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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 21, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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barilla. the joy of being together. a monumental development in the united states role in that rock some moments ago the president announced all troops will head home at the end of the year. >> good afternoon i am steve sanders. >> and i am dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watchingus around the country on wgn america.. >> there are currently... american troops in our rocket will be pulled out december of 2011. president obama spoke with
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i rocky prime minister about the announcement today. the current u.s. agreement for keeping troops in the country expires at the end of the year. after more than eight years this discussion will effectively and the united states role in a rock. >> today as promised the rest of our troops and iraq come home by the end of the year. after nearly nine years america's war in iraq be over. over the next two months our troops and iraq will pack up their gear and a board convoys for a journey home. the last american soldier will cross the border with their heads held high, of their success, and knowing the american people stand united in the support for our troops. that
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is out america's military action in iraq landwill end. as of january 1st and keeping with our strategic agreement it will be a normal relationship, between seven nations. >> since the start of the war more than 4400 american troops have been killed. >> we will have more on this story at 5. celebrations are taking place all over libya after moammar gadhafi death. he was killed yesterday in his hometown of sirte. and it will formally to killdeclared liberation
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tomorrow. >> we have a rocky road ahead of us, we have at least a year of talks a have lost. there are 25 factions that had a common 84 moammar gadhafi. we will hold with it will work closely with us and our allies to to make if peaceful process for that country a reality. >> nato secretary general said the one-hour rap of their mission in libya. muslim tradition calls for moammar gadhafi to be buried 24 hours after his death.. >> it is still early to tell who will emerge as the libyas a new leader. one of moammar gadhafi
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sons considered but members say they know the area where he is hiding and they are shorts he will be captured soon. like his father he is wanted for crimes against humanity. moammar gadhafi mark at a memorial to the victims of pan am flight 103 in syracuse in new york. someplace a photo of him among the memorial's flowers and crossed out face. moammar gadhafi ordered the bombing of that flight which exploded over lockerbie scotland in 1988270 people died. we have footage of a libyan patriot ex some who were forced to escape from their homeland during his regime. >> a police chase led to a three car accident the injured eight people last night. a squad car
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was chasing a suv when they hit two other vehicles one of the vehicles was a on more police unit. >> a man found guilty of the christmas eve killing of an elderly man will spend the rest of his life in prison. the 2009 killing was caught on videotape at a popeyes chicken parking on the 47 and drexel. as you can see here elliot was shot in his vehicle.. >> occupy chicago protesters will push for the right to demonstrate in gran parkt today. denies there's will deliver a 900 page petition with 9000 signatures to marry a man well. the petition calls for
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the city to allow protesters to base in the park even know it closes at 11:00 p.m.. the petition also requests protection of first amendment rights in the end to mass arrests. >> good afternoon it appears key pieces of these deals have been finalized. all parties that were part of the negotiation have put the issue of labor work to rest.. >> there were some that said never in a million years can you geta a eight agreement here at this exposition but we did it and we did it with teamwork. >> governor pat quinn have
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announced that the as had been made with the union. they aim to keep trade shows and conventions coming back to chicago. after several shows they threatened to leave and not returned to the city due to high labor costs. the national labor relations act pre-empts that this some of the changes and new deals exhibitors can unload their own vehicles and perform work on their boots. and it the length of time is extended so that will make less overtime. taxi drivers and restaurants could be hurt if trade shows or
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conventions were no longer here. >> will put more carpenters and teamsters to work keeping chicago in the state of illinois the number one attractive place. >> will we are dealing with here some folks do it for different reasons some areas of the country people bash the union but here we have the collaboration.. >> some of the changes in the our original legislation are still part of the deal you and anne leaders said they agreed to them because there were safety concerns addressed. defense attorney for william
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cellin begani their case today. prosecution rested yesterday after two weeks of testimony. the 76 year-old springfield power broker is charged with trying to extort over a million dollars from hollywood producer thomas rosenberg as a campaign contributor for former gov. rod blagojevich. he testified yesterday that he made it clear he needed to contribute to his campaign fund or his investment firm would not have access to money. >> rod blagojevich had a chance to explain why he should keep his license. state regulators are calling for the license to be revoked in the wake of the ex governors corruption convictions. the fate of his license now rests with the state supreme court. >> ththeresa neubauer was crestwood water supervisor
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before she became a police chief, she is charged with covering up the villages use of contaminated well water. yesterday a vote that was 3-2 to cover legal fees. she must pay them back if she's convicted. >> the cook county 2012 budget will not be officially released until tuesday but board president toni preckwinkle gave a sneak preview yesterday. most of the cuts will come from her administration in the county's health system. she said the layoffs would not have been necessary had unions agreed to take 8 for this year. >> two days of fierce wind brought down trees and branches on
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parked cards. on the lakefront harbors were not safe nor were boats. many boats were sank due to hitting mayor emmanuel's proposed 2012 budget includes major cuts from chicago public libraries. that would mean a shorter hours of operation and several layoffs. we're live at city hall. >> i do not understand why we are hitting the library so hard. >> the mayor's budget cacut calls for layoffs and budget cuts for libraries. many of
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those affected by the layoffs filled several rose at today's hearings they praised dempsey praetorship she's trying to save $6.6 million.. >> i do not understand how we can afford to play off this many people were caught out days from the library when you have such a demand in the community. it does not calculate to me, plus you have to the lowest paid people in the city's budget why do we go first..
