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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 19, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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how children's memorial hospital changing how treated children are treated in haiti. wgn news @ 9 wgn news @ 9 live look at lake michigan crashing waves nasty night in the windy city. top story or around the country tonight on wgn america dangerous weather windy whet and did jim ramsey any weather center what is ahead and more of the same for the time being looks like we will continue to see the wind in generating muscle parts of the area already some reports of wind gusts 47 mi. per hour gusts in waukegan lake shore flood
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warning in effect until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon looking at the wind gust forecasts suggesting even tomorrow morning 45-55 mi. per hour of the brand continues to strengthen what a mess should ease off by the time we get into friday by 9:00 the king and wind speed about 5-15 mi. per hour right now winded generally at 15-25 mi. per hour or robstown of very strong gusts of more later in the broadcast >> battling the weather most of the day joining us on the lakefront on north avenue beach? >> incredibly different difficult time hearing you in the wind to continue to be incredibly high and building into the night looking at right
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now potentially record breaking waves and honore of problems further inland for of the evening weather related issues upbound a citywide lakeshore drive starling late rush hour traffic scaffolding collapse and dig one person to the hospital downtown and this block a sealed off around chicago and wabash of floor window blown out by the strong wind at ground level felt like a midwest autumn gale like hurricane season in chicago. a day and night not good for man or beast or umbrella. lakefront bicycle and running path shut down this morning between grant and the bulletin guarded tonight they turned to night
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relentless pounding of the waves intensified low-lying spots east of the drive wearing down the shoreline with each roaming way for each erosion in progress as seen from sky cam at 9 and downtown not unbearable just miserable. even tonight as conditions worsened along the lake a few brave runners continue to brave the path insisting it was not too bad quickly learned otherwise >> waves are rolling up onto the grass just behind me a couple of things to be set late city telling residents to take great care of what the lakefront or to avoid most people seem more than willing to do tonight also be aware of the possibility downed
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power lines reaching out to com ed telling us well prepared for the eventuality also evening of crazy weather continues and these advisory still in effect until the morning by the way as bad as it is here getting worse the weather center reporting 61 mi. per hour wind gusts recorded more miles off of navy pier. >> everybody's day of the lakefront com ed is no significant outages to report there were some in evanston along the lakefront things might get worse overnight at the airport worse is already happening live at o'hare airport passengers talking about scary landings >> absolutely things getting gradually worse here at o'hare airport quite a bit worse first checked and about 5:00 this afternoon flights landing taking
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off but you have dozens of cancellations had plenty of delays at the laser really seem to be the big story here tonight take a look at the screen numbers shake like this about 175 cancellations throughout the night at midway similar story to our is no cancellation reported by the department of aviation just yet no flying out with the weather they are seeing today is expected these delays son of surprises there and the people flying in the they are the ones with stories tonight of a bumpy rides as they try to land. take a listen >> when i landed i got nauseated we landed and it started shaking down the runway and it was pretty bad holding the seat and i fly a lot used to turbulence but this was a really bad flight
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attendant pretty bad >> plane trip around you can feel it sliding in the air and turning of little bit but other than that was not that bad >> taking a look at o'hare airport pretty empty tonight if the weather continues like it has and is expected to expect a similar delays tomorrow morning perhaps even more as the flight starts to get a bit back up as always the advice to you tonight heading out here tomorrow for a flight make short you call your airline before coming out. latest live at o'hare airport >> also tonight still waiting to hear about charges in the deadly home invasion 16 year-old killed andre vasquez and the mother injured two masked gunmen busted into the family's home invasion may stem from argument between andre vasquez and his mother and
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a longtime friend to three people are arrested when a sanitation worker sot police witness a suspect run out of the house children of a falling chicago firefighter filing a lawsuit today by the daughter says her father's death could have been prevented >> owner's negligence ignoring a citation created holding him accountable to day him jennifer stringer and brother edward jr. filing a lawsuit to get owners of abandoned buildings to knock them down or fix them up let stand empty become a death trap sometimes killing firefighters inside to try to save lives >> current mayor city council in springfield needing to sit down to putting together to figure out a solution bad economy like we face right now we have thousands of these buildings in chicago >> chicago firefighters called to fight a fire in abandoned
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building on east 75th street by the time the blaze had been extinguished 15 firefighters had been injured and to have lost their lives. one was a rookie corek ankum the other 12 year other edward stringer whose daughter is filing the lawsuit >> bringing to the public's attention the seriousness of the danger that every firefighter in chicago faces abandoned and on sick buildings left to become life-threatening grounds by careless and negligent owners >> chuck and richard dai are owners of the building where stringer died, cited 15 times for code violations before the structure collapsed >> my father edward stringer lost his life because of an negligent olander and we need to make sure we protect our firefighters who willingly and selflessly protect us. every day. >> jennifer stringer called her
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father and other firefighters heroes willing to go into any situation to try to save lives she said building owners should not place of their lives in jeopardy. near north side robert jordan wgn news @ 9 >> good news for cta riders fares might not be going up anytime soon but a catch what the transit agency wants in exchange for no new fare hikes and also a tragic end for dozens of exotic animals on the loose end zanesville ohio white officials said they had to kill them continuing series journey to haiti nearly two years after the earthquakepxpx randi bellosomo was there chicagoans helping to improve the health of children there before that chat with her right now about her trip go to there she is chatting online live.
