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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 10, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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are saving a chicago community in surprising ways. wgn news @ 9 corporate america pay your fair share >> thousands of protesters are frustrated with wall street is struggling economy and the skyrocketing unemployment flooding the streets downtown demanding action. top story taking back chicago live outside at art institute where the crowd gathered. >> in the and the 3000 people about two dozen citations handed out at the still one a rest for battery tonight far cry from the 7500 people expected still protesters made enough noise to be heard throughout the loop.
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question with a heard at city hall? inside financial institutions are around the country? at the white house today? in the middle of the skyscrapers of lake shore drive thousands converged outside of the art institute of chicago to tell mortgage bankers and future agencies those on the outside cannot be forgotten. they brought signs megaphones and messages teachers health care workers and the unemployed want corporate greed to go away they blame the big banks government and those who continue to sit back and do nothing. >> plan to the big banks for putting up protest and not wanting to pay for their fair share of taxes roads services
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the government provides for them. >> they need to help me do that because i cannot do that without a job or money >> corporate america pay your fair share. >> to news stealing from the bridge to give to the poor. street protesters on monroe followed by a moment of silence and later 24 arrests for a good cause hopefully this will make change make people stand up and take notice if i had to do it all over again i would. long american tradition of putting your body on the line at trying to draw attention to a cause we need education resources we need to have art and music in classrooms social workers never going to get any of those things
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if wall street and lasalle street keeps taking all of society's resources. >> and because is just as they say just the start. >> and tell congress and the government local leaders understand you cannot just a bail out banks and to say for get about everybody else. >> this is the first in 84 day protest scheduled in chicago supposed to be the biggest of those scheduled for this week specifics rest of the week none has been announced. >> twice in one night students held up at gunpoint near university of chicago campus on alert. >> walking through campus you would not think that anything is wrong anything had happened around here in the last 24 hours. but this afternoon students received community alert through e-mail letting
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them know last night there had been to robberies just half hour apart from each other. first happened 11:35 p.m. at 57th and the dorchester into university students approached with a man by a man with a gun it took cellphone and ran off second robbery happened at midnight about half hour from the other student in the main quad approached by three men what had gone took cellphone and book back and ran off as well. students say that are being very careful but for the most part they pretty much feel safer. >> trying to decide if we should take the shuttle home tonight decided early enough if walking with a partner or someone that is okay but it later at night concerned. >> more aware than usual something my parents slightly different hyde park than oak park so be on guard.
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>> good news none of the students injured campus police looking for some surveillance cameras to see if they can come up with a description of the individuals as far as advice you know the drill be alert be aware would not be a bad idea to familiarize yourself with the emergency call boxes around campus. >> high-speed chase gunshots. suspicion of carjacking a 11 mi. chase ending in a city long you neighborhood several shots fired at police nobody was injured suspect taken into custody van crashed into a light post 30th and south vernon. northwest side
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man charged with murder and shooting death of sister police and relatives say 28 year-old francisco martinez got down both of his sisters 22 year old isabella and 35 year old erminia during a heated argument early saturday morning isabella in the head and killed according to the victim's mother francisco martinez drinking with friends and refused to stop. high-speed rail route to run due to high speed construction project due to bring a lot of jobs to chicago. political heavyweights out for that today breaking ground in englewood neighborhood creating a rail overpass easing congesting clearing the way for high-speed rail. >> every investment dollars in infrastructure good for job creation and economic competitiveness of state of illinois. >> construction slated to begin in 2012 lasting through 2014. cta cutting white collar jobs
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and addressing chronic absenteeism to help save taxpayers money what it means for commuters sean lewis >> cta deficit $277 million next year latest cost less than 10 percent of that coming from non- union employees. cta president forrest claypool said today the union now needs to step up and change its work rules but the union says forrest claypool attack on workers deliberately false and manipulative. >> the world has changed and we need to recognize that the world has changed. >> on the heels of announcing the layoff and elimination of 200 non-union positions cta president forrest claypool again called into question union work rules called in the past archaic and without common sense. >> very serious issues work rules with cta costing the agency tens of millions of dollars a year that could be used to reduce pressure on fares or preserve service for our
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customers as well as jobs for union employees. >> cannot have a person work 13- 14 hours >> the union which represents cta workers today called a forrest claypool to sit down at the table rather than airing grievances to the media calling it unfair >> you want to sit down and talk let us sit down and talked stop going to the media when you do that i have no choice >> forrest claypool says trying to be open about what changes he wants to make >> this is a public agency taxpayer money hard-working people to pay every day to ride the system >> forrest claypool trying to close $277 million budget deficit next year 40 million of which he says from outdated union work rules changes now made for non-union workers at this as need to happen system wide. >> strong position to ask unions to turn with us to recognize
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incredibly difficult economic times and help us preserve jobs and service with common sense work rule reforms. >> one thing forrest claypool cannot answer for us today if service cuts or fare increases will be a part of closing the deficit and a few more weeks before the budget is finalized. >> most talked about story in the newsroom just hours after finishing chicago marathon a woman gives birth. why doctors cleared her to walk and run more than 26 mi.. also leaders innovators are to print your staffdescend on chicago and one more day of the good stuff according to tom skilling lots of change coming to chicago led after that wgn news @ 9.
