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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 22, 2010 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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search intensified for missing college student from suburban chicago. northern illinois university freshman walked out of her doorm a week ago and has not been seen since. good afternoon, i'm steve sanders. >> i'm dina bair. we welcome viewers tuning in around country and on wgn america and on the web. nancy loo is live in sycamore near the de kalb campus with the latest on the search efforts. >> reporter: well, dina and steve, the search is about to get far more expansive with the de kalb county major case task
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force taking over. they are set to hold a news conference here within the next hour. is it now clear the search for antnet, antonet keller is about to stretch. >> fliers are all over campus and town of de kalb and few people are unaware of last week's disappearance of freshman art student ant wo in the keller. >> i think it's crazy. i talked to her right before she went missing in class. kind of weird. >> 18-year-old from plainfield hasn't been seen since she left her dorm last thursday. telling friends she was going to prairie park to work on a project. she had her camera and portfolio in tow. no one has heard from her since. there have been extensive searches all around the prairie park area where trained dogs did pick up her scent. even a search of the river failed to yield any clues. despite that, niu students are hopeful that keller will turn
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up okay. >> you see all the fires everywhere. and everyone thinking about her. i mean, hope for the best, i suppose. >> the disappearance has many in de kalb speculating about the prairie park area. this isn't the first time the wooded section just northwest of annie glidden road and lincoln highway has been linked to a missing person. >> few years back another gentleman that came up missing. they still to this day hasn't been found. i think last year there was a gentleman who had a car accident and then checked into the best western and was found deceased in the lake down the road. hopefully the young lady that recently went missing is found safe and okay. >> reporter: now there is a report that tony keller's dorm key was found in the woods on tuesday. but that is unconfirmed. police say they will update everyone on where the search stands starting at 1:00. we are live in sycamore, nancy
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loo, wgn news. a murdered convenience store owner known for kindness is being layed to rest today. jay miller is live in cicero with the details. >> reporter: hi, steve. the owner touched so many lives, so much so that one of his customers rode his bike here to cicero all the way from the near north side just to a2- 7bd his funeral -- attend his funeral. the 20-year-old daughter tells me that she and her family are still trying to comprehend this tremendous loss. >> it's hard. it's really hard. it's my family and the support everyone is showing that's keeping us strong right now knowing that's what my dad would want. >> one by one, mourners made their way into the church to pay their final respects to a man who by all accounts was a kind, gentle and caring man who helped those in need including customers who were down on their luck. the 59-year-old jordanian immigrant was shot and killed last saturday while working at his near north side convenience
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store munchy's. the motive remains unclear and say no money was taken from the cash register, neither was his expensive watch. family members say he wasn't afraid of the tough neighborhood that surrounded both of his convenience stores. in fact, they say he made it his business to help anyone in need even strangers. >> we wanted the greatest guys, man, father that could ever have. sacrificed his life for the good of our people. >> he was a good man. he was a good man to the community. he took care of everybody. and whoever did this, i hope they find him and i'm going to every court date. they need to be because he loved everybody. everybody. >> reporter: and police have no one in custody. customers we spoke with say that the killer or killers must have come from outside of the
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community because everyone in that neighborhood knew the owner and say they would never have wanted to kale man who did so -- kill a man who did so much for their community. jay miller, wgn news. thank you. a sad story arc rookie chicago police officer in critical condition after being hit by a car while trying to help an accident victim. it happened around 12:45 this morning in the outbound lanes of the stevenson expressway near damon. state police say the officer got out of his car to help a driver who had crashed into a median wall. as the officer was walking to the accident scene, he was hit by another car. he was taken to stroger hospital with brain injuries. driver of the car that hit him was cited for failing to reduce speed, driving without a license and other moving violations. a chicago area businessman has been charged in a murder- for-hire plot. the fbi arrested brooks kellogg at denver international airport on tuesday. kellogg is the owner of chadwalk real estate group in libertyville. authorities say kellogg paid $2,000 to an undercover agent
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to kill his former business partner, steven bun-yard. bun-yard sued kellogg for $2.5 million over a real estate deal. here is part of the conversation the agent allegedly had with kellogg. undercover agent says, you are the customer here. you want him killed? kellogg responds, yeah. agent goes on to say do you have any other jobs for me. and kellogg responds yeah, i got some other things in mind. criminal complaint also indicates that at no point in the conversation did brooks kellogg express any reluctance to having steven bun-yard killed. affidavit alleges that kellogg responded to an on-line instant message from someone he thought was a hit man by saying his former business partner has brought this on himself. former music director and childrens choir leader pleaded guilty to aggravated possession of child pornography. brian millnicle worked at st. james apostle in glen ellyn. police were searching for evidence of people possessing child pornography when they were led to the home computer
