demand there is out there for quiet cars. they are even considering adding the quiet cars during off peak times. next, the tax implications that may affect you as result of the health care overhaul. >> and later in the medical watch, keeping your brain healthy one step at a time. the added benefits of walking.
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you may not be aware but the health care overhaul bill includes tax implications including ones relating to the sale of a home. >> and here to explain is "chicago tribune" health reporter bruce jabson, i'm having a hard time doing the math on this one. >> your home and goes to health care. >> how does that connect. >> there is a lot of misinformation out. you would have to make a lot of money -- you can tell me how much you make -- no, just kidding. you would have to make over $250,000 a year, but investment income for the sale of your home for a couple, you have to have a gain of half a million dollars before this 3.8% tax will go into effect. there is a lot of information out there. health care is a flirtical football. on-- political football. on one aspect of the tax we
12:26 pm
have a lot of questions about is if i sell my home, if i have a $300,000 home and am i going to end up pay 3.8% on that which will be what? tens of thousands of dollars? no, no. it's not that. you would have to have a gain of 500,000 if you a couple and $250,000 if you are a single person. in this economy, not a lot of people are going to have to deal with this. they estimate like less than 2% of americans. >> let's talk about this for a moment and i appreciate you trying to play financial reporter as well as health care expert for us. this isn't a new type of tax. this tax as far as sale on a home profit on the sale of a home has been around for awhile. it's just now folded into the paying for health care. >> right.
12:27 pm
definitely. that's where it gets complicated. a lot of people when they do their taxes at the end of this year for next year, there will actually be some benefits in health care reform. like if you have a small business you might be able to write off -- you will be able to write off, you will get a tax benefit for the premiums that you are going to be paying. this particular medicare tax doesn't kick in for another two or three years when you need revenue to fund the expansion, the 30 million americans. so people really need to kind of burough down -- borough down and list tonight tax people certainly there are wealthy americans that are going to be paying these taxes. but there are also going to be some tax benefits for folks out there who have been struggling to pay their premiums especially if they are individuals and self-employed and whatever.
12:28 pm
let's face it, these taxes are controversial for americans that pay -- make a lot of money. and are fortunate enough to have a huge gain on the sale of their home. friend of mine this morning who happens to be in that category referred to it as a robin hood tax. it's not a tax that is going to affect everybody. >> now bruce, you are talking about beginning in 2013 with the medicare sur tax takes effect. and if you make a good six figure salary it will affect you single married. that's what you are talking abouts in definitely. the other thing about that that brings a point up is that something that started in the bush administration about medicare is that medicare is an entitlement and means testing medicare. there are a lot of wealthier seniors out there that are saying my goodness, we are starting to pay a little more because let's face it, more people are getting older and so forth. just generally with medicare
12:29 pm
the bush administration started this where their means testing medicare. if you make more money and are not on a fixed income and you are very -- you an affluent senior, the government is asking you to pay a little more than other people. i don't -- not endorsing that idea, but the issue with medicare is that more people are qualifying for it because we have the aging baby boomers and so you need to get the revenue from someplace. and also to fund health care benefits a lot of hospitals are going to get their payments cut in a few years because part of that bill is when president obama says well we aren't -- we aren't funding this with all new taxes we is correct. there are hospitals are going to get cut because they are saying, listen, you have to be more efficient and make sure you are getting people in and out of the hospital and more outpatient care. >> bruce, we are out of time but we thank you for your insight. >> read more of bruce's column in today's "chicago tribune" or
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all right. cooling down a little bit. 60 degrees on my way into work today. when you were looking at -- it's normal for this time of year but when you look at grand scheme of things. 85 degrees. >> my question is it rained yesterday. is there going to be more? >> more of a statement than a question. >> however you want to call it. i have a question, more rain? >> there could be lake effect rain showers tomorrow, allison. and sean you are right up there, get an a-plus in 3d -- three meteorologist meteorology credits. we are back to normal here. this is kind of a reality check after going through what
