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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 25, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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students with whopping cough makanda recounted many believe the virus is quickly spreading. wgn news @ 9 going to make building a foundation for sustained success a priority >> from a been touted to chinatown taking over cubs baseball operations theo epstein do what you did there twice a wind at all. good evening top story. theo epstein making it official more on the do chicago cubs boss >> official since friday night theo epstein joining chicago cubs president of baseball operations spent the past couple of days exploring new surroundings and getting to know
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his new staff today inauguration day. cubs rolled out the welcome mat for theo epstein one of the most crowded media got a race longtime observers remembered testament to the buzz created to move from boston where he won two world series franchise where such triumphs have been painfully absent theo epstein intends to change that but stressed no shortcuts. >> new leadership it opportunity going to pursue on two fronts doing this the right way build a foundation for sustained success scouting player development looking at the major-league club see what buttons we can push to content as soon as possible. change is always difficult great opportunity to get better and become organization we wanted to be. >> theo epstein acknowledged where cubs are now it got to
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where they want to beat but more than enough resources to be victorious and pretty clear if he did not believe that would not have taken the job >> we can make this happen eventually quickly hopefully. chicago cubs fans in joining a new jolt of new found excitement. spending the evening at wrigley field tonight with their take on the chicago cubs >> brought their cameras along with dreams to corner of clark and aviston tonight to many disappointments past 200 years 100 years now some inspiration his name theo epstein cubs fans counted on him to turn things around. >> need somebody to believe and at the top a tough job the >> show's success that early shows the real deal can be cannot be that lucky that quake >> fans like his experience in political approach and winning record in boston won a fan hopes
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theo epstein deliver a check check after so lost >> can only hope and pray it will bring them and bought it world series of 100 years something has to work better remain optimistic >> president of baseball operations not asking poor free advice no shortage at the ballpark >> high profile picture go after a big bat dig in the farm system rebuild bring to the right people lead the right of free agents a good mix and just put a team on the field going to produce of championships >> anyone looking put instant gratification perhaps exercising patience with theo epstein could pay off the bench to lead >> people trust theo epstein they see but he has done with the red sox to know the trouble financially that contracts carlos zambrano they are going to understand and let theo epstein do his job of
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>> i give him three years and then i will start complaining again >> theo epstein still a young man the 37 years old but already sort of an hall of fame baseball career educated at yale took a job at san diego padres public relations department essentially elevated to team director of baseball operations padres president took a job as boston red sox president hired theo epstein to take over as general manager john age of 28 years old theo epstein went on to win a pair of world series titles in boston. first lady michelle obama chicago motorcade heading to airport tonight after a whirlwind day in: top >> two different themes on the agenda for first lady first getting more green vegetables into stores for american children the other getting some
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green at democratic caucus about five other people paid at least by potter dollars a piece up to $10,000 a piece to listen to michelle obama speak fundraiser. plumbers hall city west side tonight donors made their way into a fundraiser headlined by the first lady the last stop on a fund-raising tour to dead included detroit >> in between mrs. obama stopped at walgreen's addressing it mayors from around the country including rahm emmanuel here in chicago today to talk about food deserts goal to bring more fresh fruit to families and children and underserved communities >> studies have shown that people who live in communities with greater access to supermarkets they eat more fresh fruits and vegetables surprised batt but other companies including super value and all
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these similar pledges for fresh food stores in chicago and other cities >> make a commitment but first lady partnership for healthy america back in july to open to under 50 additional save all lot stores in food desert areas able to tell her a little bit ago we were able to open 14 more stores making the commitment to another in the city of chicago next month >> also stop at iron street urban farm south side praising for a recent change in law made it easier to operate small farms in the city and provide produce to local restaurants and stores >> with help of our leaders continued help of our leaders we can expand such a grand way really change the face of our children into a nation >> during her speech tonight fund-raising speech first lady told a crowd just thrilled to be back, even though did not get to
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go to my own house because after the speech flew back to washington >> still had an outbreak of a whopping cough northwest suburbs what measures officials are taking to keep it from spreading and a city crack down on pet owners who do not have dogs licensed, chicken pay in fines and a big chill setting in tom skilling back bringing in cold weather with them how long the thermometer will be low coming up will come back tom skilling
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it came from space. no. from a very clean alien civilization. that's crazy. crazy clean. what?! come on. [ male announcer ] mr. clean magic eraser bath scrubber. its clean is out of this world. wgn news @ 9 could the outbreak of whooping cough taking place mchenry county patients disease nearly doubled carry grove high school >> 25 cases reported by the mchenry department of health but they fear the numbers may go up because the last time they had an outbreak back in 2004 and they had about 80 cases reported back that fast forward to today what is going on now cases of first surfaced in mid september
