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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 11, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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investigators say that john granat had helped killing his parents in palos township last month. three other teenagers are facing murder charges in the attacks on john and marie akron not. good afternoon i'm robert jordan >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching a ceramic country on wgn america and on the web. >>muriel clair is live from bridge view where the teenagers just appeared in court >>bond was denied to each of
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these teenagers and they face life in prison. >>christopher wyma, mohammad salahat and he had cast someehad quesem faces charges ... after the couple had been be in the sun scooped up whatever money he could find in the house and split that with his three other friends >>investigators were told where the murder weapons could be found when the teenagers were questioned >>we cannot tell you the amount of time and energy that went
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into this investigation and the cooks county state investigators office was terrific they were indispensable >>there are laws put into effect to protect minors ... they're easily coerced misled or intimidated so they did receive some special protection by the law ... and as the defense attorneys we have to explore whether not these kids were afforded those protections >>there being held without bond in the cook county jail ... >>a woman in milwaukee has been charged with murdering a pregnant woman and then cutting
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her baby from the womb >>annette morales-rodriquez is accused of beating maritza ramirez-cruz with a baseball bat, strangling her tying her up with duct tape and then removing the fetus police said that the reason for this was that she got caught in a lie about being pregnant herself. authorities said that her boyfriend wanted to have a son but she cannot get pregnant. however she claimed that she was expecting any way and then she panicked as the due date approached police claim that she spent two days driving around trying to vine find a victim. >>chicago police are investigating the stabbing death of wisconsin woman her body was found overnight in a hotel in the river north area ... >> sarai michaels was brutally
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stabbed to death in a room and the hotel felix but the room was not registered to this wisconsin woman >>this does not appear to be a random event i want to stress that apparently these people knew each other >>the hotel felix manager worked to reassure his guests >>the victim may have known the attacker and surveillance video captured him following her into the hotel lobby. exactly what sparked the violence behind closed doors just after midnight is not yet clear investigators towed away a ford taurus with minnesota license plates according to witnesses they took several people into custody for questioning. but police are saying little there was an earlier report of a person of interest apprehended in the south suburbs >>people checking out of the hotel found the news on nerving >>it was a little bit weird but
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your note it's the big city so, with several million people saw lots of things can happen. >>robberies on the rise we hear about violence every single day and this economy has some influence over that we suspect >>whether or not robbery or a money were motivations police are not talking. >>the university of chicago campus is on alert after three students were robbed at gunpoint. iran 1130 sunday night to students for ryan dunn 5710 dorchester. minutes later and 57 then ellis the student was approached by three men. at least one had a gun. in those robberies the suspects got away with cellular phones, a laptop and a backpack. none of those
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students were hurt >>the federal government has launched a new sweeping investigation into whether or not the town of cicero hires or fires people on the basis of race sex or politics. the sun- times reports that dozens of town employees past and present have been interviewed about their experiences under the current town president larry dominick. three months ago a former handyman one more than $600,000 in damages because he was fired as a result of political retribution. two women are suing larry dominick for sexual harassment the town spokesman says that cicero has sound practices and some complaints are politically motivated. >>o'hare airport has been ranked the most dangerous airport in the country and midway airport is considered the 11th post dangerous. travel and leisure magazine came up with those findings after reviewing a number of close calls and other incidents involving planes on runways at 35 of the busiest
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airports the magazine reports that there were 75 close calls at o'hare airport between 2005- 2010 fish rounding out those top five airports were cleveland los angeles san francisco and honolulu chicago's department of aviation says that o'hare airport and midway continually meet faa safety guidelines and standards. >>the meeting between chicago public school officials and the chicago teachers union on a longer school days is stalled once again the two groups cannot agree on where to meet to discuss that plan the teachers' union suggested union headquarters ... cps had a different idea ... suggesting that they meet at a school that has already chosen to head 90 minutes to the school day cps ceo shaun quad brizard suggested brown elementary school the ball is now in the court of c t u they say it's not likely that the meeting will take place today.