12:33 pm
amounts to a trip to almost never, never land here with that warm weather here for seven straight days including the longest string of 80s in 21 years at midway airport. well, now we were just back to normal. it's not terribly cool but we have a re-enforcing shot of cool air that may run winds down this lake and into our area bringing lake effect clouds and rain showers of the lake effect variety tomorrow. but at this hour it's 59 at schaumburg. hinsdale and joliet and lincoln park of all moved above 60 as o'hare field it. 62 at midway. 64 at gary and 59 at mchenry. all areas boasting a west, southwest wind that flags out in front of the station kind of being extended. we could have gusts at 25, 30 miles per hour and then the winds will shift with equal vigor to the north, northwest late tonight and run down the length of the lake. look at beautiful fall colors on our weather bug camera at latin school and lincoln park
12:34 pm
and there is the view from the frazier school here. this is the wide view and we have some mid-and high level clouds coming in kind of filtering the sun. there is a cool front right here. and behind it winds are blowing with gusto from the north and another lobe of cool air coming in and will start running down the lake. it will parallel the shoreline but may just slice into eastern sections of northeast illinois and of course into our northern indiana suburbs. and here is why. big storm out here on the gulf of alaska. see the curl there? that's a beauty. the strong warm winds that are blowing up the west end of the continent buckle the jet stream and that in turn plows southward and carrying this front south hinds it re- enforcing lobe of cool air that comes in tomorrow. there is the jet. look by the way at the speed max as it rounds the bend. spins up incredible storm on the east coast. meteorologists refer to storm that deepen at rate of 25- milibars in 24 hours as a bombogenesis. these storms explosively
12:35 pm
develop and that's going to happen on the east coast bringing wind and high elevation snows and some of the mountains of new england and heavy rains at low elevations. we are going to be quiet compared to that. though we will see some winds blowing and here is the cool air. the 58 at international falls. the 41 here in northern saskatchewan province. look at the cold developing up north. that's part of an air mass that will collapse down on the united states. after a warm up on saturday. pretty nice across the mid west at this hour. we were two degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. but we have dew points in the 30s. that will worry on the night time temperature because that's where we are headed except we will bring clouds and wind in tonight. it's tomorrow night that this low dew point air may cool off and bring us 30s out in the suburbs. here you can sea the winds the. they are gusty and southwest ahead of the front. gusty and northwest behind the front. so we will have a lot of wind here in the next 24 hours as barometer stands at 30.06.
12:36 pm
west winds are blowing at ten and strengthening in chicago and humidity is 32%. moderate mold spores. no pollen reported. watch this storm out east. because as our cool air dives southward and note this re- enforcing lobe of cool air coming our way. this thing will spin up into one behemoth of a storm with winds blowing into maine up to 70 miles per hour and gusts and snow starting to fall in parts of the adirondack and white and green mountains and above the 3500 foot level they could have half a foot of snow. for us we are partly cloudy tonight and then these lake effect clouds begin to develop. now our modzle goes to 7:00 tomorrow and then the potential for these to swing far enough west to swipe northeast illinois and certainly northwest indiana from time to time. it's standard lake effect stuff so you have the sun one moment and little sprinkle or shower another. then here is the beginning of the storm out east. look at this clouds three or more inches of rain in parts of
12:37 pm
new england. so we can be a lot worse off. we also have tropical storm paula riding across cuba and blasting the florida keys with some squally rains right now. we will show you that on the update later. paula in a decreasing mode at this point becoming less organized as it's sure to part there but it could be a blustery day in south florida. blustery afternoon. increased cloudiness here in chicago. more seasonal temperatures than of late and turns windier at times with gusts at 30 miles per hour. high of 66. those winds are from the west, southwest and then tonight partly cloudy. gusty and shifting winds. maybe a brief shower early. low temperature 49. winds will shift northwest by morning. and from the northwest and north they will blow tomorrow. there the cloudy, blustery cool high of 61 tomorrow and maybe a lake effect rain shower in spots. in extreme northeast illinois and certainly northwest indiana.
