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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 30, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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incredible out there tonight.
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l@ >> back in june, he spotted the puppy in the middle of a dog fight. >> even though there were picking on him he really stood his ground. >> they became inseparable. >> it is the best feeling and the world to come home from a motion and have a little puppy runaround and greet you. >> with him coming, at the end of the year, the couple was faced with the question, what to
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do with the dog? they wanted to keep him safe. >> i found a rescue organization. >> the rescue mission website has raised money to bring 130 dogs from afghanistan to the u.s.. the trip costs $3,500. >> these are all letters that have little notes and then. >> the puppy are arrived at o'hare airport on sunday. now he is adjusting to life. it has been hard for tim to adjust to life in afghanistan without his best friend but they cannot wait to greet him when he returns home. >> this has been the best and the world. i have a piece of him here. >> katie is working hard to raise money for the puppy rescue
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mission. she would like to make sure other dogs like leo have the opportunity to find permanent homes in the u.s. spent a >> turning their tragedy to a teaching moment, a couple lost their son. they're hoping to educate about tip over debts and how to prevent them. >> rescued six days after his car fell off of a cliff. how this and did
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>> parents of a young boy killed when a dresser fell on top of him are using his death as a way to raise awareness. we have more on how they are getting their message across to other parents of young children. >> this past february, the child turned a key. he never went anywhere without a toy car or truck. he loved doing everything his sister did. he did not make it to three. >> i started screaming. my husband came he was coming in at that time. he was coming in the door. he ran upstairs. he scooped up here and started doing cpr. >> they found the son underneath the dresser.
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>> he was climbing on his dresser and he was crushed. >> paramedics tried to revive the boy. "six months later, they have channeled in greece -- >> six months later they have channeled their sadness into helping others to avoid this. >> they use traps like this to anchor their grandfather clock and other furniture. what is important to understand is that they are not negligent parents. they have had chicken wire on their raley -- railing. >> sometimes i get a response. i watch my child. i have talked to people and
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there is a woman who it happened right in front of and there is nothing she could have done. >> one child dies every two weeks when a piece of appliance or television falls. they say there is no excuse not to act now. >> and other responses that i don't want to put holes in my wall. the other alternative is that it could fall. it can happen. it does happen. >> a family rescues a father, six days after he drove off a cliff in southern california. their detective work and his determination makes for a happy ending. >> my brother got off of the car and he kept screaming. we heard dad say help. >> there he is being airlifted from the bottom of a mountainside.
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he was blinded by another cars bright lights and he ran off of the road. they were looking high and low looking for cell phone records, credit card records. they narrowed down his last were about to that area and they hit pay dirt. >> we were crying and crying. i went down. i went from tree to tree grabbing on the trees. >> he survived by eating leaves and buds. >> if you think that allergies are a bit worse this season. you are not alone. it might be one of the all-time worst. >> sisters using mexican folk music with modern-day hip-hop.
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>> if you have complained more than normal, suffered more than ever. there is a reason. allergens are at an all-time high pent -- are at an all-time high. >> this is an ugly plant. >> the ragweed is not the single enemy. >> then we have the grasses. this year, it was quite heavy. this is due to the moisture we have had. this has been a very bad season
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for allergies. my business is suffering due to the weather changes and the heavy pollen counts. >> that means that tissue camps -- counts are up as well. mother nature plays a huge role. rain makes the plants grow, humidity feeds the spores, and win spreads the allergies. >> this year has been the worst. >> this man has been measuring and document an elegy counts every day between march and november for 18 years. he does not turn to technology, he uses his pencil on his roof and a simple slide. >> the air goes then hits the slide. at the same time, this is moving in 24 hours all of the way. i will know exactly when the pollen came, in the morning midnight, every day. >> today the worst offender ragweed is dead. many people might feel some
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measure of relief. many will still need help. >> the most important thing is to stay indoors and have air conditioning and drink a lot of water. take the proper medication. >> november brings the chill but it spells the end of allergy season. one month and the season will be replaced by shivering. >> coming up, drier weather is on the way. >> yes not shivering yet. well, tonight it is.
