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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 14, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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on the latest addition to how much mayor rahm emmanuel wants some to pay for a vehicle stickers a bird 8 airplay now but just two people having sex while skydiving. wgn news @ 9 little more than two months after murder five people now charged in connection with killing of a 13 year-old boy to innocently playing basketball on the city's south side. top story around the country starting in the news from more on the investigation. police say detectives have worked non stop on the case to bring some comfort to the family of darius brown 13 year-old student at holy angels school dreamed of playing in the nba dreams cut short drive by shooting now five
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people facing charges. bring closure just such a relief to >> doing what he loved to do playing basketball on a summer day august 3rd and bronzeville's metcalfe park 13 year-old darius brown cut down in a drive-by shooting. on thinkable that a child cannot play in a park without worrying about my this criminal actions of others. charges about today against five people and the case aramis beachem and two teenagers jamal streeter and vito richmond and charged with first-degree murder clarence whitlow accused of supplying the murder weapon and michelle lawrence charged with insurance fraud urquhart used in a drive-by shooting all sleep reported damaged an unrelated incident a judge set bond today $2.5 billion bondbeachem and 2 for richmond, both come fast both confessed.
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>> looking upon members of rival gang he thought had killed a fellow gang member's sister >> one of two guns recovered suspect this to intended target instead of striking the innocent bystander bittersweet. the family that bought for step in a log journey we are appreciative to anybody who played a part in bringing these people forward. investigators focusing on one more person believed to the end of the the shooting police say they know exactly who they are looking for the man charged with attempted murder shooting of police officer of last night 20 year old william wright backed it to appear in court tonight shot while at 132nd and langley at the garden neighborhood officer and partner went up to a group of people to ask about gunshots that had heard one guy ran away turned abroad and shot
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the officer in the lack now recovering from wounds. kerry lucky very lucky femoral artery france right next to him what have died at 27 years old the officer 27 on the force for two years that state giving children a hospital permission to open a rooftop helipad new location objectives from streator build neighbors final hurdle long battle >> heliport de aflac part to save lives and nobody arguing that but residents say can you just move it farther away? >> after extensive technical analysis expert witnesses and to six days of public hearing approved heliport on the roof of the new children's hospital that but a lot process a very thorough process but a very
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important to us because this enables us to continue to provide the life saving service that we provide currently at lincoln park hospital back the average number of children or organs transported per year at old hospital about 78 less than 2 per week batt but we use the heliport now only four critically it will endanger children coming from very far away when evidence of transport cannot be fast enough hospital did a test helicopter ride earlier this week the family of the 42nd floor of a nearby building faces new habitat says a big glass windows were moving things inside were shaking >> fails like i have an airport and try to land in the battle basically of downtown chicago pappa dangerous and a residential area at the center of the city if different no alternative but there are maybe
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peart they can use as alternative set up for this which is paid for navy pier pappa >> streeterville community group named thor, president telling me disappointed he thought they fought a good case. >> south korea president did in chicago tonight spent another day in america's heartland that you're a bed while hosting a dinner honoring president at chicago cultural center on michigan avenue political and business heavyweights on the guest list included gov. quinn executives from united airlines and caterpillar about 45 korean companies do business in the state and country imports corn and soybeans from illinois farms. earlier today the two presidents visited general motors plant in suburban detroit factory at 750 jobs held by government bailout of all industry and a joint venture
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with correa, president obama said a trade agreement approved by congress wednesday when the- wind because equal trading partners >> korea as 50 million people. one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. what of our closest allies and our closest friends. and our trade is basically balanced. between the united states and korea. they buy as much stuff from us as they sell to us. the president lee myung-bak promises the trade deal will not take away any jobs. agreement expected to boosted by the state's exports by up to $11 billion and support 7000 on million american jobs coming up mayor's office racks to our investigation on pension abuse cost of city stickers could be going up for some motorists big- time a big truck how much next and city of chicago big plans for repairing the 10 water