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>> what you say is of course taken to heart by all of us at the chicago public library, we are all part of the same team we would like to continue to work with the city council. >> budget hearings had been going on throughout the city all week long and they continue. >> new information coming out about be financial problems at with the man who really stall his exotic animals.
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we are learning new details about the man who killed himself after releasing dozens of exotic animals into the wild. terry thompson body was discovered and no high with a self-inflicted bullet wound and an animal bite. a recent check of legal records find he was deep in debt owed nearly $70,000 in back taxes. a neighbor says he took in some in the animals he could no longer afford to maintain them. meantime the fate of three leopard to monkeys and a grizzly bear that survived the release still needs to be decided. >> a sad ending to a story out of china back at the world's attention a toddler was hit by two vehicles and ignored has died. security cameras showed to
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drivers hitting this child last week but both drivers kept driving. more than a dozen people pass by and did nothing. the incident triggered global outrage and a debate about morals and china's fast-changing society. >> president of bangkok thailand are moving to higher ground as workers battle rising flood waters. the thai prime minister ask all bangkok residence street beat locate with their belongings. some 320 people have been killed so far in 9 million are impacted. the government has opened the floodgates to relieve pressure on dams and levees. the thai army is bringing in 100 boats to help the evacuation's president clinton pressed pakistan authorities to take
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action against extremists. she told the president that the united states will act alone to end the threat if they will not. she is better known as the hungry girl lisa lillen will show us a big deal free picks from the aisles in the supermarket coming up these dogs
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a big payout to tell you about four news corp agrees to pay $5 million in settle claims. more than $3 million of the settlement will go to the girl's family and the rest will be donated to charity. new corp may be liable for more than that. b p will be back in the gulf of mexico drilling for more oil. they have received government approval. this is after the worst oil spill in united states history they must receive
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a drilling permit before they can start work. mcdonald's has boosted sales and stocks are going up 5% this year. group on is going on a road show next week to see how much demand that they can store up from investors.. >> if you are a wells fargo customer you may want to take a close look at your bank statement. a computer glitch caused some customers personal information to appear on other
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customers statements. there was a shock and worry. the bank admits it made an ever but says its customers are not in danger security experts are warning people to be on alert. >> android is offering parents a way to track their children at night during halloween. the trick or treat app would show parents if they left in the neighborhood as long as the child has a smart phone on them. >> the bears are right in london. >> corky siegel
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with snapshot from progressive. having the best school attendance rate is paying off today for woodlawn elementary school. the school shopping spree at target this morning. >> these children won a shopping spree at target for having the
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best school attendance rate in chicago. this math lesson with jean claude brizard. these children won a $3,000 gift card to target for having the best attendance in chicago. >> this is wonderful to see the school have the best attendance in the city. >> armed with their wish list students and teachers went straight to the school supply auto. >> i need a better calculated to do good in math i need a notebook and paper pence and pencils anything i need to strive for excellence. >> the elegant cost less than half the dandy gift card.
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>> we want them to feel as if they do not show up they will miss something a lot of the time the kids want to come even when they are stacked. >> the shopping spree ended in time for the children to get to school because no one wanted to be absent. >> the illinois broadcasting association honored him by inducting him into the hall of fame. the 82 year-old was born in oak park. he won over tv audiences. newhart said his early days in chicago were not easy. >> captain kangaroo and the
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today show we, were around five days a week for 16 weeks. during that time received one postcard, which was great but we weren't sure the signal was getting out of the building. we didn't know anyone was listening. >> he will celebrate its 50th anniversary in show business. we will have your full forecast coming up next living with the pain
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will be warmer than they are today i think we will hit 60 tomorrow or maybe even the mid- 60's when get to sunday. we do have a cold front coming it is a weak front. i think everyone at least has a chance of a isolated showers occurring, at this picture is gorgeous out there. look for bright sunshine threat the afternoon today water temperatures are in the upper 50s. after midnight we solve the last of the clouds moving away. as he did begin to one cloud dissipate
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take a look at what is waiting out west, you can see some readings in the 60 degree range is the air mass that is moving to chicago. at the moment it is very mild we have temperatures in the upper 40's, but we do have temperatures in the low 50s. what ever happened to that rain producing system? it has pushed off to the east now so we have some clear sailing. check this@q out a surge of very cold @qair is expected for the middle or late of next week. it these are frost advisory's and
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freeze warnings in effect for that area tonight. they are looking at overnight temperatures in the 30 degree range. this is wind plot. you can see one system moving in for the weekend, by as we move to tuesday looks like it can produce some winds and rain. and behind that and other system there are moving in at about 82 day interval \ the afternoon we are looking at beautiful weather sunny skies, soft breezes temperatures between 50-58 degrees. tomorrow what a day bright and
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at some shining temperatures range from 55-60 degrees. we will finish up sunday with some morning sunshine then we will see a shower or two later in the day. every part of the area has a slight chance of rain. temperatures on sunday will be a pleasant 60 degree range. all this cold air is moving down from canada think your to.
