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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 24, 2010 9:00pm-9:40pm CDT

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less than two weeks to go and it looks like the u.s. senate race is going down to the wire. though one candidate may have some moten tunnel. tonight, the finds of our latest and last wgn chicago tribune poll. >> good morning, i'm robert jordan. >> jackie bange is off tonight.
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> for months, it has been a see saw battle. our poll last month are janulius with a two point lead. with a little more than a week to go, it's kirk -- since the poll's margin of error is 3.7 percent an points, it means the race is statistically a dead heat. still, there were more encower ranking signs for kirk than a democrat. more votes thought janulius was for trust worthy in our last polls and the latest numbers show the trend has reversed, saying that kirk is more trust worthy. there are a couple of things happening here. both men are running extremely negative campaigns with a lot of tv attack adds, but kirks
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have more money and groups align with -- the poll found of those voters undecided at the end of september but have made up thereof mind, eight in 10 went with kirk. since illinois is mainly a democratic state, a republican needs to win over independent he voters to voters -- one more point and this shows the power of negative advertising that everybody says they hate. last month, more voters had an unfavorable view of kirk than a favorable one are now, kirk is viewed favorable and unfavorably by the same number of voters and janulius is viewed at unfavorable by one in 10 voters. >> we are seeing this shift in
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the polls. does it seem as though kirk has momentum, could you characterize it that way? >> it certainly does. one thin we found in our last poll three weeks ago, he had the support of three-quarters of voters who say they are republican. now, it's up to 86%. it's a republican some conservatives were not sure they would like. but now it seems like republicans are unified. >> reporter: you pointed out kirk's campaign spent a lot more money on attack ads, is that paying off? >> it has a major factor in this changing perception, particularly among independent voters. it's not just kirk. he had a money advantage going into july and the closing stretch, but you have the attack ads being funded by the outside groups. the thing the white house has been railing about. a group cofounded by carl rove
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who was the george w bush political guru. they have been spending a million dollar a week. >> the president is coming into town this weekend, i believe, to campaign for janulius, what kind of effect could that have? >> he is due in on saturday. one thing we found in the poll. one thing democrats fear nationally, certainly something the white house fears is the enthusiasm of republicans compared to democrats. when you see obama, coming to the home state, the seat he formally held. this tells you the white house they had a lot of fears and they may be valid. >> reporter: i wish we had more time. can you quickly tell us how the governor's race looks? >> that will be tomorrow. >> time quickly running route. governor pat quinn and state bill gradey took their campaigns to the pulpit today.
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gaynor hall reports that quinn is not apologizing for former democrats controversialcomments. >> the good thing is brady and quinn are going to listen to each other this morning. >> governor pat quinn and republican challenger, bill brady, trading jabs in a spiritual arena. in front of the congregation of james meeks salem baptist church. brady up first, talking about how he worked with motorcycles to pass an education bill in the state senate, a move he said governor quinn did not support. >> as your next governor, i promise you i will put the student and people's interest in front of the government's interest. >> we are not going to have a governor that wants to cut the minimum wage are we?
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no no. >> reporter: the presentation ended with meeks praying the two candidates will never be mean orbiter, but the race took a bitter turn on saturday with this. >> i have never served with such an idiotic racist homophobic person in my life. >> i don't endorse any of the comments, name calling. i never have are i never will. i don't believe in that. i don't think it should mask in any way the positions that senator brady has taken. >> reporter: brady says governor quinn owes the people of illinois an apology for his comments. -- quinn can would not say if
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he thinks senate senator rickey hending should apologize for the remarks. >> security has been stepped up at northern illinois university where freshman student an ton net keller disappeared. remains have not been positively identified. but the police are handling its that an investigation. march sell will raymond has more. >> reporter: there is an entire day that has gone by without any new information being released and it has students here very nervous. students don't know what to think tonight. >> everyone is confused and they don't know -- they don't know the truth. >> reporter: de kalb police have released no new information since believing that keller what's belongings.