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the week-old baby from the elmwood park alive tonight the export to the efforts of 911 dispatcher and father who refused to panic joining us now live from the elmwood park with the report. the call that every parent hopes they never have to make. child stopped breathing you have to call 911 album park family forced to do exactly that on sunday the call paid off by child at loyola university medical center not out of the woods yet. >> getting her diaper changed she was find my husband and i did not know cpr. seven weeks old. data panic and distress in the mother's boys are the response of child. my baby is not breathing not breathing >> 23 year old dispatcher
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covering the elmwood park did not waste a second as but to the test sunday october 9th at 3:00 p.m.. first an initial reaction was to pack but there is a job to do cannot pack you can pack afterwards >> new board failed to break up her own told them not to ross resuscitation and began chest compressions. made while desperate mother tried to regain composure not easy as husband frantically yet methodically performed cpr. minutes later paramedics arrived at family's home. baby amelia whisked away in ambulance eventually revived hope between
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myself and oak park fire department gave the baby a chance >> five days later baby remains at loyola university medical center family asking for privacy as they sort out on certain medical conditions as for the dispatcher who helped save her life back on the job the very same day please take it out. what a story. follow up to buy it wgn tribune investigation on pension abuse in the city we flared tonight the mayor's office turnabout on by danks relatively silent we learned tonight sent letters to four major pension boards demanding information on potential abusers of the city pension system. less than two days after telling us this at the tribune editorial board meeting that should be part of comprehensive problem so we deal with this and a
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fundamental way did not want to take the easy road with a short cut what you have been pointed out in stories and everybody else says off of the last check add to that we have these huge unfunded obligations in the future pappa having second thoughts wgn in chicago tribune have learned the city department of finance has sent letters to the executive director of four major city pension funds on behalf of problem and will include a two funds investigation showed allowed rampant double dipping on pensions for essentially the same job. letters specifically ask which pensioners took a leave of absence from their city job to take higher a paying union leadership job investigations showed more than two dozen union leaders making six figures you're good management in joining a city pension not at smaller regional city salary but based on much higher you get to celebrate >> mike davis thomas villanova
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president cook county building trades council batt but what's more investigation showed well now you get chief of thomas villanova at one time leader dennis gannon took long leaves of absences from city jobs to get the high paying union jobs allowed to use that absence to build a bigger city pension time crux of the letter said to paget pont executives one of which james capasso jr. himself caught double dipping on pensions getting to for basically one job got kicked out of the year get bored but remained executive director of the labor pension board for nearly 50 years anyway. and he got one of those letters tonight. statement from department of finance. we take any allegations of potential abuse seriously which is why we were asking for information more
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on this in the sun. chicago tribune. they come sticker shock for some chicago motorists a jump of $60 for next year's chicago vehicle sticker mayor rahm emmanuel defending the proposal larger suvs and minivans weigh 4,000 lbs. and what to pay $135 per sticker up until about of late applied to vehicles weighing 4,500 lbs. lauric the plateau to 4000 pubs will offset the damage had vehicles cause of the road. batt but good portion going to 160,000 or popples build this coming year a 40% increase over last year resources go exactly to fixing the problem that the heavier cars create >> says 75 percent of the vehicles registered in the city was not see increased for city sticker continue to pay the usual $75 mayor continues to
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defend the plan to increase water and sewer rates more than double the four bills of many city households by 2015 chicago will charge suburbs that purchase water from the city even more about suburban water users helping to pay for 47% cost of overhauling century old system of pipes sewers and pumping stations for a typical chicago family household water bill will increase from 450-$920 in four years. victims of flight 191 disaster honored tomorrow. american airlines plane crashed shortly after taking off from o'hare airport may 26th to 1979, 271 passengers and crew members killed on the ground names engraved on 75 ft. wall in lake park at touhy and lee students at the decatur classical school pushed toward the memorial to our principal lost both her parents and the crash dedication ceremony tomorrow morning that the doctor martin the ticking in junior
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jordan could have likened it to thomas jefferson permanent parts of the landscape nation's capital wall statute broadly dedicated in washington d.c. on sunday supposed to be dedicated to months ago but hurrican irene worst the postponement of the ceremony. part of history part of black history is something you would want to go back to see a couple * >> gaynor hall will attend with many coughlin's take a look at the screen to catch the stories at several different times on the wgn news @ 9 and c ltv on saturday at 630 pm more news on sunday at 6:00 on c ltv sunday night and possibly wgn news at nine on sunday fast as lightning comes with own personal assistant and look coming up at the new iphone 4s just out today at the jackpot local cancer survivor known for giving striking rich and the illinois lottery.