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of mill nickel. they found pornographic photos of children under 13. he was sentenced to six months in prison and ordered to register as a child sex offender for the rest of his life. rod blagojevich's defense team will ask a judge to delay the start of his retrial. todays of hearing is taking place right now at dirksen federal building. judge has said he wants retrial to begin in early january but blagojevich's lawyers are expected to ask that the retrial be pushed back by five months. only three attorneys will represent blagojevich this time around and they say they will need more time to prepare. west side minister is leveling an accusation of vote buying. reverend gregory lee says an operative for the cohen campaign approached him and other local ministers tuesday morning with a bribe. $500each to declare their support for cohen. the campaign says it doesn't authorize financial commitments to anyone. democratic senate candidate aleksei giannoulias says mark
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kirk's fund raising in china last spring was in his words economic treason. giannoulias is referring to his republican opponent's internet video conference scheduled before kirk's may 28th vote on an overseas business. dozen people working in china raised about $6,000 for kirk's campaign. even though the event was scheduled far in advance of the vote in the house, giannoulias insists that kirk put china's interests ahead of the united states. kirk calls giannoulias a desperate candidate. president obama returns to chicago one last time before the election. the white house confirms obama will visit october 30 and attend a rally hosted by the democratic national committee. obama made campaign appearances on behalf of democratic senate candidate giannoulias this month. most polls taken since that visit show giannoulias in a tight race with republican mark kirk. legendary chicago minister and civil rights crusader bishop arthur frazier has died. he was 89 years old. he was hospitalized five days
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ago after a long career as pastor of the church of god for 48 years. he retired handing over his pulpit to his son on father's day 2008. he would not speak about politics from his church. but pentecostle congregation was a regular campaign stop for public officials and politicians including president obama. funeral arrangement for bishop bring asure have not been announced. next, federal authorities shut down the plant linked to the deadly listeria contamination. starting prediction about number of americans that will develop diabetes in the coming years. caught on tape, bystander risks his life to save a man who fell on to the train tracks.
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france's fuel shortage is expected to continue for several more days. rioting continues in the streets over the government's plan to raise the country's retirement age from 60 to 62. about one-fourth of french gas stations are out of fuel due to striking workers. the government has ordered oil companies to pull their fuel. the goal is to ensure all gas stations are stocked by this weekend when nationwide school vacations begin. hundreds of thousands of secret u.s. documents on the iraq war could soon be made public. wicky leaks is expected to post up to 400,000 documents online. the international antisecrecy group plans to hold a major news conference soon and u.s. officials are worried those leaks could damage the nation's security interests. team of u.s. military analysts have been pouring over the iraq documents to pull names pull out names and other information they consider sensitive. wicky leaks posted 77,000 documents on the afghan war
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back in july. four deaths have been linked to chopped celery from a processing plant in texas. the celery was laced with listeria, a bacteria that can cause sevcr illness. it was traced to sanger produce and processing. all fruits and vegetables sold by that company is recalled. fda now investigating. now, take a look at this amazing rescue. happened in august but the pictures are just now being released. a man fell from a commuter train platform in suburban washington, d.c., and other commuters tried to warn the operator and then one man you see him there jumps down and barely avoids electrified third rail and grabs the fallen commuter. and then other commuters pull him to safety. just in time. how about that. >> environmental experts say tigers could be extinct in 12 years. illegal trophy hunting and deteriorating habitats are two factors leading to the decline. world wildlife organization
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sphiments roughly 3200 tigers and that's it left in the wild. numbers also suggest there are a 97% decline in population over the last 100 years. nasa scientists say there is water on the moon. a lot of water. just over a year ago. nasa experiment punched a hole in a crater on the dark side of the moon and the impact sprayed 41 gallons of ice and vapor on to the moon's surface and now they say there is enough water there to make the moon an ideal place for a launch pad for deep space missions. they say the water hydrogen and other gases there could be combined to make rocket fuel right there on the moon. probably not next year. >> we are awhile away. coming up next, the common medicine cabinet item that could benefit those at risk for colon cancer. >> and later in lunch break, we were making a great fall appetizer. using pumpkin. executive chef is here.