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when nine students at carry grove high school by dust with whopping cough bacterial disease recognized by cough and some countries called the 100 takeoff because of how long it can last so far carried grove high school reported 21 cases as well as two cases and deer path elementary school also reporting to cases of a whopping cough school administrators doing their best to minimize inform nurses on the symptoms disinfecting surface this water fountain and doorknobs reminding students to call into their sleeves to wash hands regardless maybe all around for awhile >> spreads rapidly we currently have some cases waiting protest results i think we will see an increase in cases until things get under control worrying about something that has
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ramifications beyond the common cold but pretty comfortable with the way they have handled this >> just keeping everything clean washing our hands >> school using the same plan of attack the used during h1n1 sketch are some symptoms you want to be aware of rodney knows kickoff respiratory issues and the bombing can be the most damaging or worst felt by children as well as the elderly but the mchenry county department of health tells us of students diagnosed with the eldest all of them seem to be recovering well tonight that is the latest tonight >> may soon cost you more to take a taxi cab in chicago alderman ed proposing yesterday raising fares by $1 could generate $70 million in new revenue argued new stream of money could prevent cuts in other areas like reducing hours at libraries one taxi robbery spoke with not happy.
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>> extra on the meter they have no idea what is or they think it is part of the tap so they give you less tip >> city commissioner who oversees the regulations says a team is looking into potential fare hikes right out city taxi fare is $2.25. mayor emmanuel going after fido more specifically you fido's owner wants everybody who has a dog to buy a license do not have what you will be fined estimated less than 5% of people actually purchase dog tags when they should city animal care and control commission said it acquired and have been full and part-time fines for not getting tax breaks from 30-$200. the battle over the smart grid protesters to said on state capital pressure lawmakers not to push through a measure they say might result in higher
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governor veto power will survive the challenge appears likely not even less likely now some state lawmakers changing their minds >> said it will come to order had built raced through senate this afternoon by late in the day somehow democrats are breaking ranks reversing opposition statewide increase to power bills >> i think we need to do this right away working on this by tomorrow enough votes to override the governor's veto them up earlier aarp the outside capital: utility rate hike in the economic attack on the poor and aging batt but keep raising rates just to make a profit for people out of jobs and work how can you pay a larger rate? >> house and senate debate watched over literally by the utilities, and lobbying hard to get this passed governor no lost
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for words today says lawmakers should know better >> job to see the public interest is protected not the insiders bought the lobbyists there is no way to put a curfew on this stock and that is what it is >> unions called it a manageable increase paving the way for new badly needed jobs >> replacing aging infrastructure will put illinois inspect work reduce outages and in short liability >> then there is gambling gov. quinn laid out proposal last week far less expensive boats for over ride out there and he knows it >> stop the game playing stop the delays what ever else that are doing over there past their masterpiece may 31st bring in about make my day
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>> developing here today another diplomat lawmakers talking about speeding along the process by which there will decide whether to take away the pension of former governor rod blagojevich getting to that for he turns 55 in december talking about that utilities and gaming when they reconvene in the bortnick live state capital the jury expected to begin deliberations sometime tomorrow in the trial of william cellini illinois power william charged with fraud and attempted extortion of hollywood producer to make a campaign donation to former governor rod blagojevich closing arguments prosecution insisted william cellini own words secretly recorded telephone conversations with key and stuart levine prove he agreed to extortion plot defense countered calling stuart levine "whack job" in no extortion message on the report. man wanted for questioning about murder theo epsteiarrested thanks
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to wgn viewers 27 year-old heniken ellis said he saw somebody get shot and killed several of you is called police officials tracked him down like the nebraska yesterday arrested at least 20 times before central illinois morning loss of young lance corp. jordan bastean killed in combat yesterday while serving in afghanistan department of defense les details behind 19 year-old death lance corp. jordan bastean from pekin, illinois near peoria assigned to the marine corps based out of twentynine palms, california and was in afghanistan supporting operation enduring freedom >> a trial of michael jackson's doctor and nurse gives emotional testimony cherilyn lee propofol says singer begged for propofol to help sleep cherilyn lee
9:21 pm
stopped working poor michael jackson two weeks before the performer died refused to give him propofol prosecution claims michael jackson's doctor conrad murray cannot properly monitor the singer after administering administering the propofol if convicted the conrad murray spent four years in jail jurors who found casey anthony not guilty of murdering her daughter released to the public today identities made public three months after conference the decision the judge in the trial ordered them secret until now way to protect their pom a backlash from the public jurors acquitted at the on charges of murdering two year-old daughter in 2008 jury so far has not spoken to the media. coming up lessons in living cancer patient shares experience with incurable cancer and a fax on her family and lots of germs germs lurking lurking in places you use every type of public and not realize
