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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 28, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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it is the story that people around the state are talking about this evening. now late word tonight there's a new development in the homicide case of antinette keller. a person of interest is in custody at this hour. good evening. i'm micah materre. >> and i'm mark suppelsa. our top story tonight on wgn america, the notre dame community looking for answers in mourning the death of a student. why the student was hoisted in the air on a windy day to tape a game. you are looking at the live picture of a memorial going on right now. tom negovan has more. >> reporter: that memorial
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service getting underway right now. bringing many people here to a junior who lost his life. the bells toll at notre dame's sacred heart calling out to students and faculty and they're answering. most never knew declan sullivan but they're there anyway. that is what makes this notre dame. >> we're a community here. we're supporting our own. >> there is no greater sadness for a university community than the death of one of its students. >> reporter: that death came suddenly, tragically as declan was filming a football practice yesterday from a hydraulic scissor lift from 50 feet up. a strong gust brought the
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platform down with sullivan with it. most alarming to many on the campus, the twitter messages he sent out in the day. a joke about dying on the job. then later in the minutes before his death fear about working so high in such high wind. he said it was terrifying. >> he was wondering why he was up there. and i know it was a very chilling last thought for a lot of people. >> reporter: a thought they'll have to live with for a while. osha has classified this a workplace fatality. their investigation is just beginning 37 >> there is a lot to learn here. we will learn it all. >> declan sullivan was a bright, energetic, dedicated young man. and we will miss him greatly. >> reporter: and that man father john jenkins, the president of notre dame personally officiating at
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tonight's memorial mass. declan's sister also attends this school. she is being comforted tonight by family and friends. family members asking for their privacy as they grieve. investigators asking for time to take a thorough look at how this could have happened. >> thank you. tom negovan reporting live. and the candidates for governor got their final jabs in tonight during they're last face to face meeting tuesday. taking part in the forum tonight at the wttv studios. dan ponce is live there with a wrap up. >> reporter: the debate tonight here at channel 11 got pretty nasty. it was almost uncomfortable at times watching the candidates lash out at each other over and over again. once again the economy was the
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to -- focus. >> bottom line is i have cut the budget. you have done nothing. >> you have not. >> reporter: it didn't take much time for the jabs to start flying as illinois' troubled economy quickly took the spotlight. bill brady blamed quinn for the financial problems. >> governor quinn has not been able to reign in state spending. he's increased state spending by $3 billion. families and businesses around here area are trying to live within their means. >> reporter: governor quinn countered by blasting brady's plan to deal with the deficit. >> he has proposed a billion dollars in cuts for our schools laying off 20,000 teachers, raising local property taxes. that's what senator brady is all about. >> reporter: tonight it made repeated efforts to link to
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george ryan and rod blagojevich. >> george ryan was running even after those six children died what did you say to him? what did you say? i ran against george ryan. you supported him in 1994 and in 1998 for governor. you know it. never said a word about george ryan when he was doing wrong. i did. >> seven of the last eight budgets that you and your partner blagojevich proposed were out of date. that's why we opposed them. >> reporter: they highlighted their differences on social issues including abortion. >> i'm pro-life. and i'm proud of it. i think a grand jury should protect human live. unlike governor quinn i don't use it as a decisive issue. i will honor the land of the law. i'm not going to use it as a
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devicive issue. >> would say to a woman who's raped you cannot have an abortion. i think that's strange. >> reporter: you'll recall a recent chicago tribune poll giving bill brady a slight lead over governor quinn 43% to 39%. these last few days of campaigning will be critical to this race. five more dayings until the election. mark anomie contact? >> thank you. commercials paid for by brady's campaign were pulled from wgn and other chicago tv stations today because they've not been completely paid for. tonight during a final debate brady says it was just a mix up. >> paid every bill we owed anybody. campaigns are tactical. we changed our tactics today. we are addressing other issues. it was a glitch. it's been taken care of. >> but we have learned the
