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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  December 14, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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plus getting your groupons. how this site works. >> you heard from the hero. now you'll watch that death defying act that stopped on armed robber. i'm mark suppelsa. >> and i'm micah materre. our top story scene around this country on wgn america tonight, the security video. what happened in that tanning salon. the video shows it clearly. >> reporter: some unbelievable video we are about to show you. keep in mind that police have confirmed that the gun used in saturday's botched robbery here in the park is in the the same gun used in the so-called honey bee shootings this past october. the heroic actions of jason
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mcdaniel captured on video. he quickly pointed his gun at the female employee behind the counter. he said to sit back away from the phone then proceeded to tie her up. a short while later, a customer walked in jason mcdaniel. amaya ordered him to get behind the counter. he pleaded to take the wallet and let them both go but the gunman wasn't having any of it. and prepared to tie up mcdaniel as well. but he reached for something on the floor leafing his gun on the counter. jason mcdaniel lunged forward and grabbed the gun. >> he took his hand off the gun and that's when i rushed him. then he came back at me. that's when the struggle ensued and the shots went off. >> reporter: the struggle
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happened after the -- the employee called 911 with her tied up hands. mcdaniel was able to hit him across the forehead. the gun went off at the same time. then mcdaniel says he shot him again. police have not confirmed that gary amaya is the so-called honey bee killer responsible for the shootings in october. the lot of evidence is matching up. including the type of gun that was used and the truck used at the scene. he believes amaya was there to kill. >> there was no type of okay give me the money, i want to leave. there was no type of hurry. he was very calm, very there to hurt somebody i think. that was his intended goal i think. >> reporter: jay jason mcdaniel appearing on the news today. cross referencing other cold cases to see if amaya is linked to other crimes in the area. police are praising the quick
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actionings of jason mcdaniel they released a statement saying he showed extreme bravery and courage. meanwhile, l.a. tan is giving him and his wife $5000 and free tanning for life. >> dan ponce, thanks. a political shocker in the state's capitol city. the mayor found dead from a gun shot wound. tim davlin found dead in his home this morning. police got the 911 call minutes before the shooting. the illinois state police investigating the death, autopsy expected some time tomorrow. there were earlier reports that it was a suicide. but the state police have refused to speculate. >> at this point in the investigation, the illinois state police is conducting an investigative canvas of mayor's community and the scene to include a century of the property. >> mayor davlin was to appear in court today where some money
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is unaccounted for. he also owed nearly $90,000 in unpaid income taxes and liens were filed against his home. it started early this morning and it's going or at this hour hop rahm emanuel answering questions over his being a legal resident to illinois, chicago. >> reporter: long and truly surreal day. this wrapped up just about ten minutes ago. you've heard the expression cool as a cucumber. that was rahm emanuel today during nearly 12 hours of aggressive sometimes insulting questioning by lawyers and political activists and emanuel's opponents looking for a got you time that never came. >> one more question. >> can i seep it? can i touch it? >> reporter: it was one bizarre question or political statement
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or outright insult after another. and through it all, the former white house chief of staff quietly answered. his responses calm and brief. a small smile on his face as his legal team offered their objections to a seemingly endless stream of agenda driven political activists lined up for their shot at rahm. >> are you currently being blackmailed or bribed or are you blackmailing someone else in a way that prohibits you from giving correct testimony to the people of illinois today? yes or no? >> reporter: those who object to emanuel's residency and their attorneys took space in the center of the crowded board of elections hearing room directly in front of hearing officer joseph morris who himself showed infinite patience, even humor. over 90 stipulations agreed to yesterday were meant to speed this process along.