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tonight's medical watch less than in living so often we hear about patients diagnosed early cancer can be successfully treated and cured there are other stories 37 years old learn to breast cancer spread to her bones and bone marrow. mother of two young boys wife extraordinary husband cancer patient trying to balance our roles while living with the devastating diagnosis not a story of battle fought and won instead candid portrait of a woman willing to share her experience with an incurable cancer affect on family and her
9:25 pm
lessons learned >> baseline mammogram when i was 35 years old and there was nothing. but two years later there was something. feeling sick for many months actually. in and out of the hospital countless test and then an answer breast cancer >> changing your life forever >> each day starts with a reminder that i have that take all my medicine before i go to bed so every day ends with a reminder that i have that, in between focuses on her boys >> just busy living >> then tell this doctor's visits medications and the dose of anxiety that comes with each stancan at this day on a
9:26 pm
department appointment to disappointment >> not the news was looking for there was progression in the bones >> report is a game changer for doctors drug that controls for cancer last 15 months stop working time it to move onto another treatment >> looking for treatments given quality of life keep us here as long as we can be here >> ridott not the elected battle and fighting i think women who die not that they did not fight hard and not have a very optimistic and positive husband and we have trouble this journey together he wanted to just live a life son with our eyes and wind in our hair >> what looked at her boys is clear facing uncertainty family thriving that message is clear >> my advice to just live a lie lifelike getting diagnosed with
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gorgeous day and then the bottom is done to come up >> there were forces far beyond my work what a day northern lights look at these pictures incredible professional photographer looking at lake superior amazing these things quite unusual totally red to scribers tell us means the colors emanating from the highest portion of the atmosphere about 180-300 mi. above the plan that just incredible colors tonight lightning lightning from the storm that went through saturday night quite a display tonight
9:31 pm
with 450 cloud-ground lightning strokes transitioning to air mass more comfortable in mid november than in october temperature drop on the way it gorgeous day to day warmest in almost 13 days clouds assembling rainfall in this evening the weight of books on the satellite big november cool air mass lake on could produce inch of rainfall next couple of days put together lakeside counties shower batch went through watch this irruption thunderstorms at this hour still operates of 40,000 ft. lightning with vigor as you can see these things heaviest mainly to the south of the chicago area north and west cool air in control look at the lightning with the weather system observer
9:32 pm
in oak brook said quite a display tonight lightning saddling south downpour still coming down denver. was 81 degrees yesterday a foot of snow on the way talking about snow already cameras eisenhower tower above denver model with the showers moving south over night begins to develop lighter showers in the wake by morning noontime tomorrow tomorrow evening showers with north northeast winter temperatures 25 degrees cooler than those we saw today at 74 degrees today o'hare midway 75 degrees at the lakefront opera low 40's-'50s upper forties on thursday and tomorrow night the lake of fact plume develop parallel the wind coming down the lake late to affect rainshowers models to pulping some areas just north and west. not sure we will get
9:33 pm
those down to the ground but it will be close but that the rainfall predicted right here each one varies quite dramatically heaviest rainfall indicated by the shoreline we have had a couple of ones as much of an inch of rainfall may come down the wind gusted to 30 degrees from the south still blowing vigorously turning northeast here is the air mass spelling and as that happens " taking shape when to level chill developing northern reaches 43 degrees green bay at 45 degrees twin cities and 39 degrees alexandria the air mass ratings have plunged 20-40 degrees on the front slopes of the rocky starting to smell 11 degrees warmer blue all over the map
9:34 pm
went aground north-northeast temperatures as warm as 68 degrees frankfort 61 degrees half an inch of rainfall some of our weather bug rain gauges as you can see down to 60 degrees at o'hare 70 degrees to lead midway point fast 52 degrees at mchenry first rainfall for the area 73 degrees temperatures dominated area today cool weather big weather story up to an inch of rainfall scattered and exciting areas in this region to the west snow winter storm warnings with advisory's for a red flag conditions could be dry wind and fires still out there cool air sprawling canadian high we read statistics
9:35 pm
to show average more days about a 71 percent probability 70 degree temperatures get to go do not see in the short term not totally done with warm weather had not begun summer yet cloudy several showers and storms light and breezy cooler 49 degrees by morning southwest wind had shifted and will shift if have not in our area of ready cloudy breezy: tomorrow scattered showers and sprinkles high temperature 51 degrees tomorrow night showers could be locally lake enhanced a lot like michigan temperatures down to the mid 30's mid-40s extensive cloudiness mid november level upper 40 degree temperatures thursday the weekend looks
9:36 pm
better talking more about that later >> coming up signs of life piles of devastation infant rescued from rubble after earthquake hit turkey and results of new study where germs are lurking may be surprised what everyday items like it cusecmight get you sick capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50 percent annual bonus. so you earn 50 percent more cash. if you're not satisfied with 50% more cash, send it back! i'll be right here waiting for it. who wouldn't want more cash? [ insects chirping ] i'll take it. i'll make it rain up in here. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? sorry i'll clean this up. shouldn't have made it rain.
