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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 4, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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time since release it and tell cook county authorities nabbed dozens of suspected criminals. wgn news @ 9 tiers of the jubilation tonight a man a free from prison after more than two decades for a murder he did not commit and a 46 year old jacques rivera back with his family charges dropped good evening. top story around the country. live at 26 and california more on the release. >> jacques rivera and a couple of things on his to do list wants to eat a good meal would like to make a visit to the nearest church claiming it ought to be grateful for tonight freedom after 21 long years in
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prison. judge ordered him released after the only witness and his case recanted statement. words cannot describe a moment between a mother and her son separated for 21 years now together again at 46 year old jacques rivera released after a judge ordered him freed this afternoon today three adult children sister and a boy and there to greet him. jacques rivera convicted 1988 murder he did not commit the case hinges on eyewitness testimony of 12 year-old boy took 10 years but the witness was tracked down by the people with center of wrongful conviction persistence eventually paid off >> started crying said all about redemption need to unburden been waiting for somebody to find me but i told a lie at trial and the need to do the right thing.
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>> innocence was present at the very beginning >> jacques rivera lawyer says false witness identification a single greatest cause for wrongful conviction. case no different. family they are still caught up in the commotion of his release servant and 80 year sentence tonight to the reality that he is free is hard for him to believe. >> a dream come true. dream come true >> as for jacques rivera long- term plan did say he would like to be working with a church somewhere in some capacity still lot to sort out certainly in these early hours before the release made it clear how weber case concerned a civil suit is coming. >> helicopter crashed into new york's east river this afternoon killing one and
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seriously injuring two others coast guard pulled passengers sinking aircraft. pilot paul dudley and four others and the bell 206 chopper taking off when witnesses say the aircraft rolled over into the water. helicopter submerged within seconds trapping one victim inside other passengers believed to be tourists from england and australia and because still under a best tasted. back on american soil amanda knox 24 year old murder conviction overturned in italy with family and seattle tonight. landing about two hours ago many destined behind bars for next two decades by italian appeals court threw out conviction 2007 sexual assault and fatal stabbing of british roommate all played out before the world past two years as well as a homecoming tonight stepped up to a microphone >> what is important for me to say is thank you to everyone
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believing in me defendant may supported my family. my family most important to me right now i just want to go and be with them. thank you. thank you for being there with me >> amanda knox won the appeal because of doubts of the dna evidence in the case. chicago inspector general charity founded by former first lady maggie daley says after school matters got $900,000 in contributions from companies that got tax break money from city hall so called tax increment finance subsidies raising the question did companies have a favorite with the mayor to get the subsidized health or did city hall that meant custodies with subsidies to make the donations? after school matters issued a
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statement inspector general is wrong. thousands of city employees told to pay up or face suspension sometimes parking tickets water bills and other obligations up to $3 million mayor rahm emmanuel warning anybody has not paid and of the month could be suspended within 10 days-29 days depending on how much they owe. huge hole in the cta budget, forrest claypool leads it now without the biggest problem and his speech union leaders crying foul. in the newsroom with more sean lewis >> in front of a packed audience the city club of chicago cta president forrest claypool gave dire news projected $227 billion budget deficit for next year also pointing directly at the workers union calling the rules and contracts archaic. >> absenteeism by personnel 2.5
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times the private sector average and work rules tie the hands of managers preventing us from reporting in the vast majority of workers who show up every day working hard for our customers. tonight bob kelly president of the cta us and train operations you get called him out for not coming to the u get first with the budget numbers and ideas to reduce the deficit including so- called archaic work rules. batt but never any conversation with changes no idea what he is referring to appears mr forrest claypool to take this to the media and try to win public support. >> public support may be what forrest claypool needs by his numbers only 81 million of the $227 million deficit actually comes from operating costs. still he backed away from talk of a fare increase pointed cta
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workers instead some awful he says call off work on it back to their bases. hopeful there will have in the interest of their members to maximize the numbers protect their jobs and benefits and salaries and provide relief from the crazy work rules preventing us from providing good service. >> you get forrest claypool backing away from the microphone sitting down negotiating table what the union wants >> note reporters at all the union would like to salvage the problems did not go anywhere near doing that >> criminals keep falling for it sheriff's keep doing it next how we got dozens of them to walk right into had cups and hair stylist from libertyville trip to england and france the hard
