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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 17, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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chicago police issued an alert on the northwest side ... there have been nearly a dozen armed robberies and detectives are looking for information could afternoon i am steve sanders >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. >>the robbers are armed and dangerous wgn's judy wang reports some residents are asking for more police officers in the neighborhoods >>in their community alert
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police urged north west side residents to spread word on these incidents >>the most recent robberies happen early near the 400 block of north monticello and albany park residents think it's alarming that they're in some cases >>its high number in they're getting away with it at that is scary. >>i have rival gangs on the block and on the block behind me >>we need more after-school programs for these kids who need help >>police are looking for three suspects in each incident men approached their victims in an alleyway and pulled out handguns to get cellphones and other electronic devices >>most of the robberies occurred between 4:00 p.m. and midnight in ravenswood manor albany park as well as irving park
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>>the manner described as an african american over 5 ft. tall 180 lbs. wearing dark hair didn't sweatshirt's and blue jeans >>we asked our aldermen for more police protection so we can feel more safe for our children >>i have a 11 year-old son >> detectives are seeking information from the public on this case if you have information that can help them please give police a call. >> a manhunt is underway for the ex-husband of a woman found dead in her west suburban apartment. julian crews as a live report from glen ellyn. >>the search is under way for the ex-husband but very little is known about this case very few details released by police
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when neighbor told us off camera that the femaleúsús victim had two young children but the safety or whereabouts of those kids is unknown at this hour and as puzzling murder case. please let it be known that they want to talk to the ex-husband 1 coronados he's 33 years old 5 ft. 10 in. 180 lbs. with black hair and brown eyes investigators think that he might be driving a bmw black 1992 a 325 eye within illinois license plate number ... police will not say if they believe he is a suspect but investigators revealed that he believed she was the last person seen with ... >>is believed that she was living with him. her body was found yesterday just before 12
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noon on briar street in glen ellyn ... there's so much we don't know about this case is believed that grit of us may have fled to mexico >> and 11 year-old girl was shot well in sight of her home on the city's far south side. she was the victim of a drive-by shooting >>in happened after 1:00 yesterday afternoon police said that someone started shooting and one of the bullets went to the window of the girls home. she was hit the arm and is expected to be all right there are no suspects in custody. >>chicago police are still looking for a man who shot a convenience store worker at said of the store on the west side. police said a worker was opening up the 24 for its convenience store on north laramie avenue around o'clock yesterday morning the same man
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ran across the street and shot the worker in the back before running off into an alley way the victim is in critical condition at mount sinai hospital >>the guard has suspended its search for a kayaker who disappeared near new buffalo michigan 18 year-old micheleman was one of three kayakers to capsized in high waves near a breakwall yesterday afternoon police and firefighters were able to rescue two of those kayakers but the third one lost his life jacket and was thrown from his kayak and heavy waves the coast guard used helicopter to search for him but did not find him >> a school in arlington heights was targeted by vandals just hours before an anti-gay activists received an award there annette bon durant 7 saturday morning at a christian liberty academy police said that
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several bricks returned to the windows of the school later that evening americans for truth and homosexuality held a banquet there no incidents were reported during yvette and no arrests have been made >>residents of chicago's fourth ward will gather to i to personally tell police superintendent garry mccarthy that he should not close the 21st district police station it's a budget move by the police before court alderman will burns says it's been given no information about how the closing will change and never police beat tonight's board meeting starts at 7 at st. paul the redeemer church of 49th and dorchester >> indycar driver dan wheldon was killed in a crash during a race this weekend at las vegas motor speedway >>he was 33 years old and a two- time indy 500 champion 15 cars were involved in the chain reaction rack at the las vegas
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indy 300 yesterday the race is only in its 11th lap and several cars spun out of control at the wall and burst into flames his car went airborne and crashed into the tracks if defense fellow driver tony kanaan was stunned at the news of his death >>i lost one of my best friends >>he leaves behind a wife and two children ... several drivers drove lapse in his memory the rest of the race was canceled after that crash >>the bears are back at 500 after blowing at the minnesota vikings at soldier field. the bears jumped out to a quick lead when jay cutler hit devin hester for a 48 yd touchdown it was 26- 3 by halftime and after the vikings trimmed the lead early in the third quarter devin
