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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 3, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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old and meredith kercher was 21 years old bald were studying at an italian university the board friend of amanda knox has been in prison as an accomplice what everyone needs to remember is what my mother and i spoke of earlier it was the brutality of what happened to meredith of that night ... everything that meredith must have felt that night everything she went through there has to be some consideration of this ... >>the extortion trial of william selene a fund-raiser for rod blagojevich begins today ... >>most people don't recognize the name of william selene the people in the world of illinois politics certainly do they often called him the pope because of his influence ...
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it was the pay to play scandal that brought down rod blagojevich ... that trial also be delayed because this one is under way ... who is williams selene the downstatecellini the downstate powerbroker a longtime gop state party leader tony rezko and the teachers' retirement system board member stuart line along with williams cellini planted to shake down a hollywood producer ... asking for a $1.5 million campaign
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contribution to the former governor's campaign the defense team calls the prosecution case week ... opening statements could take place tomorrow or wednesday ... the tony rezko sentencing has been moved one month and there is no new date for the rod blagojevich sentencing rod blagojevich still waiting for his sentencing to be scheduled but in the meantime his ravenswood manor home is officially on the market ... it's listed for just over $1 million and his wife is listed as the agent ... james zagel ordered rod blagojevich to post his house and his washington d.c. condominium to be sold
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governor quinn and the state municipal employees struck a deal that would avoid layoffs through july of next year ... but quinn argues that that agreement is void because he was not given enough money in lieu of that to run the government 51 year-old james garcia was swimming in the lake when he went missing and heavy water ... a woman was rescued who was swimming with him ... a single car caused a lot of damage on the city's southeast side the car was being chased by
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chicago police when it ran into five parked cars near 78 and 0 goolsbeeglesby two people were arrested there were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries no charges have been filed >>the man accused of murdering a young girl and sycamore more than five decades ago is now charged in a separate rape case. jack mccullough, who is 71 years old was recently charged with kidnapping and killing seven year-old maria ridolph in 1957 on friday police charge of raping a 14 year-old girl also on sycamore they gave no specifics but there's already a police record of runaway teenager accusing him of raping her in the early 1980's he is awaiting trial he has been held in dekalb county and $3 million bell >>that berwyn mother charged with child neglect an animal organ broker silence as spoke
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exclusively to the should tribune wgn's and frank holland has more >>lydia price was arrested in side of her home they found four other children and an elderly mother in discussing conditions dozens of animals cats birds and exotic wildlife were cramming the house with no working plumbing and animal dedication everywhere ... the woman responded that the has been abandoned the family five years ago and things spiraled out of control ... she said that she did not realize how sick her son was ... she just thought that he was going from the same elements that the family had just recovered from ... >>my son got sick and then i saw
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like the caller just a drain from his scan ... and then he went limp ... her children that remain are in a state group home ... and her oldest son is with family in indiana larry dominick and his position as cicero town president has meant jobs for his wife at least eight of her relatives he married his third wife elizabeth about five years ago that then she was a nurse. but now she runs the town as health department and the chicago sun times reports that larry dominick started appointing her relatives to jobs after they got married family members who worked for the town were paid a total exceeding $1 million elizabeth dominic is also used
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her town credit card on the weekend and on holidays fifth larry dominick said those expenses are approved by the health board >>chicago teachers union president karen lewis is turning to the city council for support in her feud with mayor rahm emanuel. karen lewis me with several alderman today to give it teacher side of the story on several major issues dividing her union with the mayor >>the union has been running into stumbling blocks they are now calling on the aldermen to come and meet with them throughout the day today said that they can inform the aldermen on some issues that they feel are important the cpu faces the meetings will go into the afternoon ... they wish to lay
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their grievances on the table and talk about some solutions and issues that the cpu union faces a long lin >>we're looking at the resources into the curriculum ... and other important issues >>we want to find out from the teachers' union with the impediments are and how we will go about trying to get rid of them and we will close the gap to allow this to move forward it's not to change positions by find ways to make things work and toned down his rhetoric >>a better informed city council will be able to make better decisions when it comes to the important issues that they face
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with the school system >>next at noon the final medical moments of the life of michael jackson takes center stage again today at the doctor conrad murray trial in los angeles it was a good day for the bears and a great day for devin hester that's ahead in sports and [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ ♪ ugh, my feet are killin' me. well, we're here to get you custom orthotic inserts. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center recommends the custom-fit orthotic that's best for your tired feet. foot-care scientists are behind it. you'll get all-day relief. for your tired achy feet. for locations, see thank you...