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police tonight asking for public helped by demand and suspected of sexually assaulting teenager, then started talking to 17 year-old boy walking on south wood street of the boy pulled a knife forcing it into a secluded area where he fondled him over his well coordinated trick executed to capture several fugitives. robert jordan more on how they lured criminals to them. >> like offering candy to a baby cook county sheriff's office at over 10,000 letters took fugitives albany county content fliers offering high-end electronics recipients would just come and fill out a survey. they could take all three plasma
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televisions and other delicious sound and products. >> over 50 people came another 50 from house is also from giving information >> unsuspecting fugitives taken for a nice ride in a golf cart to the warehouse in sight they thought they would find big screen televisions >> another guy kept calling us all running late for an appointment asking us if we could please keep the company opened water and we are obliged literally took several buses dropped off the last one and sprinted down the street to get your >> running to the scene has to be america's number one stupidest criminal when asked for identification and he showed that his department of corrections mug shot. >> putting handcuffs on themselves? >> pretty close this guy pretty much put it himself
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>> offenders wanted for everything from zero violent felonies to misdemeanors traffic offenses or even failure to pay child support by the offer of something for nothing. and now they are off of the streets. >> will he or won't he speculation over the next new jersey gov. chris christie makes a decision again about running for president and england and france separated by just 21 mi. one local woman found out quite a long trip when battling a current. the nice thing about the tempurpedic is is no matter which position i'm in i wake up feeling good.
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new jersey gov. chris christie it did not change his mind not running for president 2012. >> now is not my time i have a commitment to new jersey simply will not abandon. >> chris christie said for months not going to run but they second thought after supporters tried to convince them to go for it. office for 20 months in 2009 won the race for governor in the heavily democratic new jersey state. so-called underwear bomber appeared in court today. recently assassinated umar farouk abdulmootahlobb, anwar al-awlaki trend umar farouk abdulmootahlobb before attempting to detonate a bomb on board a plan. umar farouk abdulmootahlobb pled not guilty to the eight charges against them encoding conspiracy to
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commit an act of terrorism. more ex-girlfriend sport conrad murray testified involuntary manslaughter trial today michael jackson's personal physician accused of being medically negligent and acting irresponsibly administering propofol to michael jackson inside his home on monday but then testified mother of conrad murray youngest child nicole alvarez talking about packages of propofol delivered to conrad murray home on what i would always check the lobby to see if anything for myself and i do recall picking up a package in the lobby area. >> conrad murray admits administering the drug but maintains michael jackson caused his own death by swallowing pills and taking more propofol wow out of the room but michael jackson figure prince not found anywhere on the containers if convicted conrad murray could spend four years and california
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prison and lose medical license. >> happy homecoming o'hare airport a pat making a long journey from afghanistan. last time iowa card specialist laid eyes on her the dog hair rolled and fellow soldiers rescued from remote province in afghanistan boosting morale helping them through their tour of duty soldiers doing everything they can to bring to america cost several thousand dollars to bring the dog here to help a link to the. . popular hairstylist very serious with strokes swimming the english channel. where the hair stylist got her motivation. >> some may say crazy but for liberty bell hairstylist swimming the english channel something she had to do. >> finding strength in yourself
9:19 pm
when you have to do it at only 28 years old aurora gore accomplishing what less than 2000 others have completed swimming 21 mi. from inland- france >> i was very scared but had to finish. kept driving me >> no stranger to the water aurora gore swimming for two years and add to this in anticipation for the big swim in a push from her trainer >> he eventually be ended up deciding it was a big gold >> spent a good 30 hours each week in lake michigan getting ready for 58 degree water temperatures in the channel. of the 11 swimmers in the arm of atlantic ocean that day one of only five, 14 hours and 10 minutes. >> kind of like a dream did not
9:20 pm
realize you can accomplish something like that >> not an easy accomplishment what was supposed to be 21 mi. turned into 25 when aurora gore got caught into a current >> that was the hardest part getting closer and then having the current move you back out you are alone and i was feeling very scared and you feel like you are in a black abyss cannot see anything only in the light of the boat >> no time for a break and only a few crumbs of food swam the english channel husband could not be prouder >> of course it very proud i could never have done this yes >> then about one week since aurora gore finished at the swim and says body still recovering looking to conquer a
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more high-profile swim in the near future. this just an diaper sales are down does not mean parents are saving money young families might be spending even more now at a later middle school art teacher encouraging students to express themselves on just about any open space in the building.