12:38 pm
then saturday mostly sunny, windy, warmer and low 70s for the weekend. looks fairly mild on sunday. good day for the bear's game but the wind comes off the water. mid-60s at soldier field. >> watching that on television. >> thank you very much. we will see you later. don't leave -- on this day in 1968, the first tv broadcast from space took place from what nasa spacecraft? was it apollo 7? apollo 8? or gemini 12? the answer still ahead on your wgn midday news. [ female announcer ] there's a new way to let go of some of the annoying symptoms menopause brings. introducing one a day menopause formula. the only complete multivitamin with soy isoflavones to help address hot flashes and mild mood changes. new one a day menopause formula.
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wgns in investigation reveals cook county board president todd stroger personally approved a series of controversial contracts for a company owned by his deputy chief of staff. prosecutors say carla oglesby cheated taxpayers out of $300,000 in questionable contracts. she stepped down when it was revealed she priced these contracts just low enough that she didn't need the approval of the full county board. and now we have obtained e- mails that show oglesby got stroajer to sign off on each contract to her private pr firm as well as contracts for some friends. one e-mail refers to stroger's approval for the first contract. just days after he had hired oglesby. in it she wants to know how long she will have to wait for her money. she got the money the same days in this particular case i don't think she could have gone forward without the president's
12:45 pm
approval because it was his contracting authority we were using. stroger's office says it will not comment while oglesby's case is being investigated. former alderman using his political connections to work toward his community service. last year he was ordered to perform more than 2,000 hours of community service for his fraud conviction. now his records show he took credit for dozens of hours he spent organizing and attending a fundraiser at gibson steak house. that may not be enough. prosecutors want him to serve some prison time for his conviction. ask a judge tomorrow to sentence him to three and a half years. a cook county commissioner faces possible contempt charge for transferring money from subpoenaed funds. court documents show 17th district commissioner elizabeth gorman transferred $68,000 from her campaign fund a few days after business creditors subpoenaed it. judge recommends that she be held on contempt of court charges until if she does not
12:46 pm
return that money rather to her campaign fund, gorman denies wrong doing in this case. she says she was simply wanting to change banks. on the medical watch, health officials warn there is a risk of thigh bone fractures with widely used bone strengthening drugs. drugs like fossmax -- boinforma treat brittle bones from osteoporosis. but the fda says people taking the drugs for more than five years appear more likely to suffer fractures. the fda says should continue taking the drugs unless directed to stop by your doctor. according to a new study, walking, how easy could it be? walking can be healthy for your brain. the university of pittsburgh study links physical activity and the reduction of memory loss in brain shrinkage. lack of exercise can cause a decrease in brain tissue.
12:47 pm
evaluations of physical activity were conducted over nine years among 300 adults. researchers say the most significant results were a -- apparent in those who walked at least six miles a week. more than nine miles a week failed to show any greater benefit. a common pain reliever can come in a different form than medicine. scientists conducted a study and suggest the drug of love can relieve pain. standard university students in early romance were shown pictures of their beloved and another acquaintance while receiving mild pain. brain scans show activity in the regions linked to the neil good brain chemical dopamine. the perception of pain was greatly reduced while they looked at photos of their beloved. just want to check something very -- stanford university. lunch break is next.
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>> we were making a seasonal recipe stuffed in baked pumpkin. ÷óp@@
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it is time for lunch break and our guests today not only loves food, she loves food with a story to tell. her new book, around my french table, is filled with delicious recipes and stories of french life. oh, my goodness. welcome dorian greenspan. >> we will do a recipe that has a story.