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present a fair and cut service cuts union striking back >> familiar battle here chicago unions asked to make concessions or face layoffs thousand cta jobs could be at stake if union agrees to millions of dollars in work rule changes customers will not see increases in fares or service cuts, today cta president forrest claypool called many of the current rules luxuries the cta no longer afford >> some of the work rules $50 million tens of millions of dollars all very significant they have all been that developed over decades >> among the current rules cta president forrest claypool wants to change or get rid of include bus and rail operators to lose their licenses to truck driving remaining on the payroll for six months will try to get their licenses back employees earning 2 1/2 * pay if choosing to work on birthdays and anniversaries deployment and some tasks performed by workers and private
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sector require three cta workers >> it is incumbent on us to escalate partners to work with us first to eliminate the archaic work rules that benefits at the expense of our customers >> agitated union president robert kelly says the cta misleading public try to make the unions but like the bad guys >> they did not ask us first that led to the public let us make that clear they took their case to the riders and that makes the riders angry at us >> claims cta providing more information to the media that you give leadership and says cta wanting customers to blame the unions burst and work rule changes are based on the >> last two weeks i have seen and heard in the media work rule changes 99 percent are fabricated and not true >> forrest claypool says the reforms are accurate and the necessary with $277 million
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budget deficit says the cta might have to lay off up to 1000 workers if the union does not agree >> if we can do all those things we can protect the jobs celeries benefit of our employees more importantly can protect the service that they provide without reaching into our customers' pockets >> cta customers will have opportunity to get direct feedback to the board three meetings and a bumper open to the public 8:06 p.m. on the number second seventh and 10th putting the locations on their website >> thank you another way to raise money to help raise the city budget asking state lawmakers to allow the city to use red light cameras to automatically ticket drivers who speak through school safety zones chicago tribune reported by lueders would pay fines up to $100 city transportation commissioner says not a money grab it is to get people to slow down not so says the 49th ward
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alderman joe walsh often battles with city hall questions the cameras and effectiveness on safety >> wild kingdom in middle america dozens of lions tigers and bears on the loose in ohio tonight one animal still unaccounted for and can the size of your brain be decided by how many facebook friends you have? i am in trouble. we were so blessed when we had triplets.
