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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 18, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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two people are shot inside their own home after two armed men charged in to rob the house ... good afternoon and i am steve sanders >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us from countryman wgn america and on the web. >>our top story this suspects are being questioned julian crews is live in the avondale neighborhood with details on those attacks >>people were going to work kids were in school and a pair of armed robbers burst into this
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single-family home and opened fire and the neighbors are stunned in this northwest community this is 3410 north lawndale and just after 840 this morning to armed gunmen burst into this home to people inside the home were shot according to police their rush to illinois masonic hospital in serious to critical condition. a policeman told us that a third person was taken to the hospital but his injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. >>people in this community can't believe this happened in the neighborhood >>a very scary very startling we work with our families here in the neighborhood it's scary to know that our mother may be here when we are not tough. >>the police were able to take to gunman into custody just a few blocks away. >>there's a middle school sitting across the street from
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where the shootings took place the opening bell rings at 855 in the morning and the kids were arriving just at the time this home invasion was taking place fortunately nobody from the school was hurt. police have taken to individuals into custody and there's a report of a third individual being questioned by police >> police in the north suburbs are trying to find out who drew a swastika in blood outside of the synagogue. the drawing was first spotted last thursday on some concrete near an entrance to death hillel convocation in wilmettte. this was to get a circle around it. f two boys between the age of 12 or 13 were sitting briefly outside the synagogue the day before police say they're looking all eds security video to see if it will help them in their investigation. >>police are releasing new details but the murder of a suburban mother. authorities said that the body of 36 year-
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old nancy bustos was found sunday morning and the bathtub of her glen elyn apartment. she was fully clothed and had been strangled. her clothing was what but there was no water in the tub police are looking for her ex-husband 33 year-old one grit of us who is being called a personal interest in the case the couple had two children who are staying with relatives. >>did john wayne gacy kill in other states? cook county investigators are looking into it as dozens of families come forward to see if their missing loved ones were among his victims >>robert jordan is live in a newsroom with more on the case >>john wayne gacy refuses to die and the mystery surrounding one of the worst mass murders in american history continues to baffle investigators. now as local authorities try to determine the identities of eight of his victims new investigations are being open to try to determine the depth of this monster's madness >>john wayne gacy was executed in 1994. but during the 17 years
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since his death, stories about the mass murderer refuse to die. cook county sheriff's tom dart has been exploring ways to help families with missing and men discover what happened to their loved ones. and as dart has sought to uncover the identities of eight bodies found under the home of john wayne gacy plane tickets discovered in his house to wonder if gacy took his murderous ways with him when he traveled outside of chicago. >>we are looking at missing persons from those towns that correlate with the time he would have visited ... we came up with 22 different towns where he was in town and a young boy went missing >>we actually looked into that years ago when we were defending him because we knew he traveled all over the place. we asked him about that and he vehemently denied that there were any victims anywhere else but his home >>as far as we know and the
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evidence shows that the murders took place right in the home nothing to place outside of that house >>he was a master manipulator and it pushes up against credibility to think that this monster who killed so many could somehow have an on or off switch and leave town and shut it all down >>it's hard to believe he did not kill what side of chicago or kidnap anyone >>at least two of the eight victims may be identified according to sheriff start >>the deaths of indycar race driver dan wheldon is raising safety concerns about the track that he was killed on. he was killed sunday when his car was involved in the 15 car pileup at the las vegas motor speedway the race at 34 cars traveling at
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least 220 mi. per hour some driving teams were concerned about having that many cars going that fast on that particular sort of track three- time formula one racing champion jackie stewart says that this board will need to reevaluate its safety measures ... >>will this change and will the caliber of driver be high enough to be able to control those cars at those types of skis on that type of track >>and the car had races on other tracks some of the same size without serious incidents before dan wheldon stepped on sunday it had been five years since a driver has died in a crash. >>a panel of state lawmakers will tour the indiana state fairgrounds this morning for the first time since august's fatal stage collapsed members say they hope to learn more about the time of the collapse of the multiple investigations since
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then. the general assembly's state fair of riser committee are expected to deal with payouts to victims and the state's legal liability when they return for their next full session in january and the annapolis democratic representative ed delaney said he would like the state to raise it lawsuit cap above $5 million >>key prosecution witness historic line is back on the witness stand for fifth day in the federal trial williamcellini. in court yesterday defense attorneys attacked his credibility questioning him about his history with drugs he testified he and williamcellini try to squeeze campaign contribution from a hollywood producer for rod blagojevich. >>and the blagojevich family is asking for support from friends facebook friends ... patti bloagojevich the wife of the former governor's urging france to write letters on her husband's behalf and send them to attorneys to forward to judge
