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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 24, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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heo epstein at wrigley field talking to somebody left behind about the leader in the windy city wgn news @ 9 things happened in the community like the poor woman who passed away we want our community back >> and great residents of rally in the streets of bridgeport recent spike in violent crime beaten to death in her own garage good evening murder in bridgeport
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>> rally by residents not diminishing in fact increasing in size and a couple of dozen growing to a couple of hundred folks angry and upset in bridgeport tonight mothers walked daughters to france house at two days away too afraid to let them do in a load wanting them to enjoy themselves but afraid to let them go found dead in garage next to still running a car and beloved 72 year-old suffered blunt force trauma to the head during what police called apparent robbery >> a lot of changes longtime
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residents say into more crime on the street for all of the 78 years >> it is unfair what is going on in our world? >> people getting robbed at gunpoint people getting stabbed to just all kinds of nonsense >> virginia perillo honored at rush medical center for 40 years of nursing friends there are inconsolable neighbors at bridgeport just frightened >> seriously kind of scared and thought this was a nice area thought we were on the better side of bridgeport but apparently we are not something like this happens right next door to you kind of terrified now >> brownley @ chanting continues 33rd at cornell family
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here not just the crowd still grieving across the street but hopeful person tells me optimistic that his mother's killer will soon be caught. live in bridgeport >> chicago police looking into a hazing incident procter high- school football coach one coach reported for seniors allegedly beaded freshman on the team with a bell to the victim 14 years old to assistant coaches charged in connection for students charged with misdemeanor battery other players tell chicago tribune one coach told players too hasty player another allegedly videotaped both coaches will be dismissed for students also face 10 day suspension possibly expulsion say tonight not tolerating casing acts of violence against students. >> tonight apparent police chase
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ended with crash on the west side robbery suspect climbed into another car said three people to hospitals what a jury just a boy children's hospital >> pretty serious crash happened on the city's west side beginning of the evening rush a couple of police acknowledging crashed result of a chase source telling us otherwise three people as you said have been injured two men into a boy brought here to children's memorial hospital possible police chase began on the city's west side of route 430 pm the suv broadsiding a nissan maxima 4700 block of west at grant one man and boy inside the vehicle not involved in the alleged chase. the other meant being called an offender by one in the suv authorities also say the suv did in prior robbery the driver to cop speeding when police
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officer tried to pull him over near right and the cicero driver going mile and half of cicero and ought to grant slanted to the nissan maxima those who heard the crash work to nearby tell us in number of spots on the scene within seconds of. the impact police department not giving any official acknowledgement what led up to the crash investigators were on the scene tonight collecting evidence offender brought to illinois masonic hospital in good condition and the man in the boy in the other bickell listed with not like texting injuries the boy at children's memorial hospital so far no charges have been filed found in church parking lot baby just days old inside shopping back members of schaumberg's gospel presbyterian church discovered the bag left on top of vehicle inside asian girl 5 pounds 9 ounces umbilical cord still attached good condition nearby hospital police looking
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to speak to the mother. >> first and foremost want to make sure she has met mentally and physically healthy not coerced or forced to abandon the baby >> under illinois law parent may give child up fire stations police stations hospitals but not churches once broke released from hospital children and family will take custody of any information about the case called schaumburg police department. closing arguments expected for the extortion trial power broker william cellini attorneys for both sides agreed with judge today to discuss what the jury will be told before closing arguments william cellini attorneys may call one more defense when vistamar decided last week not to take stand in his own defense accused of trying to extort campaign contribution hollywood producer to help former governor rod blagojevich. >> a new boss in town city north
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side theo epstein seen at wrigley field today set to be named the cubs president of baseball operations during a news conference tomorrow theo epstein it did not have anything to say today cannot escape cameras walking to and from wrigley field to lunch leaving the position of boston red sox general manager where he helped guide the team to a pair of world series championships with that franchise start to sense championship since babe ruth days to defeat curse of bambino can he help chicago cubs curse of the goat? joining us by telephone heidi watney red sox reporter for new england sports network how are you? >> good >> what is the reaction there? what can we expect? >> a lot of people say not his fault to the september collapse which has course of course has been everything people talking about in boston but the past month but because of the collapse i think that people are more accepting of the departure