12:51 pm
>> can you back up a second. when does this whole french thing come into your cooking? did you live in france. >> i live in france part time. >> your own french lover. >> my husband. okay. i live part time in france but the first time i went to france which was more than 30 years ago i put my feet down and thought, this was where i was meant to be. my mom just made a mistake, she had me in brooklyn. >> what's so great about their food. >> the food is fresh. it's bright. i mean, it's really the home of great food. and what's interesting is a recipe like this which is truly french but will be perfect for an american thanksgiving. >> and this is the pumpkin. >> the pumpkin. i call it the pumpkin stuffed with everything good. we start with stale bread. i love to use my hands. and you can either add onion or scallions. >> a little bit of bacon. >> what i love about the french is they aren't afraid to put
12:52 pm
the butter and cream. their motto is even a little bit. >> moderation. that's right. some fresh thyme. >> americans want a big ol' -- >> garlic. but this is a recipe that you can really play with. this is huge cheese. but you can do -- i mean, you can do any kind of cheese. you can do a blue cheese. you could. you could. but you really would like some cream. >> here comes the heavy cream. >> but wait, wait. we will season it with a little salt. a little pepper. some grated nutmeg. and then just stir it all together and for that i won't use my fingers. and that's separate? >> nutmeg. >> that's nutmeg. >> black nutmeg. >> you want to be the stirrer. i will be the -- you want pour? you can do anything. >> i have to give a shout out
12:53 pm
to our favorite french baker, eric, who bakes all our cakes and makes a fabulous lemon tart. eric don't act like you aren't watching this dreaming on -- streaming on lemon tart. >> now this go -- this will move around you for a second. this is the one we have done. then one with apples, cheddar cheese and nuts and this has
12:54 pm
killbussa in it. and this -- this recipe was given to me by a friend. all of these ingredients come from american food market. >> the french are going by their ingredients fresh daily from the market where we have all these preservatives in our foods. we want them in our show and we can get great food in america. we can take really simple recipes from friends -- from france and make them at home here and having tasted them in both places, really do. >> you know what? i promise you i will try this hesspy. >> here is the thing. everyone has made it once has made it more than once and you can -- it's always depends on the size of the pumpkin. you have little left over that's about right.
12:55 pm
it gets covered and bakes in the oven. for about 90 minutes or so. >> it's at 350? >> and then i would look at it and i didn't check the temperature. i will look at it and see that it's nice. >> you can tell by looking tat. >> it will bubble and then it will look brown and beautiful. >> can't wait to taste that. >> i want you to taste it. >> you are wonderful. want you to know that there is a big signing tonight. and this is the book shop in naperville and starts at 7:00 p.m. for more information, check out our web page, (vet) i love working with animals, but my allergies put me in a fog. so now, i'm claritin clear! claritin works great on all my allergies like dust, mold, pollen, or pets without making me drowsy, cause i want to be alert
12:56 pm
around this big guy. live claritin clear. indoors and out.
12:57 pm
we start with the answer to our trivia question today on this day in 1968, the first television broadcast from faith took place from which nasa
12:58 pm
spacecraft? apollo 7? apollo 8, or gemini 12. i have to say that sean lewis got the answer right. it's apollo 7. my man knows his space histories in you guys are probably too young to remember. we were watching -- one of the first types i watched tv in school when -- it wasn't john glen, it was sam shepherd was launched into space and flew around the planet. >> they can have that job. >> i know. that's pretty tough. i don't know where we are going, how we will get down or home. >> and -- that freaks you out. i will tell you one thing, the weather this is gorgeous. a little shot of cloud cover coming in and a big storm developing from these clouds on the east coast. that won't affect us but the northerly winds on the back side help pull down the cooler air that could turn on lake effect showers. by the time we get to tomorrow. note the flood advisories out east and the wind watches out
12:59 pm
to parts the of new england and see that big purple area. an area of heavy rain. and look at the snow will come down up there, a sign we are getting into atom in -- autumn in some the mountains. big concern is northerly winds and re-enforcing shot of cool air and some lake effect rain showers tomorrow. by the way, this is tropical storm paula which is just west of havana right now. you can see its squally weather reaching into the florida keys with gusty winds right there. paula is in a diminishing state grinding against the land mass there. but, boy, we are still in hurricane season. now look at this. you can get a feel where we are going next week. seat warm up there on saturday. and then the cool air comes in and starts in sunday and then watch this big blue cold air mass come in tuesday, wednesday next week. that will be the coolest air of the season. start seeing the end of our seven-day forecast. 66 today. 61 tomorrow. 70 saturday. 66 sunday. nice weekend coming up. and then


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