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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 5, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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don't wait. call now. o0 c1 at this hour for a 80 believed to have been abducted from her home in kansas city this even though the amber alert for her was canceled. afternoon i am sean lewis >>and i'm nancy loo we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. the 10 month old lisa irwin was last seen asleep in her crib and 1030 monday night. when 100 kansas city police officers, fbi agents, and firefighters are looking for her. authorities
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said her parents were questioned and more cooperative. if the amber alert was issued yesterday morning but was then canceled last night. police said that the alert was no longer necessary although she is still considered missing an endangered. >>amanda knox is spending her first full day back home for the first time in four years >>thanks to everyone who supported me defended me and my family >>sheet thanked the crowd emotionally who greeted her last evening and she and her family arrived in seattle one day earlier an italian court acquitted her of the murder of her roommate british exchange student meredith kercher. knox's parents are grateful to everyone who supported their family as well as the italian lawyers who fought on her behalf. >>all i can say is again thanking you. it is because of
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the letters and the calls and this amazing support that we have received from people all over the world ... >>amanda knox was cleared of murder sexual assault and other charges in the 2007 killing of meredith kercher. the court also acquitted her former boyfriend. >>21 years ago jacques rivera was sent to jail for murder that he did not commit. if today's he is spending his first full day of freedom with loved ones. rivera was released from the cook county jail last night. his long awaited freedom came after the eyewitness who helped convict rivera of murder in 1990 and recanted his story and prosecutors dropped the case. orlando lopez who was 12 at the time of the murder ... said that he realized before the trial that rivera was not the shooter police would not listen to him. rivera said he forgave lopez long ago and the important thing to him now his family. >>my family stood by me through these troubled times these hard
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times and my family stood by me and supported me not just financially but emotionally and i thank my family >>rivera has three adult children he says the thing he missed the most was watching them grow up as for immediate plans rivera said he would like to go to a bears game. >>a former high-school football player who's accused of rape could testify in his own defense today. demarco whitley is accused of sexually assaulting a 15 year-old girl two years ago prosecutors say that whitley signed a confession saying that he had sex with the girl even after she said no several times. willie's defense team said the sex was consensual. a nurse to examine the victim testified yesterday that the girl talked about being pressured and had no choice but to give in. under such even a sense of physical trauma on the girl. >>the charity founded by former first lady maggie daley is being scrutinized in in your report.
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chicagos inspector general joseph ferguson says after- school matters got $900,000 in contributions from companies that got tax breaks from city hall. the report claims under mayor daley that firms receive taxpayer subsidies were also required to donate to certain non-profit groups the inspector general said the numbers appear to show that preferential treatment for a group with close ties to the city had occurred in a statement after school matter said that the taxation is flat out false. >>chicago's annual pride parade will be starting earlier and traveling a longer parade route the changes are intended to cut down on public drinking and accommodate the growing numbers of people attending a parade. last year's pride parade attracted 800,000 people about double the number who lined the streets in lakeview just three
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years earlier next year's parade will begin two hours earlier at 10:00 a.m. rather than noon in hopes of curbing some of the public drinking that goes on during the event 200. coming up authorities tried to determine what caused a helicopter to crash in manhattan's east river ... and the victims from bernie madoff's ponzi scheme are set to receive reimbursements >>and secretary kathleen sebeliuss@6h)
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a new ban on texting while cycling and a proposed ordinance keeping children safe
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as they walk to school were introduced at today's city council meeting we had marcella raymond live from city hall with a report >>bikers will not be able to text or make phone calls while riding without using handsfree device ... they were involved in more than 1600 crashes where five people were killed chicagos number of bike lanes allow people to ride to work more safely and this band is one more way to keep everyone safe ... one alderman said that its common sense >>i'm not anticipating any high speed bicycle chase's this really will be education for bicycle lists and once again just leveling the playing field >>that banned past and the safe
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passage ordinance was also put out there today proponents want security guards put near vacant lots and foreclosed buildings that are in close proximity to schools for the safety of the children traveling there. >>you will be fined between 20- $500 if you are caught using your electronic device while cycling ... if you look around it's unbelievable you can see people riding in a distracted fashion around the city so it'll look different after this goes through >>more testimony today in the
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trial of michael jackson's doctor conrad murray. currently on the stand as sour hirsch burke a medical and pharmaceutical distributor who worked closely with dr. conrad murray later today jurors could finally here dr. murray explained michael jackson's death and his own words because it's likely that the audio of his to our police interview will be played in court jurors may also hear more audio of michael jackson's a slurred explanation of his upcoming concerts ... >>jury selection continues today in the trial of the accused underwear bomber. umar farouk abdulmutallab is accused of trying to set off explosives concealed in his underwear aborted northwest airlines jetliner on christmas day of 2009 again yesterday he shouted in court " anwar is alive! " it was a reference to anwar al- awlaki the u.s. born muslim cleric killed last week by a