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27 year old amber miller found that pregnant with baby june two days before signing up for the chicago marathon on race day make her 39 weeks with child did not lead pregnancy get in a way of her plans >> determined to run a thought i would have had the baby night before still pregnant i paid for it so i am going to run >> doctors told her she could run half of the race alternated running and walking in 2 mi. increments finished in 6 hours 25 minutes almost three hours more than the usual time. husband ran alongside his wife much of the way she says she simply waddled. >> trusted in her judgment. trusted would see that she was safe >> contractions came on during much of the route and upon finishing stop for a sandwich and have her drive to hospital
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baby june board at 10:29 p.m. last night 7 lbs. 13 ounces mother and daughter perfectly healthy >> concerns about dehydration and heat exhaustion major concern any strenuous race like that. mother came in in great shape. baby as well. >> amber miller says she has run 8 marathons and the sunday was her third carrying a child would not have done that if not safe >> something i have been doing for a long time i know what my body can handle. i really did not take risks. >> amber miller and baby june expected to go home tomorrow important to note that doctors say this is not recommended amber miller case was an extreme circumstance. >> unfortunately at the marathon also brought tragedy experienced runner died during the race
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autopsy results are inconclusive, a 35 year-old william caviness firefighter from north carolina collapsed 500 yds from finish line running to raise money for burn victims medical personnel restarted his heart died at hospital two hours later. waiting on toxicology results to determine cause of death. william caviness firehouse gear hanging part of a memorial and donors have pledged to donate thousands for charity. >> homicide charges milwaukee a woman accused of killing a pregnant woman for her baby. charged 33 year old annette morales-rodriguez passed herself off as pregnant to avoid what the child is unable to conceive got worried after a fake due date approached prosecutors say offered 23 year old maritz ramirez-cruz 8 ride beat her and try to cut eight baby boy from
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wound with a knife. killing both mother and child. >> indicated she had been fatally injured and the baby had been removed from her womb >> the woman called police cannot revive the infant saying the child was stillborn dead mother's body found in basement she and husband expecting fourth child. missouri law enforcement hoping to find more clues the disappearance of infant staged a re-enactment of kidnapping lisa irwin parents say somebody must have entered homes through a window in the middle of the night and taken the body. investigators struggled to get into the window caused a screen to crash loudly as they entered. lisa irwin parents jeremy irwin and deborah bradley set up a reward fund in hopes of generating more tips to help police and the search. amanda knox legal troubles far from over family of slain british roommate's may soon sue amanda
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knox all parts of $12 million part profits likely from television appearances and possible book deal amanda knox acquitted of murdering meredith kercher last week after spending four years and taught in prison, meredith kercher relatives requested that amanda knox not profit from remits horrible death say they want amanda knox to pay their legal fees and travel costs. still to come wgn news @ 9 the one place you should not go after working out and in makeover legendary chicago restaurant now over ready for close-up.