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wgn news @ 9 little cry led to cheers earthquake ravaged turkey pressed to respond to week-old baby girl alive today collapsed apartment building. death toll reached 430 climate from sunday's earthquake in turkey also brought out alive on stretchers one rescuer says first time in 12 years on the job >> touching moment for us peaceful for everyone else >> however happiness rescues tempered by reality baby's father still trapped and may or may not have survived. last six months president obama authorized the navy seals to kill osama bin laden also approved sigel drone strike on american cleric in yemen also said it cut its troops in action seven countries political
9:40 pm
cartoonist opinion, chicago tribune political cartoonist is this a gun toting president? >> apparently running for reelection master in chief but the list of foreign policy successes they all seem to include killing somebody. for those of us up a certain age we can remember in the mid 1970 senator frank church had committee looking into the cia and fbi uncovered there were assassination plots lodged against various foreign leaders. americans believe it or not work surprise to do not get me wrong i do not mourn these guys very bad dudes but the problem if you sanction the assassination of foreign leaders nothing preventing them proud doing that to us and it could even happen that, that's
9:41 pm
my stantis for now up next reason to wear gloves massive amounts of germs on every day things you touch could call him the the cursinator but still theo epstein or about rival with the cubs a hollywood connections later in sports theo epstein tells rich king what he expects to meet with mike quade about his future as cubs manager let's ring you up. mary? what are you doing here? it's megan. i'm getting new insurance. marjorie, you've had a policy with us for three years. it's been five years. five years. well, progressive gives megan discounts that you guys didn't. paperless, safe driver and i get great service. meredith, what's shakin', bacon? they'll figure it out. getting you the discounts you deserve. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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talk to your doctor about nexium. wgn news @ 9 germs on gas pumps atms and even your own mailbox could be making us sick study found 71 percent of gas pump handles 60 percent of corner mailboxes highly contaminated with germs top offenders other items that can spread disease escalator rails parking meters crosswalk buttons atms and vending machines. >> ew. local leaders using art to help reduce traffic accidents patrolling wacker drive today mannequins installations or bortnick promoting yearlong safety campaign each mannequin
9:45 pm
represents one of the 32 pedestrians killed last year in chicago studies show teenagers leaving school most at risk. tom skilling seven day forecast >> decidedly cooler yes i have the forecast northerly wind dominating as we go back into some colder temperatures watch what happens in the forecast by morning down in the 40's we recover to the low 50s tomorrow 23 degree drop over what we saw today down to the 40's and '30's in lintz tomorrow night only up to near 50 at best probably upper forties on thursday lake affect rainshowers behind all of this a big change in the upper band how they move into the country from canada 10 day forecast and you can see what they mean about the war not totally over certainly is for the short term there is the cold air on wednesday-thursday chile on friday we enforcing surge on saturday sunday another blast of
9:46 pm
cool air stay in the '50s essentially upper forties to that time friend and by monday- tuesday shot of warmer air but before it takes hold any period of time the cool air comes in behind this the forecast from the weather services global model there is the forecast tonight high temperatures tomorrow los tomorrow night highs during the day on thursday you can see how chilly is, to get and look at the snowfall denver and rocky mountains sure sign of the time that 10 day forecast snow accumulation around the continent shows growing snow to the north that region a source of our cool air and all of this going on we have a hurricane down in the western caribbean hadn't for cancun all indications rina spaghetti plot of the different model forecasts hurricane center official plot of how the storm will move the same cool air mass
9:47 pm
coming down and kind of keeping the system from getting into florida same intensity approaching florida and then knocked south toward according to this forecast back towards the king could again not tropical systems yucatan peninsula may deal with the system twice cool air brushing away '50s tomorrow, 40 degrees thursday at 53 degrees saturday with '50s sunday monday gone are the '70s for the time being to more on average as many as nine still hope. nice weather hope springs eternal see you later guys >> cubs introduction hope springs eternal curse of the bambino can't the theo epstein break the curse of the billy goat? as marcus leshock reports picture perfect happy ending to already movie like career. >> i'd like to announce a name to myself a good manager of the
9:48 pm