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>>hundreds of new jobs are coming to chicago mayor rahm emanuel and head of accenture announced this morning that the consulting firm is adding 500 jobs to its chicago office. those jobs will range from entry level to executive positions. the hiring will run through next august and is expected to grow at centers chicago work force by 10% while accenture is adding more jobs the mayor said he will be proposing more job cuts for the city when he lays out his budget plan tomorrow and he admits that the cuts will be controversial ... >>the city recently hired accenture to redesign its procurements systems to save taxpayers millions of dollars each year. the mayor says accenture is not getting any tax incentives to expand in chicago. >>robin ventura put back on the
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no. 23 jersey that he wore for majority of his career with the chicago white sox. this time it's as the new manager of the team he replaces ozzie guillen who departed last month to manage the florida marlins. robin ventura outlined what he expects as a first-year manager ... >>spring training will be something fresh for the players you feel something different every year when your report for spring training is no guarantee that any player will have a better or worse year than the previous season the reality is you just don't know we hope for a good year for everyone that's what we are counting on >>robin ventura takes over a white sox team that finished in third place in the american league central last season with a 79-83 record >>and wally white sox fans might
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be celebrating the team's new leadership the bears fans are voicing their displeasure over another team break down on the field a look at everything that went wrong in the sports segment >>now it's in its fourth week find out how much the occupy wall street protests are costing the city of new
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christmas underpants bomber. umar farouk abdulmutallab is accused of trying to blow up a plane in 2009 by hiding a bomb in his underwear. if the trial is in detroit. umar farouk abdulmutallab is from nigeria he is charged with eight felonies including conspiracy to commit terrorism expert attempted murder the device malfunctioned
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and burned at umar farouk abdulmutallab and his unsuccessful attack led to a tightening of airport security >>the legal troubles for amanda knox are far from over. the family of her slain roommate may sue her for as much as $12 million. she was acquitted of murdering meredith kercher last week she was found guilty in her first trial and spent four years in prison in italy the relatives of meredith kercher have requested that amanda knox not profit from her roommates brutal death. they say they want amanda knox to pay for the victims' families legal fees and travel costs >>a researcher in the south pole suffers a stroke and now she's stuck without proper medical treatment rene nicole doucer had a stroke at the amundsen-scott
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research station on august 27th doctors there say that she needs to be airlifted to a hospital immediately. and that a rescue plans feel would turn to jelly she spends part of every day on a device that helps her breed in the high altitude and she has suffered partial vision loss in both eyes she and her family have set up a website and facebook page to help her to have also created a petition on the white house website >>the protest known as occupy chicago disrupted traffic near the art institute yesterday after about three weeks the generic protest against corporate america has started to focus on three areas unemployment mortgage foreclosures and what the chicago teachers union calls insufficient school funding ... >>i want to survive i want to do well but they need to help me do that i can do it without no job and not in come
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>>24 people were cited for blocking downtown streets one person faces charges of bettering a police officer. three more days of demonstrations are planned. >>the new york city police department is running up quite a bill dealing with the occupy wall street protests. nypd officials say they've spent nearly $2 million in overtime to officers who are maintaining constant police surveillance and lower manhattan. officials expect costs to rise at a time when mayor michael bloomberg has ordered city agencies to slash budgets. the department's rising costs could cancel the trending of a new class of police officers entering the academy this january. >>international lenders plan to pump more money into greece to try to keep it from defaulting on debt. the european central bank said the next installment of 8 billion euros should come early next month financial officials say they think that chris will be able to meet its fiscal targets next year but the
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officials say that recovery is not expected until 2013 analysts say that britney'sthe financial structure of greece is important to prevent further disruptions to the european financial sector and to wall street. >>president obama's could find out today if there's enough support in the senate to pass this jobs bill. the president has been traveling the country in recent weeks pushing the four injured $47 billion "american jobs act". he will do so again today during a visit to pittsburgh. this evening the democrat-controlled senate is expected to hold procedural votes on whether to allow the jobs bill to move forward republicans oppose the millionaire surtax included in the president's plan. >>wisconsin democrats say that they will start the effort to recall republican gov. scott walker next month. he angered many democrats and union
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supporters when he pushed through legislation that strips state workers of their collective bargaining powers he said was needed to balance the state's budget democratic party leaders say that recall petitions will go out never 15th and recall alexian could be held as early as next spring we will be back with the day's top business stories and later in the
