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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 7, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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meals and minutes before big race and update forecast marathon monday wgn news @ 9 q was and at the wrong place at the right time wrong time eighth grader shot critically wounded waiting for football practice to start target may have been a grown man. top story boy it rushed to comer children's hospital. >> deonta brown described as a great kid who loved sports and to laugh tonight fighting for life inside the hospital shot in the stomach bullet still lodged in his spine at this hour plays
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football brad hill elementary school south shore neighborhood waiting for practice to began hanging out with a group of people at 77th and kingston police say a gunman opened fire to account 31 year old man and witnesses say before deonta brown could get away it took a bullet plays a football for broadwell says very big game tomorrow deonta brown teammates are rattled he says because several were there and sot get shot. reportedly started with a fight this afternoon >> we heard like seven bullets go off and everybody ran away >> we used to throw the football around here he was a nice cool person to hang out with wrong place at the wrong time >> community activist in chicago touching base with you inside with the family serious issues on their mind not just
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medical they want the community to speak up >> what think the community to speak up to turn the perpetrators and should not have happened and the pilots needs to stop some staff members and the school and community everybody outraged at this is a young man that place sports that goes to school and that when it comes to someone pulling a gun and shooting out to children and everybody must get upset and give chicago police department information to stop these criminals tonight >> frustration for family sounds like a broken record another innocent good kid caught in the line of fire what is going to change at this point? speaking up is that the best we can do? >> speaking up at the same time something happening ahead of time premeditated walking on route with a gun should be called and right away may have
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been prevented if somebody knew these individuals had this kind children be to step up and speak up if you see someone with a gun carrying a gun at talking about a gun run and get help lives they can save could be their own >> deonta brown as we mentioned still inside hospital fighting for life at this hour family by bedside and athlete if you heard about this loved football and basketball when he grew up wanted to play for chicago bears if he comes out of this one good news people are hopeful will not be paralyzed all yet to be determined to of course still just waiting >> painstaking dig for human remains resumes tomorrow demolition site hammond indiana forensics specialists searching where a dog found what looked like a figure and skull a ring
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on finger thrrough sifting through an area crawlspace of day bait shop only one body there a long time. chicago police sending out community alert for parts of the west side wins and robbed and sexually assaulted since last august 8th to attacks on women latest occuring this morning attacks in lawndale area houbolt park car filled park and one near the united center involving one-two men using a gun and demanding cash jewelry and the cellphones from the victim's >> it is one or in some cases to a male black offenders between 20-30 years of age each incident offenders are masked or concealing their face to some degree and several incidents that have gone almost complete face mask opened at the eyes and other incidents and a mask that
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pretty much shields of their base from the nose down. >> chicago police advising women not to walk alone at night and the information to call chicago police of the debate >> few hours away from the start of bank of america chicago marathon live in grant park no stranger to the grace >> i have run this before 3 * actually never victorious always finished included in 2007 if you remember very seriously-amended the and weather and near the 90's cost hundreds of runners to collapse not this year going to be warm but not dangerous extreme confidence pulled all sat down here for incredible bank of america chicago marathon. pak didn't mccormick place by the thousands picking up trace back its excitement building by the hour coming from
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all over the world to run the chicago >> amazing how the city is the ball to going to be awesome >> here from new york for the second time >> it is a great entire city comes out 26 mi. everybody cheering you on >> all of the way from omaha just to volunteer >> they worked all year round just to get better each time >> this is what awaits them on sunday adrenaline fueled a 26.2 mi., 45,000 runners of fat lady'sfilling in the streets one of the best in the world strong field leading the way although injuries may {up. >> knott world record
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>> looking forward to my fellow athletes going to have something special i believe >> many many thousands of other runners believed and that also again all sat down here temperatures don't to be warm not extreme hydration of course always keep extra water and ice and many thousands of spectators lining in the race 1000 medical personnel as well. >> to the weather center tom skilling marathon morning forecast >> looking like the rest of the weekend absolutely spectacular winter will be like starting at 61 degrees and want to the 70's during the race. today the sixth consecutive day 100 percent of possible sun shine not a sunny
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street in chicago since 1934 and 77 years going to continue an end in sight off in the distance telling you about that a couple of spots in the country not so nice entire weather pattern later in the show >> also bears to the white house and president obama taking time to thank coach ditka for what he did not do and they have occupied chicago and new york washington many other cities a book beside behind the bank protest this time lasalle and wall street.