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on the medical watch, third of american adults could have diabetes by 2000 if people continue to gain weight and not exercise. that warning comes from the centers disease control. one in ten adults in the u.s. has diabetes. most suffer type two diabetes. researches say the numbers are certain to rise because the u.s. population is aging. number of people in high risk minority groups is increasing and people with diabetes are living longer. h1n1 virus may be starting to mutate. world health organization says slightly new strain of the flu is turning up in australia, new glnland and singapore. further study is needed to determine if the new strain is deadly or can be treated with a current vaccine. up until now the h1n1 has been
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consistent with no mutation. flu viruses constantly mutate which is why people need fresh flu vaccine every year. new study fines low dose aspirin may reduce colon cancer cases by 25% and deaths by one- third. the study published in london adds aspirin side effects of bleeding and stomach problems should deter people who are not at high risk for colon cancer. earlier studies found a daily dose of 500 milligrams was effective but the latest research says low dose baby aspirin also seems to work. they caution people to see their doctors before starting preventative treatment with aspirin. i'm bloomberg angie lau with the cme group in chicago. verizon may have rung up more customers with smartphone but not as many as wall street hoped. and as far as people signing up for smartphones many are drowning traditional land lines. today verizon says it's an
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additional 2 to 3,000 employees cut by year end reporting earnings today. verizon like three add more subscribers when it gets hold of the iphone. but at at&t bloomberg news learned that company is readying itself as end ever its iphone exclusivity deal with apple looms. not only is it adding other smartphones to its line up, it has redesigned for a cleaner look and helds bloomberg -- tells bloomberg its sales people are going to intensive classes across the country to help customers figure out which smartphone are best for them. as we continue, chicago based exelon mismark today. largest u.s. power company missed third quarter profit estimates because of increasing costs. and lastly another recall to tell you about. if you bought a drop side crib made by victory land group sold exclusively at k-mart, they have been recalled among nearly 41,000 being recalled after the
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u.s. consumer product safety commission received reports of at least six children being injured when the bed failed. one sold at k-mart have 17 reports of dropped side rail detachments. right now on wall street we are seeing stocks fluctuating as improving corporate earnings offset uncertain about global currency markets says group of 20. those are your business headlines live at the cme group in chicago, angie lau, bloomberg news. thank you very much. and northwestern university student took the quarter off to enter korea's super star k. john park is now one of the finalists of the korean version of american idol. he was a part of american idol's ninth season here in the u.s. and finished in the top 24. park in korea singz mostly korean songs to connect with the audience in that country. however, he was a michael jackson song that put him toward the top of the competition. if john park wins he will be
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awarded $200,000 record contract. next, we will talk with independent candidate for cook can't assessor. forest claypool. >> live music from soul blues and rockers great divide. catch them tomorrow night.