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problem has not been completely fixed. by 6:00 tonight wgn was not paid and management says brady's ads until election day will be off the air unless they're paid for first. rick pearson has been following this story all day. >> he's joining us live from the tribune towers. we talked about it at 5:00, how's this going to impact the campaign? >> it provides a great opportunity for pat quinn to raise the question about how you going to manage state finances if you can't pay your bills. this is the wrong time for a candidate for governor in a close contest can really afford to have his commercials pulled off the air. >> rick, do we have a clear picture? last night a source had told me that the brady campaign apparently hadn't paid the advertising buyers. today he said the buyers were paid but the buyers didn't pay the tv stations. >> my sources are telling me that the buyers did not have the money to make the purchases
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of tv air time. now, some of those payments have been coming in this evening. some of those stations are going back on the air or are back on the air. this whole change of tactics they're talking about, some oh execs i talked to say this is completely unusual. this is the other thing. this change of tactic also means that what was suppose to be a $1.4 million time to run the final week is being reduced drastically in size. and opens up that question does the campaign have enough money for the final days? they say they do but they've opened that question. >> we talk about final days. explain to the folks how the ads work. they pay for them the day before they air; right? >> that's right. tv station policy is that the ads must be paid for the day before they air. and in the past there's always been a practice of political campaigns leaving unpaid bills.
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so this has been a time honored standard that tv stations adopt so when tv stations yesterday for example were waiting for those payments to come in, they didn't get paid, they didn't run the ads. >> thank you. >> we should also say that rick's doing a piece of sunday about political ads. >> we're doing to piece of all the spending going on from all of these ads and where they're getting the money from. >> thank you, sir. our coverage on election night will begin with the evening news at 5:00. it continues on cltv 6:00 to 9:00. and then 9:00 until the results are final here. it will be streamed live on as well. coming up: any investigation why someone is spending a lot of money to get a small town judge kicked off a supreme court. plus the friendly skies getting more comfortable. one airline's plan to add a cozy class. and a slight warm up may be in our future. you've never seen fast.
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deep pockets angry with the justice about one issue. >> we ask people to come in to testify and tell the truth and nothing but the truth. that's not happening in this campaign. >> reporter: you may not know his face or name but thomas killbride is in the middle of a nasty campaign to keep his seat on the illinois supreme court. and there's one group more than any other that's trying to kick him out by running ads like this one. >> justice thomas killbride sided with us. >> if you heard the ads you'd think he's the devil. so there is the ability to take 2 million, $3 million and do some real mischief. >> and that's happening? >> that's happening. right now in a very loud fashion and when i say mischief
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i really mean it. the ads parent about how he comported himself on the court, about his experience and knowledge. they are about crime. >> it's a flat out utter lie. >> reporter: he believes the real reason for the attack has nothing to do with crime but his vote on a medical malpractice case that got rid of limits on the amount of money a victim can receive. >> there was an intimidate -- >> that intimidation brought them out on his behalf including the dean of depaul law school. >> it's a threat to the judicial system to judicial independence and to the public interest. i think it's a very bad thing when judges are intimidated. that's what this is. >> reporter: there are two other supreme court justices up for reelection not being targeted by outside campaign
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cash. but they're have either sovereignly democrat or republican party. he's a swing. >> i didn't realize that about though judge. i didn't know my judge was soft of crime. it's a reckless lie but it's there. >> reporter: the talk in the barbershop might hearten killbride it's about sports rather than his race. >> it's politics. one saying something about the other. >> reporter: in his hometown, the attack ads cut deep for the judge. >> so when justice killbride goes to the grocery store in rock island and somebody in that small town has heard one of these ads and wonders is there truth to that? are you facing that scrutiny? >> yes. it's difficult to discuss. >> how so? >> i can't do it.
