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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 13, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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chicago police arrest a man suspected of robbing people at cta stops with a shotgun. the afternoon i'm tom negovan and today for steve sanders ... and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web >>police took the man into custody ran 83 last and recovered a weapon but there won't say where they arrested him >>frederick collins has details >>the first of frank holland has
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details >>2:00 in the morning saturday was the first incident the second incident happened to a few hours later >>it happened on the platform of the red line once again >>it has people worried >>it's pretty terrible i would not want to be up there at night. >>i just move to the area it seemed pretty safe but hearing this ... >>fortunately nobody was hurt just their cellular phones were taken >>bones are found at a work site in norridge contractors discovered the bones as they dug in an alleyway the remains were found under concrete the medical examiner's examining those bonds there said that former residents used to bury dead animals in the backyard there >>bonds are also discovered at a
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construction site in the river north neighborhood the bones were found in the basement a building at kinzie and court jester morning. the cook county medical examiner's office now has the bonds and will conduct tests to date to determine if their human remains. chicago police detectives are awaiting those results >>the cook county sheriff's office has received more than a dozen increase so far after exhuming the bodies of unidentified victims of serial killer john wayne gacy. the remains of eight young men were exhumed in hopes of using dna technology to finally close the book on the gacy killings. the remains of eight young men wore the sheriff's department wants to hear from the families of the boys in the and and who disappeared back in the 1970's and were never accounted for they're hoping to get some closure to the families of those victims to could be identified back and >>a popular restaurant and bar
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on the near west side becomes the scene of a stabbing victim is in critical condition but is attacker got away julian crews as a live report outside of the plush lounge on west madison >>there's a long pattern of violent behavior surrounding this nightclub >>there has been fighting in the street sometimes people come over and busloads'. it's very disruptive to the people that live here >>martha goals dean has up the west loop community organization. she said nearly three years residents have been pleading with the ownership of the club to deal with the rowdy patrons that are disturbing the peace getting rowdy and doing awful things after the club closes >>a man was shot dead outside of the club last year the alderman locally here said he's fed up with the owners of this club he
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said they have a license to operate as a restaurant but are unlawfully operating as a afterhours nightclub >>we understand from residence standpoint that be ining in this city has its share of noise but this is above and beyond the tolerance >>residents have gathered hundreds of signatures asking the city to revoke the license the liquor license for this establishment and the momentum is building around the effort residents say that things have gotten to out of hand >> a chicago high school football coach has been charged with assaulting a student. the charges stem from an attack against 16 year-old fenger high-
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school student darion jones who is accused of stealing a pair of flip flops. 20-30 students beat darion jones at his home on the far south side earlier this month. a 17 year-old was arrested and charged with battery for punching him fenger high-school varsity football coach cassius chambers was also charged with a simple assault for allegedly threatening him over the theft >>former political insiders stuart levine is back on the witness stand today at the criminal trial of william selenecellini yesterday he testified that william cellini used his political influence on a state pension board broker illegal deals with top advisers of then governor rod blagojevich union workers at the ford plant
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in chicago over alarmingly rejected a new contract proposal hilly% of the roughly 2300 employees voted against it. the contract would have been good for four years and called for profit sharing and signing bonuses and also included adding a third shift in hiring 1100 new workers and major investments but it did not include pay raises for those veteran workers who haven't received a wage hike since 2003 workers at the other four plants have until october 18th to vote on the contract >>next shooting rampage in a california beach salon they say people dead >>skepticism is growing over whether the son of muammar gadhafi was arrested and new york officials tell the occupy wall street protesters to move along i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. i don't have time for the flu. that's why i'm knocking things off my to-do list. vitamin d -- done. hand sanitizer -- done.