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instead, basic facts are often being ignored. the same questions asked and answered repeatedly. many of them about emanuel's home at 4228 north hermatage. he spoke about the personal effects still inside. >> never lost my mind that -- having been born here, having raised kids here and owning a home in the city of chicago, having paid property taxes to the city of chicago. and the only reason i left the city of chicago was to take an position as the chief of staff. >> reporter: much of the questioning today repetitive and rambling, aggressive and ill informed. rahm emanuel comes across looking more mayoral by calmly weathering this storm. he's known for a bit of a sharp tongue, famous temper. managed to keep both in check
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through a long day. >> thank you. so far the ruckus isn't effecting the standing with voters of emanuel. gaynor hal was at a forum tonight. >> reporter: the voters were interviewed from friday to yesterday for this exclusive chicago tribune to wgn tv poll. the results show rahm emanuel is the front runner but the percentage of people supporting him is almost matched by those who have yet to decide on a candidate in this very crowded race. 32% of chicago residents polled want former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel to be the next mayor. but the other key number? 30% are still undecide. former chicago school board chico and davis are tide with 9%. reverend james meeks picks up
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7% followed by braun with 6%. and former senator roland burris who has 2%. here's a break down by race. among black voters 30% are undecide. 21% would vote for davis. emanuel picks up 19% of the black vote. followed by meeks, mosley braun and burris. and emanuel gets 27% of latino voters. more than chico combined. emanuel get 46% of the white votes. the numbers show emanuel has a diverse coalition of supporters. while chico has ground to make up in the black community and davis' is mostly among black voters. emanuel was the only who did not appear at a forum tonight. >> i am attending every single
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forum i'm invited to because it's the best way to talk to directly. >> reporter: answers about violence and prevention. >> nobody cares more about this issue than i do. >> reporter: offstage, chico said he's frantically raising money to get his message out. >> have the resources to more than compete. >> reporter: meeks says he's planning to unveil his planning tomorrow. >> it will be different from any message you've heard to this point. >> reporter: and davis insisted he's in for the long haul with no plans of dropping out. >> it's never even crossed my mind. >> reporter: so we've got more than two months to go before the february election. keep in mind the top vote getter has to get 50 plus 1% of the vote to avoid a runoff in april. and of course you can read much more about these results in tomorrow's chicago tribune.
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>> all right. thanks. coming up: you may have already seen them at o'hare. now it's midway's turn. it's the controversial body scanners. plus the high-tech version of coupon clipping. a look at groupon. sick of the snow yet? well we may not be done just yet. another round headed our way. tom skilling's forecast coming soon. for a limited time, smartphones talk free.
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two men in custody accused of kidnapping a man found dead in the lawndale area. the man taken from the home he was rehab at keilar saturday. his beaten body was found in a vehicle in a garage at thomas springfield last night. two men in custody identified at darnell stokes and keith watts. federal government suing a west suburban school district for making a teacher choose between her religion and a job. took off time to make a
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pilgrimage to mecca. cohn resigned. the district violated the civil rights act of 1964 for not accommodating her religious practices. she seeks unspecified damages and back pay. they're controversial and chicago is getting another one. it's the full body scanner. we've seen them at o'hare. now midway is getting one. a detailed look of your body is seen for the hidden weapons and explosives tsa is looking for. people can decline the scan for an enhanced patdown. locking in low airfares before you buy a ticket. how one airline is making it easier. repairs to the metrodome underway. but will they be done by the game with the bears in minnesota?
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policy. the house is planning to look at a bill this week that would overturn the bill in the military. could then force the senate to put off the adjournment for the holidays while lawmakers consider the legislation. republican senator mark kirk gave his maiden speech on the floor today. paid tribute to the many who preceded him in that seat. >> as i enter this chamber with all humility and the knowledge that came from those before us, they fought for a better future for the next generation as we shall fight for those who follow. and i yield the floor. >> kirk says he will work with dick durbin to complete 43 project, ban sewage dumping in the great lakes. two of the richest men in the world invited to the white house today to meet with president obama and talk, well the economy. the combined wisdom of warren buffet and bill gates tapped to come up with ways to boost the
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american economy. spurring the growth and making the u.s. more competitive overseas was the focus. buffet has been asked by the president frequently. judge wants to release him on bond but prosecutors are putting them up on fight. the founder of the wikileaks to be let go on $300,000 bond. sweden is arguing julian assange should remain in prison there. he's expected to remain in custody for at least two more days. he is wanted in sweden for a sex crimes case. but is refused to voluntarily surrender for extradition. here's some of the stories you'll find in the chicago tribune. kids invading predators. reports find there have been hundreds of child abduction attempts by strangers in the last couple of years in our
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area. more scary: very close to all the suspects never get caught. cooke county board president preckwinkle had her first meeting today since she took office. find out who she picked to run the board meetings when she can't do so. and who she's not rehiring on the payroll. would you like to lock in a lower airline fare? who wouldn't? continental now has a program called fare lock. you can hold fares on some destinations. the hold lasts for seven days even if you don't purchase that ticket. the fare lock costs between $5- $9 per flight. and a new stamp honoring ronald reagan has been unveiled. put on view in the reagan library in california. nancy reagan was at that ceremony and helped unveil it. it features a close up of the president's face with his ranch
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until background. goes on sale february 10, four days after what would have been reagan's 100th birthday. it's the third reagan stamp since his death. a bystander helps a come during a routine traffic stop. and a postal worker that came bearing a bit more than just the mail. or less than just the mail i should say.
