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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 11, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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cause of chicago police and fire headquarters one place part of the budget strategy and a beating peanut allergies one day may be possible for even the worst suppers and the key is peanuts. >> wgn news @ 9 2 night the stuff movies are made of running billion dollar pension fund for thousands of chicago pension workers chop it never worked try to get his own now worse you get calls are allowed to double dip two pensions for one job. past month wgn the tribune of investigation on the union bosses making millions on pensions reality check federal labor investigators we think tonight's might seem like an unbelievable hollywood script but it is true.
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the movie opens in a board room filled with trusties some collected some appointed it is and this man who runs the show remember his name james capasso jr. remember his base the executive director of chicago labor pension board which handles more than a billion dollars or more than 8000 city workers and families for the past two decades okayed at least top eight top union leaders to double dip. two pensions for the same job. we started to ask questions did we get answers about this a bad capasso where did we start? internal records friends die to chicago outfit or product at the board renege federal law taking a pension and medical benefits from the u get never worked there somehow through all of this for two decades sat at the head table giving his blessing
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to you get buddies to double dip taking both the city and union pension. tom cross republican leader in springfield >> nobody else in the world to people getting two pensions for doing the same job makes no sense talking even by our standards in illinois it is beyond belief is in st. >> two pensions for one job capasso and to the pension board believed they found a loophole in state law that makes these dreams come true the law says you cannot earn pension benefits from the city and the local union at the same time but the pension board says if the union outside of the city not local even if many of the members are in the city and even if called labor's district of chicago and a city >> not a good interpretation of the lot >> law professor with university
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of illinois >> interpretation is implausible a logical underlying the legislative intent no double dipping >> capasso generous interpretation of one word local costing the city millions of dollars allowed many union brethren to double dip even triple dip kind of and i scratch your back you scratch my back mentality started a long time ago capasso started in late 1950's street and sanitation dropped out of college lucky break at the age of 25 appointed trustee of the pension board for the last quarter- century executive director running the billion dollar operation while doing that job handed a second job as unit auditor id sot in lot of mob boss tony the big tuna accardo mobbed up long history as other locals in union around chicago
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all of the way back from prohibition >> author and expert on the chicago outfit somewhat of a dumping ground for family members of mobsters high-paying orbital no work jobs and eventually get financial trouble batt but according to records be sviewed capasso supposedly working full-time at local 1001 also full time at city pension board remember? appearing to places at one time only happens in the movies or and capasso case with creative writing on bogus time sheets whose side of those fraudulent time sheets? bruno carusso later kicked out for organized crime figures and also demoted after an great mayor daley feud about those
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parallel in his department >> doing my best to see taxpayers get honest day's work for a day's pay >> geronda big role, capasso loose interpretation of pension law led him double dip to the tune of $100,000 each year and why wouldn't he? nearly two decades capasso himself pretending to work for the year did so he could also double dip until caught your dad and placed trusty because a mob influence and what the hearing officer called financial malpractice get this in exchange for not facing charges capasso agreed to leave the union and not take union pension money yet here she sits with a six-figure salary overseeing city labor pension fund watching a former union brothers continue to double dip. also caught filing bogus time sheets with days later he quit
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and return to work for the city now back taking another leave and thanks to capasso curious ruling on the word of local could earn it at this nearly three pensions the city to so- called not a local local pension and possibly a national union pension triple play. capasso would not talk to us on camera but insists all the following the law allows individuals to double and triple dip when asked about his own pension problem that faced walked out of our meeting batt but problem nobody watching the folks who are making the decisions whether or not interpretation is one that you can or can't benefit from the system there and buys one of the bigger problems >> some of the folks sitting on the board supposed to police misconduct stopping pension abuse are themselves a double dippers and to the attorney for the board mr. heiss another
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character in this assorted plot you should know about help to capasso up with the generous interpretation of the lot using a double dipping also capasso personal attorney when kicked out of the you get for financial impropriety so attempt to talk to capasso tried contacting president and secretary as well as capasso attorney mr. heiss that you just sot as well as local 1001 representative yeutter did not return calls or would not comment on the story. look for the story on the subject tomorrow's >> this one will hurt next rahm emmanuel prepares to submit first budget to city council already acknowledging not everybody liked it also report out of boston says chicago cubs could be days away from naming a new general manager and is a big
