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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  May 4, 2011 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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out here. since a four corner stall i think by the time it gets back to the plate don mattingly is going to come out of the dugout. he is leaving him in. byrd at second pena at first. about a minute between pitches here in the senate. in this inning.
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the longer i hang on to the ball the last chance to have to have it. here comes don mattingly. novel mattingly will probably stand out there and tell but third comes out it forces them to make a pitching change.
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let's go see beat take charge lets go cb still one out in the ninth and it will be hawkworth in for broxton
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the kickoff on the first base on the 3-0 count. barajas to the mound towards the manager came mound and then he chatted with dbb buckner before making the change. i do wonder at castro like to throw strikes taking that much time to a pitches i don't know how broxton could've gotten into a strike throwing rhythm. at the rate the cubs will try to take advantage. byrd the go-ahead run at second. pena is that first and off on the story and as your-3 on the night. soriano 0-3 night.
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as your-6 against hawksworth with four strikeouts fly to center. it does matt kemp. hawksworth @ some good tailing action on that fastball. saran of look like he had scored up to get the ball off up the sweet spot there lies a fly ball into center field. 6 official at bats. one more shot tear in the ninth.
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so there takes ball one. geode was really a passive and his last two at bats. breaker for a strike. potters did beat the pirates. it 6-5 in the final in san diego. 1-2. good rep. that time in the middle of the plight fastball
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just under a little bit. now he is right to have to battle them two strikes and the count. a lot of throwing games tonight around baseball. out into right- center. it is dropped cubs lead. that ball went all the way to the ball. 82- run double for geovany soto 3- 1. !
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patio card flutterball opted to the gap perfectly. protect about matt kemp to athleticism how much ground covers that one does cape tailing further and further away from him. a very awkward attempt the ball touch all the way to the law clearing the bases. nice job ichiro bonnie geovany. kerry wood can't get the win. see carlos marmol and the bottom of the night. dewitt with a pinch-hit seven at pinch-hit single in the bottom of the seventh. walks come back to haunt the dodgers.
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the indians did beat the a's there are now 20-8. that one punched out to dissenter here comes the throw by kemp cut off by loney and that some insurance. but like one of that ball to go through. loney cut it and the cubs get their
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third run of the inning. money may have done the cubs a huge favor right there. that to deliver right to of the top what a break for the cubs that time there would have done a play tom played there is really no play in front of them. thank you. fastball strike to fukudome. such a with a to run double. dewitt penchant rbi single. four-one.
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had foul ball. 1-2. kemp, uribe loney to face carlos marmol in the bottom of this inning. and other ball had to well. kemp will get to this one with a diving grab and center of the three spot for the cubs regard to the bottom
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to allow such a with a to run double the comes with that a another run off of like dewitt. here is the close there. clothes there. era still under 2 on the season. still a little bit lofty for carlos marmol but he has done a much better doublet to let throwing strikes. trying to save it for kerry wood who would get his first win of the year. kemp fouls away on a fastball. i always like
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that little extra cushion just in case you're closer is a little off. uribe on deck than loney. a slider did slide enough. two-one. blunder and it uribe 0-11 lifetime against carlos marmol. kosuke comes over. might have applied, no.
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a yankee fan here in l.a.. has 8 on the mattingly jersey on that's what he is trying to explain to the dodgers. screaming that is our coach. the only game going on around baseball. everything else is over. cubs tried to become just the fifth protein to win tonight. castro went away. one of way
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that heater for a strike at to 94. former teams mates carloses zambrano and ted lilly ball battle tomorrow. and three team and game home stand starting on friday against the reds.
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marmol has dominated the this battle with uribe. a pop-up near the cubs' dugout still 0-to just not high enough and a year fer any defender to get over there to the railing there still is a lot of foul territory behind home plate to toward the on deck circle over here at dodger stadium. a little bit too much time for anybody to get underneath that ball. marmol an all- star in 2008 replaced carry what who was unavailable
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because of finger blistering swing and a miss to down. time now for our budweiser play of the game. geovany soto with the go ahead it to run double with two outs in the top of the night. correct times are waiting grab some buds. geode motioning for rommel's ramirez to come in rahm loss for his plight with back-in the bag at third. behind the bag a
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t 3rd o-2 to l oney straight dodgers have been retired grayback you're right dempster finish at the seventh straight strike strikeouts break her what a went to 3/8 and so far a went to ninth foul. we caught the tail we thought the tail end of this couple that was going to be a strength for the statement it has worked out for the same when you have the opportunity to use those guys at the tail end of the ball game it is pretty much over.
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who is going to get it here it will be marlin byrd cubs win 4- 1. to even up the series and the road trip a chance for a winning trip tomorrow 3-3 soph arthur arizona must angeles. the final tonight because for the dodgers what we will be back. cubs 4 dodgers 1 we will be back next on wgn making and p a victory as outside it third arose becoming the nba's denver
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4 dodgers 1 care programs in high definition has been party by xfinity only from comast and now for my partner bob brenly and our entire wgn sports career here in southern california this is len kasper inviting you to stay tuned for the wgn news next
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stir up a smile. pet mass of hole of intelligence information on that side of the and london compound that first thing about us. our top stores across the country on wgn america. and just 40 man's osama bin laden was shot and killed. at the same time thousands of miles to win the white house to present the best president that secretary of monitor that rate. pitcher's release to that tonight and here's a look at what that the bin laden
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brenly looks like. the company secretary and see how high the wall is. that gives you an idea of just how high that wallace. if you come back a comeback stand very you could come here you can get to see the high part of the compound. that is where bin laden found on the top floor. court in late bin laden was not armed but put up some resistance apparently his wife were shot in the light but not killed like what was reported yesterday. what type of information that will get from all the computers it is remain to be seen but the question that remains for some money is this.
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. >> how did it bin lade stayn at that compound for about six years or so and not be detected. the notion that somehow just because there's a part support network in pakistan the state, the government and the ministry of pakistan. >> pakistan releasing as for a statement saying they did not protected. the park tonight is there is possibly a picture of the moderns bodied being released a first stafford got that look at it this afternoon. >> still no word about with that picture will actually be released. . >> by the way it obama will travel to travel to ground zero this thursday. wgn news. >> most were


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