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zanesville ohio for almost two days sheriff's officers had to kill 48 of the exotic animals freed by caretakers who killed themselves of the exotic bears and tigers baboons and alliance huge and potentially dangerous sheriff's had ordered to shoot to kill schools shut down roads closed down people locked doors and stayed inside some animals had diseases as well charged with bringing situation under control officers said they hated to kill so many animals but had no choice >> tiger starting to get near me had to shoot that not something less pop and animal to be charged by a black bear and having to defend yourself with your sidearm you do not get trending like that for this job >> animals taken to a zoo one monkey remains on the loose tonight the caretaker reported it was the price became suicidal
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after his wife left him. final good-bye today for apple employee co-founder steve jobs the outdoor memorial cupertino calif. headquarters hundreds of employees in attendance apple stores across the country close $4 and a half employees in those stores could watch the memorial steve jobs died a couple of weeks ago age of 56 and credit cancer. death count from tainted cantaloupe has risen center of disease control and prevention says 29 people have died from mellon contaminated with listeria food and drug administration says the deadliest outbreak of food borne illness in more than 25 years and the fda contamination caused by pools of water and dirty equipment in california farm's packing facility all should be off of store shelves by now on the social security will soon see more money in your checks it reports 6 percent raise next year cost of living increase
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however in order to pay for this some people have to fork over more in payroll taxes workers right now city tax on their first $107,000 on income will change to 110,000 next year payroll tax at 4.2%. student loan debt has reached a staggering high the first time outstanding student loan debt has reached one trillion dollars according to the college board students borrowing twice the amount they did a decade ago americans now owe more on student loans than on credit cards graduates deeper in debt financial experts can set a negative impact on the economy keeping them from spending money >> museum of science and industry welcomes new visitor. with that blast of the whistle 33 year old kevin bryne began his one month stint at the museum during his time there
9:22 pm
enjoying activities sharing experiences with public facebook and twitter and if he makes it through the entire month winning a $10,000 grand prize. second year for the month at the museum. and still i had checking up on your mouse click away at par to of the journey to haiti how chicago children's hospital providing crucial support to a children's hospital in haiti and chat with wgn randi bellosomo i do about the visit right now log onto
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could autism be influenced by insulin levels new researchers making the connection between autism and type 2 diabetes when a scientist to dive into biochemical changes associated with autism but missing link between the neurological disorder and the metabolic disease the common thread was glucose tolerance the university doctor who pioneered the research says the next step to put out sick children on low carbohydrate diet that minimizes insulin secretion symptoms of
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positive impact on brain connections. >> what did she call me? i do not buy that. residents can once again perform a check-up on their doctors online database financial and professional regulation back up and running shut down last year part of medical malpractice reform law unconstitutional by the illinois supreme court since then governor back pat quinn signed a new law coming up when the rough weather will end and it will come down but not for several hours and a warm up days away full forecast is next look. the mr. clean magic eraser kitchen scrubber. i heard it came
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yoplait. it is so good. talk about the reports of power outages along the lakefront high wind knocked on this big tree on the north shore literally ripping out of the soil top branches ripped down a wire and the wire now trapped beneath the downed tree blocked road and emergency crews called. a lot of stuff is going on tonight. >> we have not even seen the worst of this yet the wind is still strengthening going to be
9:31 pm
an overnight proposition wind speed up in the 20-30 mi. per hour reason regent stand right now at 9:00 o'hare airport reporting a 23 mi. per hour northerly wind gusting to 30 mi. per hour might become a 40 mi. per hour before the night is over time lapse pictures o'hare airport picking up a quarter inch of rainfall by 4:00 this afternoon still raining there at the moment frankly most of the beach in getting rainfall at least part of the region closest to lake michigan looking for the clouds to hang around all night tonight look at this rainfall spending over lake michigan right now shooting to the south across the chicago area the heaviest rainfall appear to have come down parts of the no. indiana reports indicate as much as 2 in. of rainfall a computer model suggest going to be all around for awhile look at this finally by tomorrow night should begin to lift out of the area
9:32 pm