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major overhaul of chicago police department part of mayor rahm emmanuel budget deficit saving millions consolidating police and fire units into one main office police union headquarters where you note not to please to hear this, they also feel a mob and the last to hear at least officially the budget the mayor again down police station quite possibly police union says public safety at risk >> if you think going to balance a budget 620 $637 billion deficit about 20 percent of black and not going to do it without controversy could you forward that idea of the budget? >> major changes to police and fire big-ticket items in the city budget three police districts will close next year
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and the police and fire headquarters will merge all while the bear works to take officers away from the administrative duty putting back to work on the street fighting crime and should have one department source tonight like a bank to smoke and mirrors had of police yen and fraternal order of police said he learned about it through the media >> said descends who live in the committees will be shortchanged going to be logger response time on 911 calls last police officers in those neighborhoods >> last night protest outside the 13th district police station by residents who correctly believed cuts were in the wind the mayor has already said will not close city budget gap with new taxes or by dipping into already low city reserves but sources briefed on the budget say the mayor will rely heavily on these as well as garbage collection saving tens of millions of dollars every
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year picking up the trash. in short and mix of cuts and the fees it targeted $635 billion budget shortfall. batt but budget i present will make tough choices and honest with the people of the city of chicago about the tough choices for fiscal house in order data remarks at accenture announcing 500 new jobs backdrop his and to get growth and job creation paid less the rest of the budget details on built before the full city council at city hall ted o'clock tomorrow bortnick live fraternal order of police tomorrow night >> said that defeated president about a jobs bill 50-48 short of the 60 votes needed to advance president accused republicans of obstructionism working to make sure individual proposals will
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get voted on as soon as possible elements of the $447 billion package could get bi-partisan support the payroll tax cuts extended on the planet that its people out of work for a long time not likely to pick up republican votes provisions for increased highway spending and aid for cash strapped states >> gop presidential hopefuls debating national issues leadership for a policy talking about the economy many candidates doing best to poke holes in underdog herman cain 999 economic strategy >> 9% corporate business task 9 percent national sales tax >> catchy phrase price of a pizza when i first heard it. batt but when you take but 999 plan and turned it upside down i think the double is in the details. >> met robert also try to make a
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splash currency manipulator more on the republican presidential debate later in this broadcast politics tonight host paul lisneck political analyst big guest >> stepping down as chief of staff bill daley after 2012 presidential election bill daley wants to help president win another term and that he and his wife moved back to chicago took over job in january when a problem and will took over job with expectations could use business experience to improve the relationship between white house and business community. murder in boutique hotel river north downtown investigation next web and murder wisconsin at bringing services to the streets of englewood. living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra, humira's proven to help relieve pain
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wgn news @ 9 you expect a lot of things from luxury hotels but in murder in the next room is not one of them exactly what happened into a river north today details tonight >> good evening area three police detectives working the case questioning people who may know more about how the 31 year- old from across wisconsin killed inside of this hotel last night. tonight the hotel back to normal operations hotel felix before how were since the body of 31 year-old saria michaels after death cast from a knife lay bare the body back about one guest heard something everybody else are aware that my manager said with a guest at the hotel not
9:19 pm
wed she 0 rive before top dead on 12th floor robbs 1230 monday morning. batt but we have all that information obviously this surveillance video and prevention about entry and exit its conversation with staff turned that over to police criminal record is a lot and wisconsin five children according to an estranged husband foster care tried to turn life around it friends and wisconsin are shocked >> i just really want the investigation i really think that is what she would want closure >> i believe sot traveled to chicago with questionable character my belief that in the vault and something over her head and cost her her life >> hotel seemed surprised of the
9:20 pm
crime happening >> boutique hotel this type of thing obviously quite unexpected hotel everything happens to that spot whether from florida or texas or new york in this case could have been at the hotel did not believe to be random no reason to be fearful at this point >> items for hotel this morning for it torres said dad with minnesota plates again police questioning people in the case so far no charges filed. live in a river north tonight >> justice department broke it up iranian backed plot to assassinate saudi ambassador planned to detonate a bomb outside of busy washington restaurant >> details of the murder plot
9:21 pm
are chilling to say the least allegedly no care or concerns about and click the mass casualties innocent americans on american soil for their risk of assassination plan >> plant of trouble when plotters contacted mexican informant posing as a member of mexican drug cartel $1.5 million to carry out assassin plot backed by high ranking members and iranian army taking on gangs and crime one person at a time faith as all the weapons the still to come and meet the street crusaders and could researchers steps away from beating peanut allergies?