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wgn news @ 9 faster and better camera personal assistant that what many people across the world makes people so excited about purchasing new iphone 4s today how the die-hard apple fans with waiting a long glide across chicago area to get the new gadget out. >> cheers and high fives and customers hustled into apple michigan avenue store >> has everything all and one at no need to go anywhere else >> for some second and third even fourth iphone 4s >> such a great product easy to
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use pretty much does what ever you need it to do like having a computer in the palm of your hand >> others excited about getting their first >> i got to switch band and an apple user down for about a year today about the experience >> iphone 4s first to hit the market without apple co-founder steve jobs at the helm unbelted last week one day before steve jobs passed away sales were strong with 1 billion and sold sold first 24 hours >> at line six 8:30 p.m. last night it was a windy with the rainy night not doing this again, that but chilly temperatures first in the store sot got here as early as 6:00 p.m. last night apple says the new telephone stores data twice as fast better quality picture
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and siri voice activated personal assistant that answers your question reads items on your calendar text messages and emails aloud. >> first winter of a new eleroy it lottery game cancer survivor first winner now has millions to his name 42 year old kenny perry want the big bucks from scratch off cam $200 million cash spectacular lake villa map lost on to cancer two decades ago and others with mother and three siblings kenny perry says the first thing he will do is buy houses for his mother and himself says even though struck it rich just wants to continue living as he does now. batt but things will not change much for me or my family money is important but family is more important than money itself our situation will change but attitude lot not
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>> something else says will not change says will continue voluntary and will shelter with scott said as he has done for many years. congratulations and to block distance run it may not be as healthy as you think what could be bad for your heart kids did not try this at home or frankly anybody for that matter couple making whoopie during a sky dive.
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tom skilling here felt it nice a beautiful day coolest day since october 1st we have the smallest surplus today and the day and the last 10 days in other words only two degrees above normal everyday at last 10 days more than that above normal getting down to brass tacks getting into real october whether a gorgeous weekend on the way although it is going to be be again tomorrow windy today look at the shot courtesy of viewers. stomach showed the state of the lake stunning shots. powerful wind gusts up to 47 mi.
9:29 pm
per hour off of lake superior talking about waves three stories high tomorrow. talking about the wind have an impact on the great lakes stormy seas and on the great lakes beautiful sunset tonight clouds actually produce and thunderstorms over the lake into michigan a couple of others downstate thought this was so beautiful city lights came on showing this to you with the sunset clouds diminishing cool temperatures and a gorgeous day on the way tomorrow a big storm the lies the fact we are under a big storm covering thousands of miles of real- estate and today circulating unstable air down here producing showers big red ball in new york even though running in the fourth wettest year over 60 in. of rainfall this year and our area a couple of showers watched these things flaring town right
9:30 pm
up to 24,000 ft. lightning cloud to ground lightning discharges missed chicago area for the most part what will not assess the strong wind again tomorrow another day of wind dropping off tomorrow night picking up sunday afternoon for the chicago bears' camp cost as high as 47 mi. per hour today cooler temperature for some time after 1 in. of rainfall some areas yes today if you have been following the number of stations reporting gusts are down area colorized region of the but the cost upwards of 30 mi. per hour coming down not currently at night at pickup during the day with daytime heating that is what will happen here, 30 mi. per hour gusts still going at midway airport under the underbelly of powerhouse jet stream format where they do cold on one side warm on the other biggity temperatures spread cold
9:31 pm
air coming in stronger the bed and that is what we have had going. showers to the north the bus upper peninsula of michigan high temperature of 62 degrees it very warm temperatures. cold air grows up to the north quite interesting showing you a spell forecast how much of canada and alaska covered in snow as the process toward building toward the cool weather of winter box goes on under way up here. snow down on the ground is one feature. do not have to worry about that any time soon, 55 degrees the current temperature cool but not that cool not going to stall for a while before october is over 52% of october with snowflakes 98% of november as getting to that time of the year temperature change from 24 hours ago. let me go back to this some of these wind gusts across the chicago area today.
9:32 pm
behavior tonight humidity at 53 percent of afford the dew point is 38 degrees water temperature at 50 degrees big storm continues to deepen a barometer reading at the center category one hurricane down around 28.8 in. of mercury and whitfield circulates over an area like this covers about half of the continent pulling appear but high-pressure come in late in the week and into monday strike that is the wind from the northwest again but not like going to blow tonight or tomorrow or today this storm right here going through the southern midwest turned north toward political bear down the middle of next week: mass will be formidable showers that all the sort of rainfall this weekend late tomorrow night and early on sunday up to sunday morning overcast sprinkles partly sunny during the afternoon snow coming down
9:33 pm
ontario as you can see of the bat check out some of the wind gust today quite formidable 40 degrees and led and west northwest gusting at * i 60 degrees temperatures more or less this time of year it northwest wed at 14-32 gusting to 35 degrees at times. with the drop-off speeds go down a couple of showers could be in late 42 degrees started with clouds and showers sunday high temperature of 60 with the light at the boarding and northwest in the afternoon temperatures for the chicago bears scant 58 degrees. 7:00 sunday evening kickoff time 720 and 58 degrees north west wind partly cloudy skies.