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james zagel the message was signed by patty and the children they're hoping that the judge will consider good works as mitigating factors when deciding sentencing and punishment rod blagojevich was connect convicted of corruption charges last june. a sentencing date has not yet been set. >>peel off those old city stickers or pay up the cash strapped city is looking for several new ways to generate revenue and in the 33rd ward people are getting fined for not removing old vehicle stickers from their windshields. this applies to anyone with more than one sticker on their car even if you have your current up-to-date sticker you could face $120 finds its in the fine print some drivers said they ever reason for being a little lax about getting rid of the old sticker >>the law has been on the books for a long time that has really been enforced until now >>we have more coming up in the noon hour and we will be right
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we are getting our first look at a philadelphia based and where for mentally challenged adults were held captive. prosecutors say that three other people schemed to collect the victim social security checks, while imprisoning them in a dark room with no food, no light and only a bucket for a twilit. three of those victims spoke about their ordeal. >>it was real dirty ... it was wrong >>a judge has set bond for linda
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weston and two alleged accomplices, at two and half million dollars each. police believe there could be more victims and the fbi has joined the investigation because the victims may have been moved between states. >>one israeli soldier 1000 palestinian prisoners. they gain their release from prison today in a deal that was bordered by egypt. the release of the prisoners lead to waves of celebration in israel today before heading home israeli soldier gilad shalit said he hopes the release will bring in with it a peace between israelis and palestinians. i hope they are afraid to be returned to their families ... >>more than 450 palestinians were transferred from israeli prisons to the west bank and gaza. 550 prisoners are expected to be released in two months. >>there is a new video sweeping
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the internet that as many people out rage. we warn you that it may be to consider disturbing >>the video from a security camera and china shows to trucks heading into year-old girl. it gets worse ... more than a dozen drivers and pedestrians go by her without trying to help. some say that recent lawsuits against good samaritans maybe the reason that no one stopped. the girl played into the street for about 10 minutes before a woman finally moved her to safety. she is hospitalized in critical condition and the drivers of the trucks were taken into custody. >>secretary of state hillary clinton took a surprise visit to libya this morning she arrived in tripoli under tight security. mrs. clinton is being brought to meet with leaders of libya as transitional government and announcing millions of dollars in new american aid she's the first cabinet member to visit libya since muammar gadhafi was driven from power in august.
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>>another state is moving up its presidential primary election in hopes of influencing the republican race. the iowa gop has announced it will hold its caucuses on january 3rd. the caucuses were originally gonna be held in february but i'll republicans made the move to january after florida moved its primary to january 31st. nevada and new hampshire are still fighting over their primary dates. new hampshire republicans are threatening to move their election to december. >>the republican candidates for president met in las vegas tonight for their eighth debate. the forum comes as a new cnn poll shows mitt romney and herman cain and a statistical dead heat. with a 50 percent of republican voters believe it will be romney who wins the party's nomination >>voters feel that herman cain is the most likable gop candidate has the best plan to get the economy moving again.
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putting mitt romney up against president obama. more than 40 percent of voters think that mitt romney can be obama and the general election despite criticism and increased arrests occupy wall street moves into its second month today. while protesters have highlighted a number of causes the main theme of protest remains anchored over and out of touch corporate and political leadership >>yesterday was the one month anniversary of occupy wall street ... and protesters in chicago march from jackson and lasalle to the office of second ward alderman bob fear ready they want to know why saturday's peaceful demonstration ended with the rest of protesters who refuse to leave after the park had closed. >>if you are about to be
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arrested in and occupy protest a new application has made it easier to contact your lawyer before you are sent to jail. a developer has created the i am getting arrested application for android phones at the touch of a bull's-eye at sends an instant message to france family and your lawyer letting them know you are heading to jail. you just preprogram the contacts into the application and when the police had your way with handcuffs you just hit the bull's-eye the applications creator says it has already been down loaded 2500 * the android twist that could be coming to the popular razor phone and the day's top business stories are next >>plus the warning that parents could soon be getting from pediatricians and just as good as the classic sandwich we are making the appeal teat dip ahead
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in a lunch break
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we are taking a look at where the markets are trading the dow was up about 70 points this hour we had big bank earnings reports today bank of america is knocked off of the top spot losing its no. 1 ranking by total assets two j.p. morgan which now holds the title they had a $6 billion third quarter profit that's primarily due to accounting changes ... it's misleading to shareholders regardless it's back at $6 a share >>there are more lower-priced