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wgn news @ 9 occupy chicago into the loop where demonstrators are speaking out against wall street and what they say is the unwillingness of politicians to correct the country's economic imbalance >> occupy chicago got a boost today chicago jobs with justice. hundreds watch from the thompson
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center walked to the board of trade. protest over the lack of jobs and the shrinking middle class part of a national movement of around the clock for nearly two weeks hundreds of protesters standing on the corner lasalle and jackson. to date rev. jesse jackson joined the groups in protest site name along with other growing group of others >> danks based on government subsidies belt out the banks without reinvesting and atlantic insurance said capital companies fees have gone up bush tax cut extensions more money for the richer at the state budget deficits combined amount
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now piling on and people are fighting back as long as remain disciplined and focused going to win this fight >> some work in the financial district walking by a group every day are still confused batt but did not think there is a clear message a lot of people just want to get out and demonstrate their opinions that is find a good thing but i think there is something they need to communicate not so easy >> not a simple thing to on do and i think there anchor is misplaced >> protests continued this weekend. >> occupy wall street started three weeks ago still going strong 21 days ago and it generally at corporate greed we can't talk about a focus despite occasional clashes with police most rallies have been peaceful no clear that that still protesters did not seem to be letting up simply want to voices
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heard and the government to respond to >> better news on the jobs front but not good enough to change the unemployment rate. 100,000 jobs in september more than expected jobless rate steady at 9.1% 14 million americans looking for work on the bright side some jobs may be returning from overseas john challenger ceo of the outplacement firm gray and christmas told us by telephone >> costs of labor going up around the rest of the world jobs outsourced starting to consider bringing in the back at least especially as labor costs go down factor and companies to have to build plants over there to train workers overseas tipping point we may see jobs come back >> estimates 2-3 million jobs to come back to united states in the next five years as job costs go down here and wages go up in
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wgn news @ 9 residents shaken by their beds by exploding railroad cars loaded with ethanol small town of tiskilwa 100 mi. southwest of chicago >> just after 2:00 a.m. 26 cars of 131 car train derailed near
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small-town several cars holding tanks of ethanol that exploded three children and mother woke up right away >> sounded like a plane had crashed and for about five minutes heard the wheels on the trend locked up and it was just a continuous >> not knowing how quickly a fire would spread emergency responders decided immediately to a evacuate the entire town 800 people >> got my family up and told them that they needed to wake- up and explained what was going on as they were getting ready i left started waking people up on my side of town freaking out because nobody had done that yet >> fires continue to rage smoke from miles a round by 9:00 a.m. it was contained neighbors still concerned that could reach their homes >> do not know what they are doing told me a fire still burning in underneath one tanker
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freight going to burn for the bottom when that happens going to just drop out of that >> are around 3:00 today those on the west side turn it returning to homes those by the tracks had to find somewhere else to stay tonight those without friends or family take it to high school nearby princeton red cross shut up a shelter >> volunteers have come and people donating food to help us out working smoothly down but cleanup will continue throughout the night and tomorrow morning cause of the ground that unknown national transportation safety board is investigating >> suicide bomber rocket- propelled grenade struck united states post and afghanistan war turned 10 years old today no deaths reported questions remain about stability of the afghanistan government >> reconveyed the conventional
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army not one particularly suited to counter insurgency and we are basically playing catch-up their very mixed bag their quality of units varies but the real concern will there be able to do much once we pull out? >> taliban leaders have been forced out of power of course osama bin laden killed 2700 united states coalition lives lost per did president obama mark the anniversary quietly statement united states sacred thinks to sacrifices that have been made. apple ceo steve jobs a notoriously private man comes as no surprise comes as a surprise to many he authored a tell all biography the author walter isaacson says jobs did it so his kids would know them jobs died of pancreatic cancer walter isaacson said not always there for children wanted to understand why the funeral or arrangements have not been released but a public memorial
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some say private funeral today. big birthday tomorrow reverend jesse jackson turns 70 today standing with the occupy protesters downtown always behind a cause seemed marching with of course dr. martin luther king jr. from the beginning running for president celebrating its 70th by handing out food baskets to fight hunger >> revive but the war on poverty and dig such senseless wars and we are giving 1000 basket of groceries tamara to families >> 70 years old part of history. how long does it take to get from new orleans to the white house? super bowl champion chicago bears took nearly 26
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years president of what finally honore the team south of this afternoon compared to the beatles also thanked coach ditka from doing have a political favor. >> some of you may remember back in 2004 front for the sad that the people were trying to draft coach ditka to run against me i will admit i was worried. he does not lose. coach glad you did not run because i have to say i probably would have been terrible on espn. chicago bears visit was canceled by president reagan when space shuttle challenger exploded several days after super bowl 20. growing number of young athletes emergency room coming up behind the alarming trend fire department paramedics lives in chicago and africa white one of chicago is very odd. wn.