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>> reporter: we wanted to talk to the man responsible for the ads ed mernain. all we have is this youtube video. he canceled our video. >> he had a terrible record on criminal issues. >> reporter: the judge is fighting back. by law he can't personally raise money. but he has big backers now helping out. they've raised more than $2.5 million to counter the negative ads. >> do i think politics has a place in judicial elections? the answer is no. flat out. we should take it out of the system. how we do that is another question for another day. >> as for justice killbride, half his backers money comes from the democratic party in the state. much of that by madigan who needs kylbride's supreme court vote when new districts are made soon. you see how this legal influx of big money cuts both ways and
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critics of that whole system are cringing tonight. bound with tape and badly beaten. a local jeweler hospitalized tonight as police search for the men who attacked him. why a group of bears players were booted from a river north nightclub. discover customersl are getting five percent cashback bonus at restaurants. it pays to switch, it pays to discover. ♪
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9:20 pm
illinois by police. the cal police are revealing little at this point. they have only hit this person of interest with less serious charges. >> the individual is in custody on the charges of obstruction of justice and unlawful possession of a motor vehicle. the extradition of that person to the state of illinois is pending. and the investigation into the homicide of toni keller continues. >> authorities say that person of interest will be back in dekalb within the next 24 hours. police are looking for a person who killed a jewelry owner in his home. shai miller was badly beaten. his son was also tied up. the gunman stole miscellaneous items including jewelry.
9:21 pm
critical condition. unclear if the home invasion is connected to the man's business. football players with cash in hand. sounds like a club owners dream; right? yet bears players were turned away from angels and kings nightclub. linebacker lance briggs saying he thinks the snub was race related but his teammate says it was not about race. the event was to be part of the rookie night celebration. angels and kings reps says they fired the vendor running the event and plans to apologize to the team. take a look at the stories you'll find in tomorrow's chicago tribune. bedbugs hitting the job market. seriously. they made the leap from homes to hotels to chicago's downtown office buildings and government headquarters. and it's said to be a glowing problem.
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the outrageous dress of lady gaga one of the hottest picks of halloween cost tombs. approximately six in ten adults will dress up this year. will people be spending more on their costumes? the study says yes. how much more and what are the other hot costumes? check out the red eye and find out. a new threat in chicago hospitals and health care facilities. >> the new drug resistant superbug popping up here and what's being done to fight it. plus the high-tech way investigators are solving crimes.
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no tonight's medical watch: a new antibiotic resistant bug is around here in chicago. they're hoping to stop the superbug in its tracks. >> this is an organism. you can see it looks gray and
9:25 pm
wet. >> reporter: it may not look like much of a threat in the lab but this bacteria known as kpc is resistant to antibiotics and similar to another superbug mrca. >> similar to mrca in some ways like it effects hospital patients or in long-term care facilities. >> reporter: the first domestic case popped up on the east coast in 1999. since that time, the bug has moved across the country. dr. mary hayden tracked it for two years in the chicago area. the number of infections increased by 30% and the number of patients who tested positive for the bacteria nearly tripled. >> approximately 75 or 80% of patients who were identified to carry kpc had come from a long- term care facility. >> reporter: the bug is most often spread through contact with health care workers who've already been exposed.
9:26 pm
>> it can effect open wounds. it tends to naturally colonize in the intestinal track. i think people should be aware. this is an excellent time for us to get a handle on this and try to get rid of this bacteria in our region. >> patients with kpc infections are three times more likely to die than those fighting non-kpc infections. learn more on our website. the thermometer taking a dip tonight. up next tom skilling tells us how cold it's going to get. plus a slightly changing trick or treat forecast.