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tonight's medical watch eating properly before pregnancy could reduce the risk of birth defects when to and women who follow the fruits and diet fruits and vegetable diet less likely to birth defects that those who have a lot of fat and sugar is in their diet. in the midst of a
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recession parents not buying as many diapers. money-saving measure could be costing diaper sales down in united states about 1% from last year, money spent advocates paying a cheaper brands but diaper rash ointment sales up eight percent could reflect fewer diaper changes to save money or a shift to lower quality products new study found the most common drug driving offenders binge drinkers and matt research from center for disease control and prevention shows binge drinking behind the wheel 85 percent of the time in drunk driving accidents. among those defenders of tenders for about five were mad. drunk driving a far too common health problem. 11,000 people a year killed because of it. >> streak of nice days in chicago area no signs of stopping tom skilling next
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>> of a variety is the spice of life and we have that here absolutely the warmest day in three weeks today if we stay on track could get eight consecutive '70s out of this one of the longest streak and 30 plus years if you can believe that just amazing. air mass movement in our area distinctly different story in the plains states the wind is boring so fast worried about wild fires. beautiful warm air mass on the eastern side as you can see gorgeous weather high temperature 76 degrees areas are run chicago made it to 80 degrees today as well be the case tomorrow. all kinds of rainfall low at high elevations snowfall dust storms in the southwest today. how many times have we seen that this year?
9:30 pm
mexico and phoenix area. visibility down an eighth of a mile. big red ball coming onshore out west. whether you from phoenix visibility production in a couple of different camas showers and thunderstorms. we point this out because the weather system with wind gusts over 15 mi. per hour out in arizona st. warming us up. producing a huge dome of unseasonably warm weather. i '70s close to 80 degree temperatures. tonight we do have an eastern wind blowing at 62 degrees at midway. 60 degrees university park. one more shot of the phoenix always nice to
9:31 pm
look at phoenix. and you can see the board today with 90s into rapid city another record high at international falls today current temperatures extraordinarily in the '70s to the west higher than normal high temperatures in many locations this time of the year. a close- up view of the warm air shifting eastward with time we ought to get in on that later in the week building temperatures up except for lake breezes how much temperature have increased the last 24 hours south southeast wind, tonight in many areas allow us to drop the dew point going to be cool in the suburbs good news mold spores after terrible brought last couple of weeks we can see 70 degree high temperatures for tuesday debris cloud is over the weekend next week felt around the sun. shourd
9:32 pm
looks like going to stay warm. could the longest streak of 70 plus temperatures and 38 years. 77 percent of october 80 degree temperatures on the other hand 52% of october can see snow so a month with radical matterwhether. such a very radical weather pattern across the country. accumulating snow at higher elevations. showing you that in a moment. some locations. southerly winds blowing back side of this high pressure moving off following tighter gradient indicated by isobars coming into the area and the brand could pick up moisture riding in these wins. high clouds next couple of days particular the thursday late friday rain a sting to the west
9:33 pm
developments in the gulf of mexico may in fact north and west keep us dry into early next week. 70 low temperature tonight high-temperature tomorrow into the 80s many locations. how warm it stays all of the way up into southern canada. red flag advisories essentially wild fires advisory's to the west dry air and high wind. colorado rockies. california. these are the winds quite impressive. bright colored areas, the band will be strongest gusts over 30 mi. per hour and as you can see 40 mi. per hour and more in the coming days. that is why they are worried about wild fires. strong wind locking in to hear
9:34 pm