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police say the homeowner shot at least one of the suspects. wgn's muriel clair is live in the 5700 block of south asia with more >>that's exactly what happened an early morning home invasion backfired >>the homeowner said he was preparing to head out to his job when two armed robbers appeared at his back door they pushed him inside a struggle ensued, and he ended up with the gun he shot one of the bandits the other one got away and neighbors said they heard gunshots and they were relieved by the outcome >>the man who was robbed was a very nice guy he works for the city he never bothers anyone we don't know why this happened to them or why he was targeted this early in the morning we have heard that there's a rash of burglaries going on but this is the first one where someone was
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caught by surprise and was able to do something to defend south and on this block we are very proud of our neighbor >>right now police are still on the scene here they are inside talking to mr. pierce. when i knocked on the door to speak to the police officer they said they were reviewing the surveillance cameras that the homeowner had >>we expect to hear from the homeowner himself at some point. a custody fight may have sparked a shooting spree that killed eight people in southern california. police said that a man walked into a salon in the quiet pacific coast town of seal beach yesterday six women and
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two men died and ninth victim is in critical condition. officers arrested 42 year-old scott decry half mile from the salon as he was driving away police say he had several guns in his vehicle salon workers and customers say dekraai was involved in a bitter and long-running custody dispute with one of the stylists. >>there are conflicting reports that libyan rebels may have captured one of the sons of muammar gadhafi a revolutionary council source said that cnn reported that mode potassium khaddafi was captured during fighting in the city of sirte and an area considered the center of operations for the duffy loyalists. but two senior spokesman said the report of his captures unconfirmed and another denies that anti-gadhafi troops now claim to control 90 percent of muammar gadhafi is home town >>saudi arabia's morning i ran
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that it will pay a price for the alleged plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the united states >>a powerful earthquake hit near the island resort of bally today sending dozens of people to the hospital. the 6.0 quake hit the ocean floor about 60 mi. southwest of the indonesian island but it was not powerful enough to trigger tsunami. several ancient temples were damaged and ceilings caved in at two different schools and two dozen foreign and 9.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of sumatra triggering a tsunami that killed more than 200,000 people new york city mayor michael bloomberg is asking the occupy wall street protesters to temporarily leave their demonstration site said that the area can be cleaned. the protesters have been camped out at the park for several weeks and bloomberg visited the area for the first time last night
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and inform them that the part needed to be cleaned. the cleaning is expect to begin tomorrow but some demonstrators are concerned that it's just a ploy help and those protests >>the number of home foreclosures in the united states is on the rise again and is triggering a bigger backlog in the foreclosure process for closure filings increased less than 1 percent last quarter after dropping three straight quarters. analysts say they expect a number of foreclosures to ramp up again the average length of the foreclosure process has stretched to 336 days that's the highest it has been since early 2007 before the housing crisis began >>coming up we are making a rich tasting filetmignon in the lunch
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here's a look at today's business headlines ... there was an 11 year prison sentence given on the biggest insider- trading case ... the judge came down on the lower end for raj rajarhatam the sprint and verizon websites and say that they are back ordered on the i phone and hopefully the waiting game is over for blackberry users
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after four days of disruptions to e-mail and internet access research in motion is facing a customer backlash with customers demanding refunds for this lack of service over the past week >>and if there is a controversial makeover to ryan air they want to cut back on lavatories on board in exchange for more seats ... it saves customers only $3 per ticket there were considering charging passengers to use bathrooms on board but that did not go over well >>stocks are down across the board the nasdaq is flag the doubt is down 65 points ...
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that's a look at business news a popular brand of ice cream is being recalled because it may contain peanuts not listed on the label. kroger is recalling those tracks extreme ice-cream. it only affects the 16 oz containers with a cell by date of june 18, 2012 if you have the ice-cream u can return it to the store where you bought it for a full refund. >>hitting behind the wheel could soon be outlawed in one chicago suburb wgn's randi belisomo reports oak park is the latest community to target distracted drivers >>this would be the first banned of its kind in the nation >>you need to pay attention to your driving. >>it would be a comprehensive crack down on distracted driving not only outlying eating