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felt a lot like winter today. >> it certainly did. and it also looked like it too with the gray skies. we've been so spoiled this year we had one autumn like day here. >> we all freaked out. >> we figure it's all over. we checked and we're not done with the warmer weather. we had an average of seven more 60-degree days from this point forward. and we've had as many as -- average of two more 70s. so warm weather, we see something out in the one to two week range. i want to show you the
9:30 pm
beautiful colors. enjoy these while we can. with all that wind i'm sure we've knocked some down. but allison phelps from morton arboretum sends long these picture. the sun will be back tomorrow. that will be welcome after clouds that blew over here. our third consecutive day of gusty winds. the official word on the storm that went through, there was debate about whether it was the strongest ever. it turns out it's the second strongest storm to ever occur in the continental united states other than tropical storms. there were a couple in the 1900s that were stronger but never in the midwest. look tonight at the windchills that we're calculating. we have low 30s. the sky is beginning to clear. we're breaking the clouds up. it's been a slow process but it
9:31 pm
is happening. and tomorrow we'll see just patches of high clouds filtering the sun. winds still blowing but they'll be letting up. 41 at o'hare. 40 at midway. will probably go down a couple more degrees. we could conceivably get a 22- degree temperature in a spot or two out in the dekalb county. already we're in the 30s at naperville. this will be the coolest night since late march. here you can see the clearing in iowa. it shows you the sunny weather that we'll be in tomorrow. there are 14 state tonight under frost and freeze advisories. and these include down state illinois and indiana. the only reason we're not under them in chicago is we've already had frost and freeze in many parts of the metro.
9:32 pm
remember this map how it's been lit up with numbers the last couple of nights with wind gusts? gives you an idea of how the winds are fading away as the pressure gradient relaxes. that's because we're saying goodbye to this mammoth cyclone. there's the strands of high clouds that will be across area skies in the afternoon and mixing with sun. we're turning over to this high pressure. while we'll start with a northwest wind, the afternoon will see a southwest wind come into the area. which will blow into saturday. then a front sits here under these clouds. that will sag south and this low will move along it to bring us rain. perhaps on halloween sunday. we'll keep an eye on that. little bulge of cooler temperatures. the warming out to the west is pretty evident. sent it was up near 60 at rapid
9:33 pm
city. we'll settle for low 50s tomorrow. that's better than the 46 we saw today which is the first day we haven't broken above 50 degrees since last april. look how much of the eastern u.s. is cooling yet the warmer temperatures to the west indicate that we'll come off these cool temperatures and warm up in days ahead. winds west at 14. humidity 62% and the dew point at o'hare down to 29. this weather system -- that's the one that we're watching later in the weekend. nothing in the short-term. and a jet stream blowing in instead of canada from the west bringing a lobe of pacific air in. see that buckle there? that latches on to another area of cool air. not with i the force this one's come in but enough to form a boundary along which that western system can move and produce a little over running rain. that's the system doing this in
9:34 pm
oregon and washington tonight. by the way, a lot of people wonder with the warm october we've had does it have any implication on the winter we'll have. we did some digging on that. it turns out it's a mixed bag. slight odds you'll see less snow and warmer than normal temperatures. but when you've had a cold winter they've been very cold winters. so that plus la nina's tendency to give you more snow than average and colder temperatures suggests we have things to watch before we get into the winter season. clearing and colder tonight. winds blowing. low temperature low 20s inland and low 30s at the lake. partly sunny still cool but warmer than today a high of 53
9:35 pm
