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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  July 5, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. the body of a man who fell into lake michigan and never resurfaced has now been recovered. good afternoon everyone i am robert jordan in for steve sanders >>and dom dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on the beach yet america and on the web at >>we have a live report at dusable harbor with the latest from nancy loo >>it is believed to be a 29 year-old man from orlando park park
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the body was retrieved at 910 this morning just minutes after beginning where they left off at 230 in the morning >>a sail boat spotted the man going under but he was too far away to get to him and time the marine unit marked the area before calling off the initial search at to 30 this morning due to the darkness. >>we have information from the previous surge that gave us good coordinates which is wary went back this morning a shirt was recovered last night from the area so we went right back to the area and we located the victim with an 25 yds of the markers that we place their. re.. >>the body was not positively
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identified but it is believed to be that young man from orlando park. >>chicago route police are reviewing a tape of a violent beating in the lake view neighborhood we have julian crews with a live report >>there is a growing uproar on north halsted street there is a community meeting set for tomorrow night at district 23 police headquarters the district commander along with the aldermen are vowing to address growing concerns about crime here in lakeview. >>witnesses say they fear the attack would escalate into a full-scale riot it was late sunday when home-video cameras capture the brutal beating of a group of young people about 15-
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20 ganged up on one victim the mob attack left a 25 year-old man with multiple stab bonds the brutal beating sent him to the emergency room with serious industriesinjuries >>is spilled drink and angry words sparked the attack. >>it erupted into a mob attack >>the brazen incident on one of the north side's most active streets has raised concerns among merchants and lakeview they save things are getting rougher and rougher on this block with increasingly unruly teachersteenagers and other people getting involved in attacks ... ha although they said the trauma
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and try to keep order there's still not enough police its there are multiple flights people down here about there are obnoxious and brazen walking around stopping traffic and the north halsted business alliance also works with police on providing additional security on weekends ... there is no word from chicago police news of fares on these growing concerns of the rising crime here in the lakeview neighborhood children playing with fireworks caused an extra alarm blaze in the city's pulse and never yesterday afternoon fire officials say that the play started on the back porch of a three story building in the 1300 block of west 18th street the
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virus's spread to two adjacent buildings an 80 year-old woman was taken to university hospital for minor smoke inhalation the building's owner says that he plans to rebuild >>it was a cry matt went unsolved for 54 years but the man accused of kidnapping and murdering a seven year-old girl will be held on $3 million bond jack mccullough was arrested friday at his apartment in north seattle he is 71 years old now police say that back in 1957 mccullough formerly john tessier kidnapped maria ridolph his alibi at the time was a train ticket from rockford to chicago but that unused ticket resurfaced recently at an ex- girlfriend house that's what caused police to reopen the investigation put prosecutors say that he won't admit to being either john tessier or jack mccullough >>amtrak is being planned in the latest lawsuits stemming from a
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deadly crash in nevada amtrak attendant lana dickerson of illinois claims that amtrak was partially at fault for her injuries dickerson says that she was trying to the passengers to safety but had to double back through a burning car because of the locked door and jumped out a window and stabbed another amtrak attendant heard in the accident is filing suit against lawrence valli and his employer jon davis trucking claiming that negligence after that truck driver fell to stop at the train crossing on june 24th at six people died in that crash >>former chicago police superintendent jody weis will be joining the chicago trine crime commission ... he will be the group's new deputy director the organization is non-profit and consists of civic and business leaders who are committed to improving the quality of public safety and justice he became the superintendent in 2008 and
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stepped down earlier this year when his contract and that he had a rocky tenure as many rank- and-file police officers did not let the fact if they came from the fbi and was never once a police officer and self >>coming up cicero's town president goes on trial for racist remarks which larry dominick allegedly had said a new state adoption measure renan reuniting children with birth parents after their rocky history and prosecutors move closer to dropping charges against dominique str depression is a serious medical condition. i feel like i have to wind myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest the lack of energy. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about pristiq® a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is thought to work by affecting the levels of two chemicals in the brain, serotonin and norepinephrine. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior, or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase suicidal thoughts and behaviors in children, teens and young adults. pristiq is not approved for children under 18.