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[ snoring ] [ thunder crashes ] [ snoring ] [ thunder crashes ] [ snoring ]
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for a big jump in interest rates after that period ends ... the fdic said today that there's a big number shelled out to prevent another banking failure crisis >>american airlines is the latest to announce deeper cuts to seats grounding 11 planes next year to deal with high jet fuel costs and a weak economy >>experts say that ticket prices could stay the same. >>it's the kickoff of earnings season with alco of reporting results after the closing bell
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today. >>looking at where the markets are trading it's a mixed bag with a slow day ... this earnings season is crucial for traders with stocks trading just above their market territory >> still ahead find out what is growing faster than the u.s. population but first it is often the first stop for mexican immigrants in chicago next the church and the priests who are a part of the foundation of the city's pilsen neighborhood
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and you'll find an old catholic parish there ... for centuries st. pius the fifth has welcomed immigrant groups to chicago. >>it's a tradition that lives today with the passion of one remarkable man wgn's julian crews has his story ... >>it's a refuge where families take comfort feeling the embrace of st. pius the fifth catholic church >>families arrive at our door with the only bag they have in their possession ... >>the son of an irish immigrant
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father pastor brendan curran knows that territory ... he fund raises for the casa juan diego project the newest on his agenda is a long line of dominican priest's devoting their lives to the immigrant communities here in telson >>we want the families to be stronger and assist them and their assimilation >>mexican-american leaders say the priests are giants in this community >>there's a tradition of these dominican priests and working with these immigrant families they live with these people they understand them >>the fruits of their labor can be seen in the children the children's at the parish school
12:26 pm
are thriving thanks to english literacy and comprehension teachings the basic foundation of the success of this hard- working community >>we have parents who never went to school ... >>helping children succeed is a noble tradition here at st. pius ... german and polish emigrants and irish who laid the cornerstone ... >>it was mostly immigrant workers from ireland to lay the foundation of this church here they built the south branch canal of the chicago river. >>immigrants who have worked hard to gain a foothold and america ... >>now it's a new generation of catholics with the same dream
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mothers and fathers sacrificing to make a better life for their children not surprisingly st. pius the fifth leads the way ... >> for more on the history of st. pius the fifth and all of those immigrants groups that have called the home he can log onto where you'll find an exclusive story with terrific historic photographs of the neighborhood >>tom skilling will be back with a change in the so i was the guy who was never going to have the heart attack. i thought i was invincible. i'm on an aspirin regimen now because i never want to feel that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. talk to your doctor, and take care of what you have to take care of. i know, i know you love your stilettos.
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>>we still have this last day left and will be mild tomorrow but we do have a change on the way we have only had a few drops of rain this october so we can use a little bit of rain. >>we are observing a halo around the sun ... cam branson of crystal lake captured this in her photograph ... >>this has been a beautiful fall season here in the chicago area. >>this is the driest open to an october and 36 years ...
12:31 pm
we have some high clouds in the area today. the big rain is happening with the east coast. there could be a few showers in western illinois that may foot with our metropolitan area. but there is a powerhouse jet stream with wind speeds of nearly 175 mi. per hour as it roars through the midwest. today we have a mix of sun and clouds that evident on the satellite imagery here is the rate are showing a big rain off of the east coast in hammered florida over the weekend it hit the carolinas yesterday. but there is no imminent threat to the
12:32 pm
midwest from these. the big story is the warm temperature at 76 degrees 65 is considered normal for this time of year. this extends way up into canada. the wind will shipped into the northwest and deliver cooler air later this week. the humidity is 48% the water temperature and light michigan is 61 degrees. the mold count is low today and there is no pollen and the air. it is 80 degrees in munster and kankakee ... >>it will be above 70 degrees for
12:33 pm
the eighth consecutive day ... we have had a real bonus. we have mild weather for the next couple of days we will be in the upper '70's ... the heaviest rain is on the way. look what happens next week ... while we stay mild tomorrow we will get a shot of cold air on friday the warm air will make
12:34 pm
another move on us saturday into sunday but it won't hold ... we will get really cool air by next week as the jet stream buckles and pushes warm air to the west. but at the end of the 10 day forecast we will have more ups and downs with the warmer air. we will have spotty showers tonight and tomorrow. the rain will be here tomorrow night into thursday estimates
12:35 pm
of an half an inch to 2 in. of rain ... the wind will start to blow with some gusto 40 mi. per hour as the cool air comes in thirties' thursday night into friday. we remain partly cloudy tomorrow morning. temperatures today upper '70's ... friday we will be in the '60s.