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because they want change and dancers something different team has not won a postseason game in three years obviously none of that is theo epstein faults the day-to-day operations he assembled a team on paper should be best in baseball and was fourth four months in the year rough start in april at the collapse captain of a postseason as far as what chicago cubs fans can thus expect to build an amazing baseball operations and scouting and development department with the deep red sox at going to do the same with chicago cubs negotiating with the compensation he says the club's farm station so depleted he can improve right away >> a knock on theo epstein it is that he has made some big free
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agency moves that have not worked out expensive ones that is something the cubs have to do battle with as well what is your analysis? he definitely has the thing is with a big market teams you can make those mistakes you can afford to make those mistakes smaller market teams cannot afford to go after carl crawford and john lackey tampa bay would have kept them down here i think he will rebound but he has those others lugo lackey just one of those things when you can afford to do those things looking at jd drew makes 14 million a year been an incredible productive player you cannot look at his salary compared to all their right fielders he is right there in terms of defense and top-notch everything else with offense in
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the clutch and i think that big market teams can afford to make those mistakes >> heidi watney sports network on the fact that the cubs now have theo epstein >> can soon cost you more to buy a liquor in cook county taxes raised on some of those products and the creek right great white shark hunt search for a man eater kicks into high gear after death of american about to get warmer and wetter jim ramsey talking about rainfall coming hello jim ramsey. wgn news @ 9
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in space? [ laughs ] well, not anymore obviously. look how it cleans. just stop. [ male announcer ] mr. clean magic eraser kitchen scrubber. its clean is out of this world. wgn news @ 9 $3.2 billion plan with a big fat $300 million hole cook county board president coming up with a few ideas how to plug the hole not everybody will like this more details >> targeting a select few smokers and drinkers new car owners anybody parking in a paid garage county address the gains are modest but necessary tony preckwinkle was the budget passed and on time taxes taxes and more taxes cook county more taxing to come just as the cook county board president unveiled
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a budget tomorrow plan to tax consumers at parking garages car dealership and a liquor store. gold crown liquors on north side afraid could be 0 and up small businesses who cannot purchased in bulk looking to charge 20-50 percent more in taxes to help stop bleeding of county budget >> basically the consumer loses consumer loses we at me as a business owner r. luce losing proposition for everybody >> smokers targeted surprisingly far from offended >> good way to make people quit smoking. already astronomical price more incentive to quit >> not only higher taxes on luxury items like yachts and new cars also layoffs not too far off more than 1000 of them in the county all the savings combined public $110 million approved by county
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commissioners called the preckwinkle happy to say making good on her campaign promise to eliminate sales tax increases put in place by her predecessor. 2008 todd stroger and penny on the dollar sales-tax hike boosting to highest in the country taxes she proposes boost tobacco and others just small part of the budget plan she said >> we have done the taxpayers a great service dramatically reducing modest increases >> continuous at add-ons' much be up to people lot going on now i do feel for the people >> other people taking part in shared sacrifice preckwinkle told us cook county residents who live in unincorporated areas they might see a new tax altogether president also proposing to reduce costs at the jail and a juvenile detention center non-violent offenders could face electronic monitoring instead of jail time by the way parking for jury duty court
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county criminal building 26 and california may be a thing of the past in the game of shared sacrifice >> legislation aimed at cleaning up pension abuses unanimously cleared a committee today will now go to full house for consideration in springfield minority leader tom cross findings of wgn tribune investigation called an outrageous republican spearheaded closing of 1991 pension code loophole exposed in our report. allowed city workers who moved to union management jobs to collect a city pension based on not lower city salary but on much higher union salaries. 23 union leaders reported on will use this perk to collect millions over their expected lifetime. >> it was rebuilt falsified documents were filed with pension boards said not receiving pensions when in reality ultimately found out that they were in fact receiving union pension while
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there were trying to receive a city pension >> tom cross says he has 3 goals with legislation closing 1991 pension law loophole but making the language of the law more exclusive so that people cannot legally double dip getting two pensions for working one job. and the third pension board held accountable to report fraud and not ignore or encourage as shown in aren't news reports. still ahead president obama try to revive a struggling housing market what offering some homeowners under water with home mortgage and, in the courtroom next crucial phase trial of michael jackson's doctor beginning. i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. i don't have time for the flu. that's why i'm knocking things off my to-do list. vitamin d -- done. hand sanitizer -- done. hey, eric, i'm here for my flu shot. sorry, didn't make an appointment. well, you don't need one.