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on craftsman products october 14th-20th at sears. plus get a $10 tools cash card when you spend $75 or more in tools during craftsman days. craftsman. trust. in your hands. medical watch who needs an ambulance when you can actually run it to the hospital exactly what one man did a story of survival marathon runner seemingly perfect health having a heart attack believe it or not doctors say sport itself may alter heart health. medals are just one symbol of his years as endurance athlete triathlon iron and marathon. better reflecting be told how much the exercise taken on richard doran body 46 year-old has what ought to percent blockage in a coronary artery >> walked into the emergency room during his run did and ekg
9:38 pm
thought he was having a heart attack >> set to do a 17 mi. run >> like other marathon runners and home stretch of training richard doran felt good embarking on the lawn run felt fantastic doing 8 minute 13 seconds heart beat was correct felt good and then all of a sudden out of the blue i got a sudden feeling of indigestion >> instead of pushing through like so many athletes ignoring pain the father thought of his family listened to his body he sprang into action >> i said to myself is not my time and i started walking towards the hospital i was only 4 blocks thank god >> looked at the ekg got a question having a heart attack >> this whole area at not getting blood supply after 3-5 minutes the heart muscle actually starts to die
9:39 pm
>> happened before during races but often during training driving further running long distances alters the blood blood becomes sticky the heart is working harder whole host of hormones and responses on your body to exercise which are good adaptation to exercise a weber cardiovascular system can absolutely cause problems the risk is greater while actively running >> exercise that does improve heart function extremes can change the heart muscle >> a danger to extreme endurance athletics this may be a long winded for television segment but a study done in great britain what they found 50 percent of the people doing these marathons endurance athletes entire lives had scarring of the heart and 0% of people did not had scarring of their heart >> inflammation a buzzword for
9:40 pm
heart attack >> high levels associated with the development of coronary artery disease anything can be extreme can not be that good but when you do feel like you are in great shape you just kind of do it and it is normal part of your life >> richard doran learned the hard way but the rest of his life to spend with his family appreciating his health now >> even if you have signs and to do not think anything major not a bad thing to get it checked out because if you cannot and something major does happen there is no that the doctor said that what people to know the dangers of extreme athletics new research showing the permanent damage to the heart exercise itself is good for you at epidemic of heart disease and a country not caused by people being too active from people not being active enough back to you >> more than a mile high club acts rated skydive gets the
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pñúxbxpl@?wgn news @ 9
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break out your dancing shoes new footloose movie about anteaters dean richards repute >> dancing is against the law >> going back to remake 1984 footloose seems like you would want to bring some 2011 s style sizzle to the party but the new footloose fails on nearly every beat the dance scenes on the strength of good but nothing ground-breaking generic country rock and hip-hop music not once seen memorable nail in a new coffin is be painfully bad acting story of a big city kid moved to a small town does not allow teenage dancing result is a tribute to step without any heart dean's list c-. the other new movie of the week is also a
9:45 pm
remake sort of a prequel to the 1982 version of the sci-fi classic the thing explaining how things came to be when a group of scientists and atin antarctica and finds it alien buried deep and ice from years ago creature it falls out of power and then taking on the physical appearances becomes battle of to israel and who has been cloned most the but i didn't kill saenz if you seen jumping scary moments slightly above average dean's list b +. also the big year , the about three bird watchers wind up as competitors your long adventure to see who could spot the to list species of birds and america did not screen the movie but getting a so-so reviews co- star jack black and steve martin take a look at my current and past reduce and like us
9:46 pm
to send weekly text with my reviews text word dean to 97999. brought to you by alma mater columbia college. >> unusual sky diving maneuver in california raising controversy across the country video posted on blog of a pornstar shows have been doing his thing in their plan with partner before jumping out and then continuing activity involving porn star alex torres and a receptionist at sky diving school in bakersfield thought never getting attention including faa teenage boy saw a video posted to his friends. batt but did not know until yesterday officer came over from the police department informed me this is going around kids in school and stuff >> alex torres fired from his sky diving instruction gig at
9:47 pm