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charges of racism are at the center of a lawsuit filed against the town of cicero and its president larry dominick ... dressed in a black suit with a
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black t-shirt underneath and no tie larry dominick sat in court facing charges that he fired a chicago handyman for his family's political ties as well as the fact that he used racial slurs against the hispanic workers >>after firing 43 year-old merced rojas in 2006 a civil suit has now emerged. >>he is seeking an unspecified amount of money ... larry dominick could be called as a witness in the case if he is the question becomes what will the lawyers be allowed to ask them. >>he needs to avoid a future key issues sexual harassment claims and family members on the cicero payroll as well as ethnic slurs made against mr. roh us.
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>>his ties to organized crime are off-limits he admitted to fraternizing with reputed cicero mob figures. >>larry dominick attorneys deny the racial slur allegations saying that his present his own wife is hispanic ... >>larry dominick and the town want to see the case through because of the defendant's family has been particularly vicious with their publishing operation. >>mayor rahm emanuel announced today that he will push for several new rules that makes business at city hall more transparent he said hill introduce a bill tomorrow that
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will create the most comprehensive database that this causist lobbyists' activities the measure will also include limiting gifts given to city employees per have been an obvious from lending money to public officials when he took office he signed six executive orders that focused on improving ethics with a first time ever in illinois and a mother has adopted around children under new state law that reunites families muriel claire has this report this is a law where time has come ... a woman's children as adults wanted to be real adopted
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by their mother and that speaks volumes and the mother wanted badly for it to happen and she got her life in order in order to make it happen. >>this mother had a chronic substance abuse problem hoped on crack cocaine unable to properly care for the children the department of chaldron and family services remove the kids from home and her parental rights were taken away relatives put the children up for adoption. she never lost sight of her responsibility and never stopped loving the kids. >>i knew that wasn't my mom's job to raise my children that was my job >>parental rights to four of the children have been restored to teenage boys and 27 year-old twin girls and their with their mother and she spoke about her hard-fought battle against
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addiction. >>her grandchildren round out this new happily reunited family ... >>i have three kids of my own now ... we feel blessed. she also has five other children wishing to restore their rights the top business stories are coming up next and in the medical watch that popular anti- smoking drug is leading to a risk in heart problems >>and a classic desert and bake sale favorite is updated to we have poundcake infused with green tea as
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here is an update on a story we reported earlier ... the body recovered in indiana is not that of the college student that has been missing lauren spierer ... an autopsy performed today determined that the body is not lauren spierer and it is not the body of a 74 year-old missing woman either ... the search continues for survivors of a capsized boat off the coast of the baja peninsula ... five people are still
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missing one person an american was killed five people are missing in those pulled from the water aren't condition sexual assault charges against former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss- kahn could be trapped within the next couple of weeks the new york post reports prosecutors have doubts about the credibility of the new york hotel maid who accused him but another one is accusing strauss- kahn of attempted rape of a separate case in france writer actress don banon says he attacked her during and 200 andng a 2003 interview her mother french politician said she discursion daughter from 5 to police reports at the time for fear it would hurt her journalism career as a complex is being filed with prosecutors in france today ... the u.s.
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senate is back at work today on a plan to deal with the nation's debt ceiling democrats want certain tax breaks and loopholes benefiting of deer americans to be eliminated economists and treasury officials warned that interest rates could shoot up and the dollar could plummet if the ceiling isn't raised when debt obligations are due during august. this is angie lau of bloomberg live in chicago. stocks right now are mixed ... there is a surge in oil prices ... factory orders are also showing a smaller than expected increase for the may numbers >>consumer credit scores are improving according to equifax
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the average credit scores at the highest it has been in four years ... federal reserve data show that the ratio of debt payments to peoples and is the lowest since 1994 and delinquencies have dropped 30% in two years we are monitoring a meeting of the mines at allen and company sun valley conference billionaire warren buffett and mark zuckerberg are among 300 participants at the conference to discuss everything from shedding assets to the slowdowns in the economy ... things are heating up here in the midwest temperatures are bringing up the price of natural gas ... traders are monitoring the weather forecasts ... the destruction of
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chicago in the movies helped ticket sales at the box office for transformer setting records ... the biggest movie opening on record. coming up next mario claire introduces us to our teacher of the month. and after a 16 year hiatus chicago's own alternative rockers urge overkill are back their new cd rock-and-roll submarine is out now and you can check out for a web exclusive interview with the band.