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>> my, my was it windy today. >> it was indeed. you know, we may have registered the highest wave ever recorded by the noaa buoy that's been out there recording data for us since 1981. i credit my colleague steve, who combed through all the buoy data to come up with that stat. but many of you called to our attention that some of these waves were the highest you had ever seen. steve captures this view of our skyline above the as well as on the -- the swells on the lake. that's cool. scott jamieson had taken of michigan city by scott. to change the page a little, this is in from rick davis
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whose son, sgt. tim davis is stationed in iceland and captured the northern lights, which we've been telling you about from iceland. isn't that cool? and william brings us back to reality here in new buffalo. that is one stormy lake michigan right there. while the rainbows that many of you have seen and sent us such beautiful pictures of were captured in donovan illinois, by jen ingram. so some beautiful shots. thanks for all of those. they're on our website. check those out. those and many more are up there and we thank you for taking the time to send them to us. we have a fascinating time lambs. there's a little shower passing by right by, flying by. we'll see more of those lake-effect variety. but we were struck by the colors. look at the planes landing at midway airport. you see the lights as they're in the pattern right there and coming in. gorgeous night in our beautiful city. we have turned the rain off for the moment, but the big storm
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is consolidating. mixing with a system off the east coast. this thing will spin up and just sit there. so the folks in the mid-atlantic are about ready to go through the routine we went through with a cloud cover over us for seven days. it will be there for a while. this storm is going to fire winds down the length of the lake and set up lake-effect rain showers that may flirt with our area tomorrow. we have an incredible warm-up on the way next week. gale warnings go down at 1:00 in the morning. the winds are up over the lake. frost advisories locking out to the west and the number of gust reports are going down, as you can see. our sustained winds are in single digits. the winds are calm out west. but near the lake, where you have less interference friction-free flow of air down that smooth lake surface except for the waves on it, and you get high winds there. these winds went up to 71 miles
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an hour up to the green bay enter rans lighthouse. these are reports from all around the great lakes. you can see the kind of wind that was running down the lake, producing those incredible waves that went up to 23 feet offshore. the waves were 17.7 feet measured at a buoy near new buffalo, michigan, earlier today. here you see the winds tonight at midnight. the red areas are 20-mile-per-hour gusts. see how they're confined to the lake? the yellow areas are wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour and that's where we are tomorrow during the day. one change. because this system is spinning up and slowing down, more wind at the bears game. a north-northwest wind but under a sunnyier sky than we thought earlier. these are gusts in the chicago area. chesterton gary and east chicago, here are some gusts. some other gusts over 40 miles an hour. tonight it's cooling fast. 50 at o'hair. down to 48 at midway airport. 47 at beacher so this is
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chilly here. more like halloween, late october, than the first day of october, which begins at midnight. and there's mchenry at 45 degrees at this hour. our forecast is breezy to. . we've exchanged the word "breezy" for windy. so a level lower on the winds and lake-effect rain showers after this september which ends at midnight. the coolest in 10 years and one of the coolest on record. certainly one of the ones that produced the most consecutive rainy days. we have day seven today. if we get day eight tomorrow, that will break a record that goes back to the@w@w late 1800's for the most@s rainy days. cool jet stream in the east, warm out west. here's this lobe of cool air that will be in tomorrow. 88 in billings, monlte, and 91 in salt lake city. at this hour temperatures still around 80 degrees in southern montana. that's one of mark's favorite
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haunts. so i'll tell you something mark, we've got things -- we're melting some more ice up at glacier national park tonight. >> probably isn't any left. >> i know, at this rate. so it's really strange. you could be having snowstorms the first day in october in meant. in the old days it shows what a different regime we're in. breezy and colder tonight. lake-effect rain showers will re-develop and affect us from time to time much they'll be shifting from the indiana-michigan shores back here to illinois and wisconsin. a cold morning maybe a patch of frost in spots near 50 in the city. partly sunny, unseasonably cool tomorrow only mid 50's, lake-effect rain showers. inland frost and 36 there 46 in the city. sunny and milder on sunday with a kickoff time temperature of 59 and a north-northwest wind at 15. we bumped that up. we thought it would be ash 8 miles an hour, but that's
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because of the storm slowing down out east. lots of sun great day for football. next week is bonus territory. stay tuned. we'll be back with that. this is the best warm-up we've had in almost a month. >> beautiful. thank you. >> see you later. >> coming up -- two sisters, one on stage and in the classroom, they shine with their message. >> the very first time she heard her own voice. this video taken by a deaf woman's husband. we'll put a lump in your throat.