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we're getting word now about a large chemical fire in texas if said a chemical plant south of dallas massive plumes of black smoke are coming from the chemical plant believed to be the m,a =agnablend chemical plant
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authorities are telling residents and students in the area to stay inside because of a possibly dangerous set of gases in the atmosphere testimony resumed today in the trial of dr. conrad murray who was accused of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. murray's defense lawyers argue that jackson was designed by overdosing on propofal wall conrad murray was out of the room the emergency room doctor michelle cooper testified today that conrad murray did not inform her that he had given jackson propofal when she attempted to treat him another emergency room doctors expected to take the stand today as well as three of his former girlfriends who he contacted around the time of the death
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texas gov. rick perry and his presidential campaign as responding to chris and criticism from fellow presidential candidate herman cain herman cain called rick perry insensitive after washington post report noted that the 1980's that perry's father leased property for a hunting camp and a rocket the entrance was painted with the and word >>new jersey gov. chris christie may make a final decision any day now on whether or not to run for president many problems and prominent republicans are urging him to run others say that he would face a tough fight the u.s. supreme court begins its new session today among the cases already on the court's docket ... an electronic surveillance case that asks whether police can attach a cps tracker to a suspect's car without warrant and a case involving whether the federal
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communications commission's indecency rules violate the free speech broadcast networks. and later in its nine month term that i court could take up the constitutionality of president obama as health care law as well as cases involving affirmative action and illegal immigration >>demonstrations of a wall street's role in the weak economy have spread from new york to chicago and two other u.s. cities seven injured people were arrested over the weekend in manhattan for occupying the brooklyn bridge and blocking the road way the chicago protesters have been camping on the sidewalk outside the federal reserve bank on quincy street for 11 days the greek cabinet is expected to pass a plan that would lay off 30,000 public sector workers spared the cost cutting agenda to help win the release 7 $11 billion chunk of bailout money state employees are furious over the layoff plans they have been protesting in the streets and more demonstrations are planned >>visitors at a fair and
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australia had a moment of terror history when a small passenger airplane flew into a ferris wheel there were two children on that right at the time amazingly no one was hurt the cause for the crash remains unclear ... >>til death do we part? or at least for the next two years ... lawmakers in mexico are considering temporary wedding licenses the marriage contract would be for two years and could be renewed if the couple stays happy it would also include provisions on our children and property would be handled if the couple splits up about half of the marriages in mexico and in divorce officials say that the law is gaining support a vote is expected by the end of this year it's a perfect fall comfort food we are making pumpkin and ricotta and hockey
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the better government association is speaking out against wrongful convictions and the amount of money that it is costing illinois tax players ... randi belisomo is live in the loop with details ... wrongful convictions have cost illinois taxpayers more than $14 million they say it's a reprehensible miscarriage of dustin'sjustice the criminal law committee of the illinois state senate held a hearing ... there were 85 convictions of wrongful convictions ... real perpetrators remained on the streets committing crimes ... 95 percent of these wrongful
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convictions resulted in lots of waste solutions include eliminating jailhouse snitch testimony and false confessions ... dna overturned it this man's conviction of double murder ... i was tortured under the command of jon burge but what led to my arrest was the coercion of another individual who implicated me i was innocent but still subject to the abuse of the system
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chicago is the false confession capital of the world ... here in cook county we have documented a total of 69 wrongful convictions and of those 22 or more than 30% involved false confessions of the defendants themselves >>this is a failure of law enforcement and criminal justice system to perform the most basic task to protect the innocent and punish the guilty ... live from new york we have the on the money report with bloomberg news ...