tomorrow. the big story not the wind we've been seeing until the wind when they pick up in the afternoon. tomorrow night 36-43 and a nice start to the weekend. partly sunny and milder. high of 60. we could get a rain coming in sunday afternoon. that's the change you were talking about. we introduced that last night in the forecast. but it's only for a short period. and most models are putting .15- inch of rain. it's not a big deal. we'll look beyond that on the seven day. >> thanks. apple has sold millions of the iphone smart phone. >> up next those gadgets have become a surprise source of evidence against criminals. that's next. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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can it keep an eye out for itself, literally show and tell you where it is when you don't even know yourself ? droid can with lookout mobile security, one of thousands of free apps for the droid x and droid 2 by motorola. available on the ever-expanding android market. when there's no limit to what droid gets, there's no limit to what droid does. they're ever where. you might have one yourself. iphones. smart phones have changed the way we communicate. >> and it changes police work too. lourdes duarte visits one tech lab with the frenzy. >> reporter: when iphones turn up as evidence in a case police say jock pot. but with computers and laptops as well. the brian dorian case, that was
9:39 pm
the officer wrongly accused of going on a shooting rampage in illinois and indiana. had it not been for the will county tech lab, he could have spent longer in jail. as you see it as a fun toy, for police it is the key to crack a case. nothing an iphone can't do; right? which explains their popularity. it turns out it's these guys who are really reaping the benefits. >> nice. >> reporter: in a room a little bigger than your average office. no windows, no clocks. they learned what the iphone can really do for police. >> i got my first image of an iphone and started going through it. i'm like wow i can't believe what is actually in here. >> reporter: detective josh fazio leads the tech lab. the iphones keeping him busy. leaving a wide clear footprint
9:40 pm
for police. >> everything you type on the keyboard on an iphone is logged. it's there. i can find it. >> reporter: two years ago he searched two phones. a year later six. >> this year i think i've done 50. >> reporter: the iphone stores a lot of data. >> it puts gps tags on all the pictures it takes. every time you hit the back button, it takes a screen shot of the phone. >> reporter: it logs what you type, the numbers you dial, even when you hit delete, it's still there. >> a lot of people may look at it as the police are looking at us or they're abusing rights or this and that. but when your child is missing and i find your child's iphone you'll be thanking god. >> reporter: and thanking josh from missing persons to homicides, detectives turn to him for help. and he turns to andrew from forensics. >> we're going to pull up the
9:41 pm
call history. >> reporter: iphones are his expertise. >> a lot of people will sell their phones on ebay to buy a new one. they think they've wiped out their phones but they haven't. we know of groups that go out and buy several hundred phones and will harvest the information out of it. >> reporter: while some companies are working on better safety features for their smart phones, until they do, detectives are keeping their eyes open hoping to get more of these tiny labs up and running. >> the last town of law enforcement examiners in the state we were probably under 30. >> reporter: not nearly enough for the more than 30 million iphones out there. and it is expensive to get one of these tech labs up and running. about $300,000. county and naperville police will work together on a tech lab to help neighboring communities. by the way, judges are learning the ins and outs of this type of evidence so they have become more willing to accept it in
9:42 pm
court. >> thanks. it's a time when most airlines are taking away leg room, one airline trying to buck that trend. a look at the new comfy class. and the blackhawks will be without perhaps their best player for the next few weeks. details in sports.
9:43 pm
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9:45 pm
first class business class, how about comfy class? air new zealand is offering it. flying from los angeles to new zealand can take a seat or sleep on a sky couch. it turns into a couch or bed depending on your presence. it will be available with flights continuing to london. what about price? that's what i wonder. >> didn't tell us that. >> no they didn't. tom skilling, the price of the forecast for seven days, what's it look like? >> well, it looks pretty nice. i tell you it'll be a dramatic change tomorrow as the sun comes back filtered by a bit of high cloudiness. and the winds, this'll be the first morning in the past four we aren't awakened by gusty winds. they'll be back tomorrow blowing from the southwest.