it later in the week looks like the part in time for the marathon nice quiet day for the marathon unseasonably mild on sunday back to sunshine. clear and cool tonight coolest and land may be made for these tonight 52 degrees lower temperature in the city. many hours will be com sunny and warmer tomorrow with modest cooling at the beaches. only a couple of blocks or miles inland. tomorrow night cool and clear with 55 degrees but not as cool as it has been. mostly sunny and warm to lake breezes on the shoreline high temperature 76 degrees. by friday close to 80 degrees may be in the low 80s saturday not a bad way to go. more on this coming up what the weekend looks
9:35 pm
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local school artists important out of the classroom into the hallways even into the cafeteria walking us down a couple halls of the hernandez middle school >> middle school attracted moderate new building on the outside on the inside a growing part cowberry hallways and classrooms even the cafeteria colorful. most of the work starts in this classroom on the second floor teacher runs the mural club. >> my goal to have every wall in the school painted >> meeting after school mural club it out with painted the classroom itself each student taking a block on the wall and paint what ever they want >> artistic talents quickly
9:39 pm
spread mural club painted the entire cafeteria at one wall represented the neighborhood >> wanted to paint this at to make it look like not so bad >> another project recreated one of most famous works >> a painting of the story tonight when we were all finished wanted to do more >> flourishing in large part because of the vision of the school principal reflecting a vibrant community on the southwest side where the students live some paintings hang in her office >> color needed to bring the culture and life into the building and the best way to do that putting it on the walls to display >> students do everything themselves come up with the ideas and doing all of the painting >> we like to give them ideas and they take it and run with that and everything they have done has been at their idea to get excited about painting this
9:40 pm
they make it their own >> stepping into the world of art >> when of the most talented students planning to study art and high school and college check out this painting hanging in the principal's office >> now in its third year students say many reasons a bit of the mural club >> an agenda, like the fact myself i like to express myself i years in dark colors that not planning a bureau for the gymnasium start by ideas on paper before the paint comes down >> deciding how they want to the gym to look >> not surprised some of students go on to become successful artists for now confident mural club continued to inspire young artists for many years to combat the a lot of murals planned >> very colorful the iphone
9:41 pm
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no iphone 5 yet but make way for iphone 4s sprint nextel joining verizon wirelss and 80 and tea as the carriers who can sell the new model older makes like the iphone 3gs now free with 2 year contract thought they said fall. batt but it is all marketing to buy one and that another i am just buying the seven day forecast >> and the price is right mark suppelsa. we make this available to you absolutely free of charge it will continue. look at this big storm plowing into the west coast actually usually good news for the midwest. the time we are going to warm up keeping the brand fall to the west want
9:45 pm
showing orange and red on this map cycling through the next 10 days you can see how the hell of warmth develops over us reaching the pinnacle in terms of the tent city friday-saturday afternoon we could get low 80 sunday at a modest cool down approaches what is left of the storm may be shuffled to the north by a system known measures in the gulf of mexico could keep the blood flowing for a while look at the rainfall by the mountain ranges to the west. with that style storesnow system to the west girded looking for low temperatures tonight into the '50's and '40's and the suburbs. back to the mid-70s or around 80 degrees tomorrow. southeast wed on thursday. by the time we get
9:46 pm
into friday a pretty good deal. temperatures from 80 tomorrow-76 low 80s and lead towards the fax balivalley 73 on sunday for the marathon at 78 degrees on monday after late that is 79 degrees on sunday after the marathon is over. mid-70s by mid morning and upper 70's by early afternoon. pretty warm marathon keeping you updated on those temperatures. >> thank you accident ties out i 5 add that messrs. honors chicago's finest and field trip photos of the day.