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gm says its well positioned to launch the fuel-efficient cars of the next several months ... the chief executive secretly proposed a merger with ford a year before its bankruptcy filing ... chief executives took the meeting there before turning down the offer ... the refrigerated north american daube business of sara lee has been purchased for $545 million by a st. louis-based company starbucks will begin collecting donations that will go toward loans for small businesses
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we have extended declines in market trading today there's lots of concern over europe over shattering better than expected economic reports here at home on construction spending and manufacturing coming up some parents could be putting their children at risk with certain vaccines schedules but first we will introduce you to 2 chicago sisters who are sharing their
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as we celebrate a hispanic heritage month ... we highlight two young latina sisters who are keeping the latin beat a live in chicago. these two young women are making as much of an impact on stage as they are in the classroom ... the luna blues machine is chicagos very own ... we are tossing around phrases like urban folk or acoustic hip- hop or latin soul ... the two sisters playing the
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mandolin and the guitar have come up with a unique sound all their around ... they have crisscrossed chicago for the last 10 years too young latina as keeping the beat alive the sisters were raised listening to old spanish favorites. we came back to the pilsen neighborhood ... wasn't until we graduated college away thought of putting a little band together to you ever fight over the music? >>know we never do >>they are very in synch..
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and they take that harmony to the classroom ... they belong to a cps program where they introduce children to music ... very young children ... and the latin flair is a big part of what they teach. i asked them to sing a little tune about wgn ... and they did giving us a lighter moment from two sisters who are quite serious about their music
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to check out when they are performing please go to our web site we will provide with a link summer is a feeling like it's back we will have a forecass@6h)
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we have the warmest weather in three weeks ... that's in the wake of that human this storm from last week.ongus storm from last
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week,.. as waves last week where the tallest ever recorded on the great lakes 23 ft. ... the atmosphere was incredibly unstable ... there was lots of lightning and thunder with the showers coming through the great lakes region today we have beautiful skies. the prospect of seven consecutive 70 degree days in a row is with us we haven't seen anything like that nevers longtime in a very long time. we're
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also looking at a huge storm in the rockies ... that will produce the wind it that will bring us the warm air ... there are gale force warnings up and down the west coast ... but that is going to pump a large warm air dome for the midwest. normally the second fest is cooling month of the year is october but we are bucking the trend having this warm week. there is not one drop of rain in the forecast through sunday we
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will be in the '70s each day ... very uncharacteristic it's a real treat for october. we have a big dip in the jet stream that's a power house storm that is happening in the west. we are in the center of what is moving in that jet stream with time the stronger wind will make it our way it looks like we will have a warm sunny day for the marathon sunday we will start out in the '50s and it will be in the mid- 70s by the afternoon a little
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bit warmer than most runners would prefer ... looking at this orange large orange section on the map that shows these warm temperatures saddling into the region right through the week we may even have another dome of fourth warmth.. is also 74 in minneapolis. it's also in the '70s in the western suburbs right now it's 67 at
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midway airport ... wind is calm at o'hare ... sunny skies theire warm by day cooler by night ... most of the wind is under control right now it's 62 degrees at o'hare ... we have beautiful views from all of our camera positions around chicago land area over the weekend in london england it was 86 degrees they
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are normally in the mid-60s it was the highest temperature ever recorded in the united kingdom 86 degrees this time of year in line it's our second straight day of on limited sunshine i will be 69 degrees ... tonight will be clear with a light wind continuing it will drop to 49 degrees ... sunny and warm tomorrow 73 degrees wednesday the high will be 76 degrees sunny and warm and look for that trend to continue thursday through the weekend ... yes i did say there were 23 ft.
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waves in lake michigan ...that was recorded on the buoy.... it is time for today's trivia which italian meat sauce is traditionally seasoned with cinnamon?