receptionist position still up in the air. faa spokesperson says no regulation about sex on airplanes but interfering with pilot could be cause for concern investigation continues. ew. that is being filed in the circular file. very interesting. >> whether controversial closer to the norm almost a hint of autumn in the air tonight look at the temperatures down in the 40's already in the upper midwest pretty cool wanted to show this why'd you with wind superimposed colorized areas just to give you an idea of magnitude mammoth nature of the storm over us with the tomato evident by the fact we are in the colors pulling away tomorrow night precipitous drop in wind speed going into sunday quite
9:48 pm
and we expand later in the day on sunday getting windy again at that time stay breezy at least into monday pretty amazing the storm by the way producing accumulating snow to the north of us and look at the 10 day forecast from the weather services global model of where snow will stick you can see a process critical to bringing on the cool weather of winter laying down a snow path went across the area when because today up to 36 mi. per hour even gusts at 47 m.p.h. for a while. at other locations from the weather bug network. we expect seasonable 60 degree high temperatures saturday through monday at couple of showers tuesday and other storm spending east big affect combining with the canadian high temperature northerly wind from the north pole to mexico bring cool air into the midwest coolest air mass so far this
9:49 pm
season only '50s by next week have a great weekend children enjoy the day >> international tourist chicago tribune photos of the day
9:50 pm
more photos available or chicago bears to try to stop a running adrian peterson with defense dinged up and college hoops season almost season rich king meeting maggionos what is coming up this season sports is next. @ñ?ñúótp?ow÷÷÷xm@]pññnúqúgxo@f@w@po÷?@÷úo7?
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go get him. anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.chicago bears lamp into this this weekend >> not much is going right last year the bears stayed pretty much healthy different story this year julius peppers lead to miss the game against the vikings huge blow for pass rush defensive tackle matt toenia also out and chris spencer going
9:54 pm
to be playing with a hand wrapped up lovie smith also says chris conte making first nfl start at safety and chris harris and brandon merriweather on the bench when the game begins all of the change is a good news to minnesota vikings offense led by veteran quarterback donovan mcnabb of mount carmel protecting him pretty good still throws when he was in philadelphia and a big fan of this a big challenge for us this week and every week and the offense could we have to play better >> college ball northwestern trying to snap a three game skid when they take on iowa on the road defense trying to shake off last week's debacle against michigan figure to fare better against the hawkeyes were lost 13-32 pence day last week quick start for obvious reasons going to be critical we start fast
9:55 pm
raucous and varmint cannot go out there and get knocked out in the first round crowd going to give >> latest now on the theo epstein in boston cubs-red sox work in compensation package cubs want to give cash red sox may want 1-2 or even three minor leaguers from chicago cubs pretty high price nothing but a done deal and national league start series tied 2-2 st. louis lead milwaukee 5-1 in the eighth inning tomorrow game 6 texas detroit be tried sending max scherzer and derrick holland for the texas rangers texas leads 3- 2 figuring to wrap up against the banged up tigers at home >> yes we are more confident and very relaxed but we also understand that the game has to be played. we are certainly
9:56 pm
playing against an opponent that is tough >> college basketball annual midnight madness begins later tonight teams allowed to practice but the first time and at depaul you'll but northwestern uic invited media in four pre-season social stressing positive today biggest strengths going and i think that just being more athletic style of play it certainly blending itself to having more athletic players biggest strength right now our defense i think we put a lot of emphasis even in the summer getting our guys to buy into the fact a good defense 15 biggest strength to post players to battering guys started smart intelligence to premed major is a lot of bettering guys also a good group of young guys all just excited about upcoming season
9:57 pm
>> college basketball know nba attendance will increase we hope so hope nba is back i miss derrick rose that is the news this friday night happy you shared time with us updates have a good night.
9:58 pm
[ male announcer ] whether over a cup of maxwell house... or a can of paint... you came together to vote, to share... to volunteer. and now, thanks to you, 10 communities have more to smile about. what's next? tell us on facebook.
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[ bell tolls ] ah, agents i don't know if you've heard but our training organization was recently named the "best in the world." nice little pat on the back. ahhhh! [ chuckles ] ah...that's good that's good. that's, uh, that' it is, after all a celebration for all of us. [ male announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers ♪ ♪ bum, ba-da-bum, bum, bum, bum ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] i confess. i'm not perfect. i can't sew, knit or crochet. my hairdresser knows things about me i don't even tell my best friend. sometimes i buy flowers for myself. i admit, i might have flaws but this isn't one of them. your moment. your dove.


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