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wgn midday news is introducing you to candidates in key general election races. >> joining is independent candidate for cook county
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assessor forest claypool. running against joe barrios as well as republican candidate for cook county assessor sharon stroaback ekersel and green party's. one of the things i noticed in this week's debate it came out that you did not vote in february's election. i think you want people to come out to vote for you now. that surprised me. why? >> one of those crazy days like we all have. i was putting out flyers late in the day and time got away from me. in 30 years out of 60 elections, i think two. i guarantee you i won't miss this one. >> long time democrat and now running as independent. >> i saw hot party nominated in the form of joe barrios i realized that -- i realized i had an opportunity to do something about that. i was alarmed by that because joe barrios was called pay to play personified. classic insider who represents type of politics that has raised our taxes and polluted
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our ethics of our government. and i think it's important that voters have an opportunity to send a message against that kind of politics that he represents. >> you don't have that democratic machine behind you. has it made it tougher to raise funs and one of the things is you won't take money from lawyers who are making their living filing those property tax appeal. >> joe barrios takes millions of dollars in campaign cash from property tax appeal lawyers and gives out hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks to their clients. tax break the "sun-times" has called hard to explain. that's significant is other taxpayers without clout pay the difference. we pay higher property taxes to make up the difference for those clout cuts. i will remove the conflict of interest in the assessor's office because i don't take special interest money. >> he counters that by saying you taken imain contributions from well healed million million dollar property owners. >> almost -- >> and who have been turned down on appeals. >> the last part is not accurate but the first part, almost any donor in the state of illinois is a property
12:26 pm
owner. you can't equate that to people's livelihood of joe barriers good will. they put a contingency in their pocket that's a blatant conflict of interest. shouldn't even be legal let alone involved in this campaign. >> in this office i have to ask the question that everyone at home is asking. my home value going down. my taxes are not going down fast enough. what are you going to do about it? >> i believe the assessor has power and authority to lower the value of properties to reflect the marketplace as opposed to waiting for the tri- annual assessment that takes place every three years. cook county property tack bills are being mailed out late this year a lot of people are skeptical because obviously taxes are going to be going up and will get that bill and get sticker shock and see it and will be angry and yet the elections will have been held. >> exactly and john castro commented about that and he pointed out as assessor has
12:27 pm
that mike madigan, speaker of the house is number one property tax appeal lawyer in the state in front of mr. barrios and mr. barrios don't want the property tax bills to come out before the election because voters are angry and if they see these taxes which will include this massive tax shift that mr. barrios has engineers by giving cuts to friends and contributors, obviously people are more angry. that's precisely why i ran. my race is for people to send a clear message against this type of insider politics. >> what message can you send to people about ways to cut expenses? >> i think we can do more. but i think the real issue is property taxes. they are too high. we are paying a heavy price for the corruption and insider politics. that's why we have the highest combined sales of property taxes. i oppose the tax increase on county board. i led the fight against that. joe barrios supported the sales tax increase. he was for the original one which was twice as high. taxes and corruption is big
12:28 pm
issue and clear opportunity for people to send a message against that. >> forest claypool, folks are watching this election very closely. we wish you the best. thank you so much. >> thank you. our interviews with the candidates continue. at 12:40 today we will talk to tom tresser, the green party candidate. and then monday republican candidate for governor bill brady joins us. stay with us. tom skilling has details about a wet weekend coming up next.
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every time tom is 15 seconds late in the studio we like to show you this beauty shot. >> great day but keep that
12:31 pm
umbrella handy for tomorrow. >> yeah. you know, we want to be careful about characterizing the weekend. it's going to rain but it won't be continuous. >> if he could give us an hour by hour. >> i know. we got -- what a big ysh -- homecoming. >> absolutely. and champagne, i think there is homecoming in champagne tomorrow. university of illinois as well. one ever the myriad -- two of the myriad items coming up tomorrow and it looks like we have some hours that will accommodate outdoor plans. it won't rain continuously but to be sure there will be rains in the area. we are tracking a weather system approaching us for sometime. the thing has doused southern parts of california and the southwest and now lifting through the plains in our direction. we will bring us rain if we get .6 of an inch of rain by the time we close the books on the weekend sunday night at midnight. this is the wettest weekend in about two and a half months. but there will be a lots of open hours there.