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wgn news @ 9 death toll in turkey continues to rise rescue workers scramble to find earthquake survivors over to its 75 people already reported that another 1300 injured 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit over the weekend first several aftershocks turkey emergency responders pushed to the maximum >> rescue people came late cannot make it any quicker. yesterday we tried to pull the rubble ourselves but what can human power do? >> survivors and rescue workers also battling near freezing temperatures forcing some people to burn wood from collapsed buildings for bork. shark hunters set baited hooks toppled australia's coast looking to catch american diver killed by the great white
9:21 pm
shark, witnesses saw a great white shark george thomas wainwright while diving with friends houston texas man recently worked in australia on a work visa third attack in australian waters and last two months search research shark researchers condemning the hunt on the endangered species no way to tell which shark killed george thomas wainwright. declaring if congress will not act he will president obama resorting to executive orders to improve struggling economy president driving home message in a loss biggest town hard hit by the housing crisis unveiling new guidelines to help owners refinance federal backed mortgages. still millions of americans who worked hard acting responsibly paying their mortgage payments on time now that homes are worth less than the zero on their mortgage having trouble getting refinancing even though mortgage rates are at record lows. now people whose columns all loans are underwater can apply for refinancing as long as they have
9:22 pm
been making payments last six months and they can avoid paying again for mortgage insurance by changing old policy to the new loan. first lady michelle obama to chicago travel the country to promote healthy eating teaming up with mayor rahm emmanuel for a conference about food desert to low-income neighborhoods on the south side food desert sot places where there are few grocery stores are around visited walgreen's on the south side recently began offering fresh produce and to the iron street farms 33rd and iron which produces healthy food year round. attorneys for michael jackson's doctor called first witnesses today dr. conrad murray years questioned a doctor who says he warned the singer against taking medication intravenously the defense also finished cross examining the prosecution's propofol expert standing by plea that dr. conrad murray is responsible to the singer's death defense calling 13 witnesses in total no word on whether dr. conrad murray
9:23 pm
himself will take the stand coming up out mother's exposure to bpa could impact her children's behavior and occupy wall street protest getting ugly after the armrest of two nurses
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9:25 pm
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bpa and behavior linked to social and emotional problems with mother and children children more likely to experience anxiety depression and hyperactivity as toddlers compared to children of mothers who had average exposure bpa bpa found in plastics and metal food cans for every increase in bpa tenfold in mothers level 6 points lower in behavioral scale for children. looking into chill child's mouth doctor say might be able to tell if they have narrowed about a mental disorder associated with anxiety and social difficulties autism like to an airwave disorder according to study of it journal pediatrics enologist able to see the variation in the airwaves for autistic children versus those who did not have autism is researchers excited about what they believe first
9:27 pm
anatomical marker for autism. possible wait to see a test for the disorder. one of the warning about facial other silicone injections may prove deadly lethal ended near the pope secundus usage on the rise people with the injections to pump the face and get rid of recalls adverse reactions including death liquid silicone has caused breathing problems nerve damage and blood clots. death from silicone embolism syndrome high as 33%. most plastic surgeons do not use of liquid silicone however illegal use is on the rise. back to you. >> coming up rainfall clouds in the forecast in for a few days jim ramsey where it will likely fall out to the break.