9:47 pm
more photos available or gov.
9:48 pm
quinn up and down relationship with labor unions catching the eye of chicago tribune editorial cartoonist scott stantis says the governor playing both sides >> shaq meter of 1-10 summer at gov. quinn had shafting as by its side and agreement promising everything. then he tried to shop in the union might read a gig on everything. what does he want? cynical man would say tried to pressure legislature proven raising taxes and fees i am a cynical guy pretty sure that is what he is doing any thinking person and that annoy us to say no more. maybe now is the time to ask gov. quinn to step aside resigned what is the worst that can happen? we are so shafted
9:49 pm
that is my stantis for now and do not forget to enter cartoon caption contest chicago tribune .com/stantis. >> coming up like cox topline a very young look when the season gets under way friday night in dallas and a couple hard-hitting playoff games one team punch in ticket to the alcs next in sports. capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash. according to research everybody likes more cash. well almost everybody...
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of gain original fresh. that counts as a performance enhancer. i am complaining to the cleaning products athletics board. did you just make that up? yes, i did, and i'm the president. you're losing it, buddy. maybe you should hit the showers. mr. clean already did. they're spotless. i bet. [ male announcer ] introducing mr. clean with gain original fresh scent. victory over dirt's never been easier or smelled so great. to hoop or not to hoop? >> not to hoop i would say maybe show reruns of wipe out instead espn about ,wipe out first few weeks of the regular season and not even close negotiant seas and owners of rent 47 percent of all basketball related income last year the players got 57 percent offer to cut to 53
9:53 pm
percent i believe a 50-50 percent sounds reasonable. lockout drags on the billions of dollars apart from playing basketball. >> today it will be announcing the cancellation of the exhibition season and by monday we will have no choice but to cancel the first few weeks of the season. that is where we are in terms of our fans, wanting to be back on the court to play basketball we do not want to be locked out. but the reality is we are employees at and be a our employers holding the keys to the lockout for it to be over nba >> a big general manager news in chicago not the cubs or the white sox the blackhawks adding three years to the contract of dan bowman on the stage for the cup celebration had to be
9:54 pm
constructed the blackhawks salary cap reasons in 2010. >> quite an honor certainly want to thank the owners for the faith and excellent leadership over the years i think i feel very proud to be a member of the organization, an awful long way and it really means a lot to have their guidance >> somebody who will accept guidance 18 year old brandon saad opens friday night in dallas. the kid pitching and self has played well shown maturity and for the moment art himself a spot in the big show. >> always wanted to work to make the nhl coming in with the right attitude to work hard and did not expect to make the team but definitely something nice >> plant great hockey friday and saturday just need to go out
9:55 pm
there and play loose and not be afraid to make mistakes. i think we are all excited to go out there a lot of fun >> as for the cubs general manager a vacancy the boston globe says asking the red sox for permission to speak to theo epstein highest profile guide the cubs could possibly higher. might not be the case now. cardinals and the phillies in game 3 the go ahead camp in the series no score in the seventh inning and pinch hitter ben francisco 2 out pinch hit 3 run homer in playoffs won the game for philadelphia phillies a 2-1 game lead in the series and american league tampa bay at texas not messing or robbed nobody more intimate than the rangers third baseman adrien beltre not want not to but three home runs. sixth man in the
9:56 pm
history of baseball to hit three home runs in one post-season game. rays our history. texas rangers advance alcs and also casualty of the home-run barrage today the guy on the hand-held camera on third base tracking adrien beltre turf monster got him. watch this stuff flying all of the camera. about $40,000 or so. adrien beltre said not my fault. he tripped himself and milwaukee brewers losing at the troy tigers losing to the new york yankees in detroit. oh well. closing the show out? >> thank you happy you shared time with us have a good night. ú>@ñ÷ [ bell tolls ] ah, agents
9:57 pm
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