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united states missile strike prosecutors say that he inspired the underwear bomber in an attempted bombing the woman killed in a helicopter crash in new york city died on her 40th birthday ... that helicopter went down in the east river and yesterday afternoon as it tried to land there were four passengers plus the pilot sonia marra was killed while her friend mother stepfather and the pilot rescued the four of them had been on a private flight she was from sydney australia federal investigators are now trying to figure out what caused that crash. >>as president obama criticizes republicans for failing to act on his jobs bill and democrats quickly trying to rewrite that bill before the senate votes on it. pushing for a quick senate vote on the $447 billion bill the democratic leader harry reid derailed that vote buying time to get additional support senate
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democrats are considering different ways of paying for the bill including a tax increase on millionaires. >>at least 10,000 marchers shut down the center of the greek capital today they're protesting the latest wave of government spending cuts they said the cuts are as much as 40% of take-home pay the european union is trying to work out a plan to protect the bank's other european nations from the fallout of a grit default the victims of bernie madoff's ponzi scheme will begin receiving financial compensation the trustee in charge of liquidating at the firm says the checks will be distributed today but the checks will only represent about 5¢ on the dollar that the victims lost bernie madoff is serving a 1 1/5 the year prison term for running the largest and longest
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running ponzi scheme in the united states history >>the flu season is here and the secretary of health and human services is urging chicagoans today to get their shots julian crews is live on the south side of chicago with details. as part of the obama administration one of the goals is to have people be able to access preventive care and an easy fashion without a lot of barriers. >>to demonstrate the importance of getting a flu shot kathleen sebelius got her shot federal and local officials urged chicagoans to get their flu shots now the store here at the dan ryan expressway are what walgreen's calls the health and daily living store with a nurse practitioner on site people can get vaccines and flu shots
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treating household elements or getting a sports physical ... the walgreen's ceo says that these new stores also an array of healthy foods offering. >>we are in places where there is not good access to fresh help the whole food. we are turning this location into a food oasis with expanded offerings of fruits and vegetables ... >>mayor rahm emanuel helped to win a commitment from walgreen's to expand its presence in chicago with the expansion of 50 of these types stores over the next three years the day's top business stories are next >>plus a popular children's show will introduce a new
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live from the new york stock exchange the jobs market is on the radar for today and for the rest of this week investors are digesting the report on private employment u.s. companies added 91,000 jobs in september more than expected so far better than what we saw last month
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unfortunately job gains have not been sufficient to bring down the unemployment hovering around 9%. tomorrow we will get the weekly jobless numbers friday it's the big monthly jobs report data from challenger gray christmas says that job cuts jumped in september the largest increase in two years ... the bank of america job cuts accounted for 70% ... the dow the s&p 500 and the nasdaq are all trading higher at this hour ... and we're keeping an eye on what's going on outside the new york stock exchange protests continued labor and environmental groups plan to continue and join in with the protesters ... these protests are happening around the country in about 45 states
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included chicago ... the protesters are protesting the greed and corruption of the financial sector ... and a hacker group that's well known is threatening to recap it on the new york stock exchange website ... disney is converting many classic favorites to 3-d ... that's it for the business report today >>the practice has come a long way since patients would just lie on a couch and speak about
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their problems so what is the hang up that many people have about therapy? here to explain how you can move past that stigma of their pay is the jennifer weigel of trib-u. lots of times when you venture with a therapist and you don't feel like you're getting any pro-active tools to move forward is what often holds people back more than even a stigma ... shorter-term therapy is the way that most people are going many are going daley for crisis management in their lives. you can open up lines of communication now with your therapist to improve the
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effectiveness of the therapy ... lots of people call themselves therapists but they have not received the certification or the training to bear that title you need to be wary of this when you seek therapy ... and you need to find the right balance between your therapy and your real day-to-day existence for once you want to be told how to help handle things ... >>the barriers seem to be breaking down know when it comes to speaking to a doctor or a therapist ... now it seems there's more of an open line of communication that's different
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>>it's no longer us against them it's a collaborative effort between these practitioners and their patients. people need to not be afraid to speak up if things are not working for them ... but you must work together to make it work for you ... this all came up because i remember friend told me that they have an awful experience in therapy and i have encouraged her to give it another try because things have really changed out there ... sometimes all you need is a short stint of intense work on the problem >>many people when they go to therapy feel as though they have thrown in the towel unable to help themselves any longer ... >>not everybody is perfect
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everybody has issues nobody likes to have to look at their problems and feel imperfect ... but you can open up a whole of moving forward with some help coming up next we'll introduce you to that middle school art teacher who encourages kids to express themselves in open living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... could mean living with joint damage.