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wgn news @ 9 chicago ideas week is the brainchild of groupon co-founder brad keywell bringing together innovators by entrepreneurs and idintellectuals. sharing the stage talking job creation education innovation and what it takes to make a city truly great. >> 100 speakers and giving presentations chicago during the course of the seven day event pretty big names including tamara's future speaker former president bill clinton and
9:21 pm
former mayor richard daley taking questions about his wife's charity disgraceful and personal insult a former mayor giving a tour of millennium park part of chicago ideas week issue came up inspector general's review of the charity "after school matters" the court closed to media former mayor richard daley commented angrily to radio reporter afterwards inspector general's report says agreement to the city regarding public benefits projects 16 companies required to give money to "after school matters" city inspector general joe ferguson says no allegations made. chicagos favorite room back with brand new look legendary chicago restaurant celebrities like frank sinatra and mick jagger pump room under new management reminders of yesteryear. table for the vips of original booth one telephone decided to bring
9:22 pm
it back for old time's sake >> mixing and matching putting it all together still the pump room but better and modern and or original. the essence and dna the same >> ribbon cutting ceremony tomorrow morning mayor rahm emmanuel will be there >> chicago when celebrated columbus day festivities the italian explorer christopher columbus set foot on american soil in 1492. parade also honored hundred 50th anniversary of the italian unification floats and marching bands and led by mayor rahm emmanuel and governor pat quinn. grand marshal buddy valastro star tlc series "cake boss". reason to put a focus this year halloween
9:23 pm
not to scare is part of holiday haunted houses and more than 100 years of serving chicago immigrant community how one church solving the neighborhood problems.
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medical watch the weight of the mother's health on children a new study finds obese women deliver babies at greater risk for asthma and allergies research including beer the 20,000 children. mothers who were obese or body mass index higher than 35 had a 61 percent increase risk children would develop as much by age 10. the brisk went up by the children's weight altering and in systems ability to fight allergens. exercise may help fight obesity good for the body and mind but not so good for the job study of nearly 3000 people those who
9:27 pm
exercise but returned to work inundated with stress productivity plummeted researchers say many cope with stress by exercising more and working less, suggesting employers find a way to enhance stress management at the office to boost bottom line. if you weeks away if decorations go up time to consider scary statistics for halloween and the number of injuries according to cdc children are four times more likely to get struck by a truck during halloween eye injuries for sharp objects and burns from open flames and jekyll lanterns. people know to inspect candy costumes or safety. >> about to get a reality check in weather department, tom skilling next first rainfall of the month of this week and with the rand paul significantly cooler temperatures.
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consecutive days without a cloud and the sky. look at this shot, beautiful washington d.c. captured a rainbow behind the capital and one of our intern said wgn sent us a beautiful view of the campus leaves down from the trees already and this dog sugar grove beautiful colors captured the colors tonight did you see the sun dock when the ice clouds refract the sun like creating what appears to be second suns might see sun dock here saw on our camera look
9:32 pm
at this beautiful sunset another with high clouds in the area. prospects for a nice days ahead. we will have had the most 70 degree days in four decades in october tomorrow if we get above 70 degrees a virtual certainty big storms spinning off the east coast. 9-10 in. of rain a cape canaveral and 28 thunderstorms in florida today. showers traversing out to the west and iowa and missouri. we are in between with clouds but pretty nice weather. radar view of the storms of the east coast moisture westward into our area. showers to the west joined by a front barreling in from the west bringing us first substantial chance of rainfall this month. a month that has opened without a
9:33 pm
drop of rain fall very a very dry driest october in 36 years. the warrant is still in place more autumnal whether heading into the plans and you can see 68 degrees tonight only 46 degrees in some areas at rapid city only 43 degrees. wind is east at 6 mi. per hour the water temperature 61 degrees and a moderate mold spore count today mold spore count and temperatures. all manage to make up to 80 degrees going to go back to this temperatures near the lake. lake breeze cool things off. clouds in the