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tonight's medical watch a pill that can treat to conditions approves new drug called juvisync can help patients with diabetes and high cholesterol first of its kind it will sell for about $215 a month. 25 million americans have type 2 diabetes many also high cholesterol both conditions part of obesity. more young athletes emergency room for head injuries almost 250,000 kids went to emergency room for concussions and other injuries in 2009. up from about 150,000
9:26 pm
in 2001 might be called by increased awareness caused by down to grade school parents and coaches more cautious activities most likely to be to injuries of biking and football. new study suggesting dietary supplements probably do not need to researchers at the national institutes of health found people who take supplements tend to be a healthy lifestyle already dead enough nutrition in fact might be overloading on certain metals which can put them at risk for serious health problems later on. when it more likely than men to take those dietary supplements >> up a sizzling autumn heat to start this week do not worry runners, down marathon monday * get the full forecast next. usa prime
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lusciously what >> ok another word about truly a stunning connection. starting today >> de 6 wataga% of possible sun light clouds most consecutive one punter percent sunday day in chicago. since 1934. what better weather in which to view of the beautiful fall colors. sharing a
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shot and also captures this beautiful shot waves last week along lake michigan picture just beautiful beautiful weather. another one from alyse and thank you for your pictures everybody come in on facebook on our website look at this and the beautiful sunset captured by our time lapse camera looking out towards o'hare field northwest tollway it gorgeous. we have been concerned that perhaps cutting down on the sunshine but we are assured since 1950's reported some bite here in chicago record going back into the 1800's in chicago 100 percent of possible sun by a storm brewing down to the
9:31 pm
southeast comfortably between them about a 1400 broken a squall line all of the way to mexico tonight through kansas and nebraska on it right about at our house jet stream safely west of us and so too will the storms developing goes to show you these are really significant falling in the heart of the worst drought area down in texas and oklahoma could bring in these areas 6-10 in. of rainfall will not completely solve the drought problem for the whole reason need more than a foot of red ball to break out of the drought jet stream of showing get this bordet's squall line and thunderstorm of firing repeatedly want this over next several days very healthy rainfall stays west to was keeping us in a dull of warm air this thing going through tuesday from the looks of things not a drop of rain fall until wednesday at the earliest severe
9:32 pm
weather risk early tonight series of tornado watches also a flood watch and florida. easterly wind developing over 40 mi. per hour gusts all along the east coast of florida and georgia rainfall a heavy rainfall could erode the coastline wind advisories upper midwest tornado and flood watches winter weather advisories and rocky mountains the brand forecast a bullet over florida of six-more inches same thing into texas and oklahoma extended north and if you want with winter weather rocky mountains dead set for the ski season snow falling temperatures today chicago 84 degrees another 80 tomorrow extend the streak to four consecutive days of 80 degree weather is or above tied for the third of august streak and october the want reached up to the shores of hudson bay taste of the early winter and
9:33 pm
mountaintops out west. setting up what you expect out in the jet stream active whether going days of four and five above 80. no red ball until wednesday. the most studied days since 1934 in their row wataga%. pretty amazing he's still at this hour warm across the midwest look at the wind gusts purple areas where wind is the strongest blow it with gusto and our area today. over the next 10 days of tense land out interesting people wonder how long can this go on? forecast by sunday still in place in the warm air monday still warm tuesday still warm and by wednesday a cold front to start cubs get a plunge of cooler air coming in later next week could be fairly substantial quickly lifted now
9:34 pm