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9:31 pm
warming in fact four degrees above normal for this day. up to 63 degrees just a beautiful day in chicago. even warmer tomorrow as we said with temperatures expected in the low-mid-70s across the area. take a look at this radar satellite composite you can just see the cloud is beginning to sneak in pushing across iowa into illinois clear skies for the moment in chicago going to change those clouds of thickening up filling the skies from those clouds and tomorrow afternoon or evening showers may be thunderstorms by the way you may have noticed thunderstorms last night put down about 2,807 in. according to the forecast model we can see not a big grain producer expected rainfall come again tomorrow night but it is something. it generally range between 1000 s and 20 hundreds of an inch. at the moment is 49
9:32 pm
degrees o'hare airport but that the warmer numbers to the south and west some areas warm to the low 80s and kansas city one example warm air coming up in the southwest going to be our bonus tomorrow. again it will be cloudy temperatures tonight not at all uncomfortable this time of the month notice in the 40's some of the bust and a far western suburbs of lake water temperature are around 54-53 degrees of course the temperature also a lot chicago lakefront what we are watching to the bubble there on a jet stream map showing warm air, no. what about tomorrow looking at what follows cold air south out of canada thursday friday probably saturday and a little bit of a warm-up be on that going into the week beyond notice more cold there is expected to comment beyond that. in that timeframe of the year
9:33 pm
looking for a chunk of cold air after another with the speed tonight not at all bad but the wind speed generally 4-10 mi. per hour tonight in the area clear early clouds increasing the story low temperature of 41-46 degrees tomorrow clouds continue to increase wind it stronger could be just better than 30 mi. per hour temperatures 71-75 degrees tomorrow night 45-50 m.p.h. should get rained in but that with thunder and lightning mostly cloudy skies forecast model suggesting rainfall mostly in the form of some passing showers. no thunder expected wednesday with temperatures in the '50s of course the big story bigger story i should say thursday high temperature 47 degrees. talking about that rest of the seven day forecast and a few minutes back >> nurses storm city hall of
9:34 pm
curious to of their own or rested occupy chicago protest march to mayor emmanuel office saying free speech trampled handcuffed sunday morning in grant park in member >> does not respect the tradition of free speech pre assembly to write for people to stand up and protest and he does not support the right of first responders to give basic medical care to protesters >> nurses say they are fed setting up a first aid tent for protesters may respond it has to balance free-speech rights of a curfew law closing grant park at 11:00. among the many challenges unemployed that the loss of income and health care depression growing problem tonight shining a light on that problem and a solution first step in chicago also wal-mart ready to make the deal with holiday shoppers. >> back in the sports office to deal finally brought theo
9:35 pm
epstein chicago a sighting today not at a coffee shop actually at the ballpark >> first guy to get blown off as a reporter by theo epstein in his best for tomorrow live at 11:00 tomorrow morning more on theo epstein a cup and chicago bears back from london talking about their game against the tampa bay buccaneers and the nba to lose another trumped up season sports coming up 9:55 a.m.. should we spend it wandering in some home improvement warehouse crowd: no! i say we go to ace crowd: yeah! get help when we walk in the door because we will maintain our homes d our weekends crowd: yeah! get your weekend back at ace the helpful place these dogs wake up too early! you know what else is early? medicare open enrollment. now through december 7th. can i stick with my old medicare plan? sure! or find a new plan with better
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headache, diarrhea and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. wgn news @ 9 losing a job can leave you broke and break your spirit depressed unemployed by the help that local clinic open doors and open hearts >> power of a paycheck apparently more than just economic local doctor and a counselor found many people suffering psychologically and physically from loss of jobs now applying resources to help the uninsured and unemployed. counseling sessions like shoulder to lean on >> crying everyday every day i was crying and it is hard >> four people on their last legs. dawn sgarlata unemployed for two years and counting in addition to losing a paycheck dawn sgarlata says lost
9:39 pm
confidence and feeling of self- worth >> baylis solo do not want to go on >> sitting down our eight week helped mother overcome overwhelming depression >> you feel very worthless and you have a family is like you are letting them down yourself down am i good enough? am i stupid? what am i doing wrong? >> more than 20,000 people in chicago land area are unemployed just like dawn sgarlata most lose health insurance and other benefits along with their jobs. founders of the old urban park community clinic saw an emerging health crisis decided to focus on leading medical needs of the onshore and unemployed. all of the care is free >> minor problems >> co-founder doctor charles martinez estimates more than 140,000 people in neighborhoods around the clinic does not have insurance roughly 400 patients in here come from different