9:34 pm
southeast showers and fort lauderdale thunderstorms whisked by the camera from time to time. crestview florida again rainfall. scattered rainfall that over the weekend. for chicago rainfall still to come wednesday night into thursday it appears. temperatures tomorrow awfully close to 80 degrees passing in spots. august 70 degrees streak in four decades as we mentioned. about the 30th warmest october so far and about 141 years. between weather systems with rand paul. eastern midwest heavy rainfall shower coming into the western suburbs late in the day wave come again a formidable cool air push behind the isobars packed into thursday wind howling in from the northwest. dropping
9:35 pm
temperatures might only get to 58 degrees on friday not for a while bouncing back to the '70s by sunday. partly cloudy tomorrow and tonight spotty showers to the west maybe even a thundershower late in the day changing things powerhouse jet stream cool air gathering to the north warmer air to the south temperature differentials setting up a jet stream underneath that air lifting forecast by early morning on thursday area produce and lift up into the atmosphere: making clouds and a red ball on a thursday high temperatures 70 degrees nice warm day expected tomorrow in chicago. warming up again on sunday turning cooler again next week decidedly cooler tone to the forecast and yet over the next two weeks temperatures should be above normal. low temperature 57
9:36 pm
degrees tonight with the south at 5-16 mi. per hour. tomorrow partly cloudy unseasonably warm temperatures 78 degrees 14 degrees above normal. south southeast wind tomorrow. tomorrow night we expect temperatures down in the '50s. partly cloudy skies and maybe even a sprinkle or shower. 59 degrees lower temperature mostly cloudy not quite as war on wednesday sprinkled shower a better chance into thursday and friday cool and windy with 40 mi. per hour wind gusts decidedly not beauteous >> no it is not >> we have quite a list of me and micah such a lovely week. >> first stop for mexican
9:37 pm
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of chicago's most historic neighborhoods pilsen old catholic parish saint pius the 5th welcomed immigrant group in chicago passion of remarkable man his story >> for generations gateway to immigrants refuge where families take comfort feeling the embrace of saint pius the 5th public church >> family is arrive at our door to the only bag in their possession telling me about their own struggles batt but the son of irish immigrant father pastor brendan curran knows the territory flint and spanish pastor brendan curran works tirelessly for pilsen mexican community funding for parish newest project on his busy agenda pastor brendan curran
9:41 pm
latest in a long line of dominican priest's devoted their lives to pilsen immigrant community assoc. pastor chuck dam blazed the trail >> we want the families to be stronger and assist them in assimilation into this nation >> assoc. pastor chuck dam larger-than-life impact on deniable pilsen mexican-american leaders say the priest giants in the community >> tradition of working with immigrant families living with the people understand the people >> in the fruits of their labor can be seen in the children kids at the parish school are thriving thanks to intense focus of english literacy and comprehension the basic foundation to success in this hard-working community. >> families have never gone to school. trying to learn and put a few words in english together. >> helping immigrants succeed in noble tradition at saint pius
9:42 pm
dating back centuries bohemians from europe were here along with the germans and published what it was the irish with a cornerstone. >> saint pius primarily by the irish out of holy family church a mission and the mostly immigrant workers from ireland who worked on building a canal which is now called the south branch of chicago rebar >> look at the churches stained glass and you can see immigrants who worked hard to gain a foothold in america. now a new generation of catholics with the same dream. mothers and fathers sacrificing to make a better life for their children. not surprisingly saint pius the 5th speedway wgn news @ 9 >> for more on the history of saint pius and the immigrant groups that have called it home, log on you'll find a
9:43 pm
fascinating web exclusive and historic photographs. pilsen neighborhood. coming up another sign of changing season up next chicago landmark calling it quits for 2011 and later in sports nba and its players try to come to a last-minute agreement to save the start of next month's season. the nice thing about the tempurpedic is is no matter which position i'm in i wake up feeling good.