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while driving by grooming ... >>i could understand the eating banned but the drinking ban gets to me because i like to have my coffee in the car >>the issue of distracted driving keeps gaining national momentum in the past two years the number of states has tripled banning texting while driving. >>people already have a hard enough time driving especially on the west side in this town i hate the notion of using a cellphone while driving >>some people feel it's too much >>it should be up to a person's
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discretion and ability. >>the issue was raised later this week at a village board meeting and a vote has yet to be scheduled >>this week is national school lunch week chicago public school students will not as a few changes on the menu that will have healthier choices with selections created by celebrity chef rachel ray >>chicago was leading the charge in making these changes it is a win-win situation these kids will do better in school with good nutrition. there will be huge improvements in the quality of food and the overall caloric intake >>
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to signal a girls transition into womanhood. all american countries have their own version of a quinceanera celebration it basically means a 15th birthday as wgn's lotus to our tape shows
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us the old tradition does not seem to be going anywhere. the ceremony begins with a church service the party is a rite of passage into womanhood for 15 year-old girls to take a look at everything that goes into it. we are here at the annual dance studio and a reversal for a twin boys and girls celebrating together they put on quite a show for the big day >>jennifer and gio ponti are among many who marked their quinceanera with a lavish retainoutine
12:25 pm
>>the choreography is just one step the dance the dress, the cake ... >>it's all part of a tradition ... >>we talk about it since we are ill children >>this was a party that this family had to have ... they consider the possibility that times have changed and may be the tradition as outdated but not for this family their father worked overtime as a doorman at the ritz ... the party cost $15,000 they know that the money could suspend toward other things but they would not have
12:26 pm
it any other way >>tonight was an emotional one all the way around >>imagine when she gets married you will be a wreck! >>i just hope it feels as good as today >>these children want the tradition to continue for their own children someday >>some estimate about $400 million each year is spent on quinceanera celebrations' the vendors who we spoke to say that the economic downturn here in the united states is not slowing down that tradition >>the tom skilling rainy
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as advertised, when it changes around here it really changes >>but we had nine consecutive days above 70 degrees ... we only get a warm spell of that magnitude this time of year every 24 years or so >>statistics tell us that we have 1660 degrade days left and maybe one day at 80 degrees we're going into decidedly cooler weather and it's raining today for the first time in two weeks around here we have had up to three-quarters of an inch we will show you some of those ring totalrainfall totals in just a short
12:30 pm
while. >>the wind is increasing ... there are gale warnings on the great lakes right now the taller the clouds the more they concentrate the rains so we have some pretty high floating cloud formations ... we may still see a shower or a thunderstorm. the green areas on the map by the areas that have had the most rain. naperville has had three-quarters of an inch. south elgin two-thirds of an inch. as well as carpenters
12:31 pm
fell >>rsville gone are the 73 degree temperatures that we enjoyed >>it's currently 62 at the airports. here is what the model is showing us about what will happen ... the heavier rain will shift east as time goes on and then tonight powerhouse northwest wins not in bringing dreier and cooler air making the skies partly cloudy
12:32 pm
the big story is the cooling cycle that we see here. the cool air from the north will come crashing down our way next week. the real chill air arrives next week we are just at seasonal levels with this change >>it has been pretty unseasonable but it is now 13 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago. the mitty is 84e humidity is 84% the mold spores are high today.
12:33 pm
we will also see another rain system late saturday night into sunday. there might also be a shower tomorrow afternoon we're looking at 30-40 mi. per hour gusts overnight into tomorrow. we will go into the low 40's in the suburbs the mid to upper 40's in the city tomorrow we will be in the vicinity of 60 degrees ... we will be in the @uupper fifties to low to mid 60's on@u@u@u saturday. there is a powerhouse jet stream blowing from canada that we are right under >>this thing becomes a big wind machine with the showers lifting and out of here and we will have
12:34 pm
partly cloudy skies and lots of wind tomorrow we may get an afternoon shower. it will stay wendy for a few more daysindy for a few more days. waves may rise 10 to 12 ft. off shore along the great lakes as there is a gale force warning. wind will be a big factor in the met midwest and it often is as we transition our temperatures
12:35 pm
showers will be early tonight and then partly cloudy before the wind picks up tomorrow partly cloudy quite windy and cooler the temperature is 61 degrees it will cost to 40 mi. per hour there could be a brief shower saturday night or sunday morning it's just october like whethereather >>it's time for today's trivia ... which herb i'm bonnie and this is my cvs.