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9:23 pm
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tonight's medical watch tricking body with a treat for some could wreak havoc on a new system of magic and race child's peanut allergy idea may soon be possible. tiny snacks that can cause big problems. peanut allergies responsible for up to 200 deaths each year in united states and thousand seek treatment following exposure that can lead to severe allergic
9:25 pm
reactions constricted airwaves low blood pressure even shock >> stake in these teed up proteins people, but it would not react to >> tracking the bodies and insisted into thinking peanuts are not a threat by delivering peanut protein called a jet passes without triggering reaction batt but think one of the key components of the insistence different way how it would if we had eaten or somehow been exposed to the protests about the researchers drew blood came out proteins attached and we had used back into after two treatments not allergic response batt but research shows testing trekked into thinking the ball all
9:26 pm
proteins and it tolerant response batt but not a cure but critical step in understanding how to turn off the bodies allergic response that but the tolerance back into place not ignoring it bp dot the of a system but generates a tolerant response >> sustained a team that tolerance for weeks next step how long it lasts and possibly human trials back to you >> much needed rain fall into the area much rainfall and how soon? tom skilling forecast kind of clear and cool out there tonight.
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some want sot are we losing all of this? one more day tomorrow might be reasonable could be a 45 mi. per hour wind gusts and the temperature dropped and rainfall which we can use but what a stunning. of weather. gorgeous a number of viewers captured phenomenon known as sun dog disc of sun in middle either side how you hit those prism bright spots false suns thus name sun dogs also greek
9:30 pm
methology thought zeuss walking dogs also other shots beautiful opera peninsula fall colors and we have are all in this area you can see these watch carefully refraction ago i got that impression of sun dog beautiful sunset of lot of those lately and we have showers doused northwest suburbs to some could be spotted across area tomorrow made red ball tomorrow night and thursday. associated with thunder and lightning parts of the midwest north and wisconsin western illinois for a time today also and they look at
9:31 pm
those radar return scattered through moisture and parts of missouri and arkansas and in the western illinois. west and southwest up at the fox valley area of wisconsin pretty good storms. 35,000 ft. tall and lightning day that you can't see the flashes every doubt and that last couple of hours northwest suburbs from whether camera and harbored interesting shot reagan chaps at sunset in the meantime out west coast of oregon and crashing beneath a powerhouse jet stream roaring into the midwest rainfall coming down across part of midwest beautiful day temperatures. 70
9:32 pm
degrees tonight at o'hare. the warm air still very much in evidence across center of country but the cool air gathering steam to the north looks like a plunge of this taking us down to seasonable levels gusty wind later in the week next week could have a push of cooler air " about to make snowflakes parts of northwest at no. 78 degrees current temperature in chicago current ratings more autumnal getting to the west you can see more on like light and variable tonight 55 percent humidity and low balled sports across the area pawl but not a problem one more day statistical work in any case typically one more 80 degree day trace of rainfall this month why the rainfall have engaged to
9:33 pm