12:36 pm
we have been running five and have degrees belabove normal this month ... today partly sunny 75 degrees with some calling on the shoreline but not much tonight will be the low 55 degrees with a sprinkle or shower ... tomorrow will be the last mile dayd day.. thursday will be a rainy one ... the winds will toururn nw by late thursday into
12:37 pm
friday it's my impression that this is the nicest autumn we have had in terms of the color ... it's time now for today's trivia question: for which plan that is princess leah from
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big plays in detroit's first monday night game in a decade. the bears committed a season- high six false starts in the first half. for but they take the lead at the end of the half.
12:40 pm
jay cutler found kellen davis in the back of the end zone for a 10-7 lead ... they were down again in the third quarter when best found a hole and went 88 yds untouched for the score ... the second longest-running and lions' history as the bears lost 2413 the lines remain undefeated while the bears fall to 2-3 ... >>we are better than that we have to get this straight fairly quickly >>nba commissioner david stern came through on his promise to cancel the first two weeks of the season. for the players and owners are still far apart in negotiations and no more talks are scheduled. those cancellations mean that the
12:41 pm
bulls will miss at least seven games including four home games. >>its game 2 of the nlcs in milwaukee ... in the first inning albert pujol hit a two run homer to left field he tied a post-season record with four extra base hits in the game he also had five runs batted in the cardinals' 112-3 to tie the series at one game the rangers also beat the tigers they go up two games to 0 in thealcs.. >>time for the official drawing of the illinois lottery ... >>here are the midday winning numbers for tuesday ... and here are the winning pick three numbers: 1 6 4
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here are the winning pick four numbers:9 1 9 6
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$22 million is the mega-millions jackpot for this evening ...
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pills and supplements taken by millions of women may do more harm than good. faugh dietary supplements are widely used often in the hope of avoiding chronic disease but a new study involving older women finds that some supplements may actually cause serious harm. researchers followed 39,000 women over 19 years the reports that multi vitamins vitamin b six folic acid iron magnesium's zinc and copper were associated with an increased risk of death calcium was the only supplement and the study that appeared to reduce the risk of death. >>regular aerobic exercise and help prevent migraine headaches without drugs swedish researchers assigned migraine patients to one of three therapies the anti epileptic drug tokamaks aerobic exercise on a stationary bike or a standard form of relaxation therapy the study found that
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aerobic exercise work just as well as the other treatments the researchers say that it could offer another option to migraine patients who do not benefit from or do not want to take to limitation >>good news for women with a sweet tooth eating chocolate mallory your risk of stroke off the swedish study found set dark chocolate contains anti oxidants that reduce the buildup of debt cholesterol in the bloodstream for researchers say that women who weighed about two chocolate bars a week reduce their risk of stroke by 20 percent dark chocolate also has less sugar experts say that it's important to include other anti accident rich foods like fruits and vegetables in your diet as well ... >>the lunch break is next we're learning how to prepare oysters with a crab filing . just one phillips' colon health probiotic
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of shaw's crab house is here to show us how to make blue crab stuffed oysters. you have an event coming up ... >>first of all you need to wear gloves and use a special oyster knife ... the bigger the oyster the harder it is to open ... you
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need to turn at and be gentle tried to cut in from the top. you don't want to destroy any of the meat inside the shell. you are going along the edge against the natural membrane and the shell ... and then we separate the meat from the shell ... we're going to take blue crab some manasyonnaise, some
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onions salary pepper sauteed in butter ... we will spread this over the oyster gently. we don't drain and the of the liquid from the oyster ...
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alderaan it is 76 degrees and there are some showers on the way with cooler air gathering of north we will deal with that next week but there is a mix of clouds and sound today perhaps a brief sprinkle but later tomorrow night into thursday morning you will see the rain come and. there may be some thunderstorms embedded in those rainshowers >>we have not seen any rain this month we are below normal. you may see anywhere from half an inch to an inch and a half in
12:58 pm
the western suburbs ... we're looking at that thursday forecast with all of the wind coming ... on the purple area of the map d.c. 40 mi. per hour wind gusts ... friday and saturday promised to be quite windy. in the meantime, there is a hurricane going into mexico ...
12:59 pm
manzanilo resort area.. 72 degrees tamara will be into the 60s on friday and saturday and we will spike back up to 73 degrees on sunday. have a great afternoon thank you for joining us today. remember we will be back at 5 and again at 9 tonight.


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