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>> celebrating hispanic heritage month we highlight two young latina sisters who are keeping the latin beat alive. >> the luna blues machine. >> these two young women are making as much of an impact onstage as they are in the classroom. their music is a mix, hard to describe, but it is becoming a hit with listeners. the luna blues machine is tonight's "chicago's very on." ♪ you hear it and you can't quite pinpoint what it is. >> we're tossing around phrases
9:40 pm
like urban folk, brown soul, you know. how can we describe our music? >> acoustic hip-hop. latin soul. the list goes on and on. >> meet belinda and maritsa who plays the guitar. together they are sisters two years apart who have come up with a sound uniquely their own. ♪ >> the luna blues machine has been criss-crossing chicago for the last 10 years. two young latinas keeping the latin beat alive with a twist. ♪ >> the two were raised listening to old spanish favorites. >> we grew up in back of the yards, moved to the midway area later, and then kind of came back to tillson. >> it wasn't until they graduated college that the idea of creating a band came up. >> so i had been writing these songs and i think they can be
9:41 pm
something really good if we work on them together. >> and they've been doing it ever since. >> do you guys ever fight about music? in no, no. >> not really. >> oh, be honest. >> we really don't. >> they seem to be pretty in sync, so much so that together they're having a pretty big impact, not just onstage but in the classroom. >> there's a rock and roll class, introduction to rock and roll for kids from third to fifth grade. >> necessary introduce kids to music. >> for a while we were doing movement and music classes to babies and toddlers. >> and the latin beat, the latin flair, is a big part of what they teach. onstage marissa and belinda keep plucking away. on the day we met them they were writing music, so i posed a challenge -- trying to get wgn in there somehow. ♪ watch channel 9 that's wgn ♪ do this it's wgn ♪
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>> a lighter moment for two sisters who are serious about music. >> we would love to be a chicago band, you know. if they say luna blues machine they would think chicago. >> and tonight they are. chicago's very own. >> to find out where they are playing, go to our website. we continue to celebrate hispanic heritage month next week, we feature a special program at chicago's hernandez middle school. >> coming up -- a startling moment posted on youtube. something we take for granted. what happened to one woman after hearing her own voice for the first time. >> plenty of bears talking about panthers' rookie quarterback cam newton. we preview sunday's match-up.
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>> you're watching wgn news at 9:00. >> a life-changing moment put up on youtube gone viral. watch and listen as a deaf woman hears her voice for the very first time. >> there you go. technically the device is on.
9:46 pm
>> oh, this is exciting. >> you can put it down for a second. what do you sound like? >> 29-year-old sloan sherman was born deaf and never heard the sound of her voice until then. she had her husband videotape the magic when doctors turned on her coakley yar implante. with the implant she was overcome by the sounds of her own crying. >> oh. the video of the night. >> wow. >> do you believe that? amazing. >> that is amazing. >> really is touching. happy friday, guys. we've got a big weekend ahead of us. it will start with lake-effect rain showers. right now, if you look between the ground clutter we've got little elements of rain coming in. here's what our computer models say will happen.
9:47 pm
we have this lake plume that will set up in a narrow corridor that sweeps into parts of eastern illinois and northwest indiana. that's the setup at 8:30 tomorrow. that's just after noon tomorrow. it's a narrow little band but it could come and go, these showers in the chicago area. we're even getting estimates of measurable precipitation. not a lot, as you can see. if we get 1/100th of an inch that will be eight consecutive days of measurable rain. that's not happened since 1986 in september around here. that's amazing. current temperatures still at 79 at billings montana 48 here in chicago 343 in green bay. we're about seven degrees cooler than 24 hours ago the but look at the warming out to the west. that's significant. winds are north at seven. the water temperature at 65. high mold spore count from dr. leah today. we've got 30's out in the western suburbs, but 40's in the city.