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harley-davidson is being sold and that's taking a bite out of that company's profits ... we have new economic data out this morning it shows that inflation is rising and you may as well get used to pay more for food a bold new forecast says that grain and meat pricing will go up consistently in the next five years >>and cattle prices will reach record high levels and production will rapidly decline after that that will put the upward pressure on the pricing of meat >>the motorola razor phone is back with the android operating
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system it is the thinnest device on the markets newly opened expense reports from metra reveal an extensive pattern of questionable spending by former director phil pagano. he committed suicide last year as details of his abuse became public. now the daily herald reports that back in 2004 and 2005 the gun on a charge more than $60,000 to his metra credit card for expensive meals and other personal expenses along with unexplained travel his successor alex clifford was not issued a metra credit card. >>a new state investigation reveals that the former head of the illinois child welfare agency allowed a good friend to get millions of dollars in state grants without having to prove he did any work for them. erwin
12:22 pm
mcewen recently resigned under pressure as director of the dcfs. an inspector general's report finds that his friend george e. smith billed the state $18 million with forged signatures fake employees and dr. expense reports the inspector general once criminal charges against george smith. >>for chicago police district stations may close due to budget cuts. and police superintendent garry mccarthy is hoping that people can get on board with the plan. in jeopardy of closing our call in the woods station on the near west side, belmont station near north center and the prairie station on the south side. last night superintendent garry mccarthy met with presidents of the fourth ward to explain why there ward to explain whether station may be shut down he said the closing stations puts more police on the streets ... monday's meeting was
12:23 pm
the first round of appearances that the superintendent intends to make he said all of the details of the plan have not yet been finalized yet. >>the suburb that could have you paying extra for begging your groceries and plastic the first the world as seen through the lens of musician henry
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you name it and our next guest has probably done it. musician spoken word performer actor writer and tv host ... and now henry rollins is out with a new coffee table book showcasing some of the striking photographs that he has taken all over the world. he has called the book "
12:26 pm
occupants " >>he joins us now ... >>welcome henry ... >>i am trying to shorten the gap between those of us here in america and those in other countries a lot of us don't get out there in the world to travel so i hope this book brings people closer together >>it's surprising the number of americans that don't even own a passport ... >>it's a shame because travel is a great thing. it's an ignorance annihilator. >>it's actually very healthy. >>what i learned out there was
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that every parent wants clean water are roof over their head and literacy ... when you think about people and sued oin saddaudan and then similar problems and other countries but handled differently >>what you see in the book is my kind of travel ... i get to travel to more of the western countries through my work as a musician but i like to go to more far-flung places >>recent trip i took in uganda and sudan ... i worked with a
12:28 pm
group that drills water wells. it was great to see hundreds of school kids every day benefiting from these water projects >>you are in southeast asia may be a nom and you come across this girl and she is wearing a t-shirt of your iconic punk rock band >>she didn't speak english and i was trying to explain to her with the irony of this moment was ... and then at that moment two kids in a scooter pulled up and recognized me and i asked them to explain the kooky ness of that situation but she
12:29 pm
remained completely unimpressed. >>you wrote this book to encourage people to travel to get some of these photographs are a little bit dark diaz think this might discourage people ultimately >>there's nothing wrong with too much information it's the lack of information that gets us down and i think some people would like to see the reality out there >>if you don't get punk rock you won't get this book is that a safe assumption? >>i think this book is inescapably understandable. >>so where would you like to go where you have not bannedeen
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>>some of those break away soviet republics like kurdistan and some other exotic locales of course. henry rollins will be reading from and signing copies of his new book tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the oak park public library the event is free but you do need a ticket to gain admission 150 tickets will be handed out in the library lobby beginning at 6:00 p.m.. we wil
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it's very chilly outside. for the next couple of days it will be cold blustery and rainy around here it looks just miserable according to the forecast models. you can see how great this guys have been.cloudy the skies have been. in northwest indiana that's the only place we can see rain coming down at the moment it is light and it is evaporating quickly. but there is more substantial rain to the selfouth. there is an area of low pressure in the east that's forming that
12:34 pm
will push rain backwards across like michigan. the wind will really get kicking. and look at the rain fall projections some areas expect more than 3 in. of rain. in the graphic the numbers are subject to change every hour ... >>we will struggle to get out of the 40's tomorrow across the area of high temperature should reach 48 degrees. it will not be warm at any rate the daytime high temperature by the weekend will probably remain in the '60s at best and there's plenty more cold air up to the north. these are frost and
12:35 pm
freeze it watches and a fact for parts of the central plains already the coal there is nearing the chicago area. wind will be a big part of the story tomorrow and thursday. this animation represents 30-40 mi. per hour wind gusting higher than 50 at times that will hang around through thursday before it will weaken. the next system of wind will be in next week sometime >>some rain showers are possible later today the high temperatures will be between 52 and 55 degrees.