9:40 pm
backgrounds but all have the same need for immediate treatment >> most of them life-threatening illnesses chronic batt but diabetes, heart disease cancer most common co-founder george matlezos that the health professional noticed many patients another problem in common >> pretty serious psychological issues anxiety depression direct result of being unemployed >> george matlezos and charles martinez say psychological and physical effects of depression due to unemployment going untreated around the country until now >> coming to us with nowhere to turn able to provide intervention >> it is nice to somebody cares >> des dawn sgarlata spratly in need of intervention came here with health problem returns for weekly counseling >> is very frustrating >> counselors professionals focused on the frustrations realities of the down job market
9:41 pm
giving as much time to work with problems with professional easier to vent to cry express feelings here >> do not want to talk to family members and neighbors did not want them to know these felix >> job market has not improved since coming to the old urban park community clinic but it's dawn sgarlata and better health better spirits >> thank you very much >> dr. charles martinez george matlezos estimate one of 10 unemployed patients suffer from this kind of depression also believe in the percentage holds true around the country all treatment they're made possible by cash donations and doctors and nurses volunteering to give money or time to the old urban park community clinic go to our website for more information >> coming up racetracks hard to sell in springfield gambling or bust they say also making the big push for holiday shoppers now wal-mart moved to match all
9:42 pm
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from gazers... to grazers... kenmore is in the lives of over 100 million americans. that's why no fridge in america has more capacity. we put more in so you get more out. kenmore. wgn news @ 9 some illinois lawmaker is counting votes trying to override governor pat quinn
9:45 pm
veto of casino gambling expansion of returning to springfield forkballs session this week one key issue ouzel to allow addition to slot machines in racetracks illinois horseman hoping he will reconsider the position no longer a level playing field with iowa and indiana not equipped with slot machines not just the wealthy track owners who will suffer without the slot machines >> approximately 1500 horses in the backstretch of popcorn we figure somewhere in neighborhood of 1000 workers who live here on the backstretch or in and around the surrounding community working with the horses at all for bamut trainers and jockeys stableman's whole community of workers will be out of work they say critics argue horseracing is dying sport track and horse owners say attendance is still strong will not maintain without additions of slot machines at the tracks. city leaders interested in getting a gambling bills passed open allowing for chicago-based
9:46 pm
casino mayor emmanuel wants to use revenue by casino to pay for infrastructure project willing to work with sprint cup lawmakers to make it happen advocating compromise hoping all sides of the issue can come together to get a bill for chicago past >> back from the brink of foreclosure thanks to generous donations on the brink willie wilson this evening and will fundraiser made a donation to the school prevented 77 year-old institute from falling into foreclosure. >> night fundraiser to make sure we can sustain to make the school grow we have over 5000 students graduated from the school went on to the national leaders around the country and nation >> well said served as the school's chairman of the board of trustees chicago pabst @
9:47 pm
baptist international open to raise more funds wal-mart announced today new holiday price match guarantee buy something at wal-mart purchased cheaper another store later on wal-mart will refund the difference between november 1st-christmas eligible online pricing does not count refund bring in your receipt and the local competitor's advertised but for proof. very good jim ramsey weather center seven day forecast >> updating you on the progress of hurricane rena category one storm maximum sustained winds at 75 mi. per hour hurricane center suggesting could become a major hurricane tomorrow possibly a category three attracted west northwest about 3 mi. per hour by the end of the week could impact the eastern edge seven day forecast 74 degrees tomorrow rainfall perhaps thunderstorms late
9:48 pm
looking at the temperatures collapsed thursday friday saturday temperatures expected in the forties we do warm-up on sunday to 58 degrees and the following monday up to 60 degrees other rainfall in forecast may be short on friday tomorrow-wednesday could be a gap there you go mark the end micah >> nurses student protesters making voice is heard across the city and plus theo epstein finally are rides wrigley field chicago tribune photos of the day. more photos on our website
9:49 pm and the chicago coming up and did one team's long world series drought tomorrow theo epstein introduced as the man chicago cubs hope can put an end to their world series drought. chicago bears and bucs game feeling of european soccer match
9:50 pm
thanks to one guy exports next.
