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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 8, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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marathon weekend in chicago thousands are preparing to take over the streets and put their endurance to the test. >> dan ponce is live at the starting line. >> a little too early to start running but at this time tomorrow morning, this is going to be packed, thousands ofhe runners in thousands of volunteers. keeping their fingers crossed that it doesn't get too hot later in the morning
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into the early afternoon hours but everyone is optimistic that it is going to be a great race. a half million dollars purse for the top finishers in $170 million off to the local economy. runners often say the chicago marathon is their favorite marathon with thousands of screaming fans lining the fast course runners often finish with some of their best *. times. the 34th running of the bank of america marathon will involve thousands of volunteers and city workers. >> there's a great deal of communication that goes through this event, one year of planning and it results in a celebration of personal commitment and dedication and sacrifice with all age groups and skill levels well represented a full medical staff will be ready to respond
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immediately if someone goes down. >> everyone thinks the runners will be out there for 68 hours are the ones of concern but is the one that are running hard that set their p r to the three- four hour range is always the concern because they are building up some heat. >> that he is a concern because it later in the afternoon it will get warmer. the heat is a concern. >> one of the world's elite wheelchair racers will hope to qualify for the 2012 u.s. pair olympic team. >> others are racing just to finish and to raise money. >> i am a teacher so i am running for the academy of young men. >> this is my favorite marathon
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and i wanted to try to qualify for the u.s. olympic qualifiers. as we mentioned before 100 countries and all city-state's will be represented tamara, illinois has the most runners with about 20,000, the top five states after illinois are indiana michigan in new york wisconsin and california. mexico has the most runners tomorrow with about 1500 followed by canada united kingdom france and brazil. we thought it was next weekend, net next weekend. speaking of the heat what about
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it for tomorrow? >> in fact next weekend would have been a better weekend to run the marathon but it will be warm out there and great for the spectators. there are showers out in the central plans but they will stay out of the area, this is a very slow-moving weather pattern. our high today was 82 degrees but it is not going to be that warm while the runners are running. our forecast models keep all of that weather out to our west so just look for bright sunshine as the day downs tomorrow, winds will be light at of the south. here is the temperature at 730, or at the 30 a.m. 59 degrees over the downtown area but watch what happens by noon. we're up near 70 degrees the sluggish runners may have a little difficulty negotiating the warmer temperatures the morning is
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very comfortable for most everybody except for the runners not particularly in great shape. >> overnight hours in chicago were very violent, at least three people were killed and 17 others wounded including nine teenagers, when of them shot was a 14 year-old to near 77th and south kingston avenue. he remains in critical condition he had just left bridewell elementary school when he was shocked, the team apparently was not the intended target, and aldermen pulled out a gun and opened fire on another man in the middle of the street. the man who was the intended target was shot as well and is reported to be in critical condition. >> a 5 year-old belgian boy is dead following a shooting last night the police are calling gang-related, details. >> of family grieves still life
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taken to early and by mistake. a five year-old died overnight after a shooting yesterday evening in belgian. he was a very happy kid. >> emergency services received a call just after 7 last night about a shooting in this driveway and the 900 block of elma avenue. then i thought it looked like scsi set up for a movie and find out that what i thought was fireworks... >> please leave to people in the car were being targeted but a five year-old boy riding with some of them was the one hit. after those in the car realized the boy had been shot they pulled over at a gas station and
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the 1300 block of west down the avenue emergency crews transported the boy to a hospital in critical condition and he died shortly after arriving. the little boy played with george's son every day. about one hour later became back from the library and we heard a gunshot. he says he believes the family was moving and they were targeted as they left. residents say they have seen the neighborhood change is since families continue to move into a nicer homes. you know there has to be some drug involvement here. there has to be. >> the chicago police marine union recovered the body of a missing 52 year-old man last night from burnham harbor, he
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was last seen shortly after midnight on friday after being dropped off at the harbor a friend was waiting for him at his boat into reportedly went missing around 5:30 p.m. marine unit divers searching near his boat discovered that body around 7:00 p.m., also the body of 51 year-old james garcia of berkeley was identified today one week after he disappeared in lake michigan near oak street beach. garcia was walking with a group of relatives on october 1st when he said he wanted to go swimming they tried to discourage him but garcia jumped into the water and was pulled under, his body was found at about 330 yesterday afternoon just north of navy pier. >> marking 10 years of the war in afghanistan with protests and, next to the movement in chicago. >> also why the mayor emanuel as telling more city workers to ride the bus and later
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controversial eight over mitt romney's religion which was called a cult.