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hester did it once again he ran the kickoff back 98 yds for his record 17th touchdown return the defense to return to form sacking the quarterback donovan mcnaab 5 * if the bears won 39- 10 ... after a month of occupying new york protests around the world have grown and the original movement races more cash for its cause plus the troubling in mission the mother of a missing 11 month old girl has made to investigators and a look at the dedication of the new memorial honoring martin luther king jr. and washington d.c. as thousands of people paid tribute to the civil rights a icon we will be right back
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demonstrators continue their protests on the streets and in parks across new york city as the occupy wall street movement reaches its one month mark. the movement has received nearly $300,000 in donations through its webúy site and from visitors to the park where it all began. others are donating sleeping bags meals bottled water and hygienic supplies but the demonstrations against corporate greed are not without conflict. 42 protesters were arrested in times square for taking down police barriers others were arrested near washington square park for entering a citibank branch and refusing to leave. >>the last of the remaining protesters have left grant park after a weekend of demonstrations for the occupied chicago movement the protesters marched from the board of trade to grant park yesterday running against economic and social inequities in the united states within 2000 people and all took part in the global demonstration
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on saturday 175 protesters were arrested for refusing to leave grant park after closing time they have all been released from jail worldwide rallies here held in more than 950 cities. and occupy wall street inspired protests all over europe but things and wrong turn violent this weekend crowds of people marched through that city in solidarity with global call to action police intervened with a teargas and water cannons after some of the protesters threw bricks through store windows >>it's a critical week for greece in dealing with its debt crisis greek prime minister george papandreou said it is crucial for greece to show it to work together for a change in the united and calm way finance ministers from the world's largest economies also pledged to take necessary steps to stabilize global markets after the european union was given a week to fix the crisis by members of the g-20 the next meeting is on sunday. >>i ran said it is willing to
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look at evidence that an iranian man plotted to kill saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states iranian american mansorr ar-bab-siar are this far is a clue as to ofis accused of trying to hire a mexican drug cartel to kill the ambassador by setting off a bomb at a washington d.c. restaurant the excess state department claims there had been direct contact with iran about the alleged plot the iranian government denies that but has asked the united states to give iran information to back up the claim i iran's supreme ruler told thousands of supporters yesterday that the allegations are meaningless and observedabsurd >>the fbi has joined the investigation into for mentally jaw launched adults discovered in chains in an apartment building in a basement in
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philadelphia and a 29 year-old woman and three men in their 30's and 40's were found malnourished there was human waste throughout the room appears they were held while their captors cash their social security checks >>national guard troops are now helping with the search for a missing baby in missouri 25 national guardsmen john law enforcement officers yesterday's surge opened and wooded areas near the family's home in kansas city 11 month old lisa irwin has been missing since october 4th we are also learning more about the night termshe disappeared ... the girl's mother tells magazine that she was drinking at home with a neighbor and was so drunk that she doesn't remember whether she checked on the baby before going to bed >>the trial of michael jackson's doctor conrad murray has been
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put on all that the father of a key witness best way the prosecution was expected to call dr. steven shafer to the stand to approve jackson's death was caused by the negligent use of propofal by conrad murray >>and american researchers suffered a suspected struck more than a month ago was rescued from south pole this morning 58 year-old renee nickel this year was flown out of antarctica and arrived in new zealand early this morning she fell ill august 27th but was unable to leave because of severe weather in an interview from the hospital she said she's feeling elated to be in hospital where doctors can determine the cause of her condition >>the first dream did what was held in merrillville over the weekend in honor of onetime resident and sea world trainer dawn brancheau a foundation was formed in her honor after a killer whale killed 40 year-old during a show last year proceeds from that event will go to the mercy home for boys and girls
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phone apple said it sold more than 4 million of its latest model it's a new record more than double sold in the previous model debut last year analysts predict apple could sell more than 25 million i phone during the last three months of the year >>citigroup and wells fargo posted gains and despite the growing anti banking sentiment across the globe wells fargo saw a sizable jump in customer deposits while citigroup saw a slight drop overall investors are still negative on the banking sector citigroup said foreclosure backlogs continue to grow ... the dow was losing 200 points at this hour primarily because germany is trying not to get people's hopes up over the
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european debt crisis solution coming anytime soon >>for union workers reverse their vote in large numbers and are now going to avoid a nationwide strike. the united autoworkers union first rejected and is now on its way to approving a four year contract. last week, members voted against the contract by a vote of 53%. but last night the union cast ballots in michigan so far in favor of the contract with 62 percent support. analysts say that ratification of the contract now looks likely. ford said it will create more than 12,000 new jobs. a national strike would of been the first since 1976. >>lowe's stores announced today that it's closing 20 of its u.s. stores including stores and are and oswego those closings eliminate nearly 2000 jobs and