as much as 2 in. in some areas you can't see the sot clouds sot cloud much of the day cloud over late in the day beyond that this big thing came into jet strabo's of which lifted the@q@q air shot of cool air cool temperatures warm attempted to make a rebound it does not quite make it over the weekend next week big dollop of chilly air across center of country looking at wednesday that right there watch the storm come together best shot at rand paul tomorrow night rainfall by midnight tomorrow night awakening to grant another thunderstorm early in the day on
9:34 pm
thursday tapered showers getting windy and cold nice day open the weekend except for a chance of showers perhaps on sunday tonight partly cloudy mild could be a light shower or sprinkle and spots lower temperature 55 degrees with light variable wind cooler which banks in the suburbs tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds warm temperatures 72 degrees day and night over 70 degrees last eight days by day's average of eight degrees above normal weather records around here that is where we ought to be this time of year economy
9:35 pm
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wgn news @ 9 republican presidential candidate debate issues again tonight taking shots a great president barack obama no surprise has to go economy taking shots at herman cain 999 tax plan. other candidate says it never passed and congress. joining us with an analysis of the debate political analyst cltv host politics tonight paul lisneck. batt but they all agreed on one thing obama has to go also who is responsible for economic mess ben bernanke federal government and nobody else the regulation of the government >> who won?
9:39 pm
>> mitt romney did not lose their force he wins all eyes on mitt romney place presidential sounds presidential watching rick perry has been so bad needed to really come through and he was okay but did not relate not getting out of the park no great jabs a couple of lines of how great things are and taxes not catching on fire can see that on the poll numbers mitt romney or cain batt but speaking out that on their role such exuberance did it matter tonight? batt but part of his personality people like that the 999 plant built economist but looking it could not work does not slide sounds good probably problematic for folks of lesser and, when questioned you are just misquoting we will
9:40 pm
hang in there for a while allied candy ultimately hand on without any kind of government experience? not likely >> what is the electability problem? african american? what is this that makes that so high in the polls? >> republicans what it comes down for who we want to vote for go on electability as opposed to hard issues will get a lot of people on the hard issues conservative views but essentially the problem people have never run anything at all in business most presidents tend to have been governor of the state's up like that never say never in this country anything possible boat go for about everything points to in the and not the guy >> michele bachmann? >> talked after the debate tonight what the iowa straw poll
9:41 pm
but the bigger than that. uptime i think but the body is not there for some other candidates rick perry not doing it an ymore michele bachmann must think has a chance surprised santorum nothing the attic years for some folks but basically a problem all lot of them not given camera time most of the questions go to those top people talking about double joining us tonight on the debate my pleasure >> taking a charge out of the buildings into the streets changing lives one person at a time most private filled areas and is theo epstein about to turn in red socks for cubs blue? story breaking tonight later in sports. let's ring you up. mary? what are you doing here? it's megan. i'm getting new insurance. marjorie, you've had a policy with us for three years.