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this is cool ... a local school wellwhere art is so important that it spills into the hallways ... we are taking a trip to hernandez middle school with dan ponce ... >>it's a growing art gallery on the inside and a modern school on the outside ... the work begins in this classroom on the second-floor where this teacher hold them year-old clubds a mural club.. the word of their artistic talent had spread around the school and before you know what they were painting a wall mural in the cafeteria.
12:27 pm
the students recreated a famous work by vincent van gogh. >>this is really the work of the kids >>the school principal has a vision that the students art should reflect the vibrancy of the community where they left ... ive.. >>the students do everything themselves.. from conception to execution ... >>they get really excited and enthusiastic and name make their ownthey make it their own..
12:28 pm
>>the students say that there are many reasons why they love this club with >>i really like to use art to express myself ... >>the students are planning a mural for the gymnasium their work out their sketches on paper first. >>the teacher said that she would not be surprised if the students go on to become successful adult artists ... >>we are booked for quite some time we have lots of murals that are planned to be done >>still with us tom skilling will be back with
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accu-weather dud predicts that chicago will receive between four and 5 ft. of snow this winter saying that this snowfalls will be steady across the seas and instead of one giant snowfall like we had last season ... the cold air will arrive in december and in january ... >>that has been the forecast for two months we are talking about an active winter coming up ... we have trouble nailing down the specifics one season as head of time but i would bet that it would be an active winter this coming season . moving to the current time
12:32 pm
frame it's not going to rain until tuesday possibly and that's a long dry spell that we have not seen since march and it's the first time in 18 years that we have put together for 100 percent sunny days in the month of october we have a whole ream of record-breaking statistics on this wonderful weather pattern we are experiencing currently ... all of those storms out west are there are strong southern women's better pumping up this warmer air dome over us ... stepping through time to this coming friday we will cease of gusty wind arrived will see gusty
12:33 pm
winds arrive here.. it's the warmest weather we have seen in three weeks ... we will be in the mid to high seventies over the next couple of days. this is a month of big a weather changes across the country. temperatures are in some places up to 20 degrees above normal in some areas. there is low humidity and dry it whether out in the planes that is putting up red flag alerts for wild fires and there are a winter storm watches and the sierras and the rockies ... we
12:34 pm
have humidity here of just 36% we have warm days and cool nights with no pollen and a low mold count we have a fantastic october weather regime going. it is 74 degrees at midway at this hour 79 degrees in the southern suburbs ... there was another dust storm in phoenix yesterday visibility was 1/8 of a mile and there's lots of wind and rain in northern california the wind is gusting near 50 mi. per hour in salt lake city ... but we're not worried about that here in the midwest.
12:35 pm
international falls has had to record temperature days in the '80s ... let's take a look at the jet stream putting this together it's a big power house moving very rapidly we are under a big dome underneath it of quiet whether ... we are staying in single digits when it comes to the speed of the wind gusts moving around the nation ...
12:36 pm
the big a crane is focused on the mountain ranges and the west coast ... the warm air dumb is persistentome is persistent for us until tuesday of next week ... we're just going to get a poke of cool air midweek and the warm weather will stay with us for a few more days after
12:37 pm
that ... we're looking at the tropical storm centers in the atlantic the next will be reena and after that sean! 77 degrees is forecast for today sunny and warmer tomorrow ... the fifth straight day 78 degrees the high temperature. friday the temperatures may reach into the low 80s ... how can we possibly top this? it sure beats september.
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new labor deal, so the entire exhibition season has been cancelled. they said if there is no agreement by monday, the first two weeks of the regular- season will be cancelled as well. they do not have any more negotiation sessions scheduled. the two sides could not agree on
12:41 pm
the percentage split of league revenues. the players offered 53% while the league's final offer was 47%. the chicago cubs have asked permission to interview boston red sox general manager theo epstein. the boston globe reports that the red sox management met yesterday to discuss whether they would allow that. theo epstein would most likely get the title of team president as well giving him the job of remodeling wrigley field. cubs owner tom ricketts had no comment. >>the black hawks signed a 18 year-old forward brendan sod to a three-year deal he will skate with patrick sharp and jonathan toews and on the top line against the minnesota stars on friday night he was a second round pick and he surprised the blackhawks in training camp with his nhl ready size and skills
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>> the illinois state lottery drawing is up next ... here are the winning pick three numbers: 2 7 5 here are the winning putt for numberpick four numbers: 2 5 9 9
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58 million dollars is the powerball jackpot tonight!