minnesota twins. questions? >> no theo epstein introductory press conference not quite out of little big league but like story of what's done is the general manager baseball history could make interesting movie >> a lot we can do and accomplish next 10 years >> big question >> who do you think would play theo epstein of somebody made a movie? >> matt damon a little young about ryan gosling? leo dicaprio > sure he would take that as top limit would apply tom ricketts, a blank on that one matthew broderick speaking cubs president of baseball operations are around the sports department last night nick name >> it is the
9:49 pm
what you think of the nickname >> nah the media comes up in a lot of things i do not believe in curses and all of that whether they believe in curses or not fans gathered outside wrigley field 25 years to the day red sox bill buckner missed ground ball in world series mets win all hopeful new president would help reverse the cubs woes just as it did in boston create a new culture of winning >> welcome to chicago from long- term cubs banned since early childhood attended the 1945 cub world series loss to detroit and all of my family prayed we shall be together to see in chicago cubs world series under your command. along the way they discipline that you shall overcome them and reach the goal good luck.
9:50 pm
>> theo epstein that do congratulations welcome aboard >> coming up patrick kane leaves and high defense dizzy lockup scope for first victory in a few weeks and theo epstein on what must happen to the cubs to become contenders next season. sports next i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. i don't have time for the flu. that's why i'm knocking things off my to-do list. vitamin d -- done. hand sanitizer -- done. hey, eric, i'm here for my flu shot. sorry, didn't make an appointment. well, you don't need one. flu shots. every store. every day. insurance accepted. get a $5 cvs gift card if you're not covered. i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. [ bell tolling ] [ cow moos ] agents name these critters.
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have not heard enough about theo epstein that have you? >> nobody could say that theo epstein got lured away by the new work shinier model wrigley field is two years newer than boston's fenway park by talking about a 99 year old one that is 97 years old old house hosted two world series past decade cubs new president basketball operations believes same success possible at wrigley field theo epstein last couple of days getting to know his way around his new gig he and his wife today and looked around the friendly confines during a jam packed news conference theo epstein adds to build a solid foundation for what he termed it sustained success >> gap between where we are where we want to be does not
9:54 pm
affect the work we do to build the foundation started with the scouting and player development does impact how we look at other primary responsibility which is taking a advantage of the opportunities to win going to have to have a high hit rate take credit look at the big league team and work extremely hard to put them in a position to contend next year and in the years that followed it can be done lots of examples of teams coming off a difficult seasons pushing to the right buttons and all of a sudden being in contention >> theo epstein number of immediate issues on his plate told wgn rich king is sitting down soon with manager mike quade to decide if he should return for final year of contract >> have had two guys conversations with mike quade meeting him in person in the next week need to get him get to know him better cure but he has to say about how things have
9:55 pm
gone and share my vision of the organization within as well ana what are your thoughts? >> it is great thrilled to the chicago cubs call wrigley field my office is special thrill and when and wrigley a toothpick at ballparks in the world chance to work at both of them makes me and lucky man >> a lot of similarities every fan base unique personality got to get to know the fans better marketplace better because i have been in boston to not pretend to know chicago quite as well but it's a good listener and open-minded getting to know everybody >> by cox done a lot of things well so far this young season what they have not done win at home at the back shootout losses saturday came back two goals down to give up the lead at 8 hoping to grab the lead and keep
9:56 pm
it tonight against anaheim. rough night for one fan protected class knocked out this guy needed protection smiling 1- 0 and how many second patrick kane feeds marian hossa course gold for fixed-rate game is 1-1 regained the lead a short time later turned said over walks in it 2-1 and on that early in the third patrick kane at it again this time feeds patrick sharp for the tying goal game tied it 2-2 that are out in overtime. conference jumping continues and colleges west virginia expected to go to the big 12 missouri going to the fcc red sox named ben cherrington to replace theo epstein will not be allowed to hire blue jays manager blocking battle moves. finally back to united center tonight every so
9:57 pm
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