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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 23, 2011 9:00pm-9:40pm CDT

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putnam >> i wasn't just getting rescued and it was for costs that i believe in. i knew it was for a cause that i believed in. >> more on the chicago leg of the occupied protests and where the protesters are going next.
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>> 130 protesters were arrested last night they're still being released in someone not released until tomorrow but supporters of the occupied chicago movement say they will not be deterred. >> he was one of 130 occupy chicago protesters carted off to jail last night for refusing to leave when grant park closed at 11:00. today supporters of the movement cheered as o'hare and others trickled out of the first district police station released on ayman, he said it was a night behind bars for a good cause. >> when i showed up with my back i wasn't leaving i didn't want to get arrested but i wasn't going to leave your them occupy chicago has been protesting daily at jackson and less self in the financial district, last week 175 people were arrested as the group set up camp trying to establish a new home in grant
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park. organizers say five people arrested that were arrested again during round two and they will have to spend another night in jail pending court hearings tomorrow. >> think rahm emanuel is probably extremely hostile towards this movement and he communicates that to his utter silence. >> the mayor's office issued a statement saying that the city has supported their right to sue protests freely. for now the group vowing to do whatever it takes to get their message out the month-long movement showing no sign of slowing down. >> i want to stop saying 1% of the richest and wealthiest
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people controlling so much of the money in the country. organizers claim that some people who were arrested were denied due process in some are questioning why it is taking so long to release everyone, that is why they're still out here waiting. police did i send out a statement saying the department processes are rusty's without unnecessary delays following department policy while safeguarding constitutional rights. two nurses who were volunteering at a first aid station were among those arrested last night so now the group's national nurses united is leading a protest to our morning at the mayor's office at city hall. >> on the northwest side chicago police detectives have been looking for a motive in the shooting death of a man at his own birthday party. two men were shot by the mess gunmen at the
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belmont neighborhood at about 2:00 a.m. this morning it happens outside the second story apartment and the 2100 block of north look clair avenue. a 23 year-old died at illinois masonic medical center and the other victim was hospitalized, no word on who was responsible or why he may have opened fire. >> to people are being questioned by police after another cpa iphone robert a woman notified cpa personnel that she had been robbed at gunpoint on the red line harrison street platform this afternoon, police pulled two men off the train at the cermack chinatown station the southbound train was stopped for about a half-hour ball police looked for suspects. >> and other cell phone robert, this one targeted at northwestern university student evanston last night evanston police say the minister was walking south on sheridan road when he was approached from behind by a man who asked for
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the time, the student turned right on the anniversary toward the dormitories and other rubber followed and said he had a knife and demanded the phone and punched the student and the face, took the phone and ran away. the parents of all local murdered college student tried to give the 18 month old cold case to jump-start by posting 500 fliers today in some south side chicago neighborhood. the 20 year-old was a photography student, at columbia college when he went missing back in march 2010, his body was found in the river, he suffered head injuries in drowned. his parents are hoping someone comes forward with information. friends and family posted fliers in chinatown at around 95th
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street red line station anyone with information is asked to call chicago police. doctors at children's memorial hospital in chicago have come out in favor of automated speed enforcement saying that it would save children's lives. they were joined by chicago public schools ceos and she was there to the voice of fortune of proposed legislation that would allow a red light cameras to be used to speed enforcement devices brizard and noted that one-third of chicago public school students walk to school and that means exposure to chicago drivers. >> when you look at the statistics and you know what it does to a kid if it saves one life one family's pain, it is worth it. this is not about revenue. any money would go back to safety enhancement and creating more safety around the school. >> read like camera opponents like the national motorists
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association say that the cameras encourage revenue driven enforcement of statistics show there are 861 accidents involving pedestrians within a quarter of a mile of a school or park in chicago between 2005- 2009. >> a vote coming up in the state senate this week could affect your checking account the proposal of an annual rate tight on utilities rate height on utilities, they urged lawmakers that one high grades every year for the next 10 years, aarp says its poll of 800 registered voters found that nearly seven in 10 oppose the annual increase even if it would improve reliability and prevent outages. >> we know the people are with us we want our legislators to listen better to the voters, consumers of illinois families and businesses. governments
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spend a lot of money on electricity to. >> the governor vetoed the bill in september the aarp poll says 52 percent said they would not vote for a lawmaker who voted for the annual rate hike. the poll is not legitimate or credible some are claiming. the bears will are battling and in london. a couple of drinks for cheaper than flying across the pond the see the game in person. rich king is live in london. how did they look? >> the bears looked fantastic this afternoon for a good portion of time, second half picked up but they're done with
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the game in the first half. we're standing in the lobby of the marriott hotel which is the press headquarters for the media here. it is just after 3:00 a.m. in london we are very happy because the bears won the game, earlier before the game there was a special nfl's sponsored tailgate party which was quite amusing, everybody having lots of fun. lots of bears fans in the crowd. the people in joining the festivities. not a typical tailgate party. we talked to a couple of people, one lady who brought in on foreign perce band with her. >> this is the baby's first bears game. i came a little early for my husband his birthday as in december. i said i'm going to be all well. an