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she has been missing since october 14th. >> most of us were hoping that nothing really bad happened to her. when she was gone for a long time, it was like "okay, let's be realistic." >> i'm worried about this in instance could this happen again. >> niu dorms are all on lock down. police have increased patrol. tragedy is all too familiar on this campus, tonight, outside of tony's dorm, neptune north, students can't help but think about the shootings in 200. >> why capital we just go to school and enjoy our time here? >> tony keller's family wishing they could have had more time with her. the art mainly from plainfield is described by her cousin as a quiet sweetheart with a beautiful heart. >> she's a young girl who went
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to school. had everything waiting for her, found other groove and was ready to knock it out and it just stopped. >> reporter: there are several events in the planning stains here at northern that will be held during the week. hopefully, we'll get more information about this case, tomorrow. meantime, police and family members of tony keller are asking if you have any information about this case, no matter how insignificant you think it may be, please call de kalb police. bob? >> all right, marcella, thank so much. >> honoring more than half a century of service to a chicago community. next, a tribute to bishop -- at the home he built. >> a homecoming from a marine returning from overhe overseas. >> again, tonight, strong thunderstorms, affecting parts of the area, the big weather story may be what takes place
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tuesday and wednesday. i'll have details and the full forecast, still ahead.
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discover customersl are getting five percent cashback bonus at restaurants. it pays to switch, it pays to discover. a michigan man is accused of trying to bring a loaded handgun onto a plane at o'hare airport. 67-year-old francis cook the 4th of michigan was taken into custody saturday and charged with weapons violations. an officer with transportation safety administration saw a gun
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in his luggage as he was taking it through a machine. >> a grisly discovery in a west suburban church, please were called to the church in la grange park saturday evening after someone attending mass found what appeared to be a fetus. remains were discovered on the floor near a public rest room in the concatination rick church. an autopsy by the cook county medical office determined that the fetus was not viable. >> a fire a dog and a cat dead. the fire started a little after 1:00 this afternoon in a building in the 500 block of west addison. firefighters tried to use resuscitation masks on at least one of the pets but was unsuccessful. the fire was confined to the 4th floor unit. no one else was in the apartment at the time of the fire and no other injuries were
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reported. the cause of the blaze is still being investigated. >> saying "good-bye" today to a civil rights crusader, services were dedicated to the legendary chicago bishop arthur frazier. the 89-year-old passed away on friday, founded the woodlawn church and spent 48 years as pastor beforehanding over the pulpit to his son two years ago. >> i could see the lord as he called him in, saying "well done, my good and faithful -- my faithful servant." a private funeral is planned for thursday, followed
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by a public service on friday. >> the side welcoming home a hero, today, united states marine adam janic getting the thank you from the watch warriors. he served multiple deployments during his 13 years. he is getsing some r & r at home in chicago before heading to north carolina to finish his commitment. >> putting pressure on a do nothing parliament. next, iraq's court says it's time to step up. >> chicago park becoming an artistic playground in a big way. i have fallen in love with making bird houses.
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within williams spoke out about his firing over comments he made on bill o'reily's show. he said he sometimes feared people he saw dressed in muslim garb on a plane. >> being fired and the kind of personal attacks that i am an unstable person and i'm not a good journalist, to he journalist, i have to speak up. what is good is the tremendous amount of support i have made right and left. >> he said his comments undermine his credibility as a news analyst.
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some have questions whether williams was fired because he made his comments on "fox news" rather than some other form. after his firing, "fox news" gave williams a new $2 million three year contract. >> get back to work, iran's highest court ordering ordering parliament to end a seven month break. lawmakers met in june, agreeing to leave the session open but unattended to allow more time to choose a new leadership and to put off choosing a new speaker or president. iraq's supreme court has ruled it to be illegal. >> messages set on twitter may help predict changes in the stock market. almost 10 million tweets were analyzed. they report that twitter mood
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data appeared to be reliable and a barometer of stock market movement. >> 0% in the up and down of the dow jones industrial average three days out. that could predict whether the dow jones industrial average will go up and down correctly 87.6% of cases. >> researchers are looking into whether their results can be applied to real time data. >> no injuries reported after an earthquake rocked northwest wyoming this morning. 4.6 magnitude apparently triggered a landslide in a national forest northeast of jackson, wyoming. no one is believed to have been on the portion of the trail where the slide took place. but rangers are checking.