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protect and serve is what police do for us. it's an ordinary citizen who rushed to the aid of a dayton, ohio cop. a 64-year-old man got physical with the officer over a missing headlight. investigators say during the five minute struggle, the
9:25 pm
suspect tried to grab the officer's gun and taser. but a passerby saw what was happening and pulled over to help and whacked the guy in the back of the head allowing the officer time to regain control and there he did. well, it wasn't ocean's eleven, only one guy in a motorcycle helmet and -- >> this was a man who pulled a gun at the craps table and demanded casino chips today. reportedly about $1.5 million of chips. this taken at the bellagio showing him going towards a motorcycle he sped off in. authorities believe it's the same thief who robbed the sun coast casino. the man is till on the loose. mailman facing charges for ditching his uniform in favor of his birthday suit. mail carrier is accused of showing up wearing nothing to give a woman her mail. her reaction: scream.
9:26 pm
called police. she still can't believe what she saw. >> he's completely nude. no clothes whatsoever. and the only thing he said was surprise. and it freaked me out. >> mailman in question facing criminal charges. also being investigated by the postal service. you think we had it bad? well, it could be worse. check out what motorists in canada had to deal with. >> we won't have anything like that. but tom's forecast is coming up next. [ male announcer ] earlier today, your living room was game day central. [ cheering ] a place for friends, family, and your husband's trademark victory dance. [ cheering ] now the crowd is gone. and all that remains is the stink. [ dog barks ] but you're ready because febreze air effects cleans away tough game day odors in the air. sweat-socks, chicken wings, garlic dip.
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folks, it can always be worse. our snowstorm nowhere near the mess canadians are dealing with in ontario. cars and trucks trapped for hours on end. rescue operations underway to remove hundreds of drivers. police in say the blizzard conditions are unlike any they've ever seen. that part of the country is a disaster area. >> that is the storm that we were talking about last week. because we didn't get the snow in the area a lot of folks thought this term used is we hyped it. this storm has been produced heavy snows over tens of thousands of square miles. this is just its latest ramification. the folks in indiana were picked out of cars yesterday after all the rescue efforts there. we've got amazing pictures.
9:30 pm
we may not have gotten the snow but folks west and east of us. this is westville, indiana. comes from matt there. joe from la laport, indiana there. and pat in union mills, indiana captured these shots. look at these drifts here. car-sized drifts. judy of westville, indiana also captured some of the drifts there. we have christine's picture from val valparaiso. talk about a world upside down. we had a tornado touch down in oregon today. and yet florida was in the 30s and breaking records on the cold side. and there was another record high in phoenix today. so really a strange mix of weather. gorgeous sunset here in chicago. but a cold day and a cold night ahead. this could be the coldest night this season because temps are
9:31 pm
falling fast in the low regime and under clear skies with a snow cover. it's a perfect setup for radiation cooling. so the coolest night yet with a few spots, the normal spots out in the mchenry county going low to 6-8 below. maybe a 10 below in spots. the reports in and we'll show you these from the snow belt. 33 inches is the top tally now. our snow coming in tomorrow night and it could be 1-3 inches out of that. we're watching that. it's very early yet. the last of the fading snow bands showing up there. they're fading because see the winds dying out? that's a wind plot. they're kind of going away and so are the lake snows with time. there might be a few flurries left across the lake in the morning but they'll be diminishing. they'll look at west coming in. but 33 inches of snow.
9:32 pm
that's wanatah, indiana is east of the chicago loop. about 12 miles east of valparaiso. weather port 25. there's jusdon at 20. looks like laporte. here are the lake snows on our rpm model fading out. clouds will increase year. look at the snow with the system coming in. that's 5:30 in the evening. not here yet. but it spreads over the area tomorrow night. so we've got snow on the way. there will be accumulation in the snow belt. here's that little swab of precipitation that's coming in with this system. the same one that produced that tornado we talked about. look at this thing out west. this thing came barreling in on a an 180 mile-an-hour jet stream. you've got to watch something like that.