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city officials turned off the faucet on one major landmarks buckingham fountain officially closes for the season set to be drained tomorrow and get to the people of chicago from kate buckingham memorial to brother clarence but dedicated 1927 built for $750,000 a bargain by today's standards. >> another sign of the changing season more of those in the forecast tom skilling >> a shame to see it go kind of one of those benchmark occurrences we are heading in the direction of cooler weather will not come right away tomorrow not far from 80 though we should fall just short as much as today temperatures next three days look at the '70s and the center of the country
9:47 pm
tomorrow heading up to 78 degrees around here back into the low seventies starting to cool down on thursday best chance of rain and thunderstorms mid '60s: to the '50s after that by morning sunny and clouds over cast as the day goes on scattered showers missouri and iowa possibly they in the day may be 1-2 tomorrow night wednesday night late wednesday and wednesday night on the graphic we get into the best chance of rain fall and thunderstorms here you can see laid out here widely scattered light showers parts of the area tomorrow by tomorrow evening more numerous continuing tomorrow night until we get to wednesday and into thursday showers will grow in number. what about the warm weather? state modestly mild through wednesday but here is the shot of cooler air coming and a nice rebound on sunday in fact later
9:48 pm
saturday getting warmer kind of cool saturday sunday back to p#'70s and that we kind of walk the edge of that cool air area where system, along bringing showers late next week before looks to be cool air after that and wind in particular in this graphic thursday morning area to canada at the cow that gross thursday and on friday purple area could be a 40 mi. per hour because of northwest giant autumn storm spending up center ring over the upper great lakes and area of wind over 1000 1,500 mi. of north america blowing in from the northwest going to get cooler '70s tomorrow 70's again on wednesday before the bottom drops out. back to '70s on sunday not to bad >> protesters filling in the loop to take back chicago and former mayor daley tour of
9:49 pm
millennium park chicago tribune photos of the day.
9:50 pm
more on and and coming up patrick kane and marian hossa anxious to see a new line mate back on the ice on thursday. and voicing displeasure with came after dropping the third game in a row saturday. sports next. for the smallest spaces, the toughest jobs, and the tightest turns get our lowest prices ever on craftsman products october 14th-20th at sears. plus get a $10 tools cash card when you spend $75 or more in tools during craftsman days. craftsman. trust. in your hands.
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i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. keeping one eye on the bears' game pretty good game first half not bad pretty much it was a must win the 40 chicago bears came roaring back field goal touchdown of their own game in the third slot began in the first half plenty of penalties on both sides lions had a 73 yd touchdown pass to calvin johnson the game is now 21-10 third quarter ford field and in the meantime patrick kane the offensive player not too happy it second half of the michigan
9:54 pm
game northwestern defense gave up 21 points cats have now lost 3 in a row wanted to see improvements and wants to see it yesterday >> got to get better improve fundamentally improve and execute better when we have done that this year we have been pretty good when we have not we have stopped. what we lost a couple of games. full 60 minutes we are playing well upfront controlling line of scrimmage to of the more dynamic quarterback's going to see and handled it pretty well under what 3-point something per carry? need to eliminate the explosion place. need to win those 5050 plays no way to sugar coat that you need to be victorious >> another long day bargaining table for nba players and owners failed to reach agreement canceling games scheduled for first two weeks of regular
9:55 pm
season. after marathon session yesterday to sides again have a long meeting this afternoon into evening broke off with no progress key issues distribution of profits between owners and players staying in touch no new talks scheduled nba schedule now shorter than 82 games blackhawks back at practice after splitting a pair of weekend games against dallas opening season nice four day break before thursday they get back dan carcillo first action as black caucus acquired from off-season adding muscle to roster taking heat off of black hawks players began the year suspension last season starting on the line with patrick kane and marian hossa batt but could be good for us, hopefully create room and pretty skilled for the role he is and can help us a lot >> beach might be shorter than other players with referees and
9:56 pm
the staff and as a player need to make sure in tune with that >> i know when i am doing my job when breakdowns happen i just have to remain focused and be hard on the boards and make the game quick end to get turnovers the physical and if need be protect them >> baseball game two of texas rangers tigers grabbing the lead in the ryan(÷@y raburn third ryan cracked a solo home run to left on derrick holland made it 3-2 and faber of tigers until the seventh inning rangers long ball nelson cruz also going deep makes it 3-3 game going into extra innings came to a series rangers boat bases in the 11th inning and nelson cruz again towering to left field at grand slam to win the game the first
9:57 pm
walk off grand slam postseason history rangers win 7-3 leading series 2 games to zero and cardinals 11-2 over brewers. demolishing them. >> have a good night that is the news. ♪ ♪ [ woman ] we didn't know where to go next with eric's adhd. his stimulant medicine was helping but some symptoms were still in his way. so the doctor kept eric on his current medicine and added nonstimulant intuniv to his treatment plan. [ male announcer ] for some children like eric adding once-daily nonstimulant intuniv to their stimulant has been shown to provide additional adhd symptom improvement. don't take if allergic to intuniv, its ingredients or taking other medicines
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