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18 people are now confirmed dead due to the ongoing listeria outbreak from contaminated cantaloupes. the cdc has confirmed the two latest deaths in colorado and kansas. there have also been 100 illnesses stemming from the listeria outbreak one of which has been in an illinois. the tainted cantaloupes were shipped on september 14th and have a shelf life of about two weeks so few if any of the melons are still being eaten but symptoms of the
12:46 pm
listeria can take two months to appear. makers of the cancer drug avastin are adding a new warning about the risk of ovarian failure to its label. the food and drug ministration recommends that doctors warn women of child-bearing age before they start treatment researchers say that the drug can cause ovaries to stop releasing eggs regularly. the drug is approved to treat certain types of long grain kidney cullen and breast cancer ... >>lower serotonin levels can lead to a clear disposition ... children are more likely to maintain have your emotions when they have positive parenting according to one study ... >>there is a new sesame street character that will help children understand the
12:47 pm
difficult issue humber and america ... lilley is an impoverished puppet whose family struggles to get enough food to eat. she will appear in a one- hour prime-time special called " growing hope against tom kirk " country singer brad paisley and his wife kimberly williams will also appear on that show it airs nationwide on october 9th we will be [ marge ] psst. constipated? phillips' caplets use magnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna...
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chef scott walton he is back with us today to demonstrate a dish that can be found on a special menu this month at the restaurant. >>we are offering a special five course meal this is one of our starters ... we have six different kinds of squash that we put in this soup ... we use the most locally grown ... like butternut squash acorn squash and turben squash always find a flat surface to cut these squashes on. we have
12:51 pm
dustup for different types here after peeling diced four different types of squash here for this recipe. we see is in the suit with lime clove allspice ... and we make a bouquet garni with cheesecloth of these spices to simmer into the soup for flavoring ... and we use vegetable broth or vegetable stock as a base ... this will simmer for 35 to 40
12:52 pm
minutes uncovered you will know the consistency when it breaks down ... we want to balance sweet with sour so we add cranberry jam ... sugar and orange juice can offset the sour taste as well you definitely want to put a little bit of green card eminence cinnamon stick into the recipe for the aromatics ... that will begin to cook for 15-20 minutes we leighton this suit by blending it
12:53 pm
what you're doing his air ratingerating the mixture. we also before serving at the restaurants taken out of the blender and doolittle would put a hand mixer to fluff up even more ... here is the finished product a beautiful smooth puree of squash and all of those flavors of the cranberry and the spices ... we also cook the remaining cranberries until they pop and garnish the soup with
12:54 pm
those or use them to temper the flavor of the soup to your taste ... we garnish with a little bit of pumpkin seed oil for some autumn nutty flavor ... >>wow this is really delicious scott! >>markethouse restaurant is located at 611 north fairbanks in chicago and has a special vegetarian menu featured all this month..
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trivia question: who were the first to develop bottles or containers to store perfume? the answer was the egyptians. this weather is absolutely great just gorgeous there is a big storm out west pumping up the warm air in our area but we're looking at the temperatures that are amazing there in the '80s and iowa and even minnesota and we're in the high '70's here ... we believe we can get into the low 80s today we will drop to the '50s overnight it will be back up close to 80 again tomorrow same thing for tomorrow night and when we get to friday and saturday that's our rubberstamp on the temperatures and
12:58 pm
conditions ... we will get some breezes friday and saturday ... we will get warm. it's the first time in 18 years we have seen this happen and october ... watch what happens in the gulf of mexico this could have implications for our viewers watching from the gulf coast there are strong winds which implied that the air blowing on top of the rainy system could actually build high-pressure keeping things in place for another week ... it will get
12:59 pm
wet ... and there is snow in the rockies and in the sierras we are laying the groundwork for a rough winter come december into january ... but for now we're gonna focus on this wonderful weather over the weekend ... the marathon sunday will begin at 60 degrees and reach 76 degrees by 1:00 in the afternoon that will be a warm one for the runners ... no rain in sight ... thank you for joining us today we hope you have a great afternoon we will be back here tonight at 5 and again inninat 9


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