12:36 pm
overnight the temperatures will be about 47 degrees. tomorrow will be cloudy blustery 20 to 30 mi. per hour wind and rainy. it will feel even colder thursday with stronger wind gusts over 40 mi. per hour. hang onto your hat. we have been lucky so far this month ... >>it's time now for today's trivia: the ancient temple complex of angkor wat part of my
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prepare for the buccaneers in london this weekend. safety chris harris was deactivated for last week's game, and now he wants to be traded. the bears gave his age and permission to explore a trade but today is the nfl trade deadline. harris is in the last year of his contract, and he does not think he is in the bears' long-term plans. >>runningback mac40 matt forte is drawing interest from other teams. the chicago tribune reports at least two teams have
12:40 pm
had internal talks about trading for him the bears have not expressed any interest in dealing in but general manager jerry angelo has said negotiations are at a standstill until after the season. >>the chicago cubs have one day to complete their deal for theo epstein or wait until the world series is over. major-league baseball does not like major and announcements during the series so the process could drag out even longer. the cubs and the red sox are still negotiating compensation boston reportedly asked for pitcher matt garza but the cubs refused. >>the blackhawks star at their first real road trip tonight their season opener was in dallas but they were home the last three games. tonight they are in phoenix and colorado on thursday marian hossa missed practice to again yesterday but his coach says he is doing better and will travel with the team >>and now the illinois lottery
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drawing. the winning kick three numbers arpicked three numbers 9 8 3 hear the winning bid for numbershere are the winning pick four numbers: 9 2 5 9 the mega-millions jackpot is $39
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absorption my body needs. citracal. several children at cary grove high school are hit with a whopping cough. nine students are battling the bacterial infection which is the total number of cases and all of mchenry county last year. whooping cough is highly contagious infection and is mainly spread through coughing or sneezing alston's with confirmed cases have to stay out of school for least five days school leaders are now working to have the school disinfected. >>on the medical watch binge drinking could be costing the united states big money. the cdc says that heavy alcohol drinking costs the country almost $224 billion in 2006 most of those
12:45 pm
costs were due to binge drinking and 72 percent of the costs were from losses in workplace productivity another 11 percent of the cost went towards treating alcohol related health problems the american academy of pediatrics is imposing stricter guidelines for crib bumper pads and it says that parents should avoid all types of bumpers' officials said that there is a potential risk of suffocation strangulation or entrapment last month chicago became the first city in the nation to ban the sale of crib a bumper paths that ban goes into effect early next year the largest pediatricians' group in the country is issuing a recommendation for babies under two years old: node television screen viewing including videos with streamed content on computers and smart phones those can be linked to slower language
12:46 pm
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the last decade ... >>you actually made these recipes >>not many newspapers have test kitchens said the tribune was very lucky and every week we tasted up to 15 different recipes ... it's a lot of fun. we are making a twist on a favorite sandwich today the b.l.t. is turned into a party dip. first to begin with three coarsely chopped green onions that also goes into the food processor. this is a mixture of
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plain greed yogurtk yogurt for tang, and an equal proportion of manas and use season that with salt and pepper you want to taste the balance of the mayo with the yogurt. you don't want to puree it too much. you want some chunk consistency. so you can add to
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that some green pepper and you put that in your mixing bowl. we like to put in here chopped arugula for a little bit of extra bite. you could also use chopped romaine lettuce. this is
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the point where you at everyone's favorite crumbled strips of bacon ... you mix them up quickly and you should fold and some chopped sweet grape tomatoes ... you can use really any tomato chopped well depending on what you prefer during the current season fold
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the ingredients lightly together in your ballowl and transfer that to your serving dish ... >>the book "good eating's best of the best" is out now and for more information on today's recipe or to watch this segment once again please log onto we will be right back
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well governor quinn makes the rounds with the media regarding
12:57 pm
the changes to the gambling bill mayor emanuel has a reaction ... we go live to muriel clair >>this has democratic lawmakers scrambling to revise the bill and the mayor is talking compromise ... >>he has laid out a couple of positions as it relates to expansion and oversight which is called for now that he has laid out these positions ... you will see proponents of the legislature layette reforms to the original bill and that's how you find common ground. >>the governor said that he will not approve of gaming bill that waters down the gaming authority oversight and he is concerned about slot machines at
12:58 pm
racetracks >>the governor says not allowing slot machines is to avoid oversaturation. >>nobody's gonna move to illinois if it were saturated ... people will come here if it is not saturated and that's the people why they want to come to illinois because it's a big market >>follow-up legislation is in the works >>and now the answer to today's trivia question ... the ancient temple complex of angkor wat is located in cambodia >>tomorrow and thursday look absolutely hideous weather wise
12:59 pm
... things will improve over the weekend we will have temperatures 60 or above but getting there is tough we have rainey cold and blustery conditions ... thank you so much for joining us today. have a great afternoon remember that we will be back at 5 and again at 9.


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