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soldier killed in afghanistan the body of the army medics was returned to his native porter indiana, he escorted him from an escort to a funeral home. he was rushing to help to wounded marines when a roadside bomb took his life. visitation is monday and his funeral is tuesday at bethlehem lutheran church in chester. >> the u.s. war against afghanistan is now 10 years in one day old, hundreds of demonstrators gathered downtown today to speak out against it. although the war began under president bush protesters are now causing a president obama as
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war which they want to see end. >> if you want to be represented you have to represent yourself. more than 1000 protesters with various agendas protesting 10 years of the war in afghanistan. afghani david in the u.s. now for more than 20 years believes it is time for the u.s. troops to come home. >> this war should end right now, we are suffering and our economy is suffering we're spending billions of dollars per week for what? we should pull out right now. there's no end to it instead of being defeated like other followers. >> protesters raided to mild during past a military recruitment office and then here to the prudential building, almost president barack obama
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reelection headquarters. >> we're sending a message to president barack obama today that we don't like his war any more than we like president bush's war before it. i realize that their military action is really not the solution. security has nearly doubled since then 11 so is it any wonder that we don't have decent jobs or health care, that we don't have decent education to market is a debate that will continue into next year with bigger protests planned in may when chicago hosts the nato summit in the war in
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afghanistan goes into its 11th year. federal and state inspectors are investigating a fiery train derailment 100 mi. west of chicago. it jumped the tracks yesterday near the town of tuscola. carrying ethanol which exploded forcing the evacuation of the community of 800 people no one was hurt and no structural damage to any buildings nearby teams from the national transportation safety board and the illinois commerce commission and are searching for clues. chicago mayor rahm emanuel is laying out new standards encouraging city employees to use the cta instead of their cars try to cut down on mileage reimbursement he is using the cta, employees will have to explain why not and supervisors will have the authority to deny mileage
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reimbursement, if workers have to use their cars, reimbursement will be capped at 50 mi. for a day and the mayor hopes that this will save the city $100 million per year. iowans will be bringing in the new year with a vote why the presidential office is likely to be held on january 3rd. so-called value voters hold their straw polls for republican hopefuls and later a pilot was forced to ditch his plane off the coast of hawaii and it was all caught on tape.
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the results are in, ron paul is the winner of the values of voter straw poll, herman cain was second followed by rick santorum but the numbers took a backseat to controversial remarks indicated mitt romney is religion more menacing, it was characterized as a cult. >> a showdown at the value voters summit, republican presidential candidate mitt romney speech was a highly anticipated, the texas pastor says christians should not vote for romney because he is mormon. romney for a few small punches
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pierre >> our government must respect religious values, not silent, we will always pledged our allegiance to a nation that is under god. >> romney took aim at another speaker of the summit conservative leader brian fisher who has publicly criticized more minister appeared >> we should remember that decency incivility our values to, one of the speakers to follow me today have crossed that line i think. >> several of the gop hopefuls spoke at the annual political conference and religion is not the only topic on the table. they tackled unemployment in the economy and one thing they all agree on is time for a new commander in chief pierre >> we work on track at one time for store liberty to this country and peace. >> we will decisively defeat president barack obama and over
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the next few years we will decisively reclaim america as the land of the free and the home of the brave. >> republican readers have tentatively agreed to hold to their caucuses on jan. start next year leaving new hampshire as the only on subtletyon schedule it. on schedule on schedule to president barack obama pushed for a senate passage of his $252 billion jobs bill to honor $50 billion jobs bill today. this is what independent economists have said, not just people in my administration,
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independent experts to do this for a living has said that this jobs bill will have a significant effect for our economy and middle-class families all across america but if we do not act the opposite will be true, there will be fewer jobs in the weaker growth. >> the president went on to ask americans to tell their senators to ships to pour the jobs bill support to the jobs bill. the florida mother found not guilty of killing her toddler casey anthony is back in court and we will tell you why. a first look at the holiday job forecast, will hiring make a dent in the unemployment number?