9:48 pm
go only into the mid 50's tomorrow. that's the late october level temperature. 30's inland, 40's at the lake tomorrow night. then there's "gametime" on sunday at noon, and there are the highs in the afternoon of the but what i@ want you to see is look at those temperatures by the time we get to sunday. here you can see that big dome of warm air by the time we get to monday. the big dome of warm air coming into the area. here's our seven day forecast. this appears starting monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, likely to be the longest string of 70-degree temperatures we've had here in nearly a month. it's going to be chilly saturday with partly sunny skies. many dry hours particularly away from the lake. but then all dry hours on sunday, because it will be sunny, and sunny much of next week. so some beautiful weather coming in here. >> have a great weekend. >> you guys, too. see you on monday. >> another look at those towering lake michigan waves that knocked some of the cyclists off their bikes. >> four elgin school buses
9:49 pm
destroyed by fire. those images and more in tonight's chesapeake bay photos of the day. -- >> tonight's "chicago tribune" bune photos of the day. >> coming right down to my hand. ♪ >> we finally have the technology to do what's right to serve the commuter, not to serve the system. but to actually serve the people that use it. >> fire destroyed four school buses in unincorporated elgin today in what may have been arson.
9:50 pm
♪ >> more of those great photos on our website "chicago tribune".com and there's a battle brewing. the big rivalry weekend. >> the blackhawks back on the ice as the penguins visit the west side. sports is next. [ female announcer
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>> blackhawks almost to a season opener. one week away. two more tune-ups, one tonight at home. as expected, the nhl has come down hard on detroit's brendon smith. he gets a suspension for that brutal head shot two nights ago. he'll miss the final three preseason games and the first five games of the regulars regular season. the hawks and pens, not a good night for ray emery. a good effort here. matt cooke makes him pay. hawks down 3-0 when they begin to make a rally. in the second, a 3-1 game. then more thierry in the third. he bags his second goal of the game. the game now late in the third.
9:54 pm
pens still lead by a score of 3-2. baseball. joe maddon sent rookie matt moore to the hill in game one of the playoffs in texas. all he did was pitch seven two-hit innings and a good showing by kelly shop act. in the fifth he had a two run shot to left center. what a game for shoppach. they have james shields also going in game two. it appears the bears will get major wright and marion barber back for sunday's game against the panthers. chris harris and spathe are questionable. "the chicago tribune" says harris will not play. he's been sorely missed in the last few games battling a hamstring pull. the bears need all the help they can get against cam newton, who is way ahead of the curve for a rookie. he hanked 18 out of 22 quarterbacks in the league. has four touchdown passes, been picked off four times.
9:55 pm
he's big he can move, and he is smart. >> he's doing some things that no one else has done this quickly. so it has to be a surprise to you, but only because i don't know him. you kind of look at him on the sideline and things like that. i don't think any of this is really surprising him. >> he's a big guy. you're right the. he doesn't like going down. >> well, he was on the sideline with a torn aachilles the last time they played them. the pain in his heart matched the pain in his leg. he raced through holes of grand canyon stat tumplete 500 yards rushing, won easily on a one-way field. tomorrow he's back. the cats and the illini collide at 11:00 in champaign.
9:56 pm
>> he's not only mentally ready, he's chomping at the bit to play. for a young man like dan a work ethic that he's committed to no disrespect to any other player in college football, but no one has had to go through what he's gone through. >> as we looked at it from our experience with our safety, this would probably be the game that he would be back, if not before. we kinds of expected it all summer. i'm sure he's biting at the bit to -- he's a great competitor, he's a great player. you know he wants to be involved in this game as well. >> after losing to south florida and michigan to open the season, notre dame is now 2-2, after taking care of pittsburgh last saturday. their impressive fourth-quarter drive engineered by tommy rees. now they can go over the .500 mark when they go to west lafayette to face purdue tomorrow night. he was riding high on the action he saw against the panthers last week. >> it was the first gime that we exhibited what i consider necessary ingredients. absolutely crucial ingredients
9:57 pm
to being a consistent winner, and that's poise and confidence. so we'll look to build on that as we, you know, go to purdue this weekend. >> the yankees-tigers game postponed tonight. they'll play tomorrow. terry francona and the red sox part wades after eight seasons -- part ways after eight seasons. >> i think he can take a year off. >> burned out. >> three years in boston, that will do it to anyone. >> that's right. >> thank you rich. that's the news for this friday night. >> have a great weekend. see you monday. >> bye. captioned by the national captioning institute
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