9:46 pm
low temperatures will drop below 30 degrees for the first time since back in march of last spring. look at the lows this morning and you'll understand the source region. the area from which we're bringing this cool air in, why it will be able to produce a chilly night tonight. away from the lake as winds die down. over the next ten days, you can see how that dark blue air recedes to the north. which is just a tad above normal. in the into central illinois on sunday which produces a little overrunning rain for halloween afternoon. but it's gone then and we get back into cool air next week. mild. weekend to come as we go back into warm
9:47 pm
air. worried about the cool air up north. here's what happens in the upper winds which blow in from the west. that's a good sign because that cuts off the supply of chilly air. then it turns in from the north again. it gets cool and we drive that chill all the way to the gulf coast next week. the average date in the last half century of the first night with 20s with the official thermometer in town is october 24. so we're fife -- five days late. tonight the temperatures will be higher than the readings tonight. and 34 at the lake front. 60 on saturday. 45 saturday night. a nice day saturday. a low front passes late in the day. let me go back to that so you can see it. but looks like we'll have temperatures only in the 50s on easter sunday -- halloween
9:48 pm
sunday. >> he loves that easter. >> i tell you. i called -- what was it? called valentine's day thanksgiving for four straight days when someone finally called and said were you sniffing something. no just messed up. it's halloween sunday coming up. we'll have highs in the 50s. that's it from the weather office. >> thank you. you're killing me tom. >> the skilling beer back there too. >> no, no. nothing but a cup of coffee back here, guys. >> thank you. it's been a long day. more chicago politics in tonight's photos of the day segment. >> take a look. >> i remain who i am. a social moderate and if other groups in the participate times
9:49 pm
for election backed the more less leaning candidate. i understand. but i am who i am. >> alexi giannoulias calls global warming the most important problem of our lifetime. >> i thank the groups standing behind me today who understand why this race is so incredibly important. >> experience a burst of wind. things started flying by me. i noticed the goal post bending and i heard a crash. the scissor lift had fallen north outside the practice field. >> on behalf of the whole university, i want to express our deepest condolences to the sullivan family and his friends. he was a bright dedicated young man and we will miss him greatly. >> and of course more photos of the day on coming up: the big ten coaches in town to preview what's shaping up as a big year
9:50 pm
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9:53 pm
hawks. they're having enough trouble as it is right now. it doesn't matter when something like this happens. , you never want to lose someone like marion. he's not going to be gone for too long. and they're getting campbell back from his knee issue. he may play this weekend. with the loss of hosa who was injured we think on this play last night in the win over the kings. officially an upper body injury. looks to be the same shoulder that gave him that trouble early last year. two weeks is the guess and his teammates will have to step up. >> he has been playing well i think we got to tighten up defensively. is probably the best way. >> it's the same old story. someone's got to step up and replace that. i don't think it's fair to put number 81's expectations on one person's shoulders. it takes a group to play well. we had good contributions from guys yesterday.
9:54 pm
that's helped us in the wind. like to see that continue. the bears hurried through a short practice this morning then scattered for the long weekend without football. their bye week could make or break their season. the coaches will be trying to figure out how to get this thing back on the rails. if they can't do it, there will be an upheaval in lake forest. lovie smith would like to prevent that from happening. >> we need no stake a step back. sometimes it's not going exactly the way you like, you need to take a step back. bye week is coming at the perfect time. sometimes when you take a step back, you can really analyze. if we analyze i think we're 4-3 football team. >> yes they are. and we are less than 24 hours from the start of the big ten basketball season. illinois opens up tomorrow night in champaign against lewis university. all big ten coaches and star players were in for the conference media day. the league is stacked and
9:55 pm
northwestern will be in its fight to mike the tournament. it should be good and they're happy to have juice thompson running the show. >> mike coach on the court all that kind of stuff. that's what he is. he doesn't look at me anymore. what are we running? in a time-out he tells me. good. that's good. because he gets it. i gave him the ball when he walked in the door as a freshman. east grown and gotten better and far exceeded my expectations. >> and it's the same story in champaign where bruce weber has a wealth of young talent. in the end he'll count on those dynamic players. mccamy turned a corner with a turn from then on. he put in a lot of work this summer. >> now this is it.
9:56 pm
he tested the waters last year. nba got some feedback, backed up what i had been saying which was positive. now is he ready to take it? people say a big step. i don't think it's a big step. it's a little step. he's taking the little step of being competitive and living up to his ability. >> and then this afternoon another big signee for bruce weber. mike shaw chose illinois this afternoon. the fourth member of next year's class all four from chicago and all very highly regarded. bruce already has a monster freshman class in place. next year's crew won't be far behind. they're going to rack up serious talent down there in champaign. and the world series is a blowout again tonight. >> up two games. >> thanks. >> that's the news this thursday night. i'm micah materre. >> i'm mark suppelsa. have a good night.
9:57 pm
see you tomorrow.
9:58 pm
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