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in libya street fighting is in its second day in the city of to wreak as troops loyal to libya's transitional government battle with what is left of loyalists whose former leader moammar gaddafi, the rebels who say that this is their largest
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coordinated in advance caught up in the middle of all of this with the civilians, thousands of them who wore a man trapped libya's new leaders say is that when the day comes that will declare liberation, the rebels trying to take each street and each building in this city of gadhafi's birthplace. the embattled leader of yemen has given a speech indicating that he is ready to step down, the president declared that he will leave power in the coming days, he quickly added that a power transfer plan was the approved opposition officials dismissed a law as nothing new for months protesters have demanded his outing >> casey at the new shows up in a wig sunglasses in tat for the deposition today in the civil defamation suit against her. in
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2018 anthony told police that her daughter cayley was kidnapped by a nanny with the same name, police determined that the nanny did not exist. kinsellas now claims that into the room to reputation because people believe she was involved in that case, during today's deposition anthony of plan running on empty skids into the sea, all of this on fults with the cameras running what happened and why the pilot rios for health when the twin engine plane ran out of fuel he climbed out on the wing and was scooped up to safety by a coast guard chopper the pilot was taken to hospital but is said to be fine. >> on welcome to gusher in edmond okla. oil is gushing into the air from a pipeline. a spokesman for the pipeline company says that a contractor hidden underground pipe
9:28 pm
yesterday causing that break crews have been working to contain the oil which has been running off into a nearby pond, officials say that there is no danger to people in the area, just of release strong odor. no word on just how much oil has been spilled. >> when you think of bombers country you think of people and places not of gang crime but an omniscient gang is suspected in five attacks on homage families in ohio, home invader is cut off men's beards and women's hair, the alleged motive was to humiliate the victims for whom growing here is a blessing. police blame of breakaway group of spirituals differences for suspects are under arrest. 50,000 seasonal workers are expected to be hired for the holidays in november and december. that is the word from the national retail federation which says that the same amount
9:29 pm
of seasonal workers as last year but still far from the previous session highs, retailers nationwide expect holiday sales to rise above 3% this holiday season stores are expected to use strong sales promotions and keep inventory levels low. bigger hires will be macy's kohl's plans to have 40,000, best buy will add 18,000 temps compared to 29,000 last year. >> the october dry streak continues, jim ramsey says we still have a few more gray days. >> big flavors from of big name on the magnificent mile, our credit reviews a newcomer from michael jordan. a bit gusty but we
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will take it, it was warm and wonderful appear demo we had a high temperature of 82 degrees 16 degrees above normal for this day. we're going to show you a time lapse pitcher but this frankly is about the same kind of time yet to have seen for the past seven days. no clouds. what a fabulous day in chicago. it looks like we can
9:33 pm
probably put together in a statement, a slight chance that a cloud could develop but it will probably be sunny, we are watching a cold front that is pushing across the central plains. this is due to arrive in chicago on tuesday evening into wednesday and that will bring showers, perhaps a clap of thunder with it, we're also looking at a trough that is bringing some heavy rain and thunderstorms to florida of all places, some parts of south florida have picked up as much as seven and a half inches of rain from that. look at what is happening now to our west, notice temperatures throughout the midwest very comfortable but as you track off to the far west temperatures tend to be a little cooler, if the map were wide enough to would seek sharply colder temperatures on the west side of that cold front. here is the warm air that we have been enjoying, but when we get into next week and more cold air will have settled over the midwest and that will drop our daytime highs to about 55-57
9:34 pm
degrees by this time next week. quite a contrast in temperatures expected, as for rainfall, according to our computers nothing for the next 48 hours but there is a chance that by tuesday we could see some evening showers. look at our radar here in florida. very heavy rain and thunderstorms. the national hurricane center is keeping a close watch on this for the possibility of some tropical development so we will keep an eye on it as well for the moment this trough is bringing some very heavy rain and some strong winds to central and southern florida even cuba is getting in on some of that. in chicago at this hour everybody is reasonably mild. a little warmer down along chicago's lakefront. that will be the story tomorrow as well, winds will be out of the south and temperatures expected to make it to a least 80 degrees across the area. these are the dew point temperatures suggesting that overnight tonight some areas out west may drop into the fifties but
9:35 pm
downtown about 60 is probably as cool as it will get. our forecast for tonight: winds died down even more, then we are expecting that tomorrow bright sunshine will return again for the eighth consecutive day with almost no wind to speak of. tomorrow night moderately cool, 52-60 should be the overnight low temperature and then on monday morning sunshine could be followed by a cloud patchwork to late in the afternoon. all in all we have at least three days of a very nice weather are round chicago. then the bottom falls out and we get rain for a couple of days in school there and we'll talk about that in the 74 cast coming up.
9:36 pm
in the 7 day forecast coming up. >> chicago's newest steakhouse of championship quality to mark our restaurant criticy? michael jordan's new restaurant. the blackhawks get the red carpet to been at the united center, highlights from the home opener later in sports.