9:33 pm
until we get it into the country and can sense it fully. this laid down a tornado south of about 45 miles south of portland, oregon. they had thunderstorm winds with damaging winds and record high temperature of 59 in seattle today. and here's this boundary. denver hit 70. 46 at rapid city. yet the cold air is in progress all the way south into florida. but warming a bit out to the west. so the temperatures will come back a little bit after this cold, cold night we've got ahead tonight. winds are north-northwest at 6. humidity is 80%. the dew point is 4 and the temperature can go down to that dew point. we had readings as low as 3. 2 at naperville. and went up to the mid-20s in some areas. naperville only to 16 today. here's the big picture here. you see this jet stream. see this speed max here? right on the nose of that you
9:34 pm
get lift. and this will come in tomorrow night and lift the air. there are already winter storm watches out down state where they expect the heaviest snows. but a whole range of advisories out to the west of us as this system marchs eastward. we'll show you that system in a bit and show you what some of the models are saying how much will fall. and we'll have a lay of a first guess. tonight clear, cold. the michigan lake snows are finally winding down. 8 in the loop as well as minus 8 in mchenry county and the coldest locations out there. not everybody will see that. but single digits and below zero many spots. sunshine followed by increasing clouds tomorrow. 25. and period of snow develops tonight night with a low of 18. periods of flurries at times thursday after perhaps several inches of snow in that burst tomorrow night. a high of about 31.
9:35 pm
what about the weekend? toward monday some snow and flurries over the weekend. but we'll time those for you on the seven-day forecast coming up. >> see you in about ten minutes. coming up: what your salary predicts about your wasteline. it's different for men and women. and get to know the ins and outs of groupons and you might save money this holiday season. lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte.
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introducing the no compromise kenmore elite topload washers save now at sears in tonight's medical watch: teens are drinking less, but they're smoking more pot. that's the latest from a study of 10th-12th graders. doctors are already weighing in. warning marijuana use during teen and preteen years when the brain is developing can cause permanent damage. experts are pleased binge drinking is on the decline. 31% of teens say they drank in excess on the highest. now 23% say they've had five drinks in a row. the artificial sweetener was dropped today from the epa's
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list of hazardous list. saccharin comes in packets of sweet and low and is in toothpaste, mouthwash and pill coating. your weight may depend on how much you make. for women, less money means more weight. but for men, just the opposite is true. bigger bucks translate to bigger wastelines. one place men and women fair equally, education. those who went to college learn to eat better. higher education lowered the number on the scale. 20% of the nation is considered obese. >> all right. thanks. coming up: groupon 101. >> meet a chicagoan who has been saving money on the daily deal for years now. how to make it work for holiday shopping. and from the mouth of derek rose, my whole body hurts. the full update later in sports. ♪
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it is one of the biggest internet sensations. we're talking about the groupon company. >> it's getting coupons on your computer with new twists. the fastest growing company ever, the company recently turned out a buyout from google worth 5-6 billion bucks.
9:43 pm
here's how people are saving money. >> reporter: chicago groupon users have saved around $75 million since the website started two years ago. so it's no surprise that some people are living their lives according to groupon. >> these are the ones we have available. >> reporter: roselin doesn't go without looking at groupon. >> i've gotten hair cuts with it. massages with it. that's really a nice thing. >> reporter: steve has been a member of the daily deals website for two years. he's considered a superuser since he has bought more than a hundred groupon deals. >> i think it's an addiction. >> reporter: this holiday season he is taking care of eight family members for the kids table in bucktown. >> we bought our nieces and nephews that and we'll take them to a cooking class for tots. >> reporter: his wife isn't worried about the spending as long as she can see the savings
9:44 pm
and rewards. >> if there's a night i don't feel like cooking, he opens his groupon application and we pick a restaurant that we want to go to. >> reporter: founded in chicago two years ago with 400 subscribers, groupon is an internet phenomenon will 40 million members worldwide a million in the chicago area. the subscription is free. anything from restaurants and yoga lessons to bike tune-ups. a spokesperson for groupon tells us how it works. >> you'll get one e-mail a day talking about the best thing we're selling that day. so you have 24 hours to buy it. we need a minimum number of customers in order to get the great deal. >> reporter: a great deal like the one patricia roy found for yoga. >> i bought the groupon $29 for five yoga classes which is worth $75.
9:45 pm
so i saved more than 50%. >> reporter: it's a win-win situation for clients and businesses. sold 2800 groupon deals on that one day offer. >> we're offering deals you can't get anywhere else. we're providing merchants a way to connect with local customers in a way they never have before. this is a totally different form of local marketing. >> reporter: sound too good to be true? there could be a downside. the expiration date can be tricky especially when you buy a lot of groupon deals. you have to be organized to make sure you use all the coupons you buy. another issue because of the high demand for a certain deal, you might not be able to use it right away. and what if not enough people buy into a deal? that doesn't happen in chicago anymore, but if it did, the subscriber would get money back. that's it from here. back to you. >> looking for the groupon coupon for warm weather. >> i don't think there is one.