12:32 pm
last night the big story was the frost to which many folks awaken this morning including here in the city for the first time. this season. 25 this morning at sugar grove. rochelle was 26. it was 28 in kankakee. and 30 in lansing. didn't matter if you were south or west, even in the city it was pretty frosty. so the 56 we have going now at o'hare represents a nice recovery. the winds are starting to blow from the southwest at all of the weather stations. 57 at midway airport. and they will be strengthening and one of the features of this weekend is a strong weekend long south to southwest wind that will blow with gusty. glenview at 58 degrees at this hour and lake geneva at 58 as well. here are sunnies skies. patches of mid-level clouds across mississippi and western illinois and denser clouds and imbedded thunderstorms particularly down here in oklahoma as you can see riding northward. this is that weather system and
12:33 pm
what's going to happen as the jet stream that's been avoiding it is going to start dipping to the west, pick this thing up and pull in our direction. this translates to a wetter weekend but not a total washout. here you can see that whole process going on. this is a 48 hour forecast. see this power house wind max, we call that a scret streak and on the nose of those you get lift and rain develops. that thing is the main event and it's not in here until early next week, probably later monday and monday night. 54 in chicago at the moment. very cool. up to the north. this is the air we will tap later next week. we had some really cool autumn air coming in. the weekend will be mild as we move from our 56 into the air mass that has st. louis at 68 now. and kansas city at 64. we could be flirting with 70s in a month that already has produced ten 70s twice the normal number. we checked records. we normally have from this
12:34 pm
point forward about three 70s left and november 2 marks the average last day for a 70- degree temperature at midway airport. that's the average date. so we are getting close to that. there is still a little life left in the warm air masses that populate this region and you can see the warm up through the central u.s. winds are blowing nflt at 17. humidity 38%. dew point 27. and there is a pretty good look at these thunderstorms in oklahoma. vanguard of the rains that are moving northeastward. from time to time we will get under those and we don't want to diminish how significant they will be when they occur it will rain enough to interrupt outdoor activities and it won't be raining all the time. frost and freeze advisories where you see the purple areas and that's because that's the same cool high pressure we have been in. see the isobars packed here between this high and this low? these strong southerly winds will start clouding the skies over in our area and you can see the waves of rain. and the model depicts it pretty
12:35 pm
well here. how these things come in from time to time. might even get some peeks of sun mixed in. the brighter blues are here which is where the heavier rains are. we aren't in it those so the rains are scattered across this area. particularly tomorrow and more humid in the process. here is our forecast. cap of course we have a full moon tonight. the hunters moon will probably not see that all the night as clouds start coming in. sunny this afternoon. some clouds arrive later in the day. turning breezy, milder and high 65. southwest wind at 8 to 18 miles per hour. tonight, increasing cloudiness. breezy. milder. there could be a shower toward morning in some areas. low 52. south, southwest wind 12 to 24 and gusty. then tomorrow extense of cloudiness. windy, warmer. several spells of showers and thunderstorms. high of 70. gusty south to southwest wind 12 to 24 with some 30 miles per hour plus guests at times and
12:36 pm
then sunday extense of cloudiness. windy, mild. several waves of showers and storms but a high of 72. that's about, gosh, 13 degrees above normthal time of year. that's a bonus weekend in terms of temperature. >> right. >> the rain can hold off for the events. >> absolutely. >> we will tell you more about tropical storm richard in a bit in the caribbean and look into next week on our seven-day forecast later on. see you then. >> happy friday. we will be right back.
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time for sports. brian urlacher practiced in a limited role after sitting out wednesday. lance briggs missed the seattle game with a sprained ankle but is confident about playing against the redskins sunday. bears will need both those guys against donovan mcnabb who holds a 5-2 career record playing at soldier field.