back into warm air taken the forecast a few weeks ahead above normal temperature trend with little cool spell superimposed but nothing that has legs and sticks around for awhile. dupont is 52 tonight with the rotor 23 at high mold spore count. paulette information of a lot of particulates in the air may be of interest to the marathon runners went not too strong on sunday morning. these are the high temperatures today. opera 80s parts of the metro area. like to turn back the clock back to july been erotically that is what the temperatures were like today and will be of the country if fair breezy warm a nighttime low temperature about 15 degrees above normal salt wind stays up
9:35 pm
during the night keep the air mixed and slows down warm air cooling. 15 degrees above normal high temperature 83 degrees slight cooling by the beaches appears just enough of eastern component of the southland clear breezy mid-50s low 60s tomorrow night and sunday on a marathon day less wind but continued warm temperatures 80 degrees and lead at mid seventies at the beaches specifically for the marathon started with temperature of 61 degrees. we will be up around 70 degrees at 76 degrees by noon. one of but not the '90s caused a problem a couple of years ago. interested for the situation strange system development >> when we come back in the seven day outlook >> jews to the world observant yom kippur day of atonement for the holiest day on jewish calendar occasion fast for 25
9:36 pm
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all lot of people spend time off
9:39 pm
vacationing or relaxing one of chicago's very own paramedics sped the furlough days a continent away from family and friends of volunteering time to help people in africa how to save lives >> firefighter paramedic aref abdelletif very meticulous with equipment checking and rechecking making short ready for the streets. batt but early in the morning get here on time and hour before he has to be here ready to go to work always checking the equipment aboard a problem he is the guy to go to >> worked as a paramedic for 12 years and a firefighter for 69 years with chicago fire department also a lot of time as instructor >> excellent firefighter great patient care and helping around the house and accident you have and call went to nigeria on his own time >> yes nigeria africa last year aref abdelletif answered the
9:40 pm
call when a group of medical workers from africa came to chicago looking for instructors to volunteer to train workers a continent away jumping at the chance but first had to ask permission batt but had to ask my wife begged her to go. >> using it creativity and calling in favors from fellow firefighters to call bill and perhaps aref abdelletif struck a bunch of furlough aref abdelletif days together and headed to africa to teach cpr batt but not just a for a country when people need or ask help you need to help out but in the weeks aref abdelletif topped out and stop the of the once abundant firefighter got quite the lesson about african culture >> one night they invited us for a ceremony we wore our traditional dress which was pretty cool one night when we wore the dress be met one of the kinks and went to his place to have dinner >> not without challenges in
9:41 pm
addition to power outages and telephone service issues faced with poor working conditions sub par to those of the engine company 38 >> here we are fully stocked equipment fully trained paramedics basically in a sense doctors on the streets doing what they are supposed to do to save people's lives over there and not so much >> aref abdelletif adapted able to teach 800 healthcare workers basic cpr up and to evaluate nigeria medical emergency services a job well done >> shows his commitment to doing things well and using his own time some folks they say thanks cannot really back it up he is using his own time monday finances over there to do something powerful and helpful to people it is excellent >> aref abdelletif chicago's very own one >> aref abdelletif took chicago fire department model there and
9:42 pm
you need us world wide instructor emt basic and paramedic level with fire department as his duties with firefighter paramedic >> a pop-up to run the marathon if you are out of town on sunday we will explain group of chicagoans figured it out runners did not complain about the hills or the gunfire. which soldier on the chicago marathon and afghanistan and long road towards another stanley cup begins for black hawks today highlights season opener in dallas later in sports.