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the company said it will close another 10 stores by the end of the month lows stores closed locations back and schaumburg and elgin back in august company official said the cuts are part of a tough decision to improve profitability within the company and that u.s. homeowners are paying off renovations to the poor economy. >>after failing to get it passed in the senate the president is taking his job creation plan on the road again in hopes of saving parts. president obama's first stop is the asheville area of north carolina the three day tour includes north carolina and virginia the white house said he will focus on a plan to prevent teacher layoffs another priority is saving the jobs of police officers and firefighters the president's bill hit a snag in the senate last week when it failed to defeat a filibuster >>at a time when many of illinois leading employers are thinking about moving to other states a new analysis claims illinois is a better place to do business than any of its
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neighboring states according to crain's chicago business newly a third of the state's work force has bachelor degrees average salaries are high and 31 fortune 500 companies are based here but many companies say that the state's new higher income tax is forcing them to look to states that are more pro-business >>and you can help choose chicagos official christmas tree online voting begins today at chicago christmas tree comtesse .com 38 families the submitted their trees for consideration those were narrowed down to three finalists all are 50 ft. color of a spruce trees the winning tree will be set up in daley plaza and let on wednesday the 23rd of november >>students at evergreen park high school may have to hold it or risk staying after school the
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school has a policy that allows each student 3 restroom visits per semester after school is dismissed evergreen parks principal said that the policies designed to make sure that students don't miss viable class time some students argue that there is not enough time to use the restroom since they'll get five minutes between classes still have the outstanding recognition be given to a downstate illinois school in its fight constructed obesity and later in the medical watch
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more on the martin luther king jr. national memorial. >>at 86 years old memories of segregation are still fresh for this woman when martin luther king traveled to chicago to fight for fair housing she marched with him. >>she was one of more than 50 chicagoans who went to washington d.c. to witness the dedication of the king memorial the trip was organized by the chicago chapter of the national action network. i'm glad to be a part of history >>performers including aretha franklin stevie wonder and a claim to oppose nikki
12:27 pm
giovanni... participated and the crowd cheered as they watched on jumbo screens as president obama and his family walked through the memorial site the president in his remarks drew parallels in dr. martin luther king's struggle for equality and today this country is a struggle to rebuild this economy >>i know we will overcome, i know there are better days ahead and i know this because of the man towering over us ... >>the memorial is situated between the jefferson and lincoln memorial ... >>i am humbled to see this great day when my brother martin took himtakes his symbolic place here on the national ... >>the children have gotten moreof
12:28 pm
dr. martin luther king emphasized that people need to try like tim love like him and care like him ... >>his zeroth person. for jennifer this is a lesson in history and for those who lived it is a reminder of his coat that this nation will one day follow the true meaning of the creekd
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before yesterday's dedication, president obama placed copies of his inaugural address in a time capsule at the memorial site. stay with us as jim ramsey has the details of a dramatic midweek d
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affect the southern suburbs. we will take a look at the radar ... the rain is tracking east not quickly but it will make its way through the area. that rain shower and is actually tracking toward indiana and two ohio and some of that grain could be moderate to light. you can see the rain pockets of heavy rain coming through parts of iowa but it tends to weaken as it tracks east. chicago is not expected to get any of this the forecast model has this cloudy and overcast. a more
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impressive system out to the east will throw some rainfall to chicago on wednesday and maybe even parts of northwestern indiana. half an inch of rain may fall in areas adjacent to lake michigan but behind that cold air will be coming ... we are expecting that the jet stream will have the cold air search to the south if we go out 10 days we will not is another chunk of cold air coming south from canada we will see a parade of these little cold fronts coming into our area temperatures across the region at the moment o'hare is 55 degrees.
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we have a wind from the west between 10 to 20 m.p.h. we have been noticing wind gusts in excess of 25 mi. per hour will be a glossary and cool day-to- day. early sunshine clouds increasing to the afternoon the high will be 57 or 62 degrees at the most >>overnight lows will be 42-48 degrees ... tomorrow 56 degrees a high with gusty wind. >>it will be below average cool temperatures for wednesday ... and windy. we will have more in
12:35 pm
the 70 forecast >>it's time now for today's trivia ... in which city did the world's first public aquarium open in 1853?