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if it stopped and michael jordan has a new entry in the city's restaurant scene with the new but is where the state council. a new buzzword the restaurant scene. >> michael jordan's name goes crowds followed and chef james o'donnell takes a core might approach to the menu, we try to take a little bit more of the seasonal focus to the menu so we're rotating different products in the handout and also
9:40 pm
trying to focus on some local products. there is definitely some little nods to michael and the 23 layer cake and 23 in gritty and chopped salad. >> this is the del monaco also known as the boneless or revise stake, dry aged for 45 days and served with a subtle ginger balsamic sauce. as mr. jordan's favorite stake in case you want to eat like mike. the lamb chops are excellent presented with arab and tomatoes over and yogurt sauce. on the seafood side there is a gorgeous crab cake and pan roasted halibut with for asay and the room escaut sauce made with smoked konz, a remarkably good dish. other temptations include the garlic bread thick toasted bread and drizzled with blue cheese and cream. i get chest pains just looking at this. side
9:41 pm
dishes include this creel of mashed potatoes and roasted garlic versions and garlic with shrimp in to grips with bacon and onions. desserts include this chocolate cake with espresso and ash and in honor of jordan's jersey nam no. there are 23 layers. key light bomb if you marry and key lime pie to baked alaska at this is what you would have. i love it. they added this walkway to tie this space together to this horse shoe shaped. i give this a restaurant at 5 05 north michigan avenue 3 stars. this restaurant is a slam... no, not going to states.say it. this is a truly great restaurant. >> you expect a restaurant to be
9:42 pm
good look at the last name. >> they are not related. >> we call each other coz anyway. >> later celebrating local soldiers with an octoberfest events.
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the rev. jesse jackson was to rekindle the spirit of his war on poverty as part of his birthday celebration and in honor of his
9:46 pm
birthday today he gave away 500 food baskets to people in need. based on data from the greater chicago food depository. f >> october fest is under way at paul revere park. it runs for another 10 minutes with james and food to honor active military veterans in the chicago fire fighters. the event is being sponsored by ignite the spirit and all of the money raised goes directly to the illinois patriot education fund. the fund provides scholarships for children of illinoisans who have given their lives into military service it also offers educational funds for those currently serving. nice job and whether outside today and if you want to run tomorrow as well. nice jogging the weather outside today and tomorrow. >> temperatures for the marathon appear to be in the '50s and may
9:47 pm
be low to mid '60's but by afternoon up above 70 degrees right now we're at 66. it is 11 degrees warmer and billing minneapolis. in theand minneapin minneapolis. tuesday evening could produce some passing showers. as for that rain forecast, the finance committee tuesday in fact through 330 as this graphic shows nothing for the chicago area. 7 day forecast: still lots of sunshine but there may be a cloud patchwork to. wednesday
9:48 pm
thursday and friday cloudy skies expected the area with a possible shower, could even hear some thunder on wednesday, look at the temperatures just dropped 65 on thursday 62 on friday and saturday, we cannot get out of the '50s. >> a surprise in the backyard pool a moos went for a dip in manchester new hampshire getting him out took some doing. police firefighters and game officials eventually herded him up the stairs. it was last seen walking into the woods, it is most breeding season so it is unusual for the animals to wander into this unfamiliar territory. there he goes. you can hear them saying it keep going, keep going. the illinois
9:49 pm
event put on quite the show, the offense put on quite a show against the indiana hoosiers and they are leading the fight a lives, best start since 1951, notre dame click to air forces wings, highlights from the not very
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i 91 this season opener last night in texas 1-nothing hawks. then the hawks get more. two- nothing chicago. johnson comes on of the box on this play and winds up a wide open. down the
9:53 pm
ice and buries it appeared hawks' lead the game 4-2 in the third in try to go one on one. it appears the bears he was out with a groin injury. the bears wrapped up practice, the controversial raiders owner passed away at the age of 82, he was also a great innovator, and the first african-american head coach. >> you have to be sad a little bit when we lose one of our icons, one of the titans. innovators, all of that. you think about him and you think about their offensive play vertical passing game, and as a defensive guy bump and run. so we definitely lost one of the
9:54 pm
guys that has a lot to do with us having an opportunity to play this game. >> would begin with after a slow start implementing the came roaring back with a deadly combination, illinois is now six into zero. and 0. blowing by guys left and right. scoops up a fumble. setting the stage for more magic from a j. jenkins. 66 yds up, ill. wins it by a score of 41-20 they are
9:55 pm
now six and zero. northwestern taking on michigan, things going well enough. 14-7 cats. robertson scores 2 yds out using the issue in the process. wolverines trailed 21- wrapped up more than 500 yds of the game in total offense. 22- 24 the cats have lost three in a row. make it 7-nothing, the irish offense moving at will and this one, the game over before the half. they scored 28 and 9. he won four in a row. also winner
9:56 pm
of kent state today and now baseball and came one with the tigers and ranchers in texas. the rangers' lead beckham 3-2 with the bases loaded and one out, the brewers a score of one-nothing. >> i know think there's any script to this. four teams got in from our leak and we could have mixed in different combinations. that's just the post-season you can never predict who's going to go to the next round and who will leave
9:57 pm
this one appeared >> paul casey net two shots back. tiger woods 0 whopping nine back. still struggling with a par 317. makes a nifty approach hot \ the bears monday night what you think? >> alliance are for it and is 0. the lions are 4 and 0. have a good night everyone.
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