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been easier or smelled so great. wgn news @ 9 on the other side of it world united states soldiers satellite chicago marathon 120 deployed service men and women ran through afghanistan kbaul raising $12,000 for st. jude's hospital did not want to miss sunday's race at chicago organized one oversees the winner airforce capt. and chicagoan william boland finished in 3 hours 19 minutes. amazing. tom skilling what will the weather look like this sunday? >> absolutely beautiful the entire weekend. but hunter% day's sunshine we may add to it
9:46 pm
tomorrow and again during the day on sunday look at how widespread the warm temperatures will be these are predicted high temperatures during the day tomorrow starting this evening and we and make through '80s poking through at the peak of tomorrow's meeting add that we go back into the 80s again falling back to the '60s tomorrow night on sunday and monday still warm you can see the cooler temperatures to the west but even if they're not barbaric pretty nice and here is the big squall line content to stay out there away from us even as it snows and the rockies we are living right or high temperatures from weather bug networks by the way 164 of the 172 of devastations temperature at 80 degrees or higher we have 172 southern illinois and northwest indiana that is how many 164 of those above 80. look
9:47 pm
at the wind south dakota that the soda and and at nebraska. really quite amazing. when the gusts forecast by nordic august when it sank to the west but tomorrow kind of a brisket day in contrast to sunday quieter for marathoners 83 degrees tomorrow cooler and a modest are around the lake about 80 degrees mid seventies at the lakefront, 78 degrees with a modest collection at the shoreline most areas '70s and '80s. first chance of rain fall. wendy and much cooler thursday and friday more like the season going into next week. could began warming up again. october not showing signs of dumping
9:48 pm
arctic air ticket us into the snow level in good shape. have a great weekend. >> bills like summer different story and calendar and a different look at the trend at the ground and exploded in the small town chicago tribune and for those of the day per photos of the day. more photos available or
9:49 pm
one game to save your seasoned play offs the drama unfolding twice in the national league teams try to advance to go home and more from the bears of the white house sports next.
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another sport to a jointenjoy stanley cup this year? your prediction? >> yes all of the way i want to drink from that cup >> snow and the bitter cold and hopefully blackhawks hoist the stanley cup again summer in nine months begins tonight joel quenneville blackhawks open against stars first puck over
9:53 pm
the stick breaks away corey up to challenge nails it there game scoreless after one and turnover alex makes hawks pay on this one 1-0 stars hawks 31 shots after 2 no goals 2-0 dallas scores backhand rebound leads 2-0 midway 3rd last years bears faced lions backup quarterback shaun hill last time faced this time matthew stafford has lions offense rolling tide or second and nfl in points scored chicago bears' defense lions 4-0 right now a second in points scored lions tied for first and beat in turn up ratio +8 chicago bears aware not the lions of old but a
9:54 pm
tough new team to handle pappa they are good explosive play best receiver and football right now doing a good job taking care of football protected quarterback protected huge division game and game that puts us right in the mix for or will set us back 3 games right off 2 losses in conference this is must have have to have it period. >> baseball art experts predict an easy victory burr words against arizona chris young robs jerry hairston jr. looks like willi mays there , base hit to center yunieski betancourt 2-1 lead milwaukee but 9th john axford blows save 10th brewers
9:55 pm
finally put away stubborn dbacks nyjer morgan winning hit wins series brewers game 5 in philly cards lead 1-0 game in 9th. tiger woods made cut open, take for granted approach on 15 a few feet away 7 off pace leader being paul casey par 3 16th long birdie it goes 8 under one shot over ernie hels 2 shot back. you saw earlier 85 bears honored at the white house by president obama amazing team to cover never knew what was going to happen any given day it was fun in washington
9:56 pm
continued >> jim macmahon, where is jim? we are not going to let jim have the mic. >>1985 chicago bears can set their great group of guys very proud that you honor us by prevent us 26 years after the fact administration but thank you >> part of my youth covering chicago bears a great rod there were fun every day out there never knew who was going to say what and ditka was great miss them. >> reporter grid of wisconsin to chicago tribune because i wanted to win read about them every week all around town of good guys that is the news for
9:57 pm
friday night happy you shared time with us.
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