12:39 pm
jay cutler will be facing off gengs his old coach, mike shanahan in sunday's redskins game. shanahan drafted cutler and worked with him over the first three years of his career. with the broncos in 2008, cutler threw for more than 4500 yards in 25 touchdowns. and made the pro bowl. cutler credits him with his quick development. >> any time you go to an organization like that with a coach and offensive leader like mike shanahan and the way he has been successful in the past in developing quarterbacks, it was a lot of fun. fun with my first year there and then the next two. that's a look at midday sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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junl delayed retail of
12:44 pm
former governor rod blagojevich until april. his attorneys he has just three this time so they needed more time to prepare. he was scheduled for retrial in january. we will have much more on this on the news at 5:00 p.m. we continue our interviews with candidates in key general election races now. the green party's candidate for cook county board president. running against the democrat and republican. tom, thank you for coming in. you are running under the banner of a third party. don't have a lot of campaign cash. not much name recognition. you are the underdog how do you plan to win? >> your lead into this piece is telling the people all they need to know. the trial for the governor is delayed. we have one republican governor in the poky and second one heading to the poky. so it's time for a change, wouldn't you say? the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. trying to give the people of illinois a third way, a green party way. >> one of the issues here is
12:45 pm
remaining sales tax increase and so the question is do you want it to go away and how quickly will you try to do that? >> if i'm elected the first set of phone calls i will make to the other county commissioners to line up the votes. anyone who says they can't roll back that sales tax immediately is drinking the machine's kool- aid. meaning that this county is ripe with corruption and waste. i have a bunch of articles on the table right here, carla oglesby in prison for corruption. she wants unemployment benefits. beavers subpoenaed. county upset with fraudulent minority contracts on and on. >> how do you address that? how do you man to clean house? >> few major things. first we will cut the head count by 10% across the board. a former head of the personnel department told me that you could lose 10% of the workers in cook county and not miss them. that's a scandal right there. i :owould end the tax increment
12:46 pm
financing plan. the districts. that's a huge scandal. and source of slush funds for the democratic machine. i would constitute oforensic audit, this is every line item, every contract would be scrutinize wad fresh eye. and a desk audit meaning every single employee will be reviewed for fitness and appropriateness of hire. >> you never held public office but you been active politically. in fact, you were one of the leaders of the challenge to chicago's bid for the 2016 olympics. didn't want it here. and now feel as though by your contribution to that failed effort by helping derail the 2016 olympics, you save taxpayers in this country $1,000 each. come on, how do you come up with that? >> the toronto -- the vancouver games just went over, left the citizens there with $1.5 billion in debt. that's a much smaller city. london games are $12 billion overbudget. this is chicago. we never seen a big project
12:47 pm
here we can't bungle. our own numbers we ran on the true cost of the game had it at twice the official number. we simply divided by the taxpayers and i came up with a rough number and saved the taxpayers a thousand dollars. you're elcome -- welcome. >> you want to spend money on a health care summit. we seen on a national level it garners so many different opinions. already a plan underway to restructure health care in the county. so why spend more money. >> you know, i have been to some of the proceedings and it's a little corporate for my tastes. it seems like it's a large corporation discussing underperforming target stores so we aren't selling enough micro wives let's jettison that whole department. i want to bring service and need that i think is lacking. so for example one of the things i would be proposing is a series of storefront health clinics staffed by nurse practitioners. very similar to what you see at cvs or wall greens and this is appropriate reimbursed by insurance companies to reach
12:48 pm
into areas of need very quickly. >> candidate for cook county board president. thank you. you have to catchy slogan here, unbossed and unbought reading off your business card. >> guy that nobody -- >> lunch break coming up next. cooking with a fall favorite. pumpkin. the chef is here to make a fun appetizer. i know the best card you're holding. you do? your medicare card. [ laughing ] but don't let me or anyone see it except your doctor or their staff. and don't tell anyone your card or social security number over the phone. guard your card. [ woman 2 ] i hear unauthorized card use is a big source of fraud. the new healthcare law lets us crack down on criminals and win against fraud.