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early birthday present. go bears. >> i have lived here for two years. , new york native. >> she was from weed and illinois and having a great time actually. 76,000 fans showed up most of the crowd was at tampa bay crowd. lots of bears bands but i think tampa edged out. lots of bears sans lots of bears fans. amonte
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>> he will be back instant replay with more. still to come this sunday finding i knew it leader in libya. crowds gathered to celebrate the country's liberation from moammar gadhafi's a row. racing against the clock searching for survivors while hundreds are feared dead in a massive earthquake in turkey. >> radar is showing some nasty weather headed towards the chicago area, it could be a little wet over the next couple of hours. details into the fall forecast still ahead. details into details into the full ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪ ♪ ooh baby (what) can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis a patented
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so far 130 people are reported dead after eastern turkey was struck by 7.2 magnitude earthquake this morning. >> it's the most powerful earthquake that turkey has experienced in more than one decade. a 7.2 magnitude quake shook the eastern part of the country just north of avaunt sunday. emergency crews and citizens go through debris and rubble from dozens of collapsed buildings looking for survivors. shocked residents filled the streets crying while some of the injured were carried out of the student dormitory and apartment buildings. this was turned into a makeshift hospital in a series of aftershocks the last quick of the size and turkey nearly one dozen years ago killed nearly
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900 people. there is reason to believe this time will not be as bad. >> there is hope that the damage hasn't been that great, one of the reasons i suspect is because it occurred in the afternoon on a sunday afternoon there were not people asleep or at work, we're hoping the damage will be lower than might have been suspected otherwise. >> rescue teams are working to survey the damage as countries around the world offer their support. >> it is independence day in libya, the country's new rulers declared the country free from moammar gadhafi's 42 years of dictatorship. the future of democracy and promised to uphold islamic law appeared still there is concern about how the duffy was killed and the disturbing when his body was put on display. the u.s. and its multiple human rights groups are calling for an investigation into his death secretary of
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state hillary clinton weighed in this morning. >> we also strongly support the transitional national council of libya's foreign independent investigation because as libya's move into the future they need to do so with a sense of unity and reconciliation. >> obama welcomed the declaration liberation, secretary general says that the united nations will help build a new libya. >> police in china have arrested two drivers suspected of running over a toddler. security cameras captured the hit and run police identified the victims or rather the vehicle, the two year-old girl died one week after she was hit on a busy market street and then ignored by passersby the incident triggered global outrage in the debate about morals and china's fast changing society. >> coming up, he is wanted for questioning and a north chicago
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murdered that started as a small argument. the fed's need your help to find this fugitive. >> a mile high marriage proposal, find out how delta brought this local couple together. see
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guy with the wrong rap sheet. and it is those weapons which but ellis on the fugitive hunters listed this time, wanted for questioning and the north chicago mortar that began with an arsonist. >> and that altercation and there was a an exchange of gunfire. and one person was killed. we want to speak to him. amigos by the street name of the deed and could be anywhere from southeastern wisconsin between milwaukee and connection to the north suburbs of chicago even rockford northwest indiana. he served time for pedaling hard drugs. and he served time up in
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wisconsin for disarming a police officer appeared >> and his most recent mug shot he was clean shaven but can now have facial hair like this. at 5 ft. 9 heat and blend into a crowd but may stand out now with his three tattoos one on his upper right arm another on his blogger right arm into this one across his upper back. the cops say he may be staying with one of several girlfriends and being protected by his ever shrinking circle of friends. >> he knows that the police will come across and if you will soon be arrested. he has to look out whenever he moves. >> the fugitive hunters will take cash for information that leads to his arrest. you will remain anonymous. but the fugitive hunters sean lewis wgn news.
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line of storms right here. very impressive. this will take another hour to hour and a half to push on to chicago. as it does some rain and lightning with this. we're expecting more stormy weather late tuesday. 60 degrees outdoors, it feels very summary outdoors in chicago at the moment. some areas could hit close to 75 by tuesday. but what are computer is suggesting, another cold outbreak coming at around thursday-friday but the air just head of the approaching cold could be quite warm into that would be on tuesday temperatures 70-75 over much of
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the area but clouds will be building into what some sunshine and could temper the temperature is a bit. temperatures above 5-15 mi. per hour. we're watching very closely. these are is to concede some two. numbers. still fairly low bow will be rising as the brain develops. also we have a tropical depression in the caribbean, should this develop into a tropical storm and is expected to, it will become a rita rina r i n a. it is expected to impact the yucatan peninsula of mexico probably around friday. now let's check our forecast. for tonight we're looking a cloudy skies passing showers with some thunder expected. we will keep that in
9:30 pm
the forecast as well. low temperature 45-50 and then for monday some sun gusty and breezy and i stay. monday night winds died down but increase all little later with winced sticking up between 4-12 mi. per hour. by tuesday close increasing again and ran by the afternoon but check out those projected high temperatures. 68- 75 degrees. quite unusual in october. the 74 cast as suggesting a high temperature of 47 degrees. the seven the day forecast is suggesting... the 7 day forecast is suggesting...
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love is in the area and it comes right back down terrorists. >> chicago mayor proposed on board a delta flight. she said yes. love is in the air and it comes right back down to earth. it has been a fairy tale from the moment we met and i cannot say how lucky i feel. i would joke with her and tell
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her that when we get engaged it will happen on a delta flight. i have already drawn to these things up. >> a diamond ring seals the deal that will take delta to their honeymoon destination the airline surprised the coupled with a free trip for their honeymoon. congratulations. >> he obviously had a flight plan, he was not winning it. >> time to bring in dan. >> got a million of them.
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