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9:45 pm
englewood. armed with bibles armored in scripture. ruma and automation. on a mission. came out of the gang lifestyle rick alanis year pastorate leading church on a crusade to change lives same way he says let was changed. throop faith in god batt but started asking myself better than this? >> they take it day time and location taking church to community in need. state and church have church on this day target location 63rd and vernon underneath el tracks shadow of several liquor stores crusaders for christ bringing a message to the streets. street corner
9:46 pm
testimony blares from a loudspeaker. sound of music grabs attention. people stop on the outskirts to the set and it was not what conversation reals some of the bed. donald averett knows what it is like to lose everything. i used to sell drugs to use drugs about shares story with whoever will listen and maurice bishop who just happened to be hanging out here at 63rd and vernon is willing to listen. brennan light into my life right now. street crusades not always this promising that the people will curse you
9:47 pm
>> donald averett has threatened with weapons how did you handle that? >> grace of god we cannot just come out here at random and we pray that but by the end of the hour, and the group has grown complete strangers sharing hugs and hope that the crime is very bad in this area at a very very bad everybody that the prayer really transform a neighborhood in trouble? donald averett says yes one person at a time that the ibm rebar what i was on the streets and i was not looking for god and thought i was beyond help and some street crusaders for christ came and met me where i was and gave me a message of hope maurice bishop in a believer >> change is going to happen to somebody somewhere-but tom
9:48 pm
skilling seven day forecast >> one more day of nice weather in terms of temperature tomorrow a shower will be spot the most hours greinke free when we turn cooler and animation from the bottles shows how scattered showers will be tomorrow sot clout makes cloudier during the afternoon and by late tomorrow night-thursday morning rainfall continues off and on thursday into friday morning and at that gusty northwest wind temperatures drop how much rainfall on the way pop through tomorrow and not very much here we are through thursday morning about speaking up after that to the west of los some earlier had an upper top inch of rainfall coming down with the building to the west huge pot of store development colors suddenly blossomed with the caustic 20-30 mi. per hour.
9:49 pm
distraught wed start delivering cool air first to deplane states to borrow how the orange and yellow areas struck wed still got it here on thursday morning during the day late in the day when it turned northwest picking up right there as we get into thursday night-friday would be towards the end of the week at the temperatures on one nice day after a low temperatures in the 50s going back to the '70s tomorrow for eighth consecutive day. this is unprecedented how much or whether we have had the last eight days averaged about eight degrees above normal, 67 degrees fairly rainy frequently on thursday friday shot or early and coolant partly cloudy with deep with 40 mi. per hour wind gusts saturday sunday at 62 degrees at sunday partly cloudy could be short at some point during the day before the next cool air mass cubs and middle of
9:50 pm
next week pretty chilly around here. average first day of snowflake later next month that is the truth climatology tells us >> follow the numbers and we follow tom skilling. coming up a day off for chicago bears to try to figure out what happened on both sides of the ball last night in detroit and a new white sox skipper robin ventura and the right man for the job sports next. [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills.
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9:54 pm
passed to championship drought may be allowing same thing on north side of chicago. robin ventura in emerging from the white sox dugout going to be familiar sight once he gets going as sox manager he and kenny williams at the media today big challenge payback on investment on guys like adam dunn and alex rios batt but i did not think anything i can do right away i think for that they come to spring training something fresh you feel different as a player every year going to spring training hope everybody has a good year every year hoping that is what we are counting on not sticking anything on anybody in spring training >> in response to the debacle in detroit last night chicago bears have promoted safety anthony walters from practice squad and other fixes they might come up with ahead of the vikings game
9:55 pm
on sunday night another national television appearance probably not what they need right now this is what the cover to supposed to prevent basic routes from calvin johnson did not jab at the line by corner of tim jennings and brandon meriweather added that a 48 yds and another bunch of missed assignments obviously on the 88 yd run by jahvid best in the second half things you cannot do and to survive in the nfl. >> cannot give up big plays like that jahvid best a good player but we are not set up to give up easy robbs or passes that way not to keep the ball in front of us and to be able to have a base 0 run to go untouched, but hard to swallow. batt but boils down to fundamentals going back to the things of what we do sot way of two-way might have lost that.
9:56 pm
>> offense awfully loud and their practice at this stuff all week nine false starts absolute embarrassment had to pull frank omiyale before jay cutler going down, the jay cutler was very good as was the matt forte the only ones >> pressure putting on our offensive line and defense appliedive luine guys get out there quicker the crowd noise a lot of things that happened but at the end of the day cannot happen cannot let that be an issue have to go out there and execute the place the matter the environment all of us on the offensive line >> finally opted by take cardio blast have to watch out for the antelope unbelievable the guy
9:57 pm
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