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hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. to be traded after being benched from last night's game against the minnesota vikings. this comes just ahead of the tuesday's nfl trade deadline. back to nasa flightlast night's game ... the bears' defense returned to form an devin hester patted his resonate for the hall of fame in an important division match up. the defense sector the vikings' five times last night. scoreless in the first jay cutler with good protection and threw 48 yds
12:38 pm
for devin hester in the hands-on jay cutler had two touchdowns the bears still up in the third the vikings kick off to hester he breaks a tackle and goes 98 yds for the score the 16th kick return of his career the bears win 39-10 and even their record out at three games all the detroit lions were trying to stay undefeated against the san francisco forty-niners. the lions were up four points with less than two minutes to go fourth and goal when alex smith hit delaney walker who barely got into the hands on the 40 niners went on to win 25-19 both teams are five games to one after the game san francisco coach jim harbaugh nearly sparked a fight when he gave the line head coach hard handshake and backslap meanwhile the
12:39 pm
packers are the league's only undefeated team after taking down the rams. the brewers are trying to force a game 7 in the national league the cardinals are ready up in the first one david freese hit a three run homer he won the series' most valuable player as the cardinals won 12-6 they now face texas and the world series we have the live illinois lottery drawing ...
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clair is live at the thompson center where the governor outlined his plans today >>the controversial claim gaming bill has not yet arrived on the governor's desk but he said when it does if it does he will veto that bill >>it's just not acceptable an extensive review was needed ... and why was it needed we wanted to look at the ethics and oversight and integrity with respect to that bill. the revenue issues are very important the economic impact and the regulatory impact of this legislation is extremely important to the people. >>the governor has spent the summer talking to both sides those for and against ... this past friday the government with racetrack owners who pleaded with the governor to sign a bill that would allow slot machines at the tracks. but the governor listened to many people but has not yet been persuaded >>the bottom line is is that we
12:45 pm
must do this right. the proposed bill on gaming has long-lasting consequences for the state of illinois it impacts our culture are character as a staid and our communities it can change our local and our national and international reputation and image if this is not done correctly in the must do it correctly. >>the governor said that the bill as written as to many flaws ... not enough safety to prevent corruption and fair revenue sharing >> parents will get a chance to learn more about chicago's new curfew law at a town hall meeting tonight at north lawndale prep high-school >>state senator annazette collins will leave in a discussion on how the law may affect children in the city it requires that children younger
12:46 pm
than 12 be inside by 8:30 p.m. most of the week with big fines for violations the discussion will please take place at 530 this evening >>packers hit sesame street yesterday for a short time the sesame street channel on you tube was hacked and reprogrammed with pornography the site was quickly taken offline yesterday afternoon shortly after the content was discovered pbs and you tube have not yet commented on the incident >>giuliana rancic the host of e! television news and reality tv star herself is battling breast cancer. she is married to chicago and bill rancic he won the very first apprentice television show they have been very public about their taps to have a baby on a reality show and she said she had a mammogram while undergoing her third round of in vitro treatments that's when doctors found that she had breast cancer she will have
12:47 pm
surgery this week followed by six weeks of radiation and is vowing not to give up trying to have a baby >>on the medical watch babies who are unusually small at birth may have a higher risk of developing autism beginning in 1984 researchers at the university of pennsylvania filed more than 1000 babies who weighed less than 4 lbs. 7 ounces at birth they found 5 percent of those children that the criteria for artisan spectrum disorder later in life that's more than five times higher than rates in the general population and researchers said that the study highlights the need for comprehensive screening of all children >>cell phone users be where a steady in great britain finds that one in six cellular phones may be contaminated with fecal matter that spreads e. coli researchers in london said that's likely because so many people don't wash their hands properly after using the bathroom said study findings also show that many people may lie about their hygiene habits
12:48 pm
95 percent of participants in the study said that a wash their hands of the gun the backdrop to cent of the phones and 82 percent of the hands tested had bacteria on them 16 percent had traces of e. coli >>smoking could trigger early menopause according to a new study 6000 women in four countries were included in the study that indicated smokers could man of parts one year earlier than those who don't live up the studies in the journal menopause preachers say that nonsmokers reach menopause between age 46 and 51 the smokers between 45 and 50 the report also claims that early menopause could raise the risk of bone and heart disease >>no junk food in the cafeteria gym class every day and head up dancing to the alphabet and illinois elementary school is being recognized for its heart healthy approach to education parties elementary magnet school in downstate danville won the award from the american heart association for efforts to reverse obesity school officials
12:49 pm
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and now the answer to today's trivia question: in which city did the world's first public aquarium open? the answer is london in 1853. and we have a wonderful one here in chicago. jim ramsey is here with the forecast ... >>most areas will see temperatures dropping into the upper 40's ... we have a system that will not be a big grain producer but will bring some rain to the southern suburbs ... going to the weekend we should see an improvement in temperatures from this cold dip


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