and might get peak of sunshine by friday but tomorrow looks like a washout look at these numbers grade point estimates from forecast computer you can see more than 2 in. of rainfall expected to come down once the storm finally ends in parts of northern indiana with generous amounts along the lakeshore of course we do have those warnings and advisory's high wind warning continuing in fact for those areas along the coast of these counties lake county coke and lake at porter county and the and that this is a wind advisory covering the rest of the region wind gusts as high as 40 mi. per hour. and do not for get a lake shore flood warning in effect until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. the problem of course the strong wind and wind gusts look at that forecast plot 45-55 mi. per hour wind gusts pushing the water on the lake in the form of perhaps
9:33 pm
20 ft. waves by the end of the night a very busy night but the wind will diminish by friday we should be close to normal again look at this wind at the moment very strong it range of say 15- 30 m.p.h. across the area a very breezy night out there when a gust the big story in fact take a look at this forecast surface when it noticed once it pulls out fine for awhile in about a week getting into another system that will generate windy conditions nothing like we are expected to see across the area tonight currently at o'hare airport is 47 degrees high- temperature today 49 degrees the coldest temperature since may 26th to the forecast for tonight gust expected near 50 mi. per hour rainy and cold conditions periods of rain fall
9:34 pm
strong wind gusts 46-51 degrees for high-temperature friday mostly sunny and warmer 52-57 warmer still below normal could be some flooding on the coastal areas worst areas lake and porter county indiana strong north wind very high waves interesting to see what happens tomorrow >> happy birthday today >> thank you so much >> coming up making a difference of one child at a time doctors and nurses every day in chicago some of them taking skills to haiti journey to some haiti resend
9:35 pm
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the toughest jobs, and the tightest turns get our lowest prices ever on craftsman products october 14th - 20th at sears. plus get a $10 tools cash card when you spend $75 or more in tools during craftsman days. craftsman. trust. in your hands. wgn news @ 9 estimated at 360,000 people killed 300,000 injured and 1 million people left homeless stats not from hollywood disaster but from earthquake that struck haiti a few years ago going to haiti bringing back a story of chicago helping a still dire situation >> nation that has long been plagued by hiv and tuberculosis grace children's and haiti served for more than four decades as a beacon of health and help to islands sickest kids
9:39 pm
by january 2010 and their promise almost completely destroyed one medical center in chicago in the midst of rebuilding is helping grace children's hospital to heal more than a year and a half after earthquake devastated nation one hospital still in shambles >> immediately after the earthquake not adequate >> like the needs of haiti the needs of grace children's are great at struggling to rebuild the country's leading facility dedicated to treatment of kids with tuberculosis television not the only battle is fighting seven of the patients have been eight months here facility produced by half girls like this one lost parents an earthquake and have nowhere to go
9:40 pm
>> earthquake can lead with less than one minute devastated lives and families and kids left without parents parents without children has been very difficult thing >> has been made easier for grace children's by some friends 2,000 mi. away >> i think it will grow >> illinois state senator son of haiti immigrants lot and love with the island of his heritage >> wants to make that trip haiti you did not come back the same person >> when the earthquake hit he knew he had to help found just the people to accompany him and his efforts he accompanied them to the hospital and haiti that is when it all started >> idea rebuild >> children's memorial hospital ina chicago during rebuilding of its own move next summer and to what will be the 23 floor
9:41 pm
children's hospital of chicago architect builders and medical providers have plenty to do but what they are doing for this hospital might be having more immediate impact than any new building downtown >> child and haiti with condition or on the condition we can run it past an expert here at children's can be beneficial to provide extend the ability and expertise to somebody so far away >> de emails conferencing and occasional visits children's and grace children's form a partnership filling into self architects and construction teams responsible for the new hospital have donated services to redesign and rebuild grace children's in haiti and the doctors in chicago are not only providing consul but receiving as well >> they know topical medicine a variety of things they can see tralee experts from hiv to tuberculosis parasitic diseases
9:42 pm
infectious diseases even with all of the help grace children's still needs about $20 million to rise again but like the rest of the country out but is optimistic. haitians are capable if provided tools and right support and back up is wht we need most we can do this we can rebuild they have added chicago wins in their corner >> haitian spirit is truly amazing spirit a patience and faith and tenacity they know that we will figure this out and they're really do try to do their best >> like you heard grace children's still has a long way to go financially if you would like to help go to international child find out more about the hospital and a series by heading to the. click on the journey to haiti a blog with experts on all story
9:43 pm