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every now and then we meet at teacher where students can't say enough could things about them ... kathy mahoney is one such
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teacher.. she makes it fun to come to school and study of >>i'm overwhelmed i don't even know how to respond >>perhaps the answer is to keep doing what you have been doing ... she is a social studies teacher at the oak grove school ... when it comes to students her goal over the years has remained constant >>i want them to leave here with knowledge in the area of history and i also want them to leave here feeling confident about themselves and what they can achieve and know that they have worked hard and that there is a success in the end.
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since we haven't had our news test in three weeks ... we need to see how where you are >>to once to get students opinions to give this a weekly news test about what's going on in the world we talk about the revolution in the arab countries and she's interested in our impressions and opinions ... >>wind pick up the text book once this year and we learned a lot. >>inside and outside the classroom she is a staunch believer in community service ... >>we go to the soup kitchens and waukegan to give them a sense of responsibility and gratefulness to come back with a sense of what can we do to help
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it's given me a different perspective of what is going on in the world she is committed to putting them on the right track. on behalf of national louis univ. it's my pleasure to present you with this national teacher of the month award [applause] if applause is a good barometer on a scale of 1-10 she's a 10.
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we have breaking news before we get to whether ... cnn has reported that verdict has been reached in the casey anthony murder trial the verdict is expected at 215 eastern 115 our time here in chicago ... log on to our web site for the latest ... we have gorgeous weather happening outside ... we have 89 degrees here today is about two degrees cooler than it was this time last year. on the other end
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of the spectrum out west at snowbird resort in utah and at lake tahoe in california they were skiing over the holiday weekend ... that's the fourth of july holiday weekend with all of this know that we accumulated this winter they had over 200 days to the ski season there ... >>it is beautiful today nonetheless we had powerful storms in the upper midwest yesterday some of those showers may reform to the west of us and come our way ... but there's nothing to worry about this afternoon those storms produce tornadoes and hail in northern minnesota and parts of north dakota ... now it's travelling across iowa. we're looking at
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the three-dimensional radar images of where the storms are ... there is a severe weather risk to the west of us moving to our area this is in day seven hitting 90 degrees at o'hare. we have 91 in highland indiana ... we have 92 degrees in the south holland area we have some like cooling happening ... lakeside it is not about 82 degrees ... currently is 86 degrees at
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o'hare before we hit something in the neighborhood of 90 degrees later this afternoon ... it was 91 degrees yesterday we will get there again this afternoon we believe the wind will be coming off the lake preventing higher temperatures for the remainder of this week. the real heat is blazing through the planes and and the southwest and places like oklahoma city. we're three degrees warmer today than we were at this time yesterday. tonight we may have a light shower overnight.
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if you don't have an organized wind of over 10 mi. per hour than the cooler heavier areaair will travel and with a lake breezes ... we have 41 percent humidity ... all of the pollen counts are moderate ... we have a zonal jets stream pattern coming off of the pacific cooler to the north warm air to the selfsouth...
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we may develop a few severe storms late this afternoon and tomorrow night we don't really have to worry too much though. we're looking at a high pressure coming in across the northern midwest over the next couple of days the sun will be out thursday and friday ... we have another summer like weekend coming with upper 80s on saturday and low 90s on sunday some thunderstorms may fire up late sunday and monday but not until then. this afternoon sunny
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and quite warm. temperatures may reach 90. and things will get more you meant overtime tonight mostly cloudy could a a thunderstorm or rain showers tomorrow extensive cloudiness moderate humidity may be a sprinkle or to with southwest wind. the beaches will cool down by afternoon ... we have similar temperatures for thursday and friday but some here a very respectable summer week ... we have reports from the field that the corn has about 60 in. high this year.
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things are coming along ... >>time now for today's trivia ... in solo [ female announcer ] there's a new way to let go of some of the annoying symptoms menopause brings. it's one a day menopause formula. the only complete multivitamin with soy isoflavones to help address hot flashes and mild mood changes. one a day menopause formula.