9:46 pm
>> tom, can you help? >> here it is right here. i've got it printed out. >> redeem it in june? >> yeah. i tell you. do not activate until may 1. so we'll try. actually, it is going to warm up a little bit the next couple of days. we have clouds spreading in from the west. look at that weather system out there and look at the chill. this morning down to florida records all through the florida peninsula on the low temperature and the daytime highs we had a 6 above as a low temperature this morning. it's now 9 at o'hare headed for a 2 above low there. you can see across the rest of the area -- i'm going to back to that and run through these. it's 11 at midway 371 at union, illinois. there you can see the windchills across the area. temperatures ranging from 10 at lincoln park to negative two at
9:47 pm
rochelle. the snow comes in tomorrow night. could have 1-3 inches. winds lock in and bring chilly air into the area. here's a look at where the snow is supposed to fall. we got to keep an eye on that. there's a sharp temperature variation across it. just want to share with you a couple of model takes on this system. has about 2.5 inches of snow down. these are first guesses. this is the weather service's model has about 3 inches of snow down there. you can see the isobars with this not nearly as packed as with that last weather system. seven-day forecast from 25 tomorrow and snow tomorrow night to light snow and flurries on thursday and 31. flurries and 24 friday. more flurries sunday and a snow
9:48 pm
system monday with a 26 at that time. more cool air spills in after that. hang on to this groupon warm weather coupon, guys. >> i won't let it expire. >> very good. maybe we can talk them into activated it sooner. >> really. >> thanks guys. a good day of firstst around chicago. >> first time facing legal challenges, first board meetings, a first birthday. and they were all captured in the chicago tribune photos of the day. what 30 day time period are you referring to when you signed and swore to underoath? >> ask in a question that is germane with the case please.
9:49 pm
>> today's a big day. we're celebrating the one year birthday. he is our beluga whale. we feel lucky he hit this one year milestone. >> you can find more photos on our website could sunday's outdoor disaster only be the beginning? the bears get some chilly news from minnesota about their upcoming game with the vikes. details in sports. ♪ every time it's so right
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with cinnabon cinnamon have such a sweet and delicious aroma that my family can't wait to get their hands on them. enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls. we both remember outdoor football in minnesota. >> brown, tarkington, detroit, the purple people eaters. memories of that this weekend from 1961-81 the vikings played outdoors every year in minnesota. next week they'll play at the university of minnesota's tcf bank stadium because the collapse from the metrodome won't be repaired in time. that's not the only problem for the vikings who played without
9:53 pm
brett favre last night. their other two quarterbacks are also hurt. and what about the bears? a tough few days for them since sunday's loss to new england. that doesn't stop israel idonije from attending his event for chicago police officers. >> today it puts everything in perspective. just a great day to spend with the leaders in our community. the police officers and all these kids. just a great day. bulls fans were breathing easier today derek rose is still in one piece despite a scary moment in the victory bowl over the pacers last night. he chicagoed up with a brace on his right wrist and he's day to day. could have been worse. when rose got up in the air and collided with rush. used his hands to try to break
9:54 pm
his fall. a sprained wrist ab a bruised elbow and a sore hip which hurts the most. >> it would have to be my hip. my hip is messed up. just treatment, get treatment on the plane and in toronto. hopefully for the game it should be all right. my elbow hurts more than my wrist. right now i'm a little beat up but i should be able to play through it. >> last night's game also featured a milestone for rose. the first technical foul he's ever gotten in the game. he was upset over a noncall and what he said got him t-ed up. >> i said it's some bs. it took them a while to give me the tech. i guess it got to him or something like that. next time i just got to hold it in and hopefully i'll gain more techs because i need that
9:55 pm
money. it's a recession out here. freshman guard brandon young in depaul trying to get another win before big east play begins. depaul led by 4 at the half. then in the 2nd half, freeland will do it himself. depaul leading 53-34 late in the game. also northern illinois beat uic80-78 tonight. blackhawks ambassador bobby hall on hand for the foundation. where took part on stage in a christmas carol. the phillies come out the big winners in baseball free agency with the signing of cliff lee. $100million contract.
9:56 pm
one time cubs phenom has signed a minor league deal with the yankees. we all think of hockey players as rough and tumble types. that doesn't mean they don't get into the holiday spirit. we present the belfast giants. ♪ [ music ] >> those are all real hockey players. they play in the elite hockey league in the uk. they made this video as a promotion for their up coming games. >> cute little elves. kind of glad in a way it's not my team. [ laughter ] >> well, on that note, that's the news this tuesday night. we're happy you shared time with us. i'm micah materre.
9:57 pm
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