next week mar will be personal hope you can tune in >> getting good feedback? >> taking questions how we built were received their blood was a light and tent city medically what would we have to do to prepare an emotionally and technically? with my trusted companion and the start photojournalist here answering questions from the camera man perspective we will be here the rest of the hour click on the button we'll take your questions and a live chat quickly how did you have to prepare a medically? shots about 700 dollars worth 5 in each arm immune to everything for the rest of my life that you >> what michele obama planned for chicago visit next week and another legal roller coaster for lindsay lohan judges center back
9:44 pm
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hour in jail this afternoon before posting $100,000 bail los angeles judge supposed to go on probation earlier says actress supposed to perform community service for stealing a necklace but too many service hours returning to court in november for a hearing that will formally determine if she buys a probation if found guilty could face up to a year in jail. kardashians sisters might be possible but not in the white house says husband does not like when daughters watch kardashians rapatee television show first lady says no problem as long as children learn to correct the lessons from the program keeping up with the kardashians follows the lives of kim, khloe, and kourtney award winning science documentary program just wrapped up six to season. >> obsessed with the kardashians first lady michelle obama heading to chicago on thursday promoting health
9:48 pm
nationwide and getting rid of food deserts in the inner city scheduled for tuesday stops at walgreen's adding fresh food shopping with veggies and other staples of visiting 7 a. farm on the south side of chicago healthy food year round communities few if any grocery stores that not only to friends on facebook he watched the kardashians and >> and that you love me. >> jim ramsey this birthday with the wind and rain fall >> a that is my luck we have wind gust already deported to waukegan harbor of the 50 knotts and stronger across but michigan high wind warning in effect port areas adjacent to the lake lake county illinois it coke and the lake and border counties in indiana wind advisory in affect for some suburban areas dupage and points west and north radar suggesting going to continue being wet tonight like the rain
9:49 pm
fall coming into the area here is a note for you holler smaller earthquake in hawaii on the big island 4.5 magnitude there have been eight aftershocks no reports of any damage however seven day forecast there you go look at that 48 degrees high temperature tomorrow. warming to 68 degrees by next monday long way to go and maybe more showers saturday and sunday tuesday and wednesday more rainfall expected big story wind we will have to see but it does tomorrow morning >> elementary school students practice in mathematics and we take a look back at the cold windy day tribune photos of the day more photos available and
9:50 pm
speaking of kim kardashians husband is still not working too long days mediation getting closer to any missed a lockout?
9:51 pm
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9:54 pm
technology different you have to watch what you say as a player as jay cutler found out sunday night against the vikings >> him in question take all their offensive coordinator mike martz did not always agree on what place to call at all fast getting into the houbolt might be the biggest issue with chicago bears preparing for london trip against the buccaneers this weekend neither party making too big of a deal of the name-calling. >> if it was at me probably the nicest thing a player has said about me during the course of the game very competitive and strong and aren'tenvironment it is
9:55 pm
all just part of the deal >> competitor mostly running the offense whether we are up three touchdowns or up three points to second and third down calling that important as any one part of the game it is what is and we are good move in on >> there you go i wonder if the nba mediator getting paid by the word the two sides met for hours to get today after 14 hours on tuesday going at it again tomorrow not sure how much if any progress is being made two weeks barnstorming tour cooked up by the players six games for continents derrick rose and carlos boozer on the trip road trip for the blackhawks last night hossa in the game in phoenix got scoring started first period. well-balanced attack toews in goal and bowen 4th in 4 games steal so joel quenneville devin production up
9:56 pm
and down the roster. nice to have 04 lines comfortable with the rotation pace speed and consistency in the team again and that is what we are looking to build all four lines doing good >> looks like chicago cubs might get to general managers when theo epstein the gets here from boston to bring in general manager with them jed hoyer might be gm in title theo would b e president or whoever said louis cardinals have the lead in the game over texas in st. louis and back to chicago bears tomorrow morning leaving for a jolly old england where defensive tackle anthony adams should fit in as much as a 300 and pound football player can when he gets there anthony adams heading straight for buckingham palace. >> going to mess with some guys
9:57 pm
i know that some guards going to get them to break no physical contact it will be like if this is their punches will come right here and stop and the beach and i have been working on giving you too much right now. i'd better be careful >> you mess with those guys too much watching the game in jail on the london tabloids >> have a good night. thank you for watching. capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50 percent annual bonus. so you earn 50 percent more cash. if you're not satisfied with 50% more cash, send it back! i'll be right here waiting for it. who wouldn't want more cash? [ insects chirping ] i'll take it. i'll make it rain up in here. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your
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