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making medicare stronger. and speaking of winning... [ man 2 ] not again! [ man ] learn more at
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we have a delicious appetizer recipe using a wonderful fall flavor. pumpkin. we were making pumpkin and goat cheese crow qts.
12:51 pm
sounds great. thank you for being here. we get started by slicing up the pumpkin there. i like to mix it with different squash. take our traditional pie pumpkin and then mexican. taking the skin off. peeled it and cut it into chunks and toss it with our spices. not traditional pumpkin spices. usually you throw cinnamon or nutmeg and clove. we want to make this kind of a latin flavor. and adding smoked papresident clintonia. sugar and salt and black pepper in here. >> you will give it a little kick here. >> yeah. we will go ahead and season up the calabusta here. add a little oil and then toss this around in the bowl. pop this on the sheet tray and get that in oven. >> how long? >> about an hour at 357. we are trying to make a nice
12:52 pm
pumpkin puree. comes out of oven and put it through a food mill and kitchen aid and beat it around so it's smooth. and what we are looking for is something like this. food processor or potato ricer and once it's out of the oven, puree it and we will pop it back into the oven for ten minutes because you want the steam out of there. make sure it's dry. >> how do we make them. let's put them in the flower first. plop them in there. and give us four or five in there. >> get a couple of them. >> we were doing traditional egg wash. flour first, egg and bread crumbs and check this out. we will put pumpkin seeds, ground pumpkin seeds in there. that will -- >> put flour over these? >> put a little love right in the middle. this is our goat cheese. >> infusing them with goat cheese. >> we let that sit out at room temperature so it's nice and
12:53 pm
soft. and we want to fill it in and rub around and get all the flour on there. pop them into the egg wash. and i like to do my egg wash in a bowl or a pan like this to swash it around. >> i made it like a meatball. this is one for me. >> we will get a little bit of egg wash on top of there. and then we will go in there with the bread crumbs with the pumpkin seeds. and use the spoon here. if you make a mess, it's good to have a towel ready. >> and then we will toss them around in the pumpkin seed bread crumb mixture. and then you reshape it. sometimes they don't come out as perfect balls and you can reshape them in your hand and then pop them into the oil. like a vegetable oil blend. throw it into the pot about 300 degrees. you never want to fill your pot more than halfway full because once you put your cro qts in
12:54 pm
there there it will fill up tore these are interesting shapes. >> i like to make them smaller. a great thing for any fall party you might have coming up. >> it's a great appetizer. we have the recipe on our website. check out n27. monday through friday from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. the restaurant is at 325 west huron in chicago. also some salsa dancing at night. for more information on this recipe, check out and we will link you up. thank you so much. thank you for coming in. great.
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12:57 pm
periods are? >> they will come and go. you know what? they will be scattered across saturday and sunday and will affect different parts of the area at different times. to give you a time would be useless at this point. we look for temperatures to -- yeah, exactly. i would say that we will have sizable open periods without rain as you can see and there are the temperatures across the area. the big story also will be the influx of moisture. you see riding up through the plains states and the warming that goes on but you will see from this rainfall forecast the heaviest rains are going on to the south and west of us. and that's kind of good news. warm this weekend. and then that blue, the cool air dumps in next week. and we will get temperature readings to fall back on a windy, gust west to southwest wind on tuesday and northwest wind that blows there on wednesday and thursday. so here is our seven-day forecast. 67 today.
12:58 pm
68 tomorrow. 72 sunday and monday. and tuesday 71. then we look for 64 wednesday and only 40s on thursday next week. going to get a little chilly later in weeks -- next week. thank you. and i hope you have a great weekend. we leave you with more live music from great divide. the album is out now and check them out nom night at shuba's. @ç@s@ç@ñ@@pdb
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