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but theo epstein is coming to chicago. he still has a year left on his contract, so they're working out compensation for boston ... most likely cash or minor league players. boston also has to decide if theo epstein can take his staff with him. either way he will have total control of the cubs baseball operations, and report only to chairman tom ricketts putting him on the same level as team president crane kenny. >>the rallies girls came out for game 3 in st. louis. the cardinals scored four runs in the first inning against milwaukee david freese caps it off with an rbi double the brewers got within one run but the cardinals will then threw four shutout innings to end it. the cardinals 14-3 and they lead
12:39 pm
the series 2-1 texas beat detroit to go up 3-1 in their series >>julius peppers has been diagnosed with a mild knee sprain but he is still questionable for the game against the vikings on sunday night lovie smith hopes that julius peppers returns to practice tomorrow and he also says some changes could be coming this week he is not happy with the play of his safeties and mentioned third round pick chris conte may get an opportunity >>the fire trying to keep their playoff hopes alive against dallas is scoreless in the first $1 as a breakaway and goalie sean johnson kept it that way with a great save but dallas is up in the second and off a corner kick danny cruz scored with a bicycle kick the first loss to-one and they're basically out of the playoff contention >>
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i know, i know you love your stilettos. but sometimes love hurts. and only dr. scholl's for her high heel insoles are designed to relieve the pain. put 'em in and you're ready for a long-term relationship. will host the third annual m-d- a muscle team at soldier field pairing up athletes with children living with muscular dystrophy is a great night of
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awareness and fun here to tell us more is bill schick who is the vice president of the nfl alumni association of chicago it's a really terrific event and you guys work all year long to get a team together of former nfl players to body with these children suffering from this disease >>the kids are the stars at night it's an incredible event to be able to pair off one of these children with an athlete is a special thing. given the wonderful sponsors that we have it come together to make this event one of the premier events across the season here in chicago we are very happy to be a part of that >>the nfl players are our real draw and that's what brings people in for the night to help raise the money
12:45 pm
>>tell us about his participating this year >>reggie smith will be present calvin thomas ellen alice major hazleton we are looking forward to sharing time with the kids we are growing they are growing we want to be part of that >>this is our third year of the relationship for the nfl alumni and the mantra is a " caring for kids " it's a direction the group has taken i can think of a better organization to be teamed up with. >>you are also in this body program matched up with one of the children as well >>and that differentiates this
12:46 pm
event helps us to close to the kids and helps us to understand what we are working for >>and understanding needs when you get to know people we come to understand that flu shots that could be lifesaving r being provided as well as wheelchair sent all the money that's getting raised >>the nfl does a fantastic job facilitating this event but this can grow to be one of the premier events of the season raising money for many more years you have lots of great stuff happening there is an auction and food and it's a wonderful evening >>i will be there that you from
12:47 pm
the work you do charlie brown and bill schick thank you for being here the chicago muscled team for m-d-a takes place monday at her 17th from 6 until 10:00 p.m. at soldier field for more information please call 6309601500 lunch break is next i had a heart problem. i was told to begin my aspirin regimen. i just didn't listen until i almost lost my life. my doctor's again ordered me to take aspirin. and i do. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ mike ] listen to the doctor. take it seriously.
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lake geneva school of cooking is here with us today thinking some much for being here >>we're going to feature this dish at the great chefs at the lake cooking series at the resort ... this is a seared fillet mignon with wisconsin cheddar baskets and fresh mushrooms from the river valley mushroom farm >>i am going to add shallots and garlic to the pan ... i have here oysters' pataki and portobello mushrooms
12:51 pm
what we do is city meet to lock inpan-seared the meet to lock in the juices we will saute these gorgeous mushrooms we had a lake geneva farmers' market this morning we go right through october and harvest is really gorgeous right now and we will deglaze the pan with some brandy ... and to that we had dijon mustard. and some green peppercorns.
12:52 pm
i added a little bit of the stock as well that's beef stock. and we make a sauce reduction with a little bit of cream. when we put the plate together we have a cheddar basket made with wisconsin cheddar key cheese ... and we have some beets and carrots in that basket. we have a hands-
12:53 pm
on class at the lake geneva school of cooking we can learn these techniques we will feature the set the schoolthis at the school. it comes together quickly just a few minutes. nice rich color to the stock for the sauce that's the cartelization of the vegetables and the aromatics. we got a good
12:54 pm
lesson today if you like to go take a class chef john brogan will participate in the great chefs at the lake that takes place over three weekends november 11th-december 13 2009-11 and january 20th-22 at the abby resort on the shores of lake geneva. for more information on today's recipe or to watch this segment again just log on to wgn
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also known as " french parsley " >>it's cloudy grade damp and cool outside here is the radar view if you are going outside to date dress accordingly temperatures have cooled off dramatically we are off 14 or 16 degrees from what we saw ogogyesterday and it's cooler to the northwest where the wind is picking up.xa we are looking at the cooler air arriving tomorrow.
12:58 pm
there will be another way of producing some showers saturday night into sunday. tuesday and wednesday of next week we will start to see the chilly air arrived. there is more cool air coming through next week is a decidedly cooler look to the pattern. it will drop to the 50s tonight and i tomorrow will be in the low 60s and will go down to the 40's tomorrow night it will be in the '50s to the low 60s again on saturday these are normal temperatures for this time of the year but here's the big change ... watched the wind lighting up my map as the storm deepens with the air rushing up
12:59 pm
into the atmosphere quickly that produces all these wind gusts tomorrow evening expect 40 mi. per hour wind gusts north of us and 30 mi. per hour locally here. there's an explosion of wind over the midwest this weekend. tonight 61 tomorrow partly sunny tomorrow a chance of a spring glen the afternoon mostly sunny saturday showers saturday night into sunday morning and a very cool air mass next week. thank you


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