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get a single bill! what!? yeah, i used kmart layaway. i'm making small payments over 8 weeks. kmart layaway is the easy way to pay with no finance charges! just start with $5, plus a little down. now that's kmart smart. [ male announcer ] whether over a cup of maxwell house... or a can of paint... you came together to vote, to share... to volunteer. and now, thanks to you, 10 communities have more to smile about. what's next? tell us on facebook. we know one thing so far about theo epstein mastered the hold your cellphone add your year and to ignore the reporter looked at
9:53 pm
as a general manager a book right there have seen them all do that >> objective look at what the chicago cubs have on their 40 man roster and farm system for that matter you should realize going to take awhile to get this back into a playoff condition tonight i think a lot of chicago cubs fans say now that theo epstein running the show world series in the future not so fast but theo epstein the ground running in chicago at the park's most of the day breaking for lunch like jim hendry before him working in the cell phone. news conference on 11:00 a.m. tomorrow carried live wgntv and a clue what future plans the new regime is contemplating and in the meantime this is the kind of stuff floating around out there on the internet ricketts uttered curse cubs fans hoping what happened in boston can happen on the north side all starts coming into power tomorrow new
9:54 pm
theocracy, chicago bears leading london in the rearview mirror everybody looking as a positive easier to do that when you become a winner not a masterpiece yesterday but good enough talking a lot about matt forte deservedly so but she roy williams of danites the four catches first touchdown as chicago bear and defense had not had a takeaway in two weeks came up with four yesterday all interceptions including this one from brian urlacher iffy about the london trip going in but not coming out >> to me this is pretty cool not looking forward to it troubling and playing so quickly but the schedule cries when not tired and not rest stadium was cool the fans pretty loud at times it was great >> beautiful great city defense great fans great support for chicago fans out here, overall accident experience for us great
9:55 pm
experience great experience never been to london a great thing for the nfl we should keep this up >> blackhawks back at it tomorrow night at home against anaheim they are 4 1 2 first seven games could be better but shaky work and to shut out six cracks have not scored at practice today by cox ran a contest joel quenville holding auditions with one thought in mind about production something you want to talk about at the same time to not want the guys all the sudden more pressure anxiety going in there i think these guys all strong at scoring comfortable >> matter of time before we get better too many players scoring not right now we will be fined i think what it all comes together shootouts are a funny
9:56 pm
thing does not matter able to score we will seek got to keep working and hopefully we will get the extra points >> nba to cancel another two weeks of regular season games tomorrow and no further on the scheduled talks and clients quarterback matt to stafforhew stafford, might have heard of that semi streaker yesterday from our sideline cam high five think everybody would get it up and not finding out what prison food tastes like. what took them so long to get him? out there for a stroll of nervous about getting back data clearly he was weapons free i think except for going it >> last part of his pub crawl
9:57 pm
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