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>>m the medical watch danish researchers say do not worry about cancer from your cellphone. they studied the 350,000 a cell phone users over a 18 year. . longtime users it had the same risks as. a short time asusers. researchers say that we are taking into much sodium. they recommend people over the age of 51, blood pressure and african-americans should cut down on the sodium. today is a national mammogram day is part of breast cancer
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awareness month. most women have mammograms every other gear beginning at the age 50 instead of every year beginning at age of 40. some health officials suggest that screening decisions should be based on a woman's individual risk as well as her values. >> which dog read it was originally raised to haunt lions? we will8évxó0%xpév@' xvp6pmh? 7@xs0ñxr0?÷z@8@?x>÷÷óú/xw0ñérxsx6÷sxzxíérxrú>÷,÷w@6xsérprxrérxrxs ÷rpoéwéwx7xx7(5txz÷xst#8g÷sért[÷óxsxvér
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center to do. can watch the ceremony right here on the wgn. patrick sharp gets a rebound in scores be go ahead bowl. they go on to win a 3-1 in for two straight victories on the road. there is still no news conference scheduled to announce theo epstein are rival on the north side. the plan is for him to become the president of baseball operations and he will then hired the padres jed hoyer as the new general manager. in two of the world series in st. louis. it was scoreless in the fifth. rangers tied the game in the ninth with eight sacrifice
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fly ball and then michael young kids and then their first lead with another. they hold on to win 2-1 now the series goes to texas to more knight tied at one. coming up next is your illinois lottery drawning... good afternoon everyone here's your midday lottery numbers. good luck pick 3- 1,3,8. pick 4- 2,110.
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have a great afternoon.
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the chicago bears are all business in london with their showdown against the tampa bay buccaneers. >> hey there guys i am here in london. we have clouds and fog and in tonight. the team had practiced this morning that took place at a cricket field. and some of the guys could not resist taking a shot or killed. he shows some good form. they asked brian the sport would ever catch on here in it soccercraze
12:46 pm
seat soccerzy soccer town i think it is important to show the rest of the world health on the sport really is. not one person here and london knew about the bears and tampa bay buccaneers' game. we will
12:47 pm
see what happens, sunday night here in london. >> it will be interesting to see how many people show up. the lunch break is coming up. >> we are going to go shopping in our studio today hundred girl lisa shares her supermarket survival tips [ marge ] psst. constipated?
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phillips' caplets use magnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna... time now for lunch break lisa
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lillien is here. i talked to a nutritionist about this before about having a strategy before you go in to the supermarket. >> in a perfect world it would be great to do that, but there are so many things we like and crave. we have some dairy products here. this is half the calories and have the fat of butter but is made with yogurt. >> it actually taste like butter
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and that is great. >> my husband thinks it is better than butter i also love almond milk. this is half the calories of skim milk. you can use the almond milk for creamer or milk i even used it in my serial it tastes great. this is a can of pumpkin. i love to use this i can make a cake with this and the mix i don't use any butter or any aches or
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anything just the pumpkin can and deep cake mix. international auto finance, i love this won ton wrapper. these are 17 cals each ebay them instead of frying them they are so good. and these are tofu and noodles it can be a pause the substitutesta substitute. next the produce aisle i may starched maniac. this is a spaghetti squash you can make so many things out of this.
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i have some bread here, luckily for us flat is where it is thatat. they are smaller portions they are 100 cals but it is enough for a burger or a sandwich, again you want to read the labels and stick to 100 cals. and finally moving on to the snacks people, say potato chips are responsible for the weight gain in this country. my favorite potato chips are popped potato chips. they come in as
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little back. >> i love them and love that consistency a lot of snacks say they are low-fat but are they really?. >> if it says low-fat it should be low-fat watch out for buz werez. >> thank you so much for coming in lisa code for web site for more information will be right back ugh, my feet are killin' me. well, we're here to get you custom orthotic inserts. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center recommends the custom-fit orthotic that's best for your tired feet. foot-care scientists are behind it. you'll get all-day relief. for your tired achy feet. for locations, see thank you...
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the answer to today's trivia question, which dog was originally bred to hunt lions. the answer is... it will be warm tomorrow we will have a lot of sunshine just like today. this cold front will
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make its way into chicago and put temperatures in the '60s. we have rain coming every other day starting in the middle of next week. it will be extremely nice day tomorrow but overall a beautiful weekend it across chicago. >> thank you for joining us today we are going to leave you with more music from chicago blues great corky siegel have a great weekend.
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