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it's time now for sports the white sox and the royals played last night.8k adam dunn actually a popular guy he had a single and then this is to run home run in the eighth inning it put the white sox up 4-3 unfortunately sergios santos blew a save in the ninth inning ... the sox won a five-four back to the. 500 mark the royals' manager ned yost was not a happy camper. it
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and the cubs against washington and the fourth inning the cubs were down by one run alfonso soriano popped one looked to be hustling it dropped and two runs scored and the cubs took the lead but the nationalist tied it on a kerry wood walker in the seventh inning later in the 10th inning carlos marmol threw a wild pitch jayson werth easily scored the winning run the nationals won that series opener 5-4 ... >>coming next we have our live illinois lottery drawing ... innine good afternoon here are your winning lottery numbers for tuesday july 5, 2011 ... 3 9 8 for the pick 3 winning
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numbers lot9 5 2 9 for the pick 4 winning numbers.. have a great afternoon.
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if could raise your risk of a heart attack ... a new study in the canadian medical association journal analyzed data from 14 previous studies involving the drug chantix the researchers report smokers and smokeless tobacco users who took chantix has 72% increase risk of serious heart event within a year according to the nonprofit institution for safe medication practices the fda has received numerous reports of adverse effects from chantix since the drug was approved five years ago ... >>a study on eight hospitals and
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surgery centers in the united states and closing one in peoria found 29 areas where problems could arise for surgery and surgical errors ... a new study suggests that the risk of autism is higher among children born to women who take certain anti- depressant researchers report women who took drugs known as selective serotonin we uptake inhibitors were more than twice as likely to have a child later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder the association was not seen among women who took anti- depressant that are not s s r i the study appears in the archives of general psychiatry ... >>coming up in the lunch break we're making a new version of the as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused. so i take one a day men's 50+ advantage. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus it supports heart health. [
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lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. we are satisfying this week to todaye sweet tooth today.. we are taking on the old time [poubn cake.. i thought green tea essence it smelled so amazing that i would infuse it with cream and into poundcake ... i made a green tea
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butter ... it's really fantastic i took 2 c. of the spider ...butter.. 4 c. of heavy whipping cream got us to cups of butter we had 2 c. of powdered sugar and we have flour and 2 tsp. of baking soda and a half a teaspoon of sea salt ... lastly five eggs all that goes into the mixer at on
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believe in the dry wet stuff i put everything and together some people are into dividing the wet from the dry saying that there is a different consistency but it works this way just fine ... ordinarily you would do a pound cake and a large loaf pan but since i have been inspired by bake sales of late i thought i would try this recipe and many loavesini-loaves..
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this is a really delicious recipe ross.. think of all the things you can do not just with butter but with cream everyone loves green tea ice-cream ... you also have homemade vanilla bean marshmallows ... all of this is available on your web site ... these are salted peanuts butter cookies and these are olive oil pound cakes with toasted pine nuts and lemon ...
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and these are micrometer crime takesa shared brownie recipe ... and i made a vanilla bean whisky walnut caramel ... a bake sale to me is all about handmade products so i have stuff here that i grew up on ... i made a
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[ male announcer ] this is larry... whose long day starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol arthritis and maybe up to six in a day... or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. happy chopping. and it now the answer to the trivia question for today insulin is produced where in the human body? the answer is the pancreas ... we have a beautiful day today 86 right now. we will be close to 90 degrees before the afternoon is over
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there may be light spotty showers tomorrow and thursday promises to be sunny ... we are out of the big grain game for a while it is not until sunday that we will see rainshowers again ... tonight we will go down to the '70s tomorrow we will peek into the mid-80s ... down to 68 degrees tomorrow night back into the 80 degree temperatures on thursday: near the beaches things will be keeping the warm humid air
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coming to chicago for a warmer weekend ... it can get wet here sunday and monday ... thursday friday and saturday will serve up a gorgeous. of whether it will be downright you met on sunday and monday. enjoy the gorgeous afternoon everyone ... >>we thank you for joining us today we hope you have a great afternoon..
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