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÷rpoéwéwx7xx7(5txz÷xst#8g÷sért[÷óxsxvér it's time for sports at the bears' offense returned to the ground attack and matt forte took full advantage. camden and
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the panthers visiting soldier field ... it is tied in the second when matt forte goes untouched from 17 yds out for the score he had a career high 205 rushing yards ... a few minutes later devin has to return to punt 69 yds for a touchdown it's his 11th punt return it breaks the nfl record the bears went on to win 34-29 under par to end to on the seasonand are 2 and 2 on the season.. the detroit lions were down 27-3 in dallas but they came back after three tony romo
12:42 pm
interceptions ... the lions beat the dallas cowboys 34-30 they are undefeated and face the chicago bears' next week the green bay packers beat the denver broncos to stay undefeated while minnesota vikings are winless after losing to the chiefs ... it blackhawks and the washington capitals in the final game of the preseason ... the black hawks went on to lose four-one ... here are the lottery numbers ... >>here are the winning pick three numbers ... 9 4 7
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>>here are the winning pick four numbers ...5 5 9 1 mega-millions drawing is $12
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winners of this year's nobel prize in medicine. he was born here in 1957 and received his m.d. from the university of chicago he is currently a professor and chairman of the genetics department at the scripps research institute in california the nobel assembly an ounce this morning that he would share the prize with french scientist jewels hoffmanules hoffman and canadian born ralph steinman all were honored for their discoveries about the immune system
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in the medical watch even some parents to follow child vaccine recommendations have doubts about safety and a study in the journal pediatrics finds that 28 percent of parents to follow the recommendations think that would be safer to delay vaccination's until their children are older. about 2 percent of parents in the united states refusing all vaccines for their children. and about one in 10 all to the schedule recommended by the centers of disease control, by delaying or refusing some vaccines h1n1 and seasonal flu vaccines are refused more than others a new study shows that seniors who take aspirin daily are twice as likely to develop macular degeneration than those who never take the pain reliever. macular degeneration is an age related loss of living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid
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fast heartbeat or sweating. ask your healthcare provider about novolog flexpen today. learn more about the different insulins available in flexpen at flexpen, insulin delivery that goes with you. cooking as well as the executive chef for rosebud restaurants michael on the goponzio is here with us today ... gnocchi is a dumpling style
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pasta.. and we're making it with a butter sage sauce and pumpkin flavor and we are using pumpkin pie spice of the flower and there regard to cheeseour and ricotta cheese.... once we get the mixture landed we have the dough we have eggs we have cheese we have the pumpkin flavor and we have the flour you want to roll the stow half an inch thickhe dough half an inch
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thick ... you will shape this and you will drop that into the water ... when the pasta rises it to the top of the boiling pot that means you have one minute more to cook it ... they will puff up. we're going to make a sauce now half a pound of butter in the skillet ... it is unsalted butter ... we and fresh sagedd fresh
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sage ... you wanted to get round with and not be a trauma do not burn masst it browned with a nutty aroma.. do not burn! this can be made ahead and other frozen or refrigerated it's a perfect fall pasta dish ... this
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is where the dish gets its flavor from the sage ... when you add the pasta into the butter sauce is you just want it to the absorbent a bit you do not want to fry the pastas and the butter ...
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you can make this a side dish or make it a main dish served with some grated parmesan cheese on top. there's lots of great recipes and the cookbook ... your restaurant has 10 locations in the city and in the suburbs ... you can go to our web site if you would like to take another look at this recipe and get more infor i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. i don't have time for the flu. that's why i'm knocking things off my to-do list. vitamin d -- done. hand sanitizer -- done.
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traditionally seasoned with cinnamon? the answer is bolognese ... the weather is as good as it gets ... 62 is the current temperature in chicago ... the good news is more warmth is headed our way. the temperatures will go to 70 inland today they would drop into the 40's overnight ... it will be back in the low '70's tomorrow back into the 50s tomorrow night and back into the '70s on wednesday here is the reason there is a bit low pressure forming in the plains states the strongest wind is blowing out to the west ...
12:59 pm
we are in a light wind regime ... with time wind will shift eastward into our area ... for the first time there is snow in the forecast in those rocky mountains out west as we are warming to incredible warm levels around here ... it will work its way into the high '70's close to 80 friday and saturday and will be nice and warm for the chicago marathon on sunday not one drop of rain through sunday


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