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tonight's live illinois lottery drawing is coming up next. >> after that, jim ramsey said we could be in for a wild ride mid-week. he is tracking some storms that he said might be dangerous. stay tuned. >> i'm dan roan, tonight on "instant replay," bears missed by an inch, but it might as well have been a mild. another nightmare some for lovey smith and jay cutler as the bears continue to look less and less like a playoff team. it could be worse. they could be the saints. we'll tell you about the rest of the week in the nfl. >> lights out finish on the pga tour. we'll have all of that and then some at 9:40 on "instant replay." rule the tweet. rule the bedtime.
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get the flight you want with the venture card at [ loving it ] help! what's in your wallet? jim ramsey joins us. if you haven't noticed, this has been one gem of a fall. we normally don't get much of a fall. >> we have had enough sunshine to warm the temperatures to 72 degrees. it's about to change in a big way. we have some thunderstorms at the moment in southern cook county, some of the south and southwest suburbs. i'll show you the radar in just a moment. we are under a high wind watch for tuesday and wednesday and
9:27 pm
early indications are this could be quite a wind event. wins gusting in excess of 55- miles per hour. look at the skies over chicago, very angry looking skies. most of the rain this morning, very quiet up until now where radar is showing a line of thunderstorms from chicago to st. louis. in fact, i talked to frank out at midway, the observer out theren he has there. he has already seen an inch of storms. big storms down around the tennessee/arkansas and texas area. in east texas, there was a tornado near the town of rice, hit a school, a number of people injured and people were trapped in cars cording to one report. another area we are watching is out west where the rain is
9:28 pm
actually changing to snow in the high elevations of idaho, montana, wyoming, even the cascades of washington and oregon picking up snowfall. this is our hour high temperature. 72 degrees with plenty of cool air back up to the north and west. we will get a piece of that coming in wednesday and thursday and that's what the storm winds we are expecking will be pushing into the area. temperatures relatively mild. dew point temperatures moving up a little as well and winds not very strong, generally speeds less than 10-miles per hour, but the winds will be increasing a little bit tomorrow and really increasing by tuesday afternoon. tuesday afternoon through wednesday afternoon is the period covered by this high wind watch. these are expected to be strong enough winds to perhaps produce damage in some areas, maybe even some power out ans. we'll continue to watch that closely. a quick check, showing the cold
9:29 pm
air coming in, look for temperatures only in the 30s and 40s. here's our forecast, mostly cloudy, stormy periods with a low around 60 degrees with a southwest breeze, for monday, mostly cloudy, warmer temperatures, 73-76, depending on the sunshine there. tomorrow night, continued cloudy again, more storms, 56- 62 degrees and on tuesday, look at the winds, southwest 20-40- miles an hour, gusts possible in excess of 50-55-miles an hour. it could be an interesting two days tuesday and wednesday, but then the air cools substantially, high of 49 degrees by the time we get into thursday. it should be a quick burst of cold air, temperatures should recover nicely going into next weekend. weekend temperatures may be a little ambitious, we are still weighing the prospects, but it looks like a mild two days.
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more rain possible. >> the end of october and we are still in the 70s. >> we are almost into november, in fact, just another seven days or more. well, it's a group of trick- or-treaters who wouldn't mind you handing out a nice piece of liver. next, this picture just about says it all. i came up with this mobile art gallery
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it pays to discover. the polls are closed. if you wanted to vote for the city's official christmas tree. three finalists were selected for online voting this year and that voting concluded this weekend. we'll find out who won this week. tree owners from all over the area participated in the contest. the winning tree donor will join mayor daley for the tree lighting ceremony on november 24th. >> 10 new large scale sculptures unveiled. installed along freezing rain lynn boulevard between sacramento and central park. part of a joint effort between the city of chicago department of cultural affairs and the
9:34 pm
chicago scuplture international to bring public art to the areas that are lacking. if the sculptures prove popular, they will move and be displayed in other neighborhoods. >> halloween came early in america's movie houses. a very scary movie was number one this weekend. . >> you cannot run from this. >> fans packed theaters to see "paranormal activity 2" the see welcome earned over $40
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well, the pooches were out in mass and in costume for the 7th annual halloween for dogs parade, benefiting dogs are worth saving. the event took place in washington square park and there were spooky dogs, festive dogs, embarrassed dogs.
9:38 pm
dogs from oz and very fancy dogs. everyone had a fine day with significant snipping and getting to know each other, while enjoying their day in the park. it looks like a lot of fun